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1 review
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I just wanted to comment on the reason why I cancelled my weekly subscription box from Plated. I was a brand new customer, very excited to try their products, so I opened an account and set up a weekly delivery and made meal plans for several future weeks. I was so excited to receive my first order...and then it didn't come. I contacted customer service and they apologized and refunded me. I was told that everything was straightened out and I would definitely receive a box the very next week.

A few days later I received an email from Plated saying "Yay! we're going to ship your order!" So I shopped light at the grocery store, confident that Plated would send me a box...and then it didn't come. Again. (I had nothing planned for dinner for the next 3 days and had to go out and buy more groceries after working a 12-hr shift.) Anyways, I contacted customer service and received a refund to my bank account. But really? Two weeks in a row? Did they not want my business? Why would they not make certain that the order was shipped given the failure of the previous week? There was no explanation either time for the missed shipment. I was told they didn't know why it wasn't sent out. They did not offer a coupon or any type of customer recovery. When I told the customer service rep that I felt that I should cancel my account they said "I understand, sorry to see you go". That was it. So I cancelled my service. It's been a very disappointing experience, and I would not recommend their service to anyone else.

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Received an email with a supposed discount to reactivate my account. To get to the price you have to go through the order process, I was curious so I did. Price was $22 something for two meals, no great deal. So I cancelled my membership. That was November 23(that was the date I was told). Then yesterday my bank account was charged by Plated on December 2nd. I sent 3 emails and called first thing on Monday. I was told oh I am sorry, I can't refund your money because the order in in route. I said no it needs to be refunded because I did not order this. The employee from Plated would only say she would credit me for a future meal. I explained to her this was not ordered, we have just moved and I don't even have a working cook stove!!!
Don't let your curiosity take over from an email because this business is dishonest! I will be filing this as fraudulent charges with my bank and blocking this company from ever accessing my account.
I posted this on their Facebook site and they pulled it. Apparently they don't want true reviews unless they are good.

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Well I should know better. We like prepared meals - cooking them together, etc. So we tried Plated. The food was good - instructions clear, etc. BUT we only wanted to try it one week. You guessed it, this shady company buried in its terms and conditions (which of course NO ONE reads) that I was signing up for a weekly subscription. When I saw the email that my SECOND order (which of course I did not order) was to arrive today, I contacted Plated via chat and was informed by the customer service rep that nothing could be done. SO I had her cancel my account - I have not doubt that she has had to do this frequently. I told her she should carry the message to her mgmt that just because all the fool prep companies do this, does not make it right and that this will ultimately hurt their business It is very sad that businesses resort to these kinds of unethical deceiving types of practices. At Export Solutions we do not do this kind of thing - and we have prospered. In fact Tom and I know that God has blessed us because we make a sincere effort to be ethical and honest. Unfortunately the owners of Plated do not feel that way. I have asked for a member of their management team to call me, but I will be shocked if I get a call.

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No Customer Service!

For three weeks in a row the delivery was "lost" by the carrier. I reached out to them every time and "they would look into it" - Yesterday's box was on the truck and out for delivery and it was "lost" - sounds like someone is enjoying the food and when I called yet again for the third time all I got was "I'm so sorry that happened to you again." Unbelievable!!

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I was very disappointed with the quality of the plated food. We had almost one item that was bad with each meal. Moldy sweet potatoes, moldy bread, slimy/old spinach, salads and herbs. They offered small credits but it didnt help because I cancelled service after a month of weekly service. One of our boxes was crushed upon delivery too. Ill include some pictures below. We previously used Hello Fresh and will be going back to them. The only reason we switch to Plated was because my mother wanted us to try it. I would not suggest Plated to anyone.

4 reviews
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I have tried Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon, Sun Basket, Dinnerly, and Green Chef and ALL of them, even Marley Spoon and Dinnerly, who delivered spoiled food two days after the reported delivery date, managed to find my house. Every single service besides Plated. Plated has miss-delivered my boxes twice. Yup, only twice. The problem is...I've only ordered from them twice. So, they are sitting at a 100% failure rate. I have spent countless hours on the phone with customer service who offers up lots of "oh no's" and "oh wow, I'm so sorry's" and "well that's strange, we've never had that happen before's" well, you have had that happen before... I called last week too, remember?? I am so beyond frustrated with this company. How is it failing so badly at something so basic that event the crappy companies are getting right? Maybe use a reputable delivery service like the rest of them do instead of GSO which I've decided stands for "Gosh-Sh*t-Oops we messed up another delivery".

Tip for consumers: Just don't do it. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration. They wont deliver on their promises, literally...and it's just not worth it. If you have a problem they wont refund you, instead they'll offer a credit. A credit for a terrible non existent service is like having them spit in your face.

