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MyCokeRewards reviews

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1 review
1 helpful vote

been playing for years always look forward to Christmas this years prizes are a joke there either advertising for coke ,sold out or if you do want it and have the point your limited to 1

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have three plastic bottle caps and every one of them states there is an error. I tried several times but just kept getting an error. CokeRewards website won't even publish a contact telephone, so had to do research. Finally got hold of an agent (with an Indian accent) and credited me two caps (6points) and told me the rest I have to mail it in. I asked if she's kidding...for a mere 3 points, she wants me to pay postage and send it to Coke HQ, just because their system is bogus (and not the first time this has happened).
And the useless/cheap items you can select...see it to believe! AND you will notice, most solicitations for redemptions are "for a good cause" or charity. MCR wants you to donate your hard-earned points to the charities they sponsor!! I have my own charitable institutions I support. All these bogus programs are just for suckers..AND LOSERS! I am through---MY FAMILY WILL NOW BOYCOTT ALL COKE PRODUCTS. and I am even going to convince my company to drop COKE from their beverage purchases.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This used to be a good program before they changed the rules and you have to enter points every 90 days or lose them. Way too much trouble. Will no longer be buying Coke products after losing all my points.

1 review
3 helpful votes

MCR has turned what used to be a decent rewards program into one that THEY will make money on, period.
Looking at their rewards are numerous "sweepstakes". Since when is a sweepstake entry a "reward"? It isn't period.
Most reward items are from their corporate 3rd party affiliates where items are of little or no cost to Coke or branded advertising products for Coke. Clothing items suck as these were once given free so the company would get their name out into the public. No longer, they make you pay for these products so YOU can advertise for them. What a scam, and people do just that. Not only Coke shirts, Nike, Adidas, any company now days will do this. A shame people fall into the I'm a billboard for corporate America. NOT ME!
I have been contacting Coke on a regular basis about the shameful "rewards" they offer, which they claim is constantly updated, (lol).
All emails to Coke about their rewards program are replied with the typical corporate response, " your comments will be forwarded to that department for review". Yea right, they mean in the delete folder. Nothing will ever be done if their consumers continue to enter sweeps and redeem for advertising products.
To the person who says viewing the codes are difficult, try using a flashlight from the top of the cap, it will shine through and make the codes a lot more readable.
Yes, I agree with all here and if everyone sticks together and complain across the web, boycott their products (as I have), then maybe, just maybe something will be done to correct this God awful rewards program that once was a good rewards program.

1 review
2 helpful votes

After collecting for many years and getting some half decent stuff from MCR I've finally decided that the program is a complete scam, I purchased two 6 packs and out of those 12 Six caps came back with "Already entered" now either someone is very clever and has a way of seeing the codes or Coca-Cola is ripping us off, which is it MCR

1 review
3 helpful votes

My Coke Rewards is long on hype but leaves me with a bad taste. The codes are difficult to read even with my best flashlight and magnifier. Maybe this promotion is better suited to teenagers with 20/20 vision. Many of the prizes require so many points that you will most likely never be able to enter enough codes to get anything worthwhile. For example, a Bluetooth bracelet costs 1400 points or the equivalent of 466 two-liter bottles of your favorite soft drink. A Coca-Cola tee-shirt requires the equivalent of 183 two-liter bottles. To make matters worse, there is a maximum number of bottle caps that can be entered each week. But if you don't enter any bottle caps over an extended period of time, you will lose the points that you have been awarded up until that point, meaning that you will have to start all over again. Really, Coca-Cola Co? Is this how you reward customer loyalty? You can do better.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Lots of the Diet Coke caps don't work. It's not bad enough that many are unreadable! These were legible and still got the "error entering" message. I also noticed that the weekly entry maximum is down and the points required for the best items is up. I guess life-long Coke drinkers aren't valued anymore. Oh well... time to switch to tea!

1 review
3 helpful votes

12 digit code are out , only 14 digit , it was not out when I paid dear for them with the 12 digit codes , but they say it made room for more people to play by doing 14 digit . WHY DOES THAT MEAN YOU CANNOT STILL USE THE 12 digit codes that you paid dear for ?
I think I am thirsty for a PEPSI ! Coke rhymes with joke , cause it is a joke !
The public is not stupid , GIANTS FALL too !

