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I have today had to contact consumer direct (08454 040506) to report "" for taking my money and failing to deliver a childs quad. I paid via visa debit card on the 11 November 09 and have had a few delivery dates - non of which they kept. I have had fob off emails and today have found that it is now immpossible to contact them as their web site is down and the phone number rings out. It was obvious that consumer direct, part of trading standards, are well aware of the company, because of what they said to me - (however could not confirm that due to data protection !!!) I am sure anyone who has also been ripped off by this company would have no objection to consumer direct confirming "yes they had other reports of this company". My advice is to contact your bank or card issuer and get a charge back initiated to retrieve your money. Children will be relying on this comapny and will be dissapointed on christmas morning - dispicable !!!


Dear C Draper;

My Name is David Misfud and I am the owner and managing Director of Fast buggies, as you are aware we have had some serious problems over the last 3 months in terms of delivery. These delays were caused by shipments arriving very late which in turn caused mass cancellations and coupled with the economic climate had led to an unrecoverable position.

During the course of this year we delivered successfully 7 containers load of bikes approx ( 1000) and our problems are focused only on the 2 late containers. It was not our intention to cause you any problems and up till today we are trying all options in order deliver these remaining items.

We have stopped taking any new orders as we feel although more containers were due in January it was only right to focus on these late orders.

As advised by trading authorities in a situation like this in which we have broken the contract by not being able to deliver within the agreed contract period we must either come up with a written delivery agreement or a refund.

We are unable to deliver in time for Christmas and as such it is assumed should you NOT reply to this e-mail that you wish to have a full refund.

Over the next 10 days all customers will be receiving a letter in the post from myself confirming the above situation and also containing my full German contact details and address with a free post return envelope so you can confirm in writing once you have received your refund which will take place in the next 30 days.

It is with a heavy heart and deep regret I am sending you this correspondence and I can assure you having put in large sums of my own personal money to try and recover the position that everything possible was done.

With thanks
David Misfud

UPDATE 19/12/09
I emailed on Thursday explaining I had paid for a quad on the 11 November and not received is a call back service and on Friday someone from "cyberbit" phoned me back. I had to confirm my address and they had sales details including my card details...I explained I had been fobbed off with emails, ie its stuck at customs in Felixstowe bla bla ..They said they would authorise a full refund immediately and it will be in my bank Monday (due to the weekend). Its a German "thing" not sure who cyberbit are but if I get my money back - who cares. They work on behalf of "no-buggies" and they claim the money back off them, from what I gather. Maybe they are some sort of German "administrators". I urge anyone in the same situation to contact them at once.

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I buy extensively on the web for my business and have a lot of experience with a substantial number of very satisfactory traders.
My experience with has been extremely unsatisfactory; they are by far and away the worst company I have ever dealt with for anything.
The webchat doesn't work
The telephone is not answered
There is no trading address
There is no documentation ie no order acknowledgement, no VAT invoice (HMRC note), no delivery document
and for a very long time no product either.
All the above well out of line with the Sale of Goods Act.
The delivery firm are not allowed to take a product back if you refuse to accept because the packaging has disintegrated or parts are missing.
You have to sign an unheaded delivery receipt (you don't even know who is delivering) and you don't get a copy.
My Child's Tiger Quad ordered in mid-August, promised for early September, damaged in the container, delayed in shipping, delayed in Customs, delayed and delayed eventually turned up at the end of November( that makes me one of the lucky ones to actually get something after constant emailing and complaining).
It was missing the handlebar clamps and bolts, the battery charger casing was damaged and it was the wrong colour. I persevered, sorted my own handlebar clamps out and on day one of trying to use it the drive mechanism disintegrated and seized up. Happy birthday grandson!
My request for documentation, trading address, refund under the Sale of Goods act was totally ignored; just a response asking for photographs of the buggy.
If this is the experience you want, then go ahead and jump into the snake pit.
If they asked me for my credit card details to arrange a refund, I wouldn't give them; that's how much I distrust them. You cannot believe a word they say. Not a word.

