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H_rstel, NW 48477, DE
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2 reviews
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I advise all to avoid this company. I ordered 3 days ago and paid a high price for flowers and chocolate but still not delivered. Morevere, they told lies about delivery time.
No, they stop even responding to my queries . Unfortunately, I am cheated and my money is gone.
Avoid them .....

1 review
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Компания шарлатанов. Мой букет так и не был доставлен и все деньги бесследно пропали. Множественные попытки дозвониться до руководства кроме обещаний ни к чему не привели.

1 review
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BAD SERVICE.Money grabbers.They didn't delivered my more than 60 Euros order.They never answer or refund me.

1 review
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I ordered a bouquet 3 weeks in advance from this site for Valentine's Day.

They didn't deliver!

Avoid this $#*!ty company at all costs.

1 review
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Ordered flowers - paid via PayPal
No flowers delivered - no customers service from Floraqueen or Paypal
Total fraud and unnecceptable
Fraud charges need to be laid

1 review
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"When the flowers arrive on time I am beyond pleased. The quality is excellent, but sometimes I think the communication on delivery status is a bit lacking. Overall, I am very satisfied."

Is what I said before I decided to use them more than twice.
Again, Another order has failed to be delivered on the day requested. I mean, why would I actually want Valentines flowers delivered on Valentines Day. Crazy right?! I have ordered these flowers well in advance because as a retailer who is in charge of logistics I know that the Valentine season can be very hectic.I ordered these flowers on the 3rd of February.

Thank You for nothing. Each time that you said that I would be reimbursed for my inconvenience, I was not. I am done with your company. I am so let down and disappointed that I can't even explain. I could have at least gotten a warning that the flowers would be late, or not arriving at all so that I could have made better arrangements.

I know that you may think that you only sell a product that will die, but as someone who is in charge of logistics for a jewelry company I can tell you that it is much more! You are selling emotions unfortunately, and there is a greater responsibility when this is involved. Save your money in the future, and use a better known company because this company does not care.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Quite simply appalling. The flowers were ordered for our wedding anniversary but not delivered. At time of order I provided my email, the mobile number of my wife and my own. As it was a Saturday we went for our anniversary lunch and were away when they tried to deliver. We were not contacted by email nor mobile to advise that there was a delivery problem. Nor incidentally was a note left in our letter box. Their web site states that FloraQueen uses local suppliers who realise their clients may not be at home and will use the provided email/mobile numbers to schedule a new delivery time. This did not happen.
I tried phoning Customer Service but obtained a recorded message in Spanish directing me to their web site. The responses from my many messages to them show that Customer Service is there not to solve problems but to avoid any liability to FloraQueen.
Three days later my wife still has not received her flowers. I have been told that as we were not at home when they tried to deliver we are not entitled to a refund from FloraQueen. This is despite their web site displaying a 100% guarantee refund logo. They ignore my repeated requests to explain why they did not contact me by email or mobile to schedule a new delivery time. In fact the local florist told me that FloraQueen did not provide them with my email and both mobile numbers provided to them had the last three digits missing.
I realise that sometimes things go wrong but a company with high standards will ensure these issues are resolved promptly. Not FloraQueen who have provided responses which are designed to escape responsibility and failed totally to try and resolve the issue. This is simply a company that has to be avoided.

1 review
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Reviews seemed good so I ordered for my wife's birthday. Bad idea.
I needed to change the delivery day by one day and notified 4 days in advance (2 working and 2 weekend). They wrote on the day of delivery and never fulfilled my requested change nor did they even reply to my request at all. When I called, only the voicemail.

The worst part, the flowers never arrived at all. Apparently DHL delivered them, but there was no slip in the mail. So, we're stuck with old flowers three days after the delivery that never happened. FQ never apologised and did nothing to help.

Stick with a more trusted shop who you can reach easily.

1 review
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What arrived was VERY different than what they advertised....
We bought a package for £ 300 that was to include a basket of flowers and a white and red bottle of wine. When the flowers arrived, they were completely dried and wilted. They were completely unacceptable (and honestly embarrassing to be given as a gift).
When the wine was delivered, a lady showed up holding two bottles that cost £ 7 at Biedronka. They had no packaging on them, not in a bag or anything. We think the delivery person took the wine that we ordered and replaced it with the £ 7 bottle from Biedronka.
When we reached out to FloraQueen, Cris was rude, defensive and not helpful. He suggested we get 30% off the next order - we requested to have the existing ordered refunded or replaced. As FloraQueen is not responding seriously to our concerns, we have filed a fraudulent charge report since what we purchased was very very different than what they delivered. What a SCAM.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Unfortunately since my original review I have had a bad experience. The flowers were dispatched from Spain to Portugal on 17th January. My parents were not home at the time of delivery on 18th January. The courier company did not work over the weekend and therefore the next delivery was not until the afternoon of 21 January - 4 days after dispatch. The flowers could have been left at the property but instead were kept in storage over the weekend. The flowers were dead on arrival. I contacted FloraQueen and was told that they would not refund the cost (over £46.80, which is not cheap). As a result I would not recommend this service or use it again!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I am extremely disappointed with their service. i ordered flowers to be delivered to Marrakesh, to a five star resort my friend was staying at to surprise her. They needed a local number, fair enough. For this the delivery was delayed by a few days, which was not ideal, but ok fine.

