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AdultFriendFinder reviews

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347 reviews
Categories: Dating, Hook Up
Tower Bridge House St. Katherine's Way
London, E1W 1DD, United Kingdom
Tel: 888-575-8383
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347 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Even though AUTO-RENEW was turned OFF, the company still billed me!!!!

Site seems to be hugely populated by couples seeking couples and men offering me sex although my profile clearly indicated only straight interests.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been on AFF for over 10 years now, I used to pay, looking, looking and well more looking, I don't pay any longer, the cam are free and I love a good pull, I believe that most are just cam models looking to get guys to empty their wallets for AFF, most are after points you see, a bit of a game, make a girl feel in control and all special to lead men on and actually watch them pay.
I have hade numerous pleasant conversations with females but as far as even a meeting for coffee is always declined.
Yet if I go out to my local clubs and pubs I can almost always pick up some uninhibited fun for the night, I went on AFF to find a bit of variety and variety is what I did find, a variety of women who are mostly game players and not serious at all.
After reading the reviews on here I would also like to point out that AFF will have people on this forum trying to say its all so great and how well they do on AFF(BULL$#*!).
Believe the one star reviews, I cant imagine anyone giving this GOLD DIGGER site more than a one star rating, Honestly the worst for men that actually want to hook up in the flesh for real deal date.
Im on AFF to play my own games now and add to the $#*!fulness AFF already is, guys get on AFF and give them hoes heaps, cause that's all they are, you wont get a hook up anyway.
Anyone that says they have is a dam liar and working for AFF 100%, a brothel is far cheaper and a variety to choose from so go pump a nice brothel hoe or two and get out with the boys.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I use AFF. I search by zip n neva hav any trouble findin fly honeys to flirt wit. Only site comes close to this one is hookuphangout an you know im all over that. But it dont hurt nuthin to double down in this game. In short homies y'all could do worse than this site find out for yoself n dont listen to no haters. Hope you like my free advice! Reggie

3 reviews
9 helpful votes

Great site for girls. As a woman you will meet men from all levels of society but be specific on your profile about what your requierements are.

I've met up with some nice and handsome men and as opposed to all the other hookup sites and apps Adultfriendfinder can be a fun site for women. At the end of the day in my opinion there are only two hookup sites which are female-friendly: Adultfriendfinder and Casualdating4u. I have made the experience that male members outnumber the female members on hookup sites but guys on those two sites are usually honest and suitable.
Have fun:)

1 review
2 helpful votes

I cant really decide why but im just not sold on adult friend finder. I prefer hookuphangout or some of the other new sites that are using new technology and seem to be part of an evolved dating experience if that makes any sense. AFF was amazing back in the day but I dont get lucky with it as often as I used to. Still beats jacking off in front of the box of course.

1 review
6 helpful votes

You won't get laid after clicking the 'JOIN' button and I think that's the biggest issue most guys have. You need to approach girls just like you do in your local bar or in a club and the average male user is simply lazy and should rather pay a visit to the nearest brothel. Aff rewards you if you are creative and patient. You may also want to consider to use more than one hookup site. Double your chances by using other good sites like Casualdating4U. Just don't do the most common mistake and treat women as 'fair game'. There are several women who don't mind but the average women using a hookup site or app prefers to be treated with respect.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Been on the site for 3 days been contacted by 3 women two of whom profiles say they are in the states just trying to get my email saying they're here on holiday. After giving in getting loads of boring rubbish emails about nothing as soon as the chat gets sexual they ask to meet and ask you to use a verification site which is free. You then get. Charged for verifying and the contact stops. Don't be fooled its a waste your money! Shame it was a good site about 10 years ago!

1 review
7 helpful votes

Joined for a period of two months and messages up to 100 people. Out of the 100 people I reached out to I received less than 10 replies....

1 review
6 helpful votes

I was on just a few days before cancelled. Talked to 3 women from supposed nearby. After a day or two of chatting, each one asked for money to get to US. Two were supposed to be traveling for work and oddly needed money for hotel and/or airfare. People with supposed bank accounts and family in US. But they ask a stranger for one to two thousand dollars.

