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630 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Plane Tickets, Travel
135 W 50th Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10020
Tel: (800) 525-0400

630 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I sent this first email on November 7, 2016, and still no help, I have gone back and forth, sent them the video of all this happening and they said they couldn't open it, so I sent PDFs of it and still they said they are not sure if they can refund me the 11.65. ALL of the fees should have been included on that last page as it says in their agreement! I am never going to purchase a ticket from them and I recommend you record as your purchasing or just don't buy from them!! This entire ordeal has been ridiculous, NO help, NO refund, NO voucher for all this extra work to get my well deserved money back, This company is incredibly unprofessional! It has been about a month now going back and forth and emailing twice the same emails because they don't respond in a timely manner!

To whom it may concern,
I am very disappointed in Cheapoair. I have called twice now, I have been redirected and still no concrete help.
I purchased a ticked online through, and on the very last page when I have input all my information (including card, country..etc) the final price quoted was 228.99 pounds, but as soon as I click to confirm and book the purchase the price automatically jumps to 240.64 pounds and that is the amount I am billed. I recorded the incident because I have had issues with third party suppliers in the past.
In the first video I am filling out information and I see that it is 240.64 pounds and you can hear in the video where I ask myself why do I have a card payment fee and I see that the visa CREDIT option has been selected, and I go change it to visa DEBIT which has NO EXTRA charge! In the video you can see the price goes BACK down to 228.99 pounds. I go through my information and triple check everything is correct with the 228.99 pounds price, and I also read the agreement on the bottom of the page that ALL taxes and FEES are included in that price (which is also outlined below by your policy). At the end of the first video I curse because I see the price jump to 240.64 pounds, and I have attached the second video showing the final price I am charged (240.64 pounds). According to the video you are in violation with your own policy and against the policy of the USA Department of Transportation Aviation rules concerning fares and fees. Any fee I would need to pay SHOULD have been explicitly stated on the last page, but it was not.
The price stated when I booked the ticket (228.99 pounds) when I purchased the ticket should be honored, and I believe this ordeal was an incredible inconvenience and I would hope you would do everything in your power to restore my faith in your company. I hope to receive the difference of 11.65 pounds back on my card, as well as any promotional code or voucher that may make up for my inconvenience.
Pricing, Taxes/Fees, and Payment:
Our total prices include all taxes and fees applicable to airfare, hotel accommodation, car rentals and activities included in your Booking, unless stated otherwise in your ticket information email or in these Terms & Conditions
Prior to your form of payment being processed and accepted successfully, if there is a change in the price of air fare or any other change, you may be notified of this change and only upon such notification you have the right to either accept or decline this transaction. If you elect to decline this transaction, you will not be charged.
Our Post Payment Price Guarantee: Upon successful acceptance and processing of your payment (credit/debit card), we guarantee that we will honor the total final quoted price of the airline tickets regardless of any changes or fluctuation in the price of air fare.

Tip for consumers: Honestly if recording and sending in PDFs of the recording does not help, then I don't know what other tips there are to help you from getting scammed...

Ask angelica about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Amazing cust service

Ask Charlene about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Don't ever, every use because they will charge you even if you already cancelled within their 24-hour limit.

I cancelled a flight on October 25 and they emailed me an OTP to give to the support staff so they could go ahead and cancel the flight. While on the phone with the staff, I gave her the OTP. She was able to cancel my account with no charge.

In fact, I got an email from that my cancellation was successful and that " There is no cancellation fee applied therefore you will not be charged any additional amount for this transaction. You will be refunded the original amount charged to your credit card less any non-refundable service fees or penalties previously incurred. "

They even sent a link to the status of my refund:

Upon checking my credit card bill for November, I was horrified that I was still charged! I contacted them today, November 29 to ask why I was still charged. The customer support was trying to be helpful but unfortunately, they couldn't give me an answer WHY I GOT CHARGED. She said that it's weird that the refund didn't push through WHEN I ALREADY DID MY PART.

The customer staff said I should get an email TODAY. Let's see how long it will take and I will pursue legal actions.

