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222 W Adams St, 15th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Tel: (888) 727-0393

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1 review
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My intention is to make you, the future tenant aware of this corrupt ZRS Management that runs the Collection Apartments. The property itself and its location is the selling point for most potential tenants. Unfortunately, it's being run with a management company that will RIP YOU OFF. If you go online and check ZRS management reviews, you'll discover their philosophy of making existing tenants that are at the end of their lease or parting with the property to pay and make the place new again. For example, you live in a place for 2=3 years, they make you pay $300 and $500 to replace the carpet for the new tenant, plenty of excuses they make up to make you pay for repairs as such.
I will save myself the headache of writing everything else within this property, plenty of negative reviews you can read on your own and I'll get to my point. Everything is beautiful when they sign you up as you can see from the 5 star reviews upfront, but wait till you decide to leave or vacate the property. Regardless of how much security deposit you have with them, they'll rack up your final statement. Whatever the final statement will be, is what you will need to pay. They can decide how much they want to get out of you or they will simply send you to collections. We were one of the early tenants, lived there for 2 ½ years and always paid on time. Not to say we were totally happy, but moving is difficult and we just made it through. There is no negotiations with the final statement, which can range from $500 up to $2,500.00 which we've seen. They will certainly use the extent of the contract and make you pay, or as they simply put it, we'll send you to collections. If you care about credit, then you have very little choice but to pay. They find every little way to snatch money out of you, pet friendly property, it's a joke. They swab your dogs and charge you incase you accidently miss to pick up your dog's poop. Breaking into homes happens without the office mentioning a word to residents until fully pressured. Leaks and damages to your belongings, simply file with your insurance. Security at minimum, garage doors are easy for criminals, always broken. So many issues with this property, GOOD LUCK TO YOU POTENTIAL TENANT, ENJOY LIVING AT THE COLLECTIONS!!
If your heart is settled and decide to live at The Collections, do yourself this justice and make sure you ask them to sign that your final statement does not exceed your security deposit. This way you're protected, at least they'll only take the money you agree to give up. Good luck on getting your security deposit back.
Let me also, reply to my own review with what they'll be writing after they see this review. What a joke!
Thank you for taking the time to provide this review of your stay at The Collection. Please accept our sincere apologies of that your time at our community didn't exceed your expectations. In addition, we apologize for any confusion about your move-out balance. We truly value feedback from our community members, including those who no longer reside with us. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly at (404) 252-9108 with any additional comments to help us improve or to review your account. Thanks again. Total joke, Highway Robbery

1 review
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As a current resident for nine years, I am completely happy with the staff and maintenance of Reserve At The Winding Creek! They are very efficient and timely when addressing needs of residents. Property is very well maintained and a safe place to reside.

1 review
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Recently I moved in. My experience with Pam the leasing manager was smooth and very professional and helpful. she went above and beyond to ensure my moving experience was very easy and quick.

2 reviews
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I was hesitant about living in another apt because of my previous experience - apts so close together that there's no privacy or peace; abysmal maintenance, neighbors from hell lol. However, I've had a great experience here - the layout is amazing, the staff are friendly, helpful, professional & always available - it's clean, well maintained, bug free, I could go on!! I would definitely recommend these apartments!!! :)

1 review
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Im a VET & wont be here much longer. Spend your hard working $$ somewhere else. Staffs a miserable bunch! Read on for a taste of REALITY before youre SUCKERED into renting

Every 2-3 mos your privacy is invaded by maint entering apts claiming BS mandatory checks! As a FEMALE tenant. Ive experienced Maint knocking at my door. NOT giving me time to get to it before maint UNLOCKS it & WALKS IN like its THEIR apt!

Youll have NO PRIVACY living here! But its not the maint guy whos the real problem. MANAGEMENT IS!

Staff is a bunch of miserable HAGS who need to quit & find jobs having NOTHING to do with HUMAN contact. Hag EVA should stop vomiting her rudeness and quit. Maybe shoveling manure is a better fit for you

Once lease is signed Mgmt can care less! You call w/ a problem they ignore you. When you complain. Mgmt CONSTANTLY tells you "If you dont like it move" This is the wonderful treatment youll get as a tenant

I was just at the office. Luckily for hag EVA I DONT entertain STUPID & I happen to be in a good mood before EVA spewed her usual vomit "If you dont like it move out" out of her disgusting pie hole.

