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5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Suite 200
Valley Village, CA 91607
Tel: 855 912 8733

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1 review
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My name is Gerry and I recently had my bathroom remodeled. I came across Treeium on Home Advisor and had read all of the great reviews they had posted. So I proceeded with getting a free estimate. They were very attentive and helpful. I met with one of the project managers and was educated on a lot of sustainable products! I didn't know much about solar energy until one of the guys named Marcelo had taught me a few things about insulation as well.

I am currently waiting for approval of one of the programs they use to make solar energy affordable and then I will be proceeding to work with Treeium. Marcelo made such a great impression.

1 review
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It went great. Erez was my project manager and did a fantastic job at managing my project. He was punctual and on time as always and very helpful

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Treeium did an amazing job at remodeling my living room.
I came across treeium in an Instagram ad and thought to myself how wonderful it would be to remodel my living room bathroom and living space area.

I hired treeium recently because i know they work with California energy upgrade (i was also looking to add solar power) and decided to do one thing at a time. I can become very unfriendly when Im inundated with projects. Lol and I admit, I also need a cup of coffee to stay friendly.

Besides that I have just started with the demolition and so far so good! The workers are really friendly. After looking into their company, I also noticed theyre in alliance with TreePeople and Im all about saving the planets resources, donating time to my community and giving back to the world.

1 review
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Treeium remodeled our kitchen and it came out beautifully. We found Treeium through Home Advisor. I wanted to remodel the old kitchen we had because I continuously kept getting splinters. So we remodeled with Treeium and our kitchen is simply amazing. Very impressed with the precision of the cabs & countertops. They made sure everything is sealed. If Treeium would make a mistake, they graciously corrected the concern. Very professional, hard working company. Communication could have been better between labor workers. Overall the experience was great. Benjamin was the best project manager. He kept in touch with us, and addressed all of our concerns. Very punctual and communication with him was great. I definitely will consider working with Benjamin & Treeium again!

1 review
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I hired Treeium for my master and guest bathrooms remodel with Farid Ghaheri as the project Manager. Upon meeting Farid the first time for our initial consultation, I had a good feeling about the company and Farid. Farid was on time, listened carefully to what I wanted to do, and provided advises as needed. Unlike other contractors that scribbled notes on a scratch paper for quotes and refused to send me something in writing, Farid went back to his office and provided a detailed contract for work to be performed and itemized pricing. During the remodeling, Farid showed up every day to make sure that the contractors know what needs to be done and the work is done right. He also kept me up to date on the progress with pictures when I am at my office. The workmanship is very good (Carlos) and I am very satisfied with my new bathrooms. Overall, this has been the best experience I have had with contractors and I highly recommend Treeium for any remodel work.

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My name is Ben. I had my sons fiancé's kitchen remodeled and I have to say everything went ok. I had to leave town for a weekend and project manager Lior was amazing at managing their renovation. I had left specific instructions to install a delicate vintage style stove to their kitchen as a wedding gift. Everything went great! And they're very happy and satisfied with the remodel.

1 review
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Great service & quality. I have two homes, one in Irvine and in studio city. I had a fairly small project. I removed my old vanity, tile, shower and attempted to fix it all myself. BAD IDEA. Instead, I went online and discovered treeium. They contacted me immediately about an inquiry I placed and I set up an appointment. They did try to sell me on a few other things. However I'm not up tight to complain. I love the extra attention. Hahaha anyway, they fixed my bathroom from the mess I had made and turned it into a beauty! Price wise, I can't complain. They were somewhere between the middle between your competitors which stood out the most. I also had the pleasure to speak to someone in the call center. Great service on their part. My project manager did an amazing job at managing the project (hence: project manager).

If you're looking to have a home renovation done. Treeium is a great start.

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I had been dreading to plan & budget a kitchen remodel for years! Once I went online, by mistake I got all these darn calls by contractors. I finally decided to just get a free estimate. I mean, like it didn't seem a waste of time now that I decided to get an estimate and burn curiosity.

