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Manassas, VA 20109, US
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Friday February 8th at 4 pm I dropped off my 2016 Jeep Cherokee for a simple wheel alignment and rotation. I wanted this because I had spent $800 a year ago on new tires for this car from pep boys and just wanted the suggested maintenance done to them.They said the car would be ready by Saturday but i was going out of town so I told them I'd be picking it up Sunday morning. Sunday February 10th I walked into the pep boys to get my car after nobody returned my call on the phone asking about my car. When I got there they said they forgot to do the service on my car and that it would be done in 30 minutes and its was 1:30 pm at the time. I was pretty mad at this point considering having to wait when i left it for 2 days ago so I decided to watch them do everything just to make sure nothing weird was going on. Soon after my car was driven onto a lift and then was left there to sit for 10 mins. My car was then taken off the lift after not being raised up or anything done to it at all. Knowing that its not uncommon to get scammed at car places I checked the tread on the tires prior to leaving the car. The service was awful and a little shady so I checked my tires to see if they had been rotated and they hadn't been. I told the guy as he was trying to ring me up and he then froze up and told me they had forgot. Knowing that he was lying I started to question if they had aligned the tires even so I told the guy I thought they were lying because they never lifted the car off the ground or even put the alignment panels on the wheels at all. They claimed they did it but told me they would redo everything and credit me for everything. Keep in mind they were straight up lying to my face because i watched them do everything in the waiting room which has a viewing window. This was an obvious scam being run. They are acting like they are doing rotations and alignments but aren't doing anything at all. I spend at total of 3 hours today at pep boys when I was only supposed to be there for 2 mins. This cost me time making money and who knows how many people have been scammed because I just got lucky and caught it. This is very unlawful and if needed I will get an attorney involved. Hopefully you decide to fire these employees for their lying to customers and scamming them. The ratings for this place online are already awful enough just go investigate yourself. Just try and bring your car to this place and you'll see what I mean.

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So this has to be broken down into parts so that I can be as clear as possible in warning other people who might find themselves in a similar situation that I was in.

To set things up, my check engine light came on and my vehicle started a slight shudder which got progressively worse as I searched for a mechanic to run a diagnostic under the hood. This was on a Saturday at about 3 o'clock. Pep Boys was the only place who still had techs on hand to do what I needed; this is about the only good thing I can say from this entire experience. It was all downhill from there.

They stated it could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours to figure out the problem so they told me I could wait or they would call me a lift. I opted for the ride as I stated earlier this visit was born out of desperation not any sense of trust or faith. I saw what they did to my dad when he got his inspection done two years back and $2,000 later. And that says nothing compared to the poor woman who had been in the waiting area at the same time as us back then, crying on her phone to someone who had to pick her up

I got back to my house and it was at this point my wife and I started playing the waiting game. Waiting for some kind of news as to how the coming week would play out with our commute to our jobs. Many of you will probably be able to relate to that sense of dread as you have only one car between you. Even if you have two it is still a drastic upset to the routine as you now have to alter your time to carpool. Well our news came about three hours later to the tune of $1,200. One ignition coil and gasket, plus all six spark plugs needed to be replaced they told me. When asked for a breakdown they informed me that the single coil would be upwards of $145 plus another $29 for the gasket alone. Lord knows what they thought 6 spark plugs should cost.

Now that I knew what they thought the problem was, I can say I made these exact repairs not two years previous. It's an easy to moderate job even for a DIY'er like me. And the parts can be found online (all six coils and plugs) for less than a hundred. So of course my question is where did they get the other $1,100 from? Nice try Pep boys. Think about how many people they do this to and you start to get the idea how they became a billion dollar company as of the late 90's.

I have since ordered the parts myself and paid those crooks their $95 for just a heap of bad news, in every sense of the word. Might take me three or four hours but it will be so much more worth it than being unable to feed my family. "The work needs to be done," was all they kept saying without an ounce of a conscience, as if I was holding out on them with their protection money'. How do they expect people to pay this when they simply do not have it? Why apply for their credit card of course so they can charge you even more in interest. I have a better idea now what that poor woman must have been going through. Now even if the parts I ordered don't last quite as long as their solid gold spark plugs there is no way it's worth 12x what I picked them up for.

