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285 reviews
195 Broadway, Floor 25
New York, NY 10007
Tel: 800-390-9784.
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285 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Folks, stay away form companies without integrity!!
Everything was going so well at first. I asked about 200 of my past customers to put a review out there to build a great profile to draw in clients. Which several did. Now most of them are now married and moved on but several of them who put reviews out there used a temporary email or a bogus one because they did not need the spam the The Knot creates. (makes total sense).
I received a negative review but what we presume was an agree guest and she put her anger into a review which was clear. The Knot Review manager Molly so called looked into it and requested documentation. LOL How do you document behavior issues and incidents at a wedding? So Molly got all defensive and wrote a 2 pages line of crap on why the review would stay. During her long letter she clearly admits that "the majority of reviews have frauds names, emails and dates" oh yes she just admitted that the company knows most of the reviews are FAKE!!
Sp if they know this then why allow it? So I took this up were her immediate director and guess what. The mad dog Molly removed all but 4 reviews and left the crappy ones up there.
Please do not use them. Wedding wire has a better system where customers only that are legit hired can review you.

Ask Marc about The Knot
1 review
2 helpful votes

I started my business many years ago, any website we are affiliated with gives the user more control over what gets posted/reviews, except for the KNOT. I hate that I wasted my money every month on a service that has so little regard for its business owners. They allowed and still remains one bad review on their site, which apparently they could "care less" about. My first email to report the abuse was never even replied to. Now, 3 years later, I am trying it again. This is the worst site to do business with, don't waste your money. My business has a perfect 5.0 star rating on 20 other sites, and if it weren't for that one Brides nonsense and non factual events. While I still maintain a 5.0 star rating from my clients on this site, its not the point of it. The point is, they allow anyone, to say anything, true or not. BE LEARY! Also, I have tried to take actions to have my business removed, all they would do is move it to a FREE listing. I do not want or care to be a part of any website such as this, who allows such nonsense, they are NON CREDIBLE and do not care about their consumers.

Ask B about The Knot
1 review
1 helpful vote

Received several inaccurate reviews, they had the nerve to indicate I was lying then demanded proof or a court order to have removed. So guess what, I called me attorney and had to spend thousand of dollars to get it removed.
Reviews should be based on contractual agreements only. Joe Smith should nto just come in and give a false statement. Turns out they were competitors trying to ruin my rep.

Go with Wedding Wire instead. No proof = no review

Ask Shelley about The Knot
1 review
1 helpful vote

Tried the premium spot for 6 months, was locked in to a storefront for a year. Even with the spent time and energy into setting up site, we are still upside down in our wedding side of our business. The customer service was horrendous. Standard was email, call, email again to get an answer. The responses never clearly answered our questions. Not as great as people think.

Ask Beth about The Knot
1 review
0 helpful votes

Very good experience with wonderful people to help and make this a very special time.

Ask Stephanie about The Knot
1 review
5 helpful votes

My fiancee and I took pains to make sure that our wedding was a personal, small, and private event and made sure that we did not put any information about it online in a publicly accessible page. We initially did not even create a registry but eventually did so at the request of a family member with a vendor that allowed the registry to be kept private. Even though we specifically selected the private option for our registry, Theknot obtained our registry information from the vendor we were using and proceeded to publish every detail about our wedding on including the location, date, our full names, and registry. Theknot took advantage of our wedding information despite our specific selection of a private registry so that they could increase traffic to their website. Theknot's actions are a violation of privacy laws and a misappropriation of our names and private information. We are seriously considering suing this company in a class action format.

Ask K about The Knot
1 review
1 helpful vote

Karla and the Knot have been great, not only as an advertising tool for our business, but also to help answer questions about trends in the bridal business! I have been to several of their training meetings in person and online and have always walked away feeling I learned something new!

Ask Amie about The Knot
1 review
8 helpful votes

I tried to get my business taken off theknot because I never put it up in the first place. Not only did someone put my business as a vendor but they attached a website that was from 2002 that I haven't used since then and I can't access. They left a negative review although they never contacted me stating their was any issues. They said they didn't get all the photos they wanted because I wouldn't take control of their group. Their group had been doing tequila shots since before the ceremony and was drunk and out of control. Theknot will not remove the site even though the site was set up fraudulently. They told me I needed to claim the site and correct the information. I tried to set up a new site with my actual true information. They took the new information and combined it with the old site and only corrected the email address. They will not allow me to respond to the negative feedback because I am not paying to do that. That is why I have always used wedding wire and wedding wire is an amazing tool that is FREE! If there was no stars that's what TheKnot would get.Now I am attached to an account that is fraudulent and hurts my business and I can't even respond. The feedback was left over 6 years ago and I just found it when I did a search to see if I had other reviews on the net. I suggest everyone do the same because you may be listed on theKnot without knowing it.

