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About Me

The internet world only claims it wants to get better. But the funny thing is it only seems to get more violent and more dangerous. Web sites are more about money and less caring and with every change they make not only do more hackers seem to appear but they also seem more hacker friendly. Im here to unveil the hidden truth behind the sites the owners don't want to tell you.

How I Can Help

By letting you know the little twists and turns sites use to operate for selfish needs, Government or personal.

14 Reviews by nintynine


Yet another Al (Green house) Gore project gone down the toilet. He buys this place out not even half of a year ago and now it is no longer in existence.

Al Gore and AlJazeera just like your lies you invented the internet no one believed in your fake news sites lies either. Get back on your jet you rode a limo to get to heading straight to your big SUV all the way from that huge mansion you live in and keep talking about how everyone owes you money for having to big of a carbon foot print you joke.


Don't ever bother making a report on some one of threats of violence. If it isn't in the comments section. He will go straight into your inbox and attack you. The owner (AKA flint) is a lazy good for nothing POS who allows internet trolls to run all over everyone and then banns the people from his site who dare defend them selves and then tells you to take it to the inbox, once you take it to the inbox everything on there is out of sight out of mind and he don't even want to bother with you one bit, you might find yourself being banned for reporting it in the first place which includes threats of having your self tied down in your house and having it burned down around you, threats made to your children, threats of sexual graphic content and anything of a graphic nature.

Over the years I have watched people contribute so much to that site than find me on new profiles stating they where banned (And seen this happen) for merely asking them what their problem is and telling them to go away (even in the comments section) while their lives are being threatened and the person making the threats are talking about murdering the victims children. Mean while you go back to that comment section and there's the guy making the threats still online saying the same thing to others.

If said person gets reported you are told if you don't feel safe on the site than stop using it. If you tell them that you are the one threatened and your argument was made in the comments section you are told to take it to the inbox and report it. If then threats of violence or sexual graphic content are made in your inbox you are then informed that it wasn't in the comments section and if you feel unsafe stop using the site.

The site it's self is the best one for TV watching there is, the ownership and their ghetto mentality safe policy of "shoot the victim" however makes this site unsafe for all viewers and probably deserves to be shut down.

Therefore 2 stars is what it is rated at. Maybe if Flint got inboxes threatening his life and family he wouldn't be so easy to say, "It wasn't made in the comments section so it doesn't matter.

I have included a photo that if you take it, put it in your computer and use your photo viewer, enlarge it you can read the threats made to me in my inbox the owner (flint) didn't want to get off his butt to take care of and rudely informed me that it didn't take place in the comments section so I had no reason to report this man.

Tip for consumers:
Do NOT bother using the comments section and do not bother reporting anything, chances are Flint will ban you for having to get off his lazy butt.


Personally I love IMVU as a concept. I have several rooms including a gothic underground tomb night club, several cars, the creators are amazing and really think this stuff out hell even my Avatar looks just like me, dresses like me and I even get hats that are as close to my own which I customize myself in RL. I like to post it as a default in other chats and people comment how close it is all the time. Great Graphics though walking with free range would be nice instead of just popping up where the little spots tell you to go but we can live with that. Last but certainly not least creative users that become creators and put such beautiful detail in their products you can buy.

So what is it I don't like? Where to start.

1) I didn't like being accused by their trouble making moderators of being warned 14 times in my first week I was there when actually it was two. Some peoples started bullying me in a room I liked going in because it was quite till they got there and I got a warning and the second time some guy ran his mouth at me so I said a few things back and I left. Both times I got the warnings and I was fine with that. But 14 times? Did they really think just because I was a Newbie that meant I was stupid? Please both those people where VIP and probably giving so much money to IMVU they had a free pass to do anything they wanted.

Anyway after I made my point the Mod that tried to lie about how many reports I had changed it to 4 reports which was still one more than in reality after the last one which that one I probably did get a little more mouthy than I should have to be fair, then than that Mod blocked me from being able to answer back ever again.

Really, if you're a Mod you should ALWAYS keep yourself open to hearing out the people you are accusing with an open mind or get the hell out of that seat. You don't belong there.

2) Customer service. Rude, their answers are pre-written and when their copy paste BS don't work they blame your equipment even though it all works fine until THEIR update, like having to find out what's wrong with all my youtube players from different venders with every other update or why the thing just crashes after a new update is installed until a new update comes around and it works fine. But of course that's the users fault and they don't know anything.

