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WeddingWire reviews

324 reviews
Categories: Wedding, Wedding Planning
Two Wisconsin Circle, 3rd Floor
Chevy Chase, MD 20815, USA
Tel: +1.3012319473

324 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Being a part of the Wedding Wire family has been one of the best decisions I've made for my business. As a wedding officiant, there are so many to choose from, but Wedding Wire has been so good at helping me market myself in this industry. My customer service rep, Taylor, has been so kind and helpful to me throughout the process. She constantly checks up on me, something I don't have the luxury from other platforms. Thank you Wedding Wire for contributing to my success!

Ask Eric about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm relatively new to the wedding industry and was hesitant about where to spend my advertising dollars. I went with WeddingWire because honestly, I just trusted the sales team that contacted me and showed me how successful their site was for professionals like me. I had also heard rave reviews about them from other local vendors in the area, so I jumped in.

I can tell you that not only are their customer service members extremely helpful and responsive, but their site is on the cutting edge of the industry. They are always looking for new ways to connect their vendors to couples and I've found them to be really proactive with education and networking.

But the bottom line is that I've booked about 90% of my business through them. That's the key for any type of advertising you do. People use WeddingWire and stick with them because it works!

Tip for consumers: If you are serious about growing your business, you can be successful on WeddingWire. But you have to be proactive about creating a beautiful storefront, collecting reviews, and getting your response time down.

Ask Rachel about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

Taylor Wymer, Customer Success Associate at WeddingWire is an exceptionally highly skilled professional individual. The job title "Customer Success" sums up the service Taylor provides for vendors. Taylor has outstanding listening skills which minimizes the time it takes to resolve the issue. She is knowledgeable about WeddingWire products & services. I appreciate Taylor's competent, confident, warm & engaging manner whenever I need help. Thank you, Taylor, for being a highly skilled professional who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer care services.

Ask Wanda about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

In getting our wedding website started, I had several questions and kinks to work out. The staff was really quick to reply by email with helpful info or by taking care of something on their end. Thank you!

Ask Lindsay about WeddingWire
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had a similar experience to other reviewer's. When I signed up I asked if I could cancel at any time, they said yes, no contracts. After zero bookings, I decided about 12 months (a full year) into it that I wanted to cancel. They automatically debited my card, although I asked many times to cancel both verbally and I tried to write them. They wouldn't allow me to, so I had to stop payments to them through the bank. The brides on WW are looking for very cheap wedding photographers-so if you charge over 2000 for a wedding I would not recommend it. Not worth the money you pay in advertising. I had maybe three inquires total in 6 months, and as someone else mentioned, I think they send you fake views... Stay away.

Ask Kate about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have to start by saying the staff at Wedding Wire is always so friendly and helpful. I have been officiating at weddings for 2 years now and not only researched many advertising options, but am constantly being approached by other companies asking me to spend my advertising dollars with them. Wedding Wire is the only site I have found that not only consistently brings me couples that book, but also provides me with access to my own personalized digital contracts, making it SUPER easy to quickly book serious couples. They provide your couples with their own "client site" so they can keep all their important information from you in one place, and it make you look great in the process. I'm hiring them for my third year and they even offer discounts for collecting reviews. Highly recommended.

Ask Beth about WeddingWire
1 review
5 helpful votes

Thank GOODNESS I have not posted a question about my wedding because I can only imagine how I'd be attacked. I've read so many posts where the same people comment on someone's post attacking them or making fun like we're in the movie mean girls. I get weddings are stressful but there are zero manners. Limiting things on the app may help.

To the media rep Lauren who comments on all of these reviews on this site: saying "this is an open online forum where honest opinions are encouraged and disagreements can occur." Freedom of speech is freedom to say how you feel without being prosecuted, not freedom to make women feel bad about themselves or their thoughts on a stupid app.

Maybe if someone gets married they should be able to post whatever they want for up to 2 weeks afterwards and then their number of posts are limited. I was attacked by someone married last year, why was he even still posting. OR there should be a limit on how many times someone can post on the same thread. 2 is plenty.

Making a set of e-social rules will do. Someone shouldn't have to wait until someone calls them a perjorative term.

I'm so happy I deleted the app. Good riddance until it changes.

