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73 reviews
Categories: Posters
Tel: 3443203435
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73 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Run away very fast. The delivery timeframes are rubbish. Says 4-8 business days but an email from their customer service says 20+ days - AFTER you have paid. I too have missed a gift timeframe. Not happy.

Ask Susan about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've been reading some scary reviews about this site. I cannot say I had the same experience. But, I would not order from them again.

I ordered 2 posters which after shipping and handling cost me over 60$ Which is a bit ridiculous.

The quality wasn't exactly what I expected for the price, I could have gotten the same quality by finding a large size image on Google and printing it off at London Drugs for 1/2 the price.

If you're going to give this as a gift, make sure you order a Month or more in advance. It took a full month to receive my order. It came from the states and I live in Canada. It has told me after my purchase that is shipped a day later.

You do not get a tracking Number, instead you get an order number. Which does not help you locate where the package is =,=

I did end up emailing the company after the 3 week park questioning where it was as it was a gift for my Bf's birthday. They did respond and were polite enough, but when I asked about the tracking number they completely ignored that half of the email.
So, do not expect to get one....I was also informed I should have waited for 20 business days before I contact them again. To either ship them or get a refund. I am glad they showed up on the 20th day....

"Standard shipping" I order almost everything I own from the states, standard shipping is regularly 2 weeks. I don't live in the middle of nowhere in the boonies. I live in a city next to the boarder. xD

I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone in the future, I am really disappointed by the quality.

Ask Haley about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

The photo of the Allman brothers concert shirt CLEARLY showed an "AMERICAN APPAREL" brand shirt. When I recieved the XL size shirt, it was the worst quality Anvil brand that would be 10 sizes to big for Andre the Giant. You could actually see your hand through the shirt. I think it is made of steel wool and sandpaper.
So I washed my car with it and threw it in the trash. It's a shame you just can't trust anyone today.

Ask Tired about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

Paid a decent price for he frame only to realise it was just plastic and badly joined together

Ask Dotti about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

They do not care about their clients, unfortunately I'm going through hell with them just to receive my order in a decent time frame. Worst customer service i ever dealt with. You may potentially never get what you ordered also. And don't ever order a birthday present for someone from there. They'll never get it on time, even if you order weeks, or a month or more in advance. Im very disappointed. I was stuck on the phone with the customer service rep for a long time because she kept putting me on hold. Little did I realize it was long distance and i was charged quite a bit for it. Still never even got anything from all the stuff i ordered. My bf won't be getting his gift for his birthday and on top of it, i got a lousy cellphone bill because im having to deal with all this. Save your money and your time and buy elsewhere. I never write reviews. But after all this, i felt i had to let others know what i had been through. Extremely disappointed with this company

Ask Disappointed about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a couple of tee shirts for my son for Christmas and they arrived, although run a little small. The purpose of my review is to comment on the circus I've been going through trying to unsubscribe from their email list. I've been working on this since November 2015 (it is now August of 2016) with no success - I still receive a daily marketing email from them. The automated unsubscribe on the email does not work, nor does the unsubscribe on the website. I have contacted their customer service on the issue via every possible means (call, email, web form,) and am continually told no one else in the universe has ever had this problem or has ever told them this before. I've had the matter escalated within their customer service department, have filed complaints with the FTC, their ISP and the attorney general. I've tried calling their corporate office, which doesn't seem to exist (you get a voicemail box that's not returned.) It's become a huge joke in our office with our IT staff, because the company is actually very talented at being able to continue to get these messages through despite all of the routes we have pursued (professional-grade spammers.) It's become a huge joke - they are the reference we use now for all spammers.

Ask Alison about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

Took too long, poster quality below satisfactory and the shipping price is worth more than the poster itself

Ask EKRAM about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered three pieces from the Canadian web site. They actually came from the US and Fedex asked me to pay the customs duty.

Ask Hanuman about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered 3 posters and a tank top 2 months ago today and still haven't received anything. In all my years of online ordering, I've never had anything take this long. Most definitely won't be ordering from all posters again unless I plan on inducing myself into a 6 month coma.

Ask bobby about AllPosters
1 review
5 helpful votes

Thought I was ordering from a Australian web site as it had at the end of web address. First poster came in three weeks and was actually really good. They had such a great selection I chose 2 more. They only sent one and told me other one was sent a few days later. A month later it still never turned up. Emailed them, was told they would email me when a new one would be sent. A week later get some stupid email saying there was some kind of issue that made no sense. At this point I have given up ever seeing my poster. I suspect its one man operating out of the back of a garage

Ask Nick about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

received all 6 of my posters wrapped in cardboard in great shape . they were at my door in 18 days . all is well

Ask warren about AllPosters
1 review
0 helpful votes

Never received all the products i ordered. They gave me other shipping dates and nothing ever came. They said they would reimburse me. Its been 2 months and have not received my product or my money back.

Ask Mike about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

Just received my order and the poster was WRINKLED and DENTED! Which makes me regret working with them and giving them my hard earned money. Just emailed them, hopefully I will receive a response. Would not reccomend this site.

Ask Celine about AllPosters
1 review
1 helpful vote

i had no problem with customer service. They were helpful. Order came in a few days late but it came. No extra charges

Ask Jbone about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 2 posters and after 1.5 weeks recieved notice they had shipped. 1.5 weeks later I asked for a tracking number (none was ever provided) but got no response. 4 emails later with no response at all, I finally recieved my posters. Basically 6 weeks from ordering to recieving with absolutely no customer service and no support. I STRONGLY suggest you not order from this company. If you are lucky you will eventually get what you order but you can be sure that you will not get any reply nor will you get help if anything goes slighly amiss. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

Ask Buck about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is a scam site - I have send how many emails!!! No response. I ordered a t shirt for my husbands birthday and still not received it, been 4 weeks already and no response!

