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1167 reviews
Categories: Dating
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5400
Seattle, Washington 98104, CAN
Tel: 6360105675901
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1 review
0 helpful votes

Seriously. POF is crap. Have I gotten dates from it? Yes. Are they worth it? No. Is it like pulling teeth? Yes. If you Ever were interested in the gender dynamics or proof that men & women are different look no further than a site where 5's can get hit on from dudes that wouldn't even bat an eye in real life but are lonely or need to get laid yet you have to look your best, be your best, write your best and cross your fingers just for a chance that 1 in 10 females writes you back. Even lower for dating and lower than that for a positive experience. There really needs to be better competition. bought them up to cut competition even more. But you see how quickly Tinder surpassed in a couple years what POF took 10 or more to (fail to) achieve. That shows you how bad it is. Seriously. The only thing I'd "encourage" is leaving your own 1 star review here too so as to reflect its actually quality level, err lack thereof.

1 review
1 helpful vote

This company automatically renewed my membership after I had cancelled my subscription and refuse to refund the money in full. Don't ever give them any payment information, including paypal as they will continue to charge you even if you cancel

paul B.
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

After I've been moving to a new city I joined bunch of online dating sites to meet new people. POF seems to be one of the largest dating sites and I've found many members from my new home town so in my opinion it is really worth joining. However, I did not meet anyone using POF. In the meantime, I've met several people using Mingle2day and eHarmony so compared to those two dating sites I'd give POF 3 out 5 stars. But as mentioned it seems to be large so it is always worth a try.

1 review
3 helpful votes

hello , the service is free ? as indicated ..only free to join it.i had sent over 2 emails to girls , Im good looking man , I never had any reply.

This sites set up to get money from the subscriber whos viewed ones profile ect ..and it asks for money on most items. not free at all.

Tip for consumers: dont waste your time.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Seems they are okay having men lie about their marital status, harass women by asking for naked pictures and asking them if he can move in and money. Please do something about the user listed above!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined pof yesterday and is asking me to pay a membership to read messages same the other scam websites people who run this services should get a rested or at least checked over as same as British hearts and so many others where I all ready paid subscription. So before you pay you members.... you get messages from woman but strait after you paid you don't get reply that's my 3xpierience with the dating websites. Don't be naive people to f8nd true live on that scams we are not less fortunate than the once who are in relationships. Your day will come as well. To be honest it's easier to meet someone in the college on the course rather than this Web. I haven't meet any in my whole live who said we meet on pof or other crap....

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

POF took my upgrade money and erased my account the next day. I want to start a class action. Anyone who got screwed over email me
They don't have a phone number and ignore emails. It's BS. Totally going to do something about it.

1 review
2 helpful votes

They will block you, then your out of money , they wont warn you, they won't communicate with you they won't ask for any clarification

1 review
1 helpful vote

From all the adverts and testimonials you'd think I would have no problem finding my other half on POF but ive had more dates on believe it or not and ive never seen that website on TV! Just shows you eh?! Still, POF is trustworthy and CLEARLY works for some people, that's obvious. But so far it's not won me over, sniff sniff. I'll keep trying, like my mother always says, never give up!

1 review
0 helpful votes

There is a lot of negative advertising about the type of people a free site would attract. The fact is, they are the same people. There is absolutely no difference between the functional use or type of people between Matchmaker, Match, and POF except POF is free. While its true, there is an odd search/result on POF, I do not see the results any different between the sites.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined POF and soon after realized it was not for me. I deactivated the account. POF has attempted twice and succeeded once in charging my paypal account with a re-occuring fee. When I filed a complaint with them I was told the reoccuring fee was for my convenience . . .this was an obvious scam for the company. Join for free . . .but NEVER give them any financial info!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Clown like no other, red & smiley, gold digger, get lost , outta my life lady, stop calling & texting

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

POF is a POS dating site. It's a total scam for how many people are on this site. When a search is done, it will show PAGES of people in your area. But when you look closer, they keep repeating the same profiles from page to page. So it may show 10 pages with 10 people on each, but in reality, it's only 10 or 20 TOTAL. And you get what you pay in free brings out the worst of the worst. Do you really want to date someone who can't even afford a dating site? I think white-trash Markus or whatever this dopes name is, is a total con man. There are far better choices out there than this one. You have been warned!

