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1). Daughter & Wife ordered Shrimp Tacos. Never received the sauce because the waitress never came back to our table after serving us, so naturally, we couldn't request it
2). I ordered Salmon, WELL DONE. If you compared it to a steak, it was bloody and rare.
3). Would have ordered 1 slice of Cheesecake, but couldn't find our waitress.
4). Paying the Bill:
A). A different server gave us the check, but it wasn't ours.
B). After waiting close to 10 minutes, finally saw the server who gave us the
Check and made her aware it was not ours.
C). Over 5 minutes later, the same lady came back to give us another check, and
It was the wrong one, AGAIN! This time, we asked her to wait so we could
Make sure it was the correct one, and this time we were lucky enough to give
It right back!

We arrived before 3:00, and the place was busy, but not nearly as busy as we've seen it in the past. From the time we finished LUNCH, it took us JUST UNDER 30 MINUTES, OR JUST A LITTLE OVER 30 MINUTES TO PAY OUR BILL FOR A TERRIBLE LUNCH AND GET OUT OF THERE!


It's been AT LEAST 20 years since I've eaten at a Red Lobster. After going to one on New Year's Eve, (my wife got a Gift Certificate from a Doctor at Christmas), it will be AT LEAST another 20 years, if not longer, before I dine there again! Got Surf & Turf. The Lobster was a very small portion that tasted like rubber. The Steak had no taste whatsoever. Red Lobster is overrated and EXTREMELY OVERPRICED! Never again!


This Chinese Company is as dishonest and fraudulent from top to bottom as they come. For over 6 months, I have contacted this company over 40 times by email and/or U.S. mail sent to their designated people in China.The wrong order was sent last September, and I made them aware of it upon delivery. I have even written letters to the 2 people they asked me to make payment to via Western Union! I sent $126.90 directly to ChuanMu Li. Their other associate goes by the name of ShangJu Chi. Both addresses are located in Beijing, China.

Out of the 40 plus contacts I have made, I have only gotten back 2 responses. Both responses questioned the validity of my problem. They couldn't believe that 7 of the 10 articles of clothing ordered were the wrong sizes. I have emphasized numerous times I preferred the proper sized clothing. I have sent and still have copies of my original order along with their confirmation they had the merchandise I ordered on inventory. (I have copies of almost every time I made contact with them).

What really bothers me is not getting a response from their so called "Money-Men, ChuanMu Li and ShangJiu Chi. I realize I've been had and the best advise I can give you is to stay away and run in the opposite direction if you see any advertisements from Cheap NFL Jerseys with an email address of ******* Another Chinese company to avoid is New Frog. They got me too but not for as much $!

Be American! Buy American! If you have a problem overseas, you sure as hell can't call The Better Business Bureau!


I have 4 different items I have been shorted or was defective that I have made them aware of without getting a definite response on what New Frog plans on doing about it! I have a bicycle bell that was shorted about 6 months ago I have yet to receive! (Cost less than $2). I was sent a "SCREW", yes a screw instead of a winter head band that cost less than $2 they won't recognize as a mistake which hasn't been taken care of. I ordered a Gillette Mach III Razor along with 4 extra blades. I received the blades but not the razor and haven't been told if or when they were going to send the razor. The total for these items was less than $3. Finally, I purchased an Electric Razor for $21 that won't hold a charge. They say they will take care of it, but as of now, I haven't received it!

My point with this company is they offer and sell items very cheap, but they rarely deliver what is ordered. I'm talking 4 items with an out of pocket cost of less than $30. If they will lie and cheat about merchandise that costs so little, what would happen if you bought something with real value? For $30, they can shove all 4 items up their you know what and I'm done doing business with Chinese Companies! I've gotten egg-foo-yung on my face and they've cheated me for the very last time! Stay away from New!


After almost 1 1/2 years, along with REPEATED requests for my order: Why won't they even respond is beyond my imagination? Why not even send 7, yes 7 stinking jerseys and t-shirts, for me to get off their back and to stop bad mouthing them? I have had so much correspondence (1 way from me only), I could write a book! They might as well realize I am retired and have the time to be a real pain in their A$$ until THEY CORRECT THIS SITUATION!

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