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ordered kids quad 26 oct 09 where full payment has been payed. one delivery date was given in nov, this then didnt arrive. then given another date for 4 th dec 09, through out this time we had contact, still NOW waitin delivery for our sons xmas box. date given before 18th dec, we have phone & emailed them numerous times no response. we find this disgusting not only have not got delivery but not even put in picture wot is happening. if no response soon legal action will be taken & watchdog will be informed.i if you can't deliver then a refund asap, so we can buy from a company that will! p.s we know fastbuggies read these reviews.

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I met David Misfud hes a half chinease German Prick 1 year a ago we bought 10 quads off of them and he used to answer the phone himself at the time and had a small German outlet because I run a transport company we picked the bikes up our self. I had no problems then apart from one of the bikes was $#*! and got returned. This year i bought 10 more to sell on for christmas now it looks like i won't get them I sent someone to their old place in germany but there not there any more seems Davids moved back to china!!!!!!!!!!

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Any one still living in hope of recieving goods please don't just try to get a refund they have with out a doubt gone pop anyone with quads on container nine this has today been sold to a french guy and is going to be re-shipped the other two containers are likely to go the same way so their is no chance despite david misfuds email saying they are still going to try and deliver the only semi honest thing that he has said is he has put lots of money in mostly ours though .
i like the way he calls him self the managing director he is in no way shape or form a director for one a company that is paid for goods in full and then lets all of these customers down and then finds himself getting lots of cancelations and having to refund then finds himself not having the req capital to purchase the remainng part of the containers and pay duty is not the actions of director .
Can i make a suggestion david in your next foray in buisness i would suggest you buy a broom and start your learnig curve in buisness again better still i am looking to fill a position in my company for a customer care junior maybe you could learn something the only problem is i do profile all my candidates and i already no with out meeting you how yours would come out .PLEASE PLEASE everyone contact your credit card company . sorry guys i forgot to say my post are being given not by me but by my dad jason b some how his review area has froze all i am doing is typing for him as he is dictating

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Hi everyone take caution with this site if it seems to good to be true it usually is! ordered childs quad bike in september for xmas present still had not arrived by december 10th think it is a scam BEWARE!!!

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I placed an orde for a black XT 650 in February 2009, was informed on confirmation of order that i would receive confirmation of delivery within 48hrs, no responce after a week recontacted fast buggies and was then advised approx 6weeks.
After 5 weeks of chasing updates was advised that the buggy had been damaged at port and that a compensation of £150.00 would be given and they would now fast track another.
After several weeks again chasing and unfullfilled promises i was then e-mailed advising that due to the delays in supplying and delivering they had cancelled the order and arranged for my funds to be refunded, i was annoyed that they had refunded my payment without contacting me verbally and explaining why.
I was advised eventually that they would re-contact me to re-purchase when this buggy was available for emmediate delivery.
Again after several weeks of contact via phone calls and emails we received a call from Alex asking if we still wanted a XT650 has it was now available for delivery.
Again payment was arranged minus the £150 compensation which sort of put my confidence in dealing with this company as they had previously refinded and kept the promise as regards the compensation.
4 weeks ago was advised that the Buggie was due in at felixstowe late one friday evening and would have to be scanned via customs and was issued with the contact no for XRL8 (Couriers) whom they said would be able to address any delivery queries.
After several daily contacts with XRL8 i was being informed that they wa still awaiting confirmation of shipment, eventually i was advised by XRL8 that the Buggie was due in 3 weeks ago and issued with ship name.
Called the port who could not identify thde ship named.
Again called Fast Buggies and was now informed that the shipment and container had arrived and awiting clearing by customs and had arranged for the necessary payment import duites and VAT to be paid and would be a further week before it would be released.
2 weeks ago contacted fastbuggies and XRL8 asking for updates and then told that item had been cleared and the necessary duties had been paid and now just waiting for release of item via China.
Since the last e-mail 2 weeks ago we have sent various e-mails and tried to contact fast buggies by phone, left various messages on answerphone requesting action and todate still not had any communication.
Today i have called XRl8 who have advised that they will no longer deal with fast buggies as they have been messed about that much are inundated with delivery enquiries relating to fast buggies.
I have revisted one of there websites which is still permitting advanced orders to be taken and on another website the message as follows has been placed:

Dear all customers

Fastbuggies is no longer taking any new orders. Due to delays on our shipments Fastbuggies will now concentrate on completing all outstanding orders
by delivering or refunding the payment made. If you have an outstanding order you will be e-mailed in the next 4 days with full details of either the delivery or the refund.

