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621 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Rental Homes, Travel
888 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
Tel: 1-855-424-7262
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621 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

It is a rare occasion for me to spend this kind of time saying negative things about people or things. I must admit upfront that I was never actually a customer. I was too disgusted with the application process to ever actually be a customer. Seems to be more of personal information gathering apparatus than anything else. With a few modifications, It could easily be used as an instrument to measure frustration tolerance. I am glad I took the time to write a review because I saw all the negative reviews along the way. I rest assured that it wasn't "just me".....looks like the thing sucks as bad as I thought....maybe even worse (that would be hard). I do highly recommend it to those who enjoy frustration and disappointment.

Tip for consumers: For masochists only.

Ask Thomas about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

YOU SUCK- Said I got a referral coupon for $35 travel credit and it was never automatically applied to my checkout nor did it include a coupon code within th email or anything- I cant contact anyone because the company doesnt exist outside of internet world it seems. SCREW YOU- im telling my 700 friends on facebook to never use this site. I can see from all the 1 star reviews that you company will shut down soon anyways.

Ask C about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

Angie's Airbnb in Denver was exceptional . It looked exactly like the pictures . She had all the amenities as posted on her site . The bed was so comfy and the view spectacular . I will definitely stay there again!

Ask Dana about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

We really enjoy using Airbnb for the last two years. At first they were terrible - customer service was nonexistent, hold times were forever and their agents were extremely unqualified and very rude! However- they have improved over the last 12 months. We rent an apartment out to others and have easily rented it more than 50 times. Hold times can still be long however their agents are much more professional and even friendlier. They still have a monotonous verification process and the main issue now is their systems must be awful-their website has always been awful and extremely difficult to navigate they have changed the looks of it many times but it has never been a good website and totally surprised -based in Northern California you would think this would be easily under control. They never seem to have the notes from when we called in prior as to who is authorized on the account. We are constantly repeating ourselves to get this done. Whoever the CTO is must be replaced and this will be a premier site. In the 50 rentals 3-4 were an issue and needed their involvement all worked out in the long run. I am a persistent SOB and kept calling in until an intelligent life form would hear me correctly. Persistent but always fair.

Ask Jeff about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am actually giving ZERO stars, not one star. I had an issue with booking, and contacted them. They dint respond for 96 hours! And they don't even have a phone number to contact for urgent grievances! I had to book on an alternate date and make a loss of 1 day rent because of this. They take about 5% commission for every booking. I don't know where it is going! I'm feeling cheated. Airbnb, you are hopeless, and people will pay you back for this!

Ask Rangaprakash about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

Got to the place we had to stay in Black Forest in Germany and place was sold. No one had the decency to let us know. Couldnt reach AirBNB or host. Just no answer. On AirBnB website even less help.

Here we are in the middle of nowhere with no place to stay.
Thank God we got a place to sleep in town further on. Offcourse had to pay again, because we already paid AirBnB.
Came home. Tried to get our money back. Many stories later. Still nothing. Not even replies on our emails.

So, so, so unprofessional, devious, greedy, flawed, disappointing, unreliable, dishonest and no integrity at all.

Ask Magdaleen about Airbnb
1 review
2 helpful votes

I guess one MORE one-star is not going to add to what is so obvious already - my recent experience in Iceland echoes everything others have said. I will add here that since I live in the Bay Area and found out that the HEADQUARTERS of Airbnb is in San Francisco at 888 Brannon - After numerous attempts at dealing with their so-called "customer care" with the same experience of other reviewers (being ignored or getting canned generic automated replies completely ignoring my well documented detailed complaints about the apartment owner's remise and RUDE treatment), I wrote a formal letter of complaint to their self appointed CEO, Brian Chesky. As expected, it was ignored, so I followed up on-line with threats of going public and outside the organization with possible legal action since this company TAKES THE FULL AMOUNT due at BOOKING and then accepts NO responsibility or even gets involved when something goes wrong, which obviously happens a lot (read the reviews below!).

I believe this relatively new way of doing business on-line the way Airbnb does (with seemingly no procedures, policies or standards/requirements on the owners to assure locating their properties is as easy as possible and that things like appliances, stow-a-way beds, etc. are safe, in working order and instruction information is available or provided in person by owner) is "testing the waters" in a number of ways.

