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thredUP reviews

409 reviews
Categories: Toys, Used Clothing
580 Market Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104, United States
Tel: (617) 575-9676

409 Reviews From Our Community

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I don't understand all the negative reviews about selling items. What did you expect? (in 221 reviews)


Getting credit for the clothes I turn in is exciting. (in 221 reviews)


They have great clothes, at great prices and their customer service has always been amazing. (in 47 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Buying quality used clothing for my children is not easy in my small town, but this site has proven wonderful for us! I cannot typically find a lot for my son (boys don’t tend to hand down great looking items like little girls do!), but all of my daughter’s school clothes came in a Thredup box! It was like Christmas opening it up and performing the fashion show. My frustration with refused items is the one reason this hasn’t been a perfect experience for the family, but that is easily avoided! We’re happy!

New Reviewer

I have the same complaint as all who have negative reviews; they rejected things I sent which were much nicer and in better condition than things I've ordered. The amount they credit is laughable and not worth it - I'd rather pay shipping to them (I'm sure they have to pay a ton of shipping on things people send they can't use) than get $1 for a $50 Easter dress, worn once.

Shopping is fine - it's well organized and sortable. I still won't buy anything that isn't on sale on the site, because I tend toward basics and those are overpriced IMHO.

New Reviewer

I sent in a bag of all designer items in great condition not only did it take these guys a month to review the items but they only took 5 items out of the whole bag and then when trying to "cash out" they make you wake 14 days until you can get your payment what a sham...

New Reviewer

DO NOT SEND CLOTHES TO THIS WEBSITE. WHAT A RIPOFF!! Their employees are either wearing the nice clothes you sent or they have a retail shop on the side in San Francsico. My last two bags took forever to process and my FIVE J. Crew shirts in excellent condition were not taken. You money is not transferred to Paypal for two weeks and Paypal takes a percentage.

New Reviewer

I have recently had experience both buying and selling on thredup. My first order with thredup was kind of a bust and I ended up returning most of the items of women's clothing. I was promptly given a refund. Subsequent smaller orders have been excellent, including an awesome Guess coat! Quality is very good and most of the prices are excellent.

I sent in two bags of clothing and received a little over $75, which I promptly turned around and ordered more clothing valued over $500 ;) As someone who has sold on eBay, you have to keep in mind all the time + fees you take on when using that method of selling. Clothes are like cars, once they leave the store, most of their value is lost!

New Reviewer

As a busy mother of three, I would recommend that other parents save their time and energy and not use this website. I am not saying that is a scam or that there isn't some financial bottom line that drives their policies. However, I see very little benefit for the seller.

I spent hours sorting, laundering and ironing my children's clothes. Of the 57 items I sent, most were like new; some new with tags. The majority of the items were from Janie and Jack and Ralph Lauren. Of the 57 items, 5 were accepted. Payout ranged from a few dollars to 60 cents for a like-new Tommy Hilfiger denim jumper.

In addition, Thredup had lost 7 items. (I had paid the extra $10 to get the clothing the company rejected returned.) Customer service responded to my complaint immediately but the compensation was, in my opinion, drastically low. I would have preferred, for example, to have had the brand-new with-tags Zara cardigan returned than to have been paid $7 total for all the lost items.

Generally, I never write reviews but I was so disappointed by my experience with this company that I wanted to alert other parents. After all, many of us are not just short on cash but are short on time.

New Reviewer

I have only ordered from this site, I've never tried to sell clothes here. They have a great selection of sizes for me and the kids. Clothes are in good condition and reasonably priced. The search engine could use some improvement. Beware, plus sized ladies: they meld together Misses XXL sizes with Women's 2X, which are most certainly not the same size, and it is impossible to tell which you're getting until it arrives in your home.

