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They disabled my account even though I never wrote an article for them. They did not respond after I contacted them to ask why.

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This did not help me one bit on finding out what to do with my issue. It is utter crap. It says the shortest things and doesn't answer the issue at hand.

1 review
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Useless jabber

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Have you ever Googled a car repair and it took you right to EHow? The writers for EHow quite often instructs you to open up the hood, change the part, then shut the hood. How about a home repair article? Go to your home improvement store and buy the material, then repair your home. You are better off going to YouTube and getting the rest of the 99% of the steps that EHow conveniently forgot to tell you. If they do give you more than 3 steps, it's not always accurate.

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I attempted to use the site "". It turns out the site is a complete fraud, stealing "how-to's" from legitimate sites. I went looking for instructions on replacing a head gasket on a 1.9 liter ford engine, there were some errors on the site so I sent a question to the web- manager. After 30 days without an answer I get an email stating that "my problem" was resolved. I re-sent the same problem along with excerpts from "chilton's auto repair manual" using exactly the same wording(with exactly the same errors).
Please don't waste your time with "", and tell their advertisers that eHow is a complete fraud, and reflects badly on their companies. Thanking you in advance for your attention, Henry

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generally a good experience, the website has videos and images. maybe it can include more interesting topics and articles.

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They list free Vin reports. You fill out all kinds of personal information and then at the end of it tells you "our system is down" so go get one with one of our "partners" for a discount price. NO. Even though you have asked for No Services, including "insurance" my phone started ringing off the hook with auto insurance companies saying I asked for a quote. I will never get on EHow again. Ever. Scam, scam, scam

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Seriously, do they "research" their "authors"? There is so much BAD information and advice!!! My opinion is don't rely on 90% of what you read there.

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Asked 1 medical question. Their answer was of zero benefit (ie; offered no hints as to various things that could cause the problem I was having). They then sent me an offer to "subscribe" to their service, which I declined. Am still getting monthly fees showing up on my credit card (and I have to call my credit card to have them removed each month). I can find no instructions as to how to terminate my dealings with this company. The only phone number I have (as shown on my credit card bill) is answered by a machine who does not identify their company and where you can only leave a message that is never returned. ...It's a SCAM !!

Response from Karen S., eHow Representative
Hi Gary, I'm sorry you've had trouble with billing. Please message me back with an email address or phone number to reach you at so we can get you a refund.
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didn't answer my question, took my money, locked me out of the link they gave me.

Ya gotta love 'em. They are very consistant

Response from Karen S., eHow Representative
Hi Michele, I'm sorry you had difficulty with the site. Please message me back with an email address or phone number to reach you at so we can get you a refund.
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1) information is frequently incorrect
2)"how to" articles are usually too brief and simplistic to be useful
3) often multiple articles covering same topic
4) directions are interrupted by advertising blocks and pop up ads

eHow should really be called "How-to for Morons". The articles are apparently written by the same folks who prepare those assembly instructions that come with cheap furniture kits. They're clearly paid writers who are copying information from other unreliable sources on topics that they know nothing about (click on the contributer's name to get their bio and you'll see what I mean). I've looked at dozens of topics on that site and the info is usually incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant to the question addressed. When it is accurate the instructions given are typically so generic and obvious as to be insulting; "to replace the battery in your remote control, remove the battery cover, insert new batteries, then replace the cover" - D'uh! Overall, I'd say eHow is even worse than message board sites like Yahoo Answers where at least you get several unreliable opinions to choose from.

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Content farm with useless information. Most of the submitters are complete dumbasses. Cluttering up search results.

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I have tried several times to use this site for solutions to problems for auto repair and lawn mower repair. In each case, the instructions were incorrect for the make/model of the equipment I was attempting to diagnose and/or repair. I have learned to avoid this site when looking for usable knowledge and advice. Its been a big waste of my time.

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SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!! Don't submit a question with your email address or your inbox will get slammed with spam.

Response from Karen S., eHow Representative
Hi there,

If you haven't yet unsubscribed from the emails you are getting, you can message me back privately with your email address. I'm happy to assist in getting any unwanted emails turned off.
7 reviews
19 helpful votes

this is one of those sites that everybody is guided to whether by chance or link or direct inquiry. most times it's adequate. that is my review of it...ADEQUATE. you can get trapped in "LINK HELL" though, so be careful. This site apparently makes its cash off links, not information. They tease you with just enough then bait and switch you. (my computer is wacky so if sentences/words are screwy, i'm sorry) hell i forgot what i was talking a bout ....

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I really like how they explain things in detail and by steps.