Now if your vehicle is under warrantee, great! But otherwise save yourselves the trouble and find a small outfit where you can actually get to know the owner and the mechanic's. Use the routine oil change/tire rotations as the opportunities to find one. It will allow you to make the most educated decisions when it comes to the care of your vehicle. They offer guarantees just like the big guys but they have to look you in the eye when they deal with you. You don't know how many people are taking advantage of you when it comes to a large outfit like Pep Boys. And we never will. Don't be a piece of their profits, enough said.

Tip for consumers: Avoid this company at all costs. Online or on site.

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My son visited the Pepboys located at 6333 Marlboro Pike
Forestville, MD 20747, on Saturday, November 17, 2018 to obtain some mechanical work/repair to his vehicle. He took his vehicle in at 8:30am in the morning for an alternator replacement. The vehicle was not available for pickup until 6:30pm. The average Nissan Altima, alternator replacement is 2 hours. They kept my sons car for 9 hours, absorbed! My son drove to work with was only about 16 miles from the Pepboys where he received service for his vehicle. When he got off work (12: 30 am November 18, 2018) he drove back home which is about 1 mile from Pepboys. He never made it home. His vehicle started to operate the same as when he bought the vehicle to Pepboys for service/repair. For safety reasons he pulled his vehicle over into Forestville Mall, which is 1 mile from Pepboys, his vehicle shut off. He looked under the hood and notice that both his battery cables were loose on their post, both caps (low and high) for the air conditioning was removed. He called for a tow truck. He had to get a jump start in order to get his vehicle on the tow truck and he had to get a jump start to get his vehicle off the tow truck. He towed the vehicle to Pepboys, where the repairs were done. Please note it was 1:00am Sunday, November 18, 2018 when he had the vehicle towed. He was the second person in line once Pepboys doors opened on Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 9:00am. The person in front of him only needed a battery changed. 3:00pm came around and he has not heard back from Pepboys, so called them. He was told that they have not had a chance to look at his vehicle and they may not be able to get to his vehicle until Monday, November 19, 2018. This was because they had other Service Tickets that was before him. (Shouldn't a returned vehicle that just had repairs performed on the vehicle take president over those who came in after him. Or even if they were left over from the prior day, my son has already waited 15 hours to get an alternator replacement. I thought that was very unprofessional, bad busy practice and total absurd. It has now taken 15 hours to replace an alternator in a 2002 Nissan Altima. I went up to the Pepboys, when I arrived my sons car was being test driven by an employee of Pepboys. I walked into the Pepboys Service/Repair side and no one was at the Service Counter. I walked around back and saw 5 mechanics standing around one vehicle with their hands in their pockets. I said, WOW it takes 5 mechanics to work on one car where there is other vehicles that need service work. So I asked where is the Manager? One of the mechanics walked off the other 4 stayed. One of the mechanics told me he didn't know who the manager was (this employee name is Jaheed (spelling could be incorrect). The Caucasian mechanic told me he is over there pointing towards where my sons mother was standing in the parking lot, where the unknown employee was just returning with test driving my sons vehicle. The unknown employee that was test driving my sons vehicle identified himself as being the Manager. I asked him NUMEROUS of times what was his name. He refused to answer me. He told me in his own words and I quote, "This is District Heights, MD and I don't feel comfortable with giving you my name, in fear of my life that you might come back and do something to me". I was appalled and shocked out of my mind when he told me that. For him accusing me, a customer of coming back later to do some type of bodily harm to him based on the City and State he works in. So I then asked him will my sons car be fixed today and why is he being told that the car can't get fixed until Monday, November 18, 2018. He said that it was fixed and then got upset I was questioning him about why my son was told that his car was not going to be looked at, repaired until Monday, November 19, 2018. He went on telling me that he was the only one at the service desk and none of the other mechanics conveyed to him that the car was fixed. A this pint he was yelling and screaming at me as he walked away and at the same time Tiara, who identified herself as the manager on duty. So she gave me this unidentified employees name, MARCUS!. Marcus started to get so irate, acting unprofessional by yelling and screaming at me and my sons mother, to the point he got all the other mechanics riled up and they started yelling and screaming at me and my sons mother. So I become threated by all of them as they were walking towards me and my sons mother. When mentioned to Tiara that, that is very unprofessional and uncalled for. She totaled agreed. She also gave me the employee name that didn't now the managers name, which this employee name was Jaheed. Tiara started to justify that Marcus is stress out because he is the only one at the service desk, he has to handle all of the customers that's coming in. OK isn't that his Job working the service desk.

