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8800 East Chaparral Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250, United States
Tel: (800) 285-7995

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The charity I work for has a dedicated fundraising call center that uses Nextiva's platform and has done so for six months. Nextiva is built to help you maximize your time and
efficiency. NextOS is a real game changer for us, everybody has learned to use
the system well and is happy with the results. Being able to fundraise more effectively is really important to a non-profit. We have gained so many benefits since we got the right technology working for us.

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Try another VOIP service. Do not waste your time with Nextiva. I subscribed to Nextiva VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol service as a way of creating an additional telephone and fax number for my business in October, 2016 when I started my accounting and tax practice. I was excited about the idea of having two different telephone numbers ring to my cell phone, my personal cell phone number and work number through the Nextiva App. In the beginning I was already having problems hearing people using the Nextiva App by itself. People were also having trouble hearing me. Voices would fade in and out in a tinny, electronic manner. I called Nextiva several times to get this resolved. Their level one and two technicians are a waste of everyone's time and money. When I called into Nextiva customer service, I kept getting asked repeatedly for my PIN, name, and phone number. Often it was the same person asking me over and over again the same information that they were clearly not keeping track of. They also repeated apologies and ultimately did not know how to resolve a single problem I called in about. After a few months and persistence, I was able to get to a level 4 technician consistently, who helped me bypass the Nextiva App by piggy-backing on my cell phone number. I could then hear people better and the reception was better. A few months after that during this past tax season 2018, I started noticing I was missing calls. One of the customer relations managers at Nextiva, denied that there was a problem and denied me a one month credit that I asked for. Monthly fees were about $50/month. After several months of calling in about the same problem, I reached a customer service manager, who granted me a credit for one month in August, 2018 for September, 2018. I still had the same problem, then they said my router was no good for the Nextiva service. There was subsequent fooling around with Comcast who had to come out twice because I had asked according to Nextiva instructions for a stand-alone modem. After the second visit Comcast stated they no longer provide stand-alone modems, but can bridge the modem they provide. There was a lot of customer service manager turnover. The customer service manager changed to one who sent me a Netgear router for free to try. I still had the same problems, my phone would go straight to voicemail when people called. I told the manager I have had it, I have spent at least 100 hours with Nextiva Customer service. I then proceeded to look for another service and get my phone number and fax transferred to the new service. This is called porting the number, which takes a few weeks to complete. Upon being informed the service manager got mad and charged my business credit card on file without my authorization for $91.10 for a Netgear N300 Router retailing at $34.99. I was furious. I stuck to my plan and ported the numbers over to the new service and shipped the Netgear router back at my own expense via UPS 2 day costing $14.44. The porting got confirmed by the new VOIP service and the router return was confirmed by Nextiva who promptly credited the $91.10 back to my credit card. Save yourself some time and money in your VOIP search and do not go to Nextiva.

1 review
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Nextiva's Voip system is really working well for us. We've been live for about a year now and it's just what we needed to modernize how we were previously doing things.

1 review
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Nextiva are the worst! Terrible service! Cuts out all the time. On cancelling they are still charging my card a year later and claiming they got no cancellation! We are reporting it to bank as fraud! Dimitri their so called manager of customer service was sarcastic, rude, shouted over everything I said and had no interest in resolving the problem! As a professional business woman we have worked with many companies NEVER HAD THIS UNPROFESSIONAL FRAUDSTER SERVICE EVER They claim they keep recordings of conversations when I asked them to pull mine they said oh we don't keep them that long! Convenient! Apart from their horrible customer service in general the system is USELESS