3) it crashes, some times ALLOT! It causes everything to lag. Back in 2008 it was recommended to have a 4 core with 6 gigs ram. Really? Who even had that hi grade of computer back then? It's obvious they really only want money bags in there to feed their pig, not some normal loser like me that has to build budget boxes and get's a $10.00 card every month or so.

4) I hear they also like to get creators to create real nice products then ban them with false statements of using illegal software or fabricating a warning list they never produce and then taking the persons products they banned and continuing to sell them with out giving any payment to the creator. Which I'm inclined to believe because to go along with this their free Credit games, don't touch them, you get no game, all the sudden your computer runs like hell and if you do a Rootkit scan you will most likely find it and a few other malware in your device that wasn't in there before. As your Credit card info and other personal info is stolen because of this they say doesn't exist you can bet that your bank account will be a skinny next time you look into it. Glad I don't keep money or PI on mine, because I have had to pull the viruses... That according to moderators that troll their forums are impossible to exist.

5) The moderators. Not only do they fabricate lies about your record to make an excuse to throw away the little spenders and new comers as they tried to me and just use Google you can see I'm certainly not the only one, but they allow people to use it as a hackers paradise although they will ban a person stating they are allegedly using stolen software or not authenticated apps. I don't hate hackers. God knows I keep some Anons at the ready on Facebook for information however I don't like troll hacking. It's where you go in, talk s@#$ to a person to get them to talk s@#$ back and then use that as an excuse to hack that person when they are defending them selves. True bully tactics. In the real world most people shun this behavior but IMVU rewards it. Makes sense considering IMVU has a reputation them selves for slipping in Trojans to those looking for a good deal in their offerings.

6) the youtube players stop working after roughly every other update of the app. Once again I am having that problem. I refuse to ask the staff again what to do because it will always be the same run around, check this, change that and see if this is installed right and look for this update. Pre-Written copied and pasted just like always with no avail. Then some one will pop up saying HERE try this patch which usually does work but not tonight. I'll have to wait for the next update to get those back online again which leads me to my final issue about this problem. It took almost an hour to DL the new IMVU app, you mean with that over bloated POS that looks just like the other one before but took this long to DL where others only took about 10 minutes they couldn't get the youtube players to function correctly.

And yes I know they are creator supported but when I have 3 players made by 3 creators and once again they stop working with an app upgrade that's a pretty sure thing it's the app, not the player. I know my flash is updated because it always is and just to make sure I updated it again.

The way I look at it those are all significant issues that need to be addressed for this site to be safe and reliable. God knows it's really not that secure because they say don't give out information but as soon as you put your CC info on it, their servers have that information which seem to get hacked allot from what I also understand so...

2 stars for a site I love so much but hate so much about.


Now here's an idiot that holds this web site calls it TheBlockTV. Most of it has nothing to do with TV but when it does you can be sure it's nothing but total negativity and crying over shows he don't like. Other that that all you really see are his low experienced opinions about anything that crosses his mind that he obviously knows nothing about AND when he has nothing better to do he goes web site to web site posting other peoples complaints and blogs and takes it to his own site that most people never even heard of talking crap on them and one with me even added his own ending to the story saying that I was buying and selling Twitter accounts which was total crap.

Yes I was 99ways2die on Twitter and they don't believe in having open forums or anything, or even being able to have freedom of speech but when this loser has to even appropriate a fabricated lie just so he can create a legit excuse to run his mouth and tag it at the end, I'd love to the original statement where that was made. So what I go off the wall once in a while, at least I'm honest about it LMAO I'm not some chicken S@$% coward that has to lie just to fabricate an excuse to cry on a blog about my precious web site. Then he don't even have the bag to post what site it came from because yeah I did say some ting on Obamas page but the point I made was I stayed by their guidelines but he added that bit at the end so he could flash the rules to everyone to make them think I was buying and selling names? He had obviously just copied what he didn't fabricate and posted it on his blog, the least he could do was post the site so people could look for them selves.

He just proves that the few honest Bloggers out there are really being decimated by the trash.

Tip for consumers:
Don't believe a word this guy says with out seeing it for yourself


So I posted this in the comments section of Wonkette...

WE'RE THE MILLERS 11:01 am June 9,2014
Stupidest Man On The Internet: Vegas Spree Killers Were Socialists, Because Neo-Nazi

"Socialism is always a product of way to high taxes so the Government gets in control over all the money so they can tell others what they can have and how much by controlling what people can get always leading to unionized jobs being all that is left for anyone to work if they can even get the work and the people left over just get what they are given which is never enough to survive creating a world of no private sector to sustain an economy for the masses.