1 review
4 helpful votes

POF is a joke. The men on this site are married, living with someone, or not single. They play way too many games...they will blow you up one day and poof be gone the next. They post pics of them 10 years ago or they post pics of models ....the first thing that comes out of their mouth is something to do with sex...lets not forget about all the incarcerated profiles of men in jail....are you kidding??? nope...they have access to cell phones in jail pretty creepy....the men on here are not of any type of substance...they play too many games...They have nothing going on for themselves and some of them has some issues....maybe that is why they are single...i finally shut my account down after dealing with the same old $#*!....why waste anymore time it is really a joke.....they are talking to several woman at one time...they are no good cheats and liars.....i am done wasting my time

1 review
9 helpful votes

The site itself isn't bad it's just the beasts that inhabit it

Was on here good few years back and when rejoined to see if it's improved (it hasn't it's worse) I immediately saw the same profiles and photos from 3 years ago. So not only lying about their photos they also seem to be serial daters

Most of the women have chips on both shoulders and come across very aggressive no idea why Aby guy would want that. They all claim they're independent and don't need a man they just want one. Feminist talk

This site is totally overrun by single mums. I must be old fashioned but I wouldn't bring a child into the world unless in a loving relationship in which you can financially support said child. Not on POF and society as a whole. Why bother when you get churn kids out & get the state to pay you. I have to roll my eyes when I see profession; Mum
Its not a profession it's a lifestyle choice. I hear them say anyone can be a dad but takes a real man to be a father. Yeah ok. I'll pass thanks
They also feel the need to put my child will. Always come first which I agree with but would put any guy off straight away. You can't tell me they've ALL been unlucky with bad guys? They had kids cos they're feckless slappers who don't care other people's taxes fund their life

Lot of profiles say READ PROFILE FIRST & then follows a whole shopping list of what the women wants. Only missing from the ridiculous OTT list are bananas and muesli.

Beware the only headshot and no body. A few extra pounds normally means they are the size of a small country.

Weirdly the fatter and unattractive they are the nastier their profile normally is.

I actually put no single mums on my profile and lost count I got called a stuck up c*** really classy women soon show their true colours

Horrible women on here. Leave the site alone

1 review
9 helpful votes

Interesting site. A psychologist would have a field day analysing these broads
Got a few messages and then when I replied back it was like pulling teeth trying to have a proper conversation with them so only imagine what kind of social misfits they are in real life

Seems to be full of 30-40 yr old women who are very bitter and trying to get revenge on the fact they're still single and been hurt in the past. Lots of them are mid thirties and still don't know what they're looking for which is rather worrying if you're them.
When you get to they age you can't slam down a whole bunch of boxes a guy must tick. You take what you're given . You're not 23 anymore

One thing that does make me chuckle are the women with their boobs hanging out in photos and then complaining in their profile box they're sick of getting rude messages. Who would have thought by putting pics of yourself half naked as your main photo you'd get tons of guys messaging you rude things??
Just like the ones who put casual no commitment moaning guys only want sex. Change what you want then and don't get me started on the people in their 30s on their looking for friends. On a dating site??

Bottom line is bunch of average broads whose best days are behind them all thinking they're going to get some hunk so they just sit on there for years disappointed and becoming older and more spiteful they didn't get a guy in their younger years. The profiles are full of negative vibes and I don't see any women who seem to be happy and friendly

Was on the site 18 months ago and few weeks on here again didn't take long to see same faces. I read men outnumber women 8 to 1 on these sites so I find it very strange they can't find a man. Obviously setting the bar way too high

No doubt there are shady men are there but with every woman wanting a Sean OPry type you sense they're going to be on there for years to come. They'll be 45 and still not realised there are only so many male models inhabitanting POF ;)

Great for women who treat it like an online catalogue for men
Bad for men if you're looking for a decent down to earth friendly woman.

1 review
7 helpful votes

POF may be better for a younger audience , if you are in your 40`s it is useless or at least in Calgary area it sure is.
Shallow people constantly waiting for that better profile that may be around the corner.

A prime example of the worst of the worst.

1 review
1 helpful vote

What can I say, im well into this online dating stuff. I joined one company called wejustfit and it went so well that I decided to try pof as well. It's not been quite as successful yet in terms of number of dates ive had but it's still early days. The app is great, keeps things super easy and I can use it when im out and about or on my way to work. Im also pretty happy with the number of people on the site to be honest, always people to try to chat with. So yeah its all pretty good but not found the big L word yet but staying positive for now as these things can take time.

1 review
9 helpful votes

If I had a £1 for every woman on this site who is 5foot tall but says only 6ft+ men only to contact them I'd be rich. As if in real life someone the size of a munchkin could be so picky. As if they were out in bar they'd rebuke a guy cos they're not tall enough when chatting to them. Yet they get on POF and become uber picky with ridiculous demands you must meet before you can even send them a message. Then they have to have a list of dislikes. The usual generic rubbish, bad manners, ignorance arrogance etc but wait you ignored my message ? Oh the irony. Have to laugh when I see 'liars and cheats don't message' that's basically asking to be played

The women dont realise the profile is the first impression men get and most of them are very aggressive. What happened to being sweet and happy instead of constantly complaining on your profile?