My friend never received the flowers. When I asked customer service, they didn't apologize. They said " we called the hotel and they did receive the flowers. It is not our fault if your friend never received them." Wow, excuse me?

I paid a lot for these flowers, the least they could do is provide details such as who at the hotel received the flowers, the date and time , and more professional florists would send an image of the flowers.

Don't use their service. You are in the blind on the status of the flowers ( i had to message multiple times to get the latest status) and they do not take responsibility for any mess ups.

I am waiting for them to send me REAL evidence that the flowers have in fact been sent. And if they were sent, they did not just drop it at the reception, without getting a receipt and checking that the recipient is in fact still there at the hotel. This is so basic, and feels like a scam

1 review
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Yesterday I have ordered flowers for my sister in Switzerland as it's her birthday today. The flowers you have delivered are absolutely nothing what you show on the website. 5 roses with 1 ugly plastic red bow for over 100 and that's after I have chosen and paid more for bigger flowers?
This is absolutely unacceptable, unprofessional and very disrespectful from your side. It's not slight difference, it's a completely different smaller and very poorly done flower combination. And that hand written message? Who does that? My sister couldn't even understand that writing. I have ordered specific colours and flowers : HAPPY DAY as they are my sister's favourite. I need you to send this specific flowers to my sister today - exactly how they are on the website, and size as well. Otherwise I am expecting a full refund today. Never ever had such an unpleasant experience and poor delivery from any of the companies like yours.

1 review
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Wish I'd read these reviews before ordering flowers for a funeral. I had ordered for delivery the day before the funeral to be on the safe side. When they didn't arrive by 2pm, I contacted FloraQueen via their lousy ticketing system. Did not get a response until after the funeral by which time it was too late, of course. I suspect it's a scam. Luckily I paid via PayPal so I'm opening a case with them to get my money back.

1 review
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I bought my mother flowers for her birthday. The delivery guy didnt check the address and left them outside an abandoned house! When following up on the issue, customer service took ages to get back to me and when they did they disputed the case to the bitter end before saying the best they could do was give me a 30% in my next order - as if would ever be buying from them again! Very unsatisfied...what should have been a thoughtful gift to my mother on the other side of the world, turned into a nightmare of a purchase - save your money and go somewhere else!

1 review
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Horrible experience. The flowers were never delivered, no note was left on the door. It's almost impossible to get into contact with these people but finally i was told that I couldn't get a refund but that I could have the flowers redelivered or get a credit (of about half of the price I paid) to use within one year. I contacted again to try to use the credit a couple of months later and was told that the claim was closed and they couldn't offer me the credit or redeliver the flowers as they told me they could. I'm frankly disgusted with this company and after dealing with their horrible customer service and complete lack of honesty more than once, I sincerely hope the business closes down. I feel hopeless in this situation as they have no phone number to talk directly about this situation with them and the things they say in their emails obviously hold no value. I would recommend looking elsewhere. Also, I would recommend looking at their reviews on other platforms as they are all horribly low.

I've spent literally hours and hours going back and forth and trying to get into contact with the company and I live in an opposite time zone and so I've had to be up during the night for hours for absolutely no reason. Such a waste of time and a disappointment.

1 review
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Disgraceful customer service! Never received flowers to the cost of $175! From the get go they had no intention in helping to resolve my problem, 1 line answers followed by copy and pasted sections of their policy.

2 reviews
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I timed the delivery for the day of my mother's birthday, but the delivering agent did not make it on time. When the order was finally delivered, it was the wrong one. Instead of flowers, supplements were delivered. FloraQueen demanded to see a picture of the actual delivered package - my mother had already sent it back. Needless to say, we never received flowers or refund. Do NOT do any business with FloraQueen.

1 review
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Ahora tenemos los pagos de OCTUBRE y NOVIEMBRE en retraso!
¿Cómo van regularizar eso?
Realizamos compras en los proveedores para atender sus pedidos en estes meses y ese dinero no se trata simplemente del nuestro gaño por nuestro trabajo y sí de los costos de producción para atenderlos, los costos de las manos de obra... La situación está bordeando el descuido de ustedes pues nunca dejamos de honrar nuestros compromisos en lo que se refiere a las entregas de la Flora Queen, entregando siempre en el día y horario de la solicitacion. ¿Y ahora?
Lo más respetuoso sería informarnos de una fecha proxima, llamar al teléfono y explicar la situación, etc ... antes de tenermos que apelar a situaciones más delicadas para recuperar el valor debido. (our florist number

1 review
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This service is a scam. I placed three orders to be delivered in Panama the day before Mother's day. I even paid extra for the flowers to be delivered in the morning. The flowers were not delivered... On the day the flowers were supposed to be delivered, I got messages which appeared written by a computer and not by a human, apologizing for not been able to update the status of my order... Those initial emails were followed up with more apologies and requesting a different day for delivery. I asked for a delivery on a later date and that if they could not deliver to refund my money. The company proceeded to cancel one of my orders (not the three I had placed), the other two orders have not yet been delivered and they still charged me some money for the order they did not deliver! I am going to ask my credit card company not to pay them; stay away from this company! It's a scam...

