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Categories: Dating
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400
Seattle, Washington 98104, CAN
Tel: 6360105675901
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5 reviews
0 helpful votes

Was expecting more from such a big brand, to be honest. In my opinion it is okay but nothing special. I personally prefer Mingle2day or Tinder. But trust me, I have seen worse than POF. At least this site is not scamming the sh## out of you.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I registered with this website and it was user friendly but you have to pay if you want to know whether they viewed your profile or message you sent. There is more to life than WOMEN. So dont waste your time.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Beware of the men on PODF who advertise as being single and looking for a long term relationship when they are not. I recently dates a man for a few weeks Huskyboy15 on his profile who I today found out has a long term girlfriend and is also on other dating sites proclaiming to be single. Compulsive liar who spent every waking hour of the day on WhatsApp... a clear warning sign to steer clear. Even with all the friends I have I could not be on WhatsApp from 6am to 10pm onwards 7 days a week. This happens quite a lot. I'm sure women do it to. If you are serious about finding a relationship I would suggest a reputable site which you would need to pay a subscription for. These 'free' dating sites are the worst for serial liars and guys who just want a quick rumble and dirty pics.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Lots of people unwilling to write a profile or even have the decency to reply to messaging.... that or you have people pretending they are looking for something real but not mature enough to admit they just want sex or a 10/10 in attractiveness......

1 review
0 helpful votes

This site has grown on me a lot over the past few weeks. I used to think was the only trustworthy dating site out there but having given this a shot now id recommend it to any singles out there that are looking to dip their toes into the murky waters of online dating.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Pof advertise free dating site but if you don't upgrade to pay for it then you are blocked from logging in. Pof forces a person to upgrade or you can't use the site.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Some really freaky people on here. Talking to one person who seemed nice. Then sent her another photo and she said it wasn't recent and told me not to insult her intelligence and not to lie to her

Then she called and asked about me and how long had been single and told her. After few minutes she told me I needed to get a life apparently I'd been talking about my ex for 20 minutes like it was War And Peace. She then told me to get a life and go and have fun. Get a life she said and stop going on about my ex lol Ranting on how I need to go **** girls. I thought she might be drunk or mentally unstable. Like one minute okay then next going crazy at me on the ever 1st call. Then she said sorry she'd like to get to know me. Woah no thanks. Scary just talking to her nevermind meeting

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have been using it for a few weeks and interacted with several members. In my opinion there is a better chance of meeting someone on Mingle2day or Twoo but I think compared to most other dating sites it is a good option to find someone real.

1 review
0 helpful votes

they DON'T allow you to choose the age range you are interested in when searching. They have their own minimum age, based on your own age, and won't allow you to search for anyone younger than that. Stupid site, I hope they will close down soon.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Maybe less than 1% of the women on here are truly attractive. The other 99% think they are and that's what causes the problem. You got females that if you saw in public you wouldn't go chat them up yet on POF they turn into thinking they're a hot commodity and start with an attitude. Below average women with profile headlines such as "You've found me" show the delusion they're suffering. Totally worthless cos if you're a man you're going to have to date down because the women on here think they're so hot they won't date someone the same as them. A woman who is a 3/10 on POF demands a 9/10 man. But take into account the unpleasant attitude and the demands the 3/10 becomes a 1/10 but men still message her.

1 review
8 helpful votes

The females on here not only ignore you but block you often for some reason
Full of chavvy looking females or women so far up themselves it's unreal
I've seen friendlier Rottweilers than the so called single women on this site

Putrid bunch of Singletons. Easy to see why they can't get a man

6 reviews
0 helpful votes

Listen, when you have a site for free you can't be choosy. They are like craigslist in that they have not changed their user interface in year.. or even ever. But it works for them. Easy to search. Only issue is that you can only search +/- 14 years from your age. But again it's free! C'mon guys.

