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I have not been able to access my email for over 2 weeks. They require verification and send me a 4 digit code (to another email service). But when I submit that code, I'm told it is invalid because a 7 digit code is required!?!?!?! Their online service bot just takes me in circles until I end up at the same moronic verification process. The Microsoft phone # is just another bot that tells you to go to the useless online bot. Outlook is just one giant bot with no human element or COMMON SENSE. DO NOT GET AN OUTLOOK ACCOUNT.

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1) When it goes wrong.

All it takes is...

A group of people to report you (ie, a company that you gave a bad review) and your email address is gone. When it fails, there is zero assistance.

There are two worlds out there. There is the real world. This is where you buy a chair, and you have a chair. Or you buy a bus ticket, and you get a bus journey to somewhere.

Then there is the Microsoft world. The fantasy world. The imaginary world. The world that does not exist. The world that contains nothing more than 1's and 0's, the world that is not real. Microsoft occupies the "this product does not exist" world.

If microsoft was a real company, it would go bust. Microsoft is not a real company. It is a product of something that "doesnt exist". magnetic particles that use circuitry to produce a '1' or a '0'. Someone has said "you need these imaginary 1's and 0's, and we can produce more of them than everyone else".

What this means, is that microsoft do nothing more than make something appear on screen. This is imaginary. This is not real. So when there is a problem with the software microsoft produced, the problem does not exist. Because hotmail does not exist, it has zero support capacity. If you use hotmail, and something goes wrong, that's it. Zero assistance. Nothing.

If you are unable to login, there is nothing.
If you are hacked, it is imaginary.
If it does not work, that's it. Nothing. It is a non existant product. It doesn't exist so it cannot not-work.

A statement - all webmails are the same*. They all have the same function. email. Very little difference. When they send emails, that's it. they send emails. bully for them. The difference between (anything), is what happens when they go wrong. How quicky if at all is the fault fixed. When microsoft goes wrong, there is nothing. zero. nil. zilch. You may lose access to your hotmail account at ANY time. And if you do, you will have NO access to it. there is NO fix. There is NO one you can contact to rectify it.

I did not try hotmail for many years. I was never quite sure why. When hotmail goes wrong, you will realise why you use computer based email. After all, it's all there in the end user licence agreement. It clearly says: If this doesn't work, tough ****.

(and when you think about how many thousands and thousands and thousands of lines of code, all those :;({}),%, how many hundreds of seperate computers that all need to keep their seperate databases synchronised, how many different computers are running hundreds of lines of script which is by the second being updated by many different programmers at once. There are errors being made every single second)

coding character errors. code backdoor errors (hacking). human error (you did update the patch didn't you), people with a grudge requesting that an account be de activated. If microsoft received 20 emails from a group of people with a grudge (eg, employees of a company that received a bad review), they are likely to deactivate an account.

your hotmail could be cancelled, stopped, no questions asked, no information given. It's happened. it's a weapon.

Microsoft definition of security is this:

If you are the genuine email owner, but cannot get into your email: No action taken.
If you are a hacker, and successfully hack into someone elses account: No action taken.

It's useful accessing email from any computer. I would suggest other email products. Other products will have faults. It's not the faults that count, its the availability of a fix. Microsoft has none.

2) Hotmail to outlook.

microsoft have migrated from a useable interface, to an 80's cgi style graphic playschool interface. My guess on this, is that people were overloading their servers, because in migrating, my email browsing has changed from having the window open all day, to having the window open when I only absolutely need a screen which makes you want to look at something else as soon as possible. hotmails site usage stats have dived in the past 6 months, so this must be the general opinion of a.user.

The interface is in line with microsofts recent adverts or windows 8, which seemed to be aimed at people who use rolled up notes.

Ebay's logo has also changed, from colourful letters which overlap each other (I assumed the overlapping corresponded to the different departments being in contact which each other), to office-style logo where the letters don't touch each other.

Quoted from someone elses post, author not known, but very accurate.


They're not going to bring back Hotmail. That's my guess, anyway. Because that would involve admitting they were wrong and that Outlook isn't the wonderful NEW product they've touted it as. In other words, they'd have to eat crow.