1 review
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My wife (Mara) went to visit her family in Bosnia. Today 24-10-2018 is her Birthday, so I purchase for her flowers and gift from (Flora Queen):
Order number: 66248506
Purchase details:
Infinite Love: 12 Red Roses 74.9
Heart shaped chocolate box 21
Love - Card 6
Red vase 13
Shipping costs 11
Total 117,90
Delivery date: Wednesday, 24 October 2018 - before 14h*
Total value of the order: 117,90 **

Special requests:

Card message: You have a special place in my life and my heart, and I hope your birthday is every bit as wonderful as you are. Love you Marica XOXOXO
My wife just called me just now 25-10-2018 at 01:45AM Australia time in Bosnia will be 24-10-2018 04:45PM, She advised me that she refused the flowers as it wasn't as descripted and there was no gift card or vase and the flower wasn't as the description we requested. when my wife told the lady florist who was delivering the flowers that the order I ordered is not what I requested and the flowers nearly dead (not the premier quality I ordered 12 roses) and it was in a very small box from carton (Not the Vase I paid for it) and there was no card or the message I write for her.
The Lady answered my wife in a very very rude way that she received a message from flora queen to deliver this and they pay her 46,00 only. My wife refused to receive this scam and the lady continuo to be rude to my wife and told my wife that she give it to my wife for free. My wife refused to receive this garbage.
I contact Flora Queen (No Answer at all)

Don't order from them you waisting your money and the moment you want to share it with other. Extremely disappointed.

1 review
0 helpful votes

This has gone on way too long. The florist still calls recipient for payment. How dare they! This is unacceptable and I need to see proof of payment to florist, because I paid you 2 months ago. Fix this ASAP. Order #662-08481

1 review
0 helpful votes

Missed our delivery, messaged the recipient three times to say it was coming the next day but never showed up. 3 days later they contacted us to try to get us to pay additional, and refused to refund when we declined. Anyone thinking of using theis service should save themselves the disappointment and find a reliable company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

After they did not deliver the flower on the specific day, they sent me an email say that flowers could not be delivered, that's all!
No reimbursement, no other options, no delivery the day after, not even a sincere apology.
Worst customer service ever.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered some flowers to be delivered to my mother in Hong Kong and I paid 100 for this service to surprise her on the morning of her 70th birthday. I specified the time of delivery to be before 2pm. By 2.30pm, my father, who was the contact for the delivery, had heard nothing and he messaged me to ask what was going on.

I looked on the website and they do not give updates on the status of delivery so I tried to call the "customer service" phone number and got through to an automated message in Spanish after which it hung up on me. I tried again and the same thing happened so I emailed them. I received an email message back saying they were sorry and they would try to do everything to sort it out, but if nothing happened they would give me a refund!
A few hours later, there was still no further contact or update. I asked for them to try to deliver the flowers the next day rather than give me a refund and I still did not get a reply.
My parents waited the next day just in case and then my father was called by the local flower shop saying they could not deliver before late afternoon. He was quite angry by this point and asked me to cancel the order. I emailed to cancel the order - and I still had had no reply email from "customer service" for my previous emails.
Then suddenly the flowers arrived.
The lack of communication and the confusion which arose from this, causing my parents having to delay my mum's 70th birthday celebration because they had been waiting for the flowers to arrive is completely unacceptable. Through this whole process, I received one email from Flora Queen which didn't confirm anything at all and was totally unhelpful.

To have paid 100 for this absolutely ridiculous farce of a delivery is beyond comprehension. I will never be using Flora Queen again and I would highly recommend that anyone considering it should think about using someone else.

1 review
2 helpful votes

My boyfriend tried to get me nice flowers that were supposed to arrive 3 weeks ago. To this day, nothing happened. I wasn't home the first time they tried to deliver, but the website still told my boyfriend that everything was delivered just fine. Only when he let them know, that I didn't get anything (not even a call, even though they said they would call me if I wasn't home), they admitted that they were unable to get them to me. The second time, I made sure to stay home (on a beautiful Saturday) to wait for the flowers. And again, nothing happened (again, no phone call either), but my boyfriend was again told that they had been delivered. When he told them that the flowers did't make it to me, they said the person dropped them at someone else's apartment, The only problem is that the name they gave is nowhere to be found in my building, and again: I was home the entire time with my phone right next to me! We emailed them dozens of times and they even tried to make it our fault, saying that they did offer a 20% discout (for NO flowers!) and that the flowers were delivered to a different person (who doesn't exist and even if that person existed, that's not a reason for giving them the flowers instead of me, who was home the entire day). We also tried to call them, but the costumer service hotline in Spain is a joke and the worst I've ever seen. Even though I called several time, I never made it through. They're answers to emails were short, completely false ans always late. They failed to answer the simplest of questions, for example who their partner company in Germany was, so I couId directly call them.
I would never ever buy there again. Stay away from this!


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