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Unit 8, Centenary Park Coronet Way
Manchester, MANC M50 1RE, UK

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1 review
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They will not give you your refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!j that aren't trustworthy at all, really disappointed and frustrated. I have no spent 30 dollar on nothing!
1 review
1 helpful vote
on multiple occasions where i have returned parcels to them they have claimed they havent recieved it if i lost my tracking id receipt!! one day went on about 3pm to live chat to ask if they had recieved my order and they said nope and asked for tracking id, i said i lost the reciept and they said sorry we cant help, found it then at about 3.30pm and went on and asked again, they said they havent recieved it and asked for tracking id again and SUDDENLY they have said they recieved it and refunded me!! JOKE!! they still owe me money from other returns
6 reviews
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I have bought from Missguided 3 times and so far, every shipment has been a positive process. I live in Singapore so shipping for me takes about 1 week to arrive and costs $20 (I usually don't care about the shipment time or returns because it is a hassle. I've had a package from Australia taking 2 months to arrive before). The reason why I return to shop here is the quality of the clothes. For the price, it is much cheaper than clothes sold in my country. They offer great styles and the quality is great.
2 reviews
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I catorgrize MissGuided in the same league as ASOS! They have found there feet in the online shopping world and in my opinion smashing it. The quality of clothing has enhanced since about 3 years ago when I first began to use them. The reason for this review is because ive ordered clothing from them outside the UK and they have always got to me when stated and in perfect condition and the communication is great on all platforms. I always recommend Missguided to my many friends.
1 review
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I'm super pleased I just won my court case against missguided. After a long road I finally get my money back they owed me.
I would advise customers to think twice when shopping with them as if you have any problems with them they don't deal with complaints correctly, they don't get back to you 7 times out of 10, they refuse to give you their complaints process, they are not linked to and ADR service or ombudsmen and when the time comes to you having to take them to court they cause you to spend alot of your hard earned cash. I got my monet back but unfortunatly was still out of pocket as in a small claims court you can not claim for the damages. Despite the clothes being nice it's not worth the hassle. They treat customers like crap as they have done me and others I have spoke to. I will continue to spread the word on all review websites to put other customers off from shopping with them. And hope the business soon crumbles.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Avoid at all costs. Quite frankly it is not worth taking the risk paying money to this company. I made an order on Monday, paid next delivery, all very easy? So I had missed the cut off for next day delivery and my parcel would be delivered on Wednesday - Cant complain.

Wednesday goes.. apparently my parcel had been delayed so I was advised to allow 24 hours - questionable vague answer as to where my parcel was.

Thursday comes.. still no parcel or shipment update. I contacted Misguided on 3 separate occasions across the day, each time i was given a different excuse or simply told to wait " it will come today". First my parcel had "missed the delivery van" and then i was told that they didn't know why it had been delayed but i should still wait until 9pm in case it arrives.
When i questioned all of this and the excuses I was told to re-order my items, and when the other items arrived to return those - you can bet i would then also be charged to return the items. Question: Why would i send this company even more money when they clearly didn't value the custom the first time and have no care for their customers.

So Friday comes - still no parcel and no update to the tracking service. Now the next excuse comes- "the van broke down" (i thought my parcel had missed the van?). By this point i have contacted the company 4 times, i have come to expect the half hearted "customer services" from Misguided and the dismissive attitude of the staff is really starting to wear thin. "Its definitely on its way to you today and is due to be delivered".
So late afternoon, still no parcel, still no tracking update. I contact Misguided again, this time after explaining a 5th time that the tracker is no longer updating and I still have no parcel the customer service agent advises i am correct and she will chase this up with the courier and email me to let me know what they say.

Saturday - Still no email. Still no tracking update. Still no parcel. I contact Misguided again.

"As there hasn't been a scan since 7th and to get this sorted as quickly as possible, I'm going to request they return the original order to us. I can offer you a refund or a replacement order. Which would you prefer?"

