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Spend close to £15K in Furniture Village Watford, had loads of items arrive faulty and replaced, including power sofas and lighting,etc. It's been 11 months since I put the order in, there were problems with the sofa twice and the lighting they sell, I asked for help to deal with the issues, not only the problems are not solved, the staff was utter arrogance and rude ignorant. He seemed to be very un-helpful and defensive. I still left with the problem, and cost me more to fix the issues. PLEASE BE WARNED they are friendly and pushy when you buy from them, the good reviews from the customers were those without problems, however, should you have any issues, ZERO' support will be get from them and leave the mess you will deal with it. A VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER AND WE WILL NOT GOING BACK TO THIS STORE OR ANY OTHER STORES DUE TO THIS EXPERIENCE
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When I purchased a leather 3 piece recliner suite from the "Furniture Village" Brighton store I was told that if I took out the additional 3 year insurance with Guardsman, I would have complete peace of mind.

I was told that everything, including the reclining mechanisms and the electric motors, yes everything, everything including staining and damage such as rips and tears to the covers caused by pets, would be covered for a full five year period.

Three years later I noticed a mechanical problem with the reclining mechanism. I phoned Guardsman and they said that they would send out a claim form, adding that l needn't worry as it would be covered under their warranty.

All good so far. I then told the nice lady that there was also a problem with the seat cushion (the bit you sit on) and arm rest (the bit you rest your arm on) on the same unit. I explained that I could feel the framework through the leather and that the padding appeared to have collapsed.

She told me that this was not covered by the Guardsman warranty but that if I phoned Furniture Village they would be able to help me as their 10 year warranty covered this sort of thing.

So I phoned the Furniture Village store in Brighton and selected Option Two (to talk about an item already delivered). It went to answerphone as no one was apparently available to take my call.

I was however invited to leave a message with an assurance that someone would call me back. (Yeah right!). I immediately redialled and selected Option One (to talk about a new order).

Imagine my surprise when within two rings the call was answered by John (strange that no one was available for Option Two but was available for a possible commission call - how cynical of me).

I explained the situation and John told me that the warranty does not cover seat or arm cushions only structural defects i.e. the framework. He added that I should have plumped the cushions.

So the framework and the motors and the electrics and even the leather covering the furniture are all covered, but not the padding.

Given that the padding is an integral part of the furniture and therefore part of the structure of the furniture I was somewhat bemused.

I could understand that there would be no cover for acts of God, nor fire, flood or famine. No cover in the event of a nuclear holocaust or plane crashing into my house. No cover during civil unrest, or a military coup or if the government was being usurped. No cover for using it for a purpose that it wasn't intended to be used for ... but no cover for sitting on it?

At this point I did wonder how John had managed to transfer the blame onto me in such a short space of time. I asked him how I could plump the cushions that you sit on when they are fixed to the frame.

He told me that when I was buying the furniture I would have been shown. He wasn't there when I bought it but I was and I know I wasn't shown. Further, despite a search on the internet, I have not yet been able to find any instructions on how to carry out this task.

I informed John that when I purchased the suite I had been assured that I would have complete piece of mind as everything would be covered.

He told me that yes, the warranty covered stains and rips or tears caused by pets, studs in jeans etc but, no it didn't cover damage caused to a chair or settee because you sat on it.

So, my advice is as follows:-

1. Don't believe the salesman when he/she tells you that their furniture is only constructed from the finest materials.

2. Don't believe the salesman when he/she tells you that the extended guarantees cover everything so you can have that extra peace of mind.

3. Don't expect the furniture you buy to be fit for purpose ... i.e. don't expect to lie on a bed or sit on a chair without having something go wrong with it which isn't their fault.

4. Do expect to be fobbed off with explanations that is your fault because you haven't looked after it properly when they haven't even bothered to examine the defect.

5. Do expect whoever you speak to say they can't comment on any point you are trying to make as they did not personally sell you the item in question.

The person I spoke to had no idea who I was, where I lived, what the invoice or order number was but said that he couldn't comment on the problem as he hadn't sold the item to me. How did he know?

