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17 rue Jean ROSTAND
GENAS, B9 69740, France
Tel: +44 0844 338 00 21

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1 review
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Over 12 months ago I ordered 2 tyres. They never arrived and I have never received a satisfactory answer as to why. I also have never been offered a refund or credit note.

Would never deal with these people again.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Du groupe PSA ceci explique peut être leur qualité de service déplorable habituel chez Peugeot Citroën!
J'achete un cardan avec livraison urgente, je démonte tout sur mon véhicule et quand je reçois la pièce celle ci est livrée sans Graisse! Au téléphone leur service client me dit qu'effectivement c'est normalement livré avec (c'est le minimum sinon c'est impossible à monter) et me demandent de faire une requête par e-mail.
Réponse par e-mail, ces pièces sont livrées sans graisse... demerdez vous. sans commentaire!
1 review
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Ordered parts never sent never received still waiting zero customer care they do not care pricing is good but not if you do not receive items
1 review
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Worked with Paige and she was very responsive. We were interested in a Lexus IS 250 and but Mister Auto did not provide any details on the mechanical condition of the car. We took the car for an inspection at the local Lexus dealer and the report came back about 15+ needed repairs and the biggest item the engine. There was either a fire under the hood or the engine had over heated melting all of the connectors. The recommendation from the dealer was to "run away" from the car.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Order placed on 28th Dec. 2 Weeks later order Arrived, Opened Parcel nothing inside. just empty cardboard boxes.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Seams like if they don't have the parts you order then they just send something else at low costs.
I needed an radiator but have now received two ball joints! They want to refund money but I have to return goods received and have to pay for return!
On site pictures are correct and they have more than one brand on stock!
Not first time I've had bad experience and not smart of me to use them again.
Not funny when car is broken!
1 review
0 helpful votes
Ordered part on express delivery never turned up tang up said was mistake will be despatched next day still not turned rang again said will be dispatched today still not turned up or dispatched now waiting 3 days for next day service do not use this company
3 reviews
4 helpful votes
Follow up to paying twice
Emailed to paypal
searching google , I was disappointed to see mister auto is still coming up in the search, and even more disappointed to discover PAYPAL gives this site credibility, by giving PAYPAL as a payment option, After my dealing with mister auto, and with PAYPAL intervention, I can only describe mister auto, as scammers, and crooks, looking back, the signs were all there, but the site looked so convincing,
I have since discovered the original site is French, and now being used by Indian scammers, also searching the net for feedback, I see I'm not the only one who believes this, it took month's, but eventually received some of my money back, less £25, I can only describe this as ransom money. mick boz,
Paying twice
I have been ordering vehicle parts on line for many years now, I have now discovered a new scam, a site called MR.AUTO sells vehicles parts on line, it looks like many UK sites, its French, run by a Indian call centre, after login on, with the vehicle registration no. it directed me to the part I wanted, £93.15 when it arrived, unfortunately it was the wrong one, with no reply to my emails, I eventually manage to get them on the phone, they said return the part and we will credit you, this I did, on the 30th April, after six days, no acknowledgment of return, I emailed them with my concern, a week later, I have just received a reply, saying the part will be returned to Germany, and it will take up to 4 weeks before I get refund,
In the mean time, I have had to order and pay for a replacement from a UK site boz
1 review
1 helpful vote
Ordered a pair of wiper blades but they came for LHD cars so asked for refund. Called customer service and I have been told by Michelle no problem but when I said that I live in UK and they should send me RHD wiper blades I have been told that in UK there are two types of cars on the roads and I should pay attention what I'm buying. On the web site there is no information about suitability of blades or option to choose the right one. I find that insulting and rude. It looks more like a scam than a real company which is trying to help and improve relations with customers.No apology from Customer Service for an inconvenience and I lost £9 of delivery cost as well. Refund given two and half months after order placed. Item was sent back first to Germany then to France. Too much hassle, not worth it, don't recommend!
1 review
0 helpful votes
Tres mauvaises experiences dans le passé avec !
On offre des pieces detachées inutilisables . Dimensions de radiateur ne
correspond pas du tout avec les dimensions d´origine du radiateur . Inutile
de vous dire que le montage de cette piece est impossible . Mister Auto ne
veut pas faire une echange avec la bonne Piece . Dans le passé j´avais commandé d´autres pieces detachées . Paiement déja effectué , on me faisait savoir que certaines pieces n´etaient plus disponibles tandis que lors de la commande ces memes pieces etaient disponibles selon le website . Tres mauvaises services et experiences avec Mister-Auto . Je vous conseille de ne pas acheter chez eux . En tout cas , moi je ne ferai plus jamais .
1 review
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Helaas krijgt Mister Auto een dikke min voor de service. Ik heb remschijven besteld en uiteindelijk net na de 3 maanden garantietermijn begon mijn stuur te trillen omdat de schijven krom zijn.
Mister auto gecontacteerd echter viel net buiten de garantieperiode dus helaas zij konden niets voor mij doen. Ik moest het maar proberen bij Brembo waar de schijven vandaan kwamen.
Heb ik Mister Auto om de contactgegevens van Brembo gevraagd. Deze waren niet beschikbaar.
Kortom Mister Auto wil alleen maar verkopen maar geen service verlenen. ëén dag over de garantietermijn is geen garantie meer en ook geen verdere service om verhaal te halen.
Een hele dikke min voor Mister Auto, ik zeg niet meer kopen daar.
1 review
4 helpful votes
Last December I ordered a set of front brake discs and pads for my BMW118d AX55DDN. They parcels arrived and I put them away until such time I could have them fitted. In April I took the car along with the parts to a local garage and was told that not only was there just one brake disc but the discs and the pads were COMPLETELY WRONG for the car. I contacted Mr.Auto and another pair of discs were sent. STILL THEY DIDN'T FIT! Last week I took the car to another garage who confirmed that bith discs and pads were COMPLETELY WRONG FOR THE CAR and paid for alternative ones to be fitted. Dealing with Mr.Auto is impossible. I used the telephone number and made a complaint to someone in France. Nothing has changed. I still have THREE DISCS and the WRONG PADS and NO REFUND nor 'Transport Slip'. Without a human being to talk to, I will not be placing andy further orders with Mr.Auto. (Customer No.6261963)
1 review
3 helpful votes
We purchased a set of 4 spark plugs last week and paid for the 24 hours delivery.