In my case, when I finally did get a response from a "Senior Customer Service" rep, it pretty much ignored my primary points and offered to do nothing regarding taking some responsibility and much needed corrective action. I have since written back twice and all I got was another generic automated reply basically running me in circles! AS MANY HAVE ALREADY EXPRESSED, THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE AND IT IS A CRIME THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

I have threatened to take the whole situation to local newsman, Michael Finny and his "Seven on Your Side", as I think that kind of exposure would perhaps GET THE CEO's attention and force him to get involved and make some changes! Another more direct approach would be to get government and legal authorities involved regarding the issue of them collecting FULL rental amounts up front and then bowing out and leaving it up to the renters and owners to duke it out when things go wrong, which they obviously do!


Ask Ronald about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had a guest for 2 days and Airbnb did not pay, they claim Airbnb's host payment did not materialize and now they have been "looking" at the issue, for a week, a case manager "Brad" is supposedly solving the problem with no results and no feedback on what is exactly going on.
Called today and the person I spoke to threatened to hang up on me I was not satisfied with her answer, again, "someone is already looking into this case" and has no idea about status. I asked and told her that I wish to speak to her supervisor, answer "there is no supervisor"
Bottom line: I told the people I spoke with that this issue is not my problem. They approved the host, their fees are collected lightingly fast and the mind boggling avalanche of data flow to your email, SMS, Airbnb App, as well as any other contact they have registered on you. Works with terrifying efficiency.
I am not the one to go after my non-paying host, this is an issue that definitely its up to Airbnb (subliminally suggesting for me to contact Host for payment) thus definitely not for me to solve

Ask Hillar about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

So long story short, I own a home that my husband and I have spent a chunk of our lives fixing, remodeling and shifting from shack to chic. We rented it out and made a terrible mistake visavi renting to a deadbeat who posted our home on airbnb. Obviously that is our problem; however, when we contacted airbnb to remove the listing, they refused. We are evicting the tenant and will have him forcibly removed in three days time. Unfortunately, for those unsuspecting airbnb and renters, our home will once again be ours and they will not have a place to reside over the holidays. Bummer! Terrible service. Their modo should be "Screwing landlords and customers alike."

Ask Jen about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

can't pay for the accommodation in local currency, it automatically charges the currency of the credit card, which it ends up making me pay the 3% conversion fee, so unfair, dishonest company! airbnb should give us the option of which currency we want to pay in!!!! CHANGE IT AIRBNB!!!! NOT HAPPY!

Ask Tracy about Airbnb
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have been using airbnb for 2 years for visits to Toronto and have been extremely satisfied. I recently came back from my last trip, and for $95 a night I stayed at a newer condo, with a Literal Million dollar view of Downtown Toronto and the CN Tower about 2 miles away from the 29th floor. The condo had a full kitchen, and gym, and 24 hour security.

I have stayed at 8 properties and all were excellent full size one bedrooms for half the price of a hotel room with just a bed. I stayed at one Penthouse unit with a private terrace and expensive full service kitchen. I stayed at another basement unit 2 blocks from the beach with netflix and a PS4 unit.

The only bad experience I had was one gorgeous unit in another high rise, but the airbnb renter was violating building rules renting it. The building management found out, and shut off the key card, so I had to get security (24/7) to buzz me into the building. It was a bit of a hassle, but one bad experience out of several exceptional one's is well worth it.

The other hassle is before you can rent, you need to get approved by airbnb. They need to verify your e mail, phone, and you need to have at least one online social media account like facebook, twitter or instagram. It takes about a week.

I don't think I will ever book a hotel airbnb continues to be this Amazing!
I asked the lady who rented me the last condo on the 29th floor how much the unit was worth.She said over $400,000 and I believe it!

The photo is taken from the 29th floor at Dawn!
Highest Recommendation!

Ask Jack about Airbnb
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Airbnb owes me $580 for a reservation and will not pay me. What's worse is no one will call me back to deal with the complaint. I am constantly told I just have to continue to wait for a certain department to call me. I filed the original complaint on October 7 and it is now October 25. I just got off the another frustrating phone call with a customer service agent who cannot do anything to help me. I have to wait for some supposed complaint department that I do not even believe exists! Shady company!!!

