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Warning - do not use Rocket Lawyer. The company seems to be going out of business as of May 2017 when I tried making a will and associated documents. The documents are INCORRECT for California law. I noticed two problems with my documents. Their support email responses (I exchanged four emails) were worthless. They only sent standardized answers that did not address my questions. I purchased Nolo WillMaker and found it is vastly superior in ease of use and accuracy of documents.

1 review
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These are scam. I tried the trail period and within the same hour I canceled and never ever logged into my account again. Yet, they are charging my account every month. Stay away from this place. I am disputing it with my bank now because they are no help.

5 reviews
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i had my uncontested divorce papers drawn up with rl i took them to a lawyer to make sure that i had filled them out right and was informed that the courts would have thrown those paper out if i had filled them. the heading was wrong the format was off they didn't include a parenting plan or anything do not use this service!

1 review
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They have in small writing ..... of course...that after 7 days of using their service you will be charged $39.95 EVERY MONTH til you cancel it!!! I had to cancel my credit card to stop this misery.. Of course it is all legal!! They can rob you blind and its legal!!

1 review
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I don't have a review, just a question. I filled out a form for an Affidavit of Heirship putting down all the information for property, now I am afraid I may be scammed out of my property. How legit is this company?

1 review
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I have used Rocket Lawyer several times to get ideas about what to write a contract, however I write it myself at the end or in some cases I actually hire a lawyer to do it for me. I'm laughing at all the bad reviews because these reviewers are CHEATERS who don't want to pay for a lawyer and want a freebie, then they complain that they get charged for this site's services. I can only assume that Rocket Lawyer paid lawyers to write the hundreds of contracts or agreements that you can find on their site so hey! they deserve to be compensated. If you are cheap you will sooner or later pay for the consequences. At the end, you don't even know if their content complies with local and state laws, so it is your fault for trying to cheat the system. Hire a real lawyer and stop $#*!ing!

1 review
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I signed up for what I thought was a one time use and then they billed me for the next 12 months $39.995 per month, even though I cancelled and never used the service.
Tried to get a refund but was told I couldnt get one. Do Not Use This Company!!!

1 review
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Scummy company. wish i read these reviews before i got taken in. I also did a one time fee document and was charged a monthly fee for a couple of months before i noticed. They say they sent an email telling me i signed up for a membership which is a total lie. i never signed up and never received an email. do not use this company they. I am reporting them to the the Better Business Burea

Tip for consumers: if i could give a negative review that's what i would do

1 review
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I paid, the agreement said one time payment, is 3 months they still my money every month.$39.95. I have to work for get that money and this site take easy. Stolen.

1 review
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I left a review yesterday, received a response, followed instructions and called in as requested. An RL rep was going to see if they could rectify the matter. They couldn't do any sort of a refund because the charges in question were over a year old and their system wouldn't "let" them. Really? Rocket Lawyer doesn't have the means or technology to issue a credit to a credit card or write a refund check at any time? They did offer me a free membership - NO THANKS!!! But to anyone reading this - CALL IN QUICKLY IF YOU GET CHARGED ON YOUR CARD IN ERROR AFTER THINKING YOU'D CANCELED YOUR MEMBERSHIP. They didn't argue the fact that their emails and billing processes were misleading. I simply couldn't get a refund because the charges were so old. Stay away if you haven't done any business with them yet, and if you have, I feel your frustration.

Tip for consumers: Don't do it!!!!

1 review
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The form generator I used was broken... I had to cut and paste stuff to make a usable document, so I "downgraded" and never looked back... until I saw charges on my bank statement. The "downgrade" didn't go through. I never got the confirmation email, so I can't prove I did it. They prey on those who aren't careful. I can't prove I used the downgrade function, but I did...It gets worse about 3 years ago I used a legal form service, to prepare some documents for a business that fell through... I didn't remember the name, but I did remember being frustrated that they charged me for months after I cancelled online. I blamed myself... maybe I screwed up the cancel 3 years ago... When I called today, I discovered that Rocket Lawyer was the same company that charged me after I cancelled last time... I didn't screw it up both times... there is some shady stuff happening.

1 review
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DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE 'FREE" trial. It is only for 7 days then they charge you over and over until you catch it and then you have to call them to 'down grade'. Read it carefully. It is a clear bait and switch situation.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I used rocket lawyer to create leases for rental properties that I own. I only need to create 1-2 documents per year. I signed up for the free trial period when I should have signed up for a per document fee. The options were not clearly stated. I unfortunately did not realize that Rocket Lawyer automatically changes your account to be charged monthly if you do not cancel. The site should have more options for people who only need 1-2 documents a year. I would not recommend Rocket Lawyer to anyone and I was extremely disappointed that I was not allowed the option of a refund, or the opportunity to retroactively pay for the two documents I had created. The person who answered the phone was unreasonable and talked over top of me. She had no skills in customer service. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!!

1 review
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You can sign up online but you have to call to cancel and they don't pick up the phone or you get disconnected.

1 review
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Rocket Lawyer doesn't allow you to enter more than 500 letters in your question to them. This limits the information that an attorney has available, which automatically sets you and and the attorney that answers your question up for failure.

