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Click4Support.net has a consumer rating of 2.85 stars from 53 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Click4Support.net also ranks 27th among Tech Support sites.

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  • I erased every trace of their remote access to my computer and then restored my computer to a week prior.

Critical highlights

  • I urge anyone who was duped by these folks to dispute the charge on your credit card.
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Top Positive Review

“I contacted this company around 2 months ago for my...”

Angela M.

I contacted this company around 2 months ago for my iPad, when it got issues in its operating system. I talk to many online tech support service providers and choose this one since I feel that they are sensible people. Their charges also seems nominal as compare to others. Their service works for me. May be you should talk to their help desk team. They will look into your matter and will take care of your issue.

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Top Critical Review

“They changed their name to Microsoft services or something like that...”

Judith P.

A new name with a new scam! Called and emailed saying my old contract with them was ended, the business was going out of business, and this company was replacing them or some such rot. Wanted to give me a refund but of course, not really. Sociopaths.

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2 reviews
16 helpful votes
March 13th, 2018
• Updated review
A new name with a new scam! Called and emailed saying my old contract with them was ended, the business was going out of business, and this company was replacing them or some such rot. Wanted to give me a refund but of course, not really. Sociopaths.
Update Sept 14 2014
September 14th, 2014
• Previous review
Update Sept 14 2014
Click4support called today and said they would not be billing me for services at all, due to my disatisfaction with the services. They also offered a $50 gift certificate if I would revoke my reviews. I declined the gift certificate.

*****Update: Sept 8 2014*****
I hired a computer expert ($215 vs $1200) from a local company to determine 1) was I ever hacked 2) Did Click for Support add any spyware etc. on my computer 3) what exactly did they do for $1200 as the promised "invoice" that was to arrive within 36 hours never arrived so I have no evidence of what they purportedly did for $400 of the $1200 which was to encrypt my data from the "hackers." 4) fix my printer, which was the original reason I called Samsung (or tried to).

The written report says 1) "found no evidence that an intrusion had ever occurred) 2) the only "protection" they installed by MalwareBytes. This program is available for $24.95 and comes with a license for 3 devices. They did not provide the license and despite promising to protect "up to 15 of my devices" and repeatedly telling me not to install any other anti-virus or spyware etc. programs, they did not put the program on any other device. Though they said my Avast anti-virus "wasn't doing anything for me" they did not replace it. All my data was already encrypted anyway and they did not add further encryption, and that the network is configuered on the ATT device and changing the internal IP addresses of the network would not increase the protection the network already has. The printer --the reason I called in the first place --has a hardware problem and is being replaced by its warranty.

Their 100% money back refund REQUIRES you to agree to allowing them AGAIN to remotely access your computer so they can "fix" the problem. If they've proven themselves untrustworthy already, why would anyone allow them to do that again?
I urge anyone who was duped by these folks to dispute the charge on your credit card. I am confident I will not have to pay this charge.

I feel so stupid. They are a scam. I called Samsung with a printer problem. They refer me to a tech person who says it will cost $400 to fix the problem and say my network was hacked. The dropped Microsoft's name and I thought they were microsoft technicians. They show me how many attempts were made to hack it but say the hackers were unsuccessful as they had not opened the info. The $400 was to encrypt the data so that if it's opened at a future date they won't be able to access it. I have a business with lots of confidential data on it. I had to decide fast what to do as I had clients waiting for me. I approved the $400 charge. They they said but you need to protect your network for the future from this happening, the basic plan is $900 the premium is $1400, something like that. I said I need to think about it and will call tomorrow. They immediately drop the price to $900 for the premium plan and throw in some services. I said charge me $700 and we have a deal. They did. They spent 2 hours or more fixing the printer problem, it wasn't easy. Then I read these reviews as soon as I hung up. I called to cancel the contract. Credit card company said I have to wait til it's posted to dispute it. I will pay the $400 for being stupid but they haven't implemented the contract and I called within 15 minutes of authorizing it so I hope I can get it back since they haven't been given the money yet. The technician seemed very competent but the whole company is full of shysters.
1 review
5 helpful votes
March 19th, 2015
All positive reviews are from the fraudulent Click4Support. They are hackers. Their objective is to steal your money and identity. They are Muslim Indians who not only support themselves with their scams but support terrorism. Steal from the American people to support ISIS etc. I don't know why the American government doesn't arrest these people. They also have call centers in India so it may be a challenge to get all of them. But this is also a matter of national security.
1 review
20 helpful votes
October 4th, 2014
Total scam. Called Apple Support over problems with my wife's IPAD and was connected with Click4Support in India somehow. They told us that our computers IP address had been attacked by outside hackers and that they would remove all threats for $ 499. They then told us we should probably get their "Platinum" protection plan for another $ 900 or that we should probably buy another IMAC for $ 2000. Bottom line - we got charged $ 1400 for something that turns out could have been fixed for around $ 50. I now have to take both our IMAC and IPADS and have everything they put on our devices and have them removed.

