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32 reviews
3340 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (866) 793-0454
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1 review
0 helpful votes

My Clean PC seem to be Professional scam artist I bet the department heads sit in company meetings laughing about how they rip people off and how they use Laws to do it .Did you know you can not stop payment on a Debit card you can not cancel the card and do it this is crazy the consumer is not being protected .All of this would not happen if they sold a good product So people if you do not want to be ripped off do not purchase this product you will regret it.

1 review
3 helpful votes

They double charged for multiple months and refused to refund. The mycleanpc program doesn't even work as far as what it advertises. I believe they knowingly are scamming people.

1 review
2 helpful votes

It was all fun and games, until the second hit on the credit card in the same month for the same downloaded program appeared on the bank statement. That's right, sports fans, I paid 19.95 for the Activation Key number in order to clean out the errors listed from the scan, then got charged again at the end of the month, not the end of a year, to be told by someone in Bangladesh that I REALLY DID sign up for a monthly tech support service to go along with my program, and by company guidelines, she cannot refund my extra charge. Oh yeah? Watch this, babe. Hung up, went to bank, put a STOP, CHARGEBACK on USTechSupport and submitted a fraud alert. Oh sure, it worked just as well as any other cleaner for the same price, no big whoop. But I do remember saying to myself, "Wait, wasn't PC Cleaner (sounds similar, huh?) the best rated computer cleaner back in the day? They knew that too, obviously. RUN, don't walk away from any product advertised from this USTechSupport.

1 review
1 helpful vote

this company is b.s. should be called india support

1 review
3 helpful votes

Write your review to help others learn about this online business BAD PASS ON THIS ONE!

1 review
9 helpful votes

I wish there was a negative star button for this sham company. Thank goodness all they got from me was $19.99. When I refused the upgrade for 99 bucks along with the 19.99 monthly charge, I never received the email with the link to activate any software! They stated that they had just updated their programming and were having difficulty with it...funny, eh? They want to "fix" other's computers and can't get their own system to work. I asked for a refund and got "disconnected". I never got the email and never received my refund. DEFINITE RIP-OFF!

1 review
13 helpful votes

I wish I could give this a NO STAR!!
I can't believe they can get away with this.
There Fake Scanner will detect thousands of problems
When you have a perfect running system.
They try to sell you over a 100$ of nothing when you call.

Tip for consumers: Run!!!!

1 review
8 helpful votes

DO NOT - I REPEAT DO NOT purchase this service. If you have make sure you get them to remove your credit card. They automatically charge it month after month or year after year, whichever you signed up. They refuse to remove the charge from my credit card even when I asked to speak with a supervisor and it is impossible to get a representative in the US on the phone. AGAIN DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY AND PAY AND PAY

1 review
7 helpful votes

This software is completely bogus. Just for fun, I installed it on a new computer with a fresh install of Windows 7 (OEM disc provided by Acer).
Lo and behold... the software found 1124 "ERRORS" and that I need to buy the software immediately.
Being that I erased the hard drive and installed Windows 7 from disc, and then immediately installed "mycleanpc", not having installed any other program, and not even having connected the computer to the internet, somehow this computer has over 1000 errors in its' OUT OF THE BOX state.
This is obviously bogus.
After satisfying my curiosity, I erased the hard drive again and re-installed Windows 7, which is the only way of getting rid of the mycleanpc software.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased it for $19.99 and I have to admit it made my computer faster. The downsides are you must call them to download the program and they give a REALLY hard upsell to which I had to say "no" several times. They finally downloaded the program and it took well over an hour to fix my errors during which time I could not use my computer.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I was just about to sign up for MyCleanPC, but decided to read the reviews first. Boy, am I glad I did! I m sorry to hear about all the terrible experiences people had, but I am thankful to those who expressed their disappointment. Going public is the best way to fight against companies that don't deliver. MyClean PC needs to learn a lesson!. With lousy product, bad customer service and dishonest marketing -- this company's days are numbered! I will do my best to share all your experiences with friends.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I tried this after not reading reviews. I had 1228 errors and I had to call them to have to fix them. They charged my 29.95 to fix it. i told them OK and they cleaned the errors. I restarted my computer to make sure they fixed them and I should have seen zeroes. I got more than zero. What jerkin' off idiots. I called them and threatened to sue them since I"m a lawyer. This terrorist girl named "Asia" picked the $#*!en phone. This $#*! tried to call me down and threatened to call 9 1 $#*!en and she wanted me to give some adios on the mother$#*!en phone. Then I called her a $#*! and a $#*! and I hung up and took my computer to a shop. My computer is now fixed and they even cleaned the errors. Praise the lord for them.

