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Machine Mart has a consumer rating of 1.37 stars from 30 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Machine Mart most frequently mention customer service and trading standards problems.Machine Mart ranks 151st among Tools sites.

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  • I will be going to trading standards and my bank about this.
  • Ordered a poor quality product and then the customer service was terrible when trying to get it replaced -
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Top Positive Review

“I moved to NYC over a year ago and had no experience...”

Luis S.

I moved to NYC over a year ago and had no experience with any local Sliding Engineers. I called mechanic over the phone and had it installed 2 days later. The office personnel as well as the technicians that came to my apartment were courteous and very helpful. I've recommended this company to others. If I need any mechanical service in the future I will be contacting these Guys.

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Top Critical Review

“Mr Clarke your in the Dark”

Michael B.

Dear Mr Clarke director of machine mart. Just a quick review to let you know how poor your company has become. I was missold a tool roll cab, as your measurements do not represent the true size. Your after service is nil, I have attempted to conclude matters without any success which seems to be your companies MO. Poor, poor and poor. Wake up and take a look at your reviews.

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trading standards (4) customer service (6) 5 days (3)
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 5th, 2022

Dear Mr Clarke director of machine mart. Just a quick review to let you know how poor your company has become. I was missold a tool roll cab, as your measurements do not represent the true size.
Your after service is nil, I have attempted to conclude matters without any success which seems to be your companies MO.
Poor, poor and poor.
Wake up and take a look at your reviews.

Tip for consumers:
Watch out for false misleading advertising

Products used:
Tool cabinet

1 review
0 helpful votes
October 2nd, 2020

Absolute bag of $#*!e
7 months repair came back faulty
Sent back with in 24 hrs estimated repair time 2 3 weeks
Absolute bag of $#*!
Repair bill £105
Cost for new 1 £115
Bag of $#*! would never use again or recommend
Tried calling 12 times managers ore always off or too frighten to take a customers complaint spineless been waiting for 5 days for a call back.
1 company that i wont miss if the cover 19 wipes out

2 reviews
2 helpful votes
September 22nd, 2017

I urgently required an extra long spanner and these are listed as available from Machine Mart

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 14th, 2022

Due to poor quality rubber hose inside the space heater it failed to work properly. It was no longer a clean burn. Filled the workshop with toxic fumes. Machine mart were of zero help when I telephoned their technical support.
Repaired the machine myself and reported machine mart to trading standards for selling a diesel space heater which does not meet health and safety laws.

Overall customer support and understanding of this serious problem which made the heater impossible to use when needed the most during sub zero working conditions. I'm left very unhappy with machine mart total lack of care and failing to understand the diesel space heater when not burning properly causes Headaches and your eye's to Sting from the fumes being emitted.
After being a customer for 30 year's I will not be using machine mart again after this incident.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 20th, 2021

Ordered a product paid for express delivery, never arrived, no response to email, spoke to customer services they said they would look into it, still nothing not even an update email, spoke to customer services again i got the excuse of too many orders and not enough staff, quick enough to take my money, over a week and items are still in their warehouse, will never deal with them again.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 24th, 2020

After buying a Generator from this company which never worked and even after paying £250 to fix it it was lost then found then lost for 9 months. Then it never worked and they tried to make up faults which never existed.
The trading law is goods must be usable upto 6 yrs but Machine Mart will not honour the law. They make up excuses. Avoid avoid. Go elsewhere.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 16th, 2020

I ordered a product from Machine Mart. Waited and it did not arrive. Chased it and they said it was delayed and would arrive in 2 more weeks. I patiently waited that whole time with no communication from them. Then when it didn't show up a second time, I chased them yet again. They then told me it was out of stock and it won't be here for another month. The ecommerce experience is shocking beyond belief. I place about 300 orders a year with Amazon and they have never ever cocked up even close to this. I won't ever order on machine mart again, suggest you check if Amazon or a decent e-commerce business has your product before you order either.

51 reviews
53 helpful votes
June 28th, 2016

Very high quality goods at slightly high prices

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 25th, 2020

Bought a lawnmower from these robbers. Said it was in stock. Turns out there website is not live so item says in stock but may very well not be, like in my case. Customer service told me After I'd waited a week after my delivery date that it was not in stock. No updates where given at any time. I have phoned them many times ang got a different person. Was told I would get a refund within 5 days. I am still waiting after 2 weeks. They have had my money for about 5 weeks now and still no sign of a refund. Absolute disgrace, no way will I ever buy anything from this lot ever again.

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 8th, 2021

4 times it broke down with in the year we owned it. It took 6to 8 weeks to return each time from Genpower's work shop, they had possession of it longer than we did!
Caused a lot of phone calls and stress,,
Machine mart have refused to give us a refund or an exchange
Awful company, do not buy from them.