There is an abundance of training that needs to take place.

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Charging $70 for $3 part is criminal! And they'll rip you off if your a man or a woman. They have NO shame.

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I hope there are NO MORE victims like me to this store. NEGATIVE STARS

Pepboys the car shop treat your car like trash and *STEAL YOUR CAR, and they never apologize for their wrong, I have PROOF and FACTS

i usually don't comment, but this is Serious. NAMES AND DETAILS ARE INCLUDED

My volkswagen CC 2012 is still taken by them at this very moment.

Lost every dollar value right now of the car ~$8000 for their wrong doing.

To start with, pepboys deserve NEGATIVE stars. Because the STORE MANAGER CHRIS tow my car WITHOUT my permission to a IMPOUND car lot when I'm JUST A CUSTOMER to the store while I was making a decision to spend ~$7800 for them to fix my car engine.

Plus, they ask me to pay South Main Auto Storage $230 fee from MY OWN POCKET to get my car back. When MANAGER CHRIS IS the one who take away my car my property from their store

I'm extremely angry, disappointed and frustrated after my recent experience with the Southwest fwy store.

First of all, I'm a regular customer since 9/2017, visiting the store every few months for my car repair/tire, including

2 tires : ~$500
Fuel pump + 1 tire : ~$1800
1 tire: ~$200
Diagnosis of the car: total ~ 300

I was a happy customer because of JB, Diego and Erick the mechanic. They provide the best customer service. Until recently my volkswagen CC 2012 Lux s engine acting weird, I pay the diagnostic to check my car. Its the fuel pump.

Then i still drive the car for a week or 2 till one night I decide to drop my car in the store because my car engine failed. I pay the diagnostic to check the car again to see what issue. They give me the bad news. It turns out I need to replace the engine ( a lot of money). But they dont know the price yet. I was devastated and tell them I will need to find out my options. 2 weeks later, I decide to ask pepboys to check how much is the engine price total.

The person say that they can provide the price the next day. I heard nothing from them, I waited until the end of the week. They left me a voicemail about the price(7800)

I came in that saturday talk to the people in the store, I told them I need to come up with a plan of $7800 to fix something

Less than a week later, I discover this Crooked Manager CHRIS send someone to TOW MY CAR MY PROPERTY TO IMPOUND LOT

A car shop you expect them to take care of your car for the money you going to pay them. That's how they treat the customer.
That's Bull$#*!!

What's more bull$#*!? They expect you to waste your own time and $230 to get the car out of there.

It's a long review, I lost my car to learn that PEPBOYS is the worst car repair shop.

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I get everything I need for my car here, they have everything that I could possibly need and the prices ain't so bad.

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Pepboys once the go to franchise for your automotive needs, has become very poor, in-store and on-line price don't match. Online posted price in not honored. Would not recommend pepboys for your automotive needs.

