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N 04/02/19, my mother had her annual follow-up visit with Peggy Linet Fogg, CRNP (nurse practitioner of Dr. Christian Dey) of Eastern OB/GYN, Birmingham, Alabama. This annual visit was to get my mother's yearly mammogram and obtain a new prescription for Prempro. My mother and I have been fully aware of the precautions and possible complications of Prempro for more than 10-years, i. E., heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, and blood clots. However, my mother has taking Prempro for 32-years for postmenopausal symptoms and recently for functional dyspepsia symptoms. I informed Ms. Fogg that she had been receiving Prempro prescriptions through Dr. Davidson and Dr. Christian Dey of Eastern OB/GYN for decades without any problems or complications. During the first few moments of the office visit, Ms. Fogg said to my mother, "I don't even know why you are here today. There is no reason for you to be here." These statements along with Ms. Fogg's subsequent behavior during the visit made my mother feel extremely belittled and offended.

I attempted to explain all of the reasons that my mother had been receiving Prempro to her. It appeared that Ms. Fogg was not interested in listening to anything that my mother or I said. I informed Ms. Fogg that the "recommended alternative drugs" for the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms and functional dyspepsia symptoms were either ineffective or relatively/absolutely contraindicated with my mother's medications for Parkinson's disease and dysautonomia. Ms. Fogg stated that "there were many medications to treat functional dyspepsia," but she could not provide the names of any medications. She never inquired about the previous medications that had been used to treat her postmenopausal symptoms or functional dyspepsia. Ms. Fogg never reviewed any of my mother's past or current medications. She never reviewed any of my mother's past or current medical history. She never performed any type of examination.

Ms. Fogg stated that she did not prescribe Prempro on a long-term basis because of the complications seen in a "study." As she did not wish to prescribe Prempro based on "a study," I questioned her about this study, i. E., name of the study, type of study, methodology of the study, and specific statistical outcomes of the study. She only provided the name of the study, i. E., Women's Health Initiative (WHI). She became increasingly agitated and angry with my repeated questions regarding this study and stated that I was becoming "hostile" with my repeated questions. Ms. Fogg did not prescribe Prempro to my mother based on the potential complications noted in the WHI study, i. E., heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, or blood clot. However, Ms. Fogg did not perform any examination, order necessary radiographic studies, or make any appropriate physician referrals to determine if my mother had experienced or may be developing heart disease, breast cancer, a stroke, or a blood clot after being on Prempro for 32-years.

Ms. Fogg abruptly ended the follow-up visit by closing her tablet/laptop, immediately leaving the room, and stating that I was being "hostile." One might interpret unwarranted anger and unmistakable unprofessional behavior, i. E., making inappropriate statements and abruptly leaving the examination room by any clinician, as negligent in performing minimal clinical duties, i. E., proper review of medical history, performing any type of examination, and obtaining necessary radiographs. Within one-month of my mother not taking Prempro, her quality of life has become exceedingly miserable due to the severe postmenopausal symptoms and symptoms of functional dyspepsia. To add insult to injury, the office manager sent a letter to my mother stating that she could no longer be a patient at Eastern OB/GYN.


I have owned Infiniti FX35 from Crown Automotive for some time. Less than two years of owning this vehicle, the dashboard began to crack. There was a well-known fact that the dashboards in any of the Infiniti FX35's were defective. I have owned only Nissan and Infiniti vehicles since the age of 18 (40-years). For an Infiniti vehicle to be an alleged luxury vehicle, there should be no interior problems such as dashboard splitting in less than two years of owning a new vehicle. On three separate occasions, I requested that Crown Automotive replace the defective dashboard. However, each time the general manager and service department refused to replace the defective dashboard.

In October 2014, Crown Automotive was bought out by coach Nick Saban, University of Alabama football, and Mr. Joe Agresti, Owner/President Dream Motor Group and Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge. Crown Automotive then became Infiniti of Birmingham. I was ecstatic to hear that coach Nick Saban was one of the owners of Infiniti of Birmingham. Given coach Saban's exceptional ethics, morals, and work standards, I thought there would be no problem for Infiniti of Birmingham to replace the defective dashboard. I sent a letter with pictures of the defective dashboard to both coach Saban and Mr. Agresti. Unfortunately, neither one of them had the professional courtesy to respond to my letter or contact me in any other manner.

