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World Financial Center, 200 Vesey St.
New York, NY 10285, AU
Tel: 1-800-528-4800
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39 reviews
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I've never really had a problem with Amex. I like that it's easy to dispute charges, and I can use my points for GrubHub ordering, which I do all the time.

8 reviews
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I want to warn credit card users how American Express treats its old loyal customers, especially women over 64, immigrants who have used this service for over 25 years, uninterruptedly and paying on time.

They simply do not mind abusing a woman in that condition and a client in that situation.

I requested to customer services representative that a charge be disputed that I did not recognize, I wanted an explanation of the origin, a complaint that was not fulfilled by American Express, when I called I was transferred from one office to another, employees asked me the same subject, over and over, transferring and stressing me with questionnaires.

Tired with the situation, I informed that I wanted to use part of the points to pay my account for that month, and close the account. The employees of the customer service office said that they would send me a statement with the settlement, I told them that I was not happy with the service, when the month ended and it was up to pay, I didn't have the adjusted bill that include my points as a part of the payment, I'm talking about the insignificant sum of 240 dollars for the month total and earned 80 points .

As they didn't send me the required balance, I paid partialy,using of my accumulated points, instead of sending me the balance, they charged me with interest.

Since I never have debts, I paid the difference and sent a letter of complaint with my claim for the points that were not discounted, to the president of the company, tired of the incompetence I specifically asked them not to call me, that they would not stress me more because I have a cardiac condition.

In an email from Amex , they said they would do an investigation and they would inform me, that never happened. They never acknowledge my complaints, my unknown charge, neither my earned points.

I asked that they communicate with me by email, that they will not call me. What did these inconsiderate people do? They leave me an infinite number of messages on my phone.

They never gave me back the money, this penance lasted like three months.

In summation of my experience in the use of Amex, businesses prefer visa, and in Europe they avoid the buyer paying with Amex, not mentioning the cost of exchanging money in foreign countries is aberrant.

So if you want to be abused, cheated, like to be frustrated, and disrespect and waste your time, and money you can use Amex, in my experience it's not worth it

30 reviews
39 helpful votes

Pretty helpful reps when they know what they are talking about, but some either don't listen or don't understand the customer. Paying with points is now less accessible. You have to have a certain amount instead of just using what you have. Pretty sneaky, why not just do away with them then? I don't understand all the pretentiousness of these big companies. Do they think we cannot see through their tricks?

1 review
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Ive cancelled two American Express Accounts recently, the Delta Platinum and the Hilton Ascend cards. In each case, American Express found reasons in the small print to deny the sign-up bonus. Their disclosures are misleading and explanations disingenuous. The customer service people were impossible to deal with - with incomprehensible accents, extremely long wait times, inflexible policies, and inability to communicate with any supervisor with any authority to make reasonable decisions. With so many competitive cards, with banks that actually have excellent customer service, Im taking my business where it is actually welcome.

1 review
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American Express has really gone downhill fast--was a card holder for almost 10 years until recently. The representatives being hired by this company now are completely incompetent and shouldn't be in the customer service field.

My business platinum card was canceled unexpectedly without my proper authorization--had a phone conversation with a gentleman from another country and had mentioned potentially canceling the card if they couldn't fix the issues with my account. Well, I sign in the next day--card in canceled. Evidently these reps lack the understanding of our culture, and don't really listen to what we're saying indirectly.

I call to find out what happened and was told a supervisor needed to review the recorded previous call before they could reinstate the card and I would receive a call back in 24 hours or less. Long story short, I had to call them 4 more times over the next week after being promised by 3 different supervisors that I would receive a call back--it never happened.

Had them leave the card canceled and took my business elsewhere. This is by far one of the worst customer service experiences I've had. I'm in the customer service field, and there is no way I will use an American Express card again, and neither should anyone else. I understand not all experiences will be like mine, but you'll only be met with hassle when dealing with this company.

