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1 review
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Is $#*!ing trash. They've had to use a virus to force me to use their piece of $#*! search engine and now I cant use Google. $#*! Bing

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I booked a flight through their online service and put in the day of 02/27/19. Paid for the flight and got my confirmation. When I get to the airport I had no ticket for that date but for 03/27/19 which is not what I entered. So I contacted them and explained the situation to them and I was told there was nothing that could do and that I had to cancel that ticket and be charged $75 cancellation fee and then purchase another ticket. I paid $112 for that ticket but when they transferred me over to sales the ticket was almost $400. I ended up having to go through a different agency to get a reasonable ticket price because no way was I paying that kind of money for another ticket when it was there fault to begin with. I will never ever book through them again. They took my money immediately and now I have to pay $75 to get my money back in 10 days. They are crap....

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I see Bing as a vicious, Anglocentric virus. It's the plague, and will try to make you use it as default search engine unless you stop it.

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Our company has been trying for a month to resolve issues with our listings with absolutely no help from customer service! They refuse to speak to us over the phone, directing us to an email address they don't respond to. We are losing money because Bing wont solve their the problems they create. They're outdated and don't know what they're doing and should not be trusted with your business!

1 review
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They have relentless issues with connecting to Google feeds. I have been trying to connect with their support team for the past two days and the lines keep going silent then cutting off on me. No one ever calls back from their support team either after sending numerous emails. Google is on another level and has never let me down. Bing, for the other hand, are woeful.

1 review
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I am so disappointed and shocked at Bing.
The support is appalling, try ringing it you will get (I) they pick up the phone and then cut it off before you get to speak and you have to ring and go on hold again (ii) it says an agent will be with you soon then it goes silent and after approx. 4 minutes they cut you off or I left it for 10 minutes and then they cut it off. They claim there is an English call number but it goes through to India and you get the same appling incidents.
We spend a considerable amount of money with Google and decided to try out Bing, from day one the experience with Bing was poor. The export from Google they tried did not work it did not bring every advert and adgroup across, which is very serious.
The Negative keyword function only allows you to import 500 at a time then it got stuck and would not let me change from phrase to exact, plus they do not warn you that when you import negatives from Google they do not support broad match so I changes them to phrase which is very dangerous I am now having to work through 1000 negatives.
When you try to complain they either hang up or no one want to take ownership of your account or issues. It has been over 10 years since I experienced customer service as poor as this and I cannot believe a companys big as Microsoft can treat customers so badly, it is clear they have so much money we do not matter. Google is so much more professional and seem to give a damn about their customers, don't forget we are trying to give them money and they treat us like this so how helpful would they be if we had an issue...this is just my opinion based on my real disappointing experience, what a waste of time. 4 days later still no progress, the fact they do not even respond to other poor reviews says a lot about how much they care about their customers...what a shame so disappointed

61 reviews
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Google. The only people who use bing are ones who log into their work computer, perform a web search and then realize they forgot that bing is their default search engine. I typed "Google" into bing so many times it's not even funny. When that many people are going to you to find out where your competitors are, that's when you know your product is terrible. I'd say that is epic failure in itself.
Bing has a terrible safe search toggle. If you toggle it off, it brings up porn. With safe search off, you can search for "bananas" and it will bring up some, you know... you use your imagination for that. If you search for "printer paper" you'll probably find some guy putting something into a printer that's not in the slightest bit paper. Toggling off safe search in bing shows the strong truth to rule 34. If you don't know what rule 34 is, look it up. Just make sure you don't look it up with bing.
My deaf dog can answer my questions better than Bing can.

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Bing has our site and phone number wrong, but I cannot find a phone number or website to contact to correct it. It has our location wrong on the map, it brings up a different branch for us and it has my cell phone number instead of the company number. Anyone searching for our Fort Myers store will be given wrong directions and the wrong phone number. Any search engine that does not give the businesses an easy way to corrects errors cannot be very reliable

Tip for consumers: Businesses listed on Bing

1 review
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Touch doesn't work properly.Suffered a lot with it, thought that my laptop had a problem and replaced it.But finally came to know its the browser problem

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Me being the weird-ass kid I am, I looked up some funny quotes I could look up on google without misunderstanding. I looked up "doggowatch" because dogs in Tracer costumes are hilarious. Now, reminder at this point that I did have SafeSearch on, but there was three image results. All three of them were porn.
Sincerely, $#*! you, Bing.

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Made an ad, they shut my account down the next day. No explanation for doing so. Horrible customer service. Do yourself a favor and stick with google.

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I hate Bing. It somehow manages to change my default settings to bing search even though I have changed it back to google several times. This time, I have changed my default setting back to google and it still uses Bing search!! Leave my settings alone without my permission!

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Stay away from Bing. After signing up with Bing and trying to receive the big advertised $50 coupon, we now 4 contacts, phone calls and chats and 24 hours later know why Bing/Yahoo/AOL just have less then 15% share on the search engine market (hits) and Google 85%: Incompetency, waste of customers time and energy, absolutely unprofessional customer service and arrogant demanding editorial policies. The time we spend with them was more expensive than the already halfway reduced $50 coupon (2015: $100) is worth. No solution, just frustration. We are not big fans of everything Google does, but they are way more professional and faster the Bing. This way the just play into Google's hands....

