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World Financial Center, 200 Vesey St.
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1 review
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I only had this card for a few month because I couldn't stand what a hassle it was causing for me. It wasn't worth the headache. Employees are just misinformed or they're not getting the proper training. I called multiple times to make sure my account was closed after I paid the total amount I was told to pay by one of the Amex advisors and each time reassured my account was closed. Then I get bill from Amex weeks later stating "Your account is cancelled. Please pay the minimum due by the payment due date. Thank you." If the amount wasn't $2.00 I would of been making an unhappy phone call. Ridiculous how incompetent their staff is.

9 reviews
16 helpful votes

I have had a few problems with fraudulent companies and AE came through and got my money back. That's not all. They are the newest card I have and after many years with other credit cards, American Express is the only one that took the liberty to upgrade my credit limit without a credit check or asking. I have had a great credit score for years but AE is the only one that did this. They're incredible. Thank you so much.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I made a payment for my Jan. bill for my AMEX account early, on Dec. 28, assuming since I already made my payment for my Dec. bill, this Dec. 28 payment would go toward my Jan. bill. At the end of Jan., I discovered I was charged a late fee and my credit score immediately went down. When I called AMEX, they said the 28th of the month was the last day of my billing cycle for that month, so they applied the second payment made on Dec. 28 to my Dec. bill and not Jan. Therefore, my Jan. bill was considered "late-unpaid." They did ultimately refund the late fee back to me, however, and most importantly, it had already been reported to one of the credit reporting agencies, causing my credit score to go down by 12 points. This is absolutely unacceptable. AMEX stated if I paid my Jan. payment on Dec. 29, which is the first day of my Jan. billing cycle, it would have been credited toward my Jan. bill. How is the consumer supposed to know this? I was acting responsibly and making a payment early from my perspective, but now, my credit rating is permanently effected, as decreasing by 12 points when NO OTHER CHANGES ON MY ACCOUNT ACTIVITY anywhere had been detected. This is completely unacceptable and something should be done immediately to rectify the issue.

38 reviews
96 helpful votes

I could not even get any of my questions answered to be able to make the decision to sign up.None.The customer service in ALL departments is a nightmare.They do not have a search by zip code for the "45,000" reload locations which I find very strange.People need that on the go shopping and traveling.Also their website and system will be unable to verify even physical addresses and say "oh well."Too much hassle even before sign up.Not worth it if something happens with your money.Sign up with companies that are capable of answering the simplest of questions and correcting whatever is wrong with them not being able to verify legit physical addresses.Floored at how ill equipped they are to handle anything at all let alone people's money.

1 review
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The American Express offers the world class Credit Cards, Charge Cards, rewards, travel, financial and business services including Corporate Cards and a lot more. Moreover, they are ready to assist you in your credit related matters around the clock.

1 review
1 helpful vote

My mother died unexpectedly right after receiving a brand new account with Delta AMEX card. We had charged thousands of dollars in purchases and planned to keep using it for years to come. We had been loyal AMEX cards with a separate card and had an unblemished payment history for over 15 years. Right after my mom died I forgot to set up auto pay for the brand new Delta Airlines card and missed our first payment but paid the statement in full asap as soon as I realized it a couple days after the due date. I begged for some courtesy on their part to forgive the one time mistake but they were heartless and didn't care about my moms death and penalized me hundreds of dollars. I tried appealing it 3x's even writing letters detailing my prior unblemished payment history with them and the tragic unexpected death of my mom. They were still heartless and didn't offer any condolences of any sort. Just sent me a letter explaining how to not be late in the future.

At the same exact time I had a similar situation with my husbands Chase Bank Disney Visa and they reversed all late fees and interest charges for that time period of my moms death. They offered sincere condolences over my moms death and were very kind.

American Express has lost our business permanently.

There are 6 of us that will be closing all accounts associated with them. I cannot believe how unkind and heartless AMEX is. My business will stay with other cards.