New Reviewer

I love this site, though I recognize it has some flaws, which seem to be attributed to recent company growth in popularity. I love finding deals on the site. Prices are usually reasonable and the new return policy makes it so much better. Shipping speed could be better. As for selling clothes to the site, I agree that processing a bag takes waaaay too long and the payout could be better. O wish it was easier to get cash and not credit for my payouts. But, the site is still better than some of the others I've seen and customer service has been helpful when I contacted them.

New Reviewer

Too good to be true. I wish I would have read the reviews before sending in my bag because I really think this company is scamming people. It's a great idea for a company but they are dishonest. I sent a bag PACKED with Express, Limited, NY&Co, GAP, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc clothes and received less than $9 for it. They only bought 2 articles from the bag and neither were any of the ones with tags still on them. After reading reviews on a couple places online, some people have found articles of their clothing being sold that were not supposedly accepted in the buy out. True SCAM!! There are a couple upscale consignment store in my area and a FB page for sell and trade in my area. That's where I will be going for now on. I suggest anyone else to look for other options in their communities.

New Reviewer

I do love to buy off the site, but I am not a big fan of selling on the site. I have sent in over 20 articles of clothing that were in great shape and was told only 1/3 passed their test and the ones that didn't would just go to recycling. Also, I have bought a shoes off the site and when I sent in a pair of new, never worn shoes they kept them and told me they don't sell shoes.... And now they changed the policy so you can't cash out when they sell for you and you have to use the credit on the site. That's all fine and dandy because I am a clothes snob and do like the quality of clothing I buy on the site. I just won't supply them with stuff to sell anymore.

New Reviewer

I have placed several orders in the past 12 months with excellent results. The clothes are always in excellent condition and as described and depicted on the website. They also arrive quickly. On one occasion, one of the items of clothing had a label on it to say that they had noticed a flaw in the product. However hard I looked, I could not find the flaw. And because there was a flaw, they gave me a full credit for the item!! I was amazed at this level of service. You can get designer/boutique clothes for a fraction of the price which is great when you consider that children grow out of clothes so quickly. Highly recommended.

New Reviewer

I enjoy this site for the most part. I have purchased may items though them. Some are wonderful some not so much. Some have been like new as listed others have been well worn, and posted as like new. But overall, it has been a good shopping experince for me. I have sent in a number of bags. I am dissapointed in the amount of time it takes to get them processed. My last one was received by them on 7/31 and estimated processing date is 9/4 and then I have to wait another 2 weeks to cash out. Either they need to hire more people or something else. To me that seems way to long of time frame. I have had most of my items accepted though.

New Reviewer

You can occasionally find a good deal on thredup, but overall I am not happy. I have ordered items that are "like new" that have been stretched, worn, and have definite imperfections. At the same time, they reject clothing that has never been worn because of "wear". IF they accept your clothes, they give you a tiny percentage. I have sent in hundreds of dollars worth of Gap, Gymboree, and Boden clothing and receive less than $20 a bag, but they turn around and sell those items for way more than it would cost to get them new and on sale from the store itself. Shop local or use Ebay!

New Reviewer

I sent in a big bag of items - Tea, Gap, adidas, etc - and was astounded that I got less than $1 in credit. I find it hard to believe that the items I sent in did not meet their standards, based on the clothing on their site. Guess this is a lesson learned...

New Reviewer

I started buying from this site when you had to list a full box of unseen items. That in itself was a crap shoot. Luckily I received decent items for my money.When they changed to this format I was happy. I was able to see the clothing and purchase it. I have never sold clothing here because of how much they said they would pay according to the site. I am estactic that they have a women's store. I have received some great items. It is what it is...consignment.

New Reviewer

Ordered items in the first week of July.

No items by August 5. When I contacted the site, I was told to wait a bit longer because USPS can take a while.

Contacted the site again on August 9, no response.

It is either a scam or a really poorly run company. I would never order from them again.

New Reviewer

Do not trust this website! They currently owe me over $1300 from bag payouts, which I am SUPPOSED to be able to CASH out, as CASH, and now they are claiming I can only use it as credit to shop.