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This is second time in my life I ever write the type of review you about to read....
This time I just could not wait to share my opinion about the PepBoys service center in Woodland Hills. I brought my 1999 Corolla there at 9AM to replace the thermostat. Only to find out around 2PM (because I called them) that they can't do it because one of the bolts is stripped. They told me they tried to get a hold of me but I was not answering.. because they called my son's phone number instead. Anyway they told me they did not touch anything else because of the bolt (mechanic was present when I was picking up the car "with hand on the bible" he said nothing else was touched). I went to Autozone in Canoga Park to by some tools to do the job myself. On the way back my car overheated with steam coming out from under the hood. Long story short they did touch other things and broke the radiator right on the top. On my way home after adding water I was passing by Pepboys again and stopped there to discuss this... They said it was fragile and they did break it, but said it is not their fault. And I agreed again that maybe it was fragile.
BUT they knowingly have let me drive off their lot with the car they broke which was not drivable. Manager of this shop Richard Esparza was very rude and he clearly did not appreciate me making those problems. Well I don't like him as well... he refused to help with anything at all even with adding more water to the radiator so I can get home. Instead he told me if I think I can get a new radiator from this it is not happening. Next day I purchased a new radiator and thermostat from Autozone and replaced both parts myself within 2 hours. Total parts cost was $135.(new radiator and thermostat). Pepboys wanted to charge me $160 at discounted rate for the radiator (part only) as an "I am sorry deal". Which I definitely refused.
My problem is the big cover-up and "we can't do anything wrong" attitude at this location. When I mentioned to them that 4 years ago same location was doing tire rotation on my son's Acura and 1 day later they towed his car from 101 Freeway because on the way to college, his front wheels almost came off due to them not tightening the wheel nuts (this could have be a tragedy). Yes they fixed everything back then.
Anyway when I brought it up, this time they told me they have completely new team including managers so nothing like this can happen and this is completely different shop noooo.. HAHAHAH
I never had issues with PepBoys as a parts store but they are definitely not suppose to be a repair shop.
With incident they lost me not only as a customer for the auto repairs but also as the customer for their parts.
It was a bit long but I hope informative enough for you to know what you are signing for when deciding to take your car for service there.
BUT yes they are conveniently located....

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My son took my car in for an oil change. Twenty minutes after he left the store he called me and said it was running a good bit warmer than normal. When it cooled off enough that we could check it, any water that we put in it ran straight through and out the bottom right at to the oil pan. My son called this morning to tell them about it and they told him that they didn't touch the cooling and that it would be a charge to check it. When I called I tried to explain to the assistant service manager, James, that less then twenty minutes after leaving his care a car that was fine will now no longer hold water. His response was, "I don't understand why your making this such a big deal." The care will not hold water and is leaking less than six inches from the oil pan, where they worked. So one of two things: either they damaged the car and sent it out knowingly or they still knowingly sent out the car with a water leak because of the leaks location. That is a big deal. We are having it towed back now just to see if PepBoys is going to make it right or not. But for the moment, I'm giving one star because I can't go any lower.

Update: I was contacted by customer care after leaving a review and told that I would be contacted by upper management. That never happened. When they reached out again I was told that it would be escalated to regional and I would be contacted with 48 hours. That never happened. I can only determine from this that Pep Boys does not stand behind any issue they create or have any concern for their customers property or well being. Thank God it wasn't brakes! I will never trust them again.

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On July 7th, 2018 I dropped my car off at Pep Boys (Druid Hills Location) for them to run a test on my car to figure out what was wrong with my air conditioning. They called me back July 8th, and told me I needed a new compressor (they said it would be about $200), a power steering flush,a radiator flush, and a brake flush. They said all together, it was going to be $1,300. I asked them if there was any way they could go down on the price because I said that seemed high, and Marcus said they would be happy to give me a 20% discount. They said they had the parts they needed in the shop, and that my car would be ready tomorrow (July 10th).

I called the next day, and they said the compressor was not in yet, and were waiting on it to be delivered, and that should have my car ready by the end of the day. I called at the end of the day, my car was not yet ready. I called the next day, and the next day, for six more days, and they continued to tell me the same thing. They finally called me on 7-13-18 and let me know my car was ready. I went to get my car, and the manager (Raul Alsaadi) said it was going to be $1,900. I was floored by the price, and told him this was not the price I was quoted. I told him that Marcus Barker had quoted me, with the 20% off, at $1,090. He said he could not get it down that low, but if I wanted to pull up a 20% coupon ONLINE, that he could use that on the entire bill.

