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4257 Sherwoodtowne Boulevard
Mississauga, ON L4Z, CA
Tel: 4166289704

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1 review
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Im currently with matchmakers after 5 months and have met 2 people. The first match was pretty mediocre and I was worried about this working. I met the second guy and we are really great friends. He is an amazing person and I can see we are compatible and why they matched us. I am now so hopeful and optimistic that I will meet the right guy. Being patient is hard!!!

1 review
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I have to say I went about this all wrong to begin with. My matchmakers advised me from the start to be open minded. I was pretty rigid in my preferences. After 5 months of turning down every match I finally said what the heck, let's just go with it. Two matches later, I met Colleen. Listen to their advice and the process will work.

1 review
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This was the perfect service for me as I am a busy working professional who do not have much time, i have tried the online and gone out a few times with friends in hopes to meet mr.right.. I have come to a point in my life that i am the best version of who i am and it was time to share my life with someone special. I went through an amazing interview with one of the consultants at Toronto Matchmakers and she made me feel so comfortable moving forward with this because this was so new to me, I was very nervous.

I am now in a wonderful relationship with Phil - we were introduced through this serivce. I was pleasantly surprised when we met, he was my 4th introduciton from the team. He taught me love, patience and fate. I am glad that the timing of my life let me meet Phil.

Thank you Toronto Matchmakers Team.
You guys rock!!

1 review
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This took longer than I thought to work, but it did. That's all that matters me to quite frankly. I married my best friend last year and we just celebrated our 1 year together. Don't waste any more time people.

1 review
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Seems like the people writing these super negative reviews are impatient. I was with the service for 18 months and finally found my partner. Couldn't be happier.

1 review
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I signed up in May 2017. After 6 months was finally sent one date to a person who never called. Have never heard from the company again. I would not recommend this organization. High pressure. I feel so silly to have signed up. I would have felt better giving the $7,000 to charity.

1 review
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As a professional thought perhaps this was the proper more " distinguished" way to encounter online much more well read & seasoned this Toronto Matchmakers Scam is a total misleading RIPOFF!!! I actually feel foolish to have entrusted their company & would be ashamed of myself if I were one of their employees misleading people whom are vulnerable & easily swayed. They bring you in for an interview bedazzle you (with false hope ) took like 8 months before I had a date & could have probably found better playing a guitar @ the liquor store....yes its almost comical. Shame on this company for such false advertising....dont be foolish & waste money here friends it....hate to admit I was a fool...but lesson learnd so just warning all of you

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I joined the Toronto Matchmakers in Aug 2018 (about 5 months ago) There was a lot of pressure from Joanna to sign up during the interview, I did and wish I hadn't.
I purchased 6 referrals and was told it can take a maximum of 8 weeks to find the first match, but that there were lots of available men in my area looking for what I was, so there should be no problem! I provided my deal breakers and #1 was a non-smoker
I called at month 3 to ask what was happening, they found me a match in Nov, he was a smoker? Did they not read my deal breakers?
Silence since, I have called a few times and been told "be patient" At this point I just want my money back as I have no faith in them and their guarantees appears to be false.
It has been 5 months and nothing unless I call and am told they are searching? My lawyer is suggesting a complaint to the BBB and start blogging etc but at this point if I get a full refund I will go quietly. I wish I had never signed up and don't recommend anyone else doing so!

1 review
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This company puts pressure on you to sign a contract without letting you read through it. Watch out because whatever they do they protect their scam in the contract. Your money is gone and they give you no guarantee of the service. All they say is they give you referrals and they screw you you have to deal with lawyers and more to get a dime back...if at all

1 review
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I suffered an FX loss due to Toronto Matchmakers using a US merchant ID. I have asked them many times to reimburse me (which they promised to do when I first signed up in June 2018). Despite repeated requests they have not done so. I continue to believe this company is a scam and have talked to others who have had the same experience.
Protect yourself as I feel they cannot help you find a match and will only take your money.
I feel that I have been threatened and harassed by them. To make matters worse they taped a conversation with me without telling me. They are obligated by law to advise when they are taping a conversation.
The supposed Customer Service manager was the worse. I feel that she did not take my class concerns into consideration and tried to find every way possible to tell me that this is all my fault and that they are trying to help me. I don't believe and trust they are trying to help me. I feel they took my money and I didn't matter any more. Money in their pocket is all that mattered

1 review
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Response from Christina H., TorontoMatchmakers Representative
Hi Sarit,
Our team would never want anyone to feel left. Together, we all have the same goal with you :)
Please send us a private message with your name and number so we can resolve any issues that you would to communicate to us about, we are here for you.