Thank you for visiting Fastbuggies

David Misfud

Managing Director

Very dissatisfied customer and very let down by the total shambles of this company and the lies they have been telling.
Also on the website in which the above notice has been placed why has David Misfud (Manging Director) of fast buggies not issued is details of contact.

Not a bad earner in taking orders, banking money, not delivering items and then refunding, very easy way to gain interest at everybody else's expence

As website advises all previous orders delivery will be arranged or refunded within next 4 days - if not then will submit claim.

Would not have been a bad company if they had been honest throught.


Since my posting and the statement on fastbuggies webpage which advised the the managing director would contact by e-mail - I have had no e-mail nor any letter from this company or director.

I keep on sending e-mails and leaving messages on the companies so called voice mail and yet again still no responce.
Looking very doubtfull that this company will honour it's comments as regards informing all customers.
This company should not have taken orders forn items that they cannot supply in the time frame issued.

As some reports show that some customers have had a responce from this so called director it makes one think these are not genuine.
I aint bothered about this David ? who has allegedly put money into company to attempt to complete all orders and if the company had been properly managed then nobody would be in the position they are in.

What is your bets that nobody gets the letter and contact details for this guy as i feel we will all be left to hang out and dry.

If i do not get any responce from this David, withijn the 10 day time frame (Only 4 days left) will start legal proceedings

Called XRL8 (Couriers) and spoke to Richard to check if he had any update and the ststus of any further buggies and have now been told that the container my buggy was in has now been sold to a French Guy.

Now in process of seeking legal advise - how can this company sell an item i have paid for to someone else - This is simply FRAUD

Searching through other peoples comments i have sent e-mails to the following addresses asking what the hell is going on. or

Not expecting a reply but thought i would try, have notified trading standards etc which everybody who have been conned by this website and managers should also do - one can only hope that we meet these B******* who are disgrace to the human society and kick the F*** out of em

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I ordered a quad from this lot and made a chargeback and got my money back through my bank.

There is another scam going on there is someone called Gordon from a company called who made a post asking people to contact him. They are part of the scam I have seen it before one web site does not deliver and then another one pretends to help and takes your payment again because you still want the item so they end up with 2 payments and you end up with one item. BIG WARNING TO EVERYONE watch out for this company i think them and fast buggies are the same. I am reporting to watchdog and I I suggest everyone does the same. Make sure you do not get scammed again by Gordon

I will be putting warning message about quads 4 kids on as many sites as possible as i think its fast buggies new company

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i would warn any body who is considering buying a quad bike,not to buy it from fastbuggies.
the quad we ordered was about 8 weeks late due to an assortment of delays and excuses,when the quad did arrive it was not at all as advertised and broke down on it`s first outing.
fastbuggies did promise us some compensation,which we did accept,
however,after 7 months we are still waiting for our compensation and they now don't even bother to reply to my e-mails.

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AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. They are useless. I ordered a quad back in September with a delivery date in October. The date came and went with no word from Fastbuggies. They NEVER answer the telephone advertised on their site. NEVER. It just rings and rings and rings. They eventually emailed me back to tell me that there had been a delay and that they would contact me when the order was ready. They never contacted me without numerous emails from me first. I gave them THREE contact telephone numbers and they NEVER called me once. They sent me FOUR emails saying the delivery driver would contact me within 48 hours. The delivery driver NEVER contacted me - I contacted him. They offered my £35 compensation which I accepted and they said this would be credited back to my credit card when I signed for the goods. To this day I have not recieved a penny. The quad is faulty. One of the wheels simply does not fit on the shaft and I will have to get it lathed (sp?) to rectify the problem - I asked fastbuggies to pay for this and with much arguing they agreed to credit my card with £40 to cover the costs and SUPRISE SUPRISE they have not done this. SO... I have a quad which is as good as useless and I have asked for a full refund and they are now ignoring me totally. I am sending a letter to Trading Standards along with copies of all the emails they have sent me promising me the earth and not delivering. I am also in contact with my credit card co to see what they can do. I will make it my lifes work to discredit fastbuggies. They are quite seriously the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

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Ordered Full size Quad from Alex Cooper fastbuggies sales Aug19 2009 .Moneytakenfrom debit card £1119.20.Delivery date 18th Sept . Still waiting despite numerous e;mails and broken promises and excuses. Last e;mail promises delivery 18th Dec. But today checked with courier he states "no loger dealing with fastbuggies ".Have sent details to European consumer centre as Fastbuggies head office is in Germany.sO NO QUAD NO MONEY. BAH HUMBUG!