I felt played and lied to by Marcus that the coupon I was getting was an online deal that any customer can google and find. I thought that because I was bringing almost $2,000 worth of business to Pep boys, that they were going to give me a discount because I am a student and do not make very much money. The price I ended up paying, after not wanting to deal with dishonest pep boys employees anymore, was $1,441.71. When, I had initially been quoted $1,300. Marcus also told me that there would be no tax- which did not sound right, but when I went to pay, there was tax added to the bill. Over all, the communication and lies were difficult to deal with, and made me very upset that I had chosen Pep boys to fix my air.

On the way home from pep boys, my air worked for about 15 minutes, and it quit again. I had to travel out of town and drive four hours to Tennessee the very next day, and had no time, money, or energy, to take my car back to pep boys. I called them and told them that my air was not working, AGAIN, and that I paid almost $1500, and my air still did not work. He said I could bring it back in and they would take a look at it for me. I took my car back in into Pep Boys on August 8th after returning from being out of town, and Raul went outside to look at my car, and he walked back in and said I needed a new compressor.
My jaw dropped and I was floored. I had just left my car at Pep boys for a week a few weeks before, and spent $1,441 on a new compressor and labor of putting in that new compressor, and now they are telling me the exact same thing is wrong with my car.
I voiced this and how confused I was that the new compressor they supposedly put into my car already did not work, and Raul said they do not get new parts sent to them, and that sometimes the parts they get are faulty. I was floored by this comment as well. Why am I paying almost $500 for a part that is NOT NEW and does not work when it is installed into my car? I left my car there that night, and he said it would be ready the next day.

I called an Uber to pick me up from Pep Boys, and spent $18 on a ride home because the air in my car was still not working. As the uber driver pulled out of Pep boys, I called them immediately and asked whoever answered the phone to please roll up my SUNROOF window, because it looked like it was going to storm. I had been riding with my windows and sunroof down because it was 90 + degrees in Atlanta during the summer and I have black leather interior. In order not to have a heat stroke, I was riding with all my windows down. had Pep Boys fixed my air correctly the first time, I would not had to have driven everywhere with all my windows down. The employee who answered the phone said that was no problem and that he would roll my sunroof up.

I called the next day, and Raul said it was not ready, and that they were waiting for my new compressor to come in from Arizona. This was confusing to me, because he had once again said they had the part in the store, and that it would be ready the next day. Three more days go by, and they continue to tell me that my car is not ready.

On Saturday, the 11th, I called that morning and Lia said my car was ready. I had my ride drive me to Pep Boys, I walked inside, and she handed me my keys and told me I didn't have to sign anything and that I was good to go. I was confused why all my windows were down, but I figured they had cleaned the inside of my car or something and they were letting it air out.

As soon I opened my door, a strong musty smell covered up by a sickening air freshener smell hit me in the face, and I noticed that my two front seats were grayed, cracked, and ruined from water from a huge rain and thunderstorm that had hit Atlanta over the past couple days (August 8th-11th). The entire front half of my car on the inside was wet, musty, damp, and books that I had in my front seat were damaged from water. I was immediately upset, and realize that the man on the phone the few days before did not roll up my sunroof window like he said he was going to do. The interior of my car is ruined. I walked back inside and told Lia what was going on, and a mechanic who was sitting up front in the waiting room, started yelling and cussing at me, and told me that my car was a "piece of $#*!" and that my "sunroof must be leaking". My sunroof is COMPLETELY in tact, and I have NEVER ONCE had any sort of leak in my car. I told them I would be contacting corporate and that I was extremely upset by the service that I have received at this Pep Boys. As I was driving home, my car was extremely bouncy, and every tiny bump I hit, my car seemed to bounce up and down in an extremely unsafe way. It is also clear that the suspension on my car has been messed with. My car drove perfectly smooth on the way to Pep Boys on the 8th. Unless they intentionally messed with my suspension, or drove my car off of the lot and hit a bunch of potholes in a reckless manner, my car should still drive smooth when I pick my car up. My car was perfectly fine other than the air not working when I brought it into pep boys. Now my air is working, $1,500 later, but the interior of my car is completely ruined, which will cost thousands of dollars to have fixed, and my suspension in my car is completely off, which costs about $1,500 to have fixed.

