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I used to use mailinator for many websites I only wanted to use once. Sadly, the site no longer seems to show any messages, even when I've seen SMTP logs that messages have been sent.

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There is no email comes here. Just lost your time.
Try another disposal email.
I am a freelancer . Many of time i need disposal mail help. When i start using this that time works good but now a days total disgusting.

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It needed a (you guessed it) email address - how helpful of mailinator to get passed that unnecessary obstacle!

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this is awesome. it's absolutely free and absolutely NOT secure- I use it when stupid places ask for an email just to get past the front door- like a certain shopping site- god, i hate that! Do NOT use this for any IMPORTANT, PRIVATE email! Use it for junk when you don't want to give out your real email.

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A very clever way of dealing with spam and unnecessary registrations on web sites. I recommend it.

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Like everyone said. No information needed to sign up. Been using it for over a month, and only one site had blocked mailinator - it was Goodyear as I looking at some items on their page (LOL).

In regard to everyone being able to access a mailinator account, I think that, in a way, this also provides security. Because why would a spammer or con artist want to waste time sending mails into this massive void that won't reach 70% of its users?

The mail doesn't stay in the inbox long before the site deletes, and people won't use this for personal items, so automatically, these spammers junk has a 70% chance of being dumped. People might go weeks without checking it, yet continue to use it confidently. Spammers: the joke is going to be on you someday.

Over the years, I've changed emails a number of times because, even though I wasted countless hours unsubscribing, I still got emails from them or from other companies they probably sold my address to. I love mailinator! As long as they keep up this minimal, excellent service, I will be your fan.

1 review
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Pro - use anonymous email without putting any personal info, good for fishy sites

Con - everyone can access it, not private

advice - if you want to have a personal address, try to make it impossible or wierd email address that no one will every input

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Mailinator is one of my best friends when having to provide an email address to a crowd you don't really trust. Make up any name @ and you can receive mail to it with 100% safety and no chance of persistent spam.

Mailinator should get a humanitarian award, or at least a big sloppy kiss.

656 reviews
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So what do you do when you're an ex-Google senior employee, a CEO, an industry-recognized programming expert, have a doctorate and two degrees in computer engineering and a couple of minutes to spare? This guy used the time well, and came up with Mailinator, the simplest email service you're ever likely to see. And the idea seems to have caught on, with 12 million mails arriving every day. Not a huge amount by internet standards, but still a big step in keeping people's real personal mailboxes free of unwanted spam and clutter.

One thing you can't do with it: send email. Sorry, spammers, but I reckon he figured that one out straight away.

Another thing you can't do: receive anything other than text - images and fancy html are stripped out on arrival.

Apart from that, it's just about perfect. In completing online forms and registrations, simply invent any address you like, off the top of your head, and use or one of a range of alternate domains. Mail for that address goes to that address. And after a few hours, or a day, it all gets deleted.

The address is permanent, since anyone can have any address. And yes, that means anyone can read any email at anyone's address too - there's zero security. But what a great way to deal with spam and irritating site registrations.

No registration is needed (pointless really, since you'd just give a false email address anyway), and you don't ever even have to visit the site to see if you've got mail as it's all deleted by the next day, anyway. In fact as you might have already figured, you don't have to visit the site at all, ever. There are no prearranged names to choose, you just make up anything you like, whenever you need it.

If you want to use a different domain, the site uses several alternates and you can find them there. There's always one on the front page, and refreshing the page will give you another.

Lastly, each name you invent will generate a coded alternate which you can also use, and email to either address will go to the same place. So if you want to get really complex with it, you can. Just remember, anyone who chances on the same address as you just invented can also read your mail, and vice versa.

It's ingeniously simple. What happens if three people pick the same address? Who cares? There's no security, anyway. All possible addresses are already there. In fact, there must be close to an infinite number of possible email addresses, making this both the most and least secure concept ever, depending on how you look at it. It's an idea probably only conceivable by a top computing industry guy with a doctorate, two degrees, and a day job as a silicon valley CEO, who had a few minutes to spare. I would never have thought of it, would you?

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I use it daily. I like that I've never had to share ANY personal information. You don't actually even setup an account. Just choose something (a name or whatever) or .net or whatever and so on. The site's main page suggests options to use. Be careful though what emails you open, since anyone can use or access the same inbox you may choose. Don't use Mailinator for any mail with personal information in it. Otherwise, it's great if you just need a random address to sign in or sign up for something.

42 reviews
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This site has proved really helpful in avoiding spam of all kinds! I have never had to deal with annoying junk in my inbox again. It is easy to use and has a variety of names you can use such as,, and so on. I just would be careful though what e-mails you open. Don't use this unless you are absolutely sure what you are looking for in the inboxes.

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Malinator makes creating new fake email addresses easy - How many times have you signed up for some seedy looking website and wished you didn't have to give them your email address? For me, this happens all the time. I have a throw-way hotmail account, but it's stuffed full of spam and it's a lot of trouble to create new email accounts (they require your name, another email address, etc.).

Mailinator lets you create as many fake email addresses as you like without giving them any info. It's very easy, and you can check them just like normal email addresses, but you don't have to worry about giving them out to bad websites since they are not traceable to you. It's a neat service.

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