Warmest regards,
Toronto Matchmakers
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am a happy client of Toronto Matchmakers,
I can not believe any of the negative reviews on here, I am shocked and question who wrote them.

I am in a long term relationship with who I know is the love of my life. If I believed any of these crazy reviews, I never would had a chance of love again.

The staff here are such amazing people. I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Toronto Matchmakers very much

Response from Christina H., TorontoMatchmakers Representative
Thank you Jose,
Our team is passionate being part of our client's lives to find love again.
Congratulations on behalf of Toronto Matchmakers
Wishing you and your new found partner a lifetime of happiness.
Warmest Regards!
1 review
8 helpful votes

They are liars. Save your money and stay.

Scam employer, employee and services

Unprofessional people

Fake consultant and workers

Good thieves


Response from Christina H., TorontoMatchmakers Representative
Hi Pajdm,
Please rest assured that our team proudly stand for honesty and compassion.
Please send us a personal message if need any resolution, we will be by your side to handle anything that may arise.

*We do not see your name in our records.
Thank you
Warmest Regards!
1 review
1 helpful vote

its hard to believe these other reviews... this worked for me and one of my friends i encouraged to sign up. I didnt see these reviews before i joined and when my friend told me what garbage people were writing here, i maybe wouldnt have signed up. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year now and my friend is now happily dating his girlfriend. We go on double dates and are having a ball. These negative reviews are probably from negative people in general. Dont be a fool and let someones bad experience rob you of your possible happiness.

Response from Christina H., TorontoMatchmakers Representative
Hello Wes,
Thank you for your sharing your experience on your post, which we hope new clients would consider what you have mentioned to make a life changing decision. We are happy to hear that this has worked for you and your friends.
"You can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

Warmest Regards!
1 review
4 helpful votes

I spent my life building my career, never really believed in getting married because at the end of the day it's just a piece of paper. I went through a marriage with a man when I was very young but no children together. Im not looking to have kids.
I joined this service last year and the process takes time. Love is a numbers game you need to be patient.

Verdict? I'm engaged.

Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life but it takes you to decide that.
Thanks Toronto Matchmakers for everything, wouldn't have been here without the team guiding me at my hardest times.

Response from Christina H., TorontoMatchmakers Representative
Hi Carrie,
Congratulations on your engagement! This is what we live for!
Thank you for your patience and kindness through this process.
I am glad it was well worth the wait ;)
We wish you and your new found partner, a lifetime of happiness.

Warmest Regards,
Toronto Matchmakers
1 review
11 helpful votes

I am a single, 35 year old woman and I just wanted to bring matchmaking company Toronto Matchmakers to your attention. I hesitantly signed up with them on October 9, 2017. I had a telephone as well as an in person interview with them in which I provided them with my absolute deal breakers, a most important one was that the man not have any children . They assured me that they had a huge pool of men to match me with who met my expectations. The agreement between the company and I was for 6 matches and specifies that a match would be provided to me in 0-8 weeks. As of December 9th,the 8 week mark, no match had been provided to me. On December 27th, I called the company and spoke to a lady, * I believe, I advised her that I wanted to cancel and that she should close my file. She advised me that per the agreement, there are no refunds. I advised her that the agreement had already been breached by them since there was no match in the promised 0-8 weeks. At that point Emma said someone from management would have to call me back. I asked for a timeline; would it be a week? Two weeks? A month or two months? * would not commit to a timeline but said it could be two months before I hear from someone and that was not guaranteed. I found this response unacceptable since the company requests that matters be resolved with them, so I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges. I sent my bank a copy of the agreement, indicating that there had been no match in the 0-8 weeks as promised in the agreement and received my money back. I also sent a written cancellation email to the company on the same day I spoke to * and emailed my bank, December 27th. Some weeks later, the bank took the money back from the company and refunded it to me. The company tried to quickly come up with a match for me, but this was after the 8 week period had passed and this person had children which was a deal breaker that I had provided to them verbally and in writing. I sent another email cancellation to confirm I was no longer interested in their services.

Today, I received a call from my bank indicating that the company is trying to get the money back, over $3,000. They provided me no matches throughout their stated timeline and the rushed match they attempted to provide was not at all what we agreed upon or what they promised. The $3,000 was for 6 matches according to my specifications and the provided me with zero, so why should they have all the money for zero service? I would just like to warn people about this company. They use high pressure tactics to get people to sign up. They over promise and under deliver. They offer terrible customer service, clearly since they think taking 2 months to call a customer back is appropriate. Lastly, they see nothing wrong with trying to keep my hard earned $3,000 for zero matches.

I know there are many people out there like me that just want a meaningful relationship in their lives. Someone to start a family and create memories with. I cannot speak for match making in general however, I can say that from my experience, this company is not the answer!