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i ordered 2 mini pit bikesd from these con artists 3 month ago they have promised the world to me and not delivered they even told me they were based in germany bollocks.they don't return e mails phone calls and if you try to talk on live caht they just leave the conversation.i have never come across such a blatant disregad for customer care in my life stay well clear

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I have also had the worst ever experience with this company. I like so many others placed an order in good faith. I ordered in October and have tried since then to contact them. On the rare occasions they did pick up I was promised delivery dates that never happened. I was given he same excuses of shipping and breakages. I was also told of compensation that never came. I requested a refund and that has happened either. This was my little boys Christmas present. This company is destroying peoples lives. I can't believe they are still managing to trade!!!! I can't belive that these lying individuals can sleep at night and I truly hope they get whats coming too them. Don't ever buy from them and don't ever believe them!!! Contact your card company as soon as possible if you have been fooled by them too! Contacting trading standards. Feel so sorry for everyone who is in the same boat as me.

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like everyone else i have been ripped off too,
bit one thing i hope that fastbuggies goes bust and that lying tramp alex loses not just his job but a bit more as i think he is nothing but a lying bast@rd, i don't normaly like to see people having a bad time but i would gladly give up hope of getting my 400 quid back if that @rsehole gets hurt bad.
i would also ask all people to try their best if they can and have the time to claim money back through their card insurance, trading standards, cyberbit (the card processing company fastbuggies use), and anything else that would give that tosser alex hassle,


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my girlfriend ordered a childs tiger quad from these shower of c**ts in august they said it will be here 30th october nothing arrived then they said november still f*ck all came they are theiving lying bastards DO NOT USE THEM

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well, i handed over my £750 and was promised delivery by 20th november and i'm still waiting, then i was promised 2 weeks ago, then last week and now this week and nothing has arrived, i too have had the customs crap emails, if i do not get it by tuesday i will be cancelling the order, asking for a refund and passing it over to my companies legal department (which just happens to be one of the biggest companies in europe) who have agreed it is fraud and would be happy to represent me. its up to you alex

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Had my worst ever online shopping experience with this joke of a "company".
As they've done to everyone else, they quoted 2 week delivery time, then when I handed over my hard earned cash they changed this to 2 MONTHS waiting time!
As expected, EVEN AFTER 2 MONTHS, no delivery took place! they said it would be another 7 days, then 14 days and still the bike never arrived. They told constant lies about it being stuck at customs, with the courier etc etc. They also offered a part refund which never happened either, surprise! surprise!
After about 4/5 broken promises I decided to opt for the full refund they kept offering via email, if i felt i couldnt wait any longer.
They said the refund would take 7-14 days, but surprise surprise it didn't happen.

The good news is that I got my money back today! but to do this i had to contact CYBERBIT (LINK IS ABOVE), the company who process their online card payments, they were great! i left a message on their website for them to call me and they did so the next day, and they had my money back in my account in around 48 hours. THIS WAS 23 DAYS AFTER I REQUESTED THE REFUND AND CYBERBIT TOLD ME THAT FASTBUGGIES HAD MADE NO ATTEMPT TO ISSUE A REFUND!!!


1. CONTACT CYBERBIT ON THE LINK ABOVE,(they will process the refund)

I recommend that everyone who is waiting on Xmas deliveries to put your refund request in now and sort something else out for your kids, no way would i put my faith in this awful company.

i don't think this company are based in the UK , there is no UK address listed on their website.. THEY CAN'T EVEN SPELL PROPERLY ON THE EMAILS THEY SEND.

They rarely answer the phone and when they do, it's a very poor line as if they are abroad!

