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Wayfair UK has a consumer rating of 1.93 stars from 29 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Wayfair UK also ranks 300th among Furniture sites. The most common issues with Wayfair UK are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 9.5%
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  • Customer service after event was really kind as gave me £50 refund.
  • Having waited a over month for a "next day delivery" shipment I finally receive the order to find it's the wrong colour.
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Top Positive Review

“RIP OFF ONE-SIDED COMPANY tells u about their policy on return but apologises for item not delivered”

Janice M.

Bought cake stand was told it will be delivered on the 3rd, it wasn't. There was no text or email. When item got here its too small, rang c/s, am told £4.99 if i print a return slip n £9.99 if they have to to send a slip. I can't return at the post office.

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Top Critical Review

“Poor service long waits and still the wrong item”

J G.

Having waited a over month for a "next day delivery" shipment I finally receive the order to find it's the wrong colour. Wayfair were happy to offer me a discount if I kept the wrong item - offered nothing as compensation otherwise. I'm now in the process of waiting the estimate of another month before my item is even shipped. Poor service and would not use again which is a shame really as on first glance it looks like a quality site. Just pay the extra and get your products from a legit site with faster service and better quality of products.

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1 review
1 helpful vote
May 28th, 2020
Having waited a over month for a "next day delivery" shipment I finally receive the order to find it's the wrong colour.
Wayfair were happy to offer me a discount if I kept the wrong item - offered nothing as compensation otherwise.
I'm now in the process of waiting the estimate of another month before my item is even shipped.

Poor service and would not use again which is a shame really as on first glance it looks like a quality site. Just pay the extra and get your products from a legit site with faster service and better quality of products.
2 reviews
2 helpful votes
March 2nd, 2020
Ordered a chair, was told it would be delivered a few days later, but no chair arrived. Called Wayfair who have literally no clue on how to resolve the issue and told me they were chasing the courier for an update.

One of the worst companies I have dealt with on the internet - useless problem solving skills, use an incompetent courier (DHL in my case) and don't appear to have a proper process in place for dealing with formal complaints. I would will not be using this company again and do not recommend to anyone if you value your sanity.
1 review
0 helpful votes
February 5th, 2020
Wayfair.co.uk is untreatable vendor, I placed an order (#*******648) on 05.11.2019, and it's been delayed since then, no product delivered. During the communication with service department, this business has been delayed twice! and still hasn't delivered till now (05.02.2020).The latest email indicate that the shipment is expected to dispatch on 20.02.2020 and reach me on early March. This is a joke! Can not believe what kind of business ethics Wayfair has! The service department offered minimal assistance and the customer seems nothing to them. A ridiculous company!
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 23rd, 2020
An utter disgrace.

Having ordered an expensive item, I was given a delivery window. They failed to turn up. I chased them, and was told I had asked them not deliver it!

I asked for a manager, 5 times, they refused.

I asked for their complaints procedure 3 times, they refused.

Everyday it was me chasing them, and everyday brought more lies and ignorance.

And this was only one occasion. They never deliver when they say. Nothing ever looks the same as the pictures. And most things are damaged.

Never again. At least amazon have the decency to speak to you.
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 30th, 2020
Brought folding table and chairs in sale and thank god it was in the sale as we have had to buy touch up paint where paint has scratched off and re drilled hoes so screws would fit will not ever by made for idiert furniture again
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 3rd, 2020
pls pls.pls.never buy from them,the worst customer service ,waiting for item and can't even contact them,they took my money and quiet now ,not professional at all.be careful everyone,never buy from them.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 3rd, 2020
I ordered two Garrick sofas in February. They looked lovely in the online catalogue. However, I never got to see them. They were lost twice, and then randomly Wayfair refunded my money for one of the sofas, without letting me know why. This is five months after I ordered them, and several delivery days came and went. Customer care is appalling in this company. I was given so many different excuses for the delays - the sofas were lost, they were damaged, they were taking so long to make because they were so good. Utter nightmare. Really do avoid.
1 review
0 helpful votes
July 1st, 2020
I was shocked when I warned to return goods and found out I would have to pay £18 to return it. If I had known it was going charge me I would not of ordered it and I Won't be ordering anything more I cannot afford to lose that money at this time
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 12th, 2020
Ordered a bed at the beginning of May, here's the full saga:

