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As a seller:
If you offer cheap shipping methods only, then be careful. A lot of buyers claim that the items did not arrive, so that they can get money back.
They keep both the item and the money.
Sometimes the tracking number doesn't get updated so there is nothing the seller could do, but to refund.

As a buyer:
If you order something, it most likely won't look like the picture. For example, human hair wefts. I think the cheaper ones are mixed with horse hair or something because they look so bad quality (all hair that are on auctions, not "buy it now" are like this)
Always order the more expensive stuff, they will be better in quality.


99% of the people who messaged me started with complimenting my looks.
How cute i look, how much i am their type, etc.
The remaining 1% were women, who wanted to be friends.

This site is not really useful if you want friends, or language exchange partners. You won't find any. The guys will make a move sooner or later.
As for language exchange: All of my conversations were in english. They were practicing english, and didn't give a f about helping others. That's it /


I ordered 2 avon foundations, both of them were suitable for oily skin. Well, at least that's what the product information said.
No matter how i applied them, they became cakey after 2-3 hours and caused me breakouts.


It was a good site, before it got shut down. I made a lot of foreigner friends here.
I still talk with some of them, our friendships started in 2008 or so... most of my longest friendships are from here.


Some people write reviews without even trying the product, or they give good rating because the product was advertised by their favorite idol.
For example: No matter if it's a cc cream that makes your face look like you washed it with pure oil, they will still compliment it how cool it is because (enter famous person's name here) also uses that. "It gives a natural glow". Lol.

I think it's more useful if you check google or youtube for reviews. More trustworthy and you can see how does the product looks on a person. On makeupalley noone really posts pictures, just anonymous reviews.


Low prices, good promotions (they always have a buy 2 get 1 free promo), perfect quality.
I recommend it


After outlook took over hotmail, i stopped using it. Everyone else did. A few months later i logged in to see if i got any mail, i was automatically logged in to skype as well (never registered for that), noone was online from my 300+ contacts.

I read that your account will get deleted if you are inactive for a year. Well i've been inactive for 2-3 years and it was not deleted. I wanted to remove it, but i had to change my security questions, and wait a month before i could try again to delete it.
I requested the account removal, and i have to wait one more month before it's deleted.

The supports are completely useless, they tell you the same things you can read in the FAQ.


I have ordered more than 10 times from them, and never had any problems. The shipping was slow, yes, but if you want to receive your orders faster, you can pay for fedex, etc so there are more options available.
I always got what i ordered. The contacts were all good, lasted a long time.
The prices are affordable.
I recommend them.

Pinky P. – PinkyParadise Rep


On behalf of Pinky Paradise we wish to express our sincerest appreciation for your continued patronage.
Please always share your feedback with us; this is how we keep learning and improving.


I haven't been using this site for years. I log in recently, and noticed that I received an "infraction" for "first degree offense" in 2012.
I have never posted anything in the forums, I registered only so I could bookmark the mangas I was reading. I have no idea how was this against the rules...

Some of the translations are on google translator level.

It's a bit annoying when they spam the first few pages of mangas with unrelated images (unrelated drawings, ads, unfunny jokes, etc)

Other than these, it's not a bad site.
There are plently of mangas to read, some of them can't even be found on other sites.


I just signed up, it takes 2 days until people vote your picture and decide if they let you in. I browsed through the male members... and i wonder why is this site called "beautifulpeople".
I admit that the members from Korea, Japan are really good looking. Most of them are model-like handsome.
USA members are ok, some handsome some ugly, fat.
But the europeans? Extremely ugly. Especially the men from Hungary, Poland. They kinda look like uglier versions of Seth Rogen, Steve Buscemi, Dj Qualls.

I found better looking people on regular dating sites.


This is maybe one of the more normal asian dating sites.
There are many active, good looking members not just old creeps. It's free to use.
I don't really like the site's design though.
It's hard to register, sometimes you won't get a verification e-mail.
Most of the asian guys are from America. They have the typical american attitude...

