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1 review
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I think this platform is perfect for online polls and fits ideally for embedding to email campaigns. It offers a great variety of integrations with other platfroms. I used it integrated with Mailchimp.

1 review
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They trick you with billing. They charge you when you are not supposed to be charged and they are absolutely no help when you contact them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. You cannot do anything on their website without having to pay for "privileges" they constantly try to get you to upgrade and they are not clear on the billing processes at all. I urge you to use ANY other survey website.

1 review
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They do not have several features that may be considered basic for other tools like having an option for a multiple choice where if a respondent chooses NA for example, all the other options will be inactive. Also, they do not have a multiple choice matrix question type. Fluidsurveys had this since 2009! Additionally, forget about selecting the kiosk mode, their system has very basic settings for this.

2 reviews
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The website navigation is complicated. They need to work on it. Professional service sucks. The only way to reach them is via emai.

1 review
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Not even worth the free plan - use Google Forms instead. You can't export the data, which you own, unless you pay them. Bait and switch.

1 review
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No Star. I think I had to press one star to submit this. But Survey Monkey does not deserve any stars. I just paid $300 to Survey Monkey for their "Gold" Plan of service. After failing to resolve a significant problem online, I have been completely unable to get any help. There is no posted phone number, and their promise to get back with an answer to questions within one hour is a total joke! Buyer Beware!!!!

1 review
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What is shameful is that SurveyMonkey provides a solid product. The product is not the problem; the problem is when a customer no longer needs the service. It is painfully obvious that the business model -- undoubtedly included in their profit margin planning -- is to make it extremely difficult to cancel services. I find this fraudulent, and based on the number of complaints I read online, I am not alone. I have cancelled twice but am still getting billed. If I am billed again, I will be contacting the BBB and seeking legal recourse.

1 review
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When I was unsatisfied with their product (5 hours after ordering it) they refused to refund the purchase. Regardless that I had no interest or plans to use their software. Very dishonest way of running a business. Their satisfaction policy should read "100% SATISFACTION IS NOT GUARANTEED, AND ONCE WE HAVE YOUR MONEY, YOU'RE NOT GETTING IT BACK. EVEN IF OUR PRODUCT SUCKS".

1 review
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So Survey Monkey is a good tool however, they give you a difficult time when you try to get a refund. I mistakenly added an additional user and I am still waiting to get my account credited. Every time I request a refund, I am asked for additional information. I paid for the professional service not the free service and the professional service sucks. The only way to reach them is via email and it's always a different CSR.

1 review
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Why have a survey tool if you can't extract/ export the data. I set up the survey, only to find on testing that I'd have to pay a fee to get my data out in a useful way. Searching for a better tool.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Recieved a call from the company & stayed on the line for almost a half an hour. Gave card information & now I just feel very unsafe & regretful. Just don't do it, forget the $100 gift card they say you'll get. The feeling of insecurity is awful

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

The interface is not intuitive at all. Trying to find a way to change the subject line in our email, we had to drill down through "collectors." (FYI: "collectors" is the email list. Yeah, new to everyone in my company, too.)

Then, when I did change the email subject from the default to something interesting, it went out with the wrong subject line. Their customer service responded immediately, but were no help whatsoever. They forwarded it on to Technical Services... but the email still went out wrong.

If there's a way to make the initial email more interesting, I never found it.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Take the money and run business model supported by awful customer service. Signed up for a month only for a second payment to be taken. Claimed I had used it in the second month (I notified them 3 days in to second subscription) wouldn't refund. Scam site with little to offer, can't wait to see it's demise of the company and its staff. Low life jobs worth.

1 review
5 helpful votes

While other businesses have learned that auto-renewal for credit cards with no warning is bad for business, SurveyMonkey has not. They do not tell you before charging your credit card and are unapologetic when telling you that you will not be issued a refund.

Fortunately, they have not kept up with the times or technology and the same service is available elsewhere for less money so moving on is easy. Just don't get sucked in to their auto-renewal racket.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I received an $100.00 Amazon Gift Card from this company after participating in a survey and the card was already redeemed.