The next day, we received a message telling us the spark plugs we already paid for were not available anymore.

The spark plugs were sent three days after that, meaning we paid a 24 hours delivery for nothing and weren't refunded.

Then, we finally received the package and there were only one spark plug instead of four in it, meaning we're gonna have to start the process all over again.

Our only holiday of the summer is in four days and the car doesn't work.
We don't even know if we're gonna be able to leave because Mister Auto can't fulfill a basic task like sending what you pay for.

My questions are:
How can you make someone pay for something that is not in your stock?
How can you deliver one item when we paid for four?

This is literally the worst service I've ever experienced.
I will post this on every website where I can review your awful service to alert other people of how you treat your customers.
1 review
5 helpful votes
I would like to share my experience I had with this thives. I bought 2 items for my car from the Greek site AFTER I made two phone calls asking if it really fits to my car. One week later I discovered that the items had to arrive in Greece from FRANCE, I could buy from ebay if I wanted to wait 3 weeks for my items to arrive! and guess what? the item DIDNT FIT TO MY CAR. After I contacted to the customer support the told me that I bought 2 right side rods that fit my car with brand TRW at the time that the official TRW DOES NOT MAKE RODS THAT FIT MY CAR!!!!!!! (the two right side part is ment for people that have the minimum mechanical knowledge of knowing how a simple screw is that obviously the person I was talking to didnt have. Probably was trained to work as a sheppherd). After some arguements They told me that I should send those parts back at France on my own expenses although it was their mistake. 5 or more phone calls later they have agreed to fully refund me plus the return costs but guess what?! THEY DIDNT! not only they didnt refund my shipping costs back to france but not the original shippment to me! I want everyone to know those are scammers and frauds and I have proof! I have a receipt of "Renault clio RS 197hp TRW inner tie rods" while everyone can see that in TRW official site THE COMPANY DOESNT MAKE RODS FOR THIS CAR! not just that but I wouldnt mind the brand but those illiterate and rude people sent me a part that was 10centimeters longer than that was in my car and didnt fit!