HOWs Eva still employed..Hmm I wonder?

Useless Mgmt!

1Your apt will get infested w/ROACHES every time a tenant moves. Maint probably fumigates the empty apt now roaches move somewhere else. So much for fumigating!

2Your kitchen gets infested w/ANTS each year when the weather warms up. So much for fumigating!

3Your electric bill will go THROUGH THE ROOF keeping apt warm or cool. Poorly insulated! In winter youll freeze & in summer youll bake

4Maint.has used MY ELECTRICITY by plugging into MY back patio electric socket to work on nearby apt's. I just happen to come home at the perfect time TO SEE THIS and STOP them. Who knows how MANY TIMES theyve done this!

5Windows & doors have HUGE wind draft. I've spend $ putting plastic on windows to keep warm. Doesnt help, frames are crooked w/huge GAPS

6.You CANT just turn on faucet & expect hot water. 1st you have to waste water & run faucets FOREVER before water FEELS warm

7Vents & central sys is DISGUSTING! Vents so clogged that 2 days after you dust youll have a layer of nasty dust again like you never cleaned

8Hope when it snows its not a lot because they DONT do a good job at plowing or they just will NOT plow parking. Either way youre digging yourself out


1 review
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Big apartments, high ceilings, large windows, ceramic tile, laundry room, washer and dryer, spacious covered porch, picnic & grilling areas throughout the beautiful landscaped green spaces. The things my family like most are, the indoor basketball court, the pool , the hot tub, the sauna ,and the weight room. The office staff is especially helpful with anything that you need ,and the maintenance team is there right when you need them. I love Ashley Park Apartments!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have lived at Cardiff Charles Apartments for 5 years. Living in this community has been a positive experience. The staff from the Property Manager to maintenance have been fantastic. My maintenance needs are completed within the same day. The guys are friendly, polite and professional. When I call or stop by the office I am always greeted by my name and very helpful with any of my needs. The property overall is always kept clean. Very comfortable having guest come to my home to visit me.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Great professional people that get the job done Steven help me with everything that I needed and made sure my apartment met all my needs

1 review
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Bottom line... I lovedan apartment in Ft Lauderdale . Called and texted the broker 4-5 times with only one reply and then nothing after....Maybe because it was "JUST" a rental
I alerted as they requested more than 3 times without any reply !!!
I ended up finding a beautiful apartment in Boynton Beach,right on the water ...which turned out good.
Thanks to
My situation turned out so much better but don't want anyone to go through what I did !!!
I am a real estate agent for Douglas Elliman and was taught that the customer comes first. tx for listening ...HAPPY IN BOYNTON BEACH

1 review
2 helpful votes

This website removes bad user reviews to protect bad landlords. Likely in exchange for ad dollars. Besides the deception, great search tool.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Although they provide you with the basic information, their rating system is a joke. After contacting them they stated their rating system is based on a multitude of factors. However they do not update their rating on these factors. Apparently the comments and ratings from tenants do not count! Read the reviews do just look at the star rating.

1 review
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We`ve been residents of nearly 2.5 years at 944 Kiely Blvd. Unit A, moving mainly because of health issues (allergy and cough) with old popcorn ceiling (asbestos), because it's not worth the money for what you get. I would not rent here again, would never recommend it to a friend. Hopefully this will help someone.
This studio is located at Woodsborough condo complex (1971) and is opereated by Miller and Hinkle Property Management. We moved into old 440 sq.ft. studio 1 bath no utilities included except water and garbage, with no renovation and with ancient fridge, stove, dishwasher and no ventilation in a bathroom. We had to clean all apartment because it was dirty (walls and ceiling with old spiderwebs, dust on floor moldings and cabinets, dust into closets, and wash-bowl near bathroom had parts of hair coat).
They're raising the rent each year for $100 to over $1650 and currently asking for $1850 to remain "competitive", but there is no justification for the price increase: no better amenities, no better security, no renovation or better anything. There are much less expensive rents in the area that include more space and amenities for this price.