EDITED TO ADD: Cheapoair responded below. As you can see, this is the reason why this business will go down because their customer support SUCKS. They obviously did NOT read my complaint. Cheapoair has NOT processed my refund until I complained on November 28, which is more than a month after I cancelled my reservation. DUH the charge will obviously show up in my card, I'm not stupid. MY COMPLAINT IS YOU DID NOT PROCESS THE REFUND ON THE DAY THAT I CANCELLED MY RESERVATION. YOU ONLY PROCESSED IT WHEN I COMPLAINED A MONTH AFTER. And btw, I still have NOT received the refund confirmation which YOUR STAFF said she'd email me on Monday.

Ask Heidi about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

We booked 4 months early to make sure there wouldn't be any hassle for our trip. I have to call them over and over regarding the changes on our itenerary ( arrival on first lay over is 10pm and we have to catch the next flight at 10:30pm which barely give us time to get out of the first plane and run to the next one). Agent I spoke to about this told me that half hour is enough to catch a connecting flight ( in an international airport) within 30mins, when we are suppose to check in atleast 2hrs before flight. Now, 10 days before our supposed flight , we do not hAve confirmation yet . Been calling them for the last two weeks regarding the changes on our itenerary and still couldn't give us confirmation. Agents I talked to would just tell me they would call me back at a certain day but they never did. It's been so stressful dealing with this company, I quit my job so we could go on a trip and now we aren't even sure if we have a flight to catch. The little money we save from going to Cheapoair instead of getting help from a local travel agent is not worth all the hassle and worries.

Ask Laiza about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

We were sold insurance with our tickets that was to cover the price of the tickets if we needed to cancel. Well, we had to cancel due to bad health news of my husband. The insurance your agent sold us said they do not give back refunds. What was the insurance for then? The agent said it was to cover the price of the tickets in case of a need to cancel. Now we have canceled our flights and paid extra for insurance and then were told "they don't do refunds."

Ask Mimi about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

We purchased our flight to Italy for $985 for both my husband and I. We noticed that they only charged $800 to our credit card and our confirmation said the tickets had not been issued. We called them and they said it was our bank holding the funds. We called the bank and they said the funds were released and it even showed up on credit card online. We called united and they said that Cheap O Air hadn't paid them yet so our confirmation hadn't been ticketed. Cheap O air kept telling us we had not paid them yet we had a confirmation email and our seats. 24 hours later we received a credit back to our account and no one told us. We called and they said that united would not accept the tickets. Meanwhile they tripled in price not allowing us to go on our trip. So they deliberately held our money and didn't pay united and made us miss out on your trip.They scammed us and I will tell everyone I know to never book through them.

Ask Anna about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Their website is misleading and the customer service is terrible. I was promised a refund as they flight I booked was not the flight they sent me tickets for. I never got the refund. They didn't even try pretend they were concerned about customer satisfaction - they kept telling me that BA wound't refund them so why on earth should I be refunded and leave them out of pocket. They are scam artists.

Ask Jo about CheapOair
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Cheapoair insurance is a scam. I bought my ticket through them to fly back to the country. I have to change the date to fly back to the United States because I have to spend more days helping the missionary group i am with. Their insurance which is Tripmate told me, I need to have documented military order since I am in the military or documented medical reason in order to change the date. I do not have any of those because it's for a mission trip. I will have to buy another ticket if I want to change the date. I believe that's a rip off. You buy a ticket plus the insurance in case there is a change in the plan. Still, your trip is not covered with tripmate. That is sad. That is a rip off. I contacted American airlines. I am told I have to pay $200 plus the difference in price because my ticket was so cheap. Same thing happen with me with Southwest Airline. They held my ticket for a year for me. All I had to pay was the difference in price. American Airlines is not customer friendly. Don't waste your time buying ticket from them if you know you change the date. Do not waste your money buying their insurance which is tripmate. It's a rip off. You will not be covered.

Ask Jacques about CheapOair
1 review
3 helpful votes

These people are scam artists. Worse customer service ever when it cones to refunding your money. I purchased 2 airline tickets through PayPal and didn't receive a confirmation. I then called and was told it was because the transaction did not go through because the ticket prices changed. He then booked my tickets on the phone and had me to use my credit card. He assured me PayPal would not be charged. Well guess what, 2 days later there was a charge through PayPal. So after calling and spending hours to resolve this, They haven't refunded a dime of my money. I am now resulting to getting an attorney. No way will they rob me for my money. Save yourself the trouble and book directly with the airline or Priceline.Wish I could give 0 stars to these thieves.