Instead, Mr. Joe Agresti had the general manager of Infiniti of Birmingham, i. E., Randy Powell contacted me. Mr. Powell was curt and unprofessional in his response to my request for replacement of the affected dashboard in my vehicle. Despite coach Saban and Mr. Agresti buying out Crown Infiniti, I thought that they would extend the courtesy of assisting customers of the automobile dealership which they obtain. In an insolent manner, Mr. Powell stated that I was never a customer of Infiniti of Birmingham, and the dealership had no obligation to repair the defective dashboard. I still have been unable to get the defective dashboard replaced at the cost of Infiniti of Birmingham and the Nissan Corporation.

I would strongly suggest that no one purchase a vehicle from Infiniti's of Birmingham as well as Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham. There is no reason that any person should experience the horribly inauspicious and discourteous experience in which I encountered with Infiniti of Birmingham. There are so many other luxury car dealerships in the Birmingham area that have more amenable owners, general managers, and employees.

Adam D. – INFINITI Of Birmingham Rep

Brian, we are sorry that you experienced a problem with the dashboard on your INFINITI FX35. Four years ago you requested us to replace it at our expense. While researching your vehicle history we found no business transactions with INFINITI of Birmingham or Crown Automobile but still offered to work with you “to present a reasoned case to the manufacturer.” As a retailer of INFINITI vehicles, we work with the manufacturer to repair/replace any defective parts as per any open campaign. We are then compensated by the manufacturer for any parts and labor involved. INFINITI ended the campaign on the FX35 in 2011. If you’d like to contact INFINITI USA the phone number is 1-800-662-6200.


On 05/02/2018, I ordered a pair of Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones from WowDealzShop.com through MassGenie.com. The Bose True In-the-Ear come in three different models, i. E., IE2, MIE2, and MIE2i. The difference between the three sets of headphones is that the MIE2 and MIE2i have an in-line microphone and volume rocker switch. Since I am very old-school with all of my music, i. E., all CDs since 1983, being on a 7th generation iPod, there was no reason for me to order or use the Bose MIE2 or MIE2i headphone models. Therefore, I ordered the Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones. The sales receipt from MassGenie.com clearly shows that I ordered the Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones.

On 05/04/2018, I received a pair of Bose True In-the-Ear MIE2 headphones from WowDealzShop.com and not the Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones as I had ordered from WowDealzShop.com through MassGenie.com. I contacted Mr. Joseph Jonas, the owner of WowDealzShop.com regarding this issue. I sent a copy of the receipt from MassGenie.com clearly showing that I had purchased the Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones and a photograph of the incorrectly sent product, i. E., Bose True In-the-Ear MIE2 headphones. I requested a refund for the incorrectly sent headphones. Since the wrong product was sent to me, I also requested that prepaid return postage be provided. Mr. Joseph Jonas, the owner of WowDealzShop.com, refused to provide prepaid return postage for an item that his company had incorrectly sent to me.

Despite providing a receipt of the purchased Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones, Mr. Joseph Jonas, the owner of WowDealzShop.com, stated that their inventory showed that I ordered the Bose True In-the-Ear MIE2 headphones. Mr. Joseph Jonas informed me that he would have his IT person look into the possible error in the order, i. E., actually ordering the Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones from MassGenie.com while WowDealzShop.com stated that I ordered the Bose True In-the-Ear MIE2 headphones. He was rather curt and rude in his response regarding my request for prepaid return postage. He continued to refuse to provide prepaid return postage for the incorrectly sent headphones. He refused to respond to any of my further emails regarding the situation.

I strongly recommend that everyone refuse to order any item or do any business with Mr. Joseph Jonas of WowDealzShop.com, whether it be directly through their website or through another website such as MassGenie.com. Despite providing the original sales receipt on the date that I purchased Bose True In-the-Ear IE2 headphones, Mr. Joseph refused to accept any responsibility for the error committed on the part of his company. He was also very rude in his only response to my email requesting prepaid return postage. Following my initial email to him, he refused to answer any type of correspondence such as emails from me. With Mr. Joseph Jonas of WowDealzShop.com, the adage Buyer Beware is absolutely correct.