New Reviewer

I like shopping on this website. I've gotten quite a few things for free because of small flaws that weren't caught before they posted an item (I have yet to actually find these flaws on the items by the way.) I usually shop when they have a promotion going on and I've gotten some really great stuff for a really great price. I haven't sent anything in (I don't have anything that qualifies as "like new" with two boys having used the clothes before we're done with them...). From what I have gathered by taking a look at sample payouts is they pay about as much as you would get if you sold to resale locally. I send my friends to the website and I like that I earn $10 for every one that purchases something as a new customer.

New Reviewer

The trade in values on clothes are horrible. $1-$2 for boys gymboree excellent condition pants and tops. When you send in a bag of clothes they take 6 weeks to process it. Claiming they are too busy to get to it, no offer with apology more of a look how great we are, we are soooo busy. It has been over a year since they launched and they have not worked out any of their kinks.

New Reviewer

Waited 6 weeks to have bag processed. Sent a Pea in the Pod maternity dress that was worn once-it was rejected. Received $6.00 back when I sent in 10+ items and they only took three. Has bag assurance so they are sending back the clothes they didn't accept but it is costing me the full amount I earned! Will not be using again.

New Reviewer

Thredup is a wonderful company. I have had better customer service than from any other online retailer. The clothes I have bought have been in amazing condition . I sent 1 bag in and yes it took a while to process but was given a coupon because of the wait which was a nice bonus. What other store pays you up front? It's a wonderful way to clean out closets with absolutely no hassle. I have told all my family and friends, thredup , keep up the good work!

New Reviewer

I am so disappointed with Thredup. First, you receive very little money for the
clothes you send. Second, the money is put in a Paypal account, which charges
you 2% right off the top. Third, if you want your money from the Paypal account
and don't want to link important bank info online, they will send you a check,
which, of course, will cost you another $1.50. In the final analysis, it's entirely
too much work and too little money to be involved with Thredup.

New Reviewer

Recently, this company has gone down hill. They took on far to much. I sent a bag in with over 17 items, waited over a month to receive credit and it was $30 some bucks. Now mind you, everything I send in is in like new condition b/c I own a resale boutique. Half of the bag was leather coats. They accepted 1 but never understood why not the others. Before they started taking women's clothing they had a very smooth operation and the payouts were decent. I would not recommend them any longer, you will be ripped off.

New Reviewer

Don't bother sending your clothes in. It takes forever to receive credit and the credit is very small. I recommend donating your clothes as the deduction you will receive on your taxes will but much larger than the credit you receive. I just sent in a large bag of kids and women's clothes at the beginning of July. I just received an email that I won't receive credit until 8/27. Unacceptable. This is not a new issue, they need to do something about it. Also, they have rejected items of mine that were of higher quality than many of the kids pieces I see posted on their site. I have placed a few orders and been pleased with them, but the shipping is slow. All in all this is a great idea that is poorly executed.

New Reviewer

I sent a bag of mostly NWT clothing to Thredup. It took nearly two months for them to post my clothing. Most items were geared for summer. Fat chance they'll sell now that it's time to head back to school. I had several items (Gymboree, Gap, etc) that were an outfit, each piece in the same condition. They listed only half the outfit. If I were a consumer, I'd sure want the entire outfit. I sent new shoes in the box, never worn (Land's End) and they never listed them. Had I known, I would rather have donated them.(I wonder if someone from Thredup is wearing them around San Francisco!) I'm going back to ebay, craigslist or goodwill. At least I won't feel raped anymore. I'm sorely disappointed that this didn't work out.

New Reviewer

thredUP is a great place to find consignment kids' clothes online. I often use it to fill the gaps in my kids' wardrobes each season for items that are too expensive or not available at local stores. Some great deals, especially for dressier clothes.