Whatever you do - stay away from this company !!!!!!! A total scam

Note - any positive reviews on this site are obviously submitted by the company as you can tell by the grammar issues.
Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Hi David,

I request you to please share your Order ID at reputation@click4support.net for us to be able to look into to this issue.

Click4Support Team
1 review
7 helpful votes
September 25th, 2014
Long story short--I called Tekdex / Click4support / whatever by mistake. They told me they were my Time Warner Cable company. I wanted just my television reset, instead they ran a program on my computer and charged me $299. And the TV never got fixed except by the real TWC a few days later. I live in fear that my computer is tainted and more charges will be put on the credit card. BTW, when you ask them questions their English gets worse and worse.
1 review
3 helpful votes
June 6th, 2015
Some Indians trying to get your money by making you believe that you have stopped services in msconfig and (completely normal) errors and warnings in eventvwr.
Unbelievable that there are still people who fall for that crap in the IT world of today. Don't give them any real information.
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 22nd, 2015
I have been getting pop-ups from my computer 3 weeks already that I should immediately call their number so I did today. It looks very reliable because the telephone number is toll-free and I just wanted to keep my files sife. Within less than a minute I got to talk to one of their "technician" or "tech support". Usually it would take a long wait for people to be attended by real technicians due to the high volume of people calling in for issues and concerns. He asked me for my name, my phone number saying that just in case I get disconnected he will return the call asap, and my birth of date.

Birth of date. I don't think anyone needs to know that personal information of yours as it has nothing to do with resolving an issue on your computer. What I believe they would need would be my IP Address or some sort of connection with our connection provider. Enough of all this introduction, I questioned the technician about their company. I became really frank with him about why he needs to ask my BOD and he didn't even answer the question so from then on I started to think that it's going to get me nowhere. He explained to me what their company is and gave me the address of their website.

There was really nothing on it but a space where I could type the support key that my "tech support" will provide to me which will enable him to do a remote connection. Remote connection will let him perform almost all the actions that I could do to my computer, and we both can see it. Kind of creepy. So I let him control my computer and I'm really thankful that he was very slow - I was able to listen to HOW he handles the situation. He even told me to stay on the line and typed on my notepad (please see picture)

I did not really understant why he wrote all these down but look at the spelling, I don't think a technician with proper education woud spell his/her profession as TECHNISIAN.

I stopped the remote connection with him because the phone call was lasting for more than 30 mintes and nothing was happening yet but all the babbling and stuff and I believed this would not be of any help.

Tip for consumers: NOT RELIABLE, CREDIBLE, ETC.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes
September 23rd, 2015
This business is a ripoff if not an outright scam. They talked a family friend into paying $699 for 12 months of "Complete Home Network Solution". When she had a problem with her computer 2 months later and called they told her she could pay them an additional $349 to "boost speed" and install anti-malware software that she could have gotten for a fraction of the price if not free. They also said they'd "block csrss.exe" which was a legitimate process running on her computer. They have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau website and you have to wonder why all the 5-star ratings of this business here on sitejabber are by people with hardly any other reviews and with terrible English, probably phony profiles. Stay away from this company!

Tip for consumers: Stay away! Find someone local to help you.

