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1 review
1 helpful vote

angie sucks suck suck suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 reviews
1 helpful vote

Their so called certified contractors are a joke. The sales and customer service is by far the worst.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I've submitted a review before, citing my frustration with the fact that AF won't let me unsubscribe. AL contacted me on June 6, 2017 and informed me that they would subscribe me. They continue to send me emails (ads) every day since then. Don't sign up - they will never stop sending you ads. Eileen H.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Had used a few venders for work and it's a hit and miss thing. Some where fine others were so bad I can't believe they were recommended and not screened out . About two years or more I called and cancelled my subscription and they verified they would . Didn't really look careful enough until today and noticed it was still active and they were still automatically renewing subscription . Called and they said they had no record of cancellation and said they would prorate this year and cancel. Not good customer service . Will not be using them and have not for over two years . Keep away from Angie's list.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I signed up for angie list last Monday, afterwards heard some disturbing news about angie list call Tuesday morning to cancel account, they were very rude about it. After being on the phone for 30 minutes still no closer to cancellation. Theu said it would be cancelled and 2 days later another lady called to finshing setting up account i told her it was supposed to be cancelled ,she told me i sent email to the right person to get resolved and as of today no one has contacting me to comfirm the account is close and no word on refunding my money

1 review
0 helpful votes

When Angie's list first started, its focus was on their membership, the consumer. It is now on the advertisers that pay them.
They constantly recommend useless products and services that are a total scam and defend them with spurious reasons if you bring it to their attention. Any business can buy a recommendation from Angie's regardless of their reputation, value of service or provision of a scam product. Note attachment:-

Although radiant barriers can be made from a variety of materials, there is no such thing as radiant barrier paint. No one has yet invented a paint that achieves an emissivity of 0.1 or below. (For more information on low-e paints, see Insulating Paint Merchants Dupe Gullible Homeowners.)

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This is from an independent and professional source. Yet Angie's promotes this as a valid insulating factor saving up to 50% of heating costs. TOTAL FALSEHOOD & SCAM

7 reviews
5 helpful votes

We use lead generation services and decided to give Angie's List a try. They provided us with a ton of information and guidance and promised that we would receive lots of leads. It took longer than acceptable to get everything set up, but when we finally got everything completed with them we expected to start receiving leads (especially since the type of work we do was supposedly sought after by Angie's List subscribers, but not many contractors were on the list for those services). After several months, we hadn't received 1 single lead. Not one!!! When we called Angie's List to cancel, they said if we had done our part we would have had leads coming through. Are you serious??? We did everything they asked and they blamed us!! Obviously they don't believe in their abilities to generate leads if they are going to blame the subscriber. Then they said the fee to cancel was $600! What a rip off! Buyer Beware!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Scam. Charged me hundreds per month which I refused to pay. Soon as you register your business the daily calls pile in saying your the A company and will be listed on the top. Well if you do not pay you disappear completely. As bad as Home Advisor selling multiple contractors leads at $100.00 each lead each contractor even though no one asked head companies to find them contractors let alone knowing eye are selling them even after project is completed from someone the homeowners hired locally nothing to do with these online pop ups asking people to click which projects if any in the future they would consider. Bam ! That's all these thieves need to sell to anyone good or bad doesn't matter if they pay .

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have a 4 time Angie's List Super Service Award Winning Drainage company and have advertised with them for 7 years. I have paid Angie's List Thousands of dollars for advertising. While I have received some benefit, I have numerous hours trying to get them to fix problems with our account. For example, we won the Super Service Award last year and the award was not displayed alongside our business name all year, though I tried on several occasions to resolve this, I was basically told that it was my fault for not accepting the award, which I did twice. This year, we paid another $2000 to advertise with them. We moved and updated our information months ago but when you click on the Angie's List link [that they provided] on our website, you still get the old information. I spent time talking to 2 Angie's List reps today and the issue is still unresolved. Guess I have to spend more time calling them back tomorrow trying to help them figure out why their software is not working right, why my potential clients are getting bad, outdated information from them and why more of my hard earned advertising dollars are going down the drain.

1 review
1 helpful vote

to give you more business is all abut money not your good service do not sine wit Angie list you cant cancel after you sine

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Call to remove my business from their website and I was informed I couldnt do that!

Where are my rights as business owner!!!!

