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AnastasiaDate reviews

652 reviews
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Review of AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate reviews

652 reviews
Categories: Dating
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652 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
10 helpful votes

I joined a few months ago but didn't get serious until late Sept. 2016. i purchased 1000 credits for $399. I met a young lady in Ukraine. After 2 weeks of chatting she suggested that if I buy her a gift then I was allowed to write my email in my message to her. She said her friend suggested it to her. I did and was pleasantly surprised to receive her email and letter with pictures a few days later.
After first contact, two weeks later we now are
corresponding and skyping daily. We have had 3 movie dates these past two weeks. Sometimes she calls me randomly just to say hi. Yesterday i received her necklace she's worn in all of her pictures and also something special to hold for her.
She is on the stuborn side but we are getting along well. She is also helping me learn Russian. I feel good about her. I did make 1 more purchase of 1000 credits because the perfume was 598 credits. And the rest we decided to keep for emergencies.

So my advice is to send her a gift or roses. Write your email along with your message. Then go from there. No B.S.
I set up a new gmail email especially for her.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Good luck

Ask lucian about AnastasiaDate
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been member for 2 years realized the girls are not what you think there are a lot of bots the letters are all copy and paste the letter you get probably was sent to a few hundred more men. The chats are initiated automatically not from the girls 90 percent of the time to catch attention the app is full of bugs I do some programing and realized all these detail even though I know it's all bull and they all chat on a commission that's why they keep you chatting on the site just like you pay by minute they get paid by the minute. Even that I know this i spend thousands on meeting some few girls and took a trip to Ukraine in odessa and kiev beautifull country and beautiful women. But in odessa it's about the cash flow I went there realizing that I was getting legaly robbed going out for dinner and lunch I was paying 3 or 4 times the price I kept quiet. I had one lady pretty much tell me if I'm a real man I will support her and pay for her visa and passport to come to me when I said I cannot she stopped talking to me and some other were taking me to resterant that seemed they all knew each other and making a cut. I'm saying all this to make a point I left and went to kiev and in kiev met a friend we spend two weeks together pretty much all day out lunch dinner cabs busses shopping for two weeks with hotel and I spend in kiev for two weeks what I had spend in odessa in 2 days. Sound fishy right.
But anyway anastasia support denies everything and of course they do to protect themselves but this site is mainly good for chatting alone there's more bad than good and if you want to travel there please do so it is a beautiful country but have one thing in mind just have fun and don't go expecting something real cause you will be disappointed and hurt. I wish it wasent true but I cracked down on all bugs on there app there spam mails. And also met some true and straight out tell me that they make a living with this and need to do this I do agree work is work.
Remember have fun using this is you have that kind of cash flow as of right now I'm about 12,000 in a hole and need to do alot of overtime to pay back. It was costing me about 3000$ dollars monthly to chat there

Ask Philip about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The girls are not only beautiful but also smart which I really love . I have some friends but unfortunately not love .

Ask Billy about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The one that helped me to find my perfect match !

Ask Matthew about AnastasiaDate
1 review
10 helpful votes

First and foremost this is my experience of Anastasiadate. I expect that a representative from them will have some generic comment but that's to be expected. Experience is experience and the following is my opinion based on my experience with using this website to find a mate.

I didn't expect to fall head over heels with the first lady and I didn't have much expectations either. I'm 45, I don't have time for games and I am pretty naive when it comes to matters of the heart. I take people at face value and trust easily. However, once that trust is broken there is no opening that door again. The following is my account of what I experienced using the site and the people I interacted with.

I was a subscriber of Anastasiadate for about 6 years. I cancelled my subscription in August 2016 after a heartbreaking and expensive exercise with using their 'services'.

I visited Odessa Ukraine in May 2013 with the intention of meeting a lady I was exchanging mails with at the time and chatting to on and off. I didn't have much money and still don't. After I had bought my ticket, got my visa and done all the necessary arrangements she suddenly wasn't available to meet me.

With no one to meet I headed to Odessa anyway since I had a ticket and everything was booked. When I got there I met 6 random ladies. One was a lady called Irina. She was a lot younger than me and I had chatted to her before I left and told her if she was serious then she had to send me a letter, which she did.