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1 review
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My website cannot be clicked on their search result saying it has a malicious javascript though I already scanned my website multiple times with multiple malware scanner and the result is always clean. I sent Bing webmaster tool support team three times already and got nothing in reply.

Tip for consumers: Stay away, very bad service.

1 review
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The manager Noellyn Fermin is very unprofessional. I observe several customers entering the store that was not being help. One customer got very angry because he was waiting so long and she was not assisting him. Both of her employees was busy with other customers and she was on her phone. This frustrated me because it was so obvious that she was ignoring the customers. Her appearance was very unprofessional she was wearing black camel toe black jeans with beats head sets around her neck, on top of that trash was on the floor, the accessories for the phones etc. was not stock, and the cabinets behind the counter was filthy. Her employees was very professional she wasn't. Cinclair Milton assisted me that day April 9, 2016 he was very very helpful and very professional he should be the manager. There was another younger guy around the same age as Cinclair that was very professional also i didnt get a chance to get his name. Ms Fermin is a real bad example of a sprint manager.

1 review
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If you type in "", which is the U.S. State Department, you get anything but the site for the U.S. State Department. You get New York state and other nonsense. Anything but the site you are looking for!

2 reviews
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Once Bing decided to override my personal preferences on Windows 10 and force me to go through a lengthy procedural system settings change in order to use the browser of my choice, Bing signed it's own death warrant at ever having my business again. Microsoft has become that annoying rich single child from high school who thought he was so great. Meanwhile the rest of us just looked down and shook our head at the embarrassment we felt for him.

1 review
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bing is rubbish I only use it to get to google when I don't go directly to google it doesn't have as much info

1 review
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If there's a 0 star I'd give it to them. they set up a rewards program and said that you can redeem for gift card when you search. HOWEVER, they will block your account whenever they want. And NO REPLY nor explain!!!!! The most terrible search engine, the most terrible service!!!!

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They should allow for a rating of Zero (0) stars. Only gave them 1 because I had to.

Purchased a vehicle there and immediately told them there was something wrong with the front doors but I did not know what. Advised them on at least 3-4 separate occasions that there was something wrong with the doors. Told them what was happening with them and the sound they were making. They never took care of the problem - kept saying nothing was wrong. Also, told them that the muffler was loud and making a tinging sound. They sent me to Monroe Muffler to have them "look at it". Monroe said the muffler was "rigged" and not put on correctly and the parts they used to connect were "all rusted out". United Auto did nothing to rectify or fix this problem. Eventually, the muffler fell off altogether and you can hear me coming from a mile away - but of course they claim I've had the vehicle too long for it to be their problem.
The doors no longer close and the passenger door has even flown open while driving * WITH MY CHILDREN IN THE VEHICLE. I was basically told to pound salt because the vehicle was a year old. I even told them I would buy the parts to fix the doors if they just had their flunkies put the parts in - they would not accommodate.
But the worst offense - When I got my vehicle inspected after the first year of ownership, I was told that the emergency brakes had been removed from the vehicle. When I contacted United Auto, they tried saying the car was a year old and it was not their responsibility ...... even though they had clearly put an illegal inspection sticker on the window a year before. They even tried to infer that I took the emergency brakes out of the car. His only concern was wanting to know why I took the car to my mechanic for inspection, rather than him - obviously they planned on putting another illegal sticker on it the following year. They finally did pay for the parts for the emergency brakes but I had to split the cost of the labor - FOR THEIR THIEVERY.

To add insult to injury, I realized when the front bumper fell off (which holds the plate) that it was somehow rigged temporarily in place - I had to get under the vehicle myself and fix this. It is also an absolute rust bucket - the back bumper and and the sides are rusting right through. There was not a single drop of rust on it when I purchased it so I'm not sure what they do to temporarily hide that so people will purchase.

Magnano even had the balls to use the oldest Used Car Salesman line in the book and claim that the car was previously owned by nuns. I did not fall for it but just laughed it off at the time and said I have never seen a nun driving a Chevy Blazer.... I also pointed out that the previous owners registration was still in the glove box and her name wasn't "sister" anyone.
When you walk in his door, he automatically assumes you are an idiot.


Tip for consumers: This review is NOT for Bing. It is for United Auto in Olean, NY. Not sure why it did not register for the business it was meant for.
I like Bing and use it as much as I use Google

2 reviews
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very slow

1 review
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Don't advertise with these greedy people. Google.bill one a month bing try to bill people every two days. If we allowed them in our account they would try to get 100 buck s every two days. If your budget it 500 a month why the f they try to bill every two days 100 every two days in a month is 1000 they try to get. They got the system set to override what you put in. We had it set to daily still billing every two days and get this wasn't even bringing in clicks bing go crash n burn youll nevet be google

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bing is unusably poor, if you don't believe me try this simple test. Go to and search using the bing search box on that page for Triggers Admin Utility - which you will see is the title of the page you are on.

Bing gives NO results!!

6 reviews
17 helpful votes

I hate Bing I don't give u a direct link to what u want

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