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LEDChristmasLights has a consumer rating of 1.2 stars from 54 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. LEDChristmasLights also ranks 55th among LEDs sites. The most common issues with LEDChristmasLights are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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  • Placed an order 3 weeks ago and still haven't received it!
  • Ordering a child's Halloween costume 5 weeks early seemed more then reasonable and ahead of the game to me.
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Top Positive Review

“Happiest 8yr old Flash on the planet...”

Chris T.

We found a Flash costume on Amazon but the size we wanted was unavailable. We went directly to the company and placed the order. Not only did they have the size, but the customer support was incredible. The gentleman I talked to was not only helpful but he treated me with respect. When you full fill 1000's of orders a month it's got to be hard to stay positive. Led Christmas lights has earned my business. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you again.

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Top Critical Review

“Terrible customer service”

Tony S.

They said on the website that it'd be 3 to 7 days processing time. I contacted them after about 2 weeks, but they never responded to at least four attempts. I'm only giving them a one because there's no option for lower.

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order (47) halloween costume (11) customer service (11) company (25) credit card (6) return policy (2) 8 days (3)
1 review
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October 17th, 2018
We found a Flash costume on Amazon but the size we wanted was unavailable. We went directly to the company and placed the order. Not only did they have the size, but the customer support was incredible. The gentleman I talked to was not only helpful but he treated me with respect. When you full fill 1000's of orders a month it's got to be hard to stay positive. Led Christmas lights has earned my business. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you again.
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 18th, 2018
This has to be a scam. I ordered Frankenstein on 10/4 and have not received it. Now I admit that it might take some time, but for the company not to respond to e-mails or phone calls makes this company very questionable. I have an event on 10/30 and I now fear that if Frankie gets here at all, it will be way after the event. Now I have to go tell my partner at the firm that I've been had!
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
June 14th, 2019
It took over 2 weeks for them to tell me the items were out of stock and that they couldn't fulfill the order. I could have ordered this from Amazon and had the items 2 days later but the only reason that I used them was that they were a little bit cheaper. 2 weeks to charge my card and sit on my order without letting me know what's happening and then tell me it's out of stock is inexcusable customer service. Now the money is tied up with them and I still have no product. If they don't have it in stock, they shouldn't charge me. This is why Amazon is putting companies like this out of business.
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 14th, 2020
They said on the website that it'd be 3 to 7 days processing time. I contacted them after about 2 weeks, but they never responded to at least four attempts. I'm only giving them a one because there's no option for lower.
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 8th, 2020
Ordered Costumes for Thanksgiving, sent e-mails and left voice messages to request a response to ensure timely delivery before they shipped. When I received no response, I tried to cancel the order. The owner ( I think) e-mailed, called, and texted to say there is no need to cancel the order, the costumes are on the way and I would have them by Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I requested a UPS tracking number and was texted a BOGUS number because the costumes had not shipped! I finally received e-mail confirmation several days later with actual UPS tracking - They arrived the day after Thanksgiving, I rejected shipment and have requested a refund -- NO RESPONSE. At one point, he told me I should have ordered the costumes sooner and that I've caused a mess.
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 14th, 2016
I ordered a replacement cartridge for the swimming pool light in July this year, and didn't get either shipment or any responses (sent multiple e-mails) within more than a month. Then, after numerous attempts I got a return call from their manager Jeff Beach saying that the cartridge would be finally shipped. I received it after more than a month, and it was found out to be NOT the one that I ordered. Jeff sent me e-mail asserting that this is the only version available, and that the manufacturer has the wrong model listed in his catalogue. Then after I sent him all models' photos and descriptions he finally admitted that it was his fault, but never apologized. I returned his merchandise because order the correct one from another vendor, but got reimbursement only of order amount, but not of postal charges that occurred due to his mistake. After that again no responses to my emails and calls. My overall observation is that he is trying hard, but very lacks knowledge of inventory, professionalism and courtesy to the clients. Would never recommend anyone to do business with this company.
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 7th, 2019
I purchased a Halloween costume that arrived in a used condition. The original packaging was cut open and the costume looked damaged. After numerous attempts to resolve the purchase issues with the vendor have not been answered, I filed a claim with my online payment service to dispute the purchase based on the opened / used condition. My first attempt to contact the vendor was less than 1 hour after receiving the USPS delivered the shipment. I just read the numerous reviews and it explains the silence from the vendor. If you read these reviews, buyer beware!
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 13th, 2015
11 days and it hasn't shipped. They refuse to answer emails. I've never been treated this badly. By a store.

No, there's still no dress, got money back and will buy a dress at mall for party this weekend.
3 reviews
4 helpful votes
July 31st, 2015
Shipping & Returns
Shipping Policy:

Tri North Lighting will provide our services to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit or shop at Tri North Lighting, you accept these terms and conditions. In addition, when you visit or purchase an item(s) from any business affiliated with Tri North Lighting, whether or not included in the Tri North Lighting website, you also will be subject to these terms and conditions. Tri North Lighting reserves the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to you. Therefore, we recommend that you please read them carefully each time you use this website.

If there is a pricing error on our website, we reserve the right to cancel and fully refund the order before the item ships. We will inform you of the error, correct the price and you will be allowed to reorder the product online.

