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Review of Coinbase

Coinbase reviews

48 reviews
Categories: Bitcoin, Personal Finance
548 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94104, US
Tel: 1465489583

48 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I followed all the prompts,protocol, jumped thru all the hoops. Linked bank account, tried to purchase, problems, and on and on they are either tototally incompetent or a complete scam. Stay away.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I must also agree that when you have a problem with them, they are not found, and their default action is to suspend your account.

UPDATE: Coinbase, after closing my account, reinstated me. My account is working and I did not lose funds. I wanted to update everybody to let them know that Coinbase did resolve my issue to my satisfaction, although it was painfully slow.

1 review
0 helpful votes

All the other complaints I've just read verified my fears.

1 review
0 helpful votes

The first few transactions were OK. Their minimum deposits drove me nuts but at least I was getting my bitcoins when I order them. Now I have a much more critical issue. On the 12th of October I requested that Coinbase transfer money from my bank account to purchase some bitcoins. The money was withdrawn from my bank account on October 14th. Today is October 18 and I still have no money in my Coinbase account. The support sucks you cannot talk to anyone. When you email them they just refer you to their support on the website. I do not recommend these people to anyone. They may treat you right in the beginning but as you begin to trust them they will take your money. You are completely at their mercy. Not a good place to be with these shady characters.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I opened my account with Bitcoin in the Spring of 2016. My acct 'opened' fine after their stated waiting period. Had questions on multi-cosigners, found answer on Youtube before they got to me 3-4 weeks later. "Aound" this time, my ISP, Verizon sold out to Frontier (MANY problems in FL). At this point CANNOT CONNECT TO COINBASE - (have tried 3 times, but won't "Recognize Device" EVEN AFTER THEY SEND A "TRY AGAIN". About a FULL MONTH between responses. Have OPEN TROUBLE TICKET, but response is "About Monthly". I am wondering if I will have to get a LAWYER "Touch" them.... or whether I have LOST MY MONEY.

I have lost ALL FAITH IN THEM, and discourage ANYONE from using BITCOIN.COM for ANY cryptocurrency dealings. It is now 10/4/16, and I have not had access since Late JULY 2016!

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

Coinbase is the number one wallet provider for cryptocurrency. Its fast, secure and dependable. The addition of ethereum makes their platform to win more customers to them. I will recommend it all. Hope that bitcoin can rise again soon.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I found out that they cancelled my transaction for no good reason, but they they say they'll refund my money in 2-4 days. Ridiculous, but it's better than nothing.
I have another transaction pending. If that comes through, I'll keep them. I have high hopes, though my expectations are low.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I found a series of fraudulent charges ACH from Coinbase to my bank account. Coinbase does not seem to have proper fraud controls in place to prevent the abuse of their platform which does not speak well of the company as a whole. A call to their fraud department results in an unprofessional voice mail instead of a fraud professional.They should do better.

1 review
4 helpful votes

These people have the worst customer service in human history.
On June 14th I sent an email to Coinbase support stating that my account has been locked.
June 16th, Josh from Coinbase responded and told me that it was because my payment for a previous purchase was pending and it should clear in a day or two and at that point, my account abilities would be restored. Thats the last I ever heard from him or anyone at Coinbase.
June 24th, I sent a follow up inquiry (no response)
June 27th, I sent a follow up inquiry (no response)
June 29th, I sent a follow up inquiry (no response)
June 30th, I sent a follow up inquiry (no response)
I have tried to call information to get their number, they are not listed. Ive contacted the Better Business Review and searched dozens of sites online to try to talk to a human. All they say is to send an email or go to their website. However, they are totally unresponsive. These people have the worst customer support of any business that I have ever seen! With no way to contact them and no way to get a response. It is very frustrating!

1 review
3 helpful votes

They allow transfer to them and payment to a scam site and then close your account so you cant recover any money and didnt answer with acceptable solution, just pre writted message. They sucks

1 review
4 helpful votes

How much has Coinbase defrauded you?  Send the amount expressed in US Dollars to:   Let's see the total and discover whether law enforcement is interested.  DO NOT send personal information, just the actual dollar amount of your loss.

I lost USD $2,000 to them two weeks ago in a BTC purchase order they cancelled for no reason, then failed to refund the money they had withdrawn from my bank account.

Please post this contact email address and request to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

on Twitter:  @CoinbaseFraud

18 reviews
31 helpful votes

Coinbase requires users to share their most personal state-regulated information, such as their real world identity via state-regulated ID and their social security number. When I asked them to change this for the privacy and safety of their customers, they declined on the basis of "regulation requirements". A company that cowardly kowtows to the state is a clear sign that when our MONEY and our RESOURCES are at threat, Coinbase will be out to save itself.

Tip for consumers: Boycott the major BTC wallet providers until they take a stance for the privacy and safety of their customers, and can verify their trustworthiness in this cause.

1 review
7 helpful votes

They suspended my account, tried for days to get an answer why, claimed I may be using the funds to fund terrorists. I accept Bitcoin on my website and demanded I turn over all my customer details, not just the ones that used Bitcoin. When I refused they closed my account.

Also every time I sent an email to there customer service I would suddenly get porn spam. I know it's coming from them, I only used that email address for Coinbase communications.