Tip for consumers: Be sure to search your business name with the keyword reviews to see if you are on TheKnot

Ask Carey about The Knot
1 review
1 helpful vote

Concerning the 12 month negative contract, what is the best was to handle the people doing collections?

Ask Ron about The Knot
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have tried countless times to remove my information from this website. Customer service always promises that it will be gone in 30 days or less, but there it is still - six months later. I created an account after getting engaged last year and they make you create a wedding date from the start, but since the date is not set yet, they have false information posted all over the web now which is confusing to my family members. They will not remove it, even though they say they will! Awful. I also know vendors that have used them and had a horrible experience - overcharged with no leads. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Ask N about The Knot
1 review
7 helpful votes

I am so frustrated with My business is closed. I received a bad review yesterday (from a difficult client I serviced over a year ago), and realized that I needed to take down the storefront. They are not allowing me to remove my listing because "their research" suggests my business is still open... Rather than direct me to prove closure, they sent me a multi paragraph email on how to drum up more reviews. This has been such a waste of time and energy, and extremely insulting. I spent the last two years working tirelessly to change careers, and am now stuck with solicitations (and insults) from theknot brides. Run if you can...

Ask Michelle about The Knot
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have a free listing on the Knot but have been unable to access it to answer inquiries in about 6 months. They did a software "upgrade" and every time I try to access my inquiries it says I must "Claim"my business and update email will be coming, except it never does and the customer service sucks. Still haven't fixed it and I have lost at least 3 weddings.

Ask Susan about The Knot
1 review
6 helpful votes

At one time, this was a good company to advertise on. I'm a photographer, and even though many leads were bogus, some were not (and I used to get 2-3 leads per week). Now, after the changes they made to the site, I've gotten two leads in six months. The customer service, which used to be good, is horrific. The service person/central specialist doesn't return calls and takes days to respond to your e-mail. The e-mail response system doesn't work (your spacing and signature are all blended paragraph spacing either). On a mobile device, it's very difficult to find the vendors (who, of course, are paying the tab). Again, do not advertise on The Knot. It's a complete waste of money.

Ask Clifford about The Knot
1 review
7 helpful votes

Poor customer service.
Lousy, outdated software.

I had a customer submit a negative review to The Knot. First, I tried to claim my business so that I could reply to the review. The website is broken and would not let me claim my listing. There was no information given on the customer so that I couldn't contact her or even verify if it was indeed a real customer.

I contacted customer support and followed their recommendations to 1) claim my business 2) find out how to contact the reviewer. They provided little help in either department.

Eventually, she left another review on another website so I could confirm her identity and I reached out to her. We resolved the issue. I offered her a full refund. She agreed to remove the review and followed the instructions given to do so.

The review remains and now I am getting run around from customer service which states they have contacted the reviewer and perhaps she has changed her mind about removing the review.

In either case, I should be given the ability to at least reply to the review. I am so frustrated with this fraud of a company. I would never spend a cent using their site to promote my business.

Ask Jennifer about The Knot
1 review
7 helpful votes

The knot is the worst website I have ever used. Not user friendly and their programs are antiquated.

Adding a photo to the cover page of the website is a nightmare. The cropping defaults to shifting upwards and to the right of where you actually selected. In addition it doesn't save the section you select if your photo is vertical. However if the photo you select is a horizontal one then and ONLY then will it crop where you want and save what you select.

Also their own equivalent of word doc for the "our story" won't save some of our spell check and it auto capitalizes every time you backspace.

Ask Nathan about The Knot
1 review
1 helpful vote

According to Macy's Customer Service, any registry items ordered from Macy's through The Knot can take up to 30 days to be updated on the registry. Wow! That leaves a lot of room for duplicate items for the couple. Better to go through the dept store directly with your registry

Ask Suzanne about The Knot
1 review
9 helpful votes

They put you in auto-renewal, and it is impossible to cancel. The marketing packages that they want you to buy always over-promise and absolutely do not deliver on results. We signed up to the minimum year package, and after canceling we now have a credit agency calling us for a second year service that we did not use or want. As a vendor, we were not able to access any inquiries efficiently. Brides, we do not receive any contact information to assess your needs. We can only reply through The Knot, which can be a hassle in itself, so you must go back to the site for responses. The system is inefficient, and I am appalled with this autorenewal scam to vendors. Read the reviews, nobody appreciates being forced into contracts they do not want.

