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46 reviews
One Cabela Drive
Sidney, NE 69160
Tel: 800-237-4444

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Alain A.
1 review
0 helpful votes

I went into their gun library and was all set to buy a used pistol until they told me I couldn't rack the slide or check the barrel? The salesman then showed me their policy which includes no returns on used firearms. That's the end of it for me. They expect you to buy a non returnable firearm without checking it? It's place for people with too much money and not enough common sense!

5 reviews
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Their prices are a bit higher than preferred, but their selection of used firearms of quality are found in the "gun library"... only the top used firearms make it into the library and that is where you will find the best - they even have a smith who will repair any flaws AFTER the purchase (if there are any)!

1 review
1 helpful vote

DO NOT buy from Cabela's. Two sets of In Stock matching hunting parkas and bibs were purchased for our son's for Christmas present. All items were listed as In Stock when we checked out. We received the bibs lightening fast. However, we were told the parkas were changed to back order. We have contacted Cabela's three times via email and three times via phone. TODAY a Cabela's representative that the backorders are in the process of being cancelled because they will not be receiving any more from the manufacturer. After 2 more phone contacts I was told by another representative that this is not true and we will still receive our hunting parkas.....sometime.

We spent $150 on play pants? We have been lied to and strung along for 3 months! They want me to return the cost to me, so, they can give me store credit when they have zero product to meet my needs?! They do not even have a parka in a different pattern.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Placed an order after Christmas when having big sale. Ordered 10 items, all items were in stock. 2 days later 1 item sold out. E-mailed items shipped received 2 items, waited, waited. Couldn't track shipping number contacted company told all items shipped. Company checked, our order never made it to UPS & all of the items we had ordered were now sold out. This company has serious issues on how poorly it is being run. Someone needs to be put in charge & fire a lot of people. How do you not know an order never made it to UPS. Horrible, I will never order from them again.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Placed an order online for an item on sale. Waited over 12 days and had heard nothing from cabelas. Went online to find out order status only to see that they had cancelled my order without even notifying me.

When I order the item, the nearby (1-1/2 away) store claimed to have some in stock. My order was cancelled because they claimed to not have the inventory to fulfill the order. Modern inventory software tracks what you have in stock. There is no excuse for accepting orders on a product you do not have in stock and do not intend to fulfill.

A review down further notes how they are willing to sell a higher priced item to you once the item you ordered is not in stock. Can't get much closer to illegal bait and switch. The only thing keeping them out of trouble is a stock disclaimer of limited quantities. But they are well aware (by inventory control software) when they are out of stock.

Tip for consumers: Tip for others who might use this cabelas website - don't

1 review
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Ordered a Nikon Rangefinder and did not get a order confirmation email. Waited a couple days and emailed customer service. Two days receive order confirmation saying order has shipped and waiting for UPS pickup. Nope, 4 days later still waiting for UPS pickup. Call customer service, yep lost/missing order may have to reorder item. Customer Service Agent transfers me to shipping with a 1 minute wait time........25 minutes later (i was curious) I hang up and call back. This agent claims that nope not lost, its UPS not updating their website....they can't do anything about it. The kicker is the customer service agent said "the item is on schedule." Ordered Nov. 28th and 8 days later order is still in limbo......right on schedule. My schedule is, if I don't have it in 2 days I will call my credit card company to stop payment. I will never do business with Cabela's again.