1 review
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inaccurate information and won't respond to correction request from manufacturer

Response from Karen S., eHow Representative
Hi JB, If you want to message me back, I'll be happy to help you resolve this problem.
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Two fundamental objections to this site:
1. They really need to discover the value of visual support for the "information" they post. They seem to think their clever wording of complex procedures and designs will suffice without pictures... when, in fact, it usually DOESN'T.
2. They have too many posts on the same topic, which tends to clutter up a set of search results with similar entries that are equally unhelpful. Hey, eHow... more isn't always better.

114 reviews
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I visited this site because I have been searching for more ways to protect my computer since I received a bad virus awhile back. When I found this site I was really amazed at what I did not know. I learned a lot of different ways to fix my own PC. The site covers so many ways to check for and track any hacking. I found this information very enlightening. I kept going back to the site everyday. The topics are really cool. There is list of hacker prevention methods I that are very helpful. When you go to the site type in the search engine, stop hackers. The site also shows you how to remove viruses and trojan horses. It also has other links, food, home, style, money and health topics. I typed in pretty much anything I was curios about in the health search and if gave me answers about health that I found very helpful. For instance on headaches. In the money section it gave interesting news on who gets what in the event of someone passing. Also what would happen to debts on a deceased person. I think this site is really informative about so many issues. Very nice

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GoogleSearchEdit ProfileShirley BroughtonA brief description of you
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I just simply want the money that ehow owes me. They are giving me the run-a-round. They shouldn't be able to get away with this!!!!!!!! me of my money
Complaint about me of my money

I am being cheated by They owe me $411 to finish paying for my articles that they bought. I have rec'd $356. following is the proof:

An eHow support member has replied to your ticket. If you have any other inquiries, please reply back to this email. Thank you.

Eric (eHow Community Manager), May-17 16:57 (PDT):
Hi Shirley,
Unfortunately there is a bug on our which prevents you from logging in. I will tell you all the information you will need.
You have been offered $767.00 for all of your articles. If you would like to accept this offer, please let me know and I can accept this offer on your behalf.

1 review
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eHow may be fine for some types of advice, but it should **not** be relied upon for advice regarding the care of pets--especially sick ones! Some eHow articles on animal care are obviously written by people who have NO CLUE what they are talking about. I read an article that says you should put cat flea powder on a rabbit to get rid of mites. You should never put products on rabbits that are intended for cats and dogs. You can kill your rabbit. Frontline *forbids* the use of its flea products on rabbits due to so many rabbit deaths and neurological problems in rabbits whose well-meaning owners used it on their bunnies. I feel it is very, very irresponsible of eHow to put information out there that is so potentially harmful.

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

This general interest website is bright, cheerful and informative without being to agressive. Ads are positiond so that the main article of interest can be read without too much inteference.
I like the vacation and travel section, which does a nice job of describing scams to avoid while traveling.
Also, when the site asks if the article read was helpful, a thank you note appears after my reply.

1 review
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99% of their articles are worthless trivia. Why does Google rank them so highly?

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

love it. I have learned to do many natural and organic products from this web site.

692 reviews
3,122 helpful votes

I'd SO like to write a glowing review of this site. The member-contributed articles cover an astonishing range of topics, ranging from how to repair a computer to how to address an envelope, and the site is well laid out and looks thoroughly reliable.

But it's not. I recently sought instructions on how to upgrade the CPU in my laptop, which I hadn't previously opened. Having a step-by-step guide to which screws need to come out and which don't is a great help, and I found the appropriate article here and printed out the instructions, which were clear and concise.

Unfortunately they were for an entirely different laptop, as I discovered immediately, so I ended up just doing the upgrade with commonsense and a willingness to overlook the odd screw or two that was left over at the end.

The site is definitely worth seeking out if you're interested in trying something new or getting a refresher on something you've now forgotten how to do, but don't use it as your sole reference if you're doing something that needs to be right the first time around.

Some of the articles are a bit flaky and seem to have been written simply because the writers are claimed to receive $15 - $20 an hour for them. I don't need to be told that the best flowers to use in my room as an air freshener are the ones that smell nice. I really could have figured that one out for myself. And the community aspect of the site doesn't seem to have got off the ground, with a sparsely populated forum and groups that mainly seem to have only a handful of members and postings at the rate of one a month.

Ehow tries, but could do a lot better.

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As of February, Ehow has announced that they are closing all forums and profiles and that the only way to log in to the site will be via a Facebook account. This is in keeping with the ongoing trend toward making the Facebook account a universal requirement to access sites that rely on user contributions. Presumably, Facebook will have access to data showing when and where you logged in to any other social site, in time. At the time of writing, this thread has gone back to being called "Questions and Answers" so my questions are, is this a good thing for Ehow, or for the social community as a whole, is an account at Facebook something you're happy to open even if you have no interest in Facebook activities, and if not, why not, and how secure do you believe your personal information will be, over time?

By Chris O.
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