Our house sits on a dead-end road adjacent to an undeveloped, wooded area in eastern Birmingham. This large wooded area is owned by St. Vincents East Hospital. Three trees located on the property of St. Vincents East Hospital were at risk of causing damage to our house and property, i. E., a very large, completely dead pine tree and two trees with significant soil erosion around their root systems leaning toward our house. About 15-years ago, a tree from the hospitals property fell on and destroyed our outdoor storage building. The hospital was liable for the replacement of the destroyed storage building. Due to this previous occurrence, I contacted Medxcel Facilities Management (hereafter Medxcel FM) at St. Vincents East Hospital requesting the removal of these trees. I did not wish for additional damage to our property to occur for which St. Vincents East Hospital would be liable. Medxcel FM contracted Allen Tree Service in Birmingham, Alabama to do the work.

On Thursday, 12/28/2017, Allen Tree Service sent a crew to cut down the three trees. Unfortunately, no one contacted me regarding the date and time the tree removal would be done. I gave permission to the crew to back their crane truck into our yard. I did not give permission for any other equipment to be in our yard. The Allen Tree Service crew cut down all three trees so that they fell away from our house into a wooded area. The crew made no attempt to remove any part of the trunks nor branches of the three trees. Several nearby living and viable trees were damaged due to the method the three trees were cut down. A large section of our front yard was damaged, i. E., truck and utility loader ruts with destruction of the underlying grass, with little to no attempt to repair this damage by the Allen Tree Service crew. The area where the three trees fell looked as if a tornado passed had passed through, i. E., the large trunks and branches of the three cut down trees on the ground with damage to adjacent living trees.

Our two neighbors have commented on the unsatisfactory job performed by the Allen Tree Service crew, and the eyesore created by their unacceptable work. One neighbor voiced concern that the eyesore created from their shoddy work would have a negative impact on the sale of their house. Because all sections, i. E., trunks and branches, of the cut-down three trees were left by the Allen Tree Service crew, I shall have personally pay for the proper removal of the tree trunks and large branches. Someone will have to prune the living, viable trees damaged by the way the dead trees were cut and allowed to fall. In addition, I shall have to level the yard where ruts were made and place new sod in the area where the grass was destroyed by the Allen Tree Service equipment. A more acceptable and professional approach without the incurred damage should have been done in removal of these three trees.

For the past several decades, dying trees on St. Vincents East Hospitals property at risk of damaging our property have been a repeated problem. Several years ago, I notified a different facilities management company at St. Vincents East Hospital regarding two dead trees on their property adjacent to our property. They arranged for Ace Tree Service to remove the two dead trees. Ace Tree Service removed all parts of the trunks and branches from trees from the area and caused no damage to adjacent living trees or our yard. This previous experience was entirely different from that recently encountered with Allen Tree Service. Due to the manner the trees were cut down and left on the property adjacent to our house as well as the damage done to our front yard, I would NEVER recommend Allen Tree Service to anyone for any type of tree service. From personal experience and previous work done, both Ace Tree Service and National Tree Service provided complete and excellent tree removal services.


On 12/12/2017, I ordered a Marcato Atlas Red Stainless-Steel Biscuit Maker/Cookie Press from Overstock.com as a Christmas gift for my niece. Information on my Overstock.com account indicated that the order had been filled and purportedly shipped six days following the order, i. E., 12/18/2017. After this date, the only tracking information that I was ever to obtain from the Overstock.com and USPS websites was of the alleged shipping date. I never received any further tracking information from any source nor did I receive the ordered item. At this point, I contacted Overstock.com Customer Service numerous times to inquire about the lack of tracking information and the reason the item had not been received.