Tip for consumers:
Do not buy from Machine Mart

Products used:
Hyundai generator

1 review
3 helpful votes
February 1st, 2021

Purchased a dehumidifier in October 2020. Stopped working a few weeks later. Eventually returned after 3 attempts. Allegedly repaired, returned to me in January 2021, worked for 2 hours, broke again. Returned again. Will not reply to emails. Will not refund. SHOP ELSEWHERE!

Tip for consumers:
Shop elsewhere! Customer service is dreadful.

Products used:

2 reviews
1 helpful vote
July 4th, 2020

Previously been good service but now
Previously been good service but now not delivered my goods, then when I rang up twice still nothing. The second call I made I was told I would get a refund (I asked for one) then the guy in customer services said he wanted to find out why and order placed in May 2020 had not been sent. I told him I was not at all interested in why; I just need the order cancelled and a refund. I am now ringing a third time to get my money back. Machine Marts website back-office is also dysfunctional as when one logs in the only things it says about order history is 'processed'. There is no details or other status which is not really an order history when compared to more informative sites.
When you ring customer services they try and fob you off with 'all I can do is email' then say another department; in this case 'websales'. I have now rung their press department and left a message saying I will contact the media if the do not refund me in full within 7 days. I have also asked my solicitor to write to their finance department.
Websales number is *******6231 however they do not advertise this number online. When you call this number it rings 20 times then automatically hangs up.

Update: 4th July 2020 20:10
Sadly still nothing since the fetid reply from someone at Machine Mart. I smell receivership as no refund, no goods and no contact. I will contact the CEO. Companies House state primary Director as John Alan Clarke, correspondence address of 211 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 1GN. This address is shared with 2 other Director Sandra Elaine Clarke and Tracey Clarke. Overall 12 officers with 7 resignations since 13th April 1981. 14 registered charges with all 14 satisfied. Year to 31st May 2019 (submitted 3rd March 2020) Full Accounts at Companies House state that compared with the previous year (2018), debtors have increased from £118,657,783 to £124,575,059 whilst at the same time, cash at bank and in-hand has decreased from £917,661 to £587,159. This information is from the public domain at The Governments Companies House
I am still waiting for my £57.74

Reply from Machine Mart Ltd
25 Jun 2020
Thank you for your feedback today. I am sorry to hear of the issue you have raised, I will forward your details through to the sales manager now to look into your refund and confirm to you. We are sorry for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused.
Review of Car Parts 4 Less
3 reviews
1 star: Bad
Updated 16 Jun 2020
Reviewer contacted
Picking error on an order they sent me-waited over an hour to talk to someone. Gave up.
There was a picking error on an order they sent me. The part did not fit and was wrong part no. Used online message service at their website and also telephoned them at the same time.
The customer services message service said I was no. 22 in the queue. Then a staff member typed I had come through to the wrong department. His department was for orders that had not been placed. He then left the chat straight away and I went to number 88 in the queue. All this time I am also on the phone; they say 'the next agent will be with you shortly' but it's no short time to wait. 48 minutes so far. Now I am position 58 in the queue chat.

The part cost me £11.01 so it's not cost effective to contact these people to get a returns number unless the part is costly. If you factor in the total wind-up of trying to get hold of them and the fobbing off, as well as the pure money it's a loss of about £40 I reckon.

In the website chat I am now position 53. I've been waiting 53 minutes. After about 5 minutes of waiting there is a pop up in the chat that says operators are busy and to leave your email address and they will contact you shortly. This is not true. The telephone message says someone will be with you shortly and the order you placed with them is important to them. Partly untrue.

It would be much better if they said you have no chance or talking to anyone for about 4 hours, either on the telephone or on the website chat. I don't need a reason why, just up front honesty.

Tip for consumers:
Previously been good service but avoid it. I've lost £52 for two months now. No refund, no delivery, avoidance tactics on telephone support, no proactive sincere action.

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 29th, 2022

They advertised for an expensive generator, 5 days later they messaged to say its sold out and wont be in stock for 6 weeks. They want to keep my money for another 5 days.
I go on to their website today, same generator for sale, no stock issues next to it or no sold out message, I call them up and their customer service guy doesnt see an issue with this, I said you are lying to customers and purposely selling items you know want be in stock for 6 weeks so its basically a free loan from the customer Machine Mart are after? I went on several websites before finding Machine Mart, they were the only company showing stock, stock they dont have, so they are using a made up item to capture additional purchases, I asked them to update their website and they refused. Please avoid Machine Mart, they take no responsibility and will lie to you from the moment you arrive on their website,

Tip for consumers:
Don't use them

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 13th, 2021

Extremely poor service when things go wrong
Purchased a wacker plate from machine mart costing £700.

Within 4 weeks the bolts fell out the handle and rubbers snapped off. The wheels used to transport fell off.

Tried to repair the product several times but the same problem happened time and time again. The product is not for purpose.