The experience was like any other, which is why I've learnt at my age to stop setting expectations from others. However, with treeium's hard working, fun, charismatic employees and overall great quality work. I will def look back into remodeling my bag with them.

Although I will make a suggestion to upload a few photos (which include mine) on their website!!!!!!

Thank you for the renovation.

1 review
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When great work is combined with exceptional service the results is always fun.

The project is almost completed. A few minor changes need to be done; However Treeium did an excellent job. Took their time to bring the most out of the work and made adjustments as

Based on the overall craftsmanship and the quality of each character, Gustavo (cab installer) Roy (electrician), Jaime (the painter) and Phillip (the tile man) need a raise.

It is a pleasant home owner experience. Strongly recommend Treeium to do your remodel. They stand as a professional contractor because it is critical for increasing the value of your home. The RIGHT way

Have a great day.

Victor Lesley

1 review
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I hired Treeium to remodel my kitchen a couple months back. It was a very old kitchen and was in desperate need of a change. The project manager came in, listened to my ideas, gave creative suggestions, and was all around helpful & knowledgable. The work was done as scheduled and my kitchen looks incredible now. Thanks Treeium!

1 review
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I hired Treeium for my bathroom remodel, my experience with Treeium has been fantastic from the project manager Guy Borenstein to all of the amazing team. I have already referred a friend who had the same success with them. I even received my check for referring my friend to them. Everyone who sees my bathroom wants to take it home with them. Thank you!

1 review
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Treeium must have near 100% labor fees and are afraid to list them when asked.

Quality of work? Who knows?! Never got that far. They refused to give us a detailed cost breakdown of our project. The most we got from our projected project manager (PM) writing down the work...still nothing regarding the cost of labor, materials, etc. He flat out refused to include demo as most contractors do when asked. When my wife asked again, the cost with the minor changes we asked for went up $25,000.

Could our refusal to sign the Arbitration Agreement (by law we are not required to sign) have had anything to do with it?

I don't think some of this stuff is the PM's fault so seems like company policy. Of course, he does choose to work for them.

Have a moment? Here's what happened:

We negotiated an agreement with Treeium 2 or so yrs ago but weren't ready to do the work. They told us to take our time, they'd be ready with our file when we were. My wife liked they are eco-friendly & we really liked the guys they sent over...and we said we'd call them when we're ready. We like to keep our word so we did. However, they didn't keep our paperwork or they "couldn't find it." Regardless, We wanted to change out a couple of the more expensive projects for some other work.

The new rep or PM kept telling us to forget the original even though we told him that it was important to us that with the work the only different is that those 2 projects were being replaced. He wanted to forget it because those projects were very costly (over $20k) & what we were replacing them with were not at all but he still was charging us the same price. Actually, he was telling us there was no way Treeium could do all the work for under an additional $10-$15k.

After we took off 4 projects and agreed on the cost, he left but my wife was unhappy that over the course of the meeting she and the rep had yelled at each other twice to come to the agreement over cost. She doesn't like having to raise her voice to get her point across especially to someone who should be here to hear what she has to say without doing so. Much less being yelled at by someone she may be having to making decisions with like this in the future.

Should've known then: Treeium's more for their bottom line than honesty & fair prices. Anyway, my wife couldn't get it off her mind and emailed him and told him that she was still uncomfortable about 2 points...1 of which he snuck in as she was signing the last page. He said he understood. So without making us use our 3-day out, we'd meet the following week and to go over everything again. We did.

