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2520 SW 22nd Street, Suite 2-077
Miami, FL 33145
Tel: 1-800-814-1555

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I thought I have a moral duty to write it down,thank you others for your very helpful reviews !! like all of you I also was going to download the form and fill it out myself when I came across this site ...I thought it is a legit site from the outside look of it .. so I opened an account and it asked me to pay money ... 199.00 dollars on top of the application and biomatric fee ... I thought no way I am paying 200 more dollars ... when I was pretty confident that I could do it myself.. anyways .. so I discontinued and they called me right away trying to sell it .. although I told them over and over again .. it was a mistake ... I will do it myself .. dont need your help ... they kept on forcing it on me ... then transferred me to another guy ..I asked him if its going to send the application directly to us immigration office .. he said all its going to do is fill out the form and then ill have to print it out and then go to the lockbox mail it myself all that ... so I was like whats the benefit of it ...? anyways that guy tried to make me complete that transaction ... get my credit card info ..but I didn't give it to them ... and I thought of checking review on it ... so now I am on this site ... and gosh everyone is slamming the comment section saying its a scam and warning others! thanks to you now I am sure of it!! Thank you all !

1 review
0 helpful votes

Same as most of the people here, was looking to print out some forms, google linked me to the website, though it was a government entity. Took my 180 and then told my I could not get refunded as I used their services. Also told me that their lawyers are well versed when it comes to refunds so good luck to me!

1 review
0 helpful votes

This is not a government website and it clearly states it so do not use it. They are not helpful at all. Their toll free number doesn't work which makes them useless in assisting you with any application (i.e. citizenship or green card renewal).

1 review
1 helpful vote

I almost got taken but didn't fell for it ,first was fishing ,about immigration call me, and taking your money over the phone ,so I hang up on some girl name Melisa, she kept calling and calling immigration would never take money over phone then she send me an email desperate to take my money I told her right of the bat she is scam,never heard from them.just beware please not legit.

1 review
2 helpful votes

If I could give them zero, I would. This is clearly predatory. Anything official MUST be .gov

1 review
3 helpful votes

As most of people here, I also got caught and became a victime of this website.
I googled how to renew green card and then paid them 170. I wonder why google list this scam website on their first page.
Thanks to people here and I was able to call them and got back 120 from them. I did call CS and got $110 offer, then talk to their manager and got additional $10 (amazing.)
They tried their best to not give you full refund. I wasted my time and $50 with them.
I will submit my complain on FTC and BBB as most of people here.
Also is there an effective way to complain google about this? I hate google to list website on the first page - google must got money from us as well (a lot - i believe).
From now on I do not feel comfortable to use google to search service and business.
Thanks for people submitted your review here. I did a google search of this website before I continue but did not find any bad info about it (not very extensive), after I paid my 170, I searched again and found this review website. I stopped my application right away.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I paid $190 for one PDF file. It basically uses a program that fill out a form automatically from the information I put. That's it. I thought it was an official government website too and realized few hours later. They said their service is already completed and I can't get refund. Company like this is a scam. I wish I can sue this company. Why is this website is the first website comes up when I google ?????

1 review
1 helpful vote

Just got suckered into this website thought it was an official government website.. Charged me $199 for the application. Good thing I did not finish the application.. Talked to my Credit Card Company and talked to Billing to try cancel this transaction... we will see what happens in the next couple day.. Wish me Luck ..

1 review
1 helpful vote

Thank god I didn't go through with it more than just making an account but after I had done that, they called right away saying my "case" was rolled over to some woman named Nancy. When I had asked why, she had said that it was because I never finished my application. First off, why does it matter if I finish or not? I can do that at my own time when I feel like completing it, just because I made an account, doesn't mean I have to finish it right that instant. Then she went on to mention all the fees, asked about all of my mother in law's info (that's who I was filling it out for me, being that English is not her first language) such as date of birth and if she has medical insurance. So I had told her I do not have time to answer all these questions right now so I'll figure it out myself without her help at a later time. She said I have to complete it now on the phone with her to fully complete the application. So I said then forget it, delete my account or deactivate and I'll just do it when I can. She said, in the nastiest rudest tone, "well how are you going to fill it out if I deactivate your account?" I said I can have someone else make an account, what difference does it make?? Either way, DO NOT trust this site. Hopefully you will read this and know not to give out any payment info, as that is the screen that shows right after you submit your name and email address to make an account. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SITE! Go through USCIS, they have all of your forms you need, plus they have an email address you can send any scam emails or info to. Best of luck to you all!

1 review
3 helpful votes

This is a scam site. Do not go any further. I blame google to bring this up in the first link. I was fool enough to go thru this and paid $300.00 for 2 application. I realized it the next day and called them immediately. They gave me $150.00 and kept $150.00. Bunch of money stealers. You can apply for US Citizenship all by yourself.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I tried to renew my husband green card on this site 2 years ago, I did the same thing most users did. I needed to get it done fast and online. I filled all the questions out myself, it was so easy to do, no one helped me. I really thought I was paying US immigration but come to find out this company is a rip off, they charge me 450 just for filling the forms out on there website, the same fees immigration charges for renewing a green card, how ironic there fees is the same which is misleading. I am so surprised this company is still in business. This is so wrong. I tried to get my money back and they told me, the fees is non refundable. These guys are a bunch of looser making money off of innocent people. I don't how these lossers sleep at night knowing what they are doing is wrong.