All orders will take two to three business days to process. At times we may be out of stock on certain items. In that case, we will back order the item(s) and the item(s) will be shipped as soon as it becomes available. Custom orders may take up to four weeks to ship depending on demand. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We Ship via United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express. Shipping fees may be calculated separately from the item(s) purchased or may be already included in our pricing.

Please note that a product may be placed on back order due to heavy demand. If you choose expedited shipping your item(s) will be shipped accordingly once the item(s) is restocked by the manufacturer. Be advised that it could take up to 1-4 weeks for an item(s) to be restocked by the manufacturer. If your item is on back order, you can call and cancel your back order at anytime with no extra cost to you if the item has not shipped. If the backorder item has shipped, you will have to arrange for a return.

Cutting marks for cuttable products are approximate and can be +/- 3 inches in either direction. Color temperatures are approximate and can vary from batch to batch as well so please be aware of this before you place your order. Once we ship an item cut from a spool such as rope lights and LED neon, it is not refundable since it is considered a custom cut product.

Return Policy:

Our return policy is very simple. We have a 25% restocking fee plus any shipping costs at the time your order was shipped. You will also be required to pay for shipping the product back to Tri North Lighting. We do not accept any returns for products that are cut from a spool such as fiber optic cable, led neon and rope lights. Therefore, if the product is cut from a spool, it is non refundable. Because they are made to order, custom ordered Dance floors, custom ordered lighted trees, Floating lighted shelves and liquor shelves are non refundableonce an order is placed. We will not accept any returns of products that have been modified or tampered with. We will not accept returns of products that have cut electrical wires, Data wires or DMX connections. Cutting and modifying any types of electrical or data connections voids any manufacturer's warranty, voids any electrical listing and can be dangerous. You have ten (10) business days from the date you receive your order to retrun the item.

We make the return process very easy so you do not need to wait on the telephone for a return authorization. All you need to do is to simply ship the package back to our company at: TNL Lighting RMA Returns, 10 San Fernando Lane, East Amherst, NY 14051

The package must be postmarked within 10 business days after you recieve the item. If the items are not postmarked within 10 business days, Tri North Lighting, Inc. will not accept the return. All material must be returned with the original manufacturer packaging. If the original manufacturer packaging is not returned with the item, we will not accept the return. Once the product is received by Tri North Lighting, we will issue a credit in one of the following two forms: (1) a credit will be issued to the credit card used for the purchase or (2) a check will be issued to you as the purchaser. This will be determined by the manner in which the product(s) was originally purchased.

Damaged Items

If you receive your product(s) in damaged condition, contact us immediately for replacement instructions. You have five (5) business days from the receipt of your product to report any and all damaged items. Should you fail to notify Tri North Lighting within the allowable time-frame, we will not file a claim for damaged materials and you will be required to replace the items at your expense. In the event that any damages are covered under the manufacturer's warranty, you may contact us within the applicable warranty time period and we will assist you by providing the manufacturer contact information. Tri North Lighting, Inc. is not responsible for manufacturers warranties.

If you have any questions regarding the above policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at *******681.
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 25th, 2019
Completely worthless company, no Customer Service, the web site is a joke! Ordered a costume for Thanksgiving on 11/2/2019 with the idea I would receive with more than enough time. Never got calls back (4 calls) and no response to emails (4 emails)!
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 17th, 2019
Wish I would have read the reviews first. Still waiting for my order that was supposed to be for Christmas pictures. Almost 4 weeks later and nothing. Customer service number goes to voicemail. Live and learn I guess.
1 review
1 helpful vote
December 27th, 2019
Ordered from them on Dec 11 left them a note while ordering and never got an answer
Called and called and emailed many times, 0 answers
They never answer the phone
Have asked Mastercard to refund but have to wait 30 to get my money back
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 18th, 2019
I placed and order, canceled the order, received the order, returned the order and never got a refund. I'm not sure this place is legit. I've left numerous messages and never got a reply. Please do not order from them!
1 review
1 helpful vote
September 5th, 2019
I placed an order for a Halloween costume on July 24, it is now September 5, still no costume! I have been emailing this company daily. I received an email 8/5 stating my order was shipped. No tracking was given. I have asked for tracking and was given a bogus link. This company should be shut down! They are thieves! They had no problem taking my money and giving me no product. No one should ever order anything from this company!
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 24th, 2019
All I can say is and excuse my French, but $#*! this bull$#*! company! My son is gonna be without his costume and I'm without the money that could have been spent on a legitimate costume from somewhere else.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 11th, 2019
First the misleading marquee saying we are located in US. If you were in the US we would have GREAT service and quick delivery time. I ordered on 7/20 a costume for my granddaughter to give to her on her birthday, 8/5. I started calling and emailing the week before her birthday to get a tracking or even talk to a person. I finally got an email on 8/5 "your order has shipped" It is now 8/11... NOT HAPPY... still nothing and no tracking number!
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 6th, 2019
STEAR clear of this company. Stole my money and then weeks later told me they didn't have the product. I asked for a refund and discount off a new order and they told me no. The WORST customer service ever. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere!
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 30th, 2019
Ordered Halloween costume for my 10 year old son. Costume came in the day before halloween and was thre sizes too small. Had to go out and buy one the night before. Material was