- Bed was delivered 27th May.
- Packaging in extremely poor state.Seemed to have been opened and then badly sellotaped back together. Box fell apart while being carried up to our flat, parts all over the place which we painstakingly collected and ferried into our flat piece by piece.
- When trying to assemble the bed, it becomes clear that an entire pack of screws (not just one or two, but AL of the screws of this type) are missing.
- Wayfair will not send replacement screws. They have said that their supplier can't send screws alone, and musty send a replacement bed, but just seems like a case of Computer Says No.
- Wayfair have said we can have the bed replaced, but not until July, and this is extremely inconvenient because of the destroyed packaging/

Wayfair have simply failed to provide the product we paid for, and are not interested in helping us suffer any less inconvenience, instead doing the bare minimum to avoid providing either any decent service or compensation

Finally, I would recommend looking elsewhere online for reviews of Wayfair. It seems Trustpilot is extremely biased compared to other review sites.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020
Never shopping here again, me and my partner ordered a set of drawers which clearly stated in the order information that it will be delivered the next day our tracking showed our house is next in line for delivery then all of a sudden we get a notification that there is a delay and will attempt to be delivered the next working day, that never happened we have contacted wayfair and they didn't know why it wasn't delivered with us contacting them several times their excuse was "we're still waiting for updates from the courier". With more than 3 delivery attempts as was shown on our tracking we still haven't recieved our item we have emailed DHL but got no reply absolute joke stay away from this website save your money.
1 review
0 helpful votes
March 16th, 2020
Returned some items to Wayfair on Feb 17 (due to poor quality) following their instructions. As of today I have not received my money back even if Wayfair confirmed they HAVE RECEIVED THE ITEMS BACK! First they said it was a technical issue and to wait 5 days, after 5 days more apologies and to wait another 5 days, 30 DAYS LATER I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY MONEY ... WHAT A SCAM!!!!!
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 18th, 2020
Everything about my experience has been poor. The customer service, the lack of response, the inability to contact them aside from sitting on the phone waiting to speak to a inept customer service agent, the late delivery and lost delivery of multiple items from one order. I ordered 5 items from three different vendors, received one of the 3 (of which was exceptionally poor quality despite the glowing reviews). I asked to cancel the other items from the rest of the order and was told I couldn't because the items had been dispatched. For starters this list legal as under distance selling I am obliged to cancel any order up to 14 days of purchase which this was. Turns out the items had not been dispatched and Im still waiting for an order which I am simply going to return. Customer service were unhelpful. When I asked about returning the first delivery I did receive I was told they're not accepting returns due to coronavirus - surely that isn't even legal!? AVOID buying from this company at all costs. If I could give zero stars I would.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 27th, 2020
I ordered a wardrobe from Wayfair on 12th April. I was able to track the order from the customer website and it was to be delivered on or before 12th May. Its very hard to get through to customer service but eventually I did. The order had simply not been placed with the manufacturer and it took them 5 days to tell me this using their escalation process. I asked if I could cancel my order and get a refund 3 times. I was told I could not because the wardrobe had been shipped. Strangely the website still shows deliver on or before 12th May and it is now 27th May and nothing has arrived. Where is it being shipped from? I feel I am being played and stalled so I cant get a refund. They have no idea where my order is. This was my first and last ever order with Wayfair.
1 review
1 helpful vote
April 2nd, 2020
Aweful.ordered a matress that said next day delivery only for it to be delayed 15 minutes later, then still did not arrive.called customer service and they said tomorrow, then still no matress. I've ordered this as I'm having to move to protect a vulnerable person during this crisis as I'm still having to go to work as I work for the NHS. Now its moving day tomorrow and I'm going to have to have to go work after sleeping on the floor with sciatica to boot. I understand theese are difficult times but if they'd just been honest to begin with I could have ordered elsewhere. They won't refund me the money right away and I cant afford to pay for a second, so now I'm facing weeks working in agony from sleeping on the floor. Thanks wayfair
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 13th, 2019
Order was never delivered. Contact numbers for Wayfair and delivery company do not exist. Several emails to Wayfair go unanswered. £55 totally lost ! BE WARNED !!!
1 review
1 helpful vote
May 29th, 2020
Service from hell
I ordered a sofa from this website and as it operated smoothly I decided I would utilise it again, little did I know I was about to experience the ordeal from hell when placing an order.