Ask V about WeddingWire
1 review
2 helpful votes

I'll keep this short and sweet...I never write reviews, or should i say on rare occasion. When something is awesome or horrible. Wedding wire are crooks. They send fake leads so that appears that interested clients are inquiring. But the emails, names, and even inquiries are severely suspect. For example, one of my businesses is a spray tan company and the other a store. Since there are no specific categories for spray tan or bachelorette venues. ( I have a european hosiery store) they placed me in make-up and wedding venue categories. But make no mistake it says only profile plain as day and in the title of my business what I do. I got inquiries asking for make-up and if I could fit long banquet tables in my store. Even thought the profiles/storefront was very detailed. I highly doubt a bride or wedding planner is completely misreading entire listings. But somehow I kept getting these bogus leads. Really there were only three or four in 4 months. That's how lazy and much of a scam wedding wire staff is. I called the company to complain and cancel to which they told me I would have to remain in the deal for 6 months. Even though the rep assured me it was risk free. They do not offer your money they do not call back, they have no customer service line, just a email and bogus voicemail. Seriously!!!!! So now I know what those mysterious $400+ a eek work from your house jobs are. They are people like the wedding wire reps and account executives. Scam artist. I am filing a complaint with the better business bureau. It is now my mission to get this site closed! BUYER BEWARE

Ask Elana about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

Do not trust Wedding Wire reviews. They remove valid, even proven, negative reviews only to retain positive reviews of identified vendors who may be paying to be visible there. Buyer beware. I provided requested documentation substantiating the review. The review was made available for a a few months. I then got another notice again asking for supporting documentation and the review was removed. I again sent the required documentation.

I provided a good review for the vendor we used after the first vendor didn't keep her word. The site stated that since I provided a review for a separate vendor, I must not have done business with the first vendor for whom I gave the negative review. Beware!!

Ask Debbie about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have seen an exponential growth in wedding inquiries since joining WeddingWire. Not only am I reaching more couples, but the service that they provide is unlike any other. Their commitment to customer service is out of this world, and it shows! WeddingWire is much more than just a website; it's a must-have in today's wedding industry!

Ask Stephanie about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

Over the years I've found that the investment in listing my wedding planning business on wedding vendor sites has not paid off, but what WeddingWire offers is so much more than just a listing. What they offer is an easy, efficient, professional way to run my business at an economical cost. I used to dread typing out the itemized invoices, but now WeddingWire does it for me so easily and quickly. Their system totals everything for me, adds the state tax, and computes the deposit and balance due. I can even send out proposals, which easily convert to invoices.

WeddingWire has an online contract that my clients can sign electronically, which is invaluable since I arrange only destination weddings. And the invoicing system connects to my PayPal account, so my invoices are very professional looking. All my clients have to do is click the link and submit their payments.

Their customer service has been top notch, too! Every rep I've had has been professional, polite, and has responded very quickly. This is a company that really cares about their customers and is constantly improving to make our lives and jobs easier. And they respond to our suggestions for ways to make it even better.

And did I mention the cost? This is the best bang for my buck for an online listing, and costs much less than some of the bigger names out there, while offering so much more. This is now the only paid listing I have online. What I'm very happy to pay for every month is the contract, invoicing, and payment system that is well worth every dollar.

Ask Shasta about WeddingWire
1 review
5 helpful votes

Wedding wire the nothing but a scam , I dealt with * who is apparently a sales rep , she sounds sweet and nice but she is a CON , upon signing up I asked her if I was bind to any contracts and if I could cancel anytime I wanted , she assure me that I could cancel at anytime , which gave some piece of mind and I went ahead and signed up , once I was signed up I got 14 leads , the advised me to never email the leads to always call them which I did , I called all 14 leads several times , I left Voicemails , I followed up with text messages but non of the 14 individuals called me back or picked up their phone , which lead me to think that they are giving you false leads because they want to make it seem like their websites work when it doesn't , I got 14 leads and 15 views on my storefront , things just don't add up with this company .. anyhow I emailed * who is my customer success manager telling her that I want to cancel my subscription she now tells me that I cannot cancel my subscription because of the contract , I told her that I was told by * that I could cancel at anytime , she goes on repeating herself saying that I am remember the wrong conversation ( why would I make up things when * is cc'd on the emails ) she told me that she can see that the leads read the messages I sent them , which is funny because I never messaged any of the leads I always called them and or texted them , unless she has access to their phones how can she know that , I do not recommend this company to anyone , the will give you fake leads and take your money , you will make nothing from advertising with them , I REGRET going with this company !!! I normally do not write reviews but this company is appalling !!!! I give them ZERO stars

*Personal information redacted by admin

Ask Pooja about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

I love Maggie and Nate they are amazingly awesome. Becoming a vendor was the best choice I made! Thanks wedding Wire you guys have a great team!!