1 review
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I expect more knowledgeable and competent representatives from American Express. I feel like the representatives are a fraud. They allowed me to open a new account and transfer partial balance from my AMEX Blue for the purpose of a balance transfer and then denied it stating that they do not process balance transfers beyond 7,500.00$. I spoke to at least 4 representatives to handle this transaction and not one of them knew that it was waste of "our" time. Furthermore, I am certain that the reps get incentives for opening new accounts and I feel that was the angle of this representative that I spoke to. Moreover the representative that I spoke to to resolve this matter had the AUDACITY to tell me that this happened to me because I wasn't listening after I was very upset with the lack of knowledge and misrepresentation in their error.

1 review
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AMEX has been a nightmare to deal with. Completely ignore laws that are in place to protect the consumer because they know they are untouchable. Have spent a year trying to get them to fix an error on my husbands credit file that has ruined his credit simply because they were careless. They put a debt that is not his on his credit file and continue to report it as missed payments even though its not even his debt to pay. We are going in circles as they keep referring us to people who just refer us back to them. They have provided me with phoney names and fax numbers and continue to destroy my husbands once stellar credit rating. I now know why most business will not accept AMEX, because they are not LEGIT!

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1 review
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Just a few months ago I opened an American Express card simply to take advantage of a zero-percent balance transfer offer. For a fee of 3%, I would have no interest for 12 months. Other than doing the balance transfer, I have not used this card at all. Since the first bill, I have been charged with interest of different amounts. Every month I call and get the same answer that they are having issues with the offer and it would need to be sent to another department. As of today, I have still been fraudulently charged $7.94 in interest. Cannot wait to pay this card off and be done with them. I do NOT recommend this company and will continue to pursue these charges.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

American Express Serve account....Highly recommend this card.... no monthly service fee with direct deposit and no "cash" load fee at participating CVS and 7-11 stores..

1 review
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use my link to get 200 dollars in reward, when u spend more than 1000 dollars in first 3 months!

1 review
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- Fake promises - American express promised giving 2000 Rs Make my trip and I never received it.

- I called AMEX customer care more than 5 times and every time they say the you will get the voucher to your email id and till now I have not received it.

- Fake Payback - Payback points that you earn by spending money on Amex card, you will not be able to use it unless AMEX update the Payback. in my case they never updated and the points I earned I am not able to use.

Every time you call Payback customer care they say call AMEX, but amex says the details are updated to Payback.

1 review
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Beware if you have an Amex card and any fraud occurs. This has been going on since April and it's now October. Some fraudster made several charges on our card. Citibank did not catch it right away, so the charges accumulated. A Visa card was also fraudulently charged during the same time. VISA caught it on the second charge. When Amex finally discovered the fraud, they called and asked us to indicate which charges were fraudulent, in writing, which we did. Still, no resolution for months, even after numerous phone calls to customer service. In the meantime, they have charged us late fees on items we did not buy and have reported us to the credit bureaus, even though we were assured on the phone that they would not do so. So we can pay for things we didn't buy or have our credit damaged further. Thanks a lot, American Express! We will be closing this account immediately. I will never do ANY business with Amex again!

1 review
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Did the upgrade for AMEX to their Platinum and they promised me 65k points. I upgraded from Green to this card. Been with these jokers since 2002.

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The staff at the American Express Travel have exceeded our expectations! Thank you Stacy and Chris for your help in canceling a hotel reservation in Napa at the 3 Palms Napa Valley Hotel and Resort,
When we received notice day of our travel that the performer at the Uptown had canceled his show due to illness, we immediately called American Express travel to see if we could avoid any penalty's, these gals called the hotel direct and explained the situation. Unfortunately the manager at the hotel declined to waive the penalty, which was the one night charge. But, our American Express representative was able to waive the cancellation charge by AX and get some money back to us!
Thanks American Express!!

Tip for consumers: Most hotels are really good about refunding a reservation due to show cancellations, but this hotel was not. That tells me they are not willing to accommodate when unexpected situations happen. Too bad! They just lost my future business!!