Ask Jamie about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

We had an airbandb booked that was in the incorrect location (much further away than specified). We phoned customer service, sent them a photo of our coordinates and it was fixed within 2 hours. Excellent customer service and very prompt responses.

Tip for consumers: if something is wrong, contact the landlord first and if that isnt fixed make sure you contact airbandb within 24 hours. Most people wait too long and then its out of airbandbs hands.

Ask Denise about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

When searching Airbnb for a Pet Friendly, Whole House place to stay in Nashville TN, do not select 1109 Pennock Avenue/Jared as the owner. I made this mistake- a week before my trip, I wanted to confirm it was ok to bring my dog. Suddenly my dog was too big, couldn't bark, etc. so the refund process begins. The host tells me if he requests the refund it'll "ding his account" so he asks me to submit the cancellation and promised I'd get the full refund minus the 10% cancellation. Two days ago Jared stated he sent the additional $400 on top of the $550 already refunded... he promised and outright lied about sending it. After my one and only Airbnb experience, I highly recommend you do not go this route. When I select pet friendly and whole house, I expect only homes with this criteria will show and this was not the case so they misrepresent word: fraud.

Ask Shirley about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased several thousands of dollars worth of gift cards on Amazon. Every time I try to book something with airbnb I get an error code 500, if you look online this is a issue that they have with a lot of accounts. It's not the same issue with the gift cards not getting applied to the account. I was able to apply them to my account and I now have over $1,900 worth of credit in my account that I can't use. I actually needed to stay in another city for a medical treatment for cancer, I made them aware of my situation and nothing. All they can tell me is that they are working on it and this has been the only response for over 6 weeks now. I have had to pay for a hotel instead and have been asking for a refund of my gift cards and they finally agreed to last week which as not happened, they have currently stopped responding to my emails. I have contacted Amazon and they can do nothing about it. It looks like I will have to take airbnb to court and hope that I get my money back. I have attached photos of what happens when I try to book. Please don't lose your money buying these gift cards.

Ask Heather about Airbnb
1 review
0 helpful votes

We booked a 3bed unit in London for a week (host "Caroline") After a few days, Caroline informs us via the airbnb email system that she is cancelling the reservation because the unit was booked by another web site. Really disappointing, but I guess that happens.

So we start over and find another 3bed unit we like (host "Lola"). Lola has some great reviews. Again, I pre-pay the entire reservation on my Visa and it seems like we are all set. Then we receive another message from airbnb that (1) our payment method is not valid, (2) our new reservation is cancelled and (3) our airbnb account is immediately CLOSED. WHAT!? Our payment method was certainly valid and in fact airbnb had now charged us for two reservations. I called our credit card (Citibank) and they said that no refunds have been processed.

Now, I've booked a hotel and I'm fighting with airbnb to get my money back. They say they have processed the refunds, but Citibank says they have not. What an amazing scam (err, I mean service).

Ask Jeff about Airbnb
1 review
1 helpful vote

We have 3 properties listed with Airbnb, all has been going well until we got nightmare guests. They brought along 2 large dogs and an extra child without telling us. The dogs caused damage to our property and left a huge mess as they were allowed inside. We contacted Airbnb who really said it was our fault for letting them in and not telling them of the house rules even though the rules were clearly stated on our listing. Airbnb do not care about their hosts. Terrible website too, always full of glitches.

Ask Shannon about Airbnb
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have 4 properties on Airbnb. I have tried to contact them on several different occasions about extremely important issues. They do not email or call back. They simply do not care.

Ask April about Airbnb
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I've used AirBnB four times.
Two of those times were just fine, and two were awful. What I particularly did not like, and why I'm blaming AirBnB is that it was their customer service that is awful.

I can understand, with so many listings, and so many renters, that there will be problems. But they should go out of theri way to resolve listings that are fradulent or misleading, and help the stranded customer. Instead, they have an unacceptably cavalier attitude that is not acceptable.

The first awful one was when I booked a room in Utreckt several months before a conference I was scheduled to attend. Just by co-incidence, it happened to be the exact same weekend that the world championship soccer tournament was taking place in Utrect. Neither the host nor I knew this would happen when the booking was made.
A few hours after I checked in, the host was downstairs yukking it up with his friends. He then entered my room to tell me that his uncle was sick in the hospital in Germany, he had to leave, and I did, too. So now I'm stuck in a strange town, with no place to go. I found a computer, but it was in Dutch, so I could not log on to AirBnB to see about finding another place. AirBnB takes no responsibility when the hosts leave you in a lurch. Since he cancelled, I could not write a review. AirBnB gave me a $25 credit which expired a year after it was issued, so it went to waste.

