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Review of CheapOair

CheapOair reviews

585 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Plane Tickets, Travel
135 W 50th Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10020, USA
Tel: (800) 525-0400

585 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I find their booking page misleading. I was charged an additional $156.00 dollars for a seat and immediately called customer service to change my seat and get refunded. The representative told me it would be refunded in 7-14 business days. It never was. I talked to numerous customer service representatives after and they just bounced me around to other departments until someone in billing claimed they couldn't hear me and had to disconnect the call.

I tried the online chat and that was even worse. They flat out told me they could not refund or reassign my seat or cancel my flight. I also requested an itinerary change which they said would cost $.200.00. I purchased flight protection which states in its terms that flights may be cancelled.

I do not recommend CheapoAir to anyone. Their booking process is filled with hidden fees and their customer service is terrible. I deeply regret thinking I would get anything close to the price stated on my flight search. It more than doubled because of their deceptive practices.

Ask Evan about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

Booked flights to portugal for me and my friend and was happy with the price. When checking bank statement i have be charged and extra £50 for no reason. After numerous emails which cheapoair do not respond to i have done online chat off the website i have been told someone from billing department will contact me which they havent bothered. I thought i will try ringing the billing department with the number given on online help and surprise to find its a incorrect number. There is something very dodgy about cheapoair.

Ask Paul about CheapOair
1 review
2 helpful votes

Sent my children to England for the summer....they got to the airport this morning only to be told they should have flown yesterday! Cheapoair states they talked to me regarding change and sent email. Both of these things never happend. Now, had to pay over 2k to get my kids home today. Cheapoair is a disgrace

Ask Deborah about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have booked a flight from Detroit to Riyadh and paid extra fees to make changes but what happened was when I wanted to make changes they asked me to pay 838 dollars to delay it from 14 to the 25th. They don't care about customer services and they don't have special prices anymore. They used to have good deals back in 2013 but now nothing special but their bad services.

Ask Faisal about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had to have surgery and could not go on my vacation as planned. Called in and canceled the flight and was told I need to send documentation to prove I was unable to fly for them to process my claim for either a refund since it was for medical purposes. Sent the information that was requested and it has been two months every time I call I get s different agent who seems to not know about my claim or when they do know the information I'm given does answer my question about my refund. They took my money right away for the trip and it seems like a nightmare to get it back. They claim the airline has to give them answer but the support system working on my claim can never be reached. I will never use this company even if my life depends on it. Worst customer service I've ever received in my life. Still recovering from my injury and had to be on the phone stressed out with them. Never again !

Ask Ashley about CheapOair
1 review
4 helpful votes

Dear CheapoAir, thank you for charging my credit card, emailing confirmed ticket numbers, sending a reminder email 4 hours before departure, but NOT ACTUALLY purchasing my tickets. Thank you for keeping me on-hold for most of an hour while my flight left without me & my children. Yes, that was an international phone call. Thanks to Maximus for lying to me repeatedly, for NOT getting us on that flight, then YELLING at me not to buy another ticket. How long did Maximus think I was going to sit at the Airport at 01:00 waiting him to call back? I was quite certain our 3 week trip was destroyed, meaning thousands of non-refundable dollars wasted.
The next day, my husband spent hours on the phone with Cheapo trying to rectify this and finally we had a new intinarery. This sounds ok except that I had already spent @1,800 USD to get to our destination on time for my children's summer camp.
Is CheapoAir really going to say "oh well, your lose because you got to your next 2 other destinations"? Really? Cheapo DID NOT BUY THE TICKETS THEY CARGED TO MY CARD, they had 6 Weeks to realize this, 6 weeks to purchase those tickets!!
I'm supposed to be glad that I was 'allowed' to fly the 2nd & third legs? NOT OK.