Tip for consumers: I don't condone changing your age but you can't search above or below 14 years your current age

1 review
1 helpful vote

Most of the men on here are just looking for hookups and no real relationship. It's a horrible site. By the way Sai Brown is a married mix guy with kids. Don't contact him unless you want to be a side chick

1 review
4 helpful votes

There has to be a better way to find a woman than this, the women arent even that nice although they think they are. Most of them just pout or pull daft faces. Show tats and look very unfeminine. Most cuss in their profile too. A lot use txt speak which is an instant turn off. You wouldnt take any of these to meet your mom

I read a profile today that said dislikes ~ bad breath + body odor. What a ridiculous thing to put. As if anyone likes those things
I am thinking even the most average looking woman gets 100 of messages which is why they all act like princesses.
Can you imagine if you ever found anyone nice and pleasant enough to go on a date with? She would have another 80 dates lined up
Would love to see men stopping dating these women and see them make an effort instead of sitting on their laptops being rude and diva like

1 review
2 helpful votes

Pretty much the worse dating site i ever tried. Alot of the guys that contacted me were either in prison, living with their "baby mama" had a girlfriend or were just looking for a hook up. As a single mother , working with a job and a place of my own i signed up for pof searching for a mate who shares my same interests in life and works hard and takes lifes seriously.I was highly surpised as well as dissapointed in the options that seem to be on pof. Alot of the men had no jobs but lied and said they did. If you do not reply back to messages alot of the guys will continue to bombard you with messages. Had many explicit messages sent to me out of nowhere. alot of guys lying about their age by 10 years plus . Had a guy with extremely old pics of him when he was in shape on the site , when we video messaged he was about 400 pounds. Ive had people message me and when i respond they give me one word answers. I have pretty much gave up on dating because of this site. Unless your looking for a quick late night hook up with someones boyfriend or a random horny guy dont sign up for pof.As a african American woman in her late 20s dont search pof unless your seeking guys that are aspiring rappers, ex cons or the guys with millions of tattoos and a bunch of fake jewelry with terrible headlines such as " im a real one" or im that ni&&a standing in front of a fancy car that does not belong to them. There are also pimps on this site heavily and i have even been contacted by other females asking me do i "Want to join her and her boyfriends "team" . Ive given my number to a few people and they will kind of just disappear after a few days of calling or texting then contact me a month later, i had to change my number because of it. I hate to go on a rant but like i said dont use this site unless you like netflix and chill or your not serious about dating.

Tip for consumers: Respectable ladies please dont waste your time.

1 review
6 helpful votes

Was on the site back in 2008 which quite new and met someone decent who was with a for a few years and the women were nothing like they are today

Now in 2017 its gone to the dogs and seems to be totally saturated with people
tried to talk to a few people but only got one words replies and very little effort. Most of the women cant even be bothered to fill their profile in or go the other whole way and put a list of 20 things a man must be for you to contact them

you can put them into categories none of them good

social misfits/teachers/illiterate loners/drama queens/attention seeking/fake profiles who want your email/fatties/rude nasty women

the idea of this POF is to get men to want to message you, but reading most of the profiles they dont care and just come across as a bunch of men haters who have been hurt in the past and seem intent on getting their own back on men now.

Oh and everyone seems to go the gym and do travelling, skiing and a ton of the women have the childish filter of a rabbit with ears.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

They will delete your profile for any number of 10 reasons without giving any warnings. If you accidently type a word like "sex" in a initial email message to another person on the site. You will be deleted and never given a reason or warning. Recently, I was viewing a womans profile and she listed 7 reasons that status terms really mean sex. E.g.(Hangout partner=Sex and buying dinner, or Serious relationship=Sex and no buying dinners) and so I wrote this woman and mentioned her profile comments on sex and statuses. The next morning my profile is completely removed from a rude and nazi type controling company with only intetest in their money whore operations. No sensitivity for peoples feelings. They hurt not only the person that violates their over bearing rules, but they hurt the woman I emailed. I'm sure she wanted to message me back, but can not do...I'm deleted and are never sent a reason or a warning. POF seems like a Canadian scam operation. Imagine people who pay a yearly subscription to them...are they deleted as readily as well. Total loss of their purchase?! POF claims to be a respectable company. That is furest from the truth. I only hope Karma gets this Marcus guy soon, so I can revel in his well deserved misery.

Marcus remember money whores are not allowed in heaven. Guess where you will be when you die? LOSER!