8 reviews
21 helpful votes

the thing is this site is adware and malware. do not get anything a commercial says for you to get anything the people do is actor portrayals. take it from me, Do Not Get MyCleanPc it will Destroy Your Computer!

10 reviews
15 helpful votes

I work in in the computer repair business and have at least one customer a week that downloaded this software and made their problems worse. It is just designed to steal from those who are not tech savvy. That is all it is designed to do, scare people in thinking you have problems and take money for problems that most likely didn't exist in first place. Your better off buying a new computer for all the money mycleanpc will steal from you! Its best stated as a "legal" scam! Do NOT use! Go somewhere you can talk to someone face to face for your pc issues!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I think this company has taken into consideration all of the disgruntled concerns from earlier on. I tried them, with the gut instinct that my laptop's issues were revolving around one download error (done by a nanny while I was at work, but nonetheless just one error) and Kelly, my agent who helped me confirmed that it was only one issue. The software for $19.99 removed the problem, and the next scan showed no issues at all after I used the software to remove the program that was infecting my device. She did her job pitching the online technician, and I had to decline but the purpose for which I needed the program was indeed served. I am one of those people who will wait until a brand new product is market tested, tried and refined before I'll touch it with my money though.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I run a server for and and kept hanging so I figured why not see if mycleanpc can figure anything out. They just want you to upgrade for $200 and all you do is waste your initial fee. A network admin installed a virus checker and improved my firewall and now the site crashes much less frequently. It was worth a try but it doesn't work as they say. Go run a free virus checker like avira or reinstall windows.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Waste of money. For $40 their software does nothing. In order to activate the software you have to call them and they offer to send you to a "technician" for $199 additional and $14.95 a month for continued service. I ran the scan, paid the $40, refused the technician. Then clicked on fix problems when the software was activated. Took about 50 minutes to do what ever it did. As a test I let it restart the computer, I didn't start any other programs. Let it finish what ever it was doing. Then I said, well if it cleaned my PC I should run the scan again and get 0 errors. Ran the scan and in 2 seconds it found 222 problems. Shut off the program. Obviously it doesn't "clean my pc" it just installs some useless software so they can get you to call them so they can try to sell you a $200 technician. Sorry, there are free programs that scan your computer and even some free ones that will remove spyware etc. This is a scam.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Not sure how sites like this stay in business so long without being prosecuted by state attorney generals. Obviously, sites like this and many similar ones perpetuate fraud on a massive scale to steal money from people who don't know any bettter.

1 review
9 helpful votes


16 reviews
106 helpful votes

FAKE! They spam the internet and their solution is really malware. Never trust there software