Our date was over a cup of coffee with interpreter and I thought she was nice. When I returned home after my short visit she was the only one who kept in contact with me. All the other ladies had exchanged private contact details with me, yet none corresponded with me since.

Over the next few months I chatted to Irina on a regular basis. We got along well on a broad range of subjects and eventually I was able to get her email address, but only after I had to pay for a call to her through the site at a premium. It didn't matter to Anastasiadate that I had already met her in Odessa in person.

However, she still insisted on only chatting through the site. She cited her lack of English skills. I had, by this time bought Russian language courses and was trying to hone my language skill for my next visit which was August 2014. We had discussed her visiting me in my country and although she showed interest, she had no passport and her intentions to get one were based on her lack of finances to do so and lack of time due to work commitments.
By the time I visited her again in August 2014 we were chatting on an almost daily basis, often for at least an hour. She rarely sent an email, except for to ask where I was if I hadn't been on anastasiadate for a day or two. I had rung up quite an account with them by now but I was smitten with Irina.

My time with Irina in August 2014 was limited to a few hours every other day as her work commitments kept her busy. I tried to get her to chat to me off site but she always maintained she didn't know how and wasn't very good with working on the internet. I even set up a vkantakte profile to make it easier for her since she didn't know how to set up a facebook one. Sadly she just never did anything to make keeping in contact with her easier and cheaper for me!

After my 2014 visit we seemed to chat more about serious relationship stuff and I again visited her in May 2015. Not much had changed as far as communication off site. I'd always be referred back to Anastasiadate to keep in contact with her and the daily costs had escalated especially since the South African currency's crash against the USD. It was already expense, now it was downright unafffordable especially since it cost me on average 300 - 600 USD a month on chat alone.

My biggest fear was our age difference. A concern I raised quite a number of times and one she assured me was not a problem. Unfortunately Anastasiadate's chat system is designed in such a way that many words or phrases are censored, so one eventually ends up talking about the weather and daily life because any attempt at trying to converse with her about setting up a facebook, vkantakte, skype account is immediately censored and you end up just giving up trying to get your point across.

After my May 2015 visit I asked her via chat to please start contacting me off site. I reduced my activity on Anastasiadate to once every 2 weeks, but she never tried to contact me via email. In June 2015 she told me that it was best we not communicate because our 'relationship' was not developing. In later chats where I tried to patch up something I had no control over she said I was moody and negative.

I had been nothing but positive in all the time I was communicating with this woman, even when the warning bells were screaming at me that she had too many excuses for not trying to communicate outside Anastasiadate. Subsequent research has revealed that her email she supplied me as been searched online at least 22 other times. So her claim of only communicating with me was false. My email has since tagged her emails I saved to a folder as containing possible malicious content so I can't open any of her photos she did send to me. I have subsequently deleted those mails because they are actually worthless.

After this devastating event I just wanted to delete my profile and forget the whole episode but I had 'bonus credits' built up from years of paying for chat which were unused.
By this time I had also been told by someone who studied medicine in Sumy that most women he knew who were on dating sites got paid a percentage to do so and openly admitted to it. Many had boyfriends or were even married, but had profiles on dating sites.

Given this information I was even more skeptical, but since I had free credits that could be used on camshare I opted to give Anastasiadate another go. My thinking was I'd thrown so much money away I may as well use up the 'free' credits due to me. I must stress that yes, you receive thousands of letters, but only the first is free to read....but not always the case. In the last few months on the site I also noticed that I would get repeat letters as 'free' letters already sent months prior by the same person. This happened more and more frequently. All other letters and replies are charged for and you have no idea if it's a letter or a line or 2. No matter the content, the rate stays the same. Don't even bother opening attached pictures, because they too are charged for and more often than not they are actually photos she already has on her profile. Try tell me that it's not about the money!

One lady in particular sent me over 215 letters. I responded to her after she sent the first few and thus as per site rules was allowed to exchange private details. I spent a few 'free' credits chatting to her to get to know her but although she was 'serious' she didn't want to exchange private details because of a 'bad' experience she had with a man on the site.

