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Furniture Village has a consumer rating of 1.22 stars from 45 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Furniture Village also ranks 347th among Furniture sites. The most common issues with Furniture Village are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 6.3%
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Positive highlights

  • after nearly 3 months we have very kindly received a mattress to date ....

Critical highlights

  • My Dune Sofa now qualifies as my worst purchase ever and the subsequent customer service has been even worse .
  • My Mum purchased a dining table from furniture village in Jan 16.
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Top Positive Review


Jill F.

Absolutely brilliant. Store set up for social distancing is the best in have seen. Brilliant service.

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Top Critical Review

“Poor quality”

Marika C.

We bought the table and 4 chairs from you in September 2019, there was a good offer but of course the whole set did not come cheap. From the beginning I should have left a comment about the finishes of the chairs, where you can see paint dripping on them (the chairs were almost more expensive than the table) but I did not do it because buying a house and facing a move was challenging. Now after 5 months of daily use of the supplies (two chairs which we never use) we are seeing the quality of the material which is very poor. The table was covered by a tablecloth and a table cover and during the Christmas period the wine fell on the table as it can accidentally happen and the stain did not come away anymore, despite I cleaned it with a product especially for wood now there is a white halo effect on it. I decided to buy the slightly more expensive table and chairs in order to have a guarantee in terms of durability, at this point if I bought something second-hand it was better. Normally the furniture should last at least 3 or 4 years before presenting these defects ... I'm very sorry, but the quality you offer is very poor.

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1 review
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June 10th, 2020
I bought a table from Furniture Village on 26/12/2019 - expected delivery at the time was 7-8 weeks (early February). The table had been delivered 3 months later on 25/03/2020. Although I have paid it to be assembled they just left the package. I understand this is a result of Covid 19. However they have now reopened the stores/deliveries, are accepting new orders and my table still hasn't been assembled. Since 28/05 we are calling them and only after contacting the manufacturer we managed to sort it out. Not only we never heard from the shop but we had to call and do all arrangements with the manufacturer ourselves. I'm sorry but we bought the table from Furniture Village, not from Mark Webster Design. Just received a call today saying they will send someone on 22/6. Really! 6 months... Unbelievable! Terrible customer service/experience.
1 review
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June 16th, 2020
This is without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever received. I have been in contact with the call centre to discuss this but to no avail.
We ordered a dining table, set of 4 chairs and a separate bench from them in October 2019. 7 months on we are having quality issues with what has been received.
The table and chairs were only delivered before Xmas due to our constant harassment and chasing, and were finally sent without the bench, as it was not available (I expect we would still be waiting for the table and chairs had we not chased it up). We have been told that compensation will be discussed once the bench had been received due to how long the delivery took, but this has yet to happen. The chairs are all faulty and we were promised a replacement numerous times, but we are still awaiting on this, as well as the compensation. The entire process has been extremely frustrating and seemingly impossible to get right.
1 review
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May 30th, 2020
Absolutely brilliant. Store set up for social distancing is the best in have seen. Brilliant service.
1 review
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January 16th, 2020
Very happy to take your money,but after sale service terrible.and no access to anyone to deal with the complaint.i won't be recommending anyone to shop there. I can think of much better stores to shop at.
1 review
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June 28th, 2020
I ordered about 3k worth of furniture in December 2019 with an estimated 12 week delivery. One of the items was a dining table with some chairs, delivery was understandably delayed as a result of the COVID 19 crisis. The table was delivered 2 months ago without the chairs - the direct debit payments are being taken out for items I have not received. I was advised in April that the chairs would come in May, I was advised in may that they would come in June and I have been advised today that the store doesn't know when they will come.

The one star review is for the customer service, or lack thereof, that I have received from the WATFORD branch. No one answers the phone, I left 5 messages across this week for a call back and didn't get one. I finally managed to speak to someone yesterday who assured me the manager ROB would call me back yesterday - he didn't. I finally got round to speaking to him today after calling AGAIN and he said he was "too busy to call me back yesterday or today", he'd chase my order but would be "too busy to call me back tomorrow so another member of staff would".