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

It looks like the dregs of society have assembled on POF. Most are broken women, overweight, single mums, unemployed or lowly paid jobs and with huge psychological issues thinking they are superior to you and with some utopian view of themselves. Narcissisim, abruptness and rudeness is on another level. They seem to demand a tall, mega-rich Brad Pitt lookalike on a dating site. As if a guy like that would need a dating site. In return they offer unflattering silly poutish pictures of themselves covered in tatoos like you're watching the Rocky Horror show with a description (if they've bothered) littered with typos.

You'll find very few well educated, professional women on there.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Originally I had been on pof on and off for about a year. Kept getting messages from people who didn't know how to have a real conversation or were just looking for sex and to disrespect women. I was literally about to give up and delete the app again When finally I found him. Although the site itself didn't have much to do with us connecting but that's how we met and for that I am grateful. I have literally found "the man of my dreams" which I never even knew existed. In my case I got lucky iv never been in a good healthy relationship and now I am. This person has blessed my life in so many ways.we just celebrated 6 months together. Ya I know that's not very long compared to other couples much less saying that I found the love of my life after such a short time,especially considering we met on a dating app. but it's true, when you know, you know. Now we have plans to move in together after I finish college within the next 2-3 months and start our lives together. I couldn't be happier. So thanks to pof I found the person I'm meant to be with.

1 review
1 helpful vote

cant say ive been blown away by POF. When I first tried to meet people using the internet I used and that was just like wow! So many people in the same boat. POF is the same in some ways but I guess I expected more. Cant put my finger on it. Average for me.

8 reviews
11 helpful votes

You cannot do nothing basically without subscription.
And either subscription will not guarantee the app.
The app is confusing. Less will do more.

1 review
8 helpful votes

It's got to be the worst dating site in the history of the Internet. Most of the profiles are fake. Scammers everywhere. The profiles that are real are down right sad. The most jaded,angry, fat, unattractive, hateful, evil, vile ,misfit, women on earth. Americanot men should find women outside the USA. American women on POF are monsters.she devils from the abyss.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I messaged quite a few women and got 0 replies. I even got blocked by 3 of them. What was my crime you ask? I sent them a message asking how they were & if they were having a good day, and for that they blocked me. Unbelievable cheek. I am no brad pitt but I am not Shrek either so I can only think there must be men throwing themselves at the women left right & center for them to act so stuck up and nasty

Not sure if women are all like this these days or just on POF altough I would think they are worse on paid sites. These women cant work out why they are still single? Maybe not block decent guys who ask how they are

I guess the same women will be on here in 2 years still looking for mr 100% perfect, The sad lot of them been watching too much tv

1 review
1 helpful vote

It would be a great dating site. Has too many profile with 5 years pictures & same spelling errors.
Matching" way off. The Want nothis serious - no comment.. MISS LEADING "
People don't really care to post a decent current pictures of themselves or it's fake. Otherwise the site doesn't operate details verification before posting profile.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Princess this Diva that - Angel, babe etc just some of the usernames I see used on here by the women. An extremely high opinion of themselves

1st thing I notice is how the women's profile are abrupt and say such things ''if I don't reply once don't keep messaging me ' and '' if i don't reply youre not my type' this just tells me TOO MANY MEN ON HERE chasing bang average women. If it was 50% men 50% women they wouldn't act like that. More like 90% men and 10%

pof where

women with no job or low paid job want man with a decent job-
Women who are 5'1 tall demand a man who must be 6 foot at least -
Bang average women want a hot looking model-
Non women drivers demand man with car -
Etc etc. Just totally silly demands that if you were in a bar you wouldn't dare

these women must get hundreds of messages a day despite being rude in the profiles and making more demands than Jennifer Lopez

Pof headlines. I'm back = been on here ages and too picky yet still not worked out what I'm doing wrong
Seeking genuine guy = must be hot
Cheats and liars need nor apply = stupidly keep picking bad guys then not learning their lessons and going back to bad guys
Make me laugh = must be hot
Seeking partner in crime = must be hot
Where are all the good guys= must be hot

You get the some hot 6foot guy with a 6 pack would message some of these 'ladies'

And finally what's with all the tattoo photos of your whole leg covered or arm inked up? Nearly as bad as pics of the pets

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