1 review
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It is with much disappointment and regret that I write today regarding my recent experience with Nextiva and its employees. It was, without a doubt, one of the most personally frustrating and financially damaging experiences I have had to experience in my years of communications with a service provider of any kind.
I am a business owner who depends greatly upon the ability and ease for my customers to contact me for products or services. Without the communication of both our established and also potential clients, I wouldn't be in business to this day. I find it most imperative that in order to keep my clients, I must carry my business in a way that is integrous and honest, and it was to my ultimate disappointment that Nextiva's employees did not share the same values.
As my business grew, I found myself in need of a phone service that offered more than my mobile service provider did, so I began looking for internet phone providers that could accommodate my needs. It was in March of 2018 that I committed to finding a resolution to the need, and also when I initially contacted Nextiva for service. My business and its employees rely solely on communication by mobile devices, and it was our understanding upon several conversations with Nextiva's sales department that Nextiva would allow me to continue to use my mobile device while utilizing their features for my business (IE Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Conference Calling, etc). Through multiple conversations with Nextiva Sales and even Nextiva Management, I made it very clear that I used a Straight Talk mobile device powered by Straight Talk wireless service, and I was assured that Nextiva's service and features would work perfectly well on my device, and that there would be absolutely no issues porting, but rather a reliable and smooth transition and zero loss of connection at any time. After many issues, failed port-in attempts, and multiple service disconnections, we discovered that Nextiva does not work with a Straight Talk mobile device. This distressing sequence of events resulted in a devastating loss of profit for my business while we experienced multiple shut downs of our only business line of communication. In fact, we believe to be the first customer of theirs to attempt use of their service with a Straight Talk device, as it became clear that they were not even aware that the type of device would not work with their service, further proving that they had not ever tested using this type of device. It is unfortunate that Nextiva advertises that their service will "work with any provider on any device" as it is blatantly untrue and false advertisement.
It took two separate instances of "mobile phone disconnections" and troubleshooting with Nextiva's technical support team to conclude the prior stated. Not only did Nextiva's service require that we go through three port-in attempts, but our mobile services (and therefore business calls) were disconnected twice over several hours before Nextiva's team could conclude the reason why. After several days and hours on the phone spent with Nextiva's team and realizing that their service would not work for our needs, the porting team then ported-out our main business line without our authorization or knowledge. In fact, we didn't have any idea that Nextiva's porting department ported out our number for nearly an entire week and were not able to retrieve the number for 8 days after it was brought to our attention that it was ported out unauthorized we only found out because we received an email from a customer asking for a "working phone number" that they could reach us at. You can imagine the kind of frustration this caused on our end to realize that the reason we weren't receiving business was because of something Nextiva's employees took upon themselves to do without our authorization, let alone our knowledge. Upon requesting that our service be cancelled prior to the unauthorized port out, it was made clear to more than one person that we could not port out our number until we had a new service provider to port out to. Support team members of Nextiva supposedly understood this by promising not to shut our service off until we found a new service provider, yet ported the number out anyway, leaving us to chase it down on our personal time outside of Nextiva in an effort to regain control of it.
This year our profit margin had been slowly rising higher until we had no phone or open line of communication with our customers. During the month that we spent attempting use of Nextiva's service unsuccessfully with our multiple port in attempts and disconnects, our profit margin dropped 96%. I can't begin to place a value on the amount of business that I have lost by not having an open business line for my customers to reach me at. I have hundreds of loyal clients of over 6 years that were unable to reach me (and at this point may believe I'm no longer in business), several sales that I was in the middle of that I was never able to complete, and several websites and advertising avenues with business line listed, that appeared fraudulent to (who knows how many) potential clients searching for services from my business as well. It is unknown if I'll be able to recoup all of them back, and unfortunately, there is no way that I'll ever know.
I can state for certain that I did not receive business phone calls for anywhere between 1-2 weeks combined due to the incompetency and many mistakes of Nextiva's employees that we experienced during our attempts to use their service. We were billed for two months of service that we did not use and spent hours of both our personal and our business time in attempts to resolve any and all issues with their team, ultimately, to no avail. It was discussed with both Nextiva's porting department as well as their retention team the multiple issues that contributed to our needing to cancel, and we were assured that because we were unable to use their service as expected, that we would be refunded the full amount of our costs. We signed up for a 30-day trial (or money back guarantee) but because of the multiple failed ports, we missed our window to cancel (to no fault of our own). Not only were we assured that our payments would be refunded due to our extensive issues, but we were then lied to on the phone during our final disconnect of service by an employee whop stated that Nextiva would never have promised us a refund, and that we should not expect one.
I am a business owner that is undoubtedly frustrated and beyond upset over the financial damages and loss that we experienced during our time attempting use of Nextiva's services. I wouldn't recommend that anyone spend a moment of their time speaking to their team. It was most devastating to learn that I couldn't trust the words coming out of their mouths at any given time, as they have mastered the art of saying exactly what it is that their consumer wants to hear. Perhaps this may be a service that works better for landline users (though that is stated with only the utmost assumption), but if that is the only case, then Nextiva needs to stop selling their service as a solution for mobile phone users as well.
**The above is my full review, and upon submitting to the Better Business Bureau, their minimal response to my experience was as follows:
"We would like to apologize for the inconveniences Mr.Vincent experienced. At Nextiva, as mentioned before we are highly committed to our customers and an amazing user experience is a top priority. In an effort to comply with Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and FCC requirements, we cannot share details regarding this matter via this method of communication."
Following this, I was able to reject their response as unacceptable. It wasn't until I publicly reviewed my experience with them on the internet that I was contacted by a Manager of Nextiva's Customer Relations team. They had seen my review of their business (which was posted to multiple business review websites) and contacted me. It was during my second/follow-up phone call with this manager when it was explained that he had reviewed and listened to the calls between their customer service representatives and myself. The reason for this was to investigate the accuracy of my claims regarding conversations between myself and their representatives. After review, he realized that what we stated in our full review was correct, and under the circumstances he fully admitted fault. He went on to explain that this was only the 2nd time in the 7-year history of his employment with Nextiva that he had ever run into a situation such as ours and that was as extreme and as devastating as the one that my company experienced. Regardless of his admission of fault, the most Nextiva was willing to do was refund my monthly service cost for the service we never received to begin with, and completely disregarded the huge financial devastation that was put on our company because of this. Nothing was offered in an effort to make right of the damages caused, even after full admittance of their wrong doings. Since then, my business has switched to Verizon's One Talk service, which has proven to be an incredibly smooth transition. It is a reliable service that allows us to utilize the features we've been desperately needing to make communications with our customers easier. I would highly recommend anybody looking for a service such as this to look no further than Verizon! I fully believe you'll find the experience to be a much better one than you'll find anywhere else.