WHAT A JOKE. Delays are understandable, disregard for customers is not. The service is great when you're shopping but once you've ordered and paid don't expect any interest from the team in helping you. Everyone has excuses and there is an absolute lack of accountability.
1 review
8 helpful votes
June 20th, 2017
Firstly I cannot contain my happiness with how the whole purchase was handled first class

the initial sales service was sublime ... With a young slimey sales person slithering over upon seeing another potential victim almost before we had finished parking our car ...... It was like a scene from the lost boys as they descended on me and the wife like hungry jackals

After successfully fighting them off with crucifixes and holy water we carried on with our perusal of the fine hand made furniture .... that to be honest on closer inspection must have been made in a cave by a limbless blind malnourished child on 10p a day

Sadly my wife caught view of something she liked .... They must have some retina scanning equipment or lasers that picked up the enlarged pupil as she gave of that most primitive sign of attraction and pleasing ......

Again swarms... no a plague of sales assistants rained down on us in a deluge not seen since biblical times , like locusts ..... We were knee deep in the disgusting slime that oozed from every orifice .....

Immediately they honed in on my wife having detected her vulnerability ..... I fought with them with every last out centre of strength and more ......so much more ...... but alas it was not enough I fought in vain against the vomit enducing compliments and smarmyness till eventually the tide was to strong and she was swept into the bedroom suite area like and injured sea bird unable to fight against the current

I will never forget the look of total loss and terror as she was eventually dragged to her inevitable purchase.... It haunts my dreams till my last day.....After much negotiation and contract signing I secured the release of my terrified spouse .... at such a high price .... to high you might think ... but she is the love of my life ..... and my soul and happiness for the next three months was a price I was willingly going to sacrifice to rescue her from their sweaty hands

What follows is a tale deciet and dishonesty of an epic scale greater and to be come more revered than homers oddessey

It came as such a shock to us after the attentive sales teams had promised us the stars and planets and eternal happiness in their sales patter, we were awaiting our lottery win ,the invitations to Buckingham palace ,film stars and music legends popping around for afternoon tea.... but surely as these never showed up ... nor did our bedroom suite....

Fortunately for us we had disposed of our old suite because unexpectedly our bedroom would only hold the one bedroom suite ...... entirely our own fault for not living in a stately home with bedrooms of hundreds of sqr meters

Initially contact with staff was as easy as their dishonesty and yarns fell from their snake like mouths

The saying "tomorrow never comes" has never been so apparently true as when you ever have the misfortune of dealing with Ipswich furniture whare"ismyfurniture"house

Unfortunately after several missed delivery dates due to earth quakes .... tears in space time ..... quantum entanglement. .... Our suite never seemed to actually arrive at our abode ...... from being on route to we have lost your items in the space of 10th minutes is remarkable as we only live 10 miles from the store and there is only one road access to our village. ... of course if it was being air dropped by helicopter it could be plausible as we do have an awful problem with roaming bands of hill bandits armed with surface to air javelin missiles

After countless missed deliveries and countless stories of woe and misfortune. .. All of the managers took to holidaying in the triangular area of Bermuda .... apparently there us no access or phones available in this area and it became increasingly hard to contact

after nearly 3 months we have very kindly received a mattress to date .... The red cross have offered us a tent and a camp bed to ease our plight but my wife is so ashamed and feels as if somehow she is to blame that we have not accepted their kind offer of assistance

So nearly 3 months down the line we are held to ransomed by the cleverly worded terms and conditions. .. I never saw the small print .... its in french ... It reads .........$#*! you we've got your money your furniture will come when we can be $#*!ing arsed to bring it to you... do excuse my french I am a bit rusty