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have had my Business American Express card for about 20 years and I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THEM!!! (And no, I'm not a "paid review" nor was I solicited to write one) Just yesterday they saved me from falling deeper into a Yelp "campaign" that I see other business owners got smacked for hundreds of dollars. They send a text notification with each purchase (if I'm not making the purchase in person) and I was able to stop Yelp from sucking hundreds from me. AMEX has ALWAYS been EXTREMELY HELPFUL with any single problem I have ever experienced and I tell everybody that I have never called them and not had an extremely pleasant experience...their staff training is impeccable!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was an American Express customer for well over 10 years. I appreciated the good service and support; particularly, if I had concern regarding any charges. While not the fault of American Express, I, personally, am unable to reap the benefits of the annual fee. Not that I doubt it, but I'm told that if certain actions are taken such as an increase in spend despite my already high balance, for example, I will be able to earn enough membership rewards to cover the annual fee. Being that I'm trying to pay down debt and rid myself of $150 or more in monthly interest, I asked if I might be able to have a discount on the annual fee and also inquired about downgrading from the gold card. I was told that there would be a $30 fee to maintain the existing card member if I diwngrade and, despite stating multiple times that membership rewards we're not of benefit to me, I was told that the small fee to maintain second cardholder would not be waived and was repeatedly reminded of the benefits that I should be able to be reap by putting more charges on the card. To make this already long story shorter, I am no longer a member of American Express. Thanks to the company, I now have MasterCard with no annual fee and a lower interest rate. The bank that I work with happened to offer 15 months with no interest and a small fee for the balance transfer so it was quite worth it. The bank also attempts to detect fraudulent card use and I believe they will stand behind me if a charge is truly fraudulent. In a short period of time, my balance hass reduced notably.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have never had a worse card . 8 days for a pending charge to clear . Then I got a rental car for a day , turned it back in last week Friday got the receipt , still showing pending until today Wednesday and now it's just gone, 150 car deposit still out there somewhere . Wtf. Use another cc for rentals.

10 reviews
3 helpful votes

My American Express card help me a lot with my needs. They have good offers and I do not have to worry about this card. They work with fidelity.

1 review
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Had issue Am-x 1 hour 33 min. 8 CS agents later no resolve oddly enough dropped line...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Bar none the best service from any credit card company. Quick to answer quick to resolve issues. Top notch.

1 review
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I had an delay on my card , but they helped me straight.. I spoke with Alex , he was so kind and careful.!!! Thanks!!! :)

39 reviews
53 helpful votes

I've never really had a problem with Amex. I like that it's easy to dispute charges, and I can use my points for GrubHub ordering, which I do all the time.

8 reviews
4 helpful votes

I want to warn credit card users how American Express treats its old loyal customers, especially women over 64, immigrants who have used this service for over 25 years, uninterruptedly and paying on time.

They simply do not mind abusing a woman in that condition and a client in that situation.

I requested to customer services representative that a charge be disputed that I did not recognize, I wanted an explanation of the origin, a complaint that was not fulfilled by American Express, when I called I was transferred from one office to another, employees asked me the same subject, over and over, transferring and stressing me with questionnaires.

Tired with the situation, I informed that I wanted to use part of the points to pay my account for that month, and close the account. The employees of the customer service office said that they would send me a statement with the settlement, I told them that I was not happy with the service, when the month ended and it was up to pay, I didn't have the adjusted bill that include my points as a part of the payment, I'm talking about the insignificant sum of 240 dollars for the month total and earned 80 points .

As they didn't send me the required balance, I paid partialy,using of my accumulated points, instead of sending me the balance, they charged me with interest.

Since I never have debts, I paid the difference and sent a letter of complaint with my claim for the points that were not discounted, to the president of the company, tired of the incompetence I specifically asked them not to call me, that they would not stress me more because I have a cardiac condition.

In an email from Amex , they said they would do an investigation and they would inform me, that never happened. They never acknowledge my complaints, my unknown charge, neither my earned points.

I asked that they communicate with me by email, that they will not call me. What did these inconsiderate people do? They leave me an infinite number of messages on my phone.

They never gave me back the money, this penance lasted like three months.

In summation of my experience in the use of Amex, businesses prefer visa, and in Europe they avoid the buyer paying with Amex, not mentioning the cost of exchanging money in foreign countries is aberrant.

So if you want to be abused, cheated, like to be frustrated, and disrespect and waste your time, and money you can use Amex, in my experience it's not worth it

50 reviews
120 helpful votes

Reps are just plain rude. One kept cutting me off and told me not to speculate about a fraud charge. Another just "disappeared." I might just stop using this card. Paying with points is now less accessible. You have to have a certain amount instead of just using what you have.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ive cancelled two American Express Accounts recently, the Delta Platinum and the Hilton Ascend cards. In each case, American Express found reasons in the small print to deny the sign-up bonus. Their disclosures are misleading and explanations disingenuous. The customer service people were impossible to deal with - with incomprehensible accents, extremely long wait times, inflexible policies, and inability to communicate with any supervisor with any authority to make reasonable decisions. With so many competitive cards, with banks that actually have excellent customer service, Im taking my business where it is actually welcome.