Ask MaryKay about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

My experience so far with CheapOair has been less then stellar and I've not even flown yet. I booked flights in Feb2016 for travel in Dec2016 for 5 passengers. First error occurred when I go my itenirary and notice they had my son's name wrong. I immediately called back and they would not change without a significant fee. Second error after paying the change fee, occurred when they put my son on a different connecting flight from the rest of his family. Immediately I called back and fortunately got the same employee. That error was fixed and no additional fee incurred. A few days ago I get an email that the airline has changed my itinerary, basically I have to accept change or lose my tickets and money. So I accepted the change received a new invoice today and my 5 passengers are listed, one passenger is listed twice and my son is missing. Finally found him in the system but his reservation was not changed. After spending 20 minutes with one employee then told I needed to speak with someone else to get my sons flight changed to agree with the rest of my party. Then before we could really get started the employee told me I had to call back tomorrow since his system was down. Now he asked for a call back # but can't call me back? Tells me call tomorrow and they will see if they can help me or not. Worse customer service I've had with any travel site and I've worked with all of them. Just praying this gets fixed and my travel in Dec goes smoothly. Needless to say I will not be doing any new business with CheapOair. UPDATE: I HEARD FROM CHEAPOAIR.COM AND THEY HAVE CORRECTED MY TRAVEL. MY FAMILY IS NOW ON SAME FLIGHTS TO AND FROM FLORIDA. I JUST PRAY NO ADDITIONAL CHANGES BEFORE OUR TRIP IN DECEMBER.

Ask Jackie about CheapOair
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

We planned our trip with them to Africa. For one we purchased our tickets back in March 2016, and come to find out they didn't purchase the tickets from Delta until June 22, 2016. We paid the fee to pick our own seats since it was going to be a very long flight and guess what? We ended up with the worst seats with no option to get our seats back even though we paid for them. The person just said $29.99 is being refunded back on the card you used. She couldn't if cared less. Just a bad way to start out an awesome trip. Delta was the one that confirmed all action with our tickets and even stated they never received a request for specific seats. Go though another agency.

Ask Jesse about CheapOair
1 review
2 helpful votes

On June 15th, my wife called CheapOAir to inquire about flight insurance. After speaking with a rep and getting details on the cost and restrictions, my wife specifically told the rep to leave the itinerary as-is and NOT to apply the flight insurance. When reviewing out credit card statements we saw that the charge was put through anyways.

Around July 8th or so my wife called to have the charges reversed. The rep told her that he would investigate the claim, listen to the call where my wife says to not apply it, and then contact us back about a resolution. The rep never contacted us back.

My wife then called again on the morning of July 18th to follow-up. The rep told us that they cannot refund the cost because it had to be done within 10 days. She also said that the charge was made online, which it definitely was not.

This charge was fraudulent. It was done without out our permission. Inquiries to review it went unanswered. And now the company refuses to reimburse the money.

It should also be said that they did a similar thing with seat assignment costs just several months ago after we first booked the flights. My wife called to ask about seat assignment. The rep told her that they could not assign seats until three months prior to the flight. The rep then charged us for seat assignments anyways -- even though we did not authorize it and even though she was not even able to assign seats at that time. In that situation, however, the company did reverse the charges.

Making unauthorized charges might be a common practice among the company and should be looked into.

Ask DAVID about CheapOair
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

My mom booked a flight for August from Canada to the US. She didn't realize that the prices were listed in USD until she saw that her credit card had been billed a couple hundred dollars higher than the amount she originally saw. When she called Cheapoair, the customer service rep simply told her, "You should've used" and then refused to refund the money because the cancellation window had passed and we hadn't purchased the insurance. Okay, kind of her fault, fine whatever.

Then my mom proceeds to ask about an email she got the other day telling her to choose her seats on the plane and the rep tells her, "To do that you have to pay an extra $54/person" when it said no such thing on their website or the email we received. And of course the rep says that if she wanted to cancel her flight, they would not return the money but would instead issue a credit "for the next time you fly with us" -- because we're totally down to do that again, right?

Find a better website to book with or just book with the airline directly. This whole experience has been one whole headache. P.S., their promo codes also suck so don't be fooled.

Ask Whinnie about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

i really like to use cheapoair ,its so cheap.

Ask anubhav about CheapOair
1 review
4 helpful votes

The Company, AKA "Fareportal Inc."

offers insurance policies to customers that are exploitative, and abusive. My wife and I needed to cancel a flight to Italy for two reasons: she was in the hospital for a hernia, and also because of issues with the Department of Immigration. She was then becoming a citizen. We purchased's travel insurance. They would only allow us to alter the date of the flight, but we could not cancel. We were going to Italy for work, however, we missed the convention due to the aforementioned issues. The company sent us through loops, and forced us to go back and forth between the airline insurance and the company who we purchased the ticket from ( After month of deliberation, paperwork, and literally 7 hours of exhausting conversation our claim was denied. The reason given being that despite having purchased the tickets and insurance from them the reasons given was that our claim were inadequate. How could a medical emergency, compounded with Visa issues be inadequate? CHEAP O AIR STILL OWES MY WIFE AND I NEARLY $2000.