When you get your response back from attorney, and you can clearly see that they don't have enough information to correctly respond, you can follow up with another question. Unfortunately, there is a 500 letter limit to your response. GRRR!

I will not be using this service again because of their idiotic 500 letter limit.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I open a free trial back in November with them then I called and I cancelled account same month and they were charging me till march every monthly and when I catches it I called them and the guy over the phone was trying to tell me that I never canceled my account. Bunch of liars and thieves.

1 review
4 helpful votes

The site says that you have a week free trial but in the process of finalizing a document, they end up charging your account that you submit in good faith. I have a sticky note reminding me to decide by the end of the week because I believed I could try out this site for a week. This guy should be reported to the Bar Association and have his license withdrawn for such a scam. This is unethical. Notice they do not have ratings on Google. If they do not refund my money I will file a complaint to his state's bar association for sure.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Lists as a free service. Spent 15 minutes filling out forms. Not free.
There are other free sites on line. Don't do business with bait and switch companies.
Don't waste your time!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Online facilities are informative and 'do the job'. Good support is provided.

No problems with service.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Because you are a fraudulent service that steals money from people and are unable to respond to repeated and basic requests for professional customer service. Please read the details of my experience below and reach out to me at if you are willing to refund the entirety of the money you cost me. If this is the case I would be willing to modify the review below:

This is a fraudulent business, plain and simple. They will steal your money. Stay away.
I used their website to create a simple incorporation for an LLC in Delaware. When I viewed the .pdf version of the information that I put into their form, there appeared numerous errors which I did not input into their form.

So it should be easy to correct them, right? Just go into the system and make a few changes? Click the button to put the account on hold, call a few helpful, professional customer service people, right?


After six days, three phone calls, four emails, and multiple assurances that they made the corrections I specified, I get the final version back.

No changes have been made. Not the original corrections, not the updated corrections, nothing. Everything is wrong - they just filed the original, incorrect version I had spent a week trying to change. And guess what? It costs 200 dollars to file an amendment with the statehouse.

But the best part?

I get a phone call from some guy in Utah on the same day asking me if I want to pay 325 MORE DOLLARS for them file an amendment to FIX THE ERROR THAT THEY CAUSED.

They LIE about the statehouse fee - saying it's 225 instead of 200. They LIE about the processing fee now its over a 100!

How convenient that a salesman was ready to quote fraudulent figures to make me pay more money CORRECTING THEIR ERROR! It's clearly in their best interest to screw you over.

This is a shameless, predatory business that preys upon unsophisticated people. After yelling at three different customer service people for the better part of an hour, I managed to finally get a refund of their "processing fee" (100 dollars) and their "EIN fee" (60 dollars, THIS IS FREE on the state website, I don't even remember buying this).

But they wouldn't refund the 90 dollar statehouse fee. And they CERTAINLY wouldn't refund the 200 dollars I lost because of having to file an amendment due to their incompetence. But they would try to upsell me!

I'll update this review if any of the money is actually refunded - I doubt it. I had the misfortune of using a debit card for these scammers :(


Look at other reviews if you don't believe me:

1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a living will from this company for a quoted price of 19.99, I was charged 39.99 and the same amount was drawn monthly for six months before I caught it. I contacted the site on line and they refunded three of six withdraws. I asked my bank to go after them, but after sixty days there is no recourse,

1 review
4 helpful votes

I too was a victim of their scam. I called today and am hoping it will be resolved and that I will be refunded. W A I T I N G for billing to contact me. You can't completely unsubscribe yourself on their website- so call to get help. May be contacting BBB and hitting social media soon if no refund.

1 review
3 helpful votes


12 reviews
2 helpful votes

We have used rocketlawyer for a couple of business related forms and have been well satisfied. Not for complex legal matters but their simple bill of sale, deeds, non-compete, etc. are affordable and work well for us.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Didn't have time to look at reviews--my mistake. Got charged double what is a standard document. $39.95 when quoted $19.95. Cheated. don't use this site

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brian p.
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John P.
on 6/11/13
Heidi D.
Rocket lawyer a good place to get legal contracts?

I am going do a contract up for my x. I want to get my name off the loan. He cant get a loan because he pays more than 50% of what he makes in bills. We tried banks, 21st mortgage, and credit bureaus. Starting to run out of options. I talk to my layer he told me to take him to court but it will cost me close to $5,000 and If i win he will have to sell the house to the park and they will only pay $15,000 and we own $13,000 on it so ill be out of a lot of money or I can just keep things the way they are and I can take him to court after the house is payed for and my layer told me ill not get anything because I was out of the house to long. My name is on the loan and the house and he dont have any where to live or go if I did take him to court to get my name of the loan. So I am looking for other ways to get my money I put into it with out paying out of my ass and $#*!ing his life up. Only thing I could thing of is a legal contract and I think my layer will cost way to much money to make one up. I am starting to run out of options what to do.
So if any of you can help me or tell me about more options that would be good. I am starting to feel. I $#*! up buying this house when I was 20 years old and I dont love this person anymore. I feel I am not ever going get out of this and I am going lose im losing hope.
on 7/14/15
norma r.
on 4/6/15
J C.
on 3/11/16
William Y.
on 5/14/15
Mary K.
1 day, 19 hours ago
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4 weeks ago
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on 1/23/17
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on 4/14/16
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