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Prince Development, LLC 10519 Pine Tree Terrace
Boynton Beach,, FL 33436, US
Tel: 866-774-6234

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1 review
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I ordered and paid for 1134 units on 4/10/18 and have not received a single unit. Andrew told me they shipped my product on October 3 via freight. I contacted the freight company and they have no record of said shipment. Now no one answers the phone at their customer service center (866) 774-6234, returns my emails or my voicemails. I am now forced to proceed with litigation. Order#SKY04102018

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
You state you ordered 1134 units which would be over $30k USD. Unfortunately we do not process orders over $2k online so we dont know who you purchased these from but it was not us. We recommend you notify your credit card company as they will surely be able to assist you in reversing this charge.

I do not understand why you would wait almost a year to look into the matter. We wish we could help you more but unfortunately this is beyond the order volume maximums we allow even for resellers.
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Princereigns is lying to their customers. It's just a matter of time before they are shut down and you lose your money. I have been waiting for months for my order to be fulfilled. I called their number 866-774-6234 all week and no one is ever there.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative

We wish we could help you but without any order info or name besides Haley S (none in our system) there is nothing we can do for you.

As a side note we will be celebrating our 25th Year in Business selling the Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum and will contrary to your belief, we will be around for many more years giving every one of our competitors a run for their money. We developed the Ingrown Hair Serum, Created the $142M Ingrown Hair Category and even Coined the phrase Ingrown Hair Serum.

Thanks for the feedback though and the opportunity to share our accolades.
1 review
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I ordered some product about 3-4 weeks ago. Never got a response or shipping confirmation. After reading other people reviews I have realized THIS SITE IS A SCAM. PERIOD. ORDER #2912


Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
Princereigns is manufactured by us, so if you see it on Amazon that too is us, as we have been manufacturing Princereigns for over 20 years. We are sorry you did not see the notice stating it was on backorder, also on the purchase page, and also on the checkout page but it would not be able to ship prior to the 3-4 weeks your speaking of. Everyone who could not wait received a refund also all those who placed an order and gave a REAL email address were sent emails keeping them abreast of the delay and their order. Unfortunately you did not. This of course is not a scam but instead a fault on your part.
1 review
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I am a huge fan of the prince reigns ingrown hair serum product and had previously ordered on Amazon but it is no longer available. Placed a $70 order plus $20 shipping on July 29th, 2018 with them directly through It is now September 12th and I have yet to receive the item or any update on it besides the email I received on July 29th when I placed it saying my order would be shipped within 1-2 business days.

I have tried calling and left 2 messages with this company and sent an email with no response. Also when you try to submit a form online it comes up some weird mail chimp subscription message as though you're trying to subscribe to their mailing list when you're actually being directed to submit your issues with that form.

HORRENDOUS customer service. There is NO excuse for this to be happening to so many people and I will be filing a claim with my credit card company.

Not good prince reigns. I see all the excuses you've been giving people in the comments below that have experienced this same situation and none of them are justifiable. Get your act together or take your website down if you cannot fulfill orders.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
We appreciate your responses although not 100% positive as most of the over 1-Million orders we have fulfilled successfully without issue since we started manufacturing the #1 Original Ingrown Hair Serum over 20 years ago are satisfied customers as evidenced by the fact that the 5 negative reviews are less then 4 weeks old. Unfortunately we stated on the website, on the purchase page, and on the invoice on the shopping cart that all orders placed would take a minimum of 3 weeks to be delivered. We wish we could of not have a backorder issue but due to the demand for the Princereigns Ingrown Hair Serum we do have significant issues keeping them in stock. Between clients signing up with spam emails in an effort to not get inn-undated with ads, and clients leaving phone messages with no return number nor order information for us to respond to it becomes an exercise in futility to respond within a proper timeframe. We have however made a few necessary changes due to the issues we encountered this past month. 1 IT Dept has added a filter to make sure the emails clients use to create an account have to be verified prior to creating an account. 2. Our customer service voicemails ask clients to leave an order number or phone number or else we will not be able to contact them. Hopefully with these new changes we can help alleviate the frustrations these 5 clients experienced.
1 review
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• Updated review

I placed my order at I received an email from stating "We will be shipping your order in 1-2 business days." I received a refund from Princereigns only after posting a negative review on this site. I don't like posting negative reviews but I couldn't get anyone at Princereigns to respond by email or phone and I was out $200.

