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they do not pay you to deliver there leaflets. They owe me 300 pounds and have not paid me in 2 months. DO NOT DELIVER LEAFLETS FOR THEM AS THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. LOOK ON GOOGLE AND MANY OTHERS HAVE BENE RIPPED OF.

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We used this company to distribute over 13,000 flyers and yet we are confident that they haven''t delivered any. They still haven't given any reports of areas covered despite numerous requests. This seems to mirror the problems other users on this site have had, apart from a number of questionably positive ones. It would seem we have lost not only the money we paid them, but also the sizeable printing costs of the leaflets. Has anyone had any luck complaining, or have any advice about legal action?

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Mailbox picked up 10000 leaflets to advertise my optical practice. Despite MANY unreturned calls to them, mailbox never delivered them. Only when I got Trading Standards involved did I get my money returned. I never got my leaflets back and received no compensation for their loss.
Although they were very happy to take payment by credit card, they would only refund by ( very delayed ) cheque.
I found them to be unhelpful, evasive and arrogant.
Do not trust them !!!!

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Very very bad experience. And YES, go to page 2 and 3 to read about the reality of this company of thieves and dishonnest cowboys.
I used them twice in London and I know now that no leaflets were distributed. I spoke to a number of people who live in the area.
When I first contacted Mailboxnationwide, Caroline herself answered. She always answers. I thought that was a bit strange as a busy Director would have a number of Office workers to handle distributions nationwide. She was very prompt at sending the invoice and very clear when pointing out that payment had to be done upfront.
When I later rang back to ask for a report, it took weeks to arrive and it was fake. I checked with the locals.
I wasted £3000 in printing and distribution costs. We are a small company and I am livid that MAilboxnationwide completely ruined the opportunity of a good advertising campaign.

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Do not use this company. We did, they did not deliver any leaflets and we subsequently took them to the small claims court and won. Getting the money, thats another matter! Caroline is a very slippery customer and lies easily. I visted her yesterday and was told that the company is in liquidation (Caroline herself told me that) but when I phoned offering work "Jamie" was very quick to prusue the enquiry. Basically a bunch of crooks. If you want to know more I think you can contact me via this site.

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Do not use this company under any circumstances
The reviews posted below are clearly fabricated reviews from the organisers themselves.
They do not communicate. They are extrememly unprofessional
I did not have evidence of a single communication being printed or delivered.
Ultimately, the fault is my mine for having contracted MailboxNationwide
Do not make the same mistake
Use the RoyalMail Door2Door service. More expensive but infinitely more reliable

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Delivered my leaflets, no problems, I would consider using them again

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"Delivered" 3,000 money-off leaflets in the Cambridge News and Crier, this is organised by Mailbox Distribution. Not got a single one back, no customers polled from the target area received them, Mailbox refused to give any street addresses delivered to apart from a short list of addresses all from one area which their independent auditor checks. Disgusted

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We had an awful experience will these people - 17,000 leaflets were to be distributed and the FAILED to deliever them.
All of our 'phone calls to Caroline Pocock have been met with a curt and arrogant reply. We are fobbed off each time and she NEVER returns calls once she has your money.