1 review
2 helpful votes
DO NOT BUY from this Mister-Auto. I ordered a part which they listed under my car's category but turned out it was not. They used a stupid courier which doesn't want to deliver. So i was forced to pick up my item at their depot. and now i got the wrong part. and the bad thing is i have to deal with the stupid courier again. wasted my time and money
1 review
6 helpful votes
Rubbish. Sent wrong parts. Taken me over 3 weeks and still have not got my money back. U send stuff back to address they give you then they send it to France. Y don't we just send it to France.i will never use mister auto again
1 review
2 helpful votes
The amount of negative comments concerning Mr Auto had me worried about ordering from them, but with my local parts supplier quoting Eur 165 for 2 control arms for my Audi A6, I thought I'd take a chance. I read about the long delivery times so allowed for that in my schedule - the parts took 9 days to arrive but at Eur 90 to my door, I could live with the wait. The parts were under the brand name Bolk on the website but I received Mapco parts which I have used before and found to be of excellent quality. One of the parts didn't fit but I soon realised that it was my fault as I had ordered the wrong size (one ball-joint has a 20mm cone, the other 16mm). I had to go to my local part shop in a hurry and fork out Eur 70 for the part (they gave me the wrong size too as was per the code in their manual, but I had the old part with me, so I got sorted immediately). Now I was stuck with the part from Mr Auto which was of no use to me! I contacted them by email to explain and to my delight, they immediately issued me with a returns slip, offered a full refund AND....they emailed to me a printable 'postage & courier paid' notice, so all I had to do was bring the part to my local post office, hand it over and wait for my refund online ! Brilliant service, excellent quality part, I will definitely use them again. PS. many reviews I've read centre on 2 times and incorrect parts. If you're not certain about the part / codes, just ring them and they'll help you. As for delivery, if you're not in a real hurry, the money you save is worth the wait...
1 review
8 helpful votes
What ever you do, DO NOT BUY CAR PARTS FROM MISTER AUTO. Pay the extra few quid and get your parts from a reputable UK based company. I wish I had paid more attention to the negative reviews all over the net concerning Mr auto.
Customer service is nothing short of a joke, they really don't care.
1 review
6 helpful votes
Awful Service
Do not use this supplier.
Do not be tempted by the good prices the service is terrible.
They promise delivery within 3 days. Advised desptach on a friday, but did not despatch until the Monday. Took 3 days to process the order, then sent it on slow courier from Belgium. I don't have a problem ordering goods from another country so long as the service is what is promised.
There is no way they can keep the delivery promises.
Customer service does not exist in any form. Customer care does not exist in any form. Their attitude is we have your money, you might get your goods at some point.
2 reviews
9 helpful votes
Rèmi Saby's Mister-Auto is a weak copy of Ryan Air. As long as there is no problems, they are perfect BUT if any problem occur, Mister-Auto is 100% disaster.

You will face mistreatments, high costs and severe delays.

If you are willing to risk, then do shop at Mister-Auto, if not, turn to other supplier. The money you save at Mister-Auto ain't worth the risk.
1 review
6 helpful votes
i ordered some carparts here and payed them with mister cash online
after a week i got the news they werent able to deliver one part of the order so i got the choice to drop the whole order or to get a refund for that part they couldend deliver this was 14 janurai 2012 so a week goes by and the parts that they could deliver where delivered no problems so far
But then it came to pay me back for the part they couldend deliver
couple weeks went by and i decided to cal them because no money was seen in the bank ,
response from them the first time :it's underway to the bank
2wks later called again response:we dont have ur banking account number so could u fill it in on the site so we can send u the money ,
i filled in the account number 15 februari 2012
couple calls later and a month has passed it's 23 march 2012 still no payback

so here is my advice stay clear of this site because u will get $#*!ed if they cant deliver the parts / or call them first to see if they have the parts in stock so there can't be any problems

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