- Very close to Central Park, community center, library & pool. It's good for everyday walking and events like the Art & Wine Festival are nice to have so convenient
- Own carport
- Small patio
- Three pools
- Laminate floors easy cleaning
- Residents are mostly families. It's right next to a high school and a magnet elementary school across the street

4th of July can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. The city closes off the street every year for a fireworks show in the park. It's fun but it's loud and late and inevitably there is garbage and broken glass left everywhere.

- No privacy. Walls are hear-through. You will hear upstairs neighbors
- Some of tenants just next to our building smoke marijuana in the evening and you can heavily smell it
- Latch does not fit properly on a lock of the patio and the outside door can be opened by somebody or by wind very easily
- When upstairs neighbors are jumping and heavily walking there is some dust is falling down.
- And the silent time (8PM - 8PM) is a joke. No-one takes it seriously.
- Be ready for at least twice per year for a serious problem with drain/sewer system - it is clogging somehow even despite of nets we put on sink drain holes (plumbers said it is because of the old sewer system in the complex), and all $#*! from sewer system is overflowing (we experienced it with kitchen sink, washing-bowl, shower and toilet bowl). We had to clean floor and all stuff around because of sewer water with cesspool sludge around (Some videos about that: , , , Also sometimes you cannot wheek and have to use plunger to do that. And if something is wrong with neighbors drain system - it comes to you.
- Swimming pools are not heated and security guys usually close them earlier. Also kids are jumping and diving there despite of pool rules and their parents don't care. As I mentioned people in this complex don't care about rules.
- The carport has a storage but it reserved for the owner. You cannot use it.
- Landscapers come through constantly with leaf blowers, blowing dust everywhere. Our patio gets a thick layer of dust on the table and soft chairs every time they come through. Same for our entryway. Multiple complaints and showing pics to HOA of the massive dust clouds when it's happening elicit just a bit change. Also landscapers can put some poison chemicals for insects and you will not know about that but will feel it. My wife had a serious allergy reaction once after one of that "insects treatments".
- No microwave
- Maintenance should be made only through Miller and Hinkle to fix things that are broken. For example when the old fridge stopped icing we asked to help. First they said this is our problem and we can buy a new fridge if we want. Then we asked the second time when our food started stinking. They came to estimate and called for technician, who said that it should be replaced because of its age and cannot be fixed. And at last the maintenance guy brought another used fridge to replace it. It took time and we lost about $500 of total food cost we lost because of this fridge issue. Nobody reimbursed it of course.
- Community is not gated and one time you can find your car broken into. Security guys usually sleep at night.
- Kitchen and entrance blinds are broken. You will be asked to leave them as is.
- Air conditioner/heater unit is old and has never been professionally cleaned. We started coughing and sneezing by turning it on. When we asked what to do with that - we were advice to clean it by ourselves or call for the cleaning service ($250). We opened the unit`s cover and it was full of pressed fug inside. We brushed and cleaned it by ourselves.
- Kitchen section floor came from 1970s and is damaged all over.
- Ventilation is very bad in this apartment and during the Summer you will get lack of fresh air - people around put vents into the window frames.
- Washer/dryer is not available for in-unit - you should use laundry rooms where some strangers wash tonns of their own stuff and dogs belognings (even despite of the master key to enter into the laundry).
- Laminate floor smells of some chemicals.
- Cabinets in kitchen are old and tiny. No place to cook.
- Passive and selective HOA management. There's no follow up on complaints and no perceptible action taken. For example. My wife likes flowers and made a small garden on patio. And during these 2.5 years we always had an overgrowing plant which just touched a fence and a house. And this year HOA sent us an order to remove the plant because of the complex policy. We did it (and it hurts my wife because she had been growing the plant during last 2.5 years and only now they said it was inappropriate). But we found that almost 20 units still continuing breaking their rules and still have overgrowing plants on their patios . Same for window curtains color which should be white or cream colored only (we were ordered to remove our curtain but there are tons of units with black or mixed ones).
- A lot of homeless people hanging around, up and down Kiely. They sleep in the park, get drunk, urinate, talk to themselves, yell at people passing and throw glass bottles everywhere. There's broken glass all up and down Kiely, be careful if walking.
- Dogs poops everywhere. And sometimes not only dogs.