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 22nd, 2016
DO NOT do any business or give money to this 'business'. They are muggers/ liars and thieves. They keep calling me from *******688 or *******799. Block these numbers!
"Brian" a person from the Phillipines (Brian said their business is located in Atlanta, GA) called yesterday 08 21 16 and tells me that hackers are getting into my computer and soon my Windows will be shutting down and not be able to run. He wanted to remote control my computer but I would not let him in. He had me go to MSConfig and showed me under Services where some programs were running and some were stopped, trying to instill fear in me. He said I paid his company $129 last year by check and I never pay anything online by check. He could not give me the date or the check number. He said that if I bought their product this time, it'd cost me under $100. He had me hang up after half an hour and said his 'accounting' department would call me back in 15 min. and tell me all the information I needed to know. Well, no one ever called back until I got another one of their 855 number scamming calls this morning. I refuse to answer any more of their calls. Over the past month, they have called me about ten times!
If they call you and if you want to waste their time, just keep talking, tell them lies, tell them you don't understand and make them keep repeating themselves and make them stay on the phone as long as you can. That costs them time, commissions and money.
What a bunch of very poor Philippine/foreign workers who need to move on and get a real job and not victimize those who do not want them in their lives. They should value themselves and not do work knowing that their business and products are garbage. Workers, have pride, find a job to be proud of and try to stop your business from engaging in such despicable practices! Have pride in yourselves!!!!!!!!

Tip for consumers: Bock their numbers 855 855 7688 and 855 955 9799.
DO NOT let Click4Support remote access and get into your computer. Do not follow their online instructions. They're out to lie to you and make you need them.
If you have time, waste their time as much as you can by lying, misdirecting them and making them stay on the phone as long as possible. Time is money and no commissions for them is what you want.
Report them to the BBB.
Keep calling them with as many nuisance calls as you can and fro

1 review
13 helpful votes
October 1st, 2014
I called Applecare today to help me with a problem on my Mac. I got Click4Support instead. They led me to believe they were Applecare. I kept asking if this was an Apple Care Technician... she said yes. I kept asking if this was Apple products and they all said yes. I turned my computer over to them believing they were Apple technicians. They had my computer for 3 hours. I'm taking it in tomorrow to have it checked to see what else they loaded on the computer. If they were a decent, honest reputable company they would not lie and cheat people for business


Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Dear Jennifer,

Click4Support is a leading third party tech support company which offers support on almost all of the technical devices and brands available.

Just curious to know whether your issue was resolved.

As far as your worry about security of your Mac is concerned, we assure you that we take remote access just to rectify the issues on the device.

Please feel free to share the status / comments along with your Order ID on reputation@click4support.net.
Click4Support Team
1 review
5 helpful votes
March 17th, 2015
This want-a-be Apple Support group is a total fraudulent group of scammers. These off shore clowns address themselves as specialized Apple techs and make you believe that your Mac is in good hands. Wow.. was I ever misled by their BS. DO NOT EVER (I repeat EVER) GIVE THESE PEOPLE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER!! They will pretend to fix your PC for hours, possibly steal your identity, and then, $1000 later, turn your computer back over to you full of virus adware. When I finally got in touch with a real Apple Support tech, he told me that they (real Apple people) never take control of your computer and that they have never charged any of their Apple customers more than $29 to fix one of their devices after a customer's tech support contract expires. Also, be cautious when giving these scammers your credit card #. They just want your wallet and probably your identity. I assure them that they will NOT receive a dime from me as I am disputing their ridiculous charges as we speak with my financial institutions. They should be turned in to the Better Business Bureau for their fraudulent behavior.
1 review
11 helpful votes
June 9th, 2014
My wife called them, thinking they were Sony support for a broken TV. They then convinced her to give them, not only her credit card info., but her email, birthdate, everything needed to sell her identity. Why would they need her birthdate? They then tried to convince her that our network was being used by other people because in "network connections" you can see other wireless networks in the neighborhood. When the "technician" couldn't solve our problem he gave me 2 numbers which he said were for Sony. One was out of service and the other was a gym. We immediately cancelled the credit card afterwards. Stay away, this is clearly a scam.
1 review
7 helpful votes
February 18th, 2014
Any good rating by this company was paid for by this company. They tried to rip off my mom by saying her cell phone was being hacked by someone in a foreign country and the only way to stop it was by paying them $600 for their "support". Then they said they would have to access her computer to see what the problem was. How about her phone was frozen as it happens? Thankfully she did not give them any credit card information. Do not trust this company. All employees of this company will burn in hell, become an insect in their next life, turn into nothing, or just die a trillion deaths nonstop. Which ever religion you may believe or not, the worst outcome is what will happen to all this at click4support.
Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Dear Customer,