Here is an interesting comment from another "Hate Hotmail" thread, which I believe is probably the best explanation:

"You have to understand there are some highly paid geeks at MSN who have to justify their immense salaries by taking a perfectly good email set-up, and then scr-w it up royally."

So, these code monkeys (no offence to any here) play with formats and come up with something different, simply for the sake of it being something different.

"Oh yeah - this is NEW, this is innovative, oh man, this is SO cutting edge!" ( I know someone like that - it doesn't matter that it totally s-cks, as long as it's new and different and HE came up with it ).

Somehow they sell Microsh-ft on the idea, and voila! us poor technotards get stuck with some ugly, un-usable piece of **** that makes no sense and makes us very unhappy and very angry. We hate it! We don't want it!

Make it leave!

But MSN loves it because they believe it's bleeding edge; ergo, that makes THEM über-cool and hip and everyone will be really, really impressed.

Yeah ... NO.

As an addition, microsoft has what appears to be a robot controlled script on its facebook page giving generated replies for assistance.

Running one of the biggest companies in the world obviously means you can't offer real people to reply to messages, so microsoft appears to have set up two files. One of these files contains an initial greeting of "hey there" or "wotcha" or "thanks for reaching around", the other file contains "get back to us" or "lets box outside the blue and do some sky thinking" or "tell us about your progress". (YOU'RE supposed to be having the progress, I'M the one waiting for YOU to get access to the account).

There's probably about 2 to the 8 permutations you can get before the replies start being identical. 2 to the 8 is probably just enough to cover one microsoft day. A microsoft day is about the same as a microsoft dollar.

"You get what you pay for", or "It's free". If you offer a service with the knowledge that that service can go wrong, and with the knowledge (and this has been all worked out by microsoft) that you can fix, for eg, 10 problems per day, and you have 100 users producing 15 problems, then what you are actually offering isn't a service, it's a liability. And microsoft should call hotmail (outlook, etc) "microsofts free email liability". And it's ok calling it a liability as long as you realise that's what it is.

*True at the time of writing. gmail's layout is infinitely better than outlooks.

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I was a longtime hotmail user, and then 'outlook' came along. Slow, cumbersome, absolutely not intuitive and an infuriating waste of time every single time it's used. I moved to Gmail and will never, ever go back to the joke called 'outlook'. Now these damn bozos figure all this awefulness should be paid for with ads plastered everywhere, which CANNOT be removed, ever.

Good luck boyotards. Gmail rules the useless and insulting krap called Outlook.

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You have ignored me emails about returning my order. Your crooked ! Bite Me ! Beware of anything on outlook .com.I received two email responces trying to placate my issues with product.No way I want more of the wrong product. Youre return policy is well worded to fool the ignorant. I fell for it . I even complained about being short two items I also paid for. This cupshop@outlook .com is a SCAM.SCAM SCAM. DO not buy anything from them.

7 reviews
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Just as the title states, it used to be a good email service. I don't know what exactly happened but with all the new updates it makes the website slow and annoying to use. Even on a pc or cell its still bothersome for me.

14 reviews
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I like outlook-- Email never really go to anyone's junk box like I was having the problem with previous email accounts. Glad I am using it now.

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Email account has been blocked with various trial attempts to redeem my email through the internet and phone calls, fair to say it has been unsuccessful. 1st phone call attempt man implied I would have to pay $130 to gain access to my email. 2nd attempt on the phone lady spoke to me rudely, in the end I hang up and decided to make a few phone calls to find the information I required from the locked email by contacting companies directly instead of pursing Microsoft.

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Quite possibly the WORST email system I've ever had to deal with. About to go and change after doing this review, despite the hassle I'll have to go through. It won't allow you to move all emails from one sender at the same time without having to go through and manually tick every box. It starts to sweep and block then pops up a message saying it's unable to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME I ATTEMPT TO DO THIS. Can't even send a short email to a friend with just one photo attached without getting a message telling me it's too big - how pathetic is that! Settings are difficult to find and very lacking in choice. Some mail arrives in my inbox and some in my junk folder, FROM THE SAME SENDER. So sick and tired of this email system which always leaves me frustrated, annoyed, and angry!!!