One other thing i didn't like. It's full of idiots.
When you fill out your profile there is a question that ''would you like to date people who are shorter or taller than you?''
I choose shorter. I like short guys.
Most of the messages i get start with ''lmao why you want a short guy'' ''ohemgee u want to date a midget or what'' ''so are you a midgetfcker'' etc
I'm 172cm tall btw. I usually wear high heels, so add 8-12 cm more to it.


Don't join if you are a girl looking to meet with asian men.

Most of the male members are white, or black. There are a few asians, but they are old and ugly as hell or just boring.
I got plenty of messages, all the same: You are so cute/sexy/beautiful.
All came from men who are 45-60 years old, ugly, and so fat that they have bigger boobs than me.

Cupid M. – AsianDating Rep

We are sorry to hear that our site has not met your expectations. AsianDating.com has over 2.5 million members. Here are some helpful hints to help you find the perfect match for you:

- Complete your profile to 100%. More information about you helps us improve your matches.
- Use the ‘improve matches’ feature to let us know exactly what you are looking for!
- Add more than one picture, let eligible members get a better sense of who you are.
- Refine your search, if you are searching for a specific kind of person, our advanced search function will help you get results more suited to your needs.

We wish you all the best in your search for love!


I think this is the best site for artists.
I love all the features, and there aren't arrogant jerks, cyber bullies here


I got 2 negative criticism on my artwork. It would be okay, if they were right, and came from people who are better than me. I would thank them, and try to improve.
However, these came from people who draw like 5 year olds and consider selfies as art. I sent them comments on their ''artwork'' too, pointing out what they did wrong and what should be improved, added. I did this in a normal manner, not like a jerk.
They got so mad and sent me hate comments even on facebook. Lol.
If you can't handle criticism, why do you criticize others in the first place?
Or at least criticize people who are below/on your level.

I like that there are plenty of groups. I even found people who do blood paintings.

The search feature could be improved.

Admins don't do their job at all.

People steal other's pictures.
They make other DA accounts with your drawings or use them on facebook as their own. You can put DA watermark on the pictures when you upload them but it's not very visible.
I would suggest to edit your pics and put your facebook link on them before uploading them to DA. Less people will steal them.


I keep getting the same messages. The same, boring, one line messages:
A) Hi, How are you?
B) Hi, you look so pretty.
These conversations usually go all the same. It's just boring.


When I tried it for the first time I hated it, but now i'm addicted.
It's one of the best free games


Good quality fake brand clothes. But you can order the same on taobao, for half price.
I don't recommend buying from here.


It's written on my profile who, what i'm looking for.
People who are the complete opposite of the description send me messages, and get mad when I don't reply.
I made the mistake of including my deviantart profile link on my profile.
Some loser that I didn't reply to sent me hate comments on there.
(I didn't know it was someone who found me from okcupid. I replied on his DA profile, and a few days later I got a "cute" message on okc saying what a douchebag psycho I am, how dare I talk like that about his artwork etc.)

Kinda pathetic.


They deactivated my fan page for no reason. It had about 4,800 likes and was active for 5-6 years. I just changed my name, and they deactivated it after that, saying it does not represent the same thing.
Well, it does. I tried to talk with them but they don't even bother replying.


- Fake profiles.
A lot of users impersonate others (they use pictures of not so popular emo boys, japanese rock musicians, body builders, instagram pretty boys/girls, etc.).
- Language exchange? No.
If you want to practice a language (other than english), this is not the right place. I joined to improve my japanese, but all of my conversations are in english.
- Female - male friendships? No.
Most people who send me messages start with complimenting my looks, calling me babe, sweetie etc. It's written on my profile that i'm only here for friends, but noone seems to care.
- Full of pedophiles.
It's full of fugly 50-70 years old men who try to pick up 20 years old girls. The best is when they use fake profiles and some girls fall for them.
- Boring conversations.
80% of people don't read profiles. They send simple ''hello'', ''how are you'' messages. I have nothing in common with these people, so after the small talk is over, they can't continue the conversation. There is just nothing to talk about.

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