I should also say that the $3,000 that I paid was a discounted price. My sales lady, *, tried to get my to sign up for almost $7,000 which is apparently the basic package. When I declined * contacted her manager to authorize the discount. Mind you during my telephone interview, before going in, when I asked about cost I was told that they could not give me pricing because it was different for everyone and they did not have packaging. Obviously not true. Just a tactic to get people in the door!

*Personal information redacted by admin

1 review
16 helpful votes

They take your money and fail to match you or even return your phone calls. If you ever do get the opportunity to speak with someone, they advise they are under new management and promise to right the wrongs of previous management. They prey on vulnerable people. Do not fall for this scam!

2 reviews
21 helpful votes

I joined Toronto Matchmakers last year, and so far they only sent me three people whom I was not at all attracted too. I have contacted them several times hoping they will send me more people ( they suppose to send you eight referrals) to choose from and they have not even replied to me. All I can say is they are scammers just after your money, I paid over $6000.00 for garbage, I can meet anyone faster and much more attractive then the people they send you. So think carefully about departing with your hard earned money. Very disappointed!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a great experience with Toronto Matchmakers. I was hesitant at first as I was not sure if they had what I was looking for but I thought to myself, what did I really have to loose trying? I am now in long term relationship with a great man I met through this professional service. We are planning Mexico for January together and this was the best decision I have ever made. You don't know what you're missing until you take a chance. Thanks to this team Christmas this year was the best and memorable sharing both our families together. Thank you again

1 review
16 helpful votes

They take your money and then they scam...STAY AWAY///The good write ups they put on her are probably from their own personal......dont waste your time or money.....this is a SCAM!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

My personal experience with the company was great!
I spent a big part of my life building my career and taking of my children as a single parent and did not think about myself for a long time. One of my kids came to me and asked why I was still alone and I didn't have an answer to that. As the only person to blame was me.

It took a lot for to make the initial appointment, they were always fully booked so we went around for a while before I was able to get in. My criteria was very specific, the consultant was very straight forward matches will take longer if I am not open (Height, age, education, Religion...etc) I realized she was right so I kept things more flexible for the right person.

Like a lot of these reviews on here, I did write a terrible review on this company last year ( I will be the first to admit it), I met 5 matches that I felt were not my type (but nice folks) I was so angry I called the company a scam and gave each person here a very hard time called them a few times a day just to vent my frustration. Im quite I'm embarrassed now.

They never gave up on me, when I know they should've....

I am currently in a very happy relationship (my 6th match) and I thought to make up for a terrible review I wrote on here.. this was my apology.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Hello, my name is E and I joined Toronto Matchmakers about 1.5 years ago with the sole purpose to just put myself in a better opportunity to meet other single professionals in my area. I didn't know if I wanted to be married again but was open to the idea if the right person came along. Well, she sure did. After a few matches with some really nice ladies in the service, I met Julie. She joined in the Mississauga location, and completely took me for surprise.

First date, as if I have known this lady my entire life.
Now, 1.5 years later... we have decided to share our entire life together, you guessed it... we are GETTING MARRIED.

Thanks everyone for encouraging us and sticking by our side.

1 review
12 helpful votes

Adding to my other review...Firmly believe, that the 1* ratings are the real and accurate ones...all with 4* or 5*, the "owners" have various pics, with different dogs. As a psychic I strongly believe, that is one and the same person creating fake profiles and posting positive reviews, in order to attract new victims. Shaking my head. I was not one of them; luckily. Call Police or Better Business Bureau on them, or take them to Small Claims Court. Good luck and keep your own money for your own needs, don't waste it on them. Not worthy.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Best decision in my life was when I decided to take a chance with Toronto Matchmakers.

I don't feel it is fair for the negative remarks calling this company a scam. If you trace back to the reviews on this page it marks back to 2012 for the first review, if a company is a "scam" don't you think they would be shut down the same day they opened? With most things in life, patience with a mix of positive attitude goes a long way. Love is not something you buy off a shelf.

When I joined Toronto Matchmakers, sure, I was beyond hesitant because I know what I brought to the table, education and looks was my #1 request. First few matches were okay. I was kind of disappointed questioning my decision at first. But I did make 3 great friends but none were my type (Chemistry wise). Until my 4th match, these guys nailed it. Money will spent. If I didn't invest in this for myself I never would've met Lorenzo. We booked for our second trip to Italy for December this year! Thank you Toronto Matchmakers for listening to me and for Lorenzo to show me what love was again.

-Maria GC

1 review
13 helpful votes

After a month I had one introduction but I haven't met anyone! Toronto Matchmakers is a waste of time.

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