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We used Mailbox Nationwide because they allowed us to specify rural villages within a given postcode. We asked them to distribute 39,000 of two separate leaflets together. We were initially concerned when no one we knew in the distribution area had received a leaflet. We contacted them and they asked us for specific postcodes so we gave them 5 x 6 digit postcodes. That weekend, a full week after the distribution should have been completed, these 5 very specific postcodes received one or other of the fliers - not both. But surrounding addresses still did not receive the fliers. Our understanding is that there are at least 9 outstanding and unpaid county court judgements against them. Also there are very many complaints on gumtree and other websites from leaflet distributors who have not been paid. Basically, if you do the sums they don't add up. They can't pay what they claim they pay distributors and charge what they charge clients.... the sums don't work.... certainly in a rural area. We have been asking them to tell us how many distributors they had and how long they were distributing... they have not. Caroline Pocock's daughter, Katie Gray acts for the company as a 'paralegal'. She is a final year student at the University of the West of England and on her blog and cv she boasts that she enjoys appearing in court on their behalf to defend the many court cases that are brought against them. They have an in-house solicitor advocate, Gareth Rosser-Davies, who we were promised would deal with our case but when we asked for evidence that they had deployed sufficient leaflet distributors for sufficient time to distribute 39,000 leaflets for us, he did not do this and opted to pass the case back to his 'colleagues' We have assumed this means Katie Gray. We have reported Gareth Rosser-Davies to the SRA as we do not believe he is acting within their guidelines as a solicitor if he is working for a company who do not pay when county court judgements are found against them.

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Have use Mailbox recently to deliver some flyers. I was pleasantly surprised with the service they provided.

I work with a charity and sometimes find it extremely difficult to work with some companies trying to arrange the VAT exemption, but they had it all sorted and understood.

They helped us out with maps of the areas and something they called 'Mosaic', which is a demographic targeting system. It allowed us to select the people who we thought would be best and it then showed us the best postcodes to deliver to. It was really interesting to see how each area broke down and I was really impressed with it.

From there it was simply a case of filling out their booking form with the areas for delivery; they then sent us over an invoice and arranged with the printers to get the stock collect free. This was a real bonus for us, as a charity saving money on small things is very important (as you can imagine!). The printer quoted £100 to deliver it to them, so that saving is more money being spent on good causes.
On the first day of distribution that I requested, I gave them a quick call, just to check everything was going to plan, they confirmed that the distribution teams had their stock and were getting started on it. They also said that the distribution would take five days.

After four days I asked my staff who lived in the area if they had got one and three out of five of them had, the other two got theirs the day after. This had pretty much confirmed the delivery for me, but I mailed them to check and they sent the distribution reports over when they came in.

So all in all they were efficient in dealing with my enquiries and delivered the leaflets in the timeframe requested. I would certainly recommend them to everybody.

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Got my leaflets out quickly, I had an offer on them for Christmas and they managed to get them all out in time.

I didn't really help them because I started organising it really late, I had them printed and forgot to get anyone to deliver them!

I called them up after getting a few quotes and they came to collect the leaflet two days later and had them out over the following five.

Yeah they have some negative reviews, but there are lots more positive, and you are more likely to complain off your own back rather than praise.

My experience of them has been completely positive.


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Mailbox Nationwide is a Devon, UK based leaflet distribution company. They undertook to distribute ove 23,000 leaflets from 12-16 September 2011. I did not get one person interested in my service. Royal Mail distributed about 75,000 leaflets earlier this year & I had a great response. I back checked & found that not one leaflet was delivered in the post codes I asked for. Executive Director Caroline Pocock agreed to give me information about the distribution but only reluctantly supplied a list of only 16 roads in which they had distributed leaflets. She then stopped responding to emails. So I am in the process of taking this company to court. Very very bad experience & very costly so far.

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hi i know mailbox nationwide has had some bad press i delivered 5000 leaflets in there time scale and recieved my cheque on time only foot blisters and dog bit but would do again gary

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These people are crooks, I don't believe one of the earlier reviews - I think they are written by the company in different names - note how not one of the reviewers has written more than this one review? I am in the process of taking them to court for the non delivery of leaflets. Check other sites out including Trading Standards in Devon who are investigating them - you'll soon see how dreadful their service is. And for the record - they have 5 CCJ's against them that I know of! (all public information so check it out for yourselves)

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Amazing... How to manipulate a website !

I was asked by a friend to check into this company as she's about to take them to court.
Looking over all the reviews of this company, just take a look at how many of the 5 * positive reviews are from people who've only commented on one company- check it out.
Someone more cynical than myself could possibly think that this company were setting up these reviews themselves... surely not, what sort of company would do such a thing ????