Learn from the mistakes of others. Do your homework and avoid companies who mislead you about their guarantees and have non existent after sales customer support.

Thanks John I wont be going back.

Update 1.

Following this review I was asked to contact the customer care team and received this response ...

Good afternoon

Thank you for taking the time to contact us as we requested, I am sorry to hear of your concerns. I have taken a look into this and can see what you have reported has been done via the phone call, I have forwarded over your concerns to the general manager of the store for this to be looked into further for you.

I have requested that you are contacted with regards to your review.

Update 2.

I received the following response from the branch manager ...

Dear xxxxx

I have been sent a copy of your Trustpilot review and whilst John was correct in stating that the interiors are only covered for the first year and that the other components are only covered for 2 years unless you extend the recliner cover with Guardsman as you have done, he could have offered you a different option.

Any repairs outside of our guarantee would obviously be chargeable to yourself but if you wanted to look into doing this you could contact xxxxxxx who is a local upholsterer that could inspect the furniture to see if there is anything that he can do to resolve your concerns. His number is xxxxx xxxxxx.

Kind Regards

General Manager

Update 3.

My reply to the General Manager ....

Dear xxxxx.

As I stated in my review I expect goods purchased to be of merchantable quality and do not consider it to be unreasonable to expect that a chair can be sat on without it falling apart.

Given that another review identified the use of inferior materials (cheap foam - as identified by a freelance upholsterer) in the construction of your furniture, it would appear that mine is not an isolated case.

Good customer relations relies upon trust and goodwill. Given your inflexible attitude there is clearly no after sales goodwill and any trust that may have once existed has since been broken.

In your email you gave me the name of an upholsterer whom you recommend and state that I can pay for his services myself.

I find your attitude quite astonishing. Are there any other services that I can pay for which you would recommend?

Perhaps I should give you open access to my bank account and grant you free rein over any future buying decisions that you might wish to make on my behalf.

It would appear that not only are the products sold of inferior quality but the level of customer service from the Furniture Village brand struggles to meet the low standards which appear to be acceptable at Head Office.

As I said in my original post, in future I will go elsewhere. As for my review, I will let your "potential" future customers make their own decisions.


One final point to ponder ......

Why do Furniture Village call it a Customer Care Team?
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Dear Team,
My purchasing orders are: 459130967

I want to make a complaint and cancel my order over Furniture Village New Malden a, 150 Kingston Rd, New Malden KT3 3RD

I have placed several sofas including one three seat sofa order 459130967 in August 2019 over this store. Now it has been more than 2 months, the delivery supposed to happen on last Thursday 17th October 2019.

The carrier could not move those sofas into my first floor living room claimed that the sofa is too large. To be frank, it is a three seats sofa but with two pieces separately.

When first placing the purchasing orders, I have told the sales person that sofas will be in our first floor living room and the sales person, , U88 WAYNE OREARDON, promised me that the three seats sofa will have no issue, because they are coming with two pieces.

On 17th Oct 2019, when the carrier was trying to do the deliver, these three seats sofas could not move up to the stairs. As a result, they move back all the sofa to the warehouse and want to schedule a redelivery with another professional delivery crew and hope to sort it out.

I was trying to contact Furniture Village New Malden store at least 20 times since then on Thursday 17th Oct and 18th October to try to sort out this issue, either on one answers my phone or they just simply saying that we will be passing this message to the manager or they just hang up my phone saying that we will be calling me back, but they never did.

After keep on calling again and again, I have finally managed to speak to the store manager, Mr, Gary over Furniture Village New Malden store, and he said that it should not be a problem. Only this time, they have hired the contractor for the delivery who did not try their best to do so, and he will be asking more senior and professional crew to do this delivery job and he promised that the will be arranging this re-delivery as soon as possible.

Now, it has been more than a week since the last attempted delivery on 17th Oct 2019. Today, the store told me that they still have no idea when this order will be delivered since they are still waiting for the contractor who were doing the delivery last time to move those sofas back to the warehouse.