Strangely though she still sent me the balance of the 215 letters. I never opened them bar a few here and there. Her profile claimed she was an interpreter but still suggested that we would need an interpreter should I decide to visit her.

In March 2016 Anastasiadate phoned me to ask if I would accept a call from a lady in Kiev. I accepted the call but restricted it to 5 minutes as I didn't know who it was. The conversation made no sense at all, she acted as if we were old friends and didn't leave me with any contact details. I did receive a letter from her which I had to pay for too, but later on chat she didn't seem to know who I was.

One lady's free letter to me was strange because she was upset that I didn't answer her letter and when I checked I did indeed find a letter. Her 'first' letter was not free but only the second which had 2 lines with the question as to why I hadn't responded to her letter.

So I decided to chat to her while I was in Odessa Ukraine, perhaps even arrange a date, but Even though I said to her I was in her city, she didn't seem interested in meeting me. However, every day while I was in Odessa after that chat she would send me chat requests...strange way to behave if you are not interested in meeting!!

During my August 2014 visit to Odessa Ukraine I met 4 women I had occasionally chatted to via Anastasiadate. The first was woman who insisted on meeting me even though there is a 20 year age difference. We went on 2 dates. Between dates her chats were full of 'missing' me and so forth. However, when I was waiting for my flight to Istanbul from Odessa she arrived for the same flight. I was quite happy to see her but when she recognised me she was all embarrassed in front of her friends and later during the flight I was one row behind her and saw her flipping through pictures of a man she was obviously on her way to meet in Turkey. I handed her my email address in the airport, but a month down the line and no response, unsurprisingly.

I also met a lady I started chatting to in September 2015. She wanted me to send her flowers with my mail address with the assurance she would respond. She insisted on this during subsequent chats but later didn't mention it any longer. When I did meet her in Odessa in August 2016, she was distant and hardly attempted conversation which was strange since she insisted on meeting me. I found her vkantakte profile long before I went to Odessa but only contacted her there after I returned home. Also no response, which is also not surprising.

I also met a lady by the name of Anna who was really excited to hear that I was going to be in Odessa in August 2016. Out of all the women I met in Odessa over the years she was the only one who attempted to converse with me even without the help of an interpreter. My accent when I attempted to use my basic Russian skills made her laugh and I thought she was cute. Sadly, even with her having my email address and with me contacting her on vkantakte, she hasn't continued contact with me. She responded once to me on email and once on vkantakte, but other than that, nothing. I am pretty disappointed actually, since she seemed genuine.

My experience isn't over a month or so. It spans years and multiple visits to Odessa Ukraine and meetings with more than one lady from the site. Yes you get thousands of letters and 'attention' from thousands of women. What I came to realise too late is that chat requests from ladies are automated. Although I had learned quickly to close a chat when a woman didn't respond within 30 seconds, I was unaware that even chat requests from the girl I fell in love with were automated.

If you are a VIP member your first letter from a lady is free, the rest not. So you gamble 10 credits on getting a letter or just a line or two. I learned quickly to ignore multiple letters from a lady you haven't responded to.

Due to my visits to Ukraine and my study of the Russian language I realised in the latter part of my subscription experience that very few letters are written by the lady it came from. I received a few letters from one lady from Kharkiv which at face value was quite sweet and sincere, but when I attempted to chat with her in chat I could clearly see that she had not written those letters to me. She had no clue of what I was talking about when I made reference to points in her letters.
Another batch of letters from a lady also from Kharkiv was clearly written by an American based source. The language structure and style was atypical of a Slavic person. She kept changing her profile photos and after a couple of attempts at responding to her chat requests I realised she had multiple chats running.

Which brings me to my main issue with Anastasiadate. There are thousands of free chat systems on the internet from Facebook to vkantakte and Skype. None of which are monitored and most of which have pretty good translation algorithms. Anastasiadate's chat is slow. I learned quickly to close a chat if the girl took more than 30 seconds to respond. When I was regularly chatting with Irina my chats were often filled with empty time. I would have to resend a response multiple times or restructure what I was saying because the system would edit anything it deemed private information no matter what the actual material contained. So if I asked Irina if she had set up her facebook she would just see dots for that entire line. Do that enough times over a course of 2.5 years and you can see where that 'relationship' was heading...