1 review
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Extreme caution is advised when using Plated. We were given a gift certificate for an undetermined amount of deliveries. When gift amount was completed, we were not contacted. Plated continued to deliver, not divulging that gift amount had been used. This resulted in charges close to $300 on our credit card unbeknownst to us. On trying to cancel Plated - deliveries continued - tried to return $75 of food - it was refused and now sits rotting at the UPS shop at a cost to us of $35. To stop deliveries we had to cancel credit card. Plated did not need our credit card, but insisted on having it on file to activate gift. The practice smacks of fraud. We suspect its a common scam used to deceive unsuspecting seniors, as they would, like us, be the primary gift recipients.

18 reviews
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The first recipe from my first box was AWFUL. I was so disappointed. Lots of money for low-quality ingredients. The photos on their website are pretty and appetizing, but don't fall for it. You can do so much better on your own. I asked for a refund and was refused. Cancelled my subscription before they could take more of my money and send more of this crappy food.

1 review
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I wanted to get something different for my parents that live out of town. After researching three different companies, I decided to go with Plated.

Here is a timeline of events:
1) Just before Christmas 2017, I placed an order for a gift card for two meals each for two people. When I was placing the order through the website, I received a message stating that the recipient would receive an email immediately when I completed the order. The email wasn't delivered.

2) I had to call after Christmas to have the email (gift card) sent. A cheerful and polite person answered and took care of the situation.

3) When my parents went to select the meals they wanted to try, they were required to provide a credit card number even though this was just a gift (to try out the service).

4) I ended up placing the order since I had to set up an account just to purchase the gift card. My parents made their selections and sent me an email on a Saturday.

5) The very next day, Sunday, I tried to place their order but all of the menu options had changed.

6) I called Plated to find out what was going on. I was on the phone with a customer serve person for almost 35 minutes explaining that they change the menus at midnight on Saturday, which is not very clearly communicated on the website.

7) Then I had to contact my parents to have them make all new selections.

8) When I went to place the order again, an item was sold out, which required me to contact my parents again to make another selection. Keep in mind, they shouldn't have to be bothered like this just to use a gift card.

9) I called customer service again, to share my frustration with the whole experience. I was on the call for over 53 minutes. During the conversation, I was asked if I would like my account to be canceled once the food was delivered so that I would not continue to be charged! Why would I continue be charged for meals that I am not ordering? I only purchased a gift card.

10) Finally, an acceptable solution. I was given an additional credit which allowed for one additional meal for each of my parents plus a desert. This was a nice gesture and good customer service.

11) On the delivery day for the meals, the roads were icy and the food was not delivered. I received an email (not a phone call) that a full credit would be applied to my account and the food can only be guaranteed fresh until midnight of the delivery day so the delivery driver was instructed to discard the delivery.

12) I called once again. This time it was to request a full credit back to my credit card. Unfortunately, my parents never received their Christmas gift, and will never have the chance to try any meals from Plated.

The whole experience, as you can tell from the timeline, was just not a good one. Hopefully, Plated will review the phone conversations and read customer reviews to learn how they can improve their customer service and customer experience. As for the actual food itself, I am unable to provide any review.

Maybe others will have better experiences.

Tip for consumers: I would like to think Plated has fun-to-prepare and good-tasting meals. Everybody has different experiences in every situation in life. Although Plated did make some effort to verbally clarify as well as correct my situation, overall it was a very disappointing purchase.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I agree with the many complaints regarding the scam requiring credit card information in order to redeem a gift card.
I am also concerned with the many complaints regarding spoiled food being delivered.

It is amazing to me that the Plated company does not address these complaints on these review forums.

In these days of intense competition in the food service arena and Amazon's ability to have amazing delivery and customer service skills, one wonders how a company like Plated will survive!

Do NOT recommend to use Plated Gift Cards or food service.

1 review
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My well intentioned children purchased a subscription to this SCAM service as a GIFT. Before I could access my GIFT, I had to provide MY credit card info to obtain items already PAID for by my children. The SNARKY attitude of representatives conveys a "We got your Money, So TOUGH" suck it up OR sue us" attitude...Guess what? I'm going to SPEND the money and go after these CREEPS!!!!

3 reviews
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I received my order at 8:45 pm last night. We live in FL, the ice was melted and food luke warm. I am afraid to eat the chicken and received 2 chicken meals! Contact their "chat" and they were too busy to deal with the issue. Contacted them via email, no response.