I have to say that the whole customer service experience is quite frustrating and it has been too long for me to wait, and therefore, I want to cancel this order. I could not wait for indefinitely. I have been waiting for this sofa coming into my living room over 2 months now and I do not want to wait for any longer for this indefinitely delivery day. I hope you could understand my frustration.

please kindly escalate this issue and help me to cancel the whole orders and get the full refund.

Please kindly let me know when the refund could be done.

Thanks much for the help

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Bought a mattress as reccomended by the floor manager for £489. Bed developed a large dip on one side in three months. Funiture village sent out a technitian who said it's from general wear and tear and there's nothing they can do about it. First response from customer service was talking about a leaning chair, so obviously just copied and pasted from another complaint. Really get the idea they couldn't get a monkey once they have your money.

I spent weeks looking for a good mattress to invest in and a lot more than I would normally have spent. Will just go to the local mattress factory and get a £200 one next time. At least then I won't be as dissapointed if it goes wrong in just a few months of normal use.
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I would never recommend them. This is for the reading store but imagine their whole company is like this.

We ordered a clearance mattress from the reading store. It was in perfect condition, even our order statement said so. The day before it was due to be delivered we got a call saying it had been damaged and needs to be fixed. This was the first sign of the company poorly treating its customers by not taking care of their products. At this point we had paid for the mattress and hadn't received anything.

Next it took us about 10 times to get through to them on the phone to find out what happened the next day to sort out the delivery- 'it got damaged somehow' that's all we got from them. They said they would try to clean/ repair the mattress which took a week with us contacting them, not the other way round. It still did not get fixed. They said they can still deliver it to us but of course we did not want a product that had been damaged by them.

Next they said we could get the same mattress type delivered at our original clearance price. Great we thought, finally getting sorted and fair compensation. Once again they let us down. Never called us, always relying on us to sort it out so we had to do the calling up ever when they said they had booked a call in for them to call.

So, we called to say what's happening. Only to be told they can't do it at the same price. Only option was to a refund or a reduced price on the current mattress. Even had the cheek to say you could use the money to look for another mattress of the same price- we were never going to give them our money after this. We had to refuse the reduced cost as we didn't want a mattress that was still no in good shape that they had damaged. No compensation offered, barely an apology either so took the refund as we just didn't want the hassle of dealing with them again.

Shame on the staff at reading, you have lost yourself a customer that was willing to buy future products with you but never again. We will also tell others to stay away because of your appalling customer service, lack of contact, lack of care for your product and overall poor service.
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I bought a sofa and chair from furniture village i took out the guardsman cover on it at over £200 i got told they would come out and clean the sofa it got a stain on it this is not true they are refusing to come and clean mu sofa now i am fuming
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this is the first and last time i ever shop with furniture village. soon as you have paid a deposit they never give you the service you deserve. in my case the sales person was not interested in talking with me regarding the sample i had asked to be sent. i waited 13 weeks for delivery and was told the delivery date would be set only when the account was cleared. once the final payment was taken they gave me a date two weeks after i needed the furniture. they have so many strange rules which is fine. the most important thing for me is that the staff attitude towards the customer is bad, i personally experienced this across two branches.
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Shocking after sales
My experience in the shop was first class but unfortunately it went down hill from there. I ordered the sofa in September 2018. When my suite was ready for delivery my builders had not finished, so I paid Furniture Village £300 to safely store my suite. When they did try to deliver it, it was damaged, the travel leg had been snapped off and all the back was scuffed and dirty. So I waited another 6 weeks and they tried to deliver the same damaged sofa. They did say it was a new one but it had exactly the same damage as the first one. Even the delivery driver was shocked and thought I had purchased an old shop floor one. Eventually, 12 weeks later I took delivery of my suite and sponged the dirt off and I'm now happy with it. The final delivery was June 2019. But bearing in mind I had nothing to sit on for over 12 weeks and the fact that I paid £300 for safe storage I did not receive an apology or any refund on the storage fees as they said even though it was damaged whilst they stored it, they did store it and I had to pay! It certainly took the shine off my purchase and I will never use them again.
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Do yourselves a favour and avoid this company. I've just come back from the Purley Way (Croydon) store where I can honestly say I experienced the worst customer service in my 50+ years.