1 review
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I placed and order (248280018) from Cabelas the day before Thanksgiving when all the pre Black Friday sales were on going. I ordered a bow as a Christmas present (not for me) that was half price.
Then a WEEK (not a day or two) later I was advised that my order has been canceled via email. So I called and was advised that the item was no longer available and that Cabelas does not substitute items. But that they would sell another bow of equal value for about $150 more than the one I had ordered.
If I was told within 24 hrs. that the item was no longer available then ok. But a WEEK??? I cant believe that a week is acceptable to this company.
Now all the sales are over and Ill have to pay $500+ to obtain a similar bow. Of course it will not be from Cableas, nor will I ever buy from this Company again. (funny thing is last night ((before I received the email cancelling my order)) I put in my cart with Cabelas a reloading press to buy- not now).
I cant believe that a WEEK is acceptable to this Company.
So instead of selling me a similar bow for the same price (would not make much) and keeping a customer they lose one forever.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Cabelas has the worst gun department I have ever been to I will never come again they are slow and dont even know what they are doing

1 review
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Keeton releases are the best on the market .I really pleased in mine especially shooting t handle style

1 review
0 helpful votes

Once again cableas doesnt stand up to price matching. They had a Savage recon for 949.00 on sale. Acroos the steert Academy sports had identical model for 799.00 i asked to price match after 10min the guy comes back with a nope our has a different model number. When you look them up at cabelas, Academy, even Savage web site its self they all three had the same number. So once again cabelas do not honor their bull$#*! policy!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a new fish finder from when they had their big clearance sale 2 weeks ago. The unit was regularly $2800, marked down to $749.99. A confirmation email with my reference number was received and all was good, or so I thought. 5 business days later I received a call saying that they had a "system error" and that they didn't have the unit any longer. The remedy was to give me my money back and a $50 gift cert. Unfortunately I've already sold the unit that was on my boat and I'm now down a piece of equipment that I need to run my guiding business. To buy the comparable unit to the one I sold will be $1300 which puts me out by $550.
My complaint and pleading for a deal on a new comparable unit has fallen on deaf ears and despite 3 calls and asking for a manager to call me back, I still haven't heard from anyone. The Cabela's satisfaction guarantee apparently doesn't apply North of the border. I understand that errors do occur but to not be notified for 5 days is not fair. The unit was promised to be delivered in 7 days using the shipping method I specified.

1 review
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Finally decided to use my $287 worth of club points and purchased a pair of muck boots artcic pro size 12 for 199.99. Order was placed on Aug 1st and on Aug 3rd I receive a status update that my order was cancelled. Did a live chat and the person on the other end (robot?) said they were out of stock and discontinued.... I looked at the product on line and (2) days later they are on sale for 169.99 but no size 12. Really disappointed with my first experience shopping online at Cabelas.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes
• Updated review

I recently wrote a note about the customer service that I experienced from this company. After expressing my experience on several review sites, I got a call from a manager asking if he could rectify the situation. I explained that all I wanted was to buy a few replacement parts for my camping kitchen and he maintained the comment that they could not provide those parts. He then offered to replace the entire kitchen. I explained that it was not my intent to get a free kitchen; he explained that this was the only way he could get me parts. I finally accepted his offer and received my new kitchen the other day. I do appreciate the fact that they wanted to make it right and that they went above and beyond to change my opinion of the brand. I love my camping kitchen and I wanted to update my review to reflect my appreciation of their followup. This was far more than what I wanted/expected and it makes me believe that they actually care about their customers. Thank you.

“Sad Customer Service”
• Previous review

Last year, I purchased a beautiful camping kitchen online. It was the deluxe camping kitchen that Cabela's sells. I love it. On the first trip of the year, the one pantry got eaten by an animal and the cover ripped. At the time of purchase, I did not know that Cabela's existed and I bought the kitchen from Amazon. Amazon introduced me (a new customer that buys camping gear a lot) to Cabela's. In an effort to get some replacement parts from the maker, I visited the Cabela's website and discovered what I thought was a new and amazing company.... I called and explained to them that I did not purchase from them but that I had their kitchen and I wanted to BUY replacement parts. The first rep told me that because I did not buy from them they could not help me. The next rep told me that they could help and that they had the parts. The next rep told me that they could help but she needed pictures to know which one it was. I sent the pictures and then another rep emailed and said, sorry the parts are made in China and they could not get them. After about 2 weeks of back and forth and me asking for a manager (that I never got), I got completely shut down. I went on the website and they still sell the kitchen and they have a big sign that says "LIFETIME GUARANTEE". If they lifetime guarantee it they have to have access to parts right? I could literally go on the site and buy a new kitchen for $139 and they would have to replace the parts with their "lifetime guarantee". I gave them plenty of time to do the right thing and sell me the parts. I literally begged...and nothing. I want people to know how unbelievably unaccommodating they are. It is sad to know that they just don't care about new customers.