18 reviews
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Your account has been temporarily suspended
Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages or done something else that violates the Microsoft Services Agreement. This what it says one day after I created the account. And I did create a strong passcode at least that's what they said.

Tip for consumers: Stay away

1 review
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Why is it so unbelievably slow????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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I have not receive my order yet , I mean , I did it on May 12th and today is July 13th . So I'm waiting for it two months . Except that, anyone doesn't answer to my email to explain what happen with my order ,,,,,,irresponsible !!!!

23 reviews
120 helpful votes

After outlook took over hotmail, i stopped using it. Everyone else did. A few months later i logged in to see if i got any mail, i was automatically logged in to skype as well (never registered for that), noone was online from my 300+ contacts.

I read that your account will get deleted if you are inactive for a year. Well i've been inactive for 2-3 years and it was not deleted. I wanted to remove it, but i had to change my security questions, and wait a month before i could try again to delete it.
I requested the account removal, and i have to wait one more month before it's deleted.

The supports are completely useless, they tell you the same things you can read in the FAQ.

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3 helpful votes

I had one of the best experiences with Dry Ones Water Damage Restoration. They were very professional and assisted me with my direct needs. They answered all of my questions I had regarding my kitchen. I highly recommend this company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Nunca recibí mi entrada, son unos irresponsables! Quiero por favor, me respondan por eso y los daños causados, me cance de llamarlos a los teléfonos de contactos y nunca me respondieron!

1 review
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Come on I want my old Hotmail back. So sucks now I am about to go all in with gmail because Hotmail so sucks. I have been loyal to Hotmail forever since day one and now, so many ads. sooooooo slow OMG. how can we ever read or write our email if it is so slow and it is not working a lot of time!!!!! :( I missed you old Hotmail. Simple & fast.

1 review
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Not Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
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Their free cancellation is before you book,after your money is gone,I booked a hotel with a wrong date,therefor I tried to cancel and booked another for the wright day,I never got the money back and of coarse they blame the hotel,they shouldn't advertise free cancellation if it is not , NEVER AGAIN IT IS A RIP OFF

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was treated like more than a client. I was treated like a family member. This law firm is awesome! Their experience, knowledge and people skills are unparalleled in Brooklyn.

1 review
1 helpful vote

after reviewing many comments from your clients and more you help, I decided to join you as yours too, I live in Africa, where many problem such as many you resolve, so I wish to be one can help my people and just from your help too, thx for your understanding, lets move on


1 review
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I would request everyone dont buy any product from snapdeal. I purchased Split Ac on 30th march which upon installation by their engineer worked out faulty piece. Today is 11th April, they have not replaced it. They say they have received it back and is under quality check. They are not clearly confirming the replacement date. Even i wrote to their higher management and i found them equally useless.

1 review
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I was very pleased by the service and the cost from my trip, excellent and fast service.
I was able to book fast and with great discounts that they provide with some good codes send to my email.

1 review
1 helpful vote

This Brooklyn immigration lawyer explained every step of the process to my mother. He helped her get her work visa here in the US. Also, he was very patient and understanding

1 review
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I had a problem with my internet couldn't get in. A technician turned up and spent all morning at the exchange and also out in the rain and at my home and he eventually fixed the problem. His name is Steven and he was very courteous and industrious a credit to your company. I live in Stockton NSW

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I hate Outlook NOW. Hotmail WAS great. But when Outlook took over, it TOOOOK OVER. When I open my Outlook, and I do about 10 times a day, it is SOOOOO slow. Why? Because a million ads are loading on the side. I've done everything to try to change this. The only thing you can do is to PAY for ad-free Outlook. So if you are okay with paying to have what was once faster loading email, than be my guest. I for one, won't stand for it. TV was once free. Now it's not. Radio may be next. It's limited already. Corporations want to own all our communications. So...I'll keep using Outlook with ads and cringe while the ads load and slow me up. UNTIL I change my email address and move on to a fast free email site.

2 reviews
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Took 4 weeks to get items and then only 1 of 8 fit (all too small) even though I ordered 4xl (supposed to fit 24) when I normally wear 18 because I had read reviews that they run small. Wasted $$$ and too expensive to return.

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