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1186 reviews
Categories: Dating
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400
Seattle, Washington 98104, CAN
Tel: 6360105675901
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1 review
0 helpful votes

First off I am married. I honestly put my age, weight, marital status, physical stature on the web site. Over the past 10 years I have meet 4 women on POF and had wonderful sex with them. My first encounter has lasted 10 years and I will be seeing her again in a few weeks. All 4 of my encounters have been more than 1 night stands. I have meet each on e of them on several occasions. It is only the one that has lasted 10 years because she lives in the same city. The others live elsewhere, but that didn't stop us meeting on multiple occasions over several years. In all I would guess I have asked about 50 women out, 4 have responded. Not bad considering I think of myself as an average person in looks but well above average in physical activity.

1 review
2 helpful votes

POF is a horrible place to find what you are looking for: they keep you in the dark, remove your profile for some reason, do not send the letters you write, and then they ask you for more money ...this guy Markus has been a scammer (the owner) for many years. Stay away as you will waste your time and energies...not a worthwhile site. I have switched to OKCUPID and have enjoyed the experience much more than the loser site POF. (Does it sound like I hate the place)?

1 review
2 helpful votes

I knew what was going on immediately, I was being cat fished by computer avatars , users that haven't been online for 2 years , at least they responded to my complaint and refunded the money , stay on , it is what it is but its real .

1 review
2 helpful votes

They have seemingly clear terms of service as to what is prohibited, such as posting of nudity. I did not violate any of the terms of service set forth by them but apparently I violated some undocumented parameter - they simply deleted my account without warning or explanation and were not responsive to inquiries. As a result some hours spent there reviewing profiles and sending out messages was completely wasted. Don't waste your time.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Tried to make an account several times just to be locked out after an hour or two. They don't give any reason or warning as to why they lock your account and their technical support is pretty much non existent

1 review
0 helpful votes

Refusing refund for personal info compromise:

OKCupid allows users, even non paying ones to opt out of allowing your profile and pictures to auto link to google search.

POF does not, and refuses to offer me this option. I'm a paying member there,

Their advice? To take my profile offline (so no potential dates can find me for a service I'm paying for?), or "hide" my pics. I did hide my pics. Guess what? They're all still on google search. Doesn't offer any privacy or security whatsoever.

I urge you NOT to give your business to this dating site. They don't care about you, or your safety, even if you're paying for their service. Your pictures though you think are hidden, are out there for everyone.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Total waste of time if you;re a man

I was messaging a woman who was okay looking nothing great and she told me she had got 104 messages since she signed up a hour ago and she couldnt keep up. The men vastly outnumber the women and by the sound of it the men are that desperate they will message anyone. so basically its like the lottery

Because of all the mail they get all the women on there have a huge attitude problem and think they are all that which they arent
when you get average looking women saying IF YOU JUST SAY HI YOUR MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED then you know it aint good then you check their profile and its blank

Very rude women on there. Like I said telling you if you dont message a decent message you will be deleted, how about just be grateful you get messages? Then all this nonsense about wanting a guy above such a height and must have a beard and look like Tom Hardy etc
I dont want to date a woman that has an attitude problem on her profile. You wont find a LTR on here. These women arent keepers or someone would have kept them at their age

Lotds of 30/40s somethings who somehow not been wed and still looking for the one. Yeah okay,.

Also see a lot of women saying "back again!" with the messages they get how is it not possible to find a decent man?

Was last on the site in 2013 and after 30mins I saw familair faces with the same photos up so they not changed in 4 years and still using old photos. Some guys will be in a for a shock. Thats if they ever meet and dont just do it for the attention

Tried to log into POF yesterday and couldnt. I guess my sarcasm of messaging the ignorant women "who do you think you are not even giving me the courtesy of a reply?" got me reported. Odd they can report me but not reply

If you are a guy there is no point in signing up. Might as well hit on a bird in a bar. Odds are better than this site