1 review
5 helpful votes

The service has worked very well for our family. Our case is clear. My wife does qualify. We just needed help filling out and providing all documentation correctly. This site provided that step by step guidance. We renewed my wife's Permanent Resident Card successfully and received the card. Now doing Citizenship and waiting for Test Date and Time. Biometrics completed. For us it avoided having to pay for an attorney to file the applications.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Total scam stole $200. When we figured it out it was too late do get it back!!!

1 review
17 helpful votes

This is not the government website. The government website ends in GOV. They rip me off $170 for what I think was renewing my Green Card. I called my bank ASAP but it is pending so now I have to wait for the scumbag to take the money then my bank dispute the charge. I called the rip off and they talking bout its non refundable, man I'm pissed. You have to be very careful in this country. Do any body on here ever get their money back?

1 review
32 helpful votes

Same as everyone else. She said 80 bucks back I said I will take it for now but will be contacting all news agencies and she said let me take to my supervisor and in 2 secs she said full refund back. BUT since they have all my info. From filling out the form sss# alien # address where I work how long I have been there where I went to school and CREDIT CARD INFO.... Am I in danger of ID THEFT??? What do you think?

1 review
8 helpful votes

I thought this was a official US government website and thought I was able to make a user account to check status (my mistake) but then I realize the next page was asking for my credit card information and I exit out the website right away.

The next day one of the representative call me and wanting to continue my application process, I told him i would be filing the paperwork myself. He leads me to thinking if i was to do it myself there would be mistake an I would loose my filing fee if i made any mistake.

I told him i do not need his service and he straight out just HUNG UP ON ME haha. When he realize he wasn't getting anywhere with me he just said screw it LOL.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I was scammed into paying the $199 for the 'application.' It is disheartening that these scams are out there. Don't bother calling the company, instead deal with your bank directly as they should be able to help you. Be sure to tell your bank that they sight offered a service they did not deliver.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Their website looks official and their disclaimer is hidden in fine print, so don't let your scam radar down! I've reported the site to Google as a phishing page, please do the same at

1 review
7 helpful votes

The trouble is they take your money upfront before you know you've been robbed and then there is only a long wait for a phone person to actually answer and maybe give you a discount because you made the mistake of clicking on their site before getting any real application

1 review
11 helpful votes

This company is highly deceptive. I went to this website to apply for a US Citizenship and thinking I was dealing with the US Government. I paid a fee upfront, thinking this was my Citizenship fee and then filled out my personal information. It wasn't until the end of the application that I realized the fee had nothing to do with the actual VISA or Citizenship cost and that is not the GOVERNMENT but rather a marketing company. They charge their fee upfront separately, not explaining what the charge is for. The least this company should be made to do is to show all costs upfront disclosing this is not the fee for a VISA/Citizenship. It's only when you get to the very end and print out your package that you realize the fee was for using their website. I realized my mistake within minutes of finalizing the application and called their 800 number. I told them I thought I was dealing with the government and now that I realized I was not, I told them I did not want to proceed. The agent refused to refund; first said she would refund $100 of the $199; and then threatened me by telling me that if I fought these charges, they would refuse to refund any amount. I'm currently disputing the charges with my credit card company. I cannot believe the US government does not shut this website down. They are making money off of innocent immigrants who think they are dealing with the government. I've emailed the company telling them to destroy my personal information on their website, but so far it's still there. Please shut down this website and business; it is highly deceptive. Stay Away!!!!!

1 review
11 helpful votes

I was almost taken in by a phone call - I had started the process for renewal online, but not completed it as I realized I wasn't yet in the 6 month window leading up to expiration of my green card. I got a call the next morning from "Harry" saying that I could continue the renewal over the phone, otherwise my sign in account would be shut down & I would have problems reinstating it when I came to renew in a few months. I was in the car & asked for the details by email. He rang again later & was so pushy for my paypal/credit card/money order that I was very suspicious & told him I was driving. He told me he would call again in 2 hours to complete the process. As soon as I got home I took a look at the email - this is the site Yes, the website states it is unaffiliated with any governmental office, but Harry lied again and again on the phone, representing himself as a government immigration employee. Absolutely disgraceful! The phone calls came from San Francisco - 415 528 4226 - in case anyone wants to check against their own experiences.

1 review
7 helpful votes

This is a BOGUS, FRAUDULENT, IMPOSTOR SCAM website carrying out deceptive business practice to rip you off for rendering bogus service. yourself a favor and stay away from this website.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Scam pretending to be official and charging $199 for free forms and info readily available directly from the official US government site, Don't waste your time or money.

Should be a zero star company. They are just taking advantage of people.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Do not start an account with them!!! I signed up for an account with them thinking they might be good, but soon they will call you citing so many reasons to pay $199 to activate the account. I paid seeing they have a refund policy if you cancel within 90 days as per their terms and conditions. I tried to cancel after 2 months, since I decided not to use the service I paid for, they give terrible excuses for not refunding. They says they will refund only if the customer is deceased. The guy I talked to didn't even know their terms and conditions until I told him, he was busy looking for pathetic excuses. They are frauds. I am never again going to trust a private company.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Esta compania te hace creer que son la pag oficial de inmigracion para cobrarte por llenar formas que puedes bajar gratis de la pagina de internet oficial de Inmigracion que termina en .GOV evitate el disgust y n te registres a menos q estes dispuesto a pagar si necesidad.

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on 3/10/17
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B M.
on 3/9/16
A: I wonder if there is any authorized gov body saving people from this scammers who are selling those free of charge forms in hundred of dollars for citizens.
on 7/9/16
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