Click4Support.net is a leading Third Party Tech Support company in the world. We offer support services to people who find difficulty in solving their tech related issues. These services are charged and cost is based on the complexity of the task. Also, we warrant our services for 12 months.

Cursing the company and its employees just because it asked you pay for the work that it plans to do for you through out the year, is what we fail to understand. However, we would appreciate if you could share the detailed reason of your dissatisfaction on our email ID: reputation@click4support.net.

1 review
5 helpful votes
May 10th, 2015
1 review
5 helpful votes
December 8th, 2014
Click4Support is a fraudulent support company. They are the ones who are hacking into your computer. They put their number on a web page that looks like the real company but it is a scam. They put a shared computer onto yours in which they hide it and then put viruses on your computer on every thing that you utilize.
Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Dear Linda,

Click4support is a legitimate third party tech support company that deals in providing technical assistance to whom so ever in need.

Our job is to rectify tech related issues being faced by our customers by offering certain instructions over the phone. But when we know that instructing would take lot of customer's time, we take the remote access (only after customer's permission) of the PC so that we ourselves can resolve the matter. At no instance, we install any virus in customer's PC.

If you have faced any trouble due to our support, we true heartedly appologize for that and request you to please share the Order ID at reputation@click4support.net for us to be able to look into the issue.

We monitor each and every call for quality purpose. Sharing details on our email ID would help us resolve the issue faster.

Click4Support Team
1 review
11 helpful votes
February 3rd, 2014
One of our clients was scammed into this company. They charged her $1000 dollars for setting up a wireless network password on the router. The client complained and they discounted them $500 dollars. COMPLETE SCAM/RIP OFF organization. STAY AWAY.
Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Hello Client N., we are sorry to hear that your client feels scammed.

Please share your ticket ID / order no. at reputation@click4support.net for us to verify your client's credentials. We would also want to understand the annual package / services that were offered in the said amount. Accordingly we would be able to revert to you on your email.

Best Regards
1 review
8 helpful votes
June 5th, 2014
I used the toll free number that Sony support provided on their website. It connected me to them. I allowed them access to my computer and they tried to convince that my brand new computer was taken over by a foreign country. The person on the phone wanted me to buy a support package for $299. I told them no. That person left my computer locked in safe mode. They called me back and tried selling me another package for $30 monthly charge. This whole time I thought I was speaking with Sony support people. I did provide CC info but then realized I was being scammed. I disconnected andI right away cancelled the card. They called me back wanting another CC number. It wasn't till later that I realized it was click4support from the repeated emails I got from my CC company from them trying to charge my card. How and why are they Sony's support team?
1 review
6 helpful votes
November 28th, 2014
I went to Click4support which advertised free set up service for Chromecast. They got me so confused that I let them have control over my computer. They told me that I had all sorts of problems and worked on it for over an hour. $1,000 later, they still could not fix the problem. The next day, they called my home and spoke with my wife. They told her that they were going to refund our money through Western Union. Western Union called her a few minutes later and they told her that they were trying to take an additional $700 from our bank account. Western Union told her that Click4suport is a scam. They did not get the additional $700. We called the police who sent an officer to our home to make a formal report. He told us that this is happening to people all over town. The next day, I went to my bank and filed a formal complaint stating that they took the $1,000 out of my account by making false promises. They are going to try to get us our money back. Therefore, watch out for these people. They are not honest. They also speak with such thick Indian accidents that they are hard to understand.

