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598 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Rental Homes, Travel
888 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
Tel: 1-855-424-7262
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598 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

We stayed at a place in Arlington Va posted by Julia on airbnb. We wrote a bad review of the place siting roaches, overall dated and dirty ,no smoke alarm etc. I put some positive things in the review too. I was called a couple days after writing the review saying I had violated Airbnb policies ...and my review was rejected. I didn't understand how I was doing "social commentary" but Ok ,Ill just redo it, taking away the contested parts and post. Airbnb made it impossible for me to put an honest review online. Apparently a case manager is the only one who can change my account settings to allow the new review online. I called them constantly without being able to connect with the case manager assigned to us. I was sent an email from case manager that was not set up to respond to.!! Finally after I made repeated calls to get this online I was called by the case manager and told there was nothing she could do !!!saying 48 hours from the time of review!! this was new information!!! Of course time was up ! Also this all happened within the 14 day timeframe submitting reviews. Last communication with airbnb was on 12th day. I wasn't allowed to say" I HOPE YOU refinish your tub and have a deep cleaning done your place really needs it." We left Julia a note at her place with our concerns about her place...I was not allowed to (admittedly sarcastically) thank Julia for taking our note to heart, adding couches and generally spiffing up the place since our stay. Or to mention we had asked Julia for a percentage of a refund and got No reply.
Bottom line we were disgusted with AIRBNB policies that put up so many bull$#*! obstacles to keep this review off their site.

Ask c about Airbnb
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

We booked and confirmed for a 2BR in midtown Vancouver (1028 Barclay Street) 4 months in advance. All fine except the host told us she did not have "front desk" priveleges and access would be via the side entrance. Mmmmmmm. Hosts name was Ashleigh P.

A few weeks before leaving for Vancouver I noticed her listing had disappeared from Airbnb. I messaged her and she said she had had to take it down. Too many requests. Mmmmmmm. She replied using the name Nicole P.

One week before leaving for Vancouver I contacted Airbnb to discuss my rising doubts. I was told there was no need to worry. They were confident all was above board. Mmmmmmm. Why were they so dismissive?

5 days before arriving I get a message reminding me she had no "contract" with the management at her condo for concierge services so she would meet me personally to let me in and show me around. Mmmmmm.

0830 on the morning of the booking I am boarding a plane to fly to Vancouver and I get a text saying to meet her at an address 38 Smithe Street Vancouver. Mmmmmmmm. WHAT?

I called Nicole/Ashleigh and she tells me she cannot now provide the promised apartment as her access pass had been blocked but she has "moved us" to a 1BR in a different area of town. She is "not prepared to explain or argue with you about this". The booking is changed and she has no obligation to do more.

What transpired is that she was (sub) letting an apartment illegally in a building and that the owner/building management had blocked her access. She had been doing it successfully for some time and had good reviews but now was caught out and barred. Obviously the assurance she had given Airbnb was falsified. When I raised this with Airbnb they said "we have hundreds of thousands of hosts. We can't verify all their claims".

Airbnb cancelled the booking and said they would find another apartment in tge same area and standard. We trusted them as we were just a few hours from arriving. we are a 35 minute bus ride from mid town, on a very busy highway and with only a gas station anywhere bear to shop. Our holiday is completely ruined. The Airbnb "service" person took us for mugs.

What is my complaint? Airbnb say Nicole told them she had a last minute hiccup and they accepted her excuse completely even though they know she gave us a completely different excuse. They agreed it was unacceptable but they had absolutely no plan to do anything other than help me find alternative accomodation: she was a successful host (aka she made big $ for Airbnb). I was told this really did not happen often and I was unlucky. I was told 4 times that Airbnb took great care to look after their customers and that my experience was unusual. I was left to understand that I should feel for the host and just get on with it.

The bottom line is that Airbnb will keep Nicole/Ashleigh. They said so. She is a valuable source of income to them. They understand what has happened looks dodgy but if she tells them she is OK to offer an apartment then they will take her word for it. And if she gives a blatantly false explanation to cancel, who is Airbnb to confront her?

Airbnb's model is set up to facilitate scamming and they know that and believe that they can "manage" victims when they emerge. It's a buyer beware portal.

Post script. Airbnb tried to charge me a fee for the cancelled booking.