New Reviewer

I love the concept behind this website. However, the business side is lacking. Right now they are experiencing a major delay in processing bags, yet they aren't telling people until after they have sent the bags in, nor are they doing anything to prevent the back up. For whatever reason, they also only allow one account per household. I'm not sure what the point of this is, and coming from a household with multiple adults, we don't want to share an account to shop on this website.

New Reviewer

I sent them a bag full of expensive cloths with no stains nothing a pair of little girl jelly brand new with tag. First they got the bag at the end of June and in July I got an email saying they were running behind from the owner saying I would get my money by aug. well they finally sent me an email that they were happy to give me .85 cents. The cloths I sent them had never been worn. NEVER. This company is about getting free cloths and making a profit off of folks that are expecting a bit more money than the mere penance that they r paying. How dare them insult us. And to top it all off they sent me pictures of my stuff and said they didn't except the brands I sent which were all purchased from a big department store. I did some research and low and behold the same brands I miled in they had posted. DO NOT USE THIS SITE AND GET THE WORD OUT THAT THEY ARE NOT HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Do NOT sell your items to this site! I've tried selling my clothes to a local thrift shop and not barely anything for them, so I tried thredup for the first time. My bag was received on 7/16/2013. I got an email from the CEO of thredup stating that the processing will be finished by 8/07/2013. I was already impatient about it but I decided to forget about it until the day comes. On the day of the payout date, i check my bag history and I see nothing. I email their customer service TWICE and no response. It has now been five days since I emailed them twice and any professional website would have enough people working in customer service to be able to help me in that time, unless they just refuse to respond to me.
I signed up for the return of the bag if not many are sold, but I may not even get that. Who knows? THEY DON'T TEND TO THEIR CUSTOMERS! Once you send in a bag you're pretty much the last thing they care about.
SO disappointed in this site. Never using again.

New Reviewer

I was happy with the order I placed with Thredup.The customer service via email was prompt and courteous.However, I sent in a bag of clothing in early July and it hasn't even been sorted yet. I did receive an email letting me know they were behind.I have sent in 2 more bags and am now wondering how long these will be before attended to. Upon reading the reviews of other consignors, I am really hoping that all the effort I put into these items (washing,ironing,packing) that I can recoup a payout that will make it worthwhile. We'll see.

New Reviewer

I sent 3 bags in- one all kids mostly BNWT and a few very gently worn items, one full of women's clothing all business and business casual with a few dressy going out outfits & one mixed bag with whatever wouldn't fit in the other two- I received a $6 credit for all 3 bags combined!! I sent in well over $300 worth of merchandise and have seen several items listed on their site that they didn't even credit me for!! Huge SCAM crappy customer service.

I have been a thredup user since the beginning and LOVED them at their inception- got great items at amazing prices. Things started going downhill after they stopped doing "boxes". The prices now aren't any better than buying new in a store and they charge shipping on top of it, they rip off customer who send items in and their customer service is a joke!!

New Reviewer

Don't even think about using this site if you might possibly share 1) a house with someone. 2) a name with someone. Got my order canceled and account suspended because I referred my roommate, who, lives with me! (shocking, right!?). I emailed customer support and my purchase was refunded with NO response. I will NOT be using this website again and I don't recommend you start either. Customer service is extremely sub par and not to mention the photos are washed out and incredibly misleading. Bought a shirt after sorting by color, looked blue as can be in the pictures. Showed up purple. Their business model is failing. Get better pictures and item descriptions and MORE customer service employees.

New Reviewer

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. It took ONE WEEK to get an actual real, live person to respond to one of my many emails and phone calls. I was calling about the ONE MONTH it took to "process" my bag. I was also calling about the $6.50 pay out I got from a large bag of clothing. This bag contained kids' Toms shoes (never worn), Marc by Marc Jacobs, Juicy, Levi's, Nanette, etc. they paid me 50 CENTS for a dress. This company used to be great but now they have gotten too big too fast. I will never shop with them again and I am still disputing my "pay out". Please do yourself a favor, DO NOT SHOP AT THREDUP.COM!