I devoted my self to paying over £500 for smart coffee table during this pandemic where people aren't working and are furloughed, for a lot of people that £500 would be the full extend of their pay package this month, never the less I had devoted myself to paying it on an item originally priced at over £700 before discounts.

I was open minded when ordering this that there could be delays due to Covid-19

However what I experienced was the WORST experience I have ever received in my life.

The table due to come on May the 1st. On my the first I waited in all day, didn't leave the house awaiting this order. It never came, I didn't receive ANY communication from the company and had to chase this myself.
It was delayed to the 5th, the same thing happened. Once again no communication
It was delayed to
11th, the same happened
Once again the 14th the same happened
This then happened with over TEN DATES in total where I physically had to ring the company myself, that's over 15 calls I've had to make to Wayfair at this point!

I then received half My order in the post
Firstly WHY ON EARTH WOULD I WANT HALF A GOD DAMN COFFEE TABLE? Secondly the item as smashed up, broken in Various places once again I have to ring them to complain about this service - nice to know that upon ordering a £500+ item they package it with care enough for it to arrive broken.

Once again I'm given a different date for the re-schedule delivery. And you guessed it on another 5 dates that they've told me it's not arrived. - (yet can I add, on the website it's Still advertised that if you order the item now you'll get it sooner than me as an existing customer)

This was escalated with a manager who assured me on their recorded phone line that this time would be different as she was taking ownership of the case and I'd get my re delivered table on the 3rd because of this. Yet since this statement I've been told it's coming on the 4th, 5th, 8th, and this morning I've had a new email to say the 10th

Bringing the order to being 5 weeks late, alongside service from a robotic "manager" who showed no empathy at all, jacintha.

Jacintha whom also told me on two occasions that she would contact me, only to not leaving me to chase this company near enough every day in lock down.

The service I've received has been terrible, and the ordeal of this coffee table not coming has practically aged me due to the stress and anger of them taking me for an absolute JOKE.

Upon looking at the coffee table on the website right now it tells me if I buy it now I'll get it on the third? Why is that false advertising allowed to happen when I'm going through this ordeal and you clearly know there's a problem