We went in this afternoon as I'm looking for a dining table and chairs. Came across a particular one I liked with an option of 4 chair colours but there were no clear signs about how much the table was with 6 chairs. Asked the sales associate who went away to check and came back to advise its £1,595 for the table and 6 chairs. As it was the first store we'd gone in to, we wanted to take a look around at what else was available but before we left I confirmed the price (along with some other details like delivery time etc) and I even went as far as explaining that we are undecided on the chair colour between two; sea green and another reddish colour. The price for the table and 6 chairs was again confirmed as £1,595.

After about two hours of looking around in other stores (there are many options in the Purley area) we came back as we liked the unusual colour options of the chairs we'd seen at Furniture Village. The sales associate Amin recognised us and was very friendly and welcomed us back. After much deliberation (and even a family poll!), we decided to purchase the sea green coloured chairs with the table. As we sat down to finalise the purchase, Amin's face dropped when he realised he'd made a mistake on the price; the £1,595 he'd quoted was for the grey chairs only! He said the price for the colour we'd chosen would be closer to £2k!

Understandably, we were not happy as even the £1,595 was slightly above our budget. I asked to speak to a manager, not to reduce the price as I knew they wouldn't, but to show him the poorly priced and set up of the display. There were no prices for the chairs let alone any distinction in prices between colours. Amin called the manager who was on the downstairs floor and explained the situation. The manager (who I now know is called Jason Body) REFUSED to come up and speak to us! Amin put the phone down and advised that he's not going to come up. We were aghast! He just point blank refused to talk to us! I have never come across a manager with such poor customer service skills, he's certainly not worthy of the title manager.

Amin was apologetic but there was nothing else he could do. I took photos of the display on my way out showing the set up and labels to put in a complaint but I don't think there's any point if they can't even be bothered to listen to customers in store. As I was heading out I noticed 4+ staff milling around downstairs and only one other customer in store. The place was practically empty and I can't say I'm surprised.

I'm still in shock about what happened this afternoon; 2.5 hours completely wasted. All that deliberation, looking at options available across stores and the disgusting non-service by the "manager" Jason. Hope no-one else goes through what we have today. Do yourselves a favour and avoid this store. Would give zero stars if I could.
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After 3 months the veneer on our lamp table has lifted. I sent customer services photos. We were told that we had spilt liquid on the table although we bought a coffee table for drinks. They didn't want to see the table so how can they tell. It couldn't possibly be poor build quality. They will do nothing about this problem. If they had sealed the edge of the veneered panel this problem would never arise
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All smiles and happy faces before you order but afterwards they don't want to know, after care non existent.

Don't do what they say they're going to do, don't call you back when they say they're going to call you back.

This is all before an item has even been delivered, I dread to think what it'll be like if there's a problem with the actual item.