4 reviews
25 helpful votes

I do not like it

10 reviews
17 helpful votes

I do a lot of surveys, mainly to earn money for charity (I assume it really happens). But I also try to answer honestly. But the designers of many of the surveys have no idea what they are doing. Questions such as "Q: When you come to an intersection do you usually turn right or left?" Or this gem: "Q: Do you agree? (a) yes (b) yes" And yes, these are real examples I have encountered.

If those guys would take a moment to think about what information they need to collect it would make it easier for everyone.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Not all features are available when you come on for Free and that is understood. But when you see a feature offered and you need it and it costs you an upgrade, when you do the upgrade you expect to get it. Not so here!!! So many expensive upgrade options that are hard to figure out what your are getting. The trap is to buy the whole year program for $300 to get some really useful features.....such a gimmicky site. Not the best. Can anyone offer an alternative to this?

1 review
4 helpful votes

If you have an issue with Survey Monkey regarding billing issues or mistakenly selecting the wrong plan- keep on at them. I did this and found that a happy solution to my 'issues' was provided but only after consistent persistence. So don't give up; request to escalate complaint if you are not satisfied the first time around.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I immediately contacted survey monkey after making a mistake. I thought I could pay for one month but that option is no longer available and instead I accidentally paid for a whole year. That's just one way they get you.
There is no confirmation box prior to the final stage of payment. Pretty much every other online product I use has a confirmation box - 'you're about to buy/purchase $xx' - not survey monkey. Press that button and the payment will be made.
In my immediate request for my money to be returned, I said that a confirmation sentence would have alerted me to the fact I was about to pay $300 and that I would have cancelled the transaction at that point.
There was acknowledgement that "I realise this is a little bit confusing.'
However, having received this response twice now, this must be a standard line "as I understand that this is not a response you were waiting for, please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.' Well, actually, no, there isn't. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK you $2billion company!!!!!!!

1 review
6 helpful votes

Survey Monkey has the worst billing and cancellation policies. For paid accounts the billing automatically renews but doesn't give you a warning that it is going to charge you again. Once I realized it charged me I exported my survey data (so as not to lose it), but was informed that I voided any opportunity to get a refund. When I mentioned that I work for a nonprofit, and I'd be ok with a prorated refund I was told that there was no way that it would be possible and I should have read all of the terms and conditions in full. Keep in mind, all of these details were relayed to me in an email because they won't speak with you unless you have a platinum account. While their survey options are great I will not recommend Survey Monkey to anyone. This is a terrible way to conduct business.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been trying all day, hanging out waiting for emails, in response to a targeted survey I wish to conduct for my company 'Spring Waters Online Sanctuary'. It has been extremely frustrating. As I've waited, I combed thru scores of complaints on the BBB website and am not wondering if their lack of response saved me from further frustration. It would be easier for me to hang out at a Yoga Studio and hand out paper surveys with 10 questions. In fact, I think that is what I'll do. If things change, I'll repost.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Stores your credit card information and doesn't allow you to delete it.

Worst part was I upgraded and immediately realized how deceptive the company is about what you actually pay for - which is nothing. Free features are fine but everything else is a total waste of money.

Best part when I emailed customers service (which was again horrible): "I've reviewed your account and I'm afraid that you are not eligible for a refund since this is an initial Basic to Paid upgrade to a Select Monthly account. Since we do not offer free trials, refunding you after signing up and experiencing pro features would essentially be like giving you a free trial. I am so sorry for any frustration here but I do need to stick to our policy." Seriously. I paid and within 3 minutes contacted customer service because the upgrade was not even WORTH the $25 spent. That's okay I will get the money back through the credit card company but what a terrible customer experience.

84 reviews
153 helpful votes

Yes there are better survey websites out there. But, what I like about surveymonkey is that 1) it has a very simple design and interface and 2) you can access a lot of its product for free. If you need fancier capabilities, you will need to pay, but so far I have been able to get away with just using the free options.

6 reviews
14 helpful votes
10/20/11 offers a web-based interface for creating and publishing custom web surveys, and then viewing the results graphically in real time. There are different plans the free plan allows you to collect 100 Responses and ask upto 10 questions in each survey. The free plan also provides detailed graphic reports of the data and email support is available too. However pro and platinum plans are much better. SurveyMonkey is used by many popular brands to conduct surveys and collect data from their targetted audiences.

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