I suspect they only wanted my customer database so they can try to get people to move over to them.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I have an open case with these people regarding a $1000 transaction that I initiated with Coinbase. Their website tells me that the transaction is complete, however I haven't received my funds yet. I keep writing to them and all i get is the "wait alittle more" response. I am very displeased with their service. I write to you as a warning. For the sake of your sanity and you money, DO NOT DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW any money into this service! They will flat out rob you. I have read the warning from other people and didn't listen. But the warning is REAL. DON'T MESS WITH THESE GUYS, THEY WILL ROB YOU. If you want details, I will give you all the details you need.

HEED MY WARNING!! These people kidnap and rape your bitcoins. They are low level shady bottom feeders. They don't care about you the only take your money and give you the finger. I got raped by these scumbags for $1000. I am definitely filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
To file a complaint Google "FTC". and look for "Submit a consumer complaint"

4 reviews
11 helpful votes

Without a doubt, the worst customer service I've ever experienced. These guys tried to hold MY MONEY hostage. It might not seem like it now, but these guys are going to be remembered in the same thought as Mt Gox. They're happy to take your money, but when you need assistance because their awful application doesn't work as expected (and it WILL happen), you're completely on your own.

Managed to get my money out by transferring Bitcoin out in time.

Avoid at all costs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Finally, don't be fooled by their "support" on social media/reddit. They tell you to get in touch if you announce a problem publicly but when you do, they never get back to you. Publicly, it looks like support is happening. But it's not. I think they have one person working support. Seems all he's doing is scratching his balls.

Avoid at all costs.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I had my bitcoins sold last fall and I still cannot get a refund. They have put me through the ringer for months and it is starting all over again.

My purpose now is to save anyone else from going through what I am going through. Coinbase are THIEVES!

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

All of a sudden Coinbase is closing my account and I cannot access it to transfer my bitcoins to another wallet. I have been going back and forth with their lousy customer
service for over two weeks as I changed my phone number and now I cannot access my
account. Coinbase "outsourced" the verification process to and they are giving a
really hard time to accept the phone change. They "argue" that they are doing it for security reasons, so they can be sure that I am the owner of the account. First authy mentioned that they will take TWO business days to process the request. I kept contacting them and today they say that it will take an extra THREE business days. They are supposed to be technology companies! It's ridiculous!

Tip for consumers: Stay away from Coinbase!

1 review
6 helpful votes

Why no phone number for an urgent problem? Why it takes days to hear back from coinbase?

13 reviews
17 helpful votes

I will talk here from a person with a european bank account. I don't know how it works if you have a US bank account. Coinbase allows someone in the European SEPA zone to do SEPA transfer and buy or sell bitcoins.Then, it acts like a wallet.
The website is really simple compared to other i have tried (like stripe).
Security is the same as for paypal but this time you do a little bank transfer to coinbase to confirm your account. coinbase also allows to do an automated transfer of your fund in euros to your bank account and that's really good. I have no idea if it does the same with USD.
I have paid online with it and it works well.

1 review
5 helpful votes

They froze my account because they decided to buy bitcoin s for me and overdraft my bank account so I had my bank cancel the order now they canceled the one bitcoin transaction I actually wanted and are holding the funds. Do not use this site they are just trying to scam you use trust me

1 review
6 helpful votes

The frozen my account with more than 1000$ of BTC for no reason without any notice after some months of service. I tried to contact their support but no-one responded. There isn't any phone to contact them and no office address. There are hinders of scam reports about coinbase just by making a search on

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Struggling to even open an account with them from the UK.

10 reviews
17 helpful votes

It's bad when a company's lack of ability/responsability costs you money. I couldn't get access to my account because every time I try to log in it sends a verification code to my phone before I could log in. Well this last time and since there have been no codes sent to the phone. So, I have been up the creek so to speak. And they have no customer service available to speak of. Obviously a Mickey Mouse operation.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I feel compelled to write a review only to offset the horrid reviews I see here posted on this site. It does take a while for Coinbase to approve a high level of "Instant" purchases (as opposed to purchases that take days), but that is fine with me. The fact of the matter is that Coinbase is insured and it is a very "institutional" feeling trading platform. For me, that makes me like it more. There are lots of exchanges out there, but this is the only one with high financial level institutional trust for me to use. They charge a 1% fee for changing Dollars and Bitcoin in either direction (Buy or Sell), but for using your Bitcoin to buy services directly it costs nothing other than the BTC itself in your account. I highly recommend trying it out today!

1 review
8 helpful votes

After verifying myself to death several weeks earlier, Coinbase canceled 13 of my pending purchases from the past week, and will not respond to emails. Chat simply hangs up on me.

Of course, they cancelled them all at 5 pm, today, Friday May 22nd. The Bitcoins were supposed to be in my account by "end of business day" today. Why didn't they cancel when I purchased, instead of the day and the minute they were supposed to be funded into my account?

I bought at 232 and Bitcoin went up to 240 today. So I'd have to re repurchase at a higher price. How convenient.

I needed the Bitcoins by Friday May 29th to purchase something that will not be available after May 29th. Because Coinbase cancelled all my transactions, I will not be able to make this much desired purchase. I have lost out completely. Way to go Coinbase.

Their customer care is ABSOLUTELY APPALLING!!!

Today is Friday May 22nd. My buy/sell capabilites are locked. As is Memorial Day Weekend, even if they unock my account on Monday, (a big if) it will be too late to receive any Bitcoins by Friday May 29th.

The earliest I will be able to receive any Bitcoins purchased will be Tuesday June 2nd and the offer ends Friday May 29th. It takes four-five days to get Bitcoins from Coinbase.

Is there any way to give no stars? This business does not even deserve one star!

All I get is the run around. I do not know when or if I will hear from Coinbase on this matter.

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