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John F.
1 review

If you put your information into you will get tons of spam email and calls. After entering my information my phone didn't stop ringing multiple times a day every day till I changed my email address and phone number. This company is horrible!

sue r.
1 review
“Membership is not free!”

I cancelled my membership just over two years ago yet they charged me via Pay Pal last year. I complained and they assured me it wouldn't happen again. Wrong! They charged me via Pay Pal again this year. I have blocked them from Pay Pal and filed a dispute. Angie's List no longer has a customer phone number and it's nearly impossible to locate a path on their website to file a complaint with them. They must have been getting too many complaints.

s k.
1 review

NEVER authorized any payment.. yet they charged my account some how.. after 46 minutes on the phone i was able to reverse the charges

Kathie P.
1 review

I, unfortunately signed up for Angie's list 2 years ago. I never used the service. I discovered a $16.66 charge on my charge card from Angie's List. I contacted them, and unfortunately I had 30 days to cancel the service, but the "service will just end on April 17, 2019" because I did not contact them within 30 days. It should be illegal for them to advertise that they are free. I never thought about it again, the current tv ad says they are now free!! Free unless you have the bad fortune of having actually paid for a subscription 2 years ago!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! THERE ARE FREE SERVICES WHICH ARE ACTUALLY FREE. FALSE ADVERTISING!!

Micaela D.
2 reviews
“Cannot get service/ cannot get money back from Angies list”

Ordered drywall repair for $199. Contractor never responded back to schedule repair. After months of trying to reach the contractor without success, I contacted Angie's list for my money back. They refuse to give my money back or coordinate with the contractor. Just found out that the contractor no longer works thru Angie's list and had told "Angie' to remove him from the ad offered. Angie's list will not provide money back and contractor still does not call back - so I am out $199.

Kathleen C.
1 review
“Angie's list & Home Advisor Are TOTAL scams! BEWARE!!!!”

As a small biz owner, I made the huge mistake of entering the lions den with both of these companies- home advisor employees are a bunch of unprofessional people that laugh at you when you are calling them about their poor leads your biz is paying a lot of money for. And Angie's List is a total joke, because after paying them 500 bucks a month to gain no business back, they have nothing to respond as you inquire on what is going on- When not a single call had been generated in the Boston area, and targeting 88000 members! They also obviously know that they are a sham company because NO ONE in business trying to gain business when advertising should have to sign a contract. AL is awful. PLEASE- small businesses, don't go this route. They will screw you for Thousands and bs you into changing your contract into another contract for 3 months- that'll do nothing as well. Too confusing? THEN HEED THE WARNING, ANGIE'S LIST SUCKS!

Nellie M.
2 reviews

This site ain't nothing but a load of crap. They don't even let you review the companies that do you good. They act like they need to know your entire history as a human being first. From the sounds of their questions, it seems to me that they run background checks on you without your consent or knowledge. And you can't even get to review the good companies at all. And the ones you know are bad say A+ or 5 stars. I call bull.

Sharon I.
20 reviews
“Can't trust reviews and in Vermont have NEVER located contractor”

Here's how I found out that reviews are only good ones. I was going to leave a negative review and the agreement to leave it is they give the contractor ALL of your contact information , e-mail, phone, etc. I get a name, to confirm that you had the work done, but everything else could be dangerous. I did not post my negative review. I think many others are scared off too. I have tried several times to locate contractors in my area and either I am told they can't find any, they send me someone with the wrong skills, or provide a name of someone who never contacts me. Perhaps Angies works better in big cities than in rural areas.

Dee N.
1 review

AL is only benefits AL and no one else. I got an offer for a job and paid through AL but it's only refundable within 30 days. Well, the contractor was smart and told me that nothing was available within 30 days. I was stuck. The offer was for 2 workers, I got one worker showed up! AL won't do anything about it unless I pay them $99 to be a gold member before they would even consider to mediate. TERRIBLE company. Do not TRUST.

