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TalkTalk.co.uk has a consumer rating of 1.25 stars from 16 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. TalkTalk.co.uk also ranks 86th among Internet Service Provider sites. The most common issues with TalkTalk.co.uk are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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  • Today I left Talk Talk after a running battle with their customer service team.
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Top Positive Review

“Extra charges”

liza b.

Why is talk talk charging a extra £4.50 for not using direct debit payments well i think its not fair and its a rip off getting extra money for not using direct debit to pay bills.

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Top Critical Review

“Charged for a cancellation I didnt make”

craig r.

Had an engineer booked to sort tv box out. Told them I didn't need him to come because I had sorted it myself. Engineer rang on the day to confirm appointment and I told him I sorted it already. Talktalk have now changed me £65 for a missed appointment saying he couldn't gain access to the property. He didn't even turn up at the property. And talktalk customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.

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customer service (7)
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 3rd, 2020
Had an engineer booked to sort tv box out. Told them I didn't need him to come because I had sorted it myself. Engineer rang on the day to confirm appointment and I told him I sorted it already. Talktalk have now changed me £65 for a missed appointment saying he couldn't gain access to the property. He didn't even turn up at the property. And talktalk customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.
4 reviews
9 helpful votes
November 20th, 2015
Why is talk talk charging a extra £4.50 for not using direct debit payments well i think its not fair and its a rip off getting extra money for not using direct debit to pay bills.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 30th, 2020
I dont know why it took me so long. After 25 years I am leaving due to their abysmal customer service and broadband which is much slower than I am paying for. Even though I have already left Talktalk still insists on one months notice and I am not happy with that since I was not getting the service as described and not compensated. Right now I am still paying them and using my new suppliers service. You are currently unable to speak to customer services as they have obviously reduced their support team. Why? You also cannot communicate via their chat app as it fails, and I would have quit much sooner if I could have. Finally I had to put in a formal complaint before anyone responded. Too little too late. They are rubbish!
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 18th, 2020
I joined TalkTalk to save a little money on my broadband service. I regretted my move as soon as the broadband speeds started to drop. Speeds were less than 6Mbps with frequent disconnections and a noisy phone line.
I first complained in May 2020 and was told the line was OK. I told them I wanted to leave TalkTalk, but I was told I'd be charged for cancelling the contract early.
In July speeds were slower, so I complained again. A line test came back as OK – But the lady taking the call said that the line quality was poor and offered to fix that by up-selling me a fibre connection. I politely declined and eventually (each call to TalkTalk lasts between 1 to 2 hours) she logged my complaint as a fault and I was told they had 30 days to resolve the problem and then they would contact me. If the fault wasn't resolved I would be able to cancel my contract with no termination fee.
I waited 30 days and rang back. I was told that the fault had been "resolved" two days after I'd reported it. I hadn't been informed. Then I was told it was my fault it was closed so quickly because I'd refused an upgrade to the more expensive fibre service to clear the fault.
My speeds were now dropping below 1Mbps.
They wouldn't accept the fault hadn't been dealt with effectively but they offered to raise another fault and I could wait 30 days again for them to resolve it.
I've had numerous communications with them but I'm always stonewalled. I can't talk to a manager because of Covid restrictions, and the promise of a return call is never realised. They are not signed up to the Communications Ombudsman scheme so there's no recourse there.
Some of the staff are nice but others are rude, vague, evasive, non committal and have no manners at all.
In short, spend a little more and save yourself a load a grief.
11 reviews
15 helpful votes
October 28th, 2015
Over 1 month ago just after renewing my contract my broadband speed started going up and down during the day. I contacted talktalk "engineers" 5 times over the month, each time i was asked the same questions and given the same answers (trained monkeys could have done that job). However yesterday i managed to get through to a Manager who believe it or not was helpfull. He read from his script but they were different answers and he sent me a new router. Now I have security cameras routed through my router and i am told by 1 person at talktalk that changing routers will not affect them, but by another person at talktalk that they will all need reprograming. WHO DO I BELIEVE WHAT DO I DO.
Sheffield UK
2 reviews
60 helpful votes
February 19th, 2020
Where to start? It has been SO awful, that even the process of trying to leave TalkTalk has been incredibly distressing
- There was a fault with my broadband that took 2 and a half hours of phone calls and online chats, over a few days, to get resolved.
- They would tell me the fault was resolved and then it would happen again.
- Every time you contact them it takes 10-15 minutes before the issue can actually be discussed (they have to spend ages waiting for your account to come up on their screen and it takes ages to get through their security).
- Every time you speak to a new person (they pass you from team to team and back again), the issue has to be explained all over again.
