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1 review
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I was a member for a few years and spent 30K. The games got harder, the competition stiffer, and I paid almost everyday to play. Obviously, I am addicted which is the idea. I closed my account. Not going to whine - just relieved I made a decision to opt out.

1 review
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I was a member for few months. I also had some profit. Since I can only play few games on my phone and I only play 1 game. I had withdrawals and that is the only reason they banned my accounts. They can not even explain why they are closing it. They just sent a statement that it is their right blah blah blah and all my winnings were voided. So frustrating and scam site

1 review
2 helpful votes

Please do not fall into this crap. I have deposited $400.00 in 2 weeks and have lost every dime. I score 2000 after playing 4 times in Wordmojo in 1 game and they match me with people who score 3100. BOGUS!!! I am reporting to BBB and gaming commission. Please stay away from this company. HORRID!!!!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I've been a member of gsn cash games for about a year now finally started making some profit had over $200 in my acount with an additional check pending for $200 ... and I get my acount blocked for no reason !! just sharing this because I know I won't get my money back just wanted to warn people about this website its sketchy and once they see you're making more then you deposit they will block you even if you're a platinum member I got a message saying "this matter Is closed and no final funds are due , per our terms and conditions we may close an account without notice at our sole discretion"

1 review
1 helpful vote

If i could put NEGATIVE,I WOULD HAPPILY DO IT. WHEN I decided to withdraw my money about $400 they said i need to provide so and so to get it. Why only during my withdrawal? Never risk my info. They can eat the money all they want

1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been playing with GSN Cash Games or Worldwinner for over 9 years. It is a fun place to go and play games for money. I've deposited over $33.000 over the years to play games, and again don't get me wrong it's fun but.... there is a problem with their games. Several games have obvious glitches to the point when you request a refund they have that error listed. I refuse to play one game impeticular, Luxor, that after winning a game it would show a different score or have a weird sign the resembles a cross. After numerous times to try to play the glitch is still there. Now there is Solitaire, over the past week I have noticed the cards were sticking to the point where I couldn't move the cards, leaving me no choice but to close the games and request a refund. Then there is the problem with their fair matching protocols. I noticed on a number of occasions while playing a tournament I would click the play again button only to be road blocked by a message stating, "This competition is unavailable to you due to your current FairMatching Rank. Under our commitment to fairness, you are only allowed to participate in competitions against others of similar skill and experience." WHAT!!! I just spent $100 playing this game and now your telling me that I can't play anymore because my FairMatching rank is off? Here is the catch with that.... there is a place to click to see your current competitions and it shows that I had paid for the tournament and to click to play again, you click it, then youre playing again. Want to talk about a glitch that wasn't caught by the 24-hour surveillance team?
You can always go to customer service who are nothing but helpful.... not. They have the worse bedside manner I have ever seen. They should be courteous, polite and eager to help you solve your problem, but theyre not. Their answer to everything is here is your entry fee back. Then for solitaire they told me to reset my computer and use a different browser, did that and still nothing. I complained so much that they closed my account and sent it to the fraud department. I'm angry and heartbroken. I wanted to play but I want to be assured things are being looked into. This company is the same company that bring you games like Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune, same ones you see on TV, but they can't handle this?

This here is not a safe place to play for cash, the games are glitched, the FairMatching is rigged and their customer service is horrible. Until they can problem otherwise, this is not a safe place to play.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Hi Beloved Readers

I have lost money on this site but because I play for fun and not diligently enough to make money.

However, there have been times when I have made money and I get the withdrawals deposited within in 2 days most of the times.

Since it they are computer generated games, yes there can be mishaps. And I have always launched respective complaints and have always been given a credit.

They are not out there to rip you off. It is not a gambling site. It is a site where you pool in money for strategic games in a similar fashion as you would in a pool or chess tournament.

I play Mahjongg Dimensions and Luxor 95% of the times and Solitaire Rush 5% of the times (mostly on cell as it is easier to score higher for some reason).

I do ask myself however that in Luxor, I have seen scores of 250000 and rarely 300000+ which seems almost impossible to score. I saw these in the free tournaments and I honestly have no clue how a few score that high although I have the experience and I have had good luck in Luxor.

I urge you to raise your respective issues with customer service as they are there to help you out instead of calling the site a scam. I can show proof of withdrawals as well for all the pessimistic souls on here.

Cheers! :)

1 review
4 helpful votes

I caught them rigging the games!!!