A replacement order?? I will never be ordering another item and will definitely be sure to recommend none of my friends or family do. Its taken 3 days to get some form of direction and they still cant give me an answer as to whats happened with my parcel. The service is quite clearly copied and pasted from a script with no care towards your individual issue. I asked to make a formal complaint - apparently this had been noted on my file but i'm sure that too will get lost like my parcel.
11 reviews
4 helpful votes
Has a great selection of products, always has fab discounts! It's a perfect website for younger and the aging customers, I would highly recommend this site. The quality of the products is also bang on
1 review
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I am very disappointed in Missguided's customer service and how they've treated me in the last few months!

I Placed an order
Wasn't pleased with some items so returned them
Didn't receive any credit for some of the items so messaged them eventually, after waiting to see if i'd get any communications from them as they do say allow some time.

Still didn't hear back so i contacted them.
They refused to give me back my money but offered a credit note.

I accepted it as i would lose my money otherwise, but the code was useless!!
It wouldn't work!!!!

Messaged them severally, they all use the same troubleshooting process like robots!!

Even after telling the next rep that the previous rep had me do the same thing!

And the funniest thing, their response was always, it's working on our end so it should be fine at your end. really?? missguided, really?? and you call that customer service?? it's November now, i'm still £60 short and have no items to show for it.

Today 22/11/2017, they are STILL refusing to sort this out and are also refusing to provide details of their governing body
1 review
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Failed to let me know that item was out of stock.
Only after pestering them did they admit it was not available.
Then they tell me it will take two weeks to refund me, ridiculous. Don't risk your time and money.
3 reviews
0 helpful votes
So, I stopped ordering from Misguided due to their horrible customer service. A few days ago, I decided to order a dress from the company, optimistically hoping the service had improved. I am currently almost two weeks post-op from major surgery, so I felt comfortable ordering the item, knowing that if the item was not suitable, I would be able to use the Hermes collection option to return the parcel. When I received the item, it was evident that the item was not for me. I visited the Misguided site, to arrange for a collection. However, the system would not generate a collection time. I contacted Misguided via chat and chatted with Emma. Emma advised me that my item was not eligible for Hermes collection because it was delivered by Yodel. What?? For starters, as a customer, I do not have the choice as to which delivery company Misguided chooses to select to deliver my parcel, secondly, on the Misguided website, Hermes collection is offered as an option, it does not offer a disclaimer that the service is not available if the company decides to use Yodel to deliver parcels. I advised Emma of these concerns, and that I would be unable to travel to the Hermes shop due to my surgery. I further advised that I may be able to get a neighbour to travel to a drop off location at a corner shop maybe a minute away, but that was it. Emma advised that the closest Hermes shop was 8 mins away. I expressed my disgust with the false advertising on Misguided's website; I further explained that customers should not be inconvienced, due to Misguided's decision to stop using Royal mail as a return option and to selectively choose which parcels are eligible for Hermes collection. I requested to communicate with a supervisor. Emma asked me what solution I wanted; and I advised her that Misguided needed to generate the required paperwork for a Hermes collection or if I called for the collection of the parcel, Misguided should reimburse me. Despite my request for a supervisor, Emma immediately claimed that she spoke with her supervisor Sowdha, and was advised that they could not help me, and I would need to travel to a Hermes location. This response is totally unacceptable! The blatant disregard displayed tonight from Emma and Sowdha was totally improper. Misguided's website site provides false information relating to their return options for their customers. The verbiage on the website attempts to give the appearance of returns being hassle free and low risk for customers when in actuality the company wants to make the return process as complex and inconvenient as possible. I will never do business with this company again
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
I ordered a $28 dress that looks like it cost well over $100. The express shipping was only $6 I got it in 2days in NY from the U.K. And I must say, the dress is good quality , the material looks and feels expensive. It fits me like a glove. I will be ordering again from them.
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
They lost my orders and blamed me for it - they don't have a phone number - they are horrible - don't ever shop there - not to mention their merchandise is trashy
1 review
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I got two different orders. They "lost" my first one in transit and my second one is on it's way (im able to track it.) They offered me a refund for the misplaced order so I said yes. Then later that day, they emailed me apologizing and saying they actually have my first order and gave me a tracking # so I click on it and is actually a tracking for my second order!! So frustrated.. they think they can play smart and rob me? Filing a dispute if nothing shows up in my door in the next five days.
They are very disorganized and misleading. SAVE YOUR MONEY. This website should be shut down.. just look at their Facebook page. It's crawlin with complains about customers' refunds or orders. Wish I seen that before purchasing stuff from Missguided.
7 reviews
5 helpful votes
Not particularly impressed with Missguided. I ordered the same top in two different sizes to try on. When I received them, one was indeed the correct item but the other a random pair of jeans (!?) . The top I did receive ended up being too big for me, and with no smaller size to try on I had to send everything back.