- It is very difficult to understand each other. I would explain the issue and they would usually misunderstand (with the exception of when I managed to get through to a manager. Often I was unable to understand what they were saying).
- During all this I was told I had 'some orders' in process. I had not placed any orders. They told me I had 'done one click' on an email I'd been sent and placed an order for something. I had not. They did not believe me. I later checked my email and I hadn't even opened any of the sales emails from TalkTalk in recent months. They said they would cancel said 'order' (surely it can't even be legal for someone to make a legally binding action through one click on an email?).
- This led to a conversation about pricing. I had come off fixed term and was then paying a ridiculously high price each month. They offered me a better deal. I agreed to go ahead with this and start a new fixed term contract. When the time came around for this to have started, I checked my bill: I was now paying even more than before...
- I had three different conversations with them about this ranging from 1-2 hours long each. They denied that they had agreed a new fixed term contract with them with this price. One of the advisors even said that the 'one click order' had never been cancelled and concluded that what the person had agreed with me over the phone was just to continue with the 'one click order' that had apparently been on my account. This of course does not make sense since I was still on a rolling contract, although I did now have the faster fibre, just at an extortionate price...
- Instead of the refund for my overpayment, I was offered a 'goodwill gesture' of £10 that nowhere near matched what I was actually owed.
- They offered me a new contract that matched what had been agreed weeks before. In addition to the better price, I would be on a rolling contract rather than a fixed term contract. I asked the advisor to email me the offer this time since I could not trust the verbal offer after what had happened last time. He said he was unable to send emails, and eventually agreed that one of his colleagues would do this. I never received an email. When I called them again they knew nothing about the offer, and denied that it was possible.
- During all this I asked for copies of a couple of 2018 bills since in 'My Account', only the last 12 months-worth of bills are available. When they arrived they were 2019 bills and had a strange town included in the address field.
- They agreed the lower price, but with a fixed term contract. I explained I would go ahead but would take my complaint to the CEO since they were still not acknowledging that they owed me money and had failed to put in place the new contract that had been agreed, and had denied they had ever owed it to me. I was told that if I pursued my complaint then the 'goodwill gesture' would not be given to me.
- I told them I would switch to another company and asked them to escalate my complaint further. They said they would and that I would receive a phone call. I received 3 strange phone calls from an 0800 TalkTalk number at different times that literally rang my phone for half a ring and thus were impossible to pick up.
- In the meantime I arranged to switch to Vodafone on 17th Feb. Then Plusnet offered me a better service. I cancelled Vodafone and was told that Vodafone manage the communication with TalkTalk so I did not need to do anything.
- On 17th Feb my Internet connection stopped. When I called TalkTalk (strangely, I still had a phone line, and still do even writing this!) it became clear that my complaint was still open but that they were not interested in responding to it. I was passed from team to team and in over the space of 16 hours I spoke to 7 different people. In that time I was told lots of different things like 'maybe the openreach exchange is being upgraded', 'I can see your line is still active'. It wasn't until I spoke to a manager that I was told what had happened: they had disconnected my internet because they were told by another provider that I was moving to them on that date and said they were not aware that this had been cancelled. I was told there was nothing that can be done because the line is now disconnected and to have internet I would need to start a new contract with them (not a chance!).
- I did explain to them that because my Plusnet contract doesn't go live till March, they would otherwise have two weeks of extra custom from me, but, computer says 'no', of course. During the 96 minute conversation I looked up prices for buying extra data from my mobile phone provider and decided this was a far better solution in the interim anyway, since the silver lining is: I AM NOW FREE OF TALKTALK!
I hope I have been able to give you a sense of how crazy-making these experiences with TalkTalk have been. I felt beyond frustrated, and violated, since as far as I am concerned they have actually stolen from me, having gone back on what they agreed, and then denied all of this and not giving me full reimbursement for the resulting overpayment. To have to spend hours and hours getting anything resolved is just soul-destroying, especially when they have such a non-accountable attitude. I can't imagine any circumstances under which it would be worth getting involved with this company in any shape or form. I am writing this in the hope that I can prevent others from having the experience I did.

Update 25/02/20: I have received a bill for a Feb-Mar service even though the service is disconnected. The advisor I spoke to had a very passive-aggressive attitude, and he hung up on me.
35 reviews
66 helpful votes
September 17th, 2016
It's difficult to know where to start. For myself it was and is always about their customer service over the phone and in writing. I suppose it may be best summed up by this quip - "we don't lie, we just don't tell the truth he-he-he aint we clever". Their attitude is that the customer is even more stupid than they are, and as a consequence can say and do what they like, and the customer has to do what the hapless call centre staff likes as well. Awful. They have put me off from having another provider for a long time.