There was a whole week or so that they were working on the site to give selective (their friends) free timing, meaning the clock stopped and you could play all the best and end it when you want but the other opponant's time ran out! and, your score, no matter how many times you played "Solitare", it was always stuck at like 1650 < something like that. This happened to me many times and I felt guilty but what could I do? Right now, the "Piramid Solitare" is taking many cards (like 12) and ditching them and giving you credit for clearing them manually and you didn't. < This is cheating!!!

Then, in the middle of a game, there is error messages and it ends on you as if you "lost"!!! I have the best computer and service, updates and NO viruses. There is no reason for the "error" messages, they plant them!!!

I am VERY RELUCTANT to play for money anymore!

Let me tell you all who read this, years ago I took in a Chinese math wiz, she became an accountant eventually, but she was homeless (we never charged her nor asked anything from her), she spent over a year in our home in her room doing resumes, working math problems, eating and sleeping (rarely came out). She got a strange SOPHISTICATED letter in the mail, saying basically "Hi Jeping, we would like to add you to our group of successful PRIVLEDGED people. Please respond to this letter by.....and you will gain access to a private perfect world that only we live, meaning, wherever you go, you will have the best, you will know who to talk to to get what you want without costing, we are the elite. Please keep this secret and we will make you a winner at everything, you will always get what you want in this world."

She asked me to fill it out for her because she could not read or speak good english enough yet. Columbus, Ohio hired her as an accountant for our government! (she could have been a spy! Catholic Services sent her to us because we offered to help someone in NEED, her cousin is a priest and visited once a week.)

My husband is a retired Police Chief, he said "It's not what you know, it is who you know!" < that's why there are crooks and thieves in office!!! This world is loaded with scam artists, the smooth and clever talkers, and tricksters!!!

1 review
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1 review
8 helpful votes

I have deposited $550 with them over the last 18 months or so...just playing for entertainment after work. Though many times games were interrupted and ended early, I never bothered e-mailing support. I just let it be.
I realized long ago that your skills don't matter. For example if you play Dynamo (or something like that) you can literally see how the ball you shoot just changes direction to miss where you aimed. Sometimes it is so bad, it's as if someone else was aiming for you (and missing). No, there is no skill involved, you just get to win when their bot thinks its your turn and lose most of the time. Many high scores cannot possible have been achieved by a human player.
But worst thing is...a few days ago I tried to make a $10 PayPal deposit and was told there was an issue and the deposit could not be made. I tried 2 more times with the same response. I checked my PayPal account and there was no problem, the money was taken out 3 times, but not deposited at world winner. I was upset, I like to play in the evening and my deposits were held leaving me no way to play. I e-mailed support, the first time in 2 years, and was told they are busy and will get back with me usually in about 2 days!!! I was really ticked off about that and went to PayPal and put claims on all 3 Payments so they would see the amount WAS indeed paid.
The next day I found my game account had been closed due to fraud!!!! And to top it off they responded at PayPal that they credited the $30 to my game account and I need to close the disputes...while I couldn't even SEE my game account because it was CLOSED!!!
Anyways, thanks to PayPal they had no option but to refund and I will play elsewhere.

I do still have my second account with them but I would never deposit money again.

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your money there

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

My friend told me this site was a scam. He played and played and when he did finally win, they wouldn't pay up. Accused him of having multiple accounts and shut him down. Nonsense. I'm not giving this site the time of day. I would only give one star if this was first hand experience.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I was playing on GSN a while when I decided to try World Winner.
At first it seemed ok, I won a few, lost a few, kept making small deposits, then I finally won a tournament. I asked to withdraw some funds, and that's when they accuse you of fraud, multiple accounts- etc- same complaints I'm now finding out.
I am not a cheater. My whole family plays there- but we live in different addresses, and only have 1 account per person as their rules state.

1 review
11 helpful votes

First of all I find it laughable they would claim to be concerned about fairness...I've dumped so much money into that site never winning an individual pot over $50..and those were only a handful at best. I never once made a withdraw. I always played back what little I did win (as compared to what I spent and lost) just to play. I log in to my account one day..make a $25 dollar deposit which was accepted and credited to my account. When I go to enter my first competition, it immediately sent me to a page that told me my account was closed due to fraud and fairness..and blocking any further access to my account and my money..SERIOUSLY.. Fraud? And I've never once won more than $50 and never withdrew winnings?? And what makes me THE most furious...let me log in and give you my money and after you've charged my card then you tell me my account is closed? I got my money refunded only after 4 emails and threats to file complaints with the attorney general for theft. They know what they are doing.. It's intentional..letting users make a deposit into an account they have already closed..scam scam scam. I am filing every complaint with anyone that will take it.