Ask Event about The Knot
1 review
11 helpful votes

I have created a draft website (password protected of course), i have not registered with any retailer and i have chosen that the site does not appear in google searches and YET it does! ! I thought the website will be available ONLY to the people i will give the link to, when it s ready and I send the link, together with the password! Yet, to my surprise, when i search for my name on google, The registry appears!!! (I have not registered with any retailer!) The link and the short description reveals our names and the wedding date and place!!! For personal reasons I do not wish to have this information publicly available! Not only The Knot is not able to remove this link from google searches now, but I have neither been informed nor asked permission for this info to be on the web upfront!

Ask Alina about The Knot
1 review
6 helpful votes

Want to search for a venue within 50 miles? Affordable vs. Expensive? Based on the number of guests? Well too bad, because their filter doesn't even work. Fail.

Ask Nik about The Knot
1 review
9 helpful votes

Weddings are beautiful amazing experiences and equally stressful. The most STRESSFUL part of my wedding has been utilizing this site. If I could give it negative stars I would.

I made the mistake of using it early on and now that I have sent my invitations and people will be coming to my site and I CAN NOT EDIT IT. There are numerous things that need to be updated and guess what... there is NO possible way to contact a living human being in order to tell them that the back end of there programming isn't working. My wedding party is non-existent. There is no link. There is no one to contact. Therefore, it apparently will continue to be the incorrect information until I get married.

If you have a quality product-- let your audience contact you! Whoever is in charge of the "costumer experience" should flat out be out of a job.

Ask Jane about The Knot
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't use this wedding,officiant. Came to our home drunk to do our vows. DO NOT USE JIM ALBANI

Ask Joanne about The Knot
1 review
11 helpful votes

I mostly copy/pasted someone else's post because I had the IDENTICAL experience. Within 30 days I had NO traction on The Knot, but crazy sales through my website. When I tried to cancel I was informed I signed a YEAR contract - but I was told I'm billed monthly - I don't understand. The annual contract never came up! So now, I'm locked in for 11.5 months. "Wish I had read these reviews before getting involved with them. They treat their vendors very badly, customer service is extremely poor, they seem to be only interested in money. They charge a lot of money for very little service and limited tools. Further, the leads from the site are minimal in relationship to the exposure they give you for the cost. Never again, big mistake."

Ask TL about The Knot
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered a bulk order from the knot shop. It was for the wrong amount (120 came in, I wanted 144). I called them within a week of receiving the order. They said there was nothing they could do, I had to pay full price per each additional one I needed instead of the bulk price that I should have received and in addition I had to pay the set up fee AGAIN! They were rude, and not helpful via email or by phone. I wish I could return all of these but I would rather the shot glasses I have to go in the trash then to give them one more red penny. I don't think the company cares about these reviews though, or they would respond...look at the amount of negative reviews.

Ask Jimmy about The Knot
1 review
12 helpful votes

I'm a vendor and I totally agree with review of Austin G. The Knot has is paying people / bloggers to initiate contact with vendors. They show interest in your services, but the communication stops after a vendor responds. It happened to me for several month. It happens to most vendors. I started saving all e mails received through the knot. In several month I have advertised with the knot, I have not received one e mail from a real potential client and have not booked one wedding through knot. When I tried to end my advertisement early, I received the same answer most vendors on here got - must stay till the end of agreement.
I don't understand one thing. How can a company that is scamming so many vendors and brides stay in business for so many years? This doesn't seem right, does it?

Ask Andrew about The Knot
1 review
13 helpful votes

All our reviews were 5 stars suddenly we get a 1 star that was full of lies it was so obviously an unhappy competitor even our customers came to our defense by writing glowing 5 star reviews. I spent hours with customer service and my "sales rep" and they just wrote me off and defended the phantom bride. I am the one that is paying these people thousands of dollars a year to advertise but who got the benefit of the doubt? well it was not me and they told me to "you have the obligation to prove that it was a competitor" How about taking the side of the vendor who pays. What a joke! once my contract is up they will never again get my business.

Ask susan about The Knot
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