Ask Lyne about Airbnb
1 review
1 helpful vote

i used to book from Airbnb many times and also used to me a host too. Last years the company starting to be really terrible forgetting the values and the innocense of the start. A lot of hosts are now managers trying to make more money. The most worrying in my last bad experience was the behavior of the site. I booked an apartment and 2 days after check out the manager send me some zoomed pics claimed 26 euro more for damage sheets! . i reject it ofcourse asking the site proof i made the damage. After somedays airbnb charge me the ammount without answering any simple question i made (why he refer it 48 hours after check out, if they take into account my profile and his etc). The manager got many apartments so...airbnb decides...MONEY. BE awared of their official answer..."As the request was made before a new guest booked into the listing you are responsible for the damages that occurred during your stay. If there was damage present before you booked the listing this would be evident to you when you were in the listing and if this was the case the onus is on you to inform the host that there is damage in the listing that you did not cause. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with our team, but please know that we've issued our final decision and will uphold it accordingly." THIS IS AIRBNB! AVOIDDDDDDDD if u wantnt to be stealed by thiefs,

Ask PANAGIOTIS about Airbnb
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had an account made in my name, with my information. It was someone I know harassing me that made the account. I shut the account down, they made another. I contacted airbnb this time and waited for a month for them to respond. They wouldn't help me at all, wouldn't even make it so that my information couldn't be used, or so that they contact me directly if another account is made in my name. They told me it was me that made the account (when I know for a fact that it was not me). They are not a secure site, they don't care about security and they don't care about customer service. I had a security complaint and it took a month for them to reply!! It's ridiculous.

Ask Cassandra about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am a host. I tried advertising on airbnb but was still in the start up( only 1 day)and did not have my calendars synced yet. I was assured I had final say on ALL bookings before they were confirmed,so didn't see it as too much of a problem. That turned out not to be true. I received a confirmed booking from airbnb called an express booking for a time that was not available. When I called airbnb for help with turning these express bookings off,I was told this could not be done and I had no control if the guest wanted to go ahead and express book my condo. When I asked the agent how to cancel my listing, as I was now on my way to thinking of the scheduling nightmare, I was told he was advised not to talk with me anymore, till I had entered my financial details on my listing to accept payment....of a booking I was not in a position to accept!
I had to now contact this guest, who had already paid airbnb,and break the news that she really did not have a reservation! Once this was done,airbnb immediately put a review on my listing saying the host had cancelled a reservation 9 days before the guest checked in, not that it was not even an hour after the host even know about this reservation!
I have serious concerns about the companies professionalism and business practises, and found there were quite a few lies. If their agents are lying to overcome the companies policies, then I have a hard time trusting this company with my business.

Ask J about Airbnb
12 reviews
4 helpful votes

I don't understand why, but this company will NOT respond to requests for communication from its management.

Ask Robert about Airbnb
1 review
2 helpful votes

Customer reps have no idea about their website and no clue how to resolve it

Ask Naresh about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

Airbnb must filter reviews....we stayed at an Irish Airbnb which was night-n-day from reviews, the apt was worse than my first apt out of college. Two towels provided for two of us staying for SEVEN nights. No soap or toilet paper provided, dingy apt with crap left under sinks in both kitchen and bathroom. Dirty, drunks hanging out daily in front of place, halls smelled horrible, whole thing really disappointing. 25 minute walk to restaurants when sold as close to everything. Was glad to get out and savor end our last night in a hotel by airport, will never use Airbnb again.

Ask Catherine about Airbnb
7 reviews
4 helpful votes

Airbnb was a gem of an idea, unfortunately - some greedy people have used it to scam or to try and make an obscene amount of money to be a host.
Therefor, I advise anyone who thinks to try Airbnb - look carefully at the reviews of others who have used the b and b that you are thinking to try - I have used Airbnb about 4 times now, with varying success. One host made his dirty and untidy flat appear to be a haven, but then another host went all out and supplied breakfast, dvd's, maps and extra blankets! So I had a rate of 50% success (2 out of 4) good experiences.
There are some truly amazing homes, but they ask huge amounts of money and it is obviously a business for them - not just a hobby or way to make a bit of income from their spare room and meet travelers.. I'd rather just go to a hotel than pay over the odds for a room - no matter how pretty the decor is - bc then if I have any problems with the service I can easily speak to the management about it - if its Airbnb - there is no recourse or re-reimbursement. So - check the reviews carefully!

Ask Yve about Airbnb
1 review
4 helpful votes

First it took two day to book a placed because my camera couldn't take a clear enough picture. They said it could be done another way, but wouldn't tell me how. Called them, not helpful at all. Then the cherry on top, they charged me three times. After many, many phone calls the outcome, they'll get it back to me whenever. Now I have a maxed out card and automatic charges that come out month being denied. Do they care nope. Does the bnb stand for Beavis n Butthead?