The last time I used AirBnB to book a room in Palm Springs, the room was not as it was represented. I didn't have a thermometer, but the host looked up the temperature on the internet, and she said it was 88 outside, and the room, which had no air conditioning, was hotter than outdoors. Her website said, "Do not touch the air conditioning, it is set for 82 degrees. If you want it colder, I will have to charge more." She has since removed the words "air conditioning" from her description, but it was there before. She told us that if we didn't want to sleep in that room, which was tiny and stuffy, we'd have to go somewhere else. So, 7 at night, after a day of travelling in 90+ degree weather, we have to find a hotel. I told her I would ask for my money back, and she said she would call in the morning to find out what to do.

When I got checked in to the hotel, I spend hours trying to find help on AirBnB's site. I found a resolution center, where I filled in the form, and they said they would give the host 72 hours to respond, and to wait until then. Three days later, I went back, and they said that the host accurately described the room, and would not give a refund. I've received several emails since then from AirBnB. I can't decide if they were computer generated by a program that was poorly written, of it they were written by someone who is semi-literate in English - they were rather confusing, and could not be parsed into exactly what they were saying. Some said the matter was done, a decision had been made. Others said, if you are satisfied with this, you need do nothing. I think that's the jist of the emails - as I said, the writing was very poor - missing verbs and weird sentence structure. So I wasn't sure if the matter was still open for discussion. I didn't put in everything in the form I filled out, and if there was a place to add more info, and challend the decision, I wanted to do that, but I saw no way to do that, and earlier emails had said the decision final.

Then I got an email giving me a $97 dollar credit.

I called my credit card company to cancel the charge. They give the host 90 days to respond, and then they'll make a decision. I'll come back and report what my credit card company said.

Ask Margaret about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

We reserved a house in Falmouth, Maine and when we showed up it was not clean and was NOT as it was represented in the photos. We have contacted the host and Airbnb and they have not been helpful. We unfortunately did not take photos. Small claims court is next.
Usually Mainers are pleasant and reasonable people. Please do not rent this property!
And do not patronize Airbnb. The host has hired some people to write bogus reviews on their site. It is obvious since there were only 2 reviews (very unhelpful) when we reserved the property.

Ask Jane about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

I recently booked 2 nights for a Manahatten area condo. I was thrilled to find such a good price for the area. Turns out it was too good to be true. The "host" contacted me minutes after booking to request an additional $500 deposit and wouldn't leave me alone about it. This was not listed in the additional costs section and was not included in the amount that I had already been charged. I cancelled because I didn't feel comfortable. Now I can't get my "service fee" back and there is no customer service phone, email, etc. They just took my money and ran. DO NOT USE THEM unless you feel like taking a huge risk. If you have issues, there won't be anyone to help you. I'm sure there are a few good hosts out there that are actually legit, but how do you know who is who? Very disappointed.

Ask Tiffany about Airbnb
1 review
3 helpful votes

WOULD NOT EVEN GIVE THEM ONE STAR!!!! Planned months in advance once in San Diego and now Hawaii both times to vista our grandchildren only to be cancelled on at the last minute! Is it because they find renters that will pay more money than you did? I don't know but now we are left last minute to find something two weeks before are trip! But if cancel on them you lose your money! So upset! Never again!!!!

Ask tim about Airbnb
1 review
1 helpful vote

While the reservation process was seamless, the follow experience with the web site was horrible. We left an item at the apartment where we stayed and asked the host to send it to us and that we would gladly reimburse him. Well, when I got the request for payment I followed the directions, only to be told 'money could not be accepted.' I tried this several times, getting the same message, so I waited a day thinking the web site was malfunctioning. The following day I tried to make payment only to be told that I had to respond to the 'original' claim. I finally called the Airbnb customer service (had to do a Google search for their phone number since it wasn't anywhere on their web page) and explained my frustration. Customer service was excellent and sent me a link, which finally allowed me to make payment. I may try Airbnb again, and if I experience the same issues I will delete their app and never use them again.