Just the fact this site would have the nerve to say a group of people that believe we are taxed to much as it is are socialist proves how full of garbage this site is. Plus the fact the KKK started the Democrat party proves that real Neo Nazis are liars and this article can't be trusted.

This article has no proof in anything it says and it makes MSNBC proud. These people might have done the killing but that Twitter line speaks nothing but a sacrifice being worth what they are about to do. Proves nothing about it being about Bundy, nothing about them even hanging out there except the word of some reporter on a site no one even seems to care about. Only morons believe anything they read about on a site like this and this site proves that fact.

Have a nice day ;)"


As time goes by and I clicked submit I see this message...


"It could be up to three minutes before your comment appears. DON'T KEEP RETRYING, OKAY?"

Also, if you are a new commenter, your comment may never appear. This is probably because we hate you.


It's just another Libtard site that knows they are spreading total propaganda and they won't back up what they say so they throw away any comment that points out how their lies are a mental illness. Republicans and Democrats are all corrupt, lying dirt bags all in it for the same thing in the end while promising stuff they will never give us and always taking everything they can to destroy the constitution but at least conservative sites still let you comment. I still haven't had a problem on any of them and I'm no nicer on their sites then I am on Libtard sites. So that there is enough to say they really are afraid of the truth.

Don't bother with this pile of junk. Wonkette will brain wash you and not even show you the evidence to back up any of their lies.



See here is what gets me. Here is a post from Amy L. Right on this comments section.

"Infowars has some very crazy information that would scare the hek out of anyone. Our government is not what our founding fathers intended it to be at all but Christ does not want us to live in fear. His site is not of God."

Fact is Christ stood right there and fought WITH his friends telling a friend of his who HE told to get a sword for self protection "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword" because he meant get one as a last minute resort. That was in both testaments. And who is this person to say our Government is not what the founders intended at all WHILE badmouthing Infowars when that is exactly what Infowars is saying?

No Christ might not want you to live in fear but HE TAUGHT THE WORLD the only way NOT to live in fear is to first not be a fearful person but second never let anyone NOT EVEN THE GOVERNMENT THAT CONTROLS THE WORLD AROUND YOU to cause fear to you and Christ DIED taking on the Tax collectors for merging his church with their Government to collect said taxes which is a form of Fascism which is funded by Socialism which is the kind of Government they were under at the time.

Be a real Christian and take a lesson from Christ! Never try and push anyone around BUT ALSO NEVER LET ANYONE DO THE SAME TO YOU! The Government IS some thing to fear, Just ask Kennedy, MLK, and everyone else who died warning us the Government was NOT to be trusted. Just ask Jesus. He never said just give in and let them do to you as they please and neither did anyone else who had the balls to stand for what was right and killed in the process.

Now to my edit of the review. I can comment again on the site.

Everyone here talking about the news being fake are all Idiots, right from the moment Bush Sr. Bragged about the New World Order in 1991 on 911, his father was a well known Nazi collaborator that Bush Sr. Was assigned to investigate quite literally as the first internal investigation which were illegal back then and made legal by HIS administration (And I saw the NWO speech live when it was aired) The Government has done what it can to take more and give nothing in return while Obama uses the LEO Safety act and the fake Patriot act to expand on militarizing the police using the DOJ and the so called Homeland Security as those policies were intended and in another Fascist paid by socialist policy it won't be long before the two just merge and we're right back to living the way the USSR did in the 1930's.

But as far as the site goes and it's so called no Censoring policy to it's users. I think the mods need to be replaced.

Recently I went to Infowars, couldn't see the comments, after a few days I went to the Email hot line. They said to clear my cache that Im not being censored, It gets cleared every morning any way but I Ctrl F-5ed anyway. Said I was haven't the same problem and got ignored. Later I went to Forums and explained my situation stating I was fan, I tried being respectful all I really did was go off on a few trolls and a Neo Nazi that used to troll all the time. A Moderator said it was an Automated bot that banned trolls and spammers. I explained that I wasn't a troll and I never spammed so obviously I wasted my time contributing to the site. I also made a valid statement that even trolls if their not being censored would have a right to their opinion anyway. I got a star and the next day found myself banned. Can't make a new screen name or anything. I was an avid contributor to the comments on their site, always defending infowars and even telling other posters not to make comments of how bad they want to shoot Obama and things like that because that is how the site gets in trouble over content and this is how they treated me. Bully on "You don't get censored on infowars". Obviously you do, and if you don't agree with everything they say you will be signed up as a troll and taken off their Forums as well.