Not only the above but they will say anything to make a sale - in otherwords lie - claim that everything they do is covered by OFCOM and when challanged try to say well "we are a telecommunications company and OFCOM handle telecommunication companies" and when this is challenged by splitting different areas such as the ICO handles data protection not OFCOM, their reply 'is how do you know this?' - the question is why do they 'not' know this? BTW according to talktalk OFCOM also allows them to do a credit check - but they dont as I contacted OFCOM who were annoyed at myself, said they did not, and told me to contact the company.

There is also the small matter of 27 identical entries in a row on my account notes which when talktalk were asked they refused to supply an explanation, hiding behind rules that have already been fulfilled ie I have proved identification to be able to receive the account notes in the first place, therefor I have already provided identification to receive an explanation; but no this is where talktalk say they do not know who they are dealing with and that I need to supply the same identifying information even though we are continuing with the same topic and line of enquiry - but of course they are covered by OFCOM right?
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
August 30th, 2017
This really is a terrible story of a terrible company called Talk Talk, you may have heard of them? I went with Talk Talk some years ago. They are cheap and so am I, so they did me proud. Actually no they didn't!
The internet connection hardly ever worked and after an enormous amount of time on the phone trying to fix it I gave up because I was moving.
I contacted them early July to cancel my account and did so on one of their chat lines, and I'm relieved I kept a copy... wonderful l!. I moved, then got a Bill for I think around £60 ish, I queried it to be told the account wasn't closed! I asked to speak to a manager and they basically refused, but I did tell them that I had a copy of the chat when I had cancelled. Then over 6 weeks later, I got a Bill for £30 ish so paid it just to get rid of them. Guess what?! They sent me another Bill for £35 ish! I called them and was kept on the phone for in excess of 15 minutes not a free phone number either so hung up, Rang again today to ask about the Bill, well about an hour later I still don't know what the answer is except I know the account still hasn't been closed!
The moral of this story is you get what you pay for. With Talk Talk it's nothing short of fraud, they are unable to supply a good internet service and are unable to cancel a contract. Please take my advice and never consider their services... THEY ARE A JOKE!
1 review
1 helpful vote
March 24th, 2017
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 15th, 2014
Talk Talk are the worse company i have ever had the misfortune of using, constant phone calls demanding money when you've already payed, bills way over the price which seem to come every two weeks, constantly being cut off when you've paid, then the minute you pay, you get a phone call demanding money or they're are gonna cut you off again! Total thieves! Avoid and boycott this corrupt company!
2 reviews
5 helpful votes
December 15th, 2014
TalkTalk Group

Ms Dido Harding Chief Executive

Email *******@talktalkplc.com
Telephone *******000

Talk Talk have let us down again knowing there is a disabled person living here and that we need the landline, it's been cut loose in the exchange box again according to the execs team but they are not willing to go and fix it today? If it were Dido Hardings home the engineers would be out like a shot this company has let us down before without an apology or any form of goodwill gesture i've put Dido Hardings email up so that you can all inundate her when you have issues and if she changes it i will update you with a new one once again left to suffer keep spending millions sponsoring the likes of the X Factor and spend as little as possible on customers... time to move service providers
4 reviews
9 helpful votes
November 3rd, 2015
Couldn't give a zero otherwise I would have put a minus in front of that!

Where do you start with such an appalling company?
Maybe their lying and cheating? Or maybe their incompetence in the industry?

Well they claim to be cheap but that's just a smoke screen. The sting is in the tail when you want to leave.

I hear myself saying 'you get what you pay for' but Talk Talk go well beyond that by totally peeing off all good paying customers.

I'm one of many who will never return to the company even if they offered me their best top, top packages for free.

The trouble is, is that they are so arrogant and stuck so far up their own backsides that they don't even so the value in good paying customers and spend more time trying to rub customers up the wrong way.

I used to use them for business and personal telephone and broadband and they screwed both of them up.

Bills, well they don't provide you with a bill (unless you want to pay an extra £4.50 per month) you have to take your time to log on to an account of theirs to find a bill. What happened to the legal requirement of presenting a bill for payment? Talk Talk's own rules.

Quote you a 12 month contract but send paperwork to say your on a 18 month contract. You never get confirmation of your agreed 12 month contract in writing.

Customer service - simply NONE WHATS SO EVER! They don't understand what that is. Try explaining that the system they are looking at showing an 18 month contract is incorrect.

Call centre's not in the UK staff cannot even speak correctly let alone English.

Give yourself at least a hour for a simple request.

Give yourself 2 hours plus for something like a error on your bill or a problem with your service.

CEO's office, well just more incompetent bods (telemarketers) pretending to hold power.

