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thredUP reviews

315 reviews
580 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Tel: (617) 575-9676

315 Reviews for thredUP

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New Reviewer

Sent a huge bag of like new condition clothes, all name brand...Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, etc. received $11! They told me most stuff was stained, when it most certainly was not. I am super picky and would never send stained clothes. I would NEVER ever use this site again. I feel 100% scammed.

New Reviewer

If you have ANY doubt about using ThredUp for selling your gently used clothing, refer to their Facebook page where you can read thru negative experiences daily...with an occasional cheerleader thrown in the mix saying they received hundreds of dollars for their clothes...blah blah. I sent in a stuffed bag with the same quality standards I'd expect to receive if purchasing clothes from them or any other resale site and nearly every item was rejected including NWT items...I earned $5. As another user pointed's amazing how ThredUp has raised all their prices, lowered all their payouts and rejects and refuses to pay for so many pieces of clothing yet they can give away thousands of dollars of credit for e-mail referrals without any commitment to purchase.

New Reviewer

This site is a total scam, and they are only out for profit through theft. There is enough evidence from numerous negative reviews to show that this company is lying and stealing from people. I was very careful of what I sent in, and several items were like new, and one item I had just purchased from ThredUP, but sent it back as it did'nt fit my son, yet they rejected what I had just purchased from them?
The clothes they did accept were what I view as the lower end clothes, and they rejected all the higher end items I sent in. They are clearly lying and making money elsewhere off of the other clothes.
Their site indicates that they will give you up to 40% on your clothes, ha! Almost everyone I have spoken to has received between 10-15% for brand new clothes, what a joke!
I labored over washing, ironing, and packing these clothes, just to be taken advantage of. Don't waste your time buying or selling from this crooked place. Go to Ebay, Craigslist, or have a garage sale and you will do much better.

New Reviewer

I started out really liking this company. They seemed to be fair but lately I've noticed that some really good and brand new things I sent in were not accepted. I questioned them and they actually sent me phtotos of things that they didn't accept, claiming they were stained. To let you see what they claimed as "stained", here are some of the photos they sent back:
The second top is actually brand new never worn!
I really question their judgement, especially since their "consignment experts" have chipped, dirty nails- you wonder how they can have such attention to detail if they can't bother to notice their own grooming.
I would say proceed with caution, and purchase the 9.99 insurance they offer to get your things back if they don't take them.

New Reviewer

Do not send them your child's clothes! Please trust me on this. For every few people who say they've had great experience with selling there are a hundred more with mine. Very expensive clothes rejected with no explanation. A pair of Keen boots that were over $50 new, worn a few times, and like new- "recycled." I got NO MONEY for them. Gone. No explanation as to why. The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of one is that I've had an ok time buying in the past, but I can't understand how they even have inventory anymore. No one is going to send in their higher quality/best brand clothing unless they just don't know, and I guarantee no one would do it again. Consign at a local store or sale. They give you 60-50 percent most of the time. Thredup did accept a lot of my clothing and gave me less than 15 percent on most of it.

New Reviewer

Do not deal with the company. Complete scammers!!!!!!!!!!!! I've sent in a bag full of not only top name brands but perfectly good clothing and shoes (worn once) they took 3 of the items. Claimed others were damaged-DO NOT BOTHER...SOME ONE NEEDS TO START A LAW SUITE AGAINST THIS COMPANY!!

New Reviewer

I agree with the others and only wish I would have read these remarks before sending in my bag. I followed the directions to every detail, perfect condition, name brands less than two years old, a bag stuffed to where I could barely close it. And for what... $17? I could have donated these items to friends, family or those in need and feel better about the time and money spent. They accepted 17 items in total, but even so I added this up and the conversion is less than 10% from what they are reselling them for. That's horrible! Never again, and no I won't even buy on the site - it's almost like stealing what they are doing over there.

New Reviewer

Do not use the Thredup web site to send any of your good kids clothes!!! They will claim that they are stained and not use them. Stay away from this scam, they will rip you off!!!

New Reviewer

I sent 35 items and a few new without tag items. I received $3 for 5 items and the rest were deemed acceptable. I spent 4 hours going through the clothes to make sure they were in great shape that I would be happy in receiving. I will NEVER sell on this site. After this, I will be not even buy on the site again.