Filling space because this website wants 100 characters Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I hired a contractor from Angie's List called Trademark because of their many A ratings. I used both their electricians and their plumber. Both were complete and utter disasters, resulting in them leaving a gaping hole in my closet wall, a ceiling fan that swings like it is attached by string, non-usable plumbing and me staying home from work to wait on workers that never showed up. I ended up hiring other people to fix their messes. So, I posted a negative review detailing everything that had occurred.

When I later checked my review, I discovered that I could not find the company listed at all. I emailed AL customer service and was told that the company had been removed from the main part of the website because they had been caught sending in fake A ratings. Apparently, the company was still on AL somewhere, but not in a place that any consumer would ever find them. So, it would appear that the company was not listed at all, rather than showing the reviews regarding how horrendous they were. I told them company this, but apparently they just ignored my comments.

A few months later, I got an offer for a "Big Deal" from AL, and lo and behold it was for the company that they told me they had removed for posting fake reviews on themselves. I wrote AL again and asked why they let the scammers back on, and why they were helping the scammers advertise. I was told that they essentially gave the scammers a "time out", and let them back on their site.

I found out later that when a contractor runs a "Big Deal", that AL gets 1/2 of the money. So, AL does get paid to allow contractors on their site, even though theri commercials claim that "contractors cannot pay to be listed". AL is a scam too. After this experience, I really can't trust any review I see on their site.

2 reviews
21 helpful votes



When I joined the list, I was told that it took 3 verified reviews before I could even be included in searches. Additionally, I was told that any consumer who searched for my specialty within 5 miles of me would have access to my profile. If the modern consumer will check, very few returned profiles have more than 1 review, and very few of those businesses are within 5 miles. This is the problem with the list i.e. that little of what they advertise or publicly proclaim is in fact the reality.
It was a great idea to begin with, but greed has bent the list into a money grubbing, preferential list. No longer does the list represent competent local talent, it represents only those who will tolerate the wishy washy policies of these idiots, and only for hard cash. And yet they still advertise the original goals. They are lying to you America, and are guilty of the basest fraud. This is very sad, as there exists any number of methods for the list to raise revenues other than by turning it into a billboard.
The hardest thing for me to catch on to was that every time you contacted them, a new answer was given to the current issue, and very few times was there ever a follow up, hence broken promises, and much ill feeling. This, in itself led to even harder feelings, as the list records every conversation, and gives each minimum wage operator broad latitude in entering items to your profile. Question them about anything, try to take them to task for any broken promise, and you will be entered as an aggressive troublemaker for the list. Pay attention, and you will note that each subsequent conversation with them will be more abrasive and uncooperative than the last. Poor me, I am the sort who believes in being rude to rude people, who believes in calling an idiot 'idiot'. Be rude to me, and it becomes my ambition to demonstrate real rudeness.
I would very much like to sue these clowns for everything they own, under the heading: 'Restraint of trade'. Tradesmen have invested much time in procuring these reviews that the list no longer deems important in placements. I am asking for feedback from any souls who might have something to add here.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been a gold member of AL for years. I did an extensive and thoughtful review on a really great contractor we used for a $100K+ home remodel. Spend lots of time that review. Then uploaded 5 photos to show their work and 4 were turned upside down by AL and one was turned sideways. BUT that's not even the bad part. Going through AL forums I found dozens of people asking how to edit their reviews and all were given the same clear, concise and completely dysfunctional instructions. I tried 9 ways from Sunday to find where my mistake was. Finally I chatted and they referred me to a phone number who told me there was no way to edit your own reviews, and there never was, but they're working on it. So my great review show, with scramble photos, that the reviewer is incompetent. I don't care personally, but it ruins the credibility of my ratings about some really great folks. So I try to cancel my relationship with AL, but they do not provide that option though they will cancel charging my card. But they will still email me. I cannot get this AL dog waste of my shoe. Makes me mad enough to find a place to submit this long-winded complaint.

Tip for consumers: Don't do reviews. Stepping in dog waste if you need to update anything, including problematic content.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I awoke to a charge to PayPal that I never authorized. Who do these people think they are if not reverse end I'm off to the police and DA. No one has authorization to use my Pay pal account we have chooses Choice wisely & not a company that has no integrity This is total FRAUD

6 reviews
31 helpful votes

My 5 year old grandson could paint better than these guys. B rating on Angie's list. What a scam. Glad I signed up for the free offer. Had to fire this group and start from scratch.