2 reviews
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I love my job. Nextiva has increased my abilities in sales.

Before I was real shy, lack confidence on the phone, and didn't know how to sell. After proper training, and working with my coworkers I am a completely different person. I'm hitting my goals.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I had some issues with my caller ID on my business line, and the rep went above and beyond to make ensure the problem was resolved. He also checked that all my 24-hour calls were routed as needed. My first call in over two years, and Im satisfied with the outcome.

1 review
4 helpful votes

We called Nextiva for an issue. They solved the issue in ten minutes. This is why we writing this review. Thank you for everything, John and the rest of the staff at Nextiva.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

We had a problem with our service and we called support for help. They were able to solve the issue in 10 minutes. The most important aspect of the call was advice given to us on how we could enhance the user flow to our service. Thank you Nextiva.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

We had issues with RingCentral and were looking for another provider right away. We decided to go with Nextiva over Ooma. After several months of using the platform we are happy with our decision. Thank you Nextiva!

1 review
4 helpful votes

While I am not tech savvy, it was only a short whil to get up and running. I made a few calls and the sound clarity is really good - actually an improvement on the old landline with its static problems. It is great for the monthly price and no contract. Would definitely recommend Nextiva!

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been in customer service and sales for many years and wanted to give some love to David. We had a list of things that we needed addressed and fixed and he was very helpful at explaining everything as well as patient throughout the process. He was very knowledgeable at his position and also very quick with his work.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Customer service is amazing. Over the years I have spoken to the same few people and got to know them. They are nice people and very helpful. The system is simple to use but really powerful.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Nextiva has been nothing short of amazing for my business. Nextiva has helped solved our business communication issues by setting up a professional business phone system for all our customer calls and provides a system for our growing team of 30 employees. Thank you Nextiva for everything!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been with Nextiva for several years and Ive never had any problems. It is affordable. It was easy to setup and easy to maintain.

1 review
10 helpful votes

My experience with Nextiva is not even ten days old, and here I am, writing a review for this company. I want people to give Nextiva a try, and escape the headaches that I endured with my previous VoIP provider. I run a travel agency, and I need to be there for customers all the time. Nextiva has given me this freedom, because I can receive calls and documents even when away from my desk. I love the concept of voicemail transcripts; I simply send them across as a virtual fax to my staff when am outside. With Nextiva, am able to get things done quicker and at a cost that is easily afforded. Call quality is good, and if I have ever had a problem with the software configuration, the technical support staff has sorted things totally painlessly. The company mentions that they pick up phones by the second ring, and in my case, theyve lived up to this assertion. I hope readers find this review useful. If communication is important for your business, then go with Nextiva, youll be surprised to find out about how much more money you can make by simply being there to take a call.

1 review
8 helpful votes

After only two months of service, we are already saving money. It is great! We are very happy. We've had no problems. I have already told several of my friends about it because it is a great system that offers good value!

1 review
7 helpful votes

Been using Nextiva for over three years. Service is excellent and we've had no issues. I have been instrumental in six other companies switching to Nextiva. Call sound is good from the office phone and cell phone. It has all the bells and whistles needed to make the system work for our company. It was the best business tech decision we've made was switching to Nextiva.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Our team loves to it because it makes it easier to manage and transfer calls and it leaves a professional impression on our customers. This really is a brilliant product!

1 review
10 helpful votes

Works as it should when installed correctly. iPhone app rocks. Other apps are really good for saving time and money. Voicemail to inbox is a must for me because Im always in meetings and cant take calls. It really saves time. Good customer service too! Live chat is helpful and quick.

1 review
10 helpful votes

A special thanks to tech support for such a quick and efficient reaction to my support ticket and patience in explaining how to add an extra number. Much appreciated!

1 review
12 helpful votes

Our 800 number was ported over to Nextiva smoothly with no interruption in service. Support has been helpful, especially when I wanted to block a couple of nuisance numbers. Best of all Im saving on my bill every month. The app is awesome too because it shows my office number on caller ID when I call from my cell. I love Nextiva!

1 review
10 helpful votes

Thank you so much to Nextivas support team for helping me port my old number. All troubles Ive been experiencing are forgotten after Ive been helped so well by their team. Everything runs smoothly now and Im loving using Nextiva already so far.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Nextiva does customer service well and the pricing is reasonable. Love the software - its very user-friendly. I have been using my system for over 2years now and could not be happier.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Nextiva is truly the best VoIP service because it puts everything we need all together in a simple and useful package at a good price.

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