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1 review
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My review is one of excelence, a perfect 5. Cathy Ramirez gave me the assurance to help me keep calm. She handed me the tools so I could achieve the best results from a very difficult moment in my carreer. Helping me in every way I needed, and giving me estadistics showing me that what had happened was not so bad. She trully is great and excelent in what she does. Thank you for having such a excelent advicer in your staff. Cathy Ramirez has an excellent overall review from me.

1 review
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The women on these forums are obsessed with being this strange internet clique. They are not helpful, and generally get off on snarky comments towards people looking for guidance. Would not recommend

1 review
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I joined in an attempt to grow my DJ business and found out it has nothing but fake leads and rude people! I had two potential clients who agreed to purchase my service and then took me for a ride for several days before reneging and wasting both my time and theirs! Then another one messages me early in the morning asking what packages i have then i respond and hear nothing back. After that the phone calls i got were fakes as well, either from bill collectors, telemarketers or just people who dont seem to think theyre too old for prank phone calls. Then account manager Danielle calls and tries to tell me im not talking to customers right when in fact i am: i find this just another excuse to cover up the fact that these people are not real and that if i dont pay the other $94.33 due my account would be terminated and id have to pay the full balance and get a new contract. Well then goodbye because i didnt pay $94.33 or agree to a contract just to have people take me for a ride and waste my time and have account managers belittle me on how i do things like they expect me to be perfect. It looks like im not at all the only one whos victim of this crazy thing. Ill definitely stick to craigslist and find a different avenue to advertise my services because this is beyond appalling!

1 review
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This is our 5th season in business. We decided to pay for a yearly subscription. We get inquiries and email them back and get no responses!
It's April. We haven't had more than 10 weddings since November. No problems, no complaints. Last week, a 1 star review rolls in saying we're "unprofessional and don't communicate". It's private. We have no idea who it is, when the event was, or the location. No one will tell us. We can't defend ourselves. We actually don't believe it's real. We turned down 4 events over the past 6 months due to distance, gut feelings, and lack of information about the venue. We're afraid it's one of the brides we wouldn't service. We've asked for clarification. They're providing none. We've asked to cancel our account, but they won't stop charging our credit card for the rest of the year.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Extortion in the 1st°, what a shame, what is already a difficult business is now made more difficult by fake profiles writing fake reviews

1 review
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I'm not an advertiser but we do have a listing on the site and I had an issue with a bride marking a date as booked which was still open. Page with support was quick and helpful, it was an easy and pleasurable experience, even though they didn't owe me anything!

1 review
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This is a horrible site if your a vendor! They overcharge your account and do not help with anything as regards to helping you with your business. If you are a small business stay away from this company unless you intend to go bankrupt. You are only paying for there seminars and magazines that they use a tradeshows, which is no help to you, only the business of Wedding Wire!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I was having a problem posting my reviews of the wonderful vendors that helped make our daughter's wedding such a beautiful experience on the Weddingwire website. Page, of the Weddingwire support dept. was very patient and most helpful in getting everything setup and sorted! Nothing was too much trouble! Thank you for your help and kindness!

1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is a massive scam! Fake leads, fake names that never book anything. Maybe once is a blue moon you accidentally get someone real.

The names are fake, the emails are fake, you get nothing but fake leads one after the other who do nothing but waste you time and lots and lots of money. I've been collecting leads for quite some time and I plan on taking my findings to our state's attorney general.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Let me start with the things I do like since it is such a small list. I like the fact I can put my guest list onto the site.. but that is about it. I guess I can also agree with the fact their wedding website is free, even though it has limited choices and themes IMO.

To the things I don't like. People are beyond rude on the forum posts. I personally feel as if the forums should be taken down altogether, and it looks like I am not the only one to say that the forum are is a horrible place for advice, but let me tell you, if you make a discussion board and say that, it gets shut down in a heart beat along with the snarky comments you are bound to get on any discussion you make.
I do no like the fact if you export your guest list from WW it exports it into excel (which is no problem) except you can't import it back!
There also seems to be a lack of options on the site, and you really can't change anything without having to email customer support, i.e I accidentally put yashoo instead of yahoo and it took two days for WW to fix it because the first time, they didn't do it correctly, and the next time I ended up getting locked out.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been a member of the WeddingWire network for several years now. As a wedding professional, it was either them, or a rival site for me...I opted for WeddingWire due to the size of their coverage to my target audience. By nature, I'm quite a cynical 'I'll believe it when I see it' individual, so I take any 'online' service with a pinch of salt...almost a 'necessary evil' type of attitude it was with a sense of absolute elation, that I called my WeddingWire Success Manager, Kim Knodt, yesterday, to thank her PROFOUNDLY, on behalf of my wife and myself!