1 review
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I really hate How American Express interviewed me. I felt like i was not given justice. First off, The interviewer sounds like not interested to me. I feel humiliated. The questions are nonsense and short. They did not asked the proper interview questions. The interviewer is like a terminator and doesnt gave any chance for me to shine and highlight myself. I used to work with Chase and I know and thought that it will be easy to work with Amex Since it the same industry but it didn't turned the way it should be. I Applied 3pm last Sept 8, 2017 at BGC Bonifacio one tower. and my first contact with one of the person from the reception who is also the interviewer was extremely rude onset when I arrived 27th floor. Kulang nalang sabihin niya na 'oh Anung ginagawa mo dito?" After that failed interview another person called me when I already went back to lounge and ask me basic questions and she advised me to be interviewed on Monday. See they are not even coordinating and not even aware that I was done with the interview. He refused me becuase my 'career growth and development reason' was not enough reason to transfer to them. Isnt that enough reason for them to be proud and happy that someone find Amex as a gteat company to improve someones lifestyle? I dont understand.

Wow that is very dissappointing. MY experience with them was very traumatising. I though they value social welfare but I was really dissapointed

1 review
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we have personal card with $10500 limit and business gold card. We pay balances in full every month before due date. Both accounts get suspended When ever we make a purchase with Gold card. It is a business card for god sake and why suspend our personal card as well. Can not depend on AMEX. We will cancel both cards.

1 review
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How American Express Card Company ruined my vacation

Hi, my name is Chris Kim 48 years old, Korean American.

I have been using American Express card for my company about 4-5 years.
The reason I am using American express is to get points to use for our family vacation.
I used the points, and my family went to Hawaii last year did not have any problems.

However, I went through a very unfair situation with American express travel department on 8/31/17 until 9/05/17.
I booked a Cancun vacation (airline ticket and hotel) thru American express travel a month ago and I received a confirmation email.
My family (my wife and my daughter and I) went to the Los Angeles airport that night (31/Aug./2017) to catch American Airline flight # 1369 which departure time was 11:05 pm.
We couldnt get our boarding pass through their system. Therefore I went to the American airline agent and I hear from a bad news from American airline employee who is Mr. T******.
He told to me I booked flight # 1369 on 14th of July. 2017, but American express did not pay the money and the reservation for flight has been cancelled automatically. Therefore, I called to American express travel department and I talked with Mr, D***** (employee # 7****) what is going on. He told me there is an error (not their mistake) and suggested me to purchase a business or first class and go to Cancun and call them back tomorrow morning when supervisor is available. However, there are only 2 seats available. He offered me a different option which was to catch a different airline with my own expense and give them a call the following day when supervisor is available. So I asked the representative if I was going to get the difference in money back, and he responded as if he couldnt guarantee and that I would have to speak to a supervisor. Also I asked him regarding the hotel reservation status, he noted me that it got cancelled so I asked him again, if I dont have a reservation at a hotel, where am I supposed to stay? He told me again, Get a room with my expense then speak to a supervisor. This is totally wrong how they are treating me at this moment without any solution. I decided that I had to give up this trip. I hung up the phone and went back home. Everyone will agree with me with how frustrated my family was.
Im really thankful to God I didnt listen to him after I had a short conversation with America Express Supervisor, the next morning, who is named E****** today.
I called to American Express Travel and an employee name Mr. P**** answered and I explain to him what is going on and let him know I am recording this conversation as well. He said to me Thank you for letting me know". After He listened to me what is going on he had to transfer call to the Supervisor and he put me on hold for about 30 minute. During the 30 minutes that I waited, they couldve gone over what happened. Instead, once I spoke with E*****, I asked her if she knew what is going on, but she wasnt 100% sure. It made me very upset because I was on hold for 30 minutes for nothing. I notified her that I was recording the conversation as well. She told me, Dont record this conversation otherwise shell hang up. I asked her why I couldnt record her but they could. She replied Im warning you. I felt very upset again. I told her that she ruined my vacation and yet, she is warning me. Youre not going to believe this, she hung up the phone and said Thank you for calling American Express. You can see how shocked I got from this phone call. I was thinking on what I should do. Next day, I called them once more to get better results from a different supervisor. I spoke with a different supervisor named M*****. He told me that I was the one who cancelled the trip due to my illness. I couldnt believe this. They were making up stories. Once I heard the shocking lie, I couldnt speak to him any further. I want to know who made up the story because they want to avoid their responsibility. Even now, I cant believe a big company like American Express did this to me. I didnt decide what to do for the future, but I want everyone to know this situation. I want American Express to know that without us, you are not there.

Chris Kim
09/05/17 11:05 A.M.

