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Susan T.
1 review
“Sucks - Worse workman ever”

I always thought Angie's list was lame, based on my experience with it. My husband used Angie's List to find a tile repair place, Revivify, who did a horrible, cheap looking, lazy job. I could, and have, done better work myself. Disgusting workmanship! All thanks to Angies list and reviews from people
who dont know quality workmanship. I am livid!

Beth W.
1 review
“Cannot trust Angie's List Reviews”

Wrote an honest review on my experience with a contractor. The contractor threatened to sue me if I didn't take my negative review down. I let Angie's List know and they did nothing and were unresponsive. I took the review down simply to not be sued. The company maintains a high rating on Angie's List which of course is not accurate since they threaten people with lawsuits if they post anything other than glowing reviews! Was very disappointed that Angie's List did nothing when I reported this to them.

Julie B.
1 review
“Don't waste your advertising dollars.”

I'm a small business owner who paid over $1,000/mo to advertise through AL. Only 3 leads in 5 months. My company does mold inspections... in Houston (not hard to sell). We received more calls from a flier that we stuck on a phone pole than we did from AL. Upon cancelling and instructing them to send me a final invoice, they immediately charged my credit card over $2,000 with no warning. I was assured that was all I owed. The following month, they tried to pull another $300. Luckily I cancelled the card. Of course, no one is returning my phone calls. Terrible, terrible company.

Ray D.
1 review
“NONE of the businesses ever responded”

Angie's List staff ought to confirm that the businesses that are listed will respond. Actually, I think AL should require business to provide some sort of response if they want to be listed. Business must be so good that the 3 companies that AL provided did not respond to email, online request, text, or phone messages. To be fair, I tried several times over a two week period even asking that if they are not interested to simply let me know so I can stop wasting my time. It's nice that AL provides the listing but at this rate AL is no better than a simple Google search. I was expected a higher level of professionalism with companies that have gone through the trouble and expense of getting listed with AL. So far, I'm extremely disappointed in the businesses and Angie's List.

roger b.
1 review

Several years ago I did a year contract advertising with AL.
I only received 2 jobs from the whole year. I vowed to never advertise
with them again.

Last year I was convinced by a sales rep that
they had changed. So I reluctantly advertised with them again. Well its
been a year and I have only received 3 jobs this year. When I call them
they have nothing but excuses. What I found out today is, if you
google Angie's List, you get to their landing page. Right in the middle
of that page there is a LARGE box that says:

"Find top-rated, certified pros for your project".

is a spot to put in what you are looking for, plumber, etc. When you
enter what you are looking for it asks you a number of questions.
Including your address etc. Then what happens is you get 3-4 service
providers who will give you quotes by contacting you via email call or
what ever. Here is the problem. When you fill in your information
in that box, you are actually now getting providers from Home Adviser.
Which I now find out is their sister company. So as a paid advertiser on
Angie's List, if a prospect Clicks on that LARGE box in the middle of
their web page, they will NEVER see me as an option because I do not
advertise on Home advisor.

I am being told by Angie's list
representatives that the prospect must be a member, and they must login
on a small box in the top right of their web page in order to see me as a
paid advertiser. What the hell is that??

This is why I am not getting
any calls!!This is unethical and I will never ever use them again
for anything. I will be filing a complaint and be taking legal action
against this company.

Michelle E.
1 review
“You will need this #214-909-1945 for every job in your home!! Just ask for Ernest”

Majestic Innovation Contractors .. AMAZING! The job started as painting two rooms, but as we went through we decided to maybe do 2 more rooms. Ernest had an estimate that you could understand where your money and supplies, and each project was done in an amazing time. Yes you have a choice to supply materials but can supply all materials needed! Yes Ernest will be in and out with an amazing job done. Ernest sons are as equally devoted to each job, we started with painting needed some patching, to .. cabinets totally redone, installing glass in cabinets, flooring and tape bedding .. etc Just beyond happy with Majestic Innovation Contractors. Don't hesitate if you have small or large projects .. a very pleased customer!!! Thanks M. Ellington and crew

Nancy R.
1 review
“Ares Pest Control”

We had a huge mouse problem and tried to take care of it ourselves. It didn't work. We called Ares Pest Control, and in a few visits to plug holes where mice were entering and setting traps, the mice have disappeared! Thanks, Michael!

Nan W.
1 review
“Angies List Does Not Work for or Side With Consumers”

The web site is confusing, slow and crawlers track your every move...slowing down other web sites. They get 70% revenue from contractors and lie about that. Plus, they will not allow me to change my positive review...which I only left to motivate the contractor to do any warranty work. Now that the contractor won't do warranty work, and doesn't get back to me, I tried to change that review and warn others. But Angies list says they need me to pay more money for a gold membership or they will not talk to me about the problem or changing the review. I had a silver membership and haven't been happy with them for a long time. I get better results with tips from next door and I'm through with Angies list...another consumer bites the dust. Even Forbes wrote a critical article about this deceptive company... who really does not care about consumers. Meanwhile, my home is still leaking...due to the negligence of the contractor and Angies List wants me to pay them more money so they will let other consumers know about this company. Do NOT trust Angies List reviews. They side with the contractors.