1 review
4 helpful votes

3 weeks ago my wife sent to the Coca-Cola co.
my coke rewards
PO box 1734
Atlanta , Georgia 30301 .
2-20 point Dasani Water codes
and 2 - 12 pack coke codes ( each worth 10 points )
none of the codes were legible enough to enter so she could get her coke points
Coke has never responded , nor has my wife's coke account been credited the points owed to her
she was told to mail the codes but no action on coke's part has been taken
my wife's password is
my contact # is 702-469-8987 (Mark Ricker )
that is 60 points

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am reading tons of negative reviews about MCR and their discourteous service, but you're forgetting to click only (1) star, so you're giving them 5-star reviews. Five stars are automatically selected, which is SiteJabber's fault!!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible customer service!! I entered all the necessary cokes to receive a Cedar Fair ticket and followed all the rules. Coke decided to change the rules afterwards and refuses to award my ticket. What a joke!! I'm done entering codes and done with coke!! How has this company not been sued over their business practices with mycokerewards??

1 review
3 helpful votes

Not a question, but a complaint. I have entered codes for well over ten years. I formerly could get some good things with a lot of points, but now whatever good stuff is on the site is only available in a sweepstakes in which the odds of winning are not disclosed. Smells like a scam.

3 reviews
15 helpful votes

I did Coke rewards for 2 years. In that time their rewards were harder and harder to reach. I got a few things for free (magazines and cds) that I enjoyed. I was saving up for a bigger reward and one day my points were gone!! They told me the points expire. So get what you can while you can. I won't be back.

4 reviews
5 helpful votes

The customer service individuals are impatient and RUDE. If your point was to drive away customers you're doing a great job, Coke. If it wasn't for my caffeine addiction I wouldn't even want your products.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been a loyal consumer of putting in codes for 10 years now!!! YES that's 10 years and have yet to win a darn thing. It is very disappointing and won't even encourage others to join as I have NOT won a thing in 10 years :( I am a very disappointed consumer. :( :( :(

11 reviews
11 helpful votes

Coke Rewards is a scam. Saved all kinds of cartons, caps and so forth only to learn that to really get something of value I had to keep adding. Everything was "locked" unless I signed on with social media. Well, I don't do social media. So, enough is enough. Switched to Pepsi and guess what. Tastes better and no screw job contests.

5 reviews
80 helpful votes

Their rewards program is a total scam. In the past you were allowed to earn 120 points a week from putting in the codes on caps. Then it was 100, now it is 75. In addition, you now have to earn "status" to actually win anything, no matter how many points you have. They want to make it difficult to earn their rewards so they can earn more of your money. In order to earn status you must post advertisements for their partner businesses like dominos to facebook and twitter and after you do that you still will not be awarded status. Contacting them is useless. They send pre fabricated responses and will not address your issue directly. They don't care. Call them and try that too. Ask to speak to one of their lazy scabs named Mariah, she loves hearing complaints, make sure to record the phone call with her too. You will need it as evidence of how they operate. SO, they pretend you can win their rewards, when in reality you cannot. They do this to make more money and make it seem like buying their $#*!ty products will actually get you rewards. They have no shame. HERE'S WHAT TO DO: file a complaint to the FTC at and your home state's attorney general/governor office which has a consumer protection division. IT WORKS!!! With several complaints and there are more than enough on this site, a lawsuit will be filed and my coke rewards/coca cola will be finito. Make your voice heard and report them.

1 review
18 helpful votes

If you don't text, tweet, snap and all the crap then coke no longer wants you on their site.
When you have 8 adults and 12 kids at the beach house every other weekend then the 75 points per week is a joke.
Switched to Pepsi and ginger ale and everyone is OK with that.
Goodbye Coke. Maybe one day you will realize that all us old folks still have 76% of the money in this country and we spend it with companies that respect us.

1 review
16 helpful votes

Oh yeah? Well # YOU TOO. Dr. Pepper Ten tastes better anyway. Cola-Ckroach Conpony didn't respond to any complaints.