Buyer beware!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been using a few of these sites since I split with my fiance but mostly hookuphangout (really good if you havent tried it). My work mate mentioned he'd heard a lot of stuff about adult friend finder so I figured it was worth a bash. Its busy like HH but im just not getting as many replies as im used to. It's not that its expensive but when you have a few memberships going at once you have to chop and change to get the best results for your money so im going to give it another month and see where I am then. It's got a lot going for it dont get me wrong, if I could get more replies it would bump my rating up easily.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I joined in 2003, a married man looking for adventure outside my usual circle. Over the years I've had mixed experiences. I think in those early days, in Europe anyway, the women on the site were often escorts, and it took a while to find genuine people. I chatted with dozens, met and slept with a few in the first six months, as a result had one very active six month relationship and one still going strong with regular sex after 14 years. Definitely over the time I've been on the site the number of scams seems to have increased, although I have managed to enjoy myself with a number of like-minded women in different countries. I just do a bit of research before I travel. So you can have some fun if you take care. I have never advertised my 'equipment' on the site nor responded to women showing off their tops. Sex has to have some mystery, undressing is part of the fun. I also tried other sites with some success but the same issues. Buyer beware but it is possible to achieve what you want.

1 review
1 helpful vote

There is a lot of fake profiles that scam you into believing that there are in your local area visiting for a couple days for example California but are originally from another state/country. DO NOT!!!fall for any one time fee for booking it is a total scam. They will go through great lengths and constant messaging to try to convince you to send money overseas or to the Philippines Manager EldieSandoval aka Rico villa

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I am guy from Singapore and I used many hook up sites in the past, also AFF. I am not sure how it works in other countries but in Singaore it good! AFF and CasualDating4u are the two only sites which work for me.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Immediately after signing up I had msgs in my inbox(Haven't set up a profile yet). I was overcharged for services I didn't authorize and a PAID account was set up with their partner sites. Majority of women are fake telling you their in town but they aren't. Their dumb enough to use the same script from different profiles thinking people won't catch on. You'll receive more msgs from China than women in your area. Total scam

1 review
1 helpful vote

So....thanks to reading a few awesome reviews here & on other review pages I decided to give the thing a try when you use multiple dating sites instead of just the one to boost your chances & up the old success rate. I knew I had to be doing something wrong as these sites seem to be doing really super business everyone is using them! The guys at work, my younger brothers college buddies, the divorced dads on the baseball team I coach you freakin name it!! So I added this one to hookuphangout a site that had served me best out of the ones I was using on a solo basis & things are really starting to pick up for me now. No kidding, I would go weeks on some other sites without so much as a REPLY! Never mind sex or as much as a hummer! I was like WTF $40 dollars a month for wasting my goddam time every night! But now ive got three sites that I like and work well for me its super easy to see how some guys were getting serious action through this stuff. I spend free time adding info to my profile page & update my pics every once in a while. I also try not to copy & paste my messages to women on the site, I prefer to read their info & try to make a funny comment (humor gets women horny, its a known fact guys!). Like I say things are picking up & im turning it all around now in terms of getting replies & arranging nights out. It took me a while to get it right but now ive figured out the best strategy im feeling a lot better about things. Would recommend this method without a doubt, dont see why it wouldnt improve your chances of getting laid anywhere in the states.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I like the idea of the site but I think men forget that women are still women. They send dic pics and don't even say Hi and get right to talking about disgusting things they want to do you. I like to be treated like a human being and I can see why there are not enough women on the site. Women like sex too, just not being degraded and treated like crap. The site used to allow non gold members to chat with guys on IM and that used to be free for women, so now I can't even chat. So I think they are going to have a tough time convincing women to stay on site if they expect us to stay despite all the bad treatment from the guys. I also probably met 2 guys my age (in 2 years) but feel overwhelmed by all the creepy old guys on their junk.

