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My husband ordered several free just pay shipping items.
Company signed us up 2 memberships at 2 different amounts. We have waited months for products that never came. We disputed the charges with cc.
Now cc is reversing charges and saying we were shipped items!
Well we tried to contact the company to say wheres the proof you sent items? No answer. Have tried everything to talk to them. We were nit sent anything! They have ripped off numerous consumers! If they do send a product. It doesn't work or you have to pay for extras to get it to work.
Time to go to 9 news and let tv reporters get involved. Also contacting fraud division of government. And making a police report.
Cc that is not helping us is First National Bank.
Just thought I'd do a 2 for one.
Site with complaints is pissedconsumer. Don't use Tactical USA or First national Bank credit card.
$200 ripped off and now they aldo gave company new credit card info. Were still going to be charged.
Btw I never get any news letter / membership benefits from tactical that were being billed $50 and another amount. Also have wrinklecream subscribed to me for months but no cream. Think this was through tactical also. I never signed up for it.
That's another $89 a month.
Time to start going to police and anyone else we can investigate with.
Don't use any of these a holes. 12 charges in 2 days


I finally had a few sellers that were decent in shipping and products but now can't afford lots of jewelry. Brooches went from $29 for 9 1/2 lb lot in 2017. Now go for over 200+. So I started buying lbs of mixed jewelry. I got some really nice items several times from one seller. Paid about $15 and 12 shipping for a 12 lb bag. For get that now. I will have a bid in and auction will close early by 3-5 minutes. Or hidden bids you have no chance against even if your highest bidder shown that hidden bid beats you by $1.00.
And now lately like tonight no one had a bid in and I had $20 on lot. It had 10 minutes left. I check later thinking I needed to pay. Wrong someone bought it for $101. What? For a jewelry-craft lot. Now where did the $101 come from when I had one bid?
So I was pretty angry whether you bid on items with 7 day wait. No activity until just before close. And then item is gone.
So I just went on there and typed in bulk jewelry lots vintage jewelry or grab bags and or boo lots. All had bids one bidder. You can't see all of the name but it's like this...
G*****3. E*****7. M****1 T*****S. I*****6. And I have repeatedly lost out to C*****T and M*****1 those two in last minutes.
Also on every single Bulk lot tonight 1 bid on the first 2 pages of jewelry bulk the initials are E*****7.
Now you tell me who can afford say average 15-20 shipping on each one and $20 a lot and there were maybe 20 lots? I was going to count how many times this buyer was bidding $20 a pop but they shut down for maintenance.
I have even bid up the ones I really wanted and still lose out.
The site tells you to put in your highest bid. Well that doesn't do any good if you have no idea what your going up against. I mean come on obviously the one lot with my $20 bid went to $101 against me. How can you compete with that?
There is nothing I can see in these lots that are even worth that!
I use a magnifier and a huge desk top screen. I pretty much know the outside items.
I have bought enough of these lots to know maybe 20% junk I donate. So why the high bidding?
I even bid on a 2 lb lot that was spread out and wanted one brooch for myself. Maybe $15 value and the rest worth a few bucks each for today prices. And it went for over $50. Shipping and handling was $15 So $65 for a lot worth 40. It doesn't make sense to me at all.
Prices are dirt cheap right now for Target or Walmart clearance stuff. So why are these lots selling for outrageous prices?
What really makes me mad is I am disabled and trying to start a small online business and this is hurting me big time. I am on a fixed income and $15 shipping is killing me and now this. And I searched and Ebay has nothing for jewelry lots.
My husband says this stuff is going over seas or to Big stores. Who else can afford this stuff. Something shady is going on here.
I complained to Goodwil about prices and timer both and got told to put in my max bid.
Well that does no good if you can't match or even know what someone else has bid up too.
I averaged 1-2 lots every week and now can't get anything. It's wasting my time. And lastly they don't always tell you you have been out bid until it's too late!
Someone needs to investigate. All these numbers at the end on these letters means it's the same groups I'd say bidding. And where is all that money going?
That one with bulk lots are all out of Michigan. The others are Texas. Florida MN and Arizona and a few others.
Aren't they wondering who is buying thousands of dollars of bulk lots? It has to be the same name. And you can not put them all together you have to pay individually.
What is going on?
Next post I will put pictures up of all the same initials. Remember all these lots also do not end at the same times and dates.
Oh and beware of the high end jewelry seller. I was interested in a tanzanite ring and emailed them to ask for certification. It was for my anniversary. And when I didn't answer him back. I got a call the next day saying the price went down a whole $28. On a 1,000 ring. How did the seller get my phone number? I never purchased from them before.
And what's really scary is I use my maiden name on my account. And unless it's paid for by stripe or PayPal how did he know who I was? My number is unlisted.

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