1 review
10 helpful votes

For a few years did fairly well at WorldWinner was able to cash out on a frequent basis. However all that has changed I had stopped making deposits for a few years playing only the free tournaments they have daily. Never even coming close to first place in them but they were fun to play. 2 months ago I decided to try my luck and deposit at first I was winning being matched fairly with other players. Then it all changed and suddenly I was thrown into matches with players who could score well beyond me. I play solitaire mostly and would win a match here and there I am pretty good at the game. Then it started I would be in a game and close to having the high score and the game would just suddenly end. I have deposited more than I probably should have in the recent months and basically have only gotten a 15% return on my money. I realize it is a site looking to make money but I have spent a ton of cash and I am not seeing anything for it except for unfair matching and failed game play. My odds would be better playing the lottery. Some of the high scores I have seen in games don't seem humanly possible either.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I was a member of worldwinner for a short time. Why? Because I made a deposit and quickly loose almost everything. I was left with 1.25$ and I asked myself how is it possible to the other players to get about 600'000 points in Bejeweled Blitz? And I know the answer - many players are using auto-plays and bots. So I wrote my own auto-player and I was getting very best results. When I won couple of big games for big money getting 700'000 points (the 2nd place was about 650'000 so I didn't make a huge difference) my account was blocked. Why? Because they said that I was using unfair methods of playing. Great! But when other players are using it it is good?

I don't understand them, because they are making money whenever the 1st or 2nd player wins. The total sum of bets are higher that the winnings, so they are making their money on every game. If every player will be using automat there will be a chalenge who write a better bot - this one will get the most of prizes. The could even make two kinds of challenges - one normal and one automatic. In the first case the human will play with each others, in the second only bots will play. It would be very good and fair for everyone!

Overall I don't recommend worldwinners - you can't make money there, even if you have the best bot.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have one account with one address and my real name! My account was closed with my money in it and not even refunded. What kind of crap is this? Cannot believe they can get away with this.

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I really like play the games at worldwinner.Sometimes you win and times you lose.I never play more then I can afford to lose,but love playing against others.You can play many practice games for free and as you learn each one it is a joy when you play and win real money.Of course I look at that as more games to play and enter.But you can cash out at anytime.It is a pretty fair site and you can always practice any game as much as you like for free.

1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is awesome. I've won 4 grand this year and they paid me one quarter of it so far. I will check in when all my withdraws are in my bank account. If they don't come, you will all know.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I decided to try Worldwinner for just 5.00 and I believe they matched it so I had around 10.00 invested.

I liked the games like Word Mojo BUT here are words that were rejected due to their word games not using The Oxford English Dict. and Miriam Webster Dictionary as ref.!


And this is just a few!!!!!

Also, the return on investment is awful. They want you to pay .80 for an entry fee and if you win you have made a whopping .30?

I clear around 25.00 per day at also known as King Games. They have 5 times the amount of game selection, better graphics and better tourney fee structures.

I do not work for King games or have any affiliation with them professionally or financially (other than that I win alot there)(if you practice and aim to excel you will win there)

Something is VERY off with the Tournament matching at worldwinner and I find there methods HIGHLY suspicious.

For those of you who want to have legitimate Skill Gaming for Money, I suggest and SKILL mobile gaming.

I hope this post will help others.


Tip for consumers: This is a site for SUCKERS! Google "World WInners SCAM" and you will see a plethora of sites with complaints!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I only play non cash games since it is impossible to win against "players" who are using Bots especially in timed games. I am a good player (always on the Leader Board in 25 Stud and even came in first once) but I cannot score every day in the top 25 though there are a number of players who ALWAYS SCORE IN THE TOP 10. That is impossible; not every day unless a bot is used. Same thing in HANGMAN. I have some extremely high scores, but I cannot always score at those levels. I was able to score at consistently high levels in Trivia and won some $ at that game, but WW cancelled the game.

I have raised questions about WW allowing cheaters, but my concerns have always been ignored. There is even an internet site "WW Cheaters" that exposes the situation and warns people about playing for $.