New Reviewer

DO NOT SEND CLOTHES TO THREDUP!! I sent in 3 bags, about 150 items, of mostly brand new with tags Gymboree and Gap. Thredup paid me less than $1 for almost every item and didn't pay me for some of the items. After numerous emails and phone calls, thredup refused to pay me a reasonable amount for my clothes. I notified every consumer complaint site I could find. The San Fransisco Attorney General's Office opened a criminal investigation into thredup after I complained to them. Thredup responded to my BBB complaint with a lie. Here it is:
On July 26, 2013, the business provided the following information:
At the time Leanne shipped three bags of clothing to thredUP there was a period of time in which our price calculator was not operable. This was a bug we were aware of and actively fixing. Over the weeks that had elapsed from the day we received Leanne's clothing and the day we fully processed the items, the price calculator was fixed and was working again.

In addition to our price calculator we have our bag feed showing what other customers have earned for their clothing ( This feed is live and is in no way manipulated to inflate payouts. Lastly, it is stated in multiple places that thredUP may not be the most profitable way to earn money by selling used clothing because we pay up to 40% of the resale value.

In efforts to resolve this issue, I explained I would double-check and correct any mistakes made on the pricing of the items we accepted, and offered to pay for the 20+ items we did not accept based on what would've been earned. This equated to an additional $45. I apologize but an additional $45 is still the only offer I can provide.

Leanne has continued to contact other organizations in efforts to resolve this issue. Now damages have exceed $300.

Thank you,


Daniela states with this response, that there was a problem with the website that they were aware of before I sent in my bags. I started emailing Thredup with questions a month before I sent anything to them. AFTER I complained on Gymboree's facebook website because of what little reimbursement I received for clothing I sent to Thredup, I was then contacted by a representative of Gymboree who then, on my behalf contacted Thredup to forward my complaints. It was well after several exchanged emails and finally a phone call from Daniella, where I made her aware of the website issues (which she told me thredup had been UNAWARE of), that the website issues were finally repaired--more than 2 months after she says they were aware and trying to correct it?? They were aware of the problem for sure! There had been no attempt to repair the website because in doing so, people would have been able to see how little Thredup was paying for clothing and no one would have sent anything to them!! It has been their intent all along to keep customers from discovering their true payout amounts. Sure, thredup had a few posts on their website showing what other were paid for their clothing. These posts clearly showed thredup paying a lot of money for even used clothing. I went by those posted statistics (which was all that was available at that time)--thinking I would receive even more money since what I was sending in was brand new with tags attached clothing. As far as Daniela's statement regarding people being able to make more money sending in used clothing because they pay up to 40% of the value, is absolutely absurd!!! Since when is used clothing worth more than brand new clothing?? If that was the case, every store would be a resell store and there would be no market for new clothing. Daniela made an utterly ridiculous statement regarding that. Daniela did go through my payout amounts and found many that were inaccurate. She offered an additional $45 for those errors which is nothing considering I had sent in about 150 mostly new designer clothing items. This works out to about an additional 30 cents per item. It does not even begin to reasonable compensate me for my clothing. Initially, when I requested an additional $300 over what thredup had said they would pay me, I was trying to make a point. I wanted them to take full responsibility for their deception. I was asking very little reimbursement. However, after thredup refusing to properly compensate me and discovering many other people who were victims of Thredup's scheme, I asked for a more accurate compensation. This was a deliberate tactic on Thredup's part to deceive customers, pay pennies for valuable clothing, then resell it on the Thredup website for a HUGE profit--all without the customer's being able to accurately discover what they would be paid PRIOR to sending clothing to Thredup. I want to be compensated the full monetary loss for my clothing. In addition, after filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I continued to pursue the case and notified the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. They found enough evidence to open a criminal investigation into Thredup's business. It is very clear that Thredup designed their business to scam people in order to make a huge profit reselling clothing sent in from unsuspecting people. It is only because of my continued pursuit of my complaint, that Thredup repaired their website to disclose more information regarding payouts. However, if that disclosure had been made PRIOR to my sending in my clothing, I would never have sent them anything!! I am still seeking an appropriate compensation for my clothing, as well as an end to Thredup's website.