I am LIVID and so so sad that this is the way I was treated by these employees and this company. I am filing a claim with my insurance that Pep boys has ruined the inside of my car and made my car unsafe to drive. I will make sure I am paid what I need to be paid to have all of this fixed in my car, and Pep Boys is going to pay, because Pep Boys was careless with this customer, and took advantage of my wallet and my patience.

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Called before I went in and was told they had the four tires I was looking for "IN STOCK" and it turns out they only had 3, which they did not bother to tell me, while they were performing an oil change and removing tires from my vehicle the store manager had gone to another location to pick up the 4th tire needed and only after he had gotten back did the mechanic, not the manager, notice he had picked up the wrong tire!! Was told since I had to wait or come back later while they went to get the correct tire that I would get the oil change for free for my trouble. After waiting for and hour the tire finally shows up and they put on. While checking out I am told the oil change would have on been free if I had gone and come back "not what I was told"!! After paying I go out to get into my car and notice all kinds of residue on my rims, the stuff they use when putting tires on the rims, they didn't bother cleaning off after installing, the guy from behind the counter came out with a rag and did a cursory wipe and still looked like you know what! Said the heck with it and left. I will just do it myself!! As the saying goes, if you want it done right do it yourself!! Will never go back to Pep Boys again.....

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Pep Boys Sterling Height MI My car needed rear shocks so i went to there website and they quoted 99.00 for 2 shocks and 34.00 to install. So I made an appointment. Once I got there the price changed to 99.00 for one shock but I printed a copy of there quote from there website. They agreed to give me the 2 shocks for 99.00 but charged me 100.00 for labor. I will never return to Pep Boys Do a google review search I am not alone. Bad Company

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PepBoys, Smyrna, GA, is a relatively new location, (originally a Just Brakes site) but it has quickly become my favorite go to auto shop in the city. Apart from the all around great customer service from store manager to the mechanics and experts who actually worked on my cars, I have found them to be super helpful, honest, polite and dependable. Not only did they honor my 7-year old Just Brakes contract with a flawless brake job, the Boys also helpful me out ever so kindly and pleasantly with some extra little interior repairs on my car for no extra charge!! It is great to have this dependable and fair minded store in my neighborhood!!

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Love this store all around great customer service wether it in the store or on the phone I had a great experience with pep boys

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Place an order online to pick up at the Austell Road Austell, GA location. Went to pick up at the store and the manager tells me it was back ordered. I tried showing him an email I got from Pep Boys that it was ready for pick up. He walked off and wouldn't help me anymore. I had to get another employee to help me. He found my package there at the counter. This manager was no help at all at this store.
I filed a complaint with Pep Boys about it and they had the store manager to call me to fix it. I couldn't believe they had the person that I had the problem with to call me. It's been two weeks now and haven't heard from him or Pep Boys. This company doesn't care about it's customers at all. All they seem to care about is that you buy from them. They have gotten the last of my business. There's to many good auto parts stores out there that will treat the customer nice.

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I order a part online, I was not notified it wasn't in stock until the day of the delivery, and they charged my card for the full amount. I have to wait 7 days for a refund. SMDH...