Another thing, the selling of Tokens. WW is always pushing the sale of Tokens to play certain games. All you can do with Tokens is play those games without any opportunity to win anything other than Tokens - no prizes and no $ rebates. I have never purchased a Token; not one. I have earned more than 10,000,000 Tokens (I currently still have close to 5,000,000 of them) just by earning them through signing in Daily and using the "Earn More Tokens" options. Don't be a sucker and buy any of the "For Sale Tokens" when you can get them so easily for free!

1 review
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1 carolynbxz.myp carolynbxz.myp 3,131 $1.30

-- carolynbxz.myp carolynbxz.myp 2,937


Prizes | Entry Fee: $0.88 | ID: 1198153477 | Players: 2/2
End Time: 10/23/14 2:48:06 PM

I PRINTED the screen and I am filing a fraud report with this company. what thieves

1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been playing for years, almost always I play bejeweled. I enter tournaments, which usually means you can enter a few times if you have not gotten the highest score. Lately, almost every time I re-enter and I am starting to beat highest score, game suddenly ends and says GAME OVER, and I end up getting a score of +1. I always get my entry fee back, but what about the $12.30 I would have won for beating 4 other players. Worldwinner tries to blame my computer, which it certainly is not. It doesn't matter how much you have spent, they do not have good customer service and I am now lead to believe that some of the players are not real people, but in fact worldwinner scoring these points which they won't let you win.

1 review
15 helpful votes

Well here is my story with them

I've been playing games in for more than 2 years, after 1 year of free playing i said to myself I'm good now let's try " Cash Games ", everything wen good & i started to make decent cash (like $10+ a day easily) & cashed out more than once to be fair.
So after couple of months of winnings, they just banned my account for this stupid silly reason " Multiple Account " lol, although look at their TOS what it says about multiple accounts :

" You may establish only one account per person, and only up to two accounts per computer or IP or physical address, ...geographical areas. "
don't believe me check this out, go to their TOS link & look into this section : 2.13 Limitations on Participation

So technically even IF (which is not in my case) i had another account from same IP & Geographical Area & Machine that's totally fine according to their TOS, but no they just BANNED me.

PS: I'm already Banned, that's a fact, the other fact is that I NEVER HAD A SECOND ACCOUNT, that's what pissed me off.

Look at their so called fairness Department what it says :

Le Thrusday march 28 - 2014 18h50, Fraud and Fairness at Worldwinner. com <> wrote :

We have already made a final business decision <<< did you see that Business Decision thing, it says it all >>> to close your account, and we are comfortable to leave it closed.


I just wanted to warn anyone that may someday think joining them that they will rip you off, & they will BAN you as long as you're a good player & making cash, but if you're dumb enough & loosing all the way down, you'll be more than welcomed out there.

Just be aware of them, they will BAN you just like that without even letting you the chance to defend yourself.

3 reviews
12 helpful votes

While trying to log in I get a "fraud" error. I tried many times to find out what was going on and discovered my deceased husband had signed up to play. I finally got an email from their "fraud team" to say it had been cleared up and I could now play. When I tried to log on I still got the message from "fraud". Now they are asking for a copy of my driver's license! Are you kidding me???? Is this some kind of scam?

1 review
10 helpful votes

After years of gaming and suspecting that many of the "top players" who aren't accessible to private message are simply "bots", the last straw was today, when I was AGAIN matched with someone not even in my class range. Very annoying, basically stealing my money....really, how do you treat such a long-time customer who lines your pocket w/ so much money so poorly? You'd think that they'd have some business smarts and know how to keep regulars coming back....customer service is always timely, but sorry, a partial refund on an unfair tournament entry isn't sufficient for me. I guess I should just take the best advice I've ever been given, "House always wins" and walk away. Disappointed.

Follow-up! Ha, what a joke this response was!! "Hello janettetarn,

Your account has been closed per your request.

Sorry to hear that you've requested to leave the WorldWinner community!

Thank you!


Player Services

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Ticket #: 12012-1570756
Date Created: 4/10/2014 01:52 PM EDT
Subject: refund and cancel my account
Details: My first game of the day and this nonsense again. I've never scored close to 100k in the hard category of Big Money, yet i'm in a $5.00 game w/ a first place winner (so far) of 115k. I would like a refund of the entry fee (again, $5.00) and I would like my account closed. I'm tired of having to contact player services, getting automated responses, and partial entry fee refunds to expensive games. I spend(t) a lot of $$ on this site, only to be beat by bots...I'll take my $$ elsewhere, and will not leave positive reviews for WW.

A truly unsatisfied customer,

Janette E. *********
(***-***-**** should you like to directly address my concerns

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