So we have started being allergic to a lot of things there (slippery eyes with constant discharges, cough, and my wife had been started having permanent asthma exacerbation). We could not understand why and my friend told us to send the dust from pop corn ceiling for asbestos test. Which was positive (4%) (The guy form environmental lab advised to do the air quality test in this condo to make sure there is no more serious issues like black mold or chemicals from laminate etc., but we were not ready for it - $560 for the whole environmental test). We told about that to Miller and Hinkle (no reimbursement for the test of course). And they even brought a guy to estimate the repair cost of the ceiling (they said they fix it once we move out). Not sure if they fixed the ceiling because the apartment is on the market now. If you serious to move in - ask for a receipt for this repair to make sure you are safe).

During our move-out inspection Aaron from Miller and Hinkle checked the condo thoroughly. We cleaned our apartment so we expected to get the large majority of deposit funds back. The checklist that he has got did not reflect all dents and damages (when we moved-in we mentioned some things but he did not include them in the list, for example a box under the stove which was odd and dirty form its birthday. Same for a box under the sink). But this time he started checking everything from the list. Even any dents on the floor. And he said that we broke the dishwasher. But we have never even tried it! - Exactly! Because of inactivity it was broken, he said. Well, guys, there is no such item of Dishwasher usage or its inactivity in our Agreement, sorry!
I bet we might get more surprises from Miller and Hinkle when receive our final move-out deposit check with nothing.
My advice to you, guys - make a video of everything, of each dent or scratch, check all appliances and devices and every corner, every wall, every closet. Then put all things into the checklist! If they say they had it painted or fixed before you moved-in - ask for receipts which should reflect their spendings on that (according to the law they need to keep all receipts 5 years). Whatever these guys tell you that it`s OK or it`s a minor or normal tears - don't even count on it. You will be charged in full later!
And by the way we have got our move-in video just for this case.

I will post an update after move-out final making-up to relate that experience. We suffered at this place physically and mentally as well and will pay a deposit for that. Hoping Miller and Hinkle don't make our experience any worse than it already is.

1 review
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Do not rent an Apartment at 11 Grant Street in Cohoes, NY. I was approached by a friend who was a cousin of the home owner and offered an opportunity to look at a apartment at this address. The owner of the house called me several times and offered the apartment to me saying that his current tenant is moving out in April or May of 2016 because she was building a house and the owner wanted to know If I wanted to look at the apt. while his tenant was on vacation in Florida during early February. I looked at the apartment and I said I would take when the apt. becomes available in the Spring when his current tenant moved out. I talked with the owner in his house for over an hour and several times on the telephone and we planned this move. I hired a moving company and started packing boxes as I live alone and it would take me a long time to pack everything up. So after three months of planning and packing and moving money around in anticipation of this move - I get a text message this week, that read (my daughter is taking he apartment, look elsewhere). He offered no explanation, no phone conversation to explain or an apology at all. He treated it like it never happened, and here I am all packed up ready to go with a moving company hanging. What a slap in the face. I am still amazed that I trusted this man and that it was o.k. for him to waste my time without even an apology. If you have the opportunity to look at this apartment in the future, I would definitely steer away from this owner, the property and the three daughters that control his life. I FEEL LIKE I WAS KICKED TO THE CURB LIKE GARBAGE - T.A.B.L.

2 reviews
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Used to be a good webpage for review from tenants.

But in the last few months they took off all the bad reviews at my current place and left only two - one pretty old - that sounded like the manager wrote them (glowing wordS that do not fit this place).

it wasn't like they tried to contact me to see if I was really tenant (easy to prove I was) - just erased them.

They erased them from the places I lived before also.

I heard the commercials they do now saying how wonderful they are - guess they got bought by someone who doesn't care about the truth - too bad for us. Will do my reviews on Yelp now.

1 review
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Very helpful when searching for an apartment in a new area. Easy to navigate.

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