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Took the car in for a check engine light. Found I needed a part that they did not have in stock. The car is used by my daughter who needed to go back to college and couldn't wait for the part. I was told to call the next time she is back and they would take care if it than. I called to get the part ordered and was told I called too early and I should call back the next week. Called again and told still too early and they hung up on me. Called again and was promised it would 've there for the one day window we had to work with. No part and no call. Went to the dealership and found out the parts they wanted to install did not exist in my car. They are liars and cheats and will never get my business again. Pompano Beach, Fl

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Brought my kia soul in for an oil change. Got a bad vibe from the lady handling the service just rude right off the bat. Placed my car in the service lane and waited , lady busts in and says car won't start and she would check my electrical system for 15 bucks ! wouldn't offer a jump to get my car out of the way just left me there ,luckly I had my own jumper because I've had the problem before. It's the battery that's the problem. I told her that but since I wouldn't spend the 15 bucks needlessly she left me stranded, what a JACKASS.

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Letter to Pep Boys....

Once upon a time I vowed to never use Pep Boys services again.
Hendersonville, TN., had some work done including the replacement of a broken wheel stud.
2 months down the road I have to pull said tire. Remove hub cap...BROKEN STUD IS STILL BROKEN...though I paid to have it repaired. When I confronted the PB rep (who, in all fairness, DID, refund my money), he just grunted at me.

Nonetheless, moving on to 2015, I need tires. Quickly and as inexpensively as possible. PB in PCB, FL., provide me with an excellent deal and service.

Dacula, GA.

I have visited the PB at this location several times now with VERY mixed results, some of which have been posted elsewhere.
The last couple of visits have been for brakework (brakes work but squeal like a pig), and an oil change.
This last visit requires a little more explanation.....
Took a coupon for a $29 oil change over. Bill is for $60!! What?!! goes the calculator..... $40 now (or some such)....WTH??! goes the calculator..... $31+ now we are really at coupon price. Geez.
On the way home I notice truck now pulls to the left. Still not sure what that's all about.
Get home, check oul, 1 quart low. Geez. Really?
Monday, April 3, 2017, I get up early to jake appointment at this same PB. Need rotation, balance, fix squealing brakes, and, why is my vehicle pulling to the left?
Appointment is for 12pm, Monday, April 3, 2017. Cool!
I get there at 11:50 am. At 12:05 pm I am told, "It's going to be at least 1 1/2 hours before service".
"Why did I bother to make an appointment", I asked "Janice", the PB rep?
She just grunted at me.
Rather than be uncivilized, I just went away.

I'm not sure exactly what to say. I'm certain that in the large scheme of Pep Boys business method, my few paltry dollars spent there, as much as my opinion here, is meaningless.
In return, I no longer trust Pep Boys and I damn sure would NEVER recommend them to anyone else.

Thank you.

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Bad service never coming to any of your store again, i came in to buy some new tires never bought any tires before i am new to this well the guy just gave so many choices and advice on what i should get so well hes a professional so i just listened to him, and got what he recommended me to get , left with the new tires put on . after just 2 weeks of driving the front wheel and back wheel came off on the high way i got a big major ticket for that almost cost an accident, came back here and said that i should consider on buying new screws when the police said the screws must have been loose. when actually it should've been tight

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I had a pleasant service at Pepboys today!!!

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you can easily find your desired automobile with 2-3 clicks

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I want to report the terrible service I received at your store at 2524 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

I am a long time customer, been to this store many times for parts and have had 2 of my cars repaired there.

Worst experience ever. Went in yesterday, Brandon, the manager, told me they would not have time till today at 4.

Went back today, Gayle, tells me they are too busy.
There was no, i am sorry, no i can fit you in tomorrow, nothing, just we are too busy.

Asked for the manager, got Brandon. He tells me, his guy is out for lunch (@4pm) and i should stand around next to the cash register till this fellow returns.

Never got a single apology. Totally rude behavior, i guess they have too many customer.

I can help, i will never go back again.

This is definitely the place i recommend, that is, if you want to be treated with terrible customer service. Not cheap, not fast, but very rude

Tip for consumers: if the site is anything like the store, watch out

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The best car site and great customer service,,,, A good stuff to take care of car...

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