The operate on a kind of triad that makes it nearly impossible for the customer to resolve an issue; website, airline, and insurance. None of which want to be the one responsible for reimbursing the customer. Therefore the customer feels defeated, and frustrated, gives up, and they keep the money. Do not do business with this company, their business practices are exploitative, abusive, and truly immoral.

Ask Ryan about CheapOair
1 review
1 helpful vote

We are so concerned about the legitimacy of this company that we have called our credit card company to put them on watch. Whatever you do, DO NOT pay the extra $25 for "flight protection", because it is a total SCAM - of NO BENEFIT whatsoever. The website is VERY misleading.

Ask Kristin about CheapOair
1 review
3 helpful votes

I cancelled my flight to change airlines but lo and behold I was charge $450.00 for cancelling the flight. I thought it was going out of the ticket price but lo and behold the airline penalty is separate which is about $315 plus the $450.00 cancellation fee. All in all I lost $765.00 just for cancelling my flight. I WILL NEVER USE THIS SITE ever again and I will tell all of my friends to stay away from this site. if you think you're going to cancel your flight later on you will regret it big time! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY!

Ask J about CheapOair
1 review
5 helpful votes

I bought the ticket through the, and I realize I did not add my middle name.
Hence I talked with the Customer Service, and they saay there are no way to change the name on the issued ticket even I still have 7 days left. The only way is to cancel the current airplane ticket and, buy it one more time.
Finally they charge me the penalty $250 for the Cheapoair Policy, plus additional Charge for the 250 for cancellation fees from airline.
Therefore eventually I lost $500 to add only my middle name.
What the hell service is.

I never use the cheapaoair, and stop to use this website

Ask Lee about CheapOair
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask MONTSERRAT about CheapOair
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had cheapoair book a flight for me, my husband and brother in-law over the phone as their website was not allowing me to, because I booked flights with them already for different dates ? very strange they won't allow you to book more than 2 flights online. It's almost as if they do it so you have to call them so they can try to sell you a more expensive flight. They got the birth dates wrong which I immediately pointed out as we were on the phone with them when the email was sent, and was told that it would be corrected asap and I should get an updated email within the hour ..... it's been 2 days ... I tried calling and now they said it's no big deal and that it isn't their problem to fix ... they were the ones who entered it incorrectly in the first place... and now I am reading these reviews and it scares me because I booked a total of 15 flights through them and do not wish to be stranded in Europe because they decided to not take care of the customers properly .
***** Update - July 21st
I did ask them to correct this on more than one occasion, first time being the exact moment they had made the error, and I simply get the run around and now I am told to call Ryanair myself on my own dollar, since this is a long distance number from where I am and simply cannot connect to Ryanair as the number I found doesn't work. Completely frustrated and disappointed that nothing has changed in nearly a month of me chasing this. I still have not gotten an email confirming that these changes have been made.

Can CheapOair take responsibility for their mistake and rectify the issue? Doesn't seem like it, nor does it seem that they care.................... take your business else where. Classic bait and switch with prices and horrible customer service.

Tip for consumers: Just go through the airline site directly not worth the headache and time lost.

Ask Tonia about CheapOair
1 review
0 helpful votes

Gotta hand it to these guys - I made the mistake of booking a flight thinking the quote was in New Zealand Dollars. Shortly after I confirmed the reservation and paid I realised my mistake and that it was a lot more expensive than I thought (USD), and got in touch with them via their live online chat. Talked to real live customer service person in New Zealand - friendly and extremely prompt (late on a Saturday evening) and Gary cancelled the flight for me with minimal fuss of proving who I was (this can only be done for free if you contact them within 4 hours of making the booking).
Customer services Gary said it would take 7-14 days for the refund to come through, but in fact the pending transaction just disappeared from my account, so I essentially got the money back immediately. Very happy with their service and ended up booking one of my other flights with them.