I usually don't write reviews but I am so frustrated that I want to be heard.

1 review
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I almost felt that I was discriminated against. The level of ineptitude and arrogance in the firearms department in the East Hartford store was so profound, I kept looking around to see if I was getting pranked on hidden camera show. Amazing how they perceive their safari shirts as power capes. Never setting foot in there again. All the local shops within a 40 mile radius are sooo much better.

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I was trying to get information about a pistol. I tried to call their firearms department and they never answered the phone. I called two different stores in my area multiple times over two days with no luck. So I decided to go there in person. There was one person helping customers. I waited for probably 5 minutes and the sales person didn't even acknowledge me. When I asked him if there was anyone else he told me no. Then it turns out there was a "pull a number" system like at a deli, which I found out later (why didn't he tell me to take a number?). When he finally helped me, he tried to sell me a different pistol from the one I was interested in. Then he tried to sell me a holster that hangs outside your clothing even though I told him was was not interested in that. He was very insistent on how great it was, but it didn't suit my needs at all. The pistol I wanted was $30 more in the store than on the website. He didn't know why and didn't offer me the web price. Then he told me the rebate from the pistol's manufacturer ended. He insisted it was over even though I showed him the manufacturer website that said it was going (later I called the manufacturer and they verified there was a rebate). THEN I called the Cabela's web number before I ordered online and asked if I paid sales tax for my town or the town of the store I had to pick up in when I ordered by web, they told me my town. When I ordered, it made me pay sales tax of the store I am supposed to pick up at, which is 6% higher than my town. This whole thing was a comedy of incompetence and gross lack of customer service. I still don't have the pistol so we'll see if that goes smoothly or not. I don't see why anyone buys anything from this company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I've been buying from Cabela's online for well over 20 years. Never lived anywhere near a store until now. I was excited because it was my first time to ever go into a Cabela's. Been to Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, etc. I just wanted to go in and walk around and check everything out. Started out in camping, went to fishing, then kayaks, then guns. Then I noticed the same dude was showing up everywhere I went. I got a little annoyed so I purposely walked clear across to the other side of the store. I'm bent down in one of the aisles checking out the pellet guns and when I stand up BAM, there he is on the other side. So I take off walking real fast and ziggin-n-zaggin through aisles and I stop real fast and kneel down. He comes around the corner and BAM, BUSTED. He looks at me and grabs something off the shelf like he was looking for that exact thing. Freakin security following me around. It's 90 degrees outside so everybody in the store is in shorts and t-shirts, this dudes in a long sleeve shirt and slacks. Why the "F" is he following me. So I circled around to the other side of the aisle and just stood there and looked straight at him until he meander off to the back of the store. I went to the checkout and handed the clerk my stuff and said I didn't want it anymore because your security guy was following me around and making me very uncomfortable. My first time in a Cabela's and I get treated like a shoplifter. I'm a 51 year old grey hair white man having to put my reading glasses on every time I look at something. Did I really look that suspicious just walking around trying to have a good time. Goodbye Cabela's, hello Gander Mountain.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have shopped Cabelas on line products for years. They DID have the best on line shopping.. easy to use, easy to see items, fast!! Not anymore New set up is a joke.. my 16 year old kid could do better..

10 reviews
30 helpful votes

After reading a few of these reviews I started to wonder if I had been shopping on the same site. In my case, the products were great, the sales constant and the customer service irrelevant since my purchases arrived in great shape and as promised with good shipping options. What am I missing here? I don't think they missed anything!