As for Anastasiadate support. Don't waste your time raising your concerns with them. Each correspondence is handled by a different individual and their job is to defend the 'name' of the site, so you can expect a generic response.

If you do use the site to find your 'match' you have about a 1% chance of success in my honest opinion. Anastasiadate may give you the impression that thousands of women are interested in you, but it's all algorithms to give you a 'thrill' of 'dating' a foreign lady.

Anastasiadate charge men only for their services and there in lies the problem of them proving without a doubt that men are not being set up for a scam. Yes there probably are women on the site, just as there are men like me who genuinely are looking for a life mate. Sadly they have little or no chance of finding a decent man because by the time that decent man makes contact with them, both have been burned by scammers and fake people that they don't trust the other person to be real or I have experienced.

I have spent tens of thousands of USD on with zero success and absolutely no proof that the people I interacted with had any intention of anything more than helping me spend my money on a dating site.

Realistically speaking, yes you can have 'fun' having a cyber date with girls on the site and maybe meeting them in reality, but neither you nor Anastasiadate can vouch for them once you log off or set off home on your flight out of the country you went to visit them in.

Ask Warren about AnastasiaDate
1 review
6 helpful votes

WILL NOT DELETE MY ACCOUNT. WHY? I HAVE REQUESTED TWICE. THIRD TIME awaiting reply THE WHOLE ONLINE DATING INDUSTRY IS DIRTY THROUGH SCAMS LIKE THIS - FALSE REPRESENTATION OF MEMBERS AND BLATANTLY IGNORING REQUEST TO DELETE I just get emails to stop letters. They also added me to other linked dating sites without my permission. Also site has scammers. There is no way to delete on the site. BE WARNED.

Ask Henry about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Changed the way I see the dating sites.. I really enjoy communicating on this platform

Ask Claudio about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Adorable ladies combined with entertaining communication.. what can be better?

Ask Bruno about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Awesome site! My pleasure to use it. It deserves 5 stars

Ask Arthur about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Amazing service! so entertaining and the database of girls is being renewed from time to time .

Ask Bowie about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Good service with simple interface and easy going ladies. Nice to use it

Ask Johny about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I guess I've made the first step to find my love.. I've signed up for Anastasia :)

Ask Ray about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Magnificent service with hot and smart ladies. Nice place to chat and have a good time.

Ask Adriano about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

The site is made to spend good time .. and money :) But it really worth it !

Ask Joe about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

All the time I ant to be back online. There are plenty of girls day and night.

Ask Kevin about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Being a member is really nice. I appreciate what customer care department does. I love the way the web site itself is organized : it's simple to sign up and use

Ask Thomas about AnastasiaDate
1 review
17 helpful votes

If you are young, handsome and rich you may have a chance. If you are middle aged, average looking with an average income there is a good chance you are being scammed.
There is a good test for the scam. Call the lady by phone and ask to exchange emails. A phone call is the cheapest method to contact her. Make certain you get her email first. Tell her you want to meet only on Skype or some other free web site. If she hesitates or tells you she wants to stay with the Anastasia dating site there is a good chance she is making money from you. I had a translator tell me that she quit one of the agencies because the younger women were trying to get gifts from older men. I had a detective tell me it is called the "dirty business" in Ukraine. Be realistic, how many beautiful 20 year old women are calling you?

Ask Scott about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Thanks God I've found this site! the girls are high class!

Ask Richard about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have registered with this site a long time ago where I met my wife. We are married for 11 years and have 2 kids. There are a lot of my friends who are on this site and they are happy with it. Reccomend it...

Ask Gogche about AnastasiaDate
1 review
3 helpful votes

Had been on a couple of dating websites and all the dates were duds. I made a profile on and after a several months almost gave up then I found my soulmate. Thank you so much Anastasiadate!

Ask Harry about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Great site, I'm happy I've found it.

Ask Anthony about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I've met a girl from Kiev here. We've been staying in touch for already 2 years and and I couldn't imagine that getting relationships on the Internet is possible. Thank you for such an idea.

Ask Matt about AnastasiaDate
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love the girls I'm chatting with. The site is not bad actually , the best one I've tried.

Ask Adam about AnastasiaDate
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I love this site, the women are magnificent.They are easy to chat with, as well I love video chat that gives the full impression how the person looks like. Nice place to surf while at work.

Ask Denis about AnastasiaDate
1 review
1 helpful vote

Its a great site I used it to make friends and maybe more, I got more. All in all a great experience for me

Ask Greg about AnastasiaDate
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75 Questions & Answers

Below are questions from consumers with answers from the AnastasiaDate staff and other consumers. Do not write reviews in this section - click here to write a review
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5 days, 6 hours ago
A: Brian, I've seen your ads on here - looked at these reviews occasionally for about 3 years now because I was dating someone (off and on) I met on Anastasia. They must have hired real Americans to write their planted reviews since the last time I was here because many of them actually look like they weren't written by someone who grew up speaking Russian!
Anyway, I can't seem to find the job title of these, er... ladies? I wanted to search on and thought it was "work bride" but that's not it. Could you help me?

So what's my opinion of the Anastasia site and the ladies on there? $650 spent. Never met a lady who didn't keep coming back to me no matter what I told them (yes, I tested) of the 2 dozen or so I chatted with - even when confronted with evidence of their fraud. Sent gifts, made phone calls but only 1 actually gave me her VK contact info - all others refused. I contacted her and we talked often in the following 90 days or so until I told her the house I was buying (and she helped me choose) may cost more than expected and delay my visit to meet her - then she either deleted her VK account or blocked me because I couldn't find her on there. She never asked me for anything to this time except to visit her so she could be my bride.

About 6 months later she friended me on facebook using a different name and sent me about 5 texts in the next 2 months slowly telling me she was in hospital for weeks and when I showed concern she wouldn't say why she was there, her final message being "Oh it nothing. I better now" then nothing for 18 months.

She contacted me again in August and a month later I bought a ticket for Ukraine and booked a room but when I denied her 2 request for money - first for medicine because somehow the coughing she was doing on a Viber phone call turned into a trip to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed it as her spine and she needed money for medicine. Huh!?! Phone calls tapered of but still came. Ditto with texts. 2 weeks later she needed money because she was evicted and needs a place to stay. Told her my money was needed for the visit and I wouldn't send. Now she won't call or answer mine. Texts very sporadic. So I friended her friend's friend's friends on facebook and started finding real Russian and Ukrainians with no touched-up professional photos and not a fraud warning flag has sprung up chatting to them.

And the girl I was dating. Well, she spent hours and hours for 2.5 years but never got a penny she asked for - all she got by my best estimates was a birthday gift and whatever she got from the few texts. letters and calls we made on Anastasia that made a total of around $65 or so it was worth it because I liked to make her squirm when she lied to me.

The site's a fraud. Stay away from it. I reported them to BBB and every time they replied I went back to their site to complain because they would remind me of another issue. They wouldn't answer so I'd report them to the BBB for failing to address that issue then their reply brought up more and I'd file another BBB complaint. Was marked as resolved only because I finally gave up - they didn't address the issues brought up in the BBB complaints but instead attacked me and my character. They even said they saw that I was having problems with one of the ladies (damn straight I was - she asked me to send a Valentine gift and they aren't allowed to do that and I found photos on her VK account of her spending Valentine's day with her real, Ukrainian boyfriend) and when I asked why they're reading private correspondences I was told to report the girl for fraud and the following morning I found out my account was closed and they refused to refund my unused credits.
4 days, 10 hours ago
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5 days, 6 hours ago
A: Think about this... any person can create an email account anywhere these days. A person could create many accounts here and post reviews giving a negative review. But the same can be said about posting positive reviews a well. This site like the hosting sites, gather your information like, IP address, the type of computer you are operating, operating system, the mac address of your computer and some other information.

Negative reviews harm business and face it, this is just a business to get your money.
5 days, 1 hour ago
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