Machine mart have refused to refund and said Ill have to have keep the faulty product as they have refused to resolve the issue.

The item was returned to the manuacture and in return the product was fixed and returned. I did not agree to this and did not want it because I knew what the outcome would be. It would mean that the item would break and as I thought within a couple of uses the wacker plate has broken again.

Tip for consumers:
They would not accept returns

Products used:
Zipper wacker plate £700

1 review
0 helpful votes
September 30th, 2021

They Children answering the phone could NOT careless. Pay for a product, does not arrive. Will not communicate. DO NOT USE MACHINE MART.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 14th, 2019

I purchased a Clarke CL500M Lathe/Mill combo in March last year.

Trying to keep this short...

Machine auto feed died, got it fixed. Lathe bearing died, got whole machine replaced. New machine didn't key t-key in mill so mill didn't work. Mill got taken away, installed and 'tested'. I get it back and install it. It sounds like a bag of nails, dead bearings. And it chatters massively. What a pathetic service. 9 and a half months of effort and money for nothing. I will be going to trading standards and my bank about this.

Never buying anything from them again. Absolutely appalling customer support.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 12th, 2018

Complete Crooks. Purchased a gene for an event for the weekend.
Correctly built up and tested only to find item had no OUTPUT. Had to
Purchase another locally and contacted to return for refund. 5 days
Later item had been returned to me with the job sheet saying NO FAULT.
Phoned to get brushed off by a bloke called George saying theirs nothing
Wrong with it so Machine Mart wont refund. COMPLETE JOKE. Told to email
And spend more time trying to sort out.

1 review
3 helpful votes
February 1st, 2019

I bought a Clarke DG6000DVES 5kVA Diesel Generator after being impressed by its' 5* customer reviews on the website. (Though I was surprised by how few reviews there were, I should have been more suspicious.)
Mine is noisy, gives off black smoke at 3/4 load and uses a lot more fuel than stated.
My 2 star product review has not been posted, I've emailed them 4 times, still haven't had a reply. I feel duped.

1 review
3 helpful votes
October 7th, 2018

I bought a Clarke pillar drill from machine mart, the drill did not turn true without a wobble. When I contacted the store they told me I would have to organise return and pay a £20 fee to have it inspected. I refused to pay a fee. I contacted customer service subsequently by now 12 months had elapsed they told me the uk had not signed up to EU consumer regulations and therefore there was nothing they could do, I contacted trading standards who confirmed this was completely false. I left an accurate review of the product but this was not posted, the company clearly screen reviews so be cautious. I still have the drill cannot use it for most jobs it just sits there and annoys me, I have never used the company since and never will. There are plenty of other tool companies out there who have a much more honest approach to customer service.

1 review
1 helpful vote
May 31st, 2016

Purchased a clark cts 14 saw bench, but when i got it home the sliding side extension table didn't sit flush with the rest of the table. This was fitted by clark and not me. It was raised, so work would not sit flat. I returned it to the store and we checked the other one in stock and that had the same fault. They refused to give me a refund, even though HO agreed it was a fault. I had to spend more on another saw bench. I will never use or recommend Machine Mart again. Not happy.

They also wouldn't publish a 1* review on their web site. Avoid.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes
June 24th, 2016

Our Clarkes Gazebo collapsed on us and our friends whilst sheltering from a rain shower at a barbeque. Machine Mart's customer service advised that it could only withstand a light shower. That's not good enough its canopy has a sloping roof to drain off water but not enough support on the sides of the canopy. I thought they would have taken my complaint seriously. To defend this product in what was a potentially dangerous incident is negligent from a safety aspect. Fortunately no one was injured. Buyer beware! Please look elsewhere. Having a bad product is one thing but to have bad customer service as well is unforgivable.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes
November 20th, 2015

They charged me $85. For a new hose which never fixed the problem! What a rip-off.

1 review
7 helpful votes
January 6th, 2013

Machine Mart deliberately manipulate any negative product "Reviews" on their website.
In a nutshell, any product reviews will only have the ones that Machine Mart wish to post up on their website and not a true reflection of the product reviewed. This is a deliberate ploy to mislead the customer.
I left a review on a poor performing drill I purchased, yet they refuse to display it on there website.
Avoid them at all cost

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 5th, 2016

Machine Mart used to be a name you can trust... what a joke they are now!

I felt it was time to get a new top box and roller cab and thought of MM, I had only just missed out on the VAT Free offer so I gave them a call was given the discount and half price delivery... thumbs up I thought.

They had to deliver the items in two halves, the top box first and then I had to wait for the roller cab to come in before it could be dispatched. So the order was placed on Friday 23/9/16 and was delivered late in the day on Monday 26/9/16.