Ask Letia about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Fast, quick & easy. Along with lovely customer service. Did I mention great prices.

Ask Iris about CheapOair
1 review
9 helpful votes

Wanted to change a flight I had booked and experienced disastrous customer service. Being transferred from one line to another. Then they wanted a ridiculous change fee, service charge along with the difference in airfare. These are a bunch of Frauds!

Ask Jenny about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

When I was searching for best deals for plane ticket prices and was one fo the options that I saw. And it has the best deal compared so I took the offer and would do it again.

Ask James about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

I think they do a great job

Ask Toni about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

When my husband booked our Son's ticket back in September, we found a good price for the dates we needed. As he was booking it, a screen popped up saying we found a $100 less flight, so he clicked that one instead. What he didn't see was that the return flight was a MONTH LATER than what we wanted!!!! We wouldn't have cared a day or two before/after what we wanted. But he saw it say the day (7th of the month) and thought it was the same day. Who would have thought it would be the next month!?????.
Our fault, for not seeing this until, I go into the email yesterday to forward the information to our son, for him to get ready in the next month to come. I noticed it, called and the guy seemed helpful in the beginning trying to find best price to help me out, and so I was thinking I would have to pay $200 maybe $300 to change the return flight. The guy tells me it would cost $900 to change the return flight! As I told the guy I would have to talk with my husband and call back, he told me I would not be able to change the return flight if I did not purchase it then, and he was putting notes in there about it. REALLY????
My husband called today to try and resolve and cancel the flight completely. Take in mind, we are not asking for a full refund or credit. We understand we did not catch it saying the wrong Month for the return, but something should be done to help compensate somehow.

Be AWARE of what you are clicking and Thoroughly check the dates! They could change the dates to a Month later than what you are wanting so you get a "Better Deal". In my opinion it's a better deal for them!

Tip for consumers: Double and Triple Check the DATES before finishing your purchase and again once you get your confirmation email! VERY tricky of them to offer better discount rate, but changing the dates a month out from what you wanted!

Ask c about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

BEWARE!!! I wish I could give them a big zero
May 17, 2016 I purchased 4 tickets
September 2, 2016 - I receive an email that my reservation was cancelled and no other flights available with airline Dynamic Air.

Since September 2, I have been told to expect refund 30-60 days - 2 billing cycles.

Checked statements over and over no refund applied. CheapOair says refund was made- I asked for proof and received nothing. Chase has confirmed no refund was made to my account.
- I am very frustrated that it would take so long for a refund - for a cancellation that came from their end. Now they are saying the refund was done.
At this point I might never see my money again.

Tip for consumers: Use another source- I recommend Expedia- never had this experience with them.

Ask Rosalba about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

I will preface this by saying that sketchy, in this instance means suspicious (in regards to the name) The site was easy enough to navigate, easy enough to find what I was looking for (though, some of the load-times in between filters were above what I would expect from a website in 2016)

The major issue I've had with them, was that it took a very very long time and a couple of calls/live chats with customer service to finally get my flight confirmation (about 3 weeks after paying for it) They kept saying they had sent it, but when I checked my email, I had nothing. Finally, I got to someone who helped me (keep in mind, 3 weeks after purchasing tickets) They were nice and quite eager to help me resolve my issue.

The phone techs were typical call-center employees with thick accents. Not an issue, per se, its just when I hear "steve" from "missouri" attempt to help, I think to myself "Why bother with the charade?"

Other than that? We'll see.

Ask Michael about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

If I could have given a zero I certainly would!!!
Horible customer service
Non helpful staff
Try to charge me extra money to assign my sit next to my minor child!!!!
Will never use them again

Ask Efrat about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Low price but $50 fee to book, $200 to add luggage, (going to a wedding..had to have). Could not understand agent, very thick accent. Would never use again and we have not gone yet.