Social media a waste of time as they'll just tell you to call the branch, good luck getting them to answer the phone. Avoid.
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Bad furniture and worse customer service. I have bought furniture from here less than 2 years ago, had issues with parts (clips) which I reported a month ago. No updates so called back and they are refusing to come take a look or fix the parts even though it is still under parts guarantee.
Plan to goto the financial ombudsman to report this next
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Absolutely appalling company to deal with. Please please please anyone reading this do not make the mistake we did, buy from the many others places you can. You will regret the entire experience with buying from these cowboys.
In short, lied about when the sofas we brought would be delivered. For over 6 weeks we have sat on a floor. This is due to continue for another 6 weeks so in total 4 months. Our sofas are not bespoke, they lie.
Area manager has never called back.
Chelmsford store manager is rude, shockingly bad and frankly should not be working at that store or any position in customer service. She lied about making phone calls, my phone provider verified this.
You'll never get your samples through, never! Ordered five times.
My husband has driven in to sort problems out and will be driving in again tomorrow.
This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. We are reporting with records, including the verbal insult to my husband head office. Please people reading this DO NOT buy sofas from this comoany. Look at some of the reviews, they're fake as they are on commission. Every day this continues we regret ever walking in there .they are not even the cheapest place to buy from (in case you are price driven). Anyone reading this wanting more insight I would be more than happy to give it to you.
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Mis-sold a £900 mattress in furniture village in Thurrock. Explicitely told it was medium firm and good if you have a back problem only to find it was medium soft and like a sponge when it was delivered. Store manager refused to call me back until their own customer services insisted and then flatly refused to help with either refund or exchange stating their T&Cs as an excuse for me to lose £900. No attempt to compromise even though online orders can be exchanged within 14 days. Shocking, uncaring service, which has left my heavily pregnant wife very distressed. They don't even pretend to care, it's just about rushing you to sign and take your money.
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Our first dealing with FV in High Wycombe was to purchase a black rug which was confirmed to be colour fast and would not reate with a cream carpet it was to be set down ipon. The rug arrived after delsys and excuses for a late delivery and within 10 days of use a black outline was totally evident on the cream carpet which was in itself new. After complaining and several weeks that went into months the cream carpet was eventually replaced under FV insurance.
We then stupidly chose wardrobes and bedroom furniture from FV having spent several thousand of pounds the salesman confirmed having made internal emails that we could be supplied with a separate headboard and timber top from a drawer set only then to be advised 2 months after order these items colud not be supplied. The order itself slipped from excuse to excuse over a period of almost 7 months before matters sorted out with our acceptance of refunds to unlock the saga. The staff and the store manager constantly never returned calls or emails and even if entering the shop suddenly would disappear on a lunck break or sfternoon off. Every trick in the book was to do nothing in sorting the disgraceful service. Never have I dealt with such an unprofessional organisation. The sales team blamed the ordering team who blamed the German manufacturer who blamed the logistics team handling delivery and installs. A complete discrace and never will my family use FV again and everyone we discuss with is advised to avoid FV ... it is clear this is company wide and not isolated instances.
As of today my sister in law, despite advising not to use FV has the exact beginning of the same issue trying to get a sofa delivered that is now late, yesterday it was said to be in the country... today it isn't or maybe...but unknown!

I strongly advise to avoid these people and go elsewhere annoying as it may be should you see something you want..
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I am having a nightmare with Furniture Village, and from reading reviews it seems there are plenty of others like me.

I was overcharged and sent the wrong size sofa. I had to fight to return this, I was passed from pillow to post for over a month, no one would take responsibility. I am now left trying to sort the finance out, again no one will take responsibly, I am left worried that this is going to affect my credit rating.

To top it off, the bed I ordered come broken, I am again being pasted from pillow to post, I have been going round in circles for the past six weeks. The customer care team are terrible, their customer service is shocking!!! They refuse to put me onto a manager.

The next step will have to be taking them to court. Thank god I have everything in writing. Natalie
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The service up to buying a product from Furniture Village Romford is decent. It's what happens after they have taken your money that warrants the one star rating.

Was advised that our sofa would arrive within 10 weeks (to expect 8 weeks). Was also advised that I would be kept inform of any delays and that we'd get a call two weeks beforehand to organise the delivery date. Did that happen? Of course not!

Over 10 weeks past and no contact whatsoever. I contacted Furniture Village who said they cant help and that I would have to get in contact with the store. After sending complaints, I got a response stating that the sofa was not in the country and would be due to dock in several weeks.

If there was going to be delays, a courtesy call/message would have been appreciated but Furniture Village wont bother. They'll miss their own timeframes time and time again and you wont be informed unless you chase.

The sofa then arrived torn, uneven with one side several inches higher than the other and the feet misaligned. Furniture Village regards this as within their acceptable limits! Terrible product and the worst customer experience you can imagine.