Ask Anne about CheapOair
1 review
6 helpful votes

This company is a funny one, i bought my ticket for a business trip and they even sent me the boarding passes, so i guess that everything was ok for me to fly, but two days before my flight the send me an email that they has to contact me over the phone for verbal confirmation, so i call back and spoke with an agent and he told me that he has to call back to ensure that the phone number is the correct one, after that never happen i got another email with the same so i call back and spoke with two more agents and the last one told me that he will call me back to make a conference call with the bank tomorrow because the bank was close today. Surprise when i woke up i got an email that my flight was cancelled and worst it saids "as requested". I was mad, so i called and of course they try to "help me" selling me another more expensive ticket and saying it was my fault because they were trying to reach me during the night, i bought like 15 or more air tickets per year for business purposes always online, first time with Cheapoair, and the last time of course, hope them don't fool you.

Ask carlos about CheapOair
1 review
6 helpful votes

To much to write but alI I will say I never heard that a customer can't speak to management and told me to call back and try again. Either book directly to the airlines or use orbitz, Priceline and Expedia. CHEAPOAIR IS A JOKE TRUTHFULLY.
The worst customer service. So disgusted, disappointed with there services.

Ask Nikki about CheapOair
1 review
4 helpful votes

When booking my flight with CheapOAir I was told there was no ""agent fee" and was charged for one. I told Agent that I wanted roundtrip seating arrangements with my flight partner or I would have to look otherwise. He said there is an additional fee to arrange seating, and "assured" me that he was able to book our seating together for the entire roundtrip. Everything sounded great! When I opened my itinerary the next day. One of the transfer flights did not have us seated together. (no seats available together). I contacted CheapOAir to ask what happened. They said, "we cannot guarantee it, but at least we got you 75% of the flight together" - how insulting! How about I sell you a pair of shoes and give you only one and tell you, at least you got one of them? NONSENSE They also stated a supervisor could not help me with this problem. I insisted on a supervisor after going back and forth with this person. The supervisor said, that it was the airlines responsibility and they had no control over it. So, I asked then why are you selling something that you have no control over and telling me that you arranged it as I requested at time of booking! After much debate he offered to refund my money for seating fee. I also received a refund for the agent fee. NOTE: The original booking agent lied to me about two things: his fees and guaranteed seating arrangement. . Thou I appreciate the refunds, I will never book with them again. INTEGRITY IS NOT GOOD. I cancelled my car booking with them after this because I want to rest assured there will be no problems. By the way, the airlines said I would have to talk to them about seating arrangements since I booked it with them as a third party. I was able to go straight to the airlines online and arrange my own seating at no charge. Now, to wait for the refunds to post to my account!

Ask Esmeralda about CheapOair
1 review
5 helpful votes

The WORST experience in my life!! Customer service terrible this company is a scam . They misspelled our names and when we advised them of thi s they stated that there was nothing they could do and that we may not be able to get on plane after charging us 1600.00. Made several telephone calls and sent e mail to only to run into a seating problem and still being advised that they can't do anything about it!!! Terrible company they need to be investigated by the better business bureau

Ask marva about CheapOair
1 review
3 helpful votes

I received an email informing me of the cancellation of the CSA 783 Flight so we called the customer services who advised us to find alternative routes. Then upon enquiring about the refund, I receive an email that the airlines were exchanged and that I will not receive any refund. Is it possible not to get any refund if the airlines itself cancelled the flight!!!

Ask Nadia about CheapOair
1 review
6 helpful votes

I booked a round flight tickets (around $800) and 2 months before my trip, I wanted to change the return date. The change penalty is $175 but they wanted to charge me $1000+ dollar in total including $175 + price difference. However, if I just book new round way tickets, it's only $700+.(I should got negative price difference indeed). How ridiculous it is! that reschedule is much more expensive than book new flights. My friend called and out of a sudden they reduced the charge from $1000+ to $500+ and then to $400+.This company IS cheap but extremely unreliable. It seems to me that they just randomly charge an amount. Official airline (e.g. Westjet) only charges $200 for cancellation and put the rest into store credit even on cheapest non-refundable tickets. we spent extra $400+ just for changing a return date. NOT recommend this website.

Ask A about CheapOair
1 review
10 helpful votes

Very slow, keep on transferring my call to different departments and nobody is willing to help, they even blame that my CC got declined when i called my bank they said there was not even an attempt made my them. Was an hr with them on the phone and at the end they disconnected.

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