You must drive is another one only to look and see she doesn't. Yes I'll be your personal taxi for sure

'I don't need a man in my life I'm very independent ' is another thing I read a lot. Well good for you. Why you on POF then?

I always remember what I was told years ago. If a women is single by 30 then there's something wrong with her otherwise she would be snapped up by now and be settled down..if you look on pof that's true, just full of mid 30 year old women all bitter and full of anger and that's just the ones without children. Can only imagine how picky that lot must be

If this is what women have become today then I'll stay single. Before the Internet if you were 2/10 you dated someone in your level. Now with the Internet these 2/10 think they somehow deserve a 9/10 guy and won't settle for anything less. Just ridiculously deluded and immature.

I can only think there must be way too many men who will go with anything otherwise they'd have to amend their ultra picky deluded profiles and face reality.

I long for pre-Internet days when you could chat a woman up in a bar or give her your number in a shop. Now everyone is on Internet dating and it's saturated and a waste of time

I feel bad giving 1 star. That's way too much for the toxic females on here.

Get some humility

8 reviews
29 helpful votes

Just by reading five to ten reviews I get the idea: Wrong Expectation! POF is a free to use dating site and I am surprised to read so many negative reviews. Like I wrote in the beginning I think people have high expectations and for some reason POF was not able to meet their expectations. Let's make clear that I am also not a big fan of POF. I've used it and I rather spend a few bucks on a prime dating site like Mingle2day or eHarmony because in my opinion it gives me plenty of good options. But for being a mostly free to use dating site POF is a great alternative

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I created a profile with a lengthy well thought out dialog. Browsed the sight for an hour and then "Please Log In". Come to find out the account was deleted. Registered a second time with the same email and username and the same thing browse for an hour and then "Please Log In" the account was deleted for a second time. There are thousands of negative reviews with deleted accounts and people that paid to "Upgraded" and had their account deleted essentially stealing their money. So if they create another account then they have to pay again, only to have the profile deleted again. A huge Red Flag should be the lack of Customer Service emails or Phone numbers they are hard to find or are non existent. There is also race and age discrimination going on. Another thing is if you get blocked too many times they delete your profile. I browsed several profiles and sent no messages so I wonder if those women all just hit the block button causing a deleted profile. Stay away from POF their terms and rules are absurd, the deleting of profiles Is pathetic.
I read a review that said Markus the founder of POF gets paid 30 bucks each time someone registers, that's a great incentive to program the site to auto delete certain profiles. It seems a lot of online dating sites are using scam techniques and what's called scraping of other websites. That's why you see the same females on about every dating site available. I highly doubt that many ladies are going to sign up for 8 dating sites, it's more like one site gets scraped and the fake profiles get created. Really a lack of ethics and overall scumbag tactics

1 review
11 helpful votes

You're better off in a bar....the women get on there then get their heads blown up and become immature rude $#*!es...they respond immediately then wanna respond back every ten min then try and act surprised when you call them a rude $#*!,..even of you get their phone number they want you to wait weeks to get a date....99% have little kids and no life... Then say their kids come first etc....the women treat it like online shopping... All long looking for Mr Right or soul mate etc..analyzing the hell out of my you....they got little kids their ugly and broke and so on and trying to be picky....then you got your mooching gold diggers....then you got your its their new Facebook.....
Better off in a bar instead of dealing with deluded twats....

1 review
2 helpful votes

A year and a half maybe a little more ago I met my husband on POF. He messaged me a month or two before I got back to him but once I did we spoke for two weeks and each day he peaked my interest more. On June 22nd 2015 he came to visit me we met at a motel six and did what you'd expect anyone to do in a motel room for six hours. The next day I never expected to hear from again but god knows I wanted to so I texted him even though I swore to myself I wouldn't. That whole week he spent 700 dollars to say in my town with me because he didn't want to leave me. Needless to say we have been together ever since we have had our ups and downs but he is my best friend and now I'm not sure what I'd do without him.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Stormchaser1993 is Cheater and a lyer
He comes off so sweet ,says he's a Christian and loves the lord ,but I swear he won't show any real interest in you but sex right after I gave him my number..he told me he deleted his pof but was still on there a lot when we were together,something was very off about him but I wanted to believe he was a good guy so I stayed with him longer but I could not take all the conversations bout sex and my looks .so I broke up with him ..I got no reply back and that's odd for someone who was talking to me bout kids and building a family..he's still on pof fishing :/

1 review
2 helpful votes

Full of cat-fishing men. In a 1 month period I had 1 legit response and 2 where they copied and pasted directly from the web and expected me to go along with it. Thank god I have good common sense and blocked them quick.

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