Order no: 269179375
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We ordered a sofa with an expected delivery time of up to 11 weeks, however the sofa took 15 weeks to arrive. Partly delayed due to a hold up at the port, but also delayed due to incompetent communication and poor organisation with staff. We had 0 contact from Furniture Village, and a total of 6 calls were made from us to chase the manager, to organise payment and a good will gesture. During all our phone calls we were informed we would be called back, but they never did. On one occasion we were told the sofa had not arrived, however the following call we were informed it had been in the warehouse for 12 days. Meaning on our previous call they had the sofa, but had not bothered to check with the warehouse. On another phone call, the employee failed to put us on hold, and we overheard them saying "nothing has been done with their order." Many attempts were made to speak with the manager, on one occasion being told he was out at lunch and would not return for 2 hours, and also that was his final day working, and we could only discuss the service and good will gesture with that manager. When asking for the new managers name, the admin woman became very rude stating "I am not going to give you his name, I will make sure the manager calls you back today, and if he doesn't then I will call you back." I stated that we have been promised a call back many times, and never received them, therefore wanted the new managers name to ensure we had someone to discuss our service with, at that point the women still refused and stated "I am going to end this call now." We were also informed they had tried to contact us many times, however neither myself or my partner received any communication by phone, email or post.
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Haven't not shopped or purchased items from Furniture Village before, I thought their pricing was reasonable and their item descriptions informative. I really wish I studied in-depth the online reviews before I purchased two bookcases (same material - one tall and the other wide). I ordered the two items online in April 2018 and was informed it will take up to 7 weeks to be delivered. Date came and went with no contact from customer service to inform me that delivery will be delayed. At the beginning of July, I made my first phone call to Furniture Village customer service to enquire the above. I was informed that delivery of my items will be next week and I will receive a phone call from the delivery team letting me know of the day and time slot these shall be arriving. Again week came and went, again another phone call to customer service, again informed these will be delivered the week after. During that week, I received a phone call from the delivery warehouse, who informed me of the day and time slot. However, one bookcase was damaged (large fist shaped hole through the back). I was asked if I wanted it, I of course said 'no thank you' and was told it was on the lorry anyway and will need to let the delivery team who arrive aware of my choice (?). Items were delivered on the day and time slot stated. Informed the delivery driver the situation, he then took pictures of the damaged item using his iPad. His iPad failed on numerous attempts to process the return and the request for another to be delivered. Informed me not to worry and took the damaged item with him. Few days past, again phoned Furniture Village customer service, explained the recent situation. As return had not been processed, there was no record, meaning nothing would have been done if I hadn't called. Customer service had difficulties in contacting the delivery warehouse. Over a week or so, I called customer service three more times, eventually I was informed a replacement bookcase had been ordered and will be on its way. Again, waited 6 weeks, no information, I then received a phone call informing me that the bookcase had been discontinued and I will receive a phone call from the refund team who will process my refund. Unfortunately, I missed their call and again called customer service. I was informed again, that I will receive a call from their refund team, as I have to confirm with them that I want a refund (?). Still waiting for a refund. I will never purchase items or recommend this store to anyone.
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Sold as a live edge table - one in shop wavy edge but nicely finished. You can get splinters from ours. The table top veneer has been badly repaired in places. In others it is lifting and the veneer panels are splitting away from each other. Gouge out of top. To be fair - the manufacturers have agreed to replace but in common with other reviewers the "customer service" is very poor. The coffee table is now splitting apart - we have had these items just over a month! Await with interest the new dining table.
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Never have I ever experienced a company which the most appalling customer service. Right from the outset, we were misled by the salesman that we could customise our order by ordering chairs with a separate colour seat pad and without a back handle. Despite him claiming to have called the suppliers and reassuring us in the store that these were both possible - they were not. Now I feel he would have told us anything to get a sell - his name was Shahid Habdul in the New Malden Store.
Our goods (dining table and chairs and side cabinet) were then both delivered faulty, with large chips to the marble surfaces, cabinet doors which would not shut properly and only 4 chairs came (despite ordering 6) WITH the wrong colour seat pads. Following complaint to Sarah Ahchay the store administrator in the head office and her boss Rami, they assured us our correct items without faults would then be delivered. Since then, it has taken 4 additional attempts to deliver the correct items to us (each time the completely wrong set or wrong number of chairs were delivered) AND we yet we are still awaiting delivery of 1 chair. I have no idea how this is even possible. Your head office appears to have no control or communication with your warehouse and the salesmen appear to have no knowledge of what goes on both in the warehouse and head office. We have had excuse after excuse and my only wish was that we never bought anything from Furniture Village in the first place.
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Furniture Village do not seem to care about customers. They did not fulfill their side of the contract
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My Dune Sofa now qualifies as my worst purchase ever and the subsequent customer service has been even worse . The sofas look great in store but god help you if you dare to sit on them ....they just turn into a total mess , mine looks at least ten years old after a month of use.
Normally if you were dealing with someone decent this would be easy to resolve but not these cowboys and complain and they will reply by saying what a shame it is that you are not happy with your sofa but that's about all you will get from them.
I will see you in court .
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In January this year we bought a sofa bed from Furniture Village in Tamworth, Staffs. It arrived in March, and after a week we felt that the cushions werent properly filled as the material crumpled. The salesman in the store didnt want to know he said thats the way it is, even though the sofa bed in the store didnt look crumpled in the same way. He told us to complain to Furniture Village Customer Services which eventually resulted in an independent technician coming out in April, who told us we had nothing to complain about he was totally biased, and ignorant! We asked a local upholsterer to have a look he saw the problem and said we needed another 2 of foam in each seat cushion a mere £110. Before doing anything, on 4th May I sent a recorded delivery letter to Peter Harrison, the CEO of Furniture Village, who is quoted in The Business Magazine as saying that he wants the business to go on and on and on, and to do the things that they believe in serve customers right and give customers a good deal. Its now June 1st no reply, weve been totally ignored - not even an acknowledgement. This is really unacceptable from a company which professes to want to serve customers properly.