So all in all if you like to receive rough anal sex by an uncaring lover I highly recommend Ipswich furniture whare"ismyfurniture"house
1 review
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July 13th, 2019
After 3 months the veneer on our lamp table has lifted. I sent customer services photos. We were told that we had spilt liquid on the table although we bought a coffee table for drinks. They didn't want to see the table so how can they tell. It couldn't possibly be poor build quality. They will do nothing about this problem. If they had sealed the edge of the veneered panel this problem would never arise
1 review
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February 28th, 2020
We bought the table and 4 chairs from you in September 2019, there was a good offer but of course the whole set did not come cheap. From the beginning I should have left a comment about the finishes of the chairs, where you can see paint dripping on them (the chairs were almost more expensive than the table) but I did not do it because buying a house and facing a move was challenging.
Now after 5 months of daily use of the supplies (two chairs which we never use) we are seeing the quality of the material which is very poor. The table was covered by a tablecloth and a table cover and during the Christmas period the wine fell on the table as it can accidentally happen and the stain did not come away anymore, despite I cleaned it with a product especially for wood now there is a white halo effect on it.
I decided to buy the slightly more expensive table and chairs in order to have a guarantee in terms of durability, at this point if I bought something second-hand it was better. Normally the furniture should last at least 3 or 4 years before presenting these defects ... I'm very sorry, but the quality you offer is very poor.
1 review
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April 23rd, 2019
Bad furniture and worse customer service. I have bought furniture from here less than 2 years ago, had issues with parts (clips) which I reported a month ago. No updates so called back and they are refusing to come take a look or fix the parts even though it is still under parts guarantee.
Plan to goto the financial ombudsman to report this next
1 review
1 helpful vote
October 24th, 2019
Bought a mattress as reccomended by the floor manager for £489. Bed developed a large dip on one side in three months. Funiture village sent out a technitian who said it's from general wear and tear and there's nothing they can do about it. First response from customer service was talking about a leaning chair, so obviously just copied and pasted from another complaint. Really get the idea they couldn't get a monkey once they have your money.

I spent weeks looking for a good mattress to invest in and a lot more than I would normally have spent. Will just go to the local mattress factory and get a £200 one next time. At least then I won't be as dissapointed if it goes wrong in just a few months of normal use.
1 review
1 helpful vote
July 3rd, 2019
All smiles and happy faces before you order but afterwards they don't want to know, after care non existent.

Don't do what they say they're going to do, don't call you back when they say they're going to call you back.

This is all before an item has even been delivered, I dread to think what it'll be like if there's a problem with the actual item.

Social media a waste of time as they'll just tell you to call the branch, good luck getting them to answer the phone. Avoid.
1 review
2 helpful votes
February 27th, 2019
Mis-sold a £900 mattress in furniture village in Thurrock. Explicitely told it was medium firm and good if you have a back problem only to find it was medium soft and like a sponge when it was delivered. Store manager refused to call me back until their own customer services insisted and then flatly refused to help with either refund or exchange stating their T&Cs as an excuse for me to lose £900. No attempt to compromise even though online orders can be exchanged within 14 days. Shocking, uncaring service, which has left my heavily pregnant wife very distressed. They don't even pretend to care, it's just about rushing you to sign and take your money.
2 reviews
5 helpful votes
July 16th, 2018
My Dune Sofa now qualifies as my worst purchase ever and the subsequent customer service has been even worse . The sofas look great in store but god help you if you dare to sit on them ....they just turn into a total mess , mine looks at least ten years old after a month of use.
Normally if you were dealing with someone decent this would be easy to resolve but not these cowboys ...email and complain and they will reply by saying what a shame it is that you are not happy with your sofa but that's about all you will get from them.
I will see you in court .
1 review
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July 27th, 2019
Do yourselves a favour and avoid this company. I've just come back from the Purley Way (Croydon) store where I can honestly say I experienced the worst customer service in my 50+ years.

We went in this afternoon as I'm looking for a dining table and chairs. Came across a particular one I liked with an option of 4 chair colours but there were no clear signs about how much the table was with 6 chairs. Asked the sales associate who went away to check and came back to advise its £1,595 for the table and 6 chairs. As it was the first store we'd gone in to, we wanted to take a look around at what else was available but before we left I confirmed the price (along with some other details like delivery time etc) and I even went as far as explaining that we are undecided on the chair colour between two; sea green and another reddish colour. The price for the table and 6 chairs was again confirmed as £1,595.