Fr. John W. Morris
1 review
8 helpful votes
January 12th, 2014
Just a warning to those who consider using Tekdex or Click4Support for tech work. Here's what I wrote to them. You basically deceived me. You represented yourself as a Panasonic tech which isn't true. At a very weak moment, you convinced me to spend money that wasn't necessary. You stated that the computer needed to be repaired so that we could fix the sound system. In the end, you did not fix the sound system. I did. I discovered that there were multiple inputs and a wrong one was somehow selected. Before talking to your tech today, it was already fixed. I let the tech act to fix something that was done just to see if he would come up with the right solution. He actually didn't do it - I explained to him about the outputs, and then he understood. I believe that I shouldn't have to pay as I was deceived. I shall put my review on Facebook for all to see.
Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Dear Michael,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you and would request to share with us your Order ID / phone no. at reputation@click4support.net.

This would helps us look into the matter and take ethical actions.

1 review
6 helpful votes
December 23rd, 2014
we got a call from a guy who claimed to work for c4supp and he said they were going out of business and they intended to refund some of our money.I just needed to fill out an online form, so I did this.

It asked for info that made me suspicious, so I demanded that the rep tell me my account number with c4supp. He looked it up and I was satisfied, but he said that the form wasn't working and he forwarded me on to another guy, who asked for access to the machine like they do. I went along cause after all, they knew my number. Well after a series of attempts to get a credit card and online banking to work, he got pay pal to a point where he said that he could only credit accounts for a minimum of 800 bucks and I would have to give him the balance via a western union transfer.

I said no way and he got upset, when my wife was on the phone telling him to give our refund to charity I shut down the machine. It had some trouble with a password when starting back up, but it recovered from that when I forced a shutdown. Before all that happened another guy called back and said that they could fix the startup problem for 300 bucks, but about then it had recovered. About a week later a lady from c4 called in response to message that I'd left over a week before and I told her all this.

She says that they aren't going out of business and I asked for ID theft protection due to their security problem.

She assured me that they'd do that but when I called the next day they said no.

Worse when we asked why they weren't warning their clients about these imposters, they said they wouldn't do anything till their investigation was over. The scammers called me again today. Apparently they don't keep track of who they've tried.
1 review
10 helpful votes
May 22nd, 2014
The positive reviews on this site had to have been written by Click4Support employees. This company took advantage of my elderly mother by charging her $299.00 for repair of a "slow" computer. Then they talked her into 4 years of premium technical support on an XP computer for an additional $999.00! They have refused to refund any of the money. I have informed her to NEVER accept a call from these crooks, let alone remote into her computer. Based on what she has told me, I am 100% sure they installed malware when they were first allowed to remote into her computer. Think about it...for $1298.00, she could have purchased an equivalent computer every year for the next 4 years! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! They clearly took advantage of an elderly person that doesn't understand computers.
1 review
10 helpful votes
September 18th, 2014
This company represented themselves as Cox Communications and stated that their tech support was "contracted Microsoft Techs". I called a number for Cox that I found on the website, which as really Clik4Support. I had a simple email issues in that my email was not sending. 2 hours later , they told me I had been hacked by someone in the Ukraine and Russia- over 2,000 entries onto my computer! and they needed to fix it. I unfortunately gave them my credit card #- as I was so alarmed. However, after 2 hours of my email not being addressed or fixed, I told them not to charge my card and that I did not want their help. I called my company, and low and behold, there was the charge for $228.95! Funny- how they have a website page that says they will refund all of your money within 45 days if you are not satisfied!! What a joke! I called their billing department and spoke to a heavy accented man who said " too bad, I have to pay my technicians". He finally offered a $130 refund, which 2 weeks later has not been posted to my account. I would dispute ( and have) any fees from them. They are a scam, and have misrepresented Cox Communications and Microsoft. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!. THEY ARE FRAUDULENT AND A SCAM. EVENT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU DOES NOT HAVE THEM AS A CLIENT.
Michael D. – Click4Support.net Rep
Dear Kathleen,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

I would request you to please share your order ID at reputation@click4support.net, for us to be able to look into this matter and do the needful.

Click4Support Team

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I wrote it hurriedly sorry.. I was to talk about click pay earn..

By Fahad k.
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Don't do business with this company. They are scammers. See my review from September 2014

By Judith P.

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