1 review
5 helpful votes

Thanks to everyone for helping me avoid this website. I think the best solution is to find a reputable computer tech where you live and then have him or her service your PC when it has a problem. This has been my solution and Wayne (my tech guy) who has a small store always comes through when I need him. Price: about $100, but I know where he is and he stands behind his work.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I fell for this stupid gimmick. I am not the most computer literate person in the world, and they had me thinking that my computer was totally screwed up. They talked me into getting the 1 year plan for 250 bucks. Making it sound like it was the best option ever. They were all Americans, and kept telling me things to keep thinking that, like talking about living in LA and the Lakers. If they were real Americans is anyone's guess. Anyway, I let the tech guy do his thing on my computer, I told him what was wrong with it so he could zero in on these issues. He called my phone about 2 hours later to tell me he was finished. It's Easter Sunday, and I was heading to the 'rents house for dinner. I came home, and it sucks I had to get so angry with the deepest pits of hell, and turn into Satan on the holiest day of the year. My computer was F'D up! It would not stop writing in CAPITAL letters! No matter what I did, it wouldn't stop. That was my biggest issue, not to mention how ridiculously slow it was running! I'm talking about 3 times slower then it was before, and before it was so ridiculous that I fell for the stupid scam that is I called them, and seeing that it says 100% satisfaction guarantee, that it would be a snap to get my money back. Let me tell you how completely rude they get when you ask for a refund. Some chick named "Asia" was seriously the rudest customer service person I have ever spoke with. She talked to me like she didn't give a crap about her job, and being fired for talking to someone like how she did was not scary to her at all. She tells me that they can only refund 70 bucks out of the 280 I gave them (250 for year of tech support, 30 for the scam that they pull you in with). I flipped out. Let's say that F bombs and calling her a female dog was in my vocabulary, but hey, she was asking for it after all! She told me the only way to get a full refund is to let a "level 3" tech go on my computer and fix the problem. I refused! I said, "Why would I let another guy from your company get on my computer, when the first guy totally screwed it up worse!" As I am typing this, my computer is acting funny, like they are hacked in right now reading what I'm typing, not even kidding. The box I'm typing in writing this review keeps moving up and down, and I am not doing that. Anyway, I am just going to call Bank of America in the morning, and hopefully I can cancel those payments. If that doesn't work, does anyone out there have any advice what to do? Should I let them go back on to "correct" the problem?? I really don't want to do that! HELP ME!

1 review
10 helpful votes

Decided to check out after viewing a TV ad. The site advertised the service at $49, so I decided to pass. As I was closing the window, the site offered me a special of $20, which I accepted. A software utility was downloaded to my PC and I received a message that I had to call an 800 number to have the software activated.

The 800 number turned out to be a "support technician" who remoted into my PC, ran a CyberDefencer scorecard program, then proceeded to tell me that my computer was in desperate need of cleaning and tuning up by a professional technician and assured me that the only reasonable course of action would be to purchase their $389.97/2 yr service contract for remote support.

I decided to pass, refused to activate their registry cleaner software, then spent the next hour on the phone trying to cancel my subscription. While cancelling, the customer service rep tried several times to refuse to cancel me, stating that it was "too soon" and imploring me to just try the software for another week.

Finally convincer her to cancel me and got a confirmation #... no clue if she actually did cancel my purchase.

Stay away from these guys.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought this software to get my start-up and registry back to the way it was supposed to be (fell for the commercial). After using, it has me call an 800 number where a tech tried to tell me that a tech should be paid to look at my pc at least every 3 months to keep it running properly, a service they would gladly take my money for. Then, after they could not straighten anything out, they quickly got off the phone and as soon as my auto windows update downloaded nothing on my computer would work. After they called back to find out about satisfaction, they said that they must have 'released a pent up virus' that is now infecting my computer, which they would be glad to fix, for a fee..... 'PENT UP???' Wow. Stay as far away from this product as you can. They put a starter program on your pc and try to reel you into paying them a yearly fee for looking at you computer every 3 months and tell you what a great deal it is or try to sell you more and more and more programs to fix the problems they just created.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I'm a certified computer technician. Stay away from this crap. It is all marketing. If your computer is badly infected you will NOT even be able to load a CD into the tray, or USB as the spyware may have disabled autorun, taskbar, and other permissions to the user. You are better off, using another computer and search for the spyware's name and see if there are solutions to remove it. DO NOT fall for the claims that this product will get your computer super fast. These guys talking are paid actors.

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