After this service I would personally never order from Wayfair again. Disgusting service and I will be taking this further.
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
December 2nd, 2019
AVOID WAYFAIR AT ALL COSTS!!! if i could mark negative stars i would! i ordered a bed (so a big ticket item) as a Christmas gift. to be the only big ticket item of my sons Christmas presents as money is very tight and i could barely afford this in the first place and scrimpt and saved to give my son the only this he really wanted but did not ask for as he knew i couldn't afford it. i was assured by the online chat that i could track delivery to make sure he was not in and the gift could be hidden until Christmas. Delivery was scheduled for the 03/12/2019 and i made sure he'd be out all day that day. Today 02/12/2019 my son opened the door to a delivery from wayfare that promptly announced to him "your double beds here" In that instance Christmas is ruined, there is now no surprises for Christmas and i cant afford to buy anything else so there is at least a surprise gift. In tears as i write this for both my sadness for my son, the disappointment of my hard save money surprise being ruined by this company and in anger for their attitude. i checked my email for updates from them, nothing there, i checked their last email it said 3/12 it also had a click here link for updates (which i had religiously been checking daily) and at this very moment it still says delivery 03/12 even though the item is in my hallway. I called them and their response was its not really their problem and i should be happy its been delivered early, their dates are just estimates (so good luck if you take time off) and they will not compensate me in any way so there will be no gifts this Christmas , Thanks wayfair.. you suck. Doing something you said you'd do when you said you'd do it is not hard Wayfair, thousands of other companies get the deliveries right, perhaps you should not be in the online orders business if you cant deliver on what you offer, seems dishonest to me. They did after i insisted they log it as a complaint (they did not want to take my complaint over the recorded phone call until i told them i would report them to consumer services for refusing to take a complaint) offer me 10% off my next order with them!! they've taken all my Christmas money so were am i to get more to make this new order and what is 10% off going to help me? Most importantly is why would i support a company that has zero care for its customers, accepts zero liability for its service or the part it played in ruining a family's Christmas, why on earth would they think i would ever want to order from them again?

I'm angry at what you've done to me and how little you care that you've done it as it means nothing to you and everything to me. so i'm going to post my story on every review sight and platform i can, warning people. I know you wont care as there's always the next sucker to take advantage of their trust in you. I'm confident that you wont care about any business this review looses you and i know any expectation that this will change your policies or improve your service or in actual fact benefit me in any way is a pipe dream, so why am i doing this at my time and expense? If i warn even one person away from Wayfair that you cant benefit with very little care and effort of someones hard earned savings then ive done my bit to avoid this happening to them and for you benefiting from it financially.

Very angry ex customer, Very deflated feeling like a failure of a mom
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 4th, 2020
Bought cake stand was told it will be delivered on the 3rd, it wasn't. There was no text or email. When item got here its too small, rang c/s, am told £4.99 if i print a return slip n £9.99 if they have to to send a slip. I can't return at the post office.
2 reviews
13 helpful votes
June 28th, 2018
Bought a garden dining set labelled some assembly required actually needed power screwdriver to assembly as wood screws needed to assemble chairs cost £100 for power tool. Table had no screws or assembly instructions. Once arrived after phoning now need additional ratchet screws. Warning... some assembly means no pre drilling and decent carpentry skills needed plus power tools.
Customer service after event was really kind as gave me £50 refund. Less than half the cost of tools required

Tip for consumers: Be careful how much assembly needed

4 reviews
0 helpful votes
August 19th, 2019
Great place to shop many choices from low to high price friendly customer service and understanding unique and unusual items reasonable price free delivery over £40 very quick delivery quite amazed with there products good quality and styles
1 review
1 helpful vote
October 18th, 2019
I would love to purchase things from this shop but find the the whole process slow and difficult to navigate. They need to shake up their ideas, everytime I go into their site, I have problems, so I always give up, it is not me, I never experience problems like this with other sites.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 31st, 2019
i ordered a bed for my daughter who is starting uni.Got a delivery slot on Thursday but bed didn't turn up. No one rang me. I rang them the next day to be told it was lost. Then told they couldn't deliver till Monday. Was told I couldn't speak to manager till end of day as he was "so busy". Finally after 20 mins on phone, manager was found and he told me best he cld do was Sunday. Then on Friday we rang them to double check delivery address but out of the blue they told us it could be delivered in 10 mins. I ended up running to my daughter's flat-still no delivery. Another 2 hours wasted. Daughter still sleeping on floor. I rang them Sat to be told I'd get a call on Sat but no call came. Daughter rang to be told it will be delivered "some time next week but they couldn't say which day", she still on floor.