Also, I thought you might be interested that I found out a few things about this company from a reliable source:

1, They have over 100 complaints to Trading Standards in the UK.
2, They are not paying VAT and are being investigated by the Police.
3, Their German address listed on their website doesn't exist. shows their domain:

registered to: R saelem
Non-UK Individual
Waldhofer Stra?e 109
69128 Heidelberg
Berlin, Germany

The website is hosted by
Liquid Web, Inc.
Address: 4210 Creyts Rd.
City: Lansing
StateProv: MI
PostalCode: 48917
Country: US;jsessionid=024e61e1d997e7f85a2d435cd85e:7IUL?


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does anyone have an email address/contact number for david musfid or whatever his name is ive only been waiting since may for my little boys quad whos still waitng for his junes birthday present .....gonna rip him a new hole when i find him..and i will find him

hi eveyone
has everyone seen the slowbuggies longer up saying that they are no long taking orders and are concentrating on delivering outstanding orders .does anyone know when this went up?saying we will be contacted in the next 4 days ref delivery or refund....... has anyone even been contacted ref a delivery date or got a refund..giz a shout if you have

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I ordered a buggy £650 CC in June 2008 yes june 2008 and I have not received it yet . I asked for a refund and guess what I have not reveived that either. FASTBUGGIES are just a bunch of $#*!ing cowboys. I have After numerous emails in one and half years not got any joy whatsoever. I am now chasing them through the German authorities seen that TRADING STANDARDS are also a bunch of wankers. The say they can't do anything as the company is based abroad.
The only helpfull hand in all this mess has been Gordon from Quadsforkids. I just kicking myself now for not going with them in the first place. Gordon tried to help me get my quad back and we both worked on it for a few months but invane. Its a shame for honest people like him. I could have bought my buggy from him and saved myself all this trouble. I am not going to let go though. I will track the bastards down. If anyone has any info please let me know.

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1 review
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ordered 2 quads 6 weeks ago for xmas, had 2 delivery dates been and gone, not getting any joy off firm up til now. not happy!!will change review if its sorted out, if not i ll make it my mission to make business as hard as possible for fast buggies. please give me my refund or my 2 quads !!!!!!!

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Hi I ordered a quad bike for my son back in october and was told I would recieve it in 3 weeks.Its now december and no sign of it no reply to my emails or phone calls.I have given them until 11th of december to contact me or send me what i ordered or i AM STARTING LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THEM AND THEIR MANAGER ALEX

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after taking my money (£300) on the 25th august and after false promises e.g broken in transit stuck at customs ect i finally recieved my sons 110cc quad 3months late you would think thats the end of it. Well let me tell you not only did the bike not come with the keyfobs, mud guard, & the stickers which were ruined but we can't even get the bike started theres never enough power in it to start the quad thats after charging it for 12hours. Then theres the task of getting intouch with the lousy tw@ts or should i say ALEX COOPER, no reply at all on all levels of communication and full of lies. Not received no compensation that i was promised no key fobs no nothing and as for BBC1 show WATCHDOG yes i will be contacting them PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY ITS A RIGHT SCAM Update 16 dec Since writting the above blog Alex Cooper has since been in touch only because he seems to read this forum well ALEX you said you was going to check it ( compensation and missing items for my quad) that was on the 9th dec and may I add that you have give me and many others good reason to call you LYING BAST@RDS and on the 2 dec you said you would send them straight out so which is it????
Not heard anything since then and still can not get in touch and yes the bike still does not work ???

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Bought a product in July and did not work, Still waiting for replacement part, key fobs and tow bar. Have been promised them Several times now, and even been promised a refund, still waiting, no parts, no working bike, company lie and deceive. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Another company trying to make a quick buck and going bust owing thousands???????????????

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These people are a scam - ordered quad onthe 29th April 09 - did not receive it until end June 00 - used twice then it broke down - eventually got them to collect it on the 30th July 2009 and I am still waiting on my refund - I have decided to take the matter further - DO NOT TRUST THEM THEY ARE A COMPLETE AND UTTER SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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glad im not the only one we ordered 2 and have had all th above excuses that was 4 months ago and three different delivery dates - now we have got fed up and asked for a refund that hasnt been returned and that was 3 weeks ago! dodgy springs to mind! they have £500 of our money and we are highly unlikly to get our boys a pair of matching quads now for xmas!!! stay clear and request a refund - we are claiming ours back from mastercard

By rachael b.
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