After about two hours of looking around in other stores (there are many options in the Purley area) we came back as we liked the unusual colour options of the chairs we'd seen at Furniture Village. The sales associate Amin recognised us and was very friendly and welcomed us back. After much deliberation (and even a family poll!), we decided to purchase the sea green coloured chairs with the table. As we sat down to finalise the purchase, Amin's face dropped when he realised he'd made a mistake on the price; the £1,595 he'd quoted was for the grey chairs only! He said the price for the colour we'd chosen would be closer to £2k!

Understandably, we were not happy as even the £1,595 was slightly above our budget. I asked to speak to a manager, not to reduce the price as I knew they wouldn't, but to show him the poorly priced and set up of the display. There were no prices for the chairs let alone any distinction in prices between colours. Amin called the manager who was on the downstairs floor and explained the situation. The manager (who I now know is called Jason Body) REFUSED to come up and speak to us! Amin put the phone down and advised that he's not going to come up. We were aghast! He just point blank refused to talk to us! I have never come across a manager with such poor customer service skills, he's certainly not worthy of the title manager.

Amin was apologetic but there was nothing else he could do. I took photos of the display on my way out showing the set up and labels to put in a complaint but I don't think there's any point if they can't even be bothered to listen to customers in store. As I was heading out I noticed 4+ staff milling around downstairs and only one other customer in store. The place was practically empty and I can't say I'm surprised.

I'm still in shock about what happened this afternoon; 2.5 hours completely wasted. All that deliberation, looking at options available across stores and the disgusting non-service by the "manager" Jason. Hope no-one else goes through what we have today. Do yourselves a favour and avoid this store. Would give zero stars if I could.
1 review
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February 2nd, 2018
Ordered a table and chairs matching sideboard and TV unit Arrived 6/7 weeks later December 2017 the whole lot arrived damaged the delivery man took photos of the damage and we were told all the furniture would be replaced end of January (still nothing) February 2018 non stop promises to sort things out to no avail. They promise time and time again they will ring back but they never do excuse after excuse. What chance have l got of the 10 year guarantee they promised me on all my furniture. I really am at a loss will never buy anything from this firm again
1 review
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August 23rd, 2018
Sold as a live edge table - one in shop wavy edge but nicely finished. You can get splinters from ours. The table top veneer has been badly repaired in places. In others it is lifting and the veneer panels are splitting away from each other. Gouge out of top. To be fair - the manufacturers have agreed to replace but in common with other reviewers the "customer service" is very poor. The coffee table is now splitting apart - we have had these items just over a month! Await with interest the new dining table.
1 review
2 helpful votes
November 12th, 2019

Spend close to £15K in Furniture Village Watford, had loads of items arrive faulty and replaced, including power sofas and lighting,etc. It's been 11 months since I put the order in, there were problems with the sofa twice and the lighting they sell, I asked for help to deal with the issues, not only the problems are not solved, the staff was utter arrogance and rude ignorant. He seemed to be very un-helpful and defensive. I still left with the problem, and cost me more to fix the issues. PLEASE BE WARNED they are friendly and pushy when you buy from them, the good reviews from the customers were those without problems, however, should you have any issues, ZERO' support will be get from them and leave the mess you will deal with it. A VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER AND WE WILL NOT GOING BACK TO THIS STORE OR ANY OTHER STORES DUE TO THIS EXPERIENCE
1 review
3 helpful votes
April 1st, 2019
Absolutely appalling company to deal with. Please please please anyone reading this do not make the mistake we did, buy from the many others places you can. You will regret the entire experience with buying from these cowboys.
In short, lied about when the sofas we brought would be delivered. For over 6 weeks we have sat on a floor. This is due to continue for another 6 weeks so in total 4 months. Our sofas are not bespoke, they lie.
Area manager has never called back.
Chelmsford store manager is rude, shockingly bad and frankly should not be working at that store or any position in customer service. She lied about making phone calls, my phone provider verified this.
You'll never get your samples through, never! Ordered five times.
My husband has driven in to sort problems out and will be driving in again tomorrow.
This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. We are reporting with records, including the verbal insult to my husband head office. Please people reading this DO NOT buy sofas from this comoany. Look at some of the reviews, they're fake as they are on commission. Every day this continues we regret ever walking in there .they are not even the cheapest place to buy from (in case you are price driven). Anyone reading this wanting more insight I would be more than happy to give it to you.
1 review
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January 22nd, 2019
I am having a nightmare with Furniture Village, and from reading reviews it seems there are plenty of others like me.