Certainly wasn't going to try and re-order.

Fortunately, the refund went through fine.
1 review
1 helpful vote
This isn't the first company that I see is engaging in this practice. If you return something, the company will claim they have not received your item (UNLESS YOU HAVE KEPT YOUR SHIPPING RECEIPT).
Since this has happened to me in the past with another company (, I actually did keep my USPS tracking number & receipt, which I just emailed the company.
Very disappointing! There were lots of items I wanted to try on the site, but unless you're comfortable dealing with people of this nature, I would recommend that you shop on a trustworthy site that will not try to take advantage of you.
4 reviews
10 helpful votes
I love shopping on Missguided.
Their prices are good, they often have deals going.
Delivery is often free (and very fast!)
Returns are free. Social Media team is excellent too.
CAN'T COMPLAIN. They're brilliant
1 review
0 helpful votes
Recieved an order with a top missing which I paid for as its on the invoice. Looking at the packing slip and it's not on there. I have emailed customer care five times without a single response. Disgraceful and reading other reviews I'm not the only frustrated and disappointed customer. They need to be investigated, it's appalling, I just want the top I ordered. I'll be looking into who I can report this to and taking further action.
5 reviews
8 helpful votes
It was my first time ordering from Missguided. I ordered a longline sleeveless blazer for work. I'm in Singapore and OMG! the shipping charges were so expensive. Anyways, it didn't matter to me that much cos I like the blazer and when I received the item, I didn't quite like the way the blazer was made. When I tried it on, the blazer just looked puffy. I had to send it to the tailor and get them to sew on certain areas of the blazer in order to make it flat. I'm happy now but of cos, I had to fork out more money for perfection. Will I order from Missguided again? Hmm... maybe...
3 reviews
3 helpful votes
I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated with Missguided. I placed an order on 5th August 2015 (purchased 6 different items totalling to approx. NZD $180) and 20 days later I still hadn't received my parcel.

I tried using the tracking number I was given but the website failed to load my results and so I was unable to keep track of my parcel and find it's whereabouts. I contacted customer service and told them this, was given no proper explanation or apology as to why the website wasn't working and not displaying the results it should have been!

A few days later my parcel still hadn't arrived so I contacted customer service AGAIN and
enquired about my order, I was told it was still in transit (20 days in transit, really?!) but could expect to receive it the following Tuesday. Of course it still didn't show up so I contacted them AGAIN (third time for just one order) and informed them that it still hadn't arrived, I was then told my entire order had gotten LOST and they had no idea where it was!

I was told my order would be re-dispatched and I would have to wait at least another 10 working days for it to be processed and sent out again. I was patient enough to wait for this but in the mean time received an email with my order details. Only 2 out of 6 items were included in the order! I found this very strange as my original order had 6 purchases, all for different things, and enquired AGAIN (fourth time) as to why the email only showed 2 items. They said the rest had gone OUT OF STOCK and they could only send what was still available!! So basically I'm only going to receive 2 out of 6 things that I ordered and paid good money for (a very small portion of my purchases).