Several different Overstock.com Customer Service Representatives told me that the information about my order would be forwarded to the appropriate department for follow-up on the tracking information and missing item. No Overstock.com employee ever contacted regarding any actions taken in attempts to locate the missing item after my complaints. Then, information listed on this order on Overstock.com account showed that a return of the order had been initiated on two occasions followed by a cancellation of the order. I never requested that a return, refund, or cancellation be done for this order. This was done without any Overstock.com Customer Service Representative contacting me by e-mail or telephone to provide an explanation on the actions taken.

An Overstock.com Board of Directors Representative informed me that another item had been "set aside" in case the item that I ordered was not located. I never received the item despite another one being set aside for me. Even though the website indicated the item was in stock, my account being billed, and the item allegedly shipped to me, I was informed that Overstock.com had made a mistake with my order. For some odd reason, the order was fulfilled and shipped but it was out-of-stock at the time of the order. Despite speaking with four different Overstock.com Customer Service Representatives on Live Chat and a Board of Directors representative via e-mail, not one of them discovered nor informed me that the order was out-of-stock when placed. I have never encountered such apathy and incompetence from any of the numerous websites in which I have spent thousands of dollars.

Tip for consumers:
Never use Overstock.com to order any item.


On 07/21/16, I placed an order for an iPhone 5C LCD Screen Full Assembly with Front Camera & Home Button (# AAPL-i5C-201) and iPhone 5C Bottom Screws (2 Pieces) - Black (# AAPL-i5C-115). The delivery of the product took a significantly longer time than stated on the website. I was never able to obtain any information on the shipping of these items nor any type of tracking number. When attempting to contact the "imaginary" Chat Live Support Staff, I was never connected and most of the time received a message stating that the staff with whom to chat were unavailable.

When I received my order much later than expected, I noted that the postal deliver accidently dropped the box containing my iPhone 5C parts a distance of approximately 4-feet. It did not appear that the iPhone 5C LCD screen had any visible cracks, but microscopic cracks could have definitely been formed when the package was accidently dropped. I have previously changed an iPhone 5S LCD Screen Full Assembly with Front Camera & Home Button and the battery in 3 separate iPhones without difficulty and no breakage or damage to the newly ordered products. I replaced the iPhone 5C LCD Screen Full Assembly with Front Camera & Home Button received from PhonePartWorld.com without any difficulty. Within a short time of using the new screen, it developed a crack. I contacted Saman Kalantari (AKA Sam Kalan), CEO, PhonePartworld.com. He accused me of "dropping the phone and stated he would neither replace the screen nor offer a refund. I have filed a dispute with PayPal. I also informed him that I would pursue action in Small Claims Court if he did not honor his product warranty. He accused me of "threats and attempting to blackmail him." He would no longer respond to my e-mails.

Saman Kalantari (AKA Sam Kalan) of PhonePartWorld.com has had numerous negative complaints filed against him, and he/his company have been the topic of several internet sites as a "scam business." He does not offer the warranties on non-brand parts that he sells as genuine Apple parts, defective parts, or damaged parts. In addition to myself, he has become belligerent and abusive with numerous people that have had problems with the products that he sold to them that were either defective or damaged. It appears that he has never offered refunds or replacements as promised. Furthermore, I have been unable to find a full mailing address for Saman Kalantari (AKA Sam Kalan) of PhonePartWorld.com on any of the numerous websites that I have searched. Saman Kalantari (AKA Sam Kalan) refuses to provide said information and has informed me that he would never communicate with me again.

The manner in which Mr. Saman Kalantari (AKA Sam Kalan) has conducted the issues that I have experienced in dealing with the defective/damaged iPhone LCD screen has forced me to pursue other avenues of resolving my problems. I am filing complaints with the Apple.com Feedback, Federal Trade Commission, Nevada Attorney General and Secretary of State, Nevada Department of Consumer Affairs, and Consumer Complaints of USA.gov. I am having to go through this extra trouble in order to obtain a simple refund of $50.57 for an iPhone screen that is covered under the warranty listed on PhonePartWorld.com. Mr. Saman Kalantari (AKA Sam Kalan) is an unethical businessman who sells non-Apple or knock-off Apple products as genuine Apple products and parts without a legal Nevada business license.

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