Ask Kim about Airbnb
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a host on Airbnb for 2 years and have had multiple comically bad experiences with their pricing and bookings system. I had to turn off instant book after a short trial because it was a huge money loser that pissed off guests that were in the process of inquiring about the same dates. I recently tried the 'smart pricing' feature which is really 'dumb pricing' as it cut my prices to half of what my place has historically booked up for. I am leaving a bad review publicly as I could not find a feedback area on their website to give the same feedback directly to them so the review must go to the world on a 3rd party website. Extremely displeased with the Airbnb programming. Has always been poor - great concept, extremely poor execution.

Ask Nicholas about Airbnb
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have booked Home through aribnb which cost me so cheap and affordable, best suits to travellers

Ask santosh about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had a bad experience with a host, i booked a room for the night but he wasnt there and would not answer his phone when i arrived i was told he didnt even live there i ended up staying in a hostel. After explaining what had happened to airbnb and after giving them a copy of my phone log and other travel documents to support my claims after a few days i was given a full refund and a £50 coupon off my next reservation using airbnb so in the end i feel they did compensate me and i am gratefull for their good customer service.

Ask jack about Airbnb
1 review
5 helpful votes

My friends and I rented a house in the Hamptons for a long weekend.
Upon our arrival the place was 95 degrees with the windows being
partially open. The place was clearly in the process of being
remodeled and wild animals were all over the place. Not to mention the
bugs that were in the kitchen. It was MUGGY and just gross in the
house. NEVER EVER rent a house in Sag Harbor 66 Meredith Avenue Sag
Harbor. Brenda is a HORRENDOUS host. We contacted the host of the
property who informed us the place had no air conditioning and she
dropped some fans off. The fans barely worked. It was so hot the
fridge wouldn't even stay cold. The temperature was inhumane,
absolutely ridiculous not a vacation. We had a baby with us who was on
the verge of becoming sick from the heat. We contacted the host again
who informed us it was the hottest day of the year and that he
completely understood. He informed us that we would receive a FULL
refund if we left that same night. We feverishly sweated and searched
for places in the area to stay which was a challenge. We left within
2 hours of our arrival. We ended up all not staying together because
nothing was available that last minute. The next morning airbnb
informed us that air conditioning was not a listed amenity and they
could not process a refund we paid $1800.00. The owner denied telling
us that he would indeed issue us a refund, even though hours earlier
he said he would on speaker phone in front of all my friends. AirBnB
assigned us a case manager who we NEVER spoke to. Every time you
called you got somebody different. We aren't even able to leave a
review on the property because we didn't stay there. go elsewhere for
a rental

Ask Katie about Airbnb
1 review
7 helpful votes

We were refused into the unit by the building manager when we arrive at a condo in Chicago because they don't allow transient renters like Airbnb. The host happened to be out of the country. We were literally left holding our "bags" and had to scramble to find hotel rooms and pay extra.
Contact and help from Airbnb was zero. Subsequent communication and resolution w/ Airbnb was very poor and non existent. I was given the impression of "tough shi--" from Aibnb.
I hope this won't happened to someone else.

Ask Austin about Airbnb
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am a host on Airbnb. They are the worst place to advertise. I can see why after reading all of the reviews. They just kept $200 of my reservation money due to my not accepting past reservations. REALLY??? I get 99% of my reservation from VRBO and have never had a problem with them. I get paid immediately, not MONTHS later. I have filed multiple complaints and will put them on the local news channel here in Nashville, TN. DO NOT USE this company. OF course, I can't find a phone number to call customer service to talk to anyone....WHAT A JOKE!! I have since removed my listing. They also are putting remarks on my profile that says "host cancelled reservation one day prior to reservation". This is defamation and is NOT true. I didn't cancel anything. I simply didn't accept it due to another reservation at the same time. I can't wait to call my attny on this one!!......

Ask Dawn about Airbnb
1 review
5 helpful votes

We stayed at a condo that promised multiple amenities with a picture to back it up, like a TV. when we arrived late in the evening there was no tv not a fully stocked kitchen like coffee pot etc. The host said she would bring it down. It was suppose to be air conditioned, only a small unit in the living area with fans in the bedrooms. I was traveling with my 97 year old Mom and could not leave to find a hotel. we tried using the sink in the bathroom and it was clogged. Again the host said she would fix it plus provide more towels (there was one bleached stained wash cloth, two hand towels, two bath towels (one had a huge hole in it) and a few beach towels. The host knew that there were three of us staying There was no where to hang the few towels to dry had to use door handles. When the coffee pot was left the next day, the top of the reusable pod was broken so it was not working. We left for the day expecting the issues to be resolved when we returned and nothing. When I texted the host she said they were away for the weekend and she cold not do anything else. Again it was late at night. So the next morning we left and I texted the host telling her that it was uncomfortable to stay there and I would expect a refund. Out of the 19 amenities that were suppose to be there there was only a few. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges and they are working on it, BUT.... I contact Airbnd several times with feedback and asking about this situation and nothing from them. My recommendation, do not believe everything on their website. Buyer Beware! You would think since they can afford to advertise on TV they would have the funds to back up their promises on their hosts. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Ask MaryAnn about Airbnb
1 review
6 helpful votes

