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Unit 655 River Gardens North Feltham Trading Estate
Feltham, Middlesex TW14 0RB, United Kingdom
Tel: 0844 5673063

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1 review
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Sceptical from reading reviews but decided to give it a go because they were definitely the cheapest of them all. Shipment was picked up and delivered within 4 days and the team were very helpful when ever we needed assistance, definitely will be using them again.
1 review
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I requested and paid for a door to door service and I have been unfairly charged for a service that I haven't received.
Firstly, and after selecting correctly the type of items I wanted to send, the weight and from/to destination, I was added 13 pounds for it to be collected on 31st of December which is a working day in the UK. I paid for that charge despite having originally obtained a quote for a collection on the 31st of December.
After several emails (precisely 21 emails) back and forth with Raqim Akhtar - Intercargo at <*****> I expressly indicated to modify the delivery address and I was never confirmed that this was a door to airport shipment, moreover I was never notified that the parcel had arrived and now I have called the cargo department in Abu Dhabi and they are telling me that I need to pay 400dhr (over 80 pounds) to collect my belongings.
This overall service, if this can ever get qualified as "service" has been not just poor, but also fraudulent and I am taking all the formal actions from my said to avoid this company scums anyone else.
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Our 3 deliveries are delivered damaged. They have another company in USA which they pretend they will do the clearence but even we pay door to door service they specially didnt answer their emails ( they have virtual office with virtuak phone service which they never answer ) so they can charge my customer $800 storage fees . 1 chair delivery cost over £1200 and arrived damaged . We stop working with them now .
1 review
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i was recommended by Qatar airways cargo to use this company. They gave me a very good price and I received the cargo in 4 days after I dropped it to their warehouse at Heathrow. Friendly staff. I was asked to put a review of the service on here and I was shocked to see these reviews. This company is definitely not a scam!
2 reviews
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STAY AWAY From this company!! They take your money and offer or have no customer service and do not reply to emails or answer phone calls!
There is a never ending loop when you call and you leave a voice message that clearly goes nowhere!
The shipping labels are sent with the incorrect shipping details!! Had to cancel my credit card and cancel my passport as they ask for ID Shipping. They will continue to charge your card without authorisation ! STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS CONPANY- I've no idea how they are allowed can trade. If you see a good review this means they company had written the review themselves!
BE WARNED! Total incompetents !! A bunch of $#*!ing $#*!s
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-Didn't show up on the set collection day
-Didn't update the records so the progress of shipment could be followed. When it turned up it was a complete surprise.
-Lost one of seven bags without as much as an apology. (Sure, should have taken insurance, but I really don't think these pirates whould have paid on it anyway.)
-Rude on the phone, never calls back, rarely picks up. Their emails are permanently set to "out of office" even though they're there.
-Now, 6 months later, they've started chasing me for an additional collection payment that was not included in the initial price.

You have been warned, put an extra £200 and send with DHL.
1 review
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$#*!ing frauds. It looks professional but is clearly a scam operation once you make the booking and the courier never shows up, and 'Ahmer Ahmed' sends you an email asking for another 110 euros because you have 'made the wrong booking'. I hope this is shut down as soon as possible.
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Report to if you are a victim!

We have received your booking that you have made with Intercargo LTD, Unfortunately we are unable to proceed with this as you have booked it on as 'General Cargo'.

General Cargo is used for business/commercial use only.

If you would like us to go ahead with this booking, please ensure that an additional charge for personal effects of 37.00GBP is paid in full.

There is no where in the website indicating that General Cargo is only for business use. When I contacted them, they said it's customer's responsibility to educate themselves with things written on their website.

And they charge me 25GBP out of 29GBP full price for cancellation.

They just earn money by luring people with online orders and misleading terms, lacking of explanations, then charging a ridiculously high cancellation fees.
Response from Ahmer A., Representative
Dear Mari H,

Firstly we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please allow us to highlight the issue behind this and the reason the cancellation is applied.

We provide services to both private consumers and also business consumers. The rates are different for both sectors due to the complexities involved in paperwork which is more meticulous for Personal Effects than for General cargo hence the higher cost of personal effects. Therefore these are priced differently. When customers book general cargo instead of personal effects and opt for the cheaper service of general cargo, we are unable to fulfill this. Therefore our reservations staff are instructed to check each booking to ensure that customers are booking the correct service and as a result paying the correct amounts. Therefore the booking is placed on hold and collection postponed until the customer is given the option to either upgrade or cancel.