“Never received product; no response from company.”
• Previous review

Same experience as Rose S. below. I placed an order and the company charged my credit card but I never received the product. I received a confirmation email but it did not contain a tracking number or a phone number for customer service. I went back to the website and realized there is no phone number posted anywhere. If you click on "Contact Us" you get an email inquiry form. I submitted an email five days ago. No response. I called the 855 number in Edouard's response below on this site. No matter which selection I picked -- even dial '0' for operator - call went to the same voicemail number. The sad thing is, this used to be a great product. The website on my credit card statement associated with the charge is not the website where I placed my order. Sketchy. Beware.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
Bryony purchased from an online reseller which we could not find as there was not much information provided by him. There is only so much we are capable of when clients try and purchase online on amazon or ebay. As a policy we do not recommend clients purchase from unauthorized retailers.
1 review
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We have ordered Prince Reigns for YEARS and sold it in our spa. I have previously called (I got the phone number off their website.) to place orders as well as placed them online. I've had fine experiences with both ways of ordering.

I have previously taken issue and discussed with them the cost of shipping. They charge $20 per case to ship despite the fact that they ALWAYS use flat rate boxes and according to the USPS the cost is much lower than $20. There is no break on shipping when ordering in bulk either. If I order 3 cases, shipping is $60. That is ridiculous. Alas, I have sucked it up and built it into the cost of the product when we are reselling.

MY REAL ISSUE RIGHT NOW IS THAT I ORDERED 20 DAYS AGO AND THE SITE SHOWS MY ORDER AS UNFULFILLED. They certainly took my money. I have tried to contact them and they have removed their phone number from their website. That's annoying, but I figured I'd just use the email contact option. When I went to submit my email to them, I keep getting a pop-up from mail chimp asking if I'd like to update my info and it will not send the email to anyone. Hmmm... odd. I thought maybe I'd get an actual phone number if I went to the "wholesale" tab. Nope, that web page isn't found.

At this point I feel like I have no choice but to file a fraud claim with my credit card company. Right after that, I will be filing a fraud claim with the Florida Attorney General's office. This is not how I like to conduct business. I always like to give the company an opportunity to get things right. I'm not someone that goes around leaving negative reviews typically. It seems as though Prince Reigns has left this as the only option to be heard. By removing all channels of contact with them directly, I am forced to take this to review sites.

Thank you for your speedy response! Although your response was quick, it was also infuriating. If the lead time is fourteen business days, then say that. It says lead time is 2 weeks. To me, that is two business weeks. Furthermore, if there isn't something fishy going on, why have you removed your phone number from your website, not have a working email link and not have a working wholesale web page? You said you wish I would have reached out. I tried. Your site wouldn't allow me to send you an email. Only the form popped up which wasn't functioning correctly at the time I tried to send an email. I searched through old invoices and found the phone number. I found it, but your company doesn't appear to either have any employees or maybe you just have stopped answering the phone. Every extension said I had reached the voice mail for 305-725-0285. It said nothing about reaching Prince Reigns.

Frankly, it doesn't matter how you conducted business in the past if this is how it's being done currently. When answering a review, I suggest trying a more humble approach. Patting yourself on the back for previously decent service is insulting.

I've included pics of the ONE spot where 2 weeks is mentioned.

A legit business is accessible.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
It seems everyone is having issues with the notice on the site stating the Ingrown Hair Serum is on backorder and will not be processed for at least 2 weeks. Remember 2 weeks = 14 business days not calendar says. We will have to make it not only more prominent on the site as well as the purchase page and as well as the invoice once purchasing. We assumed if it was on all those pages we would not have such issues. We apologize for the experience but glad you could confirm the great experience you've had for years as that is a PLUS. I will have the IT Dept make all CAPS so as to not continue having this confusion. We have gone ahead and refunded your account even though we have no emails of you requesting a refund as it seems even though you've purchased for years and had no issues outside of the cost of shipping you have not voiced a concern until this point. We wish you would have as we would of helped address those a long time ago.
1 review
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• Updated review

PrinceReigns finally sent me a refund for the product I ordered two months ago that I never received. It would serve them well to point out a "backordered" product via email correspondence after placing an order with them.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
We are sorry for the delayed experience Rose spoke of but we reminded her that all orders take 3 weeks minimum to fill from order, processing and fill. It is stated in the product description and on the order form itself at checkout on the website. Sometimes clients do not see this while purchasing.
Due to the high demand it is hard to shorten this time frame but we are making strides and should be closer to a 5-7 day turnaround shortly.
“Never received my order, no contact from company.”
• Previous review

I placed an order (and was billed for it) a month and a half ago, however I never received a shipping confirmation email and never received the product. I've contacted the company asking for a refund and haven't gotten a response from them. This is a scam company out there to steal your money, beware.