We stayed a weekend and then got billed $265 in extra expenses, saying we had extra guest and we used bikes etc which we never used and never had anyone over. We tried to tell them we did not have anyone over or use the items mentioned but they said we should read the contract and they can bill for what ever they like.
Very dishonest company

Ask Jerry about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

Don't be fooled. The luxury house in Puerto Plata Dominican may look GREAT, I never saw it. I booked Aug, 2- Aug. 6, 2016. Sent an email to Dale Benson on July 31, to get information on how to gain access to the house, how far was it from the airport,etc.....NO ANSWER FROM DALE......I called the contact number, it is to a US phone number. The person who I spoke to (Eric) stated he would email Dale so he could contact me......NO CALL FROM DALE.....I contacted Airbnb, they sent me a email to review their representative, NOT DALE......They stated since the host cancelled the reservation I could not review him......HOW CONVENIENT........

Ask mustafa about Airbnb
1 review
4 helpful votes

In airbnb you will be dealing with people that are not professionals. It is only based on trust, and when this fails, and it does, it will ruin your holidays. I used airbnb because it was cheaper than a hotel, until one day an owner asked me to pay for something I didn't do. Airbnb does nothing about this. At the end it would have been cheaper, and better, to have booked a good hotel.

Ask Stefan about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

After a terrible experience in Paris through this $#*!ty website, I tried to contact them. Not possible.There is no contact number No customer service center .No nothing . Air-nub is a Scam !!!!!!. I'm sorry letting this peep y pants Fag Nurd Brian Chesky in Sanfransisco rip me off. Be careful IsIs is one of his hosts !!!

Ask azar about Airbnb
1 review
7 helpful votes

Every facility has exceeded my expectations and been a great value, otherwise I would have used a hotel.
All the guests that have stayed in our RV have left it clean and they have been nice people and a joy to meet.

Ask James about Airbnb
1 review
1 helpful vote

Instant $75 off on your next Airbnb trip! Go to www MillennialTravel net and the code will automatically be applied at checkout - safe travels!

Ask Janet about Airbnb
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

Airbnb is a very interesting place to be and it offers plenty of opportunities to stay besides of the hotels any day of the week. I have enjoyed using Airbnb for my travels and I will continue to do so. My wife and I have met some very great people using this site and have really enjoyed the places that we have stayed. We actually found a log cabin made of cedar in Knoxville, TN and had our honeymoon there. Eddie Arnold / EDDIE'S HOME THINGS!

Ask Paul about Airbnb
1 review
4 helpful votes

Back in December, 2015, I decided to have my wifes 60th birthday celebration on July 17, 2016 in Myrtle Beach, SC. I wanted to find an accommodation with 3 bedrooms so that my son and his wife and my daughter and husband and my wife and I could be under one roof. I had a good experience with Airbnb in September 2015, so I got on the site. I located a 3 bedroom suite at Mar Vista Resort in Myrtle Beach and I reserved the suite with my credit card for July 15 18, 2016.
As of the 1st of June 2016, Id heard nothing from the host Sean Michael (VAWAY). I sent a message to Airbnb and later I received a short message from Sean stating that everything was okay and I would get check-in instructions soon.
During the week of our trip, I sent a message every day to the host, Sean Michael and he gave me the same response, the check-in information is coming. On Thursday, the day before leaving, I pressed the issue and got Tonya, CSR Manager of Airbnb involved.
Finally, I got a call from Sean Michael and he informed me that the property at the Mar Vista resort had been double booked. If the property was double booked, how did I get pushed out and the other person was given the suite at Mar Vista. So, Sean Michael offered me a 2 bedroom suite in Cherry Grove. We needed 3 bedrooms not 2 so this would not work for us. Then he said, my party would have to leave to a larger five bedroom suite in Cherry Grove for the next two nights. I did not like his proposal so I contacted Airbnb again. I later got a call from Sean Michael and he was upset and suggested that it was my fault that I did not have a place to stay in Myrtle Beach.
Soon it was obvious that we would not get help from Sean Michael or Airbnb. So, we had no choice but to search on our own to find a place. Finally, we found 3 separate rooms at Embassy Suites which increased my cost by over $2,000 because of last minute planning and searching for a room.
I am very disappointed with Airbnb and very disappointed with Sean Michael (VAWAY).

Ask Franklin about Airbnb
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