New Reviewer

I have ordered several items from Thredup and have loved the quality of the clothing. I even ordered something with an imperfection, and still haven't found the flaw. The semi annual sales are great! Certain items can be pretty pricey for a used item and the shipping charges can be a bit much if you don't spend over $50. Overall, I recommend this site as a great way to dress your child in quality, brand named clothing for less.

New Reviewer

It is a great convenient way to sell and buy gently used clothing items for kids and mom! They make it easy for me to sell clothing, while paying a fair price, and turn that profit into an easy way to fill closet space back up with a superior selection of clothing!

New Reviewer

As a buyer of used clothing for a toddler, I rate Thredup as excellent, especially when they run sales. Their customer service is somtimes slow, but is very understanding and supportive of their buying customers. I would do even more buying from them if they lowered their shipping costs. I had a less than a perfect experience selling to them so I drop their rating to 4 instead of five stars.

New Reviewer

Thredup is very convenient in regards to sending items in. The payouts are not great. Especially with the new policies. Their prices for buying are not always great especially with charging for shipping. I recommended my mom sending in some clothes. She sent in several brand new with tabs designer label suits for women and her payout was horrible. Their quality checks are great as everything that I have ordered from them has been perfect. Sizing can vary. Overall I have liked the site mainly for the convienence of what little work it takes to consign with them.

New Reviewer

I have been with thredup since it was a user based box swap business. Loved it then, and loved it when it went to bag delivery system. Lately I have been less than impressed. I used to get a good value for the clothes my girls grew out of. I usually had 4-5 items at the end of a season that were never worn and I felt I always got a fair price for them. I am less than impressed now. They cut back on the amount of payout majorly and did not say anything ahead of time. I sent 3 bags of used clothes in and averaged $40-$60 per bag. The last bag I sent was mostly new or like new Gymboree and other brand equivalents and my bag was $20.
I have also used the site for ordering clothes many times. I must say that the items are high priced. You can get a lot of the same clothes new at the store on sale for the amount. What I do like is that I can get replacements of items I own already that get ruined. I also think their shoes are a good price as well.
I think they got bigger than they were ready to handle.Yes, I believe that some of the changes are bad, but I also think that they were necessary to keep up with the huge amount of business they have been getting.
All in all, I still use the site for selling and buying. It is still the most convenient way to trade clothes. I would like it better if they went to a strictly consignment style though and only pay for the items that sell on their site at a percentage. This would keep people from sending in junk (since no one would buy it) and keep the prices down as well.

New Reviewer

Thred-up is way too picky in my opinion and too cheap. I can make a lot more money going to local resale clothing shops and selling my kids gently used items. I can use that money and buy a lot more gently used good quality kid clothing locally too. Thred-up has a good idea, but I'm not going to put $50-$60 of clothing in a bag anymore just to get $9 back for it and have the clothes that wasn't sold not returned unless I pay 9 bucks to have it returned. Usually if one store doesn't take the clothing another will. So more for me.

New Reviewer

fair for the effort you put in.
great customer service.
have been pleased shopping there.


New Reviewer

I had a really good experience the first time I sent in clothes. I now have two bags waiting for credit. I'm a bit nervous now that I've read the other reviews. I sure hope I didn't get suckered because I've sent a ton of people to this site to buy and re-purpose their items. ULG if they messed this up. I'm also pretty disappointed in their new acceptance policy. Not taking Old Navy items....we love Old Navy. Oh well, I guess I'll see shortly if I stay with the company or not.