Ask Cotybeauty about WeddingWire
1 review
1 helpful vote

Because of the internet, everyone that has access literally has the world in their hands. But for a small wedding business, the interment can be a not so kind place. If you have ever tried to understand SEO search engine optimization which breaks down to when a perspective client types in a search where does your business come up in that search result? if at all! The bottom-line, If you are not in the top, no customer is ever going to find you, and gone are the days when you could stick tricky key words on your website and get search results. Today Google and other large search engines have complex algorithms on how search results come up for a client and these algorithms change continually. So even if you are a scientist at MIT or Stanford and have access to grid main frames, (thousands of CPUs) working on a complex mathematical equation like Googles search algorithms, by the time the mainframe computer has figured the equation out, Google and others have changed the equation!

If the SEO issue isnt enough for you to ask yourself, What do I do? there is also the added complexities of how society has changed. As a wedding vendor our demographic is no longer 18 ? years old. Today we find ourselves doing all types of weddings for all ages! Try marketing to Traditionalist, Baby boomers, Gen X and Millennials, yet this is exactly what you need to do if you are a wedding business.

Thanks to the Wedding Wire; all these issues can be resolved easily. Frist because the Wedding Wire is one of the top Web portals that potential couples go to, regardless of what Google changes, Wedding Wire is always at the top because of the pure numbers people that use Wedding Wire vs. our small businesses. If you understand this fact then this should be more then enough reason for you to advertise on Wedding Wire.

I have tired many different wedding web portals, with a lot of trial an error. I believe Wedding Wire is different and better because of their people. It is typical in todays business world to emphasize sales. This is where the revenue is derived from. But solid companies also understand the importance of what we call in the Information Technology world, the backend people. After the sale it is these poor folks that have to deliver on all the promises that the sales person made to you! There is no real revenue generated from these folks expect for good well and customer satisfaction.

I just had my first consultation with Douglas Peters, Customer Success Associate. Having worked in the Computer field for a very long time, I was skeptical, and concerned that Doug was going to waste my time by walking me through my entire Wedding Wire site! I had already done this a few seconds after my site was activated. I was very impressed, having worked on many website designs; how well designed and initiative the Wedding Wire portal is. What I relay wanted from Doug is his Knowledge, experience and opinions in working with all types of vendors on Wedding Wire. Please do not get me wrong, Doug was of the upmost professional, and never came close to divulging any proprietary business secrets. Doug and I spoke for over an hour and I couldnt keep up with all the valuable marking, internet, Gen X, and Millennial tips & tricks Doug shared with me. After ending our conversation within 5 minutes Doug sent me a follow-up email that outlined our discussion, and all the recommendations he had made.

It has now been close to a week since Doug and I spoke and I continue to review Dougs email notes. It occurred to me that there is so much value in advertising on Wedding Wire to gain Web exposure but to me the real value is in the knowledge that my Customer Success Associate, Dough Peters has and his dedication to ensure my business thrives. I look forward to a long relationship with the Wedding Wire and with Doug Peters.

Best Regards;
Chris Paras
C&C Sounds

Ask Christopher about WeddingWire
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I was very skeptical about signing up for Wedding Wire (I signed up in May 2016 in the DC area). I was promised a no-penalty cancellation after 6 months but was worried about signing up for a year and "hoping for the best".

It's now July 2016 and everything has been great. More than great! The response has been exceptional. I'm average in price ($1,800 wedding day with digitals) and have eight 5-star reviews. So far, I get 3 to 4 inquiries a week and 2 to 3 bookings a month from Wedding Wire. These are all at full price, not budget weddings that want to squeeze every free hour they can out of me.

I could not be happier with the dashboard, client site, functionality of bookings and ease of getting reviews from couples. I upload a questionnaire, contract and invoice info and the client site takes care of the rest. I use these functions daily and am relieved to have the consistency that I wasn't getting by using PDFs and emails and word documents.

I've seen a huge increase in quality of the leads from Wedding Wire and at a much higher price point than I was getting from "deal" websites where clients just wanted everything on the cheap. Suddenly, I was getting emails from couples who loved my work and wanted to know if I was available on their day! It's a lot easier to make a living when you only need 24-30 clients a year and they're in love with what you do. With Craigslist or Thumbtack, it was a lot of clients wanting 5 hour weddings for as cheap as possible and I wasn't sure if they loved my work or my price more.