Kim initially emailed me, asking for a free 30 minutes or so, to speak on the phone, and see if there way any way that she could help say I was indifferent is putting it mildly...I'd been quite negative about our success rate, our contact-bookings ratio was poor, and I wondered if WW was the best route for my marketing funds.
Kim persisted, and, even when she got me to commit to a time slot, I admit that I prioritized that call waaaaay down my 'to do for today' list.

We talked, I griped about our results thus far on WW, she asked if she could make an observation...she said that, in her eyes, there was a 'gap' in my range of packages. That I seemed to be offering only 'budget', or 'high-end'...where was the 'middle-ground'? Couples might find an 'in-between' ideal, if they didn't fit the 2 packages above?

I listened, went away and created that middle package...and it has now become THE main source of revenue for my wedding work! Clients love that it's not too expensive, not too budget, gives US a good session, without taking all day to deliver...I can't believe that I didn't see what was a glaring problem, right before my eyes!

I'm sure that Kim and her colleagues get plenty of 'gripers', and rarely get people taking the time to call and thank them, but she did an awesome job!
My business gets more bookings, I earn more, which in turn, allows me to invest more in equipment and peopleall because of one tenacious and observant WeddingWire Professional!
THANK YOU and well done Kim!!!

1 review
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My Photography company uses wedding wire to advertise our services. Our first sales rep at Wedding wire was Brian Mate. We had great success with Brian and his associates. Our new sales rep is Kate, who has continued the excellent service Brian and his team started. Kate has great patience and always answers all our questions. Recently,we had some layout concerns with our ad. Kate referred us to Mike in tech support. Mike did an exceptional job explaining technical details and getting our Wedding Wire vendor ad where we needed it to be. Mike has a great command of the subject matter. He also didn't just help us with our ad, Mike sent us links and articles and provided detail after detail of extremely valuable information that will help our business grow and prosper. I can't say enough good things about Wedding Wire's great customer service. They're awesome!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I am an administrator for The Ashton Hotel and The Historic Hilton Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth. Weddingwire's customer service representative, Page, responds immediately to my help requests and does so in a positive and courteous manner. I am happy to continue using this website to promote our business.

1 review
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I am a vendor and was having a recurring problem with logging onto my account. I was frustrated and when I contacted WeddingWire, Alysse problem solved it for me quickly! I sent her a screenshot of what I was seeing on my computer and she knew right away what I needed to change. We exchanged a few emails and each time her response to me came quickly. Alyssas help was the best, and I wouldnt hesitate to contact WeddingWire in the future if I needed any direction. Thanks Alysse!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am a very small wedding floral business and wanted to expand so I tried wedding wire. They took up a lot of my time explaining their product to me and sold me a medium level ad spot. It was an investment for me and I signed up for the month to month payment thinking I could cancel if it ending up not being worth it. I only had 3 potential clients in a moth versus over 20 at the knot and decided to cancel only to be informed that simply by making a payment I had somehow signed a contract and had to pay out the rest of the year. What this company is doing is criminal. I am calling my bank now to try to cancel the charges. All sales no follow through. Terrible.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Wowzers I have never felt so belittled and disrespected for asking a question. The "community" forums offer no answers to future bride questions, but rather opinions that belittle you for asking such a question or doing such a thing. It's horrific, and they offer no help whatsoever. You are allowed to flag them, but according to their community guidelines, flags are only worthy if someone is directly attacking someone else, attacking their ideas, questions or any other posting is acceptable. Also, if you flag too much out of their ridiculous guidelines, you are banned form the community according to their "strikes" system.
The budget and checklist tool are better on the knot where they are intergrated, and they offer articles and support on setting a budget and conquering your checklist. While weddingwire offers articles, they aren't directly attached to the budget or checklist item you may be looking at, as they are for the knot, which is wonderful!
I deleted and inactivated my account after being flagged on the forums for telling someone to not be so rude, but rude people are all over. It will literally make you seconduct guess everything you've done for your own wedding and bring you near tears. I warn all future brides: STEER CLEAR AND GO TO THE KNOT OR WEDDINGBEE!!!!!

1 review
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I do have to say......... I had a wonderful experience overall with the team from START to FINISH! Wonderful emails from Wedding Wire team congratulating me and more then willing to help or answer any questions or concerns.

When I found vendors that werent on the list (due to being in a small town), they took the time to add them in for myself and for others to find on Enjoyed the 1:1 emailing & customer service I was given, the personal touches by talking to a live person (phone & email).