1 review
13 helpful votes

I have no interest in Twitter or sharing anything. Now the points limit is down to 70, so my family gets behind every week. Now I get the message "promotion ended". I'm I suppose to keep these pieces of cardboard in date order?? Yes, they are 14 character codes, what is the Coke method of aging out the codes. I think this "promotion ended" thing is actually a Federal Trade Commission violation. The overall value of the rewards is so low it may just be time to switch to Royal Crown Cola with my Moon Pie.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Constantly reducing the number of points you can enter. Constantly increasing the points to get rewards. Programming in a nagging urge for me to patronize social web sites I am not interested in and generally wasting my time of 3 minutes just to get signed into the site.
Program bugs also delay or stop me from entering more than one code.
Coke you need to hire some good programmers to alleviate the agony of MCR!

1 review
22 helpful votes

I have been a member of My Coke Rewards for over 7 years and the way it is today December 2015 is a shadow of itself. Aside from the constant reduction in caps allowed per week like it matters how many caps if i purchased or had them donated then I should be able to enter them as fast as I want. I used to have a buddy never met him giving me TONS of caps just charged me to ship them to me no matter how I got them though its a lot of work to read those tiny codes some are just illegible but to enter them all week after wee. Then they started to eliminate the decent rewards, then the amount per week continued to decrease to the paltry 75 points which is 25 caps per week. I did all those lame contest and won ONLY once years ago and it was a DJ Hero prize I was shocked since I never win anything and from the sounds of what I read no one else does either. I had entered several hundred caps for a contest this past summer for soccer and LOST each and every time a lot of BS. Then they went to that social networking BS which is really crap, No i dont care about my status, NO I wont do free advertising for you on my Facebook Page, NO I wont subject others to your silly advertising trying to entice others to poison themselves with your sugar water. Now I went back to check to see if the Amazon GCs had gone up in points and they are gone, now they have total crap. Nike great if you want athletic stuff but I loved Amazon i could buy anything now forget about it, I don't want to donate them I don't want restaurant gift cards or crappy skins for my phone or laptop that cost maybe $10 at best. I don't want coke memorabilia a crap Chinese imitation pill speaker OR coke clothing...IDC about that stuff. But now they have nothing good i am on the fence whether to finish my box of caps or just donate them to someone else. Pisses me off.

1 review
27 helpful votes

I have been in this so called Coke rewards program for over 5 years.This has been the worst year ever for there so called rewards.It takes a lot of time and money to enter these damn caps,codes,and status activities.For what a 10 $ reward that you can only redeem once.Coke rewards hyped us all up this year.To only disappoint it's loyal customers.I can't even spend my points to get out and wash my hands with it.What a joke.There boxes of joy instant win challenge is a joke as well.Spent 100 caps a total of 300 points and didn't win anything,but they claim there is 85,000 prizes to be won.Dont waste your codes on that fraudulent game.

1 review
13 helpful votes

need to have better prizes. Coke, you are a multibillion dollar company w/ great partners. Please provide your loyal fans with a wide variety of prizes.

1 review
10 helpful votes

MCR has be down, for me, several months. In the past they have erased my points twice, they did restore them when called; but I simply haven't be able to sign in since May of this year. Each time I call I'm told A) They have changed the website; and they say it in such a way as to indicate that they did more than just 'change' it! B) I must have the latest version of a 'compatible' browser; I'm using the same updated browser I've always used, (either FF or Chrome)! C) I must clear cookies; I automatically clear cookies once a week anyway just to keep my history clean. D) I must be sure to clear the browser's cache; which I do as with cookies. So, according to Coke I 'shoulld' be good to go, right? Wrong! When clicking "Sign In" I'm taken to another MCR page, black screen, with red words, information page where I'm able to select what I might like information on and the ability to type to a virtual assistant. Also, each time I've called, the agent says they are able to click "Sign In" and are taken directly to the SI page; well hell,would you expect them to say anything else? Once I tell the agent I've done all that they require, they turn surly and state they can't do anything else, in a 'I don't care' tone of voice; kind of makes you wonder!? I have tried different computers and different locations, they just aren't playing anymore and won't come out and say so. Does anyone know someone who IS able to sign in?

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