1 review
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American Express has really gone downhill fast--was a card holder for almost 10 years until recently. The representatives being hired by this company now are completely incompetent and shouldn't be in the customer service field.

My business platinum card was canceled unexpectedly without my proper authorization--had a phone conversation with a gentleman from another country and had mentioned potentially canceling the card if they couldn't fix the issues with my account. Well, I sign in the next day--card in canceled. Evidently these reps lack the understanding of our culture, and don't really listen to what we're saying indirectly.

I call to find out what happened and was told a supervisor needed to review the recorded previous call before they could reinstate the card and I would receive a call back in 24 hours or less. Long story short, I had to call them 4 more times over the next week after being promised by 3 different supervisors that I would receive a call back--it never happened.

Had them leave the card canceled and took my business elsewhere. This is by far one of the worst customer service experiences I've had. I'm in the customer service field, and there is no way I will use an American Express card again, and neither should anyone else. I understand not all experiences will be like mine, but you'll only be met with hassle when dealing with this company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I expect more knowledgeable and competent representatives from American Express. I feel like the representatives are a fraud. They allowed me to open a new account and transfer partial balance from my AMEX Blue for the purpose of a balance transfer and then denied it stating that they do not process balance transfers beyond 7,500.00$. I spoke to at least 4 representatives to handle this transaction and not one of them knew that it was waste of "our" time. Furthermore, I am certain that the reps get incentives for opening new accounts and I feel that was the angle of this representative that I spoke to. Moreover the representative that I spoke to to resolve this matter had the AUDACITY to tell me that this happened to me because I wasn't listening after I was very upset with the lack of knowledge and misrepresentation in their error.

1 review
1 helpful vote

AMEX has been a nightmare to deal with. Completely ignore laws that are in place to protect the consumer because they know they are untouchable. Have spent a year trying to get them to fix an error on my husbands credit file that has ruined his credit simply because they were careless. They put a debt that is not his on his credit file and continue to report it as missed payments even though its not even his debt to pay. We are going in circles as they keep referring us to people who just refer us back to them. They have provided me with phoney names and fax numbers and continue to destroy my husbands once stellar credit rating. I now know why most business will not accept AMEX, because they are not LEGIT!

1 review
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1 review
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Just a few months ago I opened an American Express card simply to take advantage of a zero-percent balance transfer offer. For a fee of 3%, I would have no interest for 12 months. Other than doing the balance transfer, I have not used this card at all. Since the first bill, I have been charged with interest of different amounts. Every month I call and get the same answer that they are having issues with the offer and it would need to be sent to another department. As of today, I have still been fraudulently charged $7.94 in interest. Cannot wait to pay this card off and be done with them. I do NOT recommend this company and will continue to pursue these charges.

1 review
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use my link to get 200 dollars in reward, when u spend more than 1000 dollars in first 3 months!

1 review
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- Fake promises - American express promised giving 2000 Rs Make my trip and I never received it.

- I called AMEX customer care more than 5 times and every time they say the you will get the voucher to your email id and till now I have not received it.

- Fake Payback - Payback points that you earn by spending money on Amex card, you will not be able to use it unless AMEX update the Payback. in my case they never updated and the points I earned I am not able to use.

Every time you call Payback customer care they say call AMEX, but amex says the details are updated to Payback.

1 review
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Beware if you have an Amex card and any fraud occurs. This has been going on since April and it's now October. Some fraudster made several charges on our card. Citibank did not catch it right away, so the charges accumulated. A Visa card was also fraudulently charged during the same time. VISA caught it on the second charge. When Amex finally discovered the fraud, they called and asked us to indicate which charges were fraudulent, in writing, which we did. Still, no resolution for months, even after numerous phone calls to customer service. In the meantime, they have charged us late fees on items we did not buy and have reported us to the credit bureaus, even though we were assured on the phone that they would not do so. So we can pay for things we didn't buy or have our credit damaged further. Thanks a lot, American Express! We will be closing this account immediately. I will never do ANY business with Amex again!

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Just do it. Keep your payments up to date and they will perform miracles. Serious.

By Leo A.
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Only if you live in India and have a laptop comp.

By Zeida j.
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