2 reviews
“Piece of $#*!”


Ranee A.
66 reviews
“Good if it were not for them dozens of companies calling you without consent”

I would give them five stars but within 24 hours of signing up and searching we started to get calls regarding different services. From companies we never provided our personal information to. Which tells me they sold or transferred our personal information to these companies without our consent. I would give them 4/5 stars if it were not for this. For about 72 hours we got spammed with different companies requesting us to do business with. Not just the three companies we called.

Roy m.
1 review
“Garbage service”

I would say they have garbage service and as I'm a business owner they are not worth it to advertise for business. I spent my money to advertise my business but did not get anything. They promised me so much but nothing happened after they got my money. They promised to call my previous customers and get reviews but all my customers never got a single calls from Angie's list. When I call my account manager in Angie's list they never responded to my calls. As business man I'm not happy.

Larry M.
2 reviews
“great service with Kent Mortensen plumbing Company”

Friendly ,honest, great workmanship with fair pricing...Same day appointment resolved the problem of replace bad Hot water heater in a mater of a few hours...made an extra effort of doing a clean job protecting my homes appearance...stayed to verify that the work was satisfactory complete

John F.
1 review

If you put your information into you will get tons of spam email and calls. After entering my information my phone didn't stop ringing multiple times a day every day till I changed my email address and phone number. This company is horrible!

sue r.
1 review
“Membership is not free!”

I cancelled my membership just over two years ago yet they charged me via Pay Pal last year. I complained and they assured me it wouldn't happen again. Wrong! They charged me via Pay Pal again this year. I have blocked them from Pay Pal and filed a dispute. Angie's List no longer has a customer phone number and it's nearly impossible to locate a path on their website to file a complaint with them. They must have been getting too many complaints.

s k.
1 review

NEVER authorized any payment.. yet they charged my account some how.. after 46 minutes on the phone i was able to reverse the charges

Kathie P.
2 reviews

I, unfortunately signed up for Angie's list 2 years ago. I never used the service. I discovered a $16.66 charge on my charge card from Angie's List. I contacted them, and unfortunately I had 30 days to cancel the service, but the "service will just end on April 17, 2019" because I did not contact them within 30 days. It should be illegal for them to advertise that they are free. I never thought about it again, the current tv ad says they are now free!! Free unless you have the bad fortune of having actually paid for a subscription 2 years ago!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! THERE ARE FREE SERVICES WHICH ARE ACTUALLY FREE. FALSE ADVERTISING!!

Micaela D.
2 reviews
“Cannot get service/ cannot get money back from Angies list”

Ordered drywall repair for $199. Contractor never responded back to schedule repair. After months of trying to reach the contractor without success, I contacted Angie's list for my money back. They refuse to give my money back or coordinate with the contractor. Just found out that the contractor no longer works thru Angie's list and had told "Angie' to remove him from the ad offered. Angie's list will not provide money back and contractor still does not call back - so I am out $199.

Kathleen C.
1 review
“Angie's list & Home Advisor Are TOTAL scams! BEWARE!!!!”

As a small biz owner, I made the huge mistake of entering the lions den with both of these companies- home advisor employees are a bunch of unprofessional people that laugh at you when you are calling them about their poor leads your biz is paying a lot of money for. And Angie's List is a total joke, because after paying them 500 bucks a month to gain no business back, they have nothing to respond as you inquire on what is going on- When not a single call had been generated in the Boston area, and targeting 88000 members! They also obviously know that they are a sham company because NO ONE in business trying to gain business when advertising should have to sign a contract. AL is awful. PLEASE- small businesses, don't go this route. They will screw you for Thousands and bs you into changing your contract into another contract for 3 months- that'll do nothing as well. Too confusing? THEN HEED THE WARNING, ANGIE'S LIST SUCKS!

Nellie M.
2 reviews

This site ain't nothing but a load of crap. They don't even let you review the companies that do you good. They act like they need to know your entire history as a human being first. From the sounds of their questions, it seems to me that they run background checks on you without your consent or knowledge. And you can't even get to review the good companies at all. And the ones you know are bad say A+ or 5 stars. I call bull.

Sharon I.
20 reviews
“Can't trust reviews and in Vermont have NEVER located contractor”

Here's how I found out that reviews are only good ones. I was going to leave a negative review and the agreement to leave it is they give the contractor ALL of your contact information , e-mail, phone, etc. I get a name, to confirm that you had the work done, but everything else could be dangerous. I did not post my negative review. I think many others are scared off too. I have tried several times to locate contractors in my area and either I am told they can't find any, they send me someone with the wrong skills, or provide a name of someone who never contacts me. Perhaps Angies works better in big cities than in rural areas.

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