New Reviewer

Two things. 1) the items I have purchased on this site have been great, quality and value wise. I have no complaints. 2) sending in items is resulting in less and less payout. The company recently changed the policy to not accept clothing that they can't at least list for $6.49. That seems alot for a lot of childrens brands for used clothes anyway. They have made updates such as pay $10 to get the items returned to you that are not accepted and taking pictures of the rejected items so I wouldn't call it a scam that they are stealing all your clothes if they don't accept them like some people think.

Overall, great for buying and just ok for sending items too. Honestly, I was just donating clothing, so even getting $10 for a bag of clothes from thredup is fine with me. If you are looking for bigger payouts do local consignment since keep in mind, thredup pays for the shipping and has employees processing everything which brings down what they can pay you while not going bankrupt.

New Reviewer

I love using to get an excellent deal on new and like new clothes for my children. Wonderful customer service! I am never disappointed with the quality of the product I receive. I recommend it to everyone who could have use of it! I have not been disappointed with the pricing they give on the clothing I send in for consignment either. Highly recommend!

New Reviewer

Thred up is an ok site. It is nice just sending in clothes that you no longer need to get a little money back. And I do stress "little" money back. The payout is a little small. I probably could get more selling on ebay but that takes more effort. I have bought A few things from them as well. The sizing can be mixed up sometimes. I have bought shirts that were supposed to be for me but turn out they are for girls and not womens. That is ok though because I just give them to my daugther instead of returning it. Just watch the sizing when you buy!

New Reviewer

the quality of clothing you receive is excellent. However, I will have to agree several others on the payout to customers for items that are sent in. I prefer the original site where you would post adds for items you had and people would purchase them from you directly.

New Reviewer

My experience with Thredup has been so so. I like the items I receive from there, but I'm not sure I will ever send in another bag. Like others have mentioned, receiving $.60 for an item is completely rediculous. I can donate items and get a better payout than that. I think Thredup definitely needs to rethink their payout to customers.

New Reviewer

I have been a thred up customer for a few years now. Once they changed their format and how their site works, it went down hill. Thred Up is a scam. I have sent in huge bags filled with brand new, like new clothing and in excellent condition clothing and received either A: less than $1.00 for an item or B: they told me items were in unacceptable condition (rips, discoloration, etc.) which is FALSE.

I have heard that now Thred Up keeps items for resale that people send in and tell you they were unacceptable and you get zero credit for them and they in turn resale it off the side. Shady business.

I have bought a few things from them with the little credit I have received and was happy with my purchases, however I will NEVER be either selling or buying from them again.

New Reviewer

A month ago I sent in a bag of clothes for a payout. It will be the last bag I ever send. First of all, my bag was there for 3 wks when I contacted them for an update. Secondly, I just received my payout information, and the average payout was $0.60/kids item. I sent in name brand, excellent condition clothes. For example, a Harley Davidson T-shirt ($0.85) received a higher payout than a pair of Talbots pants ($0.60). Really?!? I was pleased with my 1st bag, but based upon what I saw tonight, I will never use this site again. Buyer/Seller beware.

New Reviewer

After receiving items for my daughter that were purchased via I decided to give it a try. I'd like to tell you how the clothes arrived but i cannot - because the below standard shipping of this company means that it will take two weeks from order to receiving the items. THAT is disappointing, NO MENTION of this when the order is placed, just got an e-mail the next day saying YAY for us - we are really busy - too bad for you, you'll get your stuff whenever." I am NOT a happy customer.

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Q: I have already verified my credit card also my facebook and my phone number I even got a twitter account and it still sayin I don't have level 1 verification but when I go to my profile it says im level 3 anybody have any ideas?
A: I want to buy something from here,but i am very iffy about it. I have a 10$ off code and the shipping is only 2.99$ Good deal,but it seems too good to be true? Is this site 100% legit? Who has actually bought from here?
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