New Reviewer

What a disappointment and rip off!!! I sent in 28 items, some clothes NWT (new with tag), some NWoT, and some rarely worn. I scoured them for "rips or stains" or any defect. The brands were Hartstrings, Flapdoodles, Rare Edition, Children's Place, OshKosh, etc. Only 8 of those didn't have "rips or stains" which meant I only got payment for 8 items ranging from $2 (NWT) to $5 (Ralph Lauren worn sundress). How were the NWT items, or never worn items ripped or stained?! Only 1 of the 5 NWT items passed the inspection. ThredUp doesn't give you an opportunity to agree or disagree, and I would have asked for the "unacceptable items" to be returned for the $11.99 fee, but I honestly did not think any of them would get rejected, or only one or two of the ones that had actually been worn before. You're better off going to a local consignment shop so you can decide not to sell if you aren't happy with the price, or a Mom to Mom sale and sell them all for $1 and you'd still be ahead. The requirements appear to be impossible to meet. I would rather donate items than use Thredup again. Lesson Learned. I heard about Thredup on the Today show and thought it was legitimate. Don't believe everything you hear.

New Reviewer

Complete scam.... I would be careful about this company. They have a ton of complaints on the BBB website.
I found their clothes overpriced and worn looking and if you send them clothes they keep some of the nicest ones and tell you they had stains or rips so they don’t have to pay you for them.
Just a tip.

New Reviewer

I would only go to this site to use your free $10 credit and then run! But whatever you do, do not get scammed into sending them your nice name brand clothes in that handy huge bag they send you for free. That's how they get ya! They sent me a bag and told me to stuff it full and send it back for free and they would pay me top dollar for my clothes. BS! They paid me for someone else's crap! I didn't get a cent from the actual clothes I sent them!! I see them listed on their site but they're not even crediting me for them. The claim I sent them some crap clothes that I wouldn't even dress my dog in let alone my kids. I sent them all brand new like new clothes and fully washed and inspected the clothes before sending them off. There were no holes, stains or rips and they were all brand name clothes. They paid me $9 for someone else's clothes! I got screwed! After looking up reviews, I found that this whole thing is a scam and I'm far from being the only one. Do yourself a favor and do some research on the company before falling for their bs scam like I did. Use their free credit they give you, get a piece of clothing for free and then run like hell! SCAM SCAM SCAM! They even have an F rating on the BBB!

New Reviewer

So I guess this site use to be some sort of bartering service. Now it functions more like a childrens re-sale clothing store online. So basically you send in your high quality kids clothes, get credit and choose items you would like to get in return, or there is the option to sort pictures of the items and pay via credit/debit or paypal.
I sent in about 30 items and kept a detailed list of the items that I sent in. About half of the items were accepted and oddly enough the items that were not accepted were mostly new with tags.. I get a very fishy feeling about that as I know the items were new with tags well known names and I am in a pet free/smoke free home.
I tried to look past that and forward to getting the items that I had chose :)
Well, I guess I should have gotten a hint from the issues I had when I sent a bag in....
The items that I got in return had poo stains, tears, and one of the items had a strong and very nasty smell to it.
So let my venture help you out in your decision to go with this service. I would suggest Ebay, or some other clothing buy out like taking your old kids clothes to Once Upon a Child or something.

God Bless

New Reviewer

It works if you need clothing in the first year of your child's life, otherwise you're pretty much out of luck, especially with the clueless people running this company.

One star for a pretty good concept, one star for the small group of people whose needs it meets.

Taking off stars for bad management, all the glitches and problems with the slow web site, and how impossible it is to get anything decent in most sizes.

Veteran Reviewer

"Clothes don't grow, Kids do", as the site says. This is another trading website, except this one isn't for books or music, it's for clothes. Kids clothes to be exact. It seems simple enough. Find clothes you want and list your own - when someone chooses your box of clothes, a trade is made. The only downside though is that there is a flat rate of $10.95 shipping - which seems a bit much for a small box of clothes. And that's another thing: All boxes of clothes have to be listed for $5. No more, no less. I haven't made any transactions on here yet so I am only reviewing the idea, basically. Seems like a good deal to me, though.

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