POF where average women develop an attitude + think theyre a diva

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Unfortunately, many fake profiles. Guess that is part of the dating game. However, a second to none amount of active users. IMO one of the best dating sites. Mingle2day is a good alternative but you need to upgrade your profile in order to use the whole functionality. Anyway, both sites are completely different but both are worth joining.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a case that did not fit and when I went to return it they immediately credited me my refund within an hour. The service was so quick and efficient I ordered two more items. Thanks for the great work!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had a POF account before, can't seem to create a new one that sticks around for more than a few hours. It will not let you sign in. When you try to reset the password it never sends anything to the email address. I even created a new email account because POF doesn't like you using a previously used email address to set up a new account. I tried creating a Plenty of fish account using PC and mobile browser and the POF Google app. You always get locked out after a few hours. No one will pay for your site if you only give them a few hours to try it POF!!! They never answer technical emails either. Discusting customer support!!!!!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I highly recommend people that if you are looking to sign up to a dating website, don't sign up to pof. I invested a lot of time and effort in writing a decent profile out finding decent upto date pictures of myself , but it led to nothing. I'm not the best looking guy in the world but I'm certainly not the worst. I am a normal decent guy with a s dddent career who is looking for a genuine relationship. Surely that's what most girls want?
You send a detailed message to a girl, she reads and doesn't respond. I can go days without a profile review. A lot of profiles seems to be fake and if they aren't, they just want attention. I thought this might be due to the fact I haven't payed to upgrade. I decided I was going to pay the money to do the upgrade but before, checked the reviews to see if it was worth it. Too my surprise, or shall I say 'no surprise' everyone has said it's not worth paying for the upgrade.

A waste of time and effort !

1 review
0 helpful votes

Most woman/girls on this site aren't looking for relationships or anything else. They are just looking for attention.

How I've come to my conclusion.

they use the meetme feature- wanting to meetme but don't respond to messages

message me first and i reply but dont message back?

i message and they reply then stop replying randomly/

these are just some thing's that happen on here to me almost with all the girls i've spoke to over a long period of time.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Complete scam would give a zero if I could.
The ladies here suck and you have to pay for everything even just to read a massage or send one. And 92% of the ladies are models for cam shows which suck as well

1 review
1 helpful vote

Website full of ignorant rude picky women if I'm honest

Was chatting to a female who told me she had just joined & couldn't keep up with all the messages she was getting she was being snowed under from guys. She wasnt that hot yet the men were looking for 'fresh meat' & bombarded her. So unless you're 100% on your game you ain't gonna succeed
But the class of the women dont deserve your 100% nothing special they just get tons of mail & it goes to their heads . Must be amazing if your average and been ignored all your life now you're getting loads of attention from desperate guys

Its a numbers game and shows how desperate my fellow men are. A normal looking woman is getting 100s of messages so it's a total waste of time messaging any women as they going to naturally gravitate towards the hot guys.

Saying that no excuse for messaging someone asking how they are only to be ignored.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I joined this site about five years ago, two years after the death of my wife. The site does not delete members who have stopped subscribing or not logged in for years. There are a very small percentage of active users and very few new subscribers that stay active after a couple of months. The "meet me" feature is computer generated to get free subscribers to "upgrade". I've met about 3 women a year on this site. 70% are asian women looking for a husband to stay in the US. Three were either scammers, or american women using different identities, all were in Florida. The rest were scorned from prior marriages and pigeon hole all ment to their ex-spouses habits, even if you have never been divorced.

After being a member for more than two years, same women are matched over, over, and over again, even if you have blocked them.

Geographical locations don't work at all. Women in my area are shown to be 20 miles away, women 80 miles away show up as 1-3 miles away.

None of the match criteria is considered. I am white, and all my matches are to black, asian, or hispanics.

In short, don't waste your time or money on this site, find an alternative way to meet that person you're looking for. POF is a waste of time, even if it is free, and a waste of money if your considering an upgrade.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I'm a newly single dad of an 8-year old, and I joined POF to see if I could find some companionship. The site itself is functional, but the women seem to be pretty bitter about the whole online dating scene.

My complaint, however is this: I received notice "congratulating" me on my 3-month prepaid membership renewal. Now, I know it was my responsibility to cancel before the renewal date, but with all of my responsibilities it just went under the radar.

IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the notice, I wrote to the billing department, begging for a refund, since I was down to my last $100 with a week and a half before payday. The renewal took almost half of my money.