1 review
“Ripped off by angies list renewal”

I haven't been a member at angies list for a couple of years. I suddenly get a renewal charge on my credit card.
I called AL to inquire and cancel but their recording states 'phone service not included in my subscription'.
I received a robot message from AL later stating that I had an automatic renewal silver membership (not free) good 'til 2018 - - no refund available.Stay away from this company - just money grubbers. No service!!!!! Just human to computer!!! They will screw you however they can!!!!

judith z.
1 review
“Worst Website in the Universe”

Try finding a particular contractor or company and the site freezes. Attempts to get back on the site are futile.If you try to call Customer Service, you're told that unless you have an upgraded membership, you have to e-mail. You'd do better with Yelp or Google Review.

Victoria F.
1 review
“RIP OFF Bait and switch”

Daily deals that cannot be honored within timeframe. Professionals paid pennies on the dollar, and when you try to get your service, they say it will be 200.00 more as your deal has expired. YET, you cannot get the service within that time. HOME ADVISORS is the best. You deal with the contractor before you pay anything. Wasted 1200.00 in "deals" return phone calls over trying to get money back.

Karl V.
2 reviews
“Itself a scam”

"Manual Renew" is what it says on my Account Mgt page, but in fact it's automatically renewed. You find out when you see it on your credit card statement, at which point Angie's List customer service says it's too late to undo. Who are these people?

donna c.
1 review
“Completely worthless”

Useless. Worthless. I have been trying to unsubscribe from this crap company's emails but still keep receiving them daily. I tried the 'contact us' link on their page which bought me to a page that said it didn't exist. Then i was redirected to sign in. Really??
Also want to mention that since i made the mistake of creating an account on their site, which i HAD to do in order to see any kind of company reviews, my spam has doubled. Now this could be a coincidence...but clearly this company is shady so I wouldn't doubt if they sold their emails. Only reason i gave it 1 star is because I had in order to submit the review

Ronald B.
12 reviews
“Completely worthless”

I personally believe many of the reviews of businesses you see on Angie's List are fake. I won't go on that site ever again for anything.

Kerry R.
3 reviews
“Horrible site, does not let you delete account?!”

Horrible spammy outdated website. If you're a business owner and request to delete your account, they wont let you (unless you pay them $$). Disgusting unethical company. Stay away!!!

Eugene s.
1 review
“Worst company”

I was sold a bill of goods. They say what they will do for you for so much money. Ya right. It never happened . They just want to con you out of morr money. Awfull company.

Lee M.
1 review
“Contractors beware!”

Ive given this site a shot with my business and my ROI in year 1 was a little negative so I figured I would renew and try year 2. First off they merged with home advisor which is a rip off company! Second they raised the prices, my call volumes dropped, and when I threatened to cancel my service I got my first bad review from a fictional person that I did not work for.
This site is a money grabber period. They will try to get you to sign up for a lot of extras that dont work. Save your money and advertise locally in your area. Beware!!!

Scott M.
1 review
“Terrible customer service - Little value”

I don't personally see much value in what they offer. They also make it practically impossible to cancel your membership. I called to cancel my paid membership and got a message saying I had to upgrade to "gold membership" to be entitled to phone support. I sent them an email to cancel and it bounced. I tried filling out their online "contact us" form, and got an error message saying I was not allowed to use special characters in the message, even though I wasn't using any special characters. What kind of "consumer friendly" company treats their customers this way? I recommend you stay far away from these folks. I've had great success with Thumbtack, and recommend you give them a try.
Scott McMillen.

Judith M.
2 reviews
“unable to cancel”

after months of no charges, AL charged me 24.99 through PayPal. I asked PP to investigate and reject as unauthorized but PP stated unable bcs a recurring charge. I called AL to inquire and cancel but their recording states 'phone service not included in my subscription', I tried to log on to cancel but repeatedly got error message, with no password reset possible (until suddenly hours later). I received an email from AL later that night stating that I had an automatic renewal silver membership (not free) good 'til 2018 - when I sent an email replying that I had never agreed to any of that, it was returned- undeliverable. Seriously?!
Judith Maleter

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