I opened the item up only to find that it had been badly damaged in transit and immediately phoned them... only to be told I have to take pictures and email them (Unfortunately their email servers can't handle more than a few pics looking at it as it kept bouncing back as undeliverable. Uploaded them to Photobucket and sent the link instead)

Phoned them the following day after not hearing anything only to be told that it had been forwarded onto the relevant department and should receive a response before the day is out.- Nothing!

Phoned again on the Wednesday morning only to be told that they will forward it on again and I should hear something before dinner as they will walk through to the manager to get it expedited.

Dinner time came and still nothing so I decided to just phone Customer Services as enough was enough where a very pleasant woman did everything in her power to get this sorted out for me by getting one of her managers to go and find the Elusive Eddy. I was also told that the email had been received and opened up by the relevant department but appears that no one could be bothered to try and sort my problem out.

Eventually Eddy rang me back and asked what I wanted to do! I decided to give them a second chance and get a replacement set out because as far as I was aware it was the couriers fault and not MM's so one was sent on a pallet to prevent the same thing happening and a refund of delivery charges was given after I asked for some form of compensation.

The item arrived and was perfect... so I couldn't wait for my Roller Cab to arrive and get all my tools sorted out.

I was told they should have them arriving on Monday 3/10/16 so should be with me a day or two after... quick phone call on Tuesday just to make sure it would be arriving and to reschedule my work to take the delivery.

Anyway it arrived today Wednesday 5/10/16 on a pallet that was exactly the same size as the box that was on it.

I noticed that one of the bottom corners of the box as slightly crushed so I was quite dubious on opening it up... but I couldn't be that unlucky could I? Surely not!

So I turned it over and opened the bottom side first... p****d off is not the best way to describe how I was feeling... p****d off and fuming was more like it. It was damaged that badly that the corner itself had been pushed in, the bottom drawer wouldn't engage properly when closed, the top of the cab was also damaged which looked like it had been crushed.

This in my opinion was definitely not done in transit but in the warehouse before it was placed onto the pallet.

Here we go again... telephone call - only to be told email pictures yet again!

I explained the situation and was told to email immediately with a heading done in capitals stating that it was URGENT and that his manager would find Eddy once it arrived.

A couple of hours passed and I received a phone call off Eddy we went through the motions of deciding whether I was going to keep it or not and that I wanted some proper compensation as this had cost me 3 Day Wages so far as with being self employed - If I don't work I don't earn!

He said he would get back shortly after I said what terms I would accept a replacement and that he would have to speak to those higher up than him. Another couple of hours went by when I had to phone up and give them my mobile number as I had to go out urgently thinking he would ring me when I was out - Nothing!

When I arrived back about two and a half hours later I checked to see if I had missed any calls and you guessed it nothing.

That was it now I'd had enough and I wanted my money back and the items returning to them... I phoned up to tell them what I wanted and said I want to speak to Eddy... surprise surprise he wasn't there!

Someone else rang me back to say that it had been escalated and was awaiting a decision, but by this time I was not interested any more. If I had just been given a courteous phone call to keep me in the loop with what was happening I may have been tempted to see what the outcome was. But no that would be too simple so I cancelled my order.

Anyway cancelled the order so I had to wait for the returns department to ring to get them picked up.
The returns department then called to ask when I wanted it collecting - I was only offered Friday or Monday, so Friday it is then! The only problem is they can't give me a time for the collection and the courier will let me know when he's nearby.

So basically it's cost me 4 days work & lost wages for the pleasure of returning everything and the monies won't go back onto my card until late next week, which means I can't order one from elsewhere until this has been done.

So a BIG thank you to Machine Mart for wasting both my time and money and that I will never be using you again!

Don't get me wrong some of the people I dealt with were very helpful, courteous and apologetic.

But the way I was treated by a certain department and person has made me more determined to stop other people making the same mistake I did and go elsewhere.

Tip for consumers:
Go elsewhere....

1 review
4 helpful votes
October 15th, 2014

I bought a multi-fuel fire from Machine Mart and after 2 years a part went on it and they were extremely unhelpful and very slow. It took 8 weeks to get a replacement part as they said they didn't have any of this particular part and don't make it anymore, and that there was nothing I could do I then rang Trading Standards to find out that it is covered by Sale of Goods Act and is covered for 6 years. When I rang Machine Mart back they said they would have to make one up as they didn't stockpile any parts when the fire was discontinued, and it did look like they had made it up as it looked like a child's metalwork homework. It was the wrong dimensions to fit my fire and would have caused more harm than good had I forced it in. I sent it back and now a week later I rang up to find out where they are and how close I am to getting another replacement only to be told they haven't unpacked it yet and is still in their storeroom. We are now in the process of beginning court proceedings.

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Do not buy from this company they fail in all areas avoid avoid avoid go to screwfix better customer service


Agree absolute bag of $#*!e Screw fix will get my custom all the time now

By colin b.

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