1) increase the price per countertop slab that the rep snuck in last time
2) to include floating cement, (cement baseboard & other under flooring as necessary should have already been included as it was on the original...not sure what all that money was going to otherwise) initially he only wanted to allow for a specific sqf
PM removed during the 2d meet without my wife's knowledge:
3) Insulation between the garage ceiling/bedroom floor (the very thing we asked for in the 1st place as 1 of the replacement projects)
The things we overlooked:
4) faucets for the kitchen sink and bathtub
5) permits, (taxes, & fees included...already covered)

Everything else was or should have been part of it. We just spelled it out to cover ourselves such as if gout came with tile and carpet padding came with carpet. To be fair and we did give the project manager a heads up on this: We were going to ask for 2 Addendum to the agreement:
A) If no asbestos were found in our ceilings, (our house was built in 1 year before the 1978 cutoff) Treeium would Supply and Install 10 Recess Lights in the Bedrooms as the project manager (not us) removed those from our scope of work and
B) Any monies saved in any other projects can be moved or utilized in other projects

With the above minor changes & what should have been far less than $5k work (maybe breaking even depending on the actual cost of material,) agreement went up $25K...this after removing original $20k+ of work for <$5.

Are they passing the cost of opening 2 new offices down to their customers through labor costs?

PM knew we didn't have another $1k much less $25k, they just wanted out of it...because we had their #? I guess we could try to make them stick to it. We do have a signed agreement for the lower price but they are not the type of company we want to do business with. The work would be crap. They would constantly come up with things that wasn't in the scope of the agreement just to be jerks. We're better off without these people who can't keep their words and who don't appear to be an honest company.

Oh...look them up on BBB. They have an action against them that is very hard to get. And yes, I understand it is in appeal.

1 review
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After contacting a few different contractors I finally found Treeium, and I'm so happy I did! Their representative was super professional and knew what he was talking about. My bathroom came out even better than expected. I would recommend to my friends and I'll definitely be using them again.

1 review
9 helpful votes

May 5th, 2016, 10:30am appointment for free estimate for a patio/deck rebuild. After having three previous estimates from three reputable contractors a Treeium representative a (what I thought would be a knowledgeable contractor) showed up with his notepad and measuring tape clipped to belt. I told him the patio would be 17'X18', he measured never writing anything down. I explained to him the same things I told the previous contractors and without a beat told me it couldn't be done. I told him I have had other contractors come and have disgust what needed to be done. After taking measurements and notes was told in 2 or 3 days I would receive an estimate from them. Treeium Rep. Michael immediately started being very arrogant and condescending telling me all other estimates could not be true or correct. He then started trying to sell me on him company showing all kinds of paperwork and telling me that the sub-contractors that they use are professionals. I said to him " so you use sub-contractors and don't do the work yourselves"? He didn't like my questions. He than told me that I would need to pay him 10% of an amount he wrote down on a piece of paper so he would set a date to come back with someone to take measurements so they could give me an estimate. I then asked him "so you don't give free estimates"? He then got irate and said no engineer would come for free. At that I was very upset. I told him I needed a knowledgeable person to come to give me an estimate and not a salesman. He continued to talk down to me and I then told him to collect all his paperwork and that the conversation was over. He continued to argue with me and again I had to tell we were done. I then told him I was getting mad and wanted him to leave. I believe that this is false advertising, telling me our appointment was for a free estimate and not a hard sale from a salesmen. I had to select one star to be able submit this review, I wouldn't even give that that if I didn't have to. Larry Montano

1 review
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Treeium started off as a promising venture for me. After signing with another company, they were helpful and honest in outlining for me the grave mistake that I had made in doing so. The representative with whom I spoke, who's name was Elad, was incredibly eager to sign a deal, promising that I would pay slightly less than the other company was willing to do the job for. If you are reading this, I am here to tell you not to believe a word these people say. Half of the work done was ineffective and entirely unnecessary. He wasted my time beating around the bush with complicated language that was meant to make me feel like I should trust him, while keeping me in the dark as to exactly why. I didn't understand, but I believed him. My mistake.

1 review
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I am very unhappy with Treeium. The prices for the work is way out of line with other contractors. They charge way to much. Be Very Careful and check them out.
They are not what they seem to be.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had some cabinet and counter top work completed by Treeium. The refaced my cabinets and replaced my counters in my kitchen and sink. I am thoroughly pleased with the workmanship and the short amount of time it took them to complete the project. I would recommend Treeium to anyone and everyone.

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