Beware Furniture Village are very good at smiling and giving you a cup of coffee, taking your money and then running! If you have a problem, they dont want to know. My experience as taught me one thing never go to Furniture Village again.
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Never buy a sofa from furnitue village as this company can't resolve any issues and are incompetent in every way. Company is a shambles and they don't care about customers. All they want is your money. They say they know about all the problems in the company but do nothing. Steer clear of this company if you don't want grief. Full of promises that they do not keep. I have never in my life wrote a review on a company but I don't want anyone to go through what we went through. We ordered 2 bond street sofas and table and chairs. We were told to pay the balance which we did as the table had arrived in ware house. We were then told the company had gone bust and they were trying to find another company. Orpington furniture village say they were given wrong information. We then told them they should deliver sofas as we couldn't wait another 3 months for table. They tell you to contact ware house for delivery but they never pick up the phone or answer emails. Again back to Orpington so they could resolve ware house problems. Finely after so many problems we are given a date. But only 1 sofa turns up and no scatter cushions. Again back to shop. We did not know they were meant to unpack sofa and put feet on. Ken the manager phoned the ware house and told them it was unacceptable. They then delivered the other sofa and found scatter cushions. The issues just got worse as 1 arm was completely broken and wobbled, discoloured patches, the feet were put on the wrong way and 1 arm was straight and the other sticking out. We refused sofas and delivery men took 1 sofa back and Ken told us to keep one so we had something to sit on. He told us 2 new sofas would be reordered. After 8 weeks again back to shop as no news. They could not believe we had not heard anything. Then told us they had not even been ordered as it was services thought. They just all blame each other but costumer has still no sofas after 5 months. They said services had fixed broken arm in ware house but we paid for 2 new sofas. Not a sofa that has been fixed. Ken said he could not believe how many chances they had been given to resolve all the problems. We then spoke to his manager and said we wanted our money back but he tried saying we could not have all our money back. I explained that the only reason they had all our money was cause they told us table had arrived which it hadn't and sofas were all defected. He only said I could have all our money back when I quoted our consumer rights. He then said we would not be given all our money as we still had their borrowed sofas. I asked for compensation due to all the distress, continuously driving to the shop, time with emails and phoning but he said no because we were being given our money back. They have had our money for 5 months and we have had nothing but stress and anger. We then receive a letter saying they hope we enjoyed our bond street sofas and that they endeavour to provide the highest level of service. Not 1 department knows what the other one is doing. We have been treated with no respect at all. Karen

Tip for consumers: Please do not make the mistakes we made. Night mare. They may have more good reviews but not everyone writes reviews. I have never wrote a review but we needed to let customers know how bad they were.


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