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It is hard to understand and locate the price of any installation.


Good choices, left because of the buffering errors.


While I would like to Give Dave Harrington, Owner of RCBS a couple of stars, I'm afraid I cannot. I've know Dave for a little over a year and he has a nasty habit of being petty, disrespectful and unkind when he does not get what he wants. My experience with Dave Harrington is that everything I have read in the 1 star reviews is true, and that Dave in fact is the one guilty of the disrespectful behaviors he repeatedly accuses others of.

Dave's reputation within the recovery community is that unless you have a simple software installation Dave can't handle it. I just built a new system and was having a difficult time installing windows OS, so I took it to Dave the self proclaimed Windows Pro. After three days I had to leave on a business trip. Dave stated he would call when he had an update. I left Dave alone for the entire week, only contacting him the night before I returned.

Two days later I walked into RCBS with the tablet I bought for the business trip which had died on the third day eating all my research, to drop it off to be repaired. Dave's greeting was the usual rude "why are you here, I'm really busy, I said it would be ready tomorrow." I informed Dave that I was dropping off the tablet and attempted to leave three times while Dave kept showing me things or having me show him how to select the optional bio's for the motherboard or the CMOS reset button on the IOS panel, while he had taken most of my tower apart to pull the CMOS battery to reset the Bio's. All the while he stated three or four times that it would be ready tomorrow, he was busy and wants me to leave. Dave complained that he should charge me all the time it took the Windows Pro to figure out that he needed to install windows 10 on the hard drive, and that somehow it was my fault. Dave installed the version of 10 he wanted without asking me.

Now Dave's idea of being "really" busy is building secondhand laptops, while he incessantly huffs form his massive vapor tank and consuming ridiculous amounts of energy drinks, becoming agitated and aggressive. Later that night I texted Dave asking him what time tomorrow he wanted me to pick up the computer, knowing he would be "busy" and I did not want to suffer showing up unannounced. This was Dave's response, after telling me some four times it would be ready tomorrow.

"I will call you when its done, ok? Do you understand that I will call you real soon, ok, so please let met call you when its done, no more questions. You will be the first to know when its done, ok?" This is the nicest he's been.

It has become painfully obvious that Dave makes poor scheduling decisions, then when he corners himself comes out rude disrespectful and unkind, blaming the customers for asking him questions. Sparky claims he studied a B. S. in Business Management, yet cannot figure out that he's in the question answering business, LOFL. Hello Dave, try ignoring them. I was told it was ready one full day later. When I arrived to pick it up Dave was gone, his helper showed me where it was with a bill three times what Dave had quoted.

Now this is where I've heard repeated complaints, at least 8 different people, that Dave Harrington does not call and explain that it will cost more or seek approval for parts or additional time. Moreover after an entire week goes by with no promised update from Dave, the customer calls to receive an ear full of how youre bothering him, in my case Dave states "It took me 4 fours to figure it out." He needed an entire week for those 4 hours, boy that really rough.

Here is the $#*!ty part. After returning home with my computer, hooking it up, I turned it on, and spent the next 3 hours fixing everything he screwed up pulling the CMOS battery, while the reset button was ear marked in the instillation manual I provided Dave. I had to reinstall the Quad channel ram; he put in the wrong slots, fix the bio's setup, and install the drivers for the graphic cards. All the while, the computer STUNK of perfumed nicotine for hours; I hope youre not sensitive to it like I am, Asthma!

Here is the most important part of this review, while in the program registry logs; the computer shows that Dave did ABSOLUTELY nothing to the computer after that rude response. Apparently Dave sat on the finished computer out of spite.

As payment I had earlier traded Dave an entire gaming computer valued at over 500.00, as referenced on ebay, for 250.00 in the attempt to do a brother a solid, and yet Dave tried to say that was for the tablet I bought. Dave is selling these for 150.00, which on Ebay are valued at $80.00

Dave Harrington will show absolutely no respect for you or your property. Windows was finally installed and Dave made a smokin deal, literally. Next you will see a 5 star review from one of Dave's buddies to manipulate his approval rating.


4-6 days shipping because it's what I could afford. I did not realize that meant they would sit on the package only shipping it on the 5 day to deliver it on the 6th. Felt kind of screwed. Since they could have shipped it any time but instead punished me for being poor.


Cost us 1700. 00 before we were able to clear it up.


RUN, RUN, RUN. The owner Mark is a Sham, a Flimflam Man, a thief, AIM refuses to abide by the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. They produce false legal documents containing material falsifications with the express intent to intimidate and harass tenants. Threatening an Unlawful ouster is a violation of ARS 33-13. April stated that Mark the owner told her the City of Phoenix allows them to mail out 5 day notices of breach of lease due to non payment of rent on the first day of the month. The notices sites ARLTA ARS 33-1368 breach of Lease, failure to pay rent. When I confronted April she stated that all of AIM's lease's give until the 5th day before the rent is late, and the beginning of late fees. Under ARS 33-1368 is states failure to abide by the terms of the lease, which clearly states 5th day of the month before rent is considered late. Thus this legal document that Mark the owner requires them to print on each 3rd of the month and is sent to a majority of their tenants, contains material falsifications. It can also under the same statue be argued that it constitutes a breach of lease on the part of A. I. M. For failure to abide by the terms of the lease. And is subject to a minimum of two months periodical rent or two time the actual cost of damages, which ever is greater. This is also considered an Unlawful Ouster ARS 33-1367 same damages apply.

Most importantly the the remedies cumulative clause within their lease requires both parties to pay for all sections violated as cumulative. Meaning that every section they are caught in causing two months rent in damages are added together.

Other ARLTA violations consist of
ARS 33-1324(A) 1, failure to provide all, title 9-1303 pertaining to health and safety code.
2, failure to maintain fit and habitable residence.
(D) 1, request that the tenant do repairs or remodeling of property under tenancy at tenants cost, or without adequate compensation. Which is also a violation of.
ARS 33-1363 (A) repairs must be performed by licensed contractor
The Owner personally stated that he would pay for the missing insulation causing the $360.00 electric bill, but I had to blow in this insulation for free.
ARS 33-1322 (A) 1,2, failure to provide Property Owners name and address prior to commencement of tenancy.
ARS 33-1322 (B) Failure to provide in writing prior to commencement of tenancy of the ARLTA and where to find it.

And much, MUCH more.

This sight requires a zero, for these special SLUMLORDS.

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