Their response, "We're sorry to hear that you don't want to continue as an Upgraded Member on POF. Unfortunately, memberships are non-refundable."

Not even the slightest attempt to be helpful. In my opinion, those who conduct business with that level of callous indifference deserve to fail. Yes...I made a mistake, but rather than refunding, or even trying to work with me on reducing the length to a month rather than three, and altering the charge accordingly, they decide that their financial best interest is more important than that of mine and my daughter's.

I recommend you go anywhere else, than POF. In my opinion...uncaring, cold-hearted, money-grubbing jerks, who apparently care nothing about the needs of a struggling single parent and his child.

1 review
0 helpful votes


1 review
6 helpful votes

I was on the site for a few wekks here are my thoughts

1-The vast majority of the women are aggresive and rude in the profile which makes you not want to message them
2- They complain about how rude men are not replying, manners cost nothing they say then you message them and they ignore you. The irony is lost on them
3-Average looking women saying if i dont reply youre not my type. They're average at best yet have a diva like attitude
4-Lots of them are drama queens and play games just immature. you see longest relationship less than a year and you see why
5-They love road trips. But they live in Wolverhampton not San Fransisco!
6-Friends and family are amazing and mean the world to them
7-Lots of them only want guys with beards who are covered in tattoos
8-The chances are unless you are 10 out of 10 in looks you will be ignored no matter what the female looks like
9-They say messages just saying hi or hello will be deleted yet their profile tells you nothing at all about them
10-They all love travelling and going to the gym which begs the question when do they have time for work?
11-Lots claim to have various degrees yet job will be a carer. Lies
12-Most looking for Mr doesnt exist or are bitter from old relationship or on the rebound messing about.
13-Site keeps telling you people want to meet you but you need to pay thats a scam
cant understand why anyone would pay for this drivel

Cant recommend it and to be honest one star too much

1 review
3 helpful votes

Please don't put you pic in this side it wind up on Google and they can say anything about you
Please don't post your pictures on pof

1 review
2 helpful votes

I was being harassed by several people and when I sent an email to POF I received a reply that they do not answer emails unless you are an upgraded user, a paying user. I use the block feature but there are many people harassing people. That allow people to sign up just for the fun of sending people horrible and harassing emails. Do not use them if you want a good experience.
I only gave them one star because I had to select one.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Seriously. POF is crap. Have I gotten dates from it? Yes. Are they worth it? No. Is it like pulling teeth? Yes. If you Ever were interested in the gender dynamics or proof that men & women are different look no further than a site where 5's can get hit on from dudes that wouldn't even bat an eye in real life but are lonely or need to get laid yet you have to look your best, be your best, write your best and cross your fingers just for a chance that 1 in 10 females writes you back. Even lower for dating and lower than that for a positive experience. There really needs to be better competition. bought them up to cut competition even more. But you see how quickly Tinder surpassed in a couple years what POF took 10 or more to (fail to) achieve. That shows you how bad it is. Seriously. The only thing I'd "encourage" is leaving your own 1 star review here too so as to reflect its actually quality level, err lack thereof.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This company automatically renewed my membership after I had cancelled my subscription and refuse to refund the money in full. Don't ever give them any payment information, including paypal as they will continue to charge you even if you cancel

1 review
6 helpful votes

Yes, the site is not free at all is set up to get your money? look at who's viewed your profile..upgrade to membership to receive benefits bla bla ... I had sent over 10 messages to girls none of them were answered.

Tip for consumers: dont waste your time.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Seems they are okay having men lie about their marital status, harass women by asking for naked pictures and asking them if he can move in and money. Please do something about the user listed above!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined pof yesterday and is asking me to pay a membership to read messages same the other scam websites people who run this services should get a rested or at least checked over as same as British hearts and so many others where I all ready paid subscription. So before you pay you members.... you get messages from woman but strait after you paid you don't get reply that's my 3xpierience with the dating websites. Don't be naive people to f8nd true live on that scams we are not less fortunate than the once who are in relationships. Your day will come as well. To be honest it's easier to meet someone in the college on the course rather than this Web. I haven't meet any in my whole live who said we meet on pof or other crap....

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