I was given no other compensation other than a refund for the unavailable stock, although I expected some sort of coupon for my next purchase with them or a $10 voucher - anything really! They also didn't seem to take this seriously as I was given no real apology for any of the mistakes made on their behalf or the fact that I was kept in the dark about my own purchases. I say this because I actually had to spent a lot of my time enquiring about it and was then told what had gone wrong - they didn't have the respect or courtesy to email me and let me know! It seems extremely slack service that they don't even bother to let customers know that their order has gone missing and won't ever arrive, also that their ordered stock is now unavailable and won't be in the parcel. The only reason I knew these things had happened is because I contacted THEM and ASKED...otherwise I doubt I would have ever been told!

I'm very annoyed and angry that the rest of my orders went out of stock, it's no wonder considering a full month has passed since I placed my original order. So while I was waiting for my order to arrive, it was actually lost somewhere between UK and New Zealand and the rest of their stock was quickly running out! I had no idea this was even happening until now, when it's too late! To make matters worse, I really really wanted everything in my order and was so looking forward to receiving it, now I will never get them because there's none left.

I do like the clothes on Missguided but I must say they are overpriced for what they are, nothing that special and pretty simple styles and fabrics. Also I'm not sure I could handle another mistake made with my orders in the future, this experience has put me off Missguided for at least the next little while.
1 review
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Wish I'd found this site sooner.

The prices seemed pretty great for what I was orderinguntil the $75 duty imposed via FedEx. Not to mention the overall cheap quality of the clothing (polyester across the board).

I returned 75% of my order via 2-day USPS delivery.

Now, a month later, Missguided says they have not received it, and do I have my receipt? I do not have my receipt, so that 230 bucksplus the $75 imposed largely on items I RETURNEDis just a total loss.

Missguided is gifted at the scam. I kind of can't believe they've made a cottage industry of doing this to so many people.
3 reviews
6 helpful votes
36 days since I ordered from them, and I am still waiting on a refund. I ordered several items, 2 of which did not fit. I figured that returns would be no problem. Wrong. I shipped the items back and they were received at the "US processing facility". Now a MONTH after I shipped them back, I have been going in circles with customer service trying to get my money back. Twice now they have given me the "wait up to 21 working days" excuse. I waited 21 days and contacted them, then they asked me to wait "another couple of days". No. That's not ok. Your policy says 21 days, and I have proof I shipped it back and that the package made it into your company's hands. Do not order from them!
5 reviews
25 helpful votes
So, I had used Missguided a number of times previously maybe I've made 3 or 4 online purchases from them in the past 12 months, and not just one item at a time, I've bought shoes, dresses, jumpsuits the lot.
They were usually half decent however this last experience I've had with them has left me completely livid and I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM MISSGUIDED AGAIN!!! Period!
Long story short I ordered my partner a few items of clothing, when they arrived, the fit just wasn't right(which is fine, happens all the time, no problem there), so I email Missguided to explain that I will be returning said items, they reply saying that's fine and they will refund my money after they have received the returns.
The next few weeks I am completely swamped at work, basically getting to the office before 7.30am and not leaving until after 6.30pm(I work in IT so we're basically always on-call anyways), point being I was unable to make it to the post office over the next week or so (I felt there was no need to rush though as I had already notified and received a reply from Missguided telling me they would be expecting my returns), then I finally get a chance to return it (I think it was on a Saturday).
About a week later I received an email telling me that I did not return the items in time' within the first 14 days of delivery. Regardless of the fact that the items were still in perfect conditions with the original tags and packaging intact AND I had already notified MIssguided AND received a reply telling me they would be awaiting my returns. Never once did I receive an email telling me that I should hurry up before the 14 days' time period was up (and what a joke 14 days??? You should have at least a month, like most decent companies allow).
Anyways, so I go back and forth with them via email growing more frustrating with each message as I kept being sent mail-merged generic replies. Poor show, poor effort all around.