4 reviews
18 helpful votes

Angie's list is USELESS. It's a smooth CON, and it caught me. One time. After that, I knew better. Low and behold, in my inbox I now have an email relating to a class action lawsuit involving Angie's List. "Moore versus Angie's List." Involving the mysterious fact that certain companies with glowing reviews, ALSO paid hefty advertising fees to... (wait for it, wait for it) (BONNNGGGGG.... went the big brass bell)...ANGIE'S LIST. Talk about ethically challenged. The "company denies wrongdoing." I'm sure the are denying it all the way to the bank.
In my case, I was furious with an East Texas handyman/builder, by the name of Drew Wagstaff from Hemphill, who had caused me endless grief. Like disappearing with half the roof off a house, open to the elements, rain forecast. Where WAS he? Drunk, locked up in gaol, for beating up his wife. I also discovered materials missing. Plus a minor fact of double invoicing to the tune of $1,500. I joined ANGIE's LIST specifically to warn other consumers against this rogue handyman. Paid my fee. Somehow, naively, I thought that nice smiling Angie (everybody's dream mother-in-law, right) (didn't we all have an old flame named Angie once?) would assist me in revealing to the East Texas world that this 'handyman' was a snake. That's what I assumed. Nope. They refused to print the negative review. I didn't cuss, I didn't use profanity, I didn't even sneak in my virulent anti-Hillary sentiments. I factually pointed out the facts. Nope. They wouldn't print it. I queried it. No response. I queried it adamantly. WHERE is my negative review of a Mister Drew Wagstaff from Hemphill, Texas? Eventually... I got what SEEMED to be a personal email, addressed to me personally by a person. (more on this below). The gist of the message was that Angie's List wished the experience of their users to be a pleasant and positive one. It appeared, that my NEGATIVE REVIEW, did not jibe with their avowed borderline religious dedication to said goal of 'pleasant' and 'positive'. Say, WHAT!? I joined Angie's List (and paid my money) to read up on GOOD reviews, and be warned by BAD reviews, and, in this case, to post a SCATHINGLY BAD review. Now you are telling me I can't post a BAD REVIEW?? WHAT, Angie sweetheart, did I just pay my G@#$%!!M Money for? Apart from helping you pay for your super slick Television advertising?
I persisted, with several emails, complaining in no uncertain terms. I'm a writer of sorts, with four books published (see Smashwords) including two novels. I am capable of digging in, and being tenacious.Soon I got more of these emails, from other seemingly human creatures, even the same names, but all oddly unaware of the fact that they had already written to me. It was then that the penny clicked. Or dropped, whatever pennies do. These were not emails from PEOPLE. These were MACHINE GENERATED emails. Rotating randomly from a fixed batch, with the hoped for result of fooling & placating all sorts of annoyed people. Other schmucks like me, that had actually PAID IN to that garbage. Angie's LIst is a smooth CON. They probably don't want to run negative reviews so they A) don't get into any legal hassles and B) can collect the advertising fees.
The fact that, according to the class action law suit, there is an amazing correlation between (doubtless, generous) advertisers and FIVE STAR REVIEWS, just further convinces me to take some minutes out of my schmuck life, and VENT on SITEJABBER in no uncertain terms what I think of ANGIE. (who is probably the trainee office cleaner, seconded in to give us all that warm, fuzzy feeling)
And so says I.

9 reviews
9 helpful votes

I compared reviews on the site to reviews found on Google's site and other places after having inferior services provided by apparently highly rated businesses. Noticed they were rated much lower on other locations.
I would use it for small deals that cannot do much harm, but careful with big ticket items, the ratings do not seem to match with the quality of work.

13 reviews
18 helpful votes

Angies List of A rated companies is a total falsehood and could result in
a customer receiving poor quality recommendations from their A list rated
business in quality of service etc. I already had a problem from a
Angie List prior suggestions of they claim are A rated based on
many reviews posted on their web-site. My recent experience from
Angies List less than three days ago resulted as nearly cheated
from a service charge by their A rated company!
I contacted Angies List first to mention how horrible this A rated company
and then had to contact my credit card company and dispute any
the 98.00 service charge for NO SERVICE ever performed,
not to mention the company plumbers arrived late!
I had a clogged drain in my bathtub that needed service
for showering etc. No labor was ever performed when I was
immediately told by one plumber this is a service charge only!
I practically threw those scams from my home out my door.
Less than two minutes later the doorbell range and the plumbers
demanded I pay them the 98.00 service charge. I used a
credit card ( THANK GOODNESS). I will not detail how
stressful an this ordeal became for nearly another
three days, not to mention a had to have another
plumber fix the clogged drain, they were nice
and the price was reasonable. The problem is
things happened too fast thanks thanks to that
A rated Angies List of local plumbers.!
My advice and others is go on Google
and check for services companies
you need in a situation.!
I definitely give Angies List an A rating A--holes!