And if you idiots talking $#*! really think "They are the Government and they are here to help" Lame stream media and FOX News have you right where they want you. Every time I see a "News organization" break an important political story it is always one they made fun of months or years prior that Infowars reported as MSM and Fox calls it ridiculous then all the sudden here they are talking about how the Government is doing this and that sounding like their just repeating Infowars from months before like they just thought of it. If I was still part of the Fox or Main Stream Media crowd at this point putting my fist in the air spouting off USA thinking the Government is actually in it to help us at all, I would feel like a real moron. No matter what the Gov are paid by the same banksters Reps and Dems and the Media are all paid by the Government political parties to report what they want you to hear. A truth we all have known for a really long time but the lemmings still follow the propaganda.

If any one is curious to who the Pied Piper is, he is the Bushes, he is the Obamas, he is the Clintons and he is your master. If you truly feel it's better to be a rat then a human being, just keep following the Pied Piper. MSM and Fox which is just the other side of the coin of MSM will just lead you through the streets.


Not a fan but I'll tell you why. I'm a Megadeth fan and boycotted Metalica years ago. But if I put in Megadeth all I get is Metallica, and if I put in Metallica then I get Megadeth. So I'm in a conundrum, I don't want a Metallica list to get Megadeth so I just go to youtube LOL

But I can see why other people love the site so much so this is 100% based on my personal opinion.



They ban you if you reply to anyone more then 3 times if they don't reply back, even those following you like you're only supposed to like 1 of their comments., youre only allowed a few words, it crashes firefox if it works at all, and theres been reports of people arrested for political beliefs that the Great Dictator don't approve of.



Ok after they some reason allowed my profile back they suspended for a stupid reason and I figured out a couple ways to get around the attacks that crashed my browser Ill give Twitter a second chance on here. It is still a pain in the ass, I still don't like it's little tweet box where you can't say hardly anything BUT for political reasons it is a good little site in some ways. Just not enough to earn more then two stars. It's hideous I have to use my AV to sandbox my browser, double wall my firewall and set my main firewall all the way to high with out getting my account hacked telling me their security is practically non-existent. I do like their follow actually doing what it was meant to do keeping you in touch with those you want to be in touch with instead of just working like a friend list just being there doing nothing like allot of sites, I do like the profile a little bit and some of the apps FireFox can work with but other then that it's just not that great. It's still picky with the@ on posted comments and it's over all still just kinda lame in it's 140 Characters not allowing us to even complete a full sentence.


(Rich d) I've heard of these sites before. Obviously you know what they do. The sad part is they are hard to find if you want to press charges and often times they are run by big corporations that want to kill off any small, medium or even large businesses before they can get big enough to be any competition so reporting them to the "authorities" does little good anyway because they already have them in their pocket. Best thing you can do is make friends in your field and get together and get some really good lawyers who have had this same issue before preferably with the same company. Allot of times the posters of these fake reports are only a few people with either bot accounts or multiple accounts in allot of cases running on believe it or not, in house company computers where the main base is at and the companies can be found that way. Course some times they just do it all online and it might take a few visits to a few houses around the world but play your cards right and it could benefit you.


LOL I'm just here to point out how funny it is where you get these 2 or 3 profiles on obvious horrible companies that are trying to talk it up and raise the review even though the idiots can't make multiple accounts fast enough to up-talk their fraud services.

I've never been on this site and already don't want to be.


Don't like a site and they don't want to hear your problems, site it on Sitejabber, then at least others can get a fix of what those other sites really are all about. Kinda hope this site stcks around a while.

Ok you won't let us comment peoples comments anymore, you lose a star.



Profile is complete $#*!. And hiding the Inbox button was $#*!ed. In the last 6 months they changed the profiles twice and both times the profiles got not only dumber then $#*! but it took days and the first time weeks to find my inbox Go back to the old profile 3 profiles ago and Ill give it 4 stars because we shouldnt have to pay for more time on a non profit site



Well as most of us with a brain know that DON'T want the Government holding our hands while we piss should already know, Google is a Government funded web site created to track it's users with extremely limited expectation of privacy that are monopolizing everything they can to add just a little less privacy to all forced to use it's integration to every site it touches and it's killing of all sites they buy out to move you to their preferred sites such as Myspace to Facebook or to intergrade you to have to use G+ in order to use certain functions. Case in point FORCING G+ on it's users in order to comment videos. First off it seems for around 80% of us no matter what we run for a machine or what Windows or Apple equivalent to windows we all experience the same problems. A comment box we can't use, a like dislike button that don't work and a reply button that won't reply. On top of that for those of us that do have G+, (Even in protest) it's not working right anymore either, and do they listen to what we have to say when we report these issues? No they just refuse to respond or say it's our equipment. Yes I will be political. This is just another sign that it's time the Government gets off our back and stops forcing it's smut garbage on us and just let the NSA do what it does less, nothing while they hire Canada to screw it up for them after already learning the company that was hired was already kicked out of several countries for the same multi-billion dollar failures it gives to us. Thanks you once again Google for turning off of your identification site that sells bank information to companies you already have your hand in the pocket of. ;) You teach us well.