My Wedding Wire storefront is also helping my overall business appearance for the people that find me through word of mouth and on Google. It's nice to have reviews in one place and it looks a lot nicer than Google Reviews or Facebook page stars. Do I sound like an advertisement for WW..? haha, I'm just incredibly relieved that I made a smart investment by signing up because I was really worried it was going to be a waste of $1,000+.

What I'm saying is, I'm a super happy customer :) I had a lot of reservations and wasted almost a year making the decision to pay for a listing on WW based on my concerns and "what if"s but I am SO glad I made the leap. I've already got 2 weddings a month for the entire of next year and this was DEFINITELY unexpected and immediate growth.

Ask Jessica about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

She is customer success manager for wedding wires she always been so professional . in all the time I know her .She always responded within minutes all may questions always help me a lot with my wedding wire questions . She represent the hart of wedding wires .
We love wedding wire the best advertiser . Thank You Lizzie so much !!!

Ask Vilma about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

What a great portal with excellent customer service. As an island destination vendor I really appreciate the helpful planning tools. My customer service rep always assists me with any issues I have in navigating or understanding the nuances of the site. I've definitely increased my business since signing up!!

Ask Kirk about WeddingWire
1 review
3 helpful votes

The website doesn't offer more than theknot. but the forum is interesting. By interesting I mean, yea you can get a lot of interesting opinions but you're not allowed to have one that is different or else the crazy women on there will condem you to hell! Lord, don't post about bridesmaids trouble, cash bars, self catering, dry weddings and if you hide a post you made they'll really turn on you! If you even suggest that the women on there are "mean" they'll jump down your throat and claim it's because you're too sensitive. I think that most of the posters use it daily, multiple times a day and they've formed a little vicious click. I'm all down for freedom of speech but our mothers should have taught us to keep our mouths closed if we can't say anything nice and classy like. Ohhh and all though they have "community guidelines" the people employed by WeddingWire will comment and claim that "we all are entitled to our opinion, no matter how bluntly it is stated". In other words, get over it. I'm over it. Which I'm sure is basically what the lady will comment back to this review. You'd think brides would be sweeter and classier.

Ask Jay about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

The site had everything in one place and it was great and useful to see reviews from real couples.

Ask Mill about WeddingWire
1 review
7 helpful votes

I got an account and joined hoping to meet other brides and get advice. Instead I was bullied and harassed on anything I posted. Also, on the mian website, trying to find their faq/support was difficult.

Tip for consumers: DON'T!

Ask Amy about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

Had a fantastic experience with Emily.

Worked with a real live person LOL! She helped me resolve my problem fast. and effeciently. Problem solved! Thanks Emily.

Ask Joanne about WeddingWire
1 review
8 helpful votes

Seriously these so called brides are just completely nasty, i asked a simple enough question on there just today and they jumped down my throat. i got pissed and called them out on it and they tried to turn it around and make me sound like the $#*!y crazy one. I DON'T THINK SO! i hid the forum post since i apparently couldn't delete it and didn't bother to read any more of the comments. the woman on there are nothing more then internet trolls with to much time on their hands. i honestly think they must all be bratty little $#*!es who have probably grown up with a princess complex. Sorry honey bunch but i come from a place and a family that has high morals and talks to people with respect so long as i receive the same respect. i will not be using the forum on this site any longer, the only good thing it has to offer is the wedding count down!

Ask jenessa about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've been officiating at wedding ceremony for over 25 years now. Referrals used to be word of mouth based on my reputation. Now everything is online. WeddingWire is the only site I'm listed on because that's where the couples I want to work with are going looking for an officiant. I have had the good fortune to work with Mike Dillon there who is always patient, knowledgeable and accessible. He checks in from time to time and responds immediately to my calls to educate me about how to use the site and its great business management and communications tools. Thanks Mike!

Ask Judith about WeddingWire
1 review
1 helpful vote
5/22/16 is generally the most manipulative and the most expensive wedding advertising company at all. Descriptions of their reviews make no sense. For being competitive and friendly they offer only 3 starts on their review form. Ridiculous !!! I believe 3 starts deserve only unfriendly and careless service providers.
My customer were extremely pleased and happy with my work, but, eventually, I have got only 3 stars for being friendly ???? Of course, I am friendly. What should I be ?
Professionalism - is the experience, knowledge and quality, which I always provide.

The is just a group of website builders. They know how to make a website, but they know nothing about nature of other businesses. Besides their monthly rates are extremely expensive compare to rates of all other advertising companies.

Ask I about WeddingWire
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was unable to get a file to upload on my storefront. I sent a message and attached the item, and they had it working the same day.

Ask Kelly about WeddingWire

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