1 review
9 helpful votes

After being on AFF for 9 months I have personally come to the conclusion that AFF is loaded with Fake & Scam profiles...Also many Porn Models trying to scam you into going on other sites to watch them for money...A Waste of Time and Money...AFF's Live Cam Chat area is full of Pre-recorded videos of Women just trying to Steal your Money...Over 80% of the women that contacted me so far were Scammers, Porn Models or Fake Profiles trying to scam me out of money...They have All been Deactivated by AFF at some point or another...Another common scam is getting Personal Information from you via Email...Sad Stories of how they are in Hardship and need you to send them Money etc...Don't be fooled by AFF members when they ask for your Email address...Don't make this Mistake!!! And don't send photos, full name etc...This Information will only be used in the Future to create Fake Profiles on other Dating Sites and endless other Scams defrauding People of their Money...I ask them to connect on Skype and 99% of the Time that is the last You hear from these Scammers...And the ones that do connect on skype have these Pre-recorded videos of someone without Audio who doesn't even communicate in Real Time with you...They will have some excuse about how their microphone is broken etc...The Profiles will usually have one address and their Skype account will have a different address from another country...To Sum it up...Don't expect much from AFF as a Dating Site...It is full of Scammers, Fake Profiles, Porn Models etc...Do not give your Personal Information to Anyone before you either see them on Skype or in Person and know for certain that the Person in the Profile actually Exists...I don't invest much Time anymore on AFF...Instead I now wait for Women to show interest and go from there...I keep my initial conversations via AFF messages brief / to the point and quickly weed out the Fakes / Scammers etc...Also...Unless you live in a Populated Area don't expect to have much for Potential Dating Choices...They claim to have 60 millions people on AFF...But most are Scammers, Fakes, Porn Models etc...AFF is more a Waste of Time than it is worth...It is probably a better investment of Time and Energy to search for Someone in the Real World or try your Luck at a Local Dating Site...Dating Sites are All filled with Fake Profiles / Scammers but AFF appears to be the Worst of them All...
P.S: AFF is Also Super Bad for Adware / Malware...My laptop was having Huge Difficulty doing simple functions / streaming etc after awhile of being on AFF...I had to clean up my History, Extensions, Programs etc that got downloaded without my approval while using the AFF Site...I don't bring up the AFF Site on my Computer anymore...I use my Cellphone as AFF doesn't seem to affect my Android System...Super Pathetic Site AFF is for Adware / Malware etc...Good Luck...

1 review
1 helpful vote

I'll be honest i was expecting another rubbish site full of scammers and time waters and frauds. Actually AFF isnt to bad in the end. Its a bit like that even if its not quite as good once you get into it you do actually get real results. Im not the reviewer type of guy but after getting laid a few times on these sites I decided to give sum feedback. Pay it forward I suppose, least I could do. Cheers.

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I've seen better, I've seen worse.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Same on adultfriendfinder just like on any other large hookup site like casualdating4u. You need to invest time, patience and creativity and you will get rewarded. I've been using adultfriendfinder in 2014 and hooked up with several women following simple rules and being a little patient. Since 2015 I am a casualdating4u member and it also works for me. My point is: Just don't expect to get laid right after joining and you should be fine with some sites. I aree that most of them are pure scam but adultfriendfinder is not!

1 review
5 helpful votes

i used a gift card to get 49 days of gold membership. after 5 days, my membership was cancelled. i have emailed so called customer service many times and get the exact same reply each time from a different named person. they owe me 44 more days and do nothing. it is a rip off. don't use them

1 review
7 helpful votes

This is an entirely wrong approach to sex to begin with. Besides this, the site will scam you like there is no tomorrow. Immediately after singing up, you start getting broadcast e-mail from old and fat members, usually bored couples. Now and then you get e-mail from cute chicks. That e-mail though you can't read until you pay. Once you pay, the chicks never reply to you and no other cute chicks ever write to you either. It is utterly stupid and unfair for a business to scam its own customers and yet it still exists fueled by people's hormone.
My advice is, you will have much better success meeting women in person on okcupid or other dating sites. Did I say much better? Even if we speak casual sex, it is much better to use regular dating sites. The expectation that women are more open on a sex site is totally wrong. Women are women on any site and also in real life.

1 review
7 helpful votes

This site is overrun with prostitutes so it is hard to get in touch with genuine people.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I signed up to this to go along with my membership to keep me going over this time of year where everyones all loved up. Figured two sites are better than one. Cant be bothered with that soppy stuff, I like a site that gets me laid and HH has done the trick for me numerous times so if AFF is half as good then it wont just be the turkeys getting stuffed this Christmas lol!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Have noticed that my profile is showing an increasingly large number of profiles that it states we are viewing. In viewing history it shows many profiles that we are not viewing. In fact we have watched the number go up while we are on the site and not actively viewing profiles. Does this site automatically do this .

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