When I finally received a reply from a person it was simply to say exactly what the generic reply told me that I had exceeded the time period and that they would be sending me back the items that I didn't want! :////////

There's a severe lacking in common sense from how Missguided handle their business their rules' get in the way of common sense and how life actually works from their stupid decision they have now lost a customer who had and would have continued to do business with them and for what? To save £20?!?! It's crazy to me. But I just want everyone else to be aware that when you are dealing with Missguided they do not have your best intentions in mind obviously companies are in business to make money but there are SOOOO many other companies out there that offer similar products but actually treat their customers with respect and employ common sense.

43 reviews
130 helpful votes
after ordering from over 10 times, i'm sorry to say I am no longer a customer of theirs. it's unfortunate because used to be one of my favorite online website to shop at. however, no longer will myself nor my online shopper friends be ordering from their website as they recently they changed their shipping carrier. they no longer ship to Canada via RoyalMail. now they use FedEx who is KNOWN to charge exorbitantly high brokerage fees for international packages arriving to Canada. I only ordered a bikini top on my last order from that was around $28. FedEx charged me $27 in brokerage fees. Enough said. if you're reading this review, your loyal Canadian customers would like you to know that you're losing customers due to your sudden change in shipping carriers as it is just not economically feasible for us now. Go back to using RoyalMail THEN you'll win us all back.
12 reviews
21 helpful votes
Buyer Beware!! We ordered some shoes for my daughter and needed them for a special party. She paid the extra for expedited delivery but nothing arrived. We chased them every day and it was just excuse after excuse. First, it was an error with the order, then it was a stock issue, then it was their supplier and finally it was the courier. After embarrassing them on social media the shoes arrived - too small! Then the fun begins because you have to return them. They provide a label and a bag which means you take it to a Collect+ point. I do this all the time so I went to my local Collect+ shop and handed over the parcel. WARNING: With other companies that is generally the end of the matter but with Missguided the fun is about to start again. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT from Collect+ and make a copy. We contacted them about the refund and it was obvious they were trying to fob us off with the hope we would give up and not claim the refund. They claimed they didn't receive the returned item which is rubbish when they have a tracked returns system. Admittedly, items get lost but it is their returns service so they should be responsible. After days of chasing they said unless we could provide the return receipt there was nothing they could do. Because I use Collect+ all the time, I have receipts stored in a specific place so it was scanned and sent to them. Despite this we are not in receipt of our refund.

Please avoid this business as clearly they are unreliable and have no customer care policy worth reading!
1 review
1 helpful vote
I purchased about a month ago a bandeau top and a skirt form this site, as i have previously shopped with them before (and never had a problem before). Received my order within a couple of days, which was great. Then looking at my new purchases I noticed that the sizes of my items were two sizes smaller than what i originally bought! First instinct that came to my mind was , "I must have ordered the wrong sizes". Mainly because I was new to this European size chart they created on there site. So I checked my email, and then sourced out the order information. I noticed that i did order the right sizes for myself and that the company accidentally sent me the wrong sizes. I then emailed customer care and told them about the whole situation. Apparently "I ordered the sizes that were sent to me" I clearly took photos of the garments as well as a screen shot of there size chart and my order details to prove that the company sent me out the wrong order, and that the garments were two sizes smaller than what I ordered. Still received no apology at this stage. Instead the company sent me out a pdf file for a free postage return. So then I posted back the garments and was told that I would receive my full refund within 14 days. The weeks passed so I sent a email enquiring about my refund (as it was due to be refunded back into my bank account) and Ive been receiving emails stating " you will receive your full refund in 14 days" I then notified them that the 14 days have passed and why isn't my money back into my account?.They then stopped replying to me. I have sent so many emails to the company demanding my refund and that I have rights as a customer to receive back my money, I still haven't received my money back and I am shocked that such a well known company would deal with a situation so childish like this! Im so furious that they have just ignored this situation and think I'll just go away. This is ridicules and I feel that I have to complain online about them to get there attention. I wouldn't recommend the brand myself and would suggest others. Ive never had a problem with purchasing anything online but this is beyond a joke!

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It's Missguided. They are scammers and don't refund anyone..

By Erica P.
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