Ask Donald about Airbnb
1 review
2 helpful votes

We stayed at a place in Arlington Va posted by Julia on airbnb. We wrote a bad review of the place siting roaches, overall dated and dirty ,no smoke alarm etc. I put some positive things in the review too. I was called a couple days after writing the review saying I had violated Airbnb policies ...and my review was rejected. I didn't understand how I was doing "social commentary" but Ok ,Ill just redo it, taking away the contested parts and post. Airbnb made it impossible for me to put an honest review online. Apparently a case manager is the only one who can change my account settings to allow the new review online. I called them constantly without being able to connect with the case manager assigned to us. I was sent an email from case manager that was not set up to respond to.!! Finally after I made repeated calls to get this online I was called by the case manager and told there was nothing she could do !!!saying 48 hours from the time of review!! this was new information!!! Of course time was up ! Also this all happened within the 14 day timeframe submitting reviews. Last communication with airbnb was on 12th day. I wasn't allowed to say" I HOPE YOU refinish your tub and have a deep cleaning done your place really needs it." We left Julia a note at her place with our concerns about her place...I was not allowed to (admittedly sarcastically) thank Julia for taking our note to heart, adding couches and generally spiffing up the place since our stay. Or to mention we had asked Julia for a percentage of a refund and got No reply.
Bottom line we were disgusted with AIRBNB policies that put up so many bull$#*! obstacles to keep this review off their site.

Ask c about Airbnb
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

We booked and confirmed for a 2BR in midtown Vancouver (1028 Barclay Street) 4 months in advance. All fine except the host told us she did not have "front desk" priveleges and access would be via the side entrance. Mmmmmmm. Hosts name was Ashleigh P.

A few weeks before leaving for Vancouver I noticed her listing had disappeared from Airbnb. I messaged her and she said she had had to take it down. Too many requests. Mmmmmmm. She replied using the name Nicole P.

One week before leaving for Vancouver I contacted Airbnb to discuss my rising doubts. I was told there was no need to worry. They were confident all was above board. Mmmmmmm. Why were they so dismissive?

5 days before arriving I get a message reminding me she had no "contract" with the management at her condo for concierge services so she would meet me personally to let me in and show me around. Mmmmmm.

0830 on the morning of the booking I am boarding a plane to fly to Vancouver and I get a text saying to meet her at an address 38 Smithe Street Vancouver. Mmmmmmmm. WHAT?

I called Nicole/Ashleigh and she tells me she cannot now provide the promised apartment as her access pass had been blocked but she has "moved us" to a 1BR in a different area of town. She is "not prepared to explain or argue with you about this". The booking is changed and she has no obligation to do more.

What transpired is that she was (sub) letting an apartment illegally in a building and that the owner/building management had blocked her access. She had been doing it successfully for some time and had good reviews but now was caught out and barred. Obviously the assurance she had given Airbnb was falsified. When I raised this with Airbnb they said "we have hundreds of thousands of hosts. We can't verify all their claims".

Airbnb cancelled the booking and said they would find another apartment in tge same area and standard. We trusted them as we were just a few hours from arriving. we are a 35 minute bus ride from mid town, on a very busy highway and with only a gas station anywhere bear to shop. Our holiday is completely ruined. The Airbnb "service" person took us for mugs.

What is my complaint? Airbnb say Nicole told them she had a last minute hiccup and they accepted her excuse completely even though they know she gave us a completely different excuse. They agreed it was unacceptable but they had absolutely no plan to do anything other than help me find alternative accomodation: she was a successful host (aka she made big $ for Airbnb). I was told this really did not happen often and I was unlucky. I was told 4 times that Airbnb took great care to look after their customers and that my experience was unusual. I was left to understand that I should feel for the host and just get on with it.

The bottom line is that Airbnb will keep Nicole/Ashleigh. They said so. She is a valuable source of income to them. They understand what has happened looks dodgy but if she tells them she is OK to offer an apartment then they will take her word for it. And if she gives a blatantly false explanation to cancel, who is Airbnb to confront her?

Airbnb's model is set up to facilitate scamming and they know that and believe that they can "manage" victims when they emerge. It's a buyer beware portal.

Post script. Airbnb tried to charge me a fee for the cancelled booking.

Ask Lyne about Airbnb
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