We would like to resolve this matter amicably therefore we would appreciated if you can get in touch with us at so that we can resolve the issue at hand as we can assure you, we are not a scam and we would like to put things right. Your feedback on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

1 review
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Professionally derelict! Used them a handful of times for business freight and have regretted it on each occasion. The site is ambiguous at best, meaning extra costs are inevitable once they've got you in their grips. Orders are delivered to the nearest port and you are then expected to cough up for the extra shipping to the actual destination you booked. AVOID!!
2 reviews
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Dear Customer,
> We have received your booking that you have made with Intercargo, Unfortunetley we are unable to proceed with this as you have booked it on as 'General Cargo'.
> General Cargo is used for business/commercial use only.
> If you would like us to go ahead with this booking, please ensure that an additional charge for personal effects of 33.42GBP is paid in full.
This is strange,I opted not to go on with the booking and they charged me £25.00 for cancellation even though The booking was not processed as shown in their Email,
I asked for explanation and they said General Cargo means Business or Commercial although this term is not explained anywhere in their website,and this General cargo is default selected,also Accountant told me they receive so many complaints about this they know that this confuse customers but they use it as a trap because when you see General Cargo it means all sort of cargo and have nothing to do with Commercial or Business but for them they have another meaning .. Useless first time customer got ripped off and they will never answer your email or call they will always say we will call u back or out of office reply.
1 review
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This has been my first time using Intercargo! Had been suggested by many people to use them, and I am glad I took on there advice!! I was really pleased and it was a relief to have booked with them. Defiantly going to use Intercargo in the future!
Thanks Intercargo!
1 review
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Intercargo are very trustworthy, and have used them on a numerous occasion now, and they have always done everything perfectly! I would recommend people to use intercargo as they have very good price.
1 review
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l booked with them to delivery my cargo to Africa. l was frustrated throughout the processing of my cargo. l nearly cancelled my booking because they where not professionals, had poor customer services and were never consistent with their deals, services. They also threaten to charge customers £25, when they decide to cancel their booking with them. Also my cargo was not delivered at the designated address in overseas but left it with Airport clearance customs for collection and l was made to pay extra fee of £33.34 for my cargo clearance. Please l would advice everyone there to be careful with this company. Please do not trust them because they are doggy with their terms and condition, will not keep their word and at the end miss up your day. l would highly recommend to you, the best shipping company in the UK. You can check the customer review on this same website.
1 review
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Intercargo is cheap and reliable and was a great help. I had sent out a access baggage to Hong Kong. They had picked it up in 1-2days and i had recieved it 1week later. I would recommend to check out intercargo, Thanks intercargo.
1 review
2 helpful votes
These guys were a great help. I sent out my excess baggage to Dubai.They picked up the following day and it arrived a week later on their very cheap economy service. I will definitely use their services again and recommend everyone to do so! Thank you intercargo!
1 review
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Marissa Mayberry, Daniel Morton, Ralph Cedillos

I've been looking for an iPhone for awhile on craigslist and was contacted by Aa woman, Marissa Mayberry, with pictures of her brand new iPhone 4s for sale. She said she had recently moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but had found a third party company called Intercargo. Their website seemed legit and I didn't find any information hinting that it was a scam. They had reviews about their site but none saying it was fake. She e-mailed me letting me know she submitted her iPhone and now I needed to send my payment to a Daniel Morton in the UK. Once they received my payment they would relinquish the iPhone to me and if I was satisfied with the purchase they would give the money to Marissa. Yeah, the package never came. When I tried to use the tracking services they provided, the website no longer existed. I've tried contacting them and just get a "post-service delivery: DELAY". Marissa has not e-mailed me back and I feel like an idiot. There goes $222.00 dollars that I'll never get back. I definitely feel stupid and I sincerely hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else. I haven't been scammed like this before and it sucks. I don't think there is anything I can do about it but if there is please let me know! Here's to hoping these people get caught!!