Ask Jill about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

The reason I give it a ** instead of * is because I have used it before and like the cheaper flight prices. But in the end, it's not worth the headache of dealing with their customer service. There are plenty of other options for discounted flights that I will now use over cheapoair. I of course tried to cancel my flight, like most of you who have also put a complaint in. Considering $#*! happens, you would think a company like this would accommodate your situation and at least offer you a voucher for a future flight. I would be completely ok with not getting a refund if I at least got the same credit towards a future flight with them. How hard is that? The airlines do it for crying out loud. I asked the representative that question and he told me that I would be charged a $400 fee if I wanted to cancel my flight and be able to get the credit towards booking a future flight- MY FLIGHT DIDNT EVEN COST THAT. What kind of nonsense is that? I got no explanation as to why the hell charging me an additional $400 would help me to book a future flight. I think asked if that was a CheapOair policy or the airlines guessed it. Blamed it on the airlines. At the end of the call after we got nothing accomplished, he had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to book a hotel or rent a car through them for this trip. Wow. Add salt to the wound. I encourage everyone to go to the Better Business Bureau to formerly write a complaint if you haven't already. Also, if they even read these complaints, I suggest they review their calls so they can ensure they are properly training their employees to give out correct information. When you outsource your customer service department, information tends to be changed up and I'm sure not monitored nearly enough.

Ask Cassie about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Customer service is very good ,staff is very friendly and nice in talk .

Ask Jaspreet about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

(Just posted this on TrustPilot and am cross-posting it here. NOTE: CheapOAir has a deal with TripAdvisor, and as that's currently the main review site for travel, there's no way to inform would-be users of cautionary tales like mine except for on general review sites like this one.)

IF you just use them to book a flight,
AND manage to run the obstacle course / gauntlet of add-ons they try to get you to sign up for (you REALLY need to read the fine print)
THEN, MAYBE the site has some bargains.
BUT, the site has out-right LIES and misinformation. Case-in-point: change fees. The site CLAIMS that the fees are imposed by the airlines and that Cheap-o-Air (aka, rip-off-scam) has no say in those fees. That is a flat out LIE. The airline in question charges $170 to change the ticket; the flights had the same price so there was no difference in price. Cheap-o-Air's rip-off price: $370!!! They stole $200 from me.

Ask Ezra about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

I reserved the hotel and flight. They charged for flight which I am totally fine with. That is how it is everywhere. But my problem was with the hotel. I reserve the hotel one month ahead and they took money from my account right away. Since, I was thinking I have to pay the hotel when I get there I was not prepare to pay for it and my bank account got negative. Usually, you don't have to pay for the hotel to until you get there. I called to cancel the hotel reservation after 15 min. they charged me $60 penalty. After that they told me that the money is gonna be on my account in 7 to 14 business day. I have never face with these kind of problem in my life. I reserved hotel with other website . I don't have to pay to until I get to the hotel. PLEASE DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

Ask Azita about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

I booked my flight on their website and awaiting confirmation of payment (in AUDollars)it reverted back to the flight selection saying the flight was now full and to choose another flight. The phone rang and it was a representative saying he could see there was a problem and could find me another flight and sort it all out, which he did the price even came down $50. Except I was now being billed in USDollars so the actual price was an extra $1000 Aud. More expensive than buying directly from the airline.

Ask Mitch about CheapOair
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I made a booking but used the wrong dates. The site had quoted there would be a cancellation policy within four hours though. I called them and they told me it did not apply for my particular company. I think the cancellation policy is misleading, since it was clearly quoted which company I was travelling with.

When contacting customer support, they we're offering to change dates, but at a huge sum. They were trying to persuade me to make the booking although they knew it would be of my disadvantage and their advantage. Also, they tried to sell me additional Hotel and Car reservations, knowing that a lost a lot of money on them.

Another time, when I didn't show up at my flight to Rome, they automatically cancelled my return flight - no refund, no possibility to change.

Also, the site offers no insight in the booking with your airline company.

Ask Daan about CheapOair
1 review
5 helpful votes

I booked a flight this afternoon at 2:15 PM. I got to Newark airport at about 5:30 PM for a 6:30 PM flight and the front desk informed me that I didn't have a ticket. Cheapo air charged me for a ticket, and gave me a confirmation number with American Airlines, but somehow the transaction didn't go through with the airline due tho cheapo air's negligence. So im at the front desk of AA and I call cheapo air to resolve the issue and the woman tells me nonchalantly that The transaction didn't go thorough and I will get a refund in 7 to 14 business days. That's all she had to say to me while I'm sitting in the airport with no flight, that I paid a $60 dollar cab ride to get too. She didn't really care and didn't even try to resolve the issue. Stay away from this site, I was scammed and they ruined my trip.

Ask K about CheapOair

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