I was overcharged and sent the wrong size sofa. I had to fight to return this, I was passed from pillow to post for over a month, no one would take responsibility. I am now left trying to sort the finance out, again no one will take responsibly, I am left worried that this is going to affect my credit rating.

To top it off, the bed I ordered come broken, I am again being pasted from pillow to post, I have been going round in circles for the past six weeks. The customer care team are terrible, their customer service is shocking!!! They refuse to put me onto a manager.

The next step will have to be taking them to court. Thank god I have everything in writing. Natalie
1 review
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August 5th, 2019
this is the first and last time i ever shop with furniture village. soon as you have paid a deposit they never give you the service you deserve. in my case the sales person was not interested in talking with me regarding the sample i had asked to be sent. i waited 13 weeks for delivery and was told the delivery date would be set only when the account was cleared. once the final payment was taken they gave me a date two weeks after i needed the furniture. they have so many strange rules which is fine. the most important thing for me is that the staff attitude towards the customer is bad, i personally experienced this across two branches.
1 review
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August 1st, 2019
Shocking after sales
My experience in the shop was first class but unfortunately it went down hill from there. I ordered the sofa in September 2018. When my suite was ready for delivery my builders had not finished, so I paid Furniture Village £300 to safely store my suite. When they did try to deliver it, it was damaged, the travel leg had been snapped off and all the back was scuffed and dirty. So I waited another 6 weeks and they tried to deliver the same damaged sofa. They did say it was a new one but it had exactly the same damage as the first one. Even the delivery driver was shocked and thought I had purchased an old shop floor one. Eventually, 12 weeks later I took delivery of my suite and sponged the dirt off and I'm now happy with it. The final delivery was June 2019. But bearing in mind I had nothing to sit on for over 12 weeks and the fact that I paid £300 for safe storage I did not receive an apology or any refund on the storage fees as they said even though it was damaged whilst they stored it, they did store it and I had to pay! It certainly took the shine off my purchase and I will never use them again.
1 review
1 helpful vote
September 2nd, 2019
I would never recommend them. This is for the reading store but imagine their whole company is like this.

We ordered a clearance mattress from the reading store. It was in perfect condition, even our order statement said so. The day before it was due to be delivered we got a call saying it had been damaged and needs to be fixed. This was the first sign of the company poorly treating its customers by not taking care of their products. At this point we had paid for the mattress and hadn't received anything.

Next it took us about 10 times to get through to them on the phone to find out what happened the next day to sort out the delivery- 'it got damaged somehow' that's all we got from them. They said they would try to clean/ repair the mattress which took a week with us contacting them, not the other way round. It still did not get fixed. They said they can still deliver it to us but of course we did not want a product that had been damaged by them.

Next they said we could get the same mattress type delivered at our original clearance price. Great we thought, finally getting sorted and fair compensation. Once again they let us down. Never called us, always relying on us to sort it out so we had to do the calling up ever when they said they had booked a call in for them to call.

So, we called to say what's happening. Only to be told they can't do it at the same price. Only option was to a refund or a reduced price on the current mattress. Even had the cheek to say you could use the money to look for another mattress of the same price- we were never going to give them our money after this. We had to refuse the reduced cost as we didn't want a mattress that was still no in good shape that they had damaged. No compensation offered, barely an apology either so took the refund as we just didn't want the hassle of dealing with them again.