1 review
0 helpful votes

In store order for a gun on sale, the guy told me it would be sent to store in 5 days and I could pick it up then. Ordered on Mar. 4 2017, waited anxiously until Mar. 11 2017. Went to Cabelas and checked to see if it had arrived and it had not. He said they would call me or e-mail me. I found out I had a tracking number on my receipt so I tracked it. My order had been canceled immediately on Mar 4 2017. I call Cabelas and got a bunch of Bull Crap for reason why it was canceled. Very disappointed.If they didn't have any more of the guns it should have showed up when I did the paperwork to order it.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered a pair of Mucks on January 29, said it would ship on February 3, a week later recieved an email stating it wouldnt ship until March 22, I called customer service, the rescheduled shipment for February 22. Today Is February 28n I called just to find out if it was shippedn and BAM, May the 27 is the new shipment date. NEVER AGAIN CABELLA'S

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a fishing reel on the 13th of November and received it a couple of days later.
Unfortunately there was something wrong with it so I went through the procedure to exchange it.
Officially there was another order for this item 11/19/16 after I spoke to someone on the phone (recorded call).
This reel now is obviously a used item, at least as a floor model. The entire reel is full of oil and the writing on the reel which supposed to show the Gear Ratio is completely warn of.
How is it possible that one of your employees sent me a used item??
How is it possible that no one responded to my emails I sent to them ?
Worst Customer Service !!
Stay away from online Shopping !!!!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been a cabelas customer for 6 years. Most of my experiences have been good. I have a Cabelas Club Visa Card and have used it, paid it off, and used it again. I have a very good credit rating and have never been a day late on a payment. Recently I received a call from them telling me they have closed my account stating I requested it. They will not provide me any details on the call. They also stated that they made a decision to close my account, but cannot tell me why, nor would they mail me a letter. They provided no details, no explanation, and were extremely rude on the telephone. I spoke with a lady named Carolyn. She was the most unprofessional individual I have ever encountered. Bottom line: Cabelas Club Visa made a decision to close a high limit account with no explanation, and now call me daily for it to be paid off. This is just the beginning of trying to make people aware these people will make decisions on your life, your credit worthiness, and credit report and give you NO EXPLANATION as of why!! My account was in perfect standing! To top all of it off, they took back $175.00 of Club points that I earned! I will sell everything I own with their name on it, and never buy anything again from these people!!

4 reviews
5 helpful votes

I paid $279.00 FOR A BATTERY WITH 2 YEAR replacement. I call the store in Buffalo NY. They stated they only replace it for 90 days. They call the battery dept. and he stated just bring it back. I drove up 68 miles and they started giving me the song and dance. Well it got load and they did give me a replacement and said I could not bring it back if it was bad or would not take a charge. They do not stand behind what they sell. They said I would have to call the battery company. They never get me to buy a battery from them. I could have ordered one with FREE shipping for about $60.00 less from Amozon.

6 reviews
7 helpful votes

Cabelas stands behind everything they sell. I had purchased a JetBoil system that was over $70. On the first backpacking trip the plastic on the sides melted so I couldn't use it. I told them it was my fault because I wrapped a tin foil shield around it to protect it from the wind, I know, very stupid. Three days later I had a new one in the mail, just paid for shipping. And here's a good one, I was shopping in the store and I was wearing a Swiss Army watch worth over $200 that my girlfriend gave me for valentines day. The wrist strap was "way" too big. As I was passing by the watch counter I asked the salesperson what I could do about it. I showed him the watch, and he pulled out some tools and took out 3 links for me. For free. The watch fits great and I had a wonderful time shopping.

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I buy things in the store for winter jackets for children and myself, and warm jeans. Thank Service Support, they helped me to make a payment. As a prepay card as usual failed. Less store for difficulties with payment, the availability of generally large size and range of products primarily under its logo

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