Allposters stole my money as I cannot even get a refund as their customer service is non existent

Order number- 1000812424680

Ask Eva about AllPosters
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

After ordering and. being directed to the Canada site,turns out it is a US company,so postage was much more expensive AND slow. took 2 weeks to get here,My daughters took 2 months service is poor,office is in USA and was. shut..dont do it Not a Canadian company AT ALL so why do they pretend it is?

Ask peg about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

This was shown as a Norwegian company and actually clearly stated that import tax would be zero in my receipt. Once I paid for shipping, and was forced to pay an import fee to pick this up from the post office, the cost was a full 50% more than advertised.

Not not only that, the wall mural I ordered was of such poor quality, the paste soaked through and discolored the image. Also the material warped it's shape when the glue was applied and could not be aligned... it was so difficult to mount, that after two hours of trying we had to just tear the whole thing down again. My living room wall now needs to be repainted. Just great.

I have never been so dissatisfied with an online purchase ever.

I have written to them, but judging by the reviews on here, I am not confident of getting the full refund I deserve.

If they do not respond and supply a refund I am going to report them to the Norwegian trading standards. They will shut the fake Norwegian site down instantly and fine them heavily if the authorities here find out a trader is deliberately misleading people about import duty and the location of origin. It's 100% illegal, and the Norwegian taxman takes these things very seriously, and loves to hand out massive fines.

Ask Antony about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 2 Billie holiday framed posters. At a 45% discount. I couldn't believe I was getting too great framed posters at such a cheap price. Only to find out two weeks later they said my item is delayed, then they canceled my order with no explanation. I pay 24:95 for shipping which is extremely expensive. I called all posters and they're only exclamation was is we ran out of those frames, but you can still buy the poster and buy your own frame. What a lame excuse!!! I ordered the posters the same day they went on sale so don't give me an excuse that you ran out of frames. Shame on you all posters!! I will never
from them again!!!

Ask Marianne about AllPosters
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Firstly, I am writing from QLD Australia and the product was ordered under The return address on our package stated Braeside VIC. I am indicating this as the service may be different if somebody else provided it.

The product might have not been as bad however they do not use proper tubing like Pickawall and other poster sellers. AllPosters use just the cheapest soft recycled paper to wrap the poster.

The order was dispatched on the 21st of December, did not get to me it till 8th of January in a poor condition - all bend with lines through it.

In addition, I ordered it as a "gift" as there is such option on their website. There was an option to enter a note and they were suppose hide the price that was not done and the note was not included. I am just glad I was at home to receive it so I could photograph it for evidence (recommend you do that if you intent to argue it under consumer rights) and throw it to a rubbish bin to save myself the embarrassment.

I wrote to 'orders' at AllPosters, we will see if they will refund me however I will still have the inconvenience of sorting another gift in a short time frame.

Tip for consumers: Skip it, go with another seller.

Ask Maya about AllPosters
1 review
4 helpful votes

I wish I had checked a review site like this before attempting to buy my little sister a poster for Christmas. The site sent me a shipping confirmation email within 24 hours, and the site says it should take 4-8 business days to arrive, but it's been over three weeks now and no freaking poster. I promised my sister I would take her to Star Wars instead because her stupid gift is nowhere to be found. Oh, and they don't refund shipping costs so no matter what I've been totally screwed by these jerks. Thanks a lot, allposters.

Tip for consumers: BEWARE

Ask Mack about AllPosters
5 reviews
5 helpful votes

These scumbags took 6 orders from me between Dec 4 & 12th for a total of 16 T shirts & 1 Beanie. I have only 3 T shirts so far and don't expect any more to ever come. They have a customer service number you can ring. But it only is open for one hour M-F which is 6am my time. That doesn't help if you get hold of them anyway, its just excuses about freight companys being at fault all scripted responses. Avoid like VD or Crabs they say they have the stock til you order something then they don't. It says AU at the end of there URL but it has no Australian link at all. Its all based in the USA. I just cant say how bad this has been for me, over $473 spent for 3 out of 17 items is a pretty bad return for the consumer. Go to Metal Merchant looked dodgy but a man of his word 4-5 days in Australia no drama at all.Even gave a %20 off next purchase thing & a sticker with a hand written thank you note. Its not hard if one person can do it. But a whole company cant do anything right at all. Run To The Hills from Cheers

Tip for consumers: Want a tip save you money buy a T shirt from Kmart instead. Don't trust this mob of outright crooks & scammer's

Ask Rick about AllPosters
1 review
4 helpful votes

Ordered a poster on December 17 for delivery on December 21. Never received the poster. Erroneously shipped to someone else at address unknown. Yet Allposters will NOT reimburse me until I send the poster back. As I don't have it, and don't know where it is, I am stuck. Will notify credit card company of fraudulent nature of the transaction.

Ask Stephen about AllPosters
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wishing no more people use this company to waste your money and time and feel miserable. The worst shopping ever. If you are thinking to order some from all-posters, consider the risk you can't get it by when you want and get wrong orders with no refund. I had to see other reviews here before order.

Ask hi about AllPosters
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered 3 posters a month ago and I've still yet to receive them. I purchased 3 cheap ones so my loss isn't as bad as others but unless you're purposely trying to lose your money, you're better off shopping elsewhere for this kind of stuff.

Ask harry about AllPosters

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