Perhaps the intercargo website is real in itself but this Marissa Mayberry just used it in her scheme.. but either way I wouldn't trust it. It's not worth it. There are too many stories like mine out there already. I just wish I had seen it on here before I wired my money.
1 review
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AWFUL!!!! We import items regularly from China to the UK and tried intercargo as they seemed very competitive with their pricing. There were problems picking up the original goods (the were picked up 10 days late) and the goods were eventually delivered 4 weeks late. They assured us that this was a one of problem and apologised. In hindsight we shouldn't have but we gave them a second chance as you would have expected them to go above and beyond after the problems of the first order. This time it was even worse, again the pick up was late, the customer service was terrible, and they added on additional charges of £400 which they essentially held our goods hostage until we were forced to pay (a point we are taking to trading standards). This company is the worst, most crooked excuse for a freight forwarding business I have ever had the mis-pleasure to deal with. I wish I had looked into them more before using them as there are so many negative reviews on various sites about their crooked scam of a business. AVOID AT ALL COSTS...
1 review
3 helpful votes
I had a few boxes that needed to be shipped to Australia, initially told the price and booked in the knowledge that it would be picked up. By the way I spoke to someone called Amur at this point, firstly they kept messing up the pick up, then kept messing the paperwork up, and I found them highly unprofessional when they asked me to send a copy of my passport to them!!! I mean when I book air tickets I'm not even asked for that!
Anyway about a week my boxes were picked up, then apparently my goods were nowhere to be found, and whenever I phoned I was asked if I had labelled them appropriately, well I received excuse after excuse, until roughly a month after I sent my boxes they were revived. Throught all of this I only ever spoke to Amur or the "manager" Zia, which I truly believe that this company is run by only a couple of people. COMPLETE COWBOYS. BOOK ELSEWHERE These lot only fob you off with excuses whilst taking more money out of in the meantime.
1 review
3 helpful votes
They are the WORST i have ever dealt with.. the UK operations manager is extremely unprofessional individual. They are not entitled to call themselves logistics providers, honestly they are that bad !!!!!!

Highly recommend to avoid and give your money to a honest, reliable, professional service provider..
1 review
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I found Intercargo by doing a google search for cheap air cargo companies and was amazed at there amazingly low rates; in fact they were almost 80% cheaper then some of other companies I checked with.
I placed my order through the website and printed my labels and booking airway bill - this was quite easy and straight forward.
Although I did have to download the packaging list -which was a bit of pain but other then that everything went really well and the agent in Dubai who are located at the Dubai Cargo Village are extremely helpful, my shipment arrived in 5 days I would definitely recommend Intercargo.
1 review
2 helpful votes
We have been using Intercargo for over 4 years now; I happened to come across these reviews looking for their depot address at Heathrow and felt I should comment.

We are a business and have used a few freight forwarders in the past - Since our first shipment with Intercargo; my team and I have found them to be very helpful at all stages of the booking from the initial rate request through to bookings, operations and accounts.

Having read the reviews, it would appear that labels have not been applied or have come off or instructions have not been followed, so delays have led to unhappy customer reviews.

Just in case this sounds like I work for the company, I am happy to forward a written reference through Intercargo should you wish for written confirmation.
1 review
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Have been waiting for my package for about 2 months for an initial quote of 7-10 business day. The phone number provided for office in NYC does not function so no way to contact them other than the UK office. Very unprofessional company, no customer care and satisfaction. Do not be fooled by the so called attractive prices, it is not worth it. To this day I still have no idea where my package is, and when I call and ask for an explanation, they tell me " we are not sure about what seems to be the problem..." or "I will call you back tomorrow" Yeah right, never got one call or email from the company.

1 review
4 helpful votes
Never use! hidden charges added to your bill after they have already taken payment for your order! customer service is shockingly bad, they do not respond to your emails or questions asked. they will put you through alot of stress it is not work it. SCAM! i have been looking at their reviews on plenty of sites and yet to come across a positve one!
1 review
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Avoid at All Cost

Intercargo are by far one of the worst shipping companies I have ever had the displeasure of using.

I used them to ship two flat screen TVs (air freight).

First I was promised that the delivery will take 7-10 working days from the drop-off date and boy was I wrong. Not only did they misplace my shipment in their warehouse but they also forgot to send me a packaging list to fill out which I was only notified about after 3 WEEKS of my initial drop-off.

During that period I was in constant contact with them asking what the delay was, and Luke on the other end of the line (he always answers the phone and has no clue on how the company works by the way ... completely useless) and not once was the packaging list mentioned until I spoke to a manager (Zia) who was avoiding me for days until I pinned him down! He accused me for not filling out the packaging list form, let me repeat this ... he accused me for not filling out a form that was never sent to me in the first place thus blaming me for the delay! But he compensated that by expressing the shipment after the form was emailed to me and emailed back to them as a good will gesture ... now notice the express order I mentioned just before, that also took 10 days for the TVs to arrive.

Drop-off date 23-Mar... received 26-Apr ... total delivery time 34 days

Conclusion: AVOID AT ALL COST, better to go for a reputable company and pay a little extra than go through the hassle, unprofessional, non-existent customer care, unresponsive team that is
1 review
3 helpful votes
Just the most DISHONEST AND GARBAGE all round servioce you could actually pay for, if you want to spend (a little bit less) and then wait countless months for your partcel to vanish, go with this company, they ignore emails phones calls and just bury their heads in the sand hoping you will go away, they are pathelogical liars (if they ever answer)


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