I'll just explain by posting what I posted on Justins comment box on his profile.

Dude seriously, why did I get banned in the chat rooms? I havnt even been on for like a month, some guy comes in calling one of my friends in the room a tranny and Im the one who gets banned? How come it seems you guys like to keep the ones around that get reported for threats of rape and decapitation and $#*! and I get banned for telling some troll he needs to take his pervy uncle issues out the door. This is weak man seriously you and jamie need to re-set your priority's


LMAO Well I guess Justin read it cause I'm unbanned now LOL Just as I got done on here I got back and had an IM, meaning my IM's where working again. If the IM's are working maybe I can get to the room, so I went to the rooms and I was back up and running again.


Well if you need any explanation to how they are now just go to Jamies profile and see the comments left on his profile. They went through another banning spree. It would also appear they have been taking peoples money by wiping out their accounts of money paid from the games, most likely transferring that to cash and keeping it them selves. I have seen people that I seen on the site before (Not necessarily friends) but they have been banned and lost money as well and those where people that I never seen personally to cause any trouble at all. I to was banned again from the rooms with Emails telling me I couldn't talk to anyone unless they where already on my list and from comments I have seen, it would seem that became part of the Norm. And some people had that same issue on their first time being there, by comments posted by these same people, J&J had NO want or will to help anyone and Justin now has his profile set so no one not even those on his list can E-mail, comment, or in any way get ahold of him at all through his profile. They truly have become a corrupt web site and refuse to take control of their moderators at all. Mocospace is nothing more then a smut site claiming best customer service when there is none at all and if you get reported after some one has been trolling YOU expect to be banned with no help from the operators of the site. If you make a report on some one else and you aren't a friend to the moderators through games or profile chat to the owners they will not take your report.

I have personally reported users for (Seriously not jokingly) threats of rape, murder, decapitation, to kill peoples families and even rape their children in front of them, profile cloning, and even admitting to hacking my computer through their site (Once reported, others where failures or I just didn't notice or care and had one firewall up with out the secondary port blocker) as it was hacked and my firewalls dropped as he was bragging about doing so in the room as I posted ALL the conversations, told them the room and time, and all the twisted crap people can say and nothing was done about it, friends of mine have also done the same and those users where allowed to continue to use their site even though any respectable chat site that really wants to create a safe chatting site will NEVER allow these sort of activities to go on.

Mocospace.com is not a place to allow your children nor is it any longer a place to go and have intelligent conversation. Yahoo chatters have taken over now that Yahoo was closed down that where hackers and allowed to run all over anyone they wanted there, it has prisoners all over the site looking for women, (Sad part is they actually tend to be the nicer people) and J&J only caters to their friends now. It should be closed down before anyone else gets hurt as their have already been rapes, murders and suicides do to their neglect of the users.

P.S. And don't think for a second not sharing information will do any good to keep psychos away from your home, all the hackers allowed to use their site as a hacker hot spot they WILL find your address. If you're on a phone with no personal IP address all they have to do is hack in to your phones memory and get your phone number and they can track you that way. Mocospace.com is NOT a safe chat site by any means.

Thanks you for viewing my review.


Now I know some thing is up when one of the oldest social pages in the world has no reviews. Must be FB had them taken down for some reason. Maybe it's because to many people talking about the fact Its CIA to track people and report their findings to the NSA who then reports their findings to the DOD who then reports their findings to the president. I don't know but it sure is a $#*!ty site. The page malfunctions, Zuckerbarf was allowed to create an app they all knew would fail as he held stock on them. I keep getting bad scripts because my ghostry is doing it's job keeping them from spying on me when I use it. And no $#*!s I have no tin foil hat, them went out of style after the 90's where over and no I know theres no space ship in Area 51. The Government made that story up to keep everyone running around looking for aliens while the hid the real reason for the military bases construction. Facebook is simply a spy program and people have been getting arrested off it just for having an opinion of the Government and the great dictator Barry Santorum. They take down pages that are pro constitution and Zuckerberg is a CIA snitch and a Thief. That'll be all.

(UPDATE) I thought this was for Facebook but it's for Faceoook some weird $#*!. Sorry for the confusion people.

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