Shame on the staff at reading, you have lost yourself a customer that was willing to buy future products with you but never again. We will also tell others to stay away because of your appalling customer service, lack of contact, lack of care for your product and overall poor service.
1 review
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August 9th, 2019
I bought a sofa and chair from furniture village i took out the guardsman cover on it at over £200 i got told they would come out and clean the sofa it got a stain on it this is not true they are refusing to come and clean mu sofa now i am fuming
1 review
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September 16th, 2018
We ordered a sofa with an expected delivery time of up to 11 weeks, however the sofa took 15 weeks to arrive. Partly delayed due to a hold up at the port, but also delayed due to incompetent communication and poor organisation with staff. We had 0 contact from Furniture Village, and a total of 6 calls were made from us to chase the manager, to organise payment and a good will gesture. During all our phone calls we were informed we would be called back, but they never did. On one occasion we were told the sofa had not arrived, however the following call we were informed it had been in the warehouse for 12 days. Meaning on our previous call they had the sofa, but had not bothered to check with the warehouse. On another phone call, the employee failed to put us on hold, and we overheard them saying "nothing has been done with their order." Many attempts were made to speak with the manager, on one occasion being told he was out at lunch and would not return for 2 hours, and also that was his final day working, and we could only discuss the service and good will gesture with that manager. When asking for the new managers name, the admin woman became very rude stating "I am not going to give you his name, I will make sure the manager calls you back today, and if he doesn't then I will call you back." I stated that we have been promised a call back many times, and never received them, therefore wanted the new managers name to ensure we had someone to discuss our service with, at that point the women still refused and stated "I am going to end this call now." We were also informed they had tried to contact us many times, however neither myself or my partner received any communication by phone, email or post.
1 review
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October 25th, 2019
Dear Team,
My purchasing orders are: 459130967

I want to make a complaint and cancel my order over Furniture Village New Malden a, 150 Kingston Rd, New Malden KT3 3RD

I have placed several sofas including one three seat sofa order 459130967 in August 2019 over this store. Now it has been more than 2 months, the delivery supposed to happen on last Thursday 17th October 2019.

The carrier could not move those sofas into my first floor living room claimed that the sofa is too large. To be frank, it is a three seats sofa but with two pieces separately.

When first placing the purchasing orders, I have told the sales person that sofas will be in our first floor living room and the sales person, , U88 WAYNE OREARDON, promised me that the three seats sofa will have no issue, because they are coming with two pieces.

On 17th Oct 2019, when the carrier was trying to do the deliver, these three seats sofas could not move up to the stairs. As a result, they move back all the sofa to the warehouse and want to schedule a redelivery with another professional delivery crew and hope to sort it out.

I was trying to contact Furniture Village New Malden store at least 20 times since then on Thursday 17th Oct and 18th October to try to sort out this issue, either on one answers my phone or they just simply saying that we will be passing this message to the manager or they just hang up my phone saying that we will be calling me back, but they never did.

After keep on calling again and again, I have finally managed to speak to the store manager, Mr, Gary over Furniture Village New Malden store, and he said that it should not be a problem. Only this time, they have hired the contractor for the delivery who did not try their best to do so, and he will be asking more senior and professional crew to do this delivery job and he promised that the will be arranging this re-delivery as soon as possible.

Now, it has been more than a week since the last attempted delivery on 17th Oct 2019. Today, the store told me that they still have no idea when this order will be delivered since they are still waiting for the contractor who were doing the delivery last time to move those sofas back to the warehouse.

I have to say that the whole customer service experience is quite frustrating and it has been too long for me to wait, and therefore, I want to cancel this order. I could not wait for indefinitely. I have been waiting for this sofa coming into my living room over 2 months now and I do not want to wait for any longer for this indefinitely delivery day. I hope you could understand my frustration.

please kindly escalate this issue and help me to cancel the whole orders and get the full refund.

Please kindly let me know when the refund could be done.

Thanks much for the help


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