1 review
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No customer service majority businesses don't want to take rediclass fees basic points high apr I had this card for 4 yeras I put about $37000 on it they tell you 1 percent back ya right 2 percent on gas station ya right in 4 years I had 1 dispute and they gave me the run around for 55min transfer back and forward with no resolution so I canceled them

1 review
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This company is amazing. I lost my card, i called them and the next day the new card was in my house sent by ups. I couldn't believe that. Costumer service was excellent. I love this card. Never had a problem. I have another two credit cards and i don't use them, this is my favorite. Everyone should have this card. I'm so happy with it.

1 review
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Had to call customer service to fix an error that happened at a merchants place of business. When I called the customer service rep(s) they continued to repeat the same information like a broken record. I continued to tell him I know what you see in your screen what you see is inaccurate, there for make a claim and give me my money back. He continued to repeate him self as if he was going to magically jog my brain as if I made the full amount transaction on his screen. I continued to ask for management about 10 times in which he finally decided to transfer me to a manager after he said "good luck my manager won't help you either."
When the manager got on the line, I informed him I own a merchant services company, I know how the procedures work with banking, and that they can easily claim the transaction, void it out or start a charge back and give me my money back. He refused to do this many times and then proceeded to tell me "I guess you've learned your lesson and won't do that again" as if me being over charged was my mother effing fault or problem.
When I told them I will have my team of lawyers sue so hard it's unreal he proceeded to tell me it's a recorded line, in which I told him I'm aware and I'll say it again and again. He then hung up on me.
Worst customer service, the merchant told me they "can't locate the charge" there for they can't (won't) void out or refund the charge and American Express is refusing to fix the issue. This is a very definition of money scandaling and money fraud. I will not push for American Express services to My clients who utalize my merchant services from here on out.
Do not get any card through them, credit cards, bank cards or hell gift cards for that matter.
Stay away from these fraudulent crooks.

1 review
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The customer service agents on the phone keep repeating the same thing and can never help. I asked one of the reps on the phone if there was anyone at the company that was able to help me. They replied "No." Simple changes can save the integrity of the company before its too late. Every review has the word lie in it. Its sad to say that its true.

1 review
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Amex Card is what I have and made lot of spending and this company is horrible, they lie a lot,it doesn't matter how loyal you are to them.Sucks

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I had an American Express Platinum card. I got because of free foreign transaction fees, the free lounge pass and mile bonuses. Right away I found out that American Airlines was not part of their mileage club. Also I found that most of lounges closed or were not accepting the card. Then I learned that few oversees vendors wanted me to use American Express. I was trying to arrange some diving and whale shark swims and was told I would have to pay more if I used the AmEx card because of the fees. I was told that on other excursions. Few of the tiny restaurants in many countries would accept the card. So I decided not to renew it. They offered me a reduced renewal fee of something like $250 so I renewed again. However, I decided of the next year it wasn't worth it. So I didn't renew the card. An auto renewal of an insurance policy hit the card in the month after. I paid the charge. The only thing not paid was the $450 fee. I started getting calls and late notice letters so I started calling. When you call the number on the letter or take their calls, they demand you pay the $450.00. I tell them I cancelled the card. They say I have to talk to membership for that and they can't do anything. I call membership and they say OK we waived the fee since you cancelled the card. Then the next month it starts all over. This has been going on since February. It is now July. I just got a letter that says my account has been cancelled because I was late! What the heck. I cancelled the card myself. So I call the number on the letter and guess what, it's the credit department and they can't do anything about the fee that is another department. I ask for the number of the other department so I don't have to go through them again. She gives me a number. Guess what, when I called it was back at the Credit section and the whole thing starts again. I have been on the phone or on hold for over an hour. I am now on hold with a credit supervisor "who is trying to work this out." I'm glad I wrote down the name and extension of the person from last month because that got me to the supervisor. If you do work with them, keep notes of all calls. I didn't start keeping dates and names until last month. I don't have records of my March, April or May calls. The history what got me to the supervisor. Now they just came back on and said everything was zero'd out and there is nothing more owed. Stay away.

1 review
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Hello. Do not buy any gift card from American Express. You will lose you time for check balance (online, then by phone).

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