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I've worked doing leaflet distribution for Mailbox Nationwide for a number of years now, they've always paid and keep me with fairly regular work.

It's hard work but it keeps me active and outdoors, which is nice

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Being the first time with this company I decided to check them out on line.
There was a lot of good feedback so decided to use them to manage my leaflet dropping with a view to building up to 100 campaigns per month in various parts of the country.
I spent a lot of time talking to one of the directors on the phone to get reassurance that my leaflets would go out on time & in the areas I wanted. These conversations took place at least 6 weeks prior to the commencement date of 12th September so there was no pressure on Mailbox Nationwide to organise my campaign.
Having been convinced that they would deliver on their promises I decided to try a small campaign of 10,000 leaflets in the ST13 area.
I ordered & paid for printing (printing done by Ashey House in Exeter} on the 26th August 2011 & the payment of £480 to Mailbox Nationwide showed in my account on the 6th September 2011.
On the Friday the 9th September I received a phone call from the printers saying that the leaflets were still with them & had not been picked up.
I called Mailbox nationwide & talked to Caroline Pocock, a director, & was confronted by an efficient but very abrupt, cold response.
She told me that TNT would pick up the leaflets that day & take them straight to their team in Staffordshire.
At this stage alarm bells began to ring as it was impossible for TNT to do this as it was late afternoon, Ms. Pocock said that the leaflets would go to them first to be divided up & then on to Staffordshire & did not need to worry as they would go out on time.
On the 16th September 2011 Ashley House rang to say that the leaflets had now been picked up by TNT, 4 days after the campaign should have started. I rang Ms Pocock again & she again said not to worry as they would be in Staffordshire that day.
She said that they would be delivered and not to worry.
I asked her to give me the back check reports as soon as they had completed the drop.
This was not forth coming & I again, had to ring to find out where they had been delivered.
In the mean time I personally did a back check, door to door, in one of the areas they were supposed to have dropped.
I rang Ms Pocock & she said the drop had been done. I then dropped the bombshell that I had done a back check and had a zero response to which she gave a curt short reply that she would check it out & send me a report.
She sent me a report that only covered about 10% of what they had done.
My leaflets contain 8 ads from different companies & to date no-one has had any response from this leaflet campaign.
On top of all this 1,500 leaflets have been found on waste land way off the drop areas (indicating that their leaflet droppers have gone out of their way to cheat me & my customers).
This company boasts about its customer service, its complaint procedure & drop service but my experience is that they are very abrupt whenever you phone them & are very unhelpful.
Some of their terms and conditions are not legally binding.
I am in touch with the relevant authorities so if anyone has had a similar experience please contact me & I'll take this further.
in the meantime stay away from thsi company.

4 reviews
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Collected my leaflets quickly and they got them delivered over a course of a month as requested.

I wanted them staggared out so I wasn't inundated and thats what they did, put out 10,000 per week for me.


1 review
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A really helpful company, they sorted us out with a demographic report, so we could see where was best to put the leaflets. Then collected the stock and got them delivered. The whole process was quick and easy.

1 review
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Very happy with the service

Delivered on-time and to the areas requested.

1 review
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Tell delivered my leaflets well, I got a great response from them, I'll be using them again in the near future.

Thanks for your efforts.

1 review
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I used them for our marketing campaign and found their service excellent.

The leaflets were just a small part of our campaign, we have the coincide with orther marketing in the newspapers, on billboards and on the local radio station.

We find when doing using a multi method campaign our response levels are larger.

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Got mine out, I think it ran over one day because of some awful weather, the police had to close some roads, due to localised flooding, so that was understandable.

No problems with the delivery, I got one at home and so did my parents, so we're confident they when out. They're definately more reliable than putting them in the papers, more expensive mind you, but I suppose you're paying for a different service.

But on the whole, good work with and overley expensive.

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