2 reviews
2 helpful votes

We have 43 "A" reviews, and because of this we were nominated and received a Super Service Award for 2015. But I received a letter today stating they will no longer show their paying customers our name or phone number unless we pay Angie's List too. This seems unethical to me, people are paying to see our company and Angie's List is instead giving them bad companies without all of our good reviews but pay them ahead of ours. And now we have to pay Angie's List to show our company to people who paid to see our company. Purely from an ethical standpoint, Angie's List is not a company I would ever pay.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This is coming from the other side of the fence I guess you can say. I'm a contractor being scammed by Angies List. When I first signed up, everything was fine, I was near the top of the list, scored all A's for my reviews, by the way, we are a licensed contracting company in business for over 65 years, 3rd generation family owned. We were getting quite a few calls for estimates and work. After about 6 months, they contacted us and wanted to feature my company as a premium company with high ratings in their magazine. I said fine, filled out all the paperwork, than they wanted $350. I laughed and asked are you serious? I declined that and the next day we were dropped down almost 400 contractors in our area. I left it alone, we were still getting calls, plus all of my regular customers and accounts were still keeping us busy. Another 3 months go by, they call and are asking me to advertise to get more leads, Absolutely crazy fees. I declined, and 2 days later our company is magically removed from the listing. I called to complain and they say they don't do that, but I should be advertising with them, again trying to get cash out of us. Every 3 months or so, they will put up our listing for a few days, I get flooded with calls, and than they remove it. They call every week to get us to advertise. A complete scam for contractors

28 reviews
39 helpful votes

First, I need to explain that I never used Angie's List before, but I needed to find a Pulmonary doctor and an Endocrinologist. First I had to sign up and pay for Angie's List. Then, to my disgust, I found that I had to pay MORE to look up doctors. I wasn't able to preview the Doctor's lists until I had already paid. The straw that broke the camel's back was the fact that there were only 2 doctors in each category (I did this in Fall of 2015). NONE of these doctors had ANY REVIEWS listed, so I and no idea if these were good doctors, knowledgable in their specialties. They just might have paid Angie to get on her list, for all I knew!! I thought Angie's List only provided info on doctors, plumbers, electricians, etc who were reviewed and found to be good.
The plus side is that immediately after seeing that Angie's List was worthless to me, I contacted them and told them to cancel my membership (within 1/2 hour of joining), and they did!!!! I also was refunded my money. Alleluia!
On an annoying side, I kept on getting numerous emails and offers to subscribe for months after I cancelled! I had to constantly unsubscribe.
Angie's List may be OK if you are looking for plumbers, contractors, etc (or maybe AL is NOT good). But if your health is at stake, don't hope that Angie's List will be able to help you!

3 reviews
19 helpful votes

You get routed to providers that PAY to be listed. Don't fall for the scam.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

After some of my clients add a very positive review of my services, AngiesList contacted me and offered 1 of 4 spots on certain service areas and calling center. But shortly after I signed up, my listing went to 10th and soon 20th. Iy was in the first page, but it was sorted so many ways, paid and unpaid companies are all listed. Paying over $300 a month has no advantage over unpaid companies. I have called and cancelled my listing but hit with early termination fees.I have given misleading information and promises that was totally wrong.

5 reviews
13 helpful votes

It's hard to find reputable contractors and service people. Angieslist member reviews are generally credible and it's an excellent resource if you are looking for a repairman. I have used them several times and have not been disappointed. However Angieslist don't publish a price for the service on their home page - you have to go through the Join process... or dig deep in the site... I think I originally joined for $14.99... last year they auto-renewed me for $39 and they would have auto-renewed me again this year at that rate, yet I have just found out that the current annual rate is $9.99. Very deceptive. And totally against their concept of helping consumers find good services. I got a pro-rated refund but wish I did not have to go that route to get a fair price.

I must say that having read other reviews here, I find it scary that the reviews you post are not truly anonymous, that the vendor you have reviewed is given your information and not only respond to the review, they can call you up and harass you if you give them a bad review. I hope you can then post that info on you Angieslist review. I understand the issue that a vindictive reviewer can destroy someone's business but if you have an unsatisfactory experience you should be able to state your case without harassment.

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