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CyclingNewsimage coming soon



I used to subscribe to cycling magazine but I realized most of the information in that magazine can be had online for free and it is sites like this which convinced me to drop my subscription and save some cash. Check out the videos
The only thing I don't like about this website is the ads everywhere but it is free so I can't complain too much. Cycling pros and advanced amateurs will love this site.

Lord Of The Rings Onlineimage coming soon

Lord Of The Rings Online


These guys are now offering a free trial of their game to get people playing. Pretty good deal to be able to download it and test it out for free. If you quit, they will a month later offer you another free trial, so plenty of ways to play for free right now. Not quite as good of a game as Blizzard's WOW, but not bad either and for those who are LOTR fans the main characters are all over the game. Link for download

Torchlight Gameimage coming soon

Torchlight Game


I am not sure how I could have missed this game. They do a piss poor job advertising it as I would have downloaded it had I seen it on one of the million gaming sites that I visit. Sure enough they did have a review on it on IGN and perhaps it was just buried and never surfaced to the homepage
They probably do not have the big marketing budget of the major gaming companies. I am sure glad the people here showed me this as I needed a break from WOW. I am glad Chris pointed out that they might eventually have multiplayer. I am writing this review after playing the game for 30 minutes. I have 1.5 hours left to decide to buy it before it expires. Giving it a big HEART for the gameplay, smooth download, install and the free demo version.

PS: this type of game was made for the ipad

RandyRunimage coming soon



If you are shopping for wow gold be careful out there as many sites are not very legit. Read this article on gamespot which says IGE and gameUSD are the two major players

IGN MAXimage coming soon



I did some research and found two companies IGE and GameUSD that were featured in gamespot ..I would trust them because of that

Mmoopsimage coming soon



I did a ton of research and found that there are very few legit companies selling gold for world of warcraft. Most are just scams and will rip you off and who are you going to complain to? Your credit card? Paypal? you are doing something against blizzard policy so you have no one to blame. I read on gamespot that there are two companies that have good reputations IGE and gameUSD

Mmovalueimage coming soon



Please stay away from site. Read this article on gamespot and stick with IGE or gameUSD.

Mmohere.comimage coming soon



gamespot did a review of selling wow gold, read it and then shop at the places they actually recommend and don't get ripped off

IGEimage coming soon



gamespot actually seems to recommend this gold site, nuff said

IGXEimage coming soon



These guys are trying to knock off the real IGE site. see article here

Wowgeeksimage coming soon



My buddy got screwed by this site. I did a bunch of research and found this article saying IGE is good and some other chinese company. Look here

GameUSD.comimage coming soon


These guys are the real deal, they got written up on gamespot and being one of the few real companies next to IGE.

One Model Placeimage coming soon

One Model Place


My girlfriend used this website to get some really good freelance work in our area. I took some shoddy photos and then she posted them online and despite my poor technique she got a few cheap gigs. Then she used those photos to get more gigs.

ForteMallimage coming soon



I have seen sites like this before where the website tries to serve as a portal bringing experts and students together in one location. Now with more web 2.0 features, sites like this have a better shot at making it big. The problem is there can really only be a few sites out there like this as they need a critical mass for it to really work well. I would definitely go to a site like this to both learn and be a teacher if they had enough visitors. I will check this site out again soon and if I see a class I like, I just might sign up. As it stands now, I didn't see anything that held my interest.

ToonUpsimage coming soon



I make power point presentations all the time and I am always looking for a first slide that is animated and funny. The ability to put someone's face in an animation and make a toon for 20 bucks is well worth a few laughs from the audience. I may not use the animation twice as it would get old, but definitely worth it for me and I would recommend it if you are creative enough to make a good joke out of the animation. People judge talks based upon entertainment as well as content, so things like this can help.

Pimp my shawimage coming soon

Pimp my shaw


This is the best site I have reviewed all day!!! I now need to go to India to see the pimped out rickshaws these people drive. Too funny. I was hoping to see of a video of some poor dude in India with a broken down rickshaw and then some rich guy come in and pimp it out with gold wheels and a plasma TV in the back.

CostHelperimage coming soon



Probably one of the most useful sites I have recently discovered as it has the prices of just about everything you would want to know all in one location. Sure, prices do vary across the country, but it is nice to have a ballpark figure when you go out to bargain with someone. In this economy, I am pretty much haggling with everyone from my dentist to my auto mechanic. I even printed out a page on this site to show my mechanic :)

Mmogcart.comimage coming soon



If you want to buy wow gold you should read this article on gamespot saying how the major companies are IGE and gameUSD.

DVDShrink.orgimage coming soon


Free DVD ripping software that is reliable - For those in the know, DVD shrink is the open source free software that can rip any dvd regardless of copy protection. I have no idea why people pay good money to buy all of these dvd ripping programs. You can thank me when you save your 50 bucks and don't buy those dvd copy platinum crap that is out there.

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