1 review
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You stated in response to Onika - the date was the production date...well not on my bottle. The date is weeks away. Plus as shown in pics the actual pill in acne tab says ASPIRIN on one side and A1 on the other. Ridiculous.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
Acne tabs do contain aspirin and it is stated clearly on the packaging. The packing never contained a packaged date, not now or ever. But if you truly did purchase anything from our company then you would know we have a 100% money back guarantee, whether it was purchased a week ago or a year ago. Thank you for sharing your comments as all comments good or bad help us produce a better product.
19 reviews
15 helpful votes

I am writing to say that overall I do not recommend princereigns. About a month ago from this review, I sent an email to the company & never received a response from them. (No it was not in Spam or the Promotions folder; I checked.)

I've used 1 of the company's products in the past & had a good experience. Thus I decided to place an order. Shipping for 1 item to my location is $5, but if I added a 2nd item to the cart, shipping immediately shot to $20. (The items I was ordering were 2 oz each, Premium Serum & Acne Tabs, according to the bottles themselves. You be the judge.)

After I received the products, I noticed I didn't see any expiration dates. I called their 866 number & inquired about that. I was told the Premium Serum has no expiration date because it is organic. Seriously?? The last time I checked organic materials expired. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also, it doesn't EVEN say where it is MADE. In contrast, the bottle of Prince Reigns serum I bought years ago has a Production Date, expiration date & it says it's made in the USA. It is the original version, though.

The only ingredient in the acne tabs seems to be aspirin (325mg). Do yourself a favor & go to your local drugstore. The date on it is 12/14. I really hope I was not sold expired aspirin! (Aspirin from the drugstore has an expiration date, by the way; everybody knows that.) The allergy alert does not seem complete either.

To make matters worse, the gentleman who answered the phone for customer support was very curt & abrupt. I could not be confident about what he was telling me or the company. He was not trying to be particularly helpful to me also.

I said above that I had emailed Princereigns. Well I wanted to find out the ingredient list for several of the company's products. The ingredient list was not on the web site & still is not on the web site at the time of this review.

EDIT: Representative says I'm from the Caribbean. Do not make it out like I am from Jamaica or the Bahamas or that I am being deceitful, WHEN THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE. Where I live is still the United States. It is domestic. It was shipped via USPS. I have yet to see 4 oz, maybe 8 oz including the box/etc cost $20. There was no signature confirmation, insurance or anything else of the sort on the package! It was less than 1 lb! If one is not careful, even the USPS clerks who are not knowledgeable enough say we are international, WHEN IT IS NOT TRUE.

Being in the beautiful continental US, a USPS clerk once said a box costs $85 to ship when it only cost $20 because she didn't know her geography & put it in the system improperly. Shipping to any US territory right off the coast of Florida IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

I will make this clear since I did not seem to make it clear before: This review is to also state that I will not buy from Princereigns again. There are other things to use to target the issue at the source (hormonal imbalance) versus merely dealing with the symptoms. There should be transparency, & there is very little or next to none in the web site at the current time. It's pretty but that's about it.

Response from edouard j., PRINCEREIGNS Representative
Mrs. Onika Thomas,

I would like to address your issues with Princereigns if I may.

1st lets make it clear your issues are not with the products themselves as you state you used them in the past and loved them enough to buy more.

The issues if I am correct stem from the cost of shipping, and the absence of an expiration date.

let me address the shipping first as you failed to note that you are in the Caribbean and not in the continental United States. So therefore the shipping costs are increased for things such as customs and travel which we have no control over so it will be inherently more then most peoples orders who purchase in America.

The production date used to be on our bottles and we have since fazed that out several years ago as it was not mandated by any govt agency but was instead used for our internal use which we no longer needed.

As far as organic materials go there does not need to be an expiration date on organic materials unless its for consumption and since none of our skincare products are made to be ingested we again felt no need to add an expiration date.

With regards to the acne tabs, there is aspirin in it and being such it is added on the side of the bottle for those with aspirin allergies, but again it is not meant to be ingested. As for the 12/14 date that is the production date.

I hope the above cleared up the misconceptions you may have had and I've gone ahead and refunded your order not only for the products but also the shipping and handling as we strive for 110% customer satisfaction.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to call us directly at 866-774-6234 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have and as always we have a dermatologist and esthetician on staff to answer any skincare related questions specifically to the issues you may have.

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