Planning a wedding is beyond overwhelming but having someone "coach" made the world of a differences as well online services which i loved as it was endless amount of information and wedding edicate.

Feedback to help Wedding Wire Team:

While putting most of my focus around planning our wedding, I was looking for something easy when booking our honeymoon. I think this would be a wonderful thing to add to the site to help wedding planners. I do see there is a DISCUSSION option but honestly while planning a wedding, I dont want to talk to hundreds+ about my honeymoon. Good to have this option for those who do enjoy talking about it. I think a simple link options on where to go, vendors to use. That being said, we ended up booking through which was pretty easy and painless but think these kind of things should be shared for others in the same boat.

Thank You Wedding Wire Team!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I used this page to send an info requests to a specific band for my reception. What I got was responses from 3 other bands that I did not request. My suspicion is that Wedding Wire generates fake leads for the bands (and other vendors) that pay for their service. Seems like others have had the same experience.

Spend your $ elsewhere these guys seem shifty.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Part 2

Also, don't even bother trying to respond saying you are sorry blah blah blah like you are doing on this site, because you know it's just more lies and pointless. You are going to continue to take my money including the money of other vendors and do what you do best which is to continue to send fake leads. When you guys get a lawsuit in the mail, I hope you have it all figured out!

Taking vendors hard earned money and being deceitful about leads. Look how many similar complaints are on this website, and yet you respond with your generic message about contacting the support team. Really??? You shouldn't even waste the time typing anything. You should be embarrassed.

Be an honest business.
Have morals.
Have empathy for others who are paying you, you don't know their situation to rip innocent people off they way you do!
Have some self respect!

Don't even dare try to apologize to me and act like you give a crap.

Cancel my contract because you are only interested in yourself! Disgusting!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am so disappointed not only by the ROI, but with the customer services. I had a free advertisement with their site and I did better that way. I so wish I had put out a raise of hands of all those not in favor of WeddingWire before I paid any money to them. Unfortunately I did it backwards after I found myself very unhappy with the company. So many people said to NEVER pay them, they are the worst or if you have already signed up YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT OF THEIR CONTRACT NO MATTER HOW UNHAPPY AND DISSATISFIED you are with them. They were correct and when I reached out to the rep from WeddingWire the response I got was, if I paid the remaining balance I could cancel my account. WORST financial business investment I have ever made.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is totally fake. Be smart, read real people reviews on the web, don't waste a money. Shame on you Wedding Wire.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Just cancelled my account with them. The rep was saying " why? You've had 84 leads in 1 year" Yes, but with 0 booking or even single reply. When I realized that they send fake leads, I reply to the leads with $100 per whole day photography quote. No response :-) They also very creative with those weird bride names ;-) Even here, they trying to place their fake "happy with wedding wire" reviews. Total scam.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I paid for a subscription from Wedding Wire for a couple of years and received a few good leads here and there. My business started to slow and I was having financial problems, that's when Wedding Wire showed their true face. When I missed my first payment in over 2 years, within a week I received a hateful and threatening message that said if I did not pay immediately I would be terminated and would not be allowed to log into my account (which one can even with a free account) and would have to pay fees to start my subscription once again. And to top it all off, I had a terrible client who decided to put my personal information in a review. Wedding Wire would not delete it. If I had been a paying customer I'm sure that would not have been the case. They are greedy and certainly not for the business owner or vendor. Which is odd considering paid subscriptions is how they even exist. What a worthless and pathetic company.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I spent over $800 with Wedding Wire without recieving 1 single qualified lead! Not much more you can say!

1 review
2 helpful votes

In the 6 month contract that I was forced to stay with Wedding Wire they did nothing to help my company get clients in the door. For $79.10 a month you get placed at the bottom of the list. For me this meant below 69 other photographers. This was odd for me since I was the only photographer in my area. I complained to the company explaining that Forks, Washington was a tiny little town and that I was the only listed photographer, they first told me that it was a technical issue that they would fix, this lasted 3 months of my contract. Next they told me that they had a rolling listing and that I would show first at times. Never did I show first if the brides put Forks, WA which is odd since I was the only photographer in Forks, WA. They never offered to refund my money or fix the problem. They never got any brides. They are all about taking your money for no services. Worst experience ever! Run from them if they contact you!

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A: Hi Sheyna! Thanks for reaching out to ask. Each household needs at least one guest to be pulled into things such as the RSVP tool, email functionality, etc. If you have any further trouble with this, please reach out to our Customer Care team directly at! - Lauren
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