1 review
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Plated, like other meal kit plans, require you to provide a credit card number before you can look at the meal plans. I never chose or authorized meals to be sent to me & when I received the email stating I was receiving meals, I called customer service & they told me I received emails confirming my order & the meals that were chosen by me. No time did I receive an email from them until the one that stated I was receiving the meals & there was no way I could cancel or get a refund! I'm getting meals I don't even like & being charged for it! Stay away from these meal kit plans if they require credit card information before you even begin!

1 review
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The food was spoiled by the time it reached my apartment. I would highly recommend not ordering here!

1 review
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We subscribed to Plated for about 3 months, and loved the food. However, of the 12 deliveries, only 2 came during the 8 am-8 pm window. We had deliveries that didn't come at all, some that came in the middle of the night, and some that came a day late. Most came around 10 pm, way too late to use for dinner that day. And none of the delays were due to storms or issues outside of Plated's control. We live in the Boston metro area, so it's not as if we're far from a transportation hub, either.

They gave us a few credits in response to complaints, but were never able to sort out the delivery, so we ended up cancelling.

So, zero stars for delivery and the convenience the promise. You can get good food elsewhere without the hassle.

1 review
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The first meal delivery I received was good nothing wrong with it however the next delivery the mushrooms looked old and got some extremely rotten black beans. It takes a long time for those to smell as they did. I chatted with a customer service person and they said I was too late to make any claim of problems with food. I then cancelled the service with one more delivery coming. That delivery had a rotten onion and rotten peas. I am not talking mildly rotten. The peas were partially brown and stunk and the onion had a brown core. I fought diligently to get some kind of credit but they kept telling me I must notice all problems upon delivery ha. At any rate I will not be going back!

1 review
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The customer service is horrible, and there has been something wrong with 5 of my past 6 recipes.

1. I did not receive a box due to shipping facility issues. I asked for a refund and customer service did not make it easy, claiming I was lying about not receiving the box, and never refunded me the shipping amount.
2-3. I received a moldy jalepeno that was inedible, and bokchoy with brown slimy leaves
4. I received a bag of arugula with a large live bug in it
5. I received a taco recipe with 1 less tortilla then was supposed to be in the box.

I am not normally a complainer, but after the unhelpful customer service experience, and the inedible food I have paid for without getting a refund I felt the need to make this public.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I was a member of Plated for a few months and liked the meals. The ingredients were fresh and the recipes were things I would normally not make. It usually took longer to prepare than they claimed. I cancelled the service because their random delivery service was horrible. They hire some random people who deliver the boxes from the back of old beat up vans. I seldom received my delivery when it was supposed to be delivered. Sometimes it was delivered after 11pm or the next day which meant the meat would be spoiled. I had it delivered to the back door of my house once which was weird that they were walking around my house after dark. Mostly they claimed that it was delivered but I never received it or the tracking number was bogus and could not be tracked. It was not worth the agrevation so I gave up.

1 review
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The meals aren't large enough to use for our main meal without adding side dishes. I can shop and buy food for two for an entire week by watching local sales for the price of three dinners in the box. Very dissatisfied.

1 review
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I received a gift card for $120 for what was meant as a lovely and generous gesture. It was a nightmare to use.

To begin with, to start the process, you have to enter your credit card - not a good sign. They really grab you, and want you to start a subscription with them.

My first order was for 2 meals for two persons - it was entered as a "promo" for $30, instead of $54 - not bad! It immediately went on my credit card. Note....there was no way to enter a gift card code. I called and said that I wanted it on my gift card! The customer service rep corrected this, and put a refund for $30. on my credit card.

My order arrived, and I prepared the meals. I am a very experienced cook, and the meals took much longer to prepare than advertised. They were of good quality, but small in amounts. I made some side dishes to accompany the entrees. We are not big eaters.

I skipped a few weeks, and then ordered two more meals, at a cost of $54. I then checked my balance, and found that I had $12. remaining. According to my math, I should have had a balance of $36. When I called the company, they said that I did not qualify for the original $30 promotion, since I had switched from credit card to gift card ?!!

I felt like I was talking to someone from another planet! I told her that they were. crooks, and to cancel my subscription.

I have since tried to e-mail the company to obtain more satisfaction, and my e-mail will not go through, since "My account is cancelled"!

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, the company would NOT refund the balance of $12. that is remaining on my account when I cancelled!

1 review
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Poor working conditions along with horrible supervision of food quality and handling. Workers do as they please touch whatever they use and Do not change gloves, serve expired food but only plated will know,not the customers.supervisors sleeping with workers,pest problems along with paint chipped walls with lead .items always missing from food or not weighted's a very unprofessional place to have your food coming from.just my opinion.

2 reviews
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Our daughter gave us a gift card and we cannot seem to redeem it. It seems we have to agree to a weekly meal plan to try the gift card. Also, the web app is not fully supported on Firefox. It has been a very frustrating experience to say the least.

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