We used to be ex-directory and never had any scam calls, Talk Talk told us that we needed to change our old good number to have their so called fast fibre.

Since then we got a minimum of 3 calls a day from India on the brand new number. Data protection non-existent.

Talk Talk stole money from our account by overcharging and won't return it. They say we would have to put in a refund request!

If they do claim to credit you they don't pay you back but instead put it into what they call a 'My Account' a customer account owned by them that you can rarely access. If you can access you still can't transfer your money to your own bank account. A refund request is required!

The list goes on and on but I'll save the rest for the legal system... you should not only AVOID this company but share this story with as many potential customers of Talk Talk.

Talk Talk is the last thing that they do, talking is not something they are competent in doing!
4 reviews
7 helpful votes
November 18th, 2013
The worst ISP I have ever encountered, they charge what they like then you have wait months for them to reimburse you, then they fairly recently upped their prices again, I have now left and gone with Plusnet that is saving me over £17 per month and better speeds.
1 review
3 helpful votes
October 29th, 2015
Today I left Talk Talk after a running battle with their customer service team.

I want to stress that my decision to leave is not related to the data breach although that indicates a level of incompetency that should automatically rule out ever using them as your ISP.

The reason why I left was down to incredibly poor customer service. The key points are highlighted below -

- Requested a house move with a deactivation date of the 26th and an activation date of the 28th at the new residence.
- The line was disconnected on the 20th (6 days early).
- From my call logs I can see that I spoke on a number of occasions to the 'technical team' to the tune of 2hrs 30mins with no explanation given as to why the line was deactivated early.
- The best they could come up with was 'turning off my router for 30min'. Something that they advised to do on three occasions.
- During one of the completely fruitless calls I hear children screaming in the background. First of two calls when this happened leaving me to believe that they have outsourced their tier 1 support to homebased Indian resources who are charged with being as helpful as a brain aneurysm.
- Upon deciding to just wait it out until the reactivation I received an email saying 'Sorry that you cancelled your activation' on the day before the activation.
- At the same time I received a text message stating that my activation was scheduled for tomorrow.
- Once again I spoke to the customer services team who had no idea why this happened but assured me that it would occur on the 28th.
- After taking a day off work an Open Reach engineer did indeed turn up and after 1.5hrs, he ran into a fault as the information given to him by Talk Talk was incorrect, he was satisfied that the line was connected and working fine.
- WHILST he was setting up the line Talk Talk call to inform me that I've missed my appointment so now need to set-up another time to get an engineer around. This was the first of two similar calls over the next 24 hours...
- When I try and test the connection I notice that my Routers default information has been lost in the move so I need authentication details for my account.
- Queue three hours of calls with Talk Talk customer services who told me that my account would not be 'activated' until midnight and that there was no way for them to activate it manually.
- Needless to say the next morning arrived and still no connection.
- Queue another call wanting to schedule another Open Reach appointment to set-up my already set-up line!
- Once again I speak to the team at Talk Talk and specifically ask them for the authentication details on my account. They are unable to provide this and can only direct me to My Account seemingly unaware that has been down for a week and as I write this review is still down.
- I end up speaking to the retention team who finally inform me that it looks like there's a fault on the line; even though the Open Reach engineer was adamant that it was working fine and they either needed to authenticate me or activate me on their systems.
- Next step is to get the engineer back out but they can't book this because the booking 'system' was down. That was the final straw...
- Contract cancelled and Talk Talk lose a customer who has been with them for over 2 years.

It is difficult to come up with words that explain the level of incompetency and at times rudeness of the customer services team. And when you finally get speaking to the retention team that sound like they're based in the UK they don't have the systems to do the job.

Bottom line do not use these guys. There are plenty of other providers out there who now do similar price deals so being the cheapest is no longer a differentiation point and trust me you really do not want to go through what I experienced.

Complete and utter shambles.
225 reviews
973 helpful votes
January 22nd, 2011
TalkTalk is the worst telecoms company that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They ended up being named by the British press as giving the worst customer service of any major company in the UK during 2010. (see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1346322/TalkTalk-wins-award-worst-customer-service-2010.html) I certainly agree. They have a multi tier call centre operation run out of South Africa where extremely rude and unhelpful staff do nothing to support customers. They advertise aggressively and sponsored the TV show 'The X Factor' in the UK but I've not met anyone who has had good service from them. Awful!
1 review
3 helpful votes
September 22nd, 2009
Your details will be recorded, without your knowledge, or consent, and you will subsequently be pestered with unsolicited sales calls.




IF this is an indication of the services provided, think its best give talktalk a very very wide birth.

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Absolutely not! It has been the worst customer service experience of my entire life.

By Pineapple S.

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