Basically we drove 200 miles to set up my daughter in a new city and hours were wasted waiting around and on the phone just for the sake of a simple bed. We had a lot of other stuff to do too!! As a parent, I felt awful leaving my daughter without a bed. We had planned to help her assemble it but God knows where it is. This is a company that urgently needs to sort out communication between customer, call centre and delivery company. Meanwhile 1 customer is still on the floor.
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 14th, 2018
I would give zero if possible. We ordered a dining room set for delivery in Northern Ireland. At no point were we told this would be a problem. The order - and our payment - were accepted. We were told delivery would take several weeks, so we waited patiently. When we were told that delivery would be a couple weeks longer than expected, we waited patiently. When the date for delivery finally arrived, we were told that delivery would not be possible -- leaving us without a dining table and chairs for the holiday season. No compensation was paid. This is not a way to do business. Very poor performance. Get your act together Wayfair!
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 23rd, 2018
Bought the globe whiskey cabinet for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and not one of his whiskey bottles fit. We knew that certain whiskey bottles wouldn't fit as they are all very different shapes, but not even a wine bottle fit!!! We went onto the website to check their pictures and they have a wine bottle and what looks like a few spirit bottles shown.
Oh and also it was faulty, so we couldn't even put it together.
Rang customer service, basically told us to return it at a £5 cost to us (product was already £79.99). We said that we didn't want a refund but instead a replacement, only if they could guarantee that ours would be the same as the one on their website and would at least fit a standard bottle. They said that all their products are the same, so the one we have is the one they sell.
False advertising on their website then? Photoshop?
Pretty sure this is against trading standards.
The reply to all of this was, these are not our pictures and we are sorry.
Is that it?
First time customer, and last time I will ever order.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 28th, 2019
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I have just had the absolutely worst experience with Wayfair. On the 10th of May this year I ordered a Twin Wooden loveseat by Woodhaven for my parents...my mother in particular had been looking for one of these for a good few years now. Once I ordered this product I was informed that I would get delivery on the 4th of June.. I was getting delivery through AddressPal service An Post has. To use this service the max weight allowed is 20kg so I double checked the wayfair site where the product description stated the full weight was 17kg. Please see below for a full timeline of my experience with Wayfair. I did not hear anything on the 4th of June but I waited till the 6th to follow up.... *6th of June rang customer service to query where abouts of delivery...I was told I would get an email the next day... *11th of June I received email to state the seat had been located and I should receive a text that day about delivery-no text received. *13th of June I sent an email to explain as I had not received a text. *13th of June I received an email that delivery solutions would be in touch. *14th of June at 3.35pm I received an email to state it would be delivered by 24th of June. *14th of June at 3.49pm I received an email to state there was a problem that they could not locate my order but would contact the warehouse to find out what was happening. *18th of June I emailed for clarification on what was happening. *19th of June I received an email to confirm delivery would take place on the 24th of June. *25th of June I receive an email from AddressPal to state delivery was refused due to excess weight of the product, the weight AddressPal informed me it was 35.5kg....which is a substantial difference of what is stated on the site. *25th of June I email wayfair with evidence of weight from address pal and screen shot of the product description from wayfair sit, to see what is going on. *26th of June I receive an email to state yes weight is wrong and can I arrange alternative delivery service. *26th of June I reply to state this is wayfairs error not mine that I want delivery organised by them. *27th of June I email again as no response *27th of june at 3pm I get a response to say no it cannot be delivered, I would have to organize same or a refund can be arranged *27th of June I email wayfair again to log an official complaint stating everything i had experienced witg wayfair to date and to state that I wanted a call from a manager and not a refund. *28th of June I receive an email notification from Wayfair that my ordered is cancelled and a refund was going to be coming through. Please note I received no email from customer service and no call from a manager ....absolutely appalling service and I would not recomend this site to anyone.

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Extremely reliable service, I've been buying from Wayfair for three months without any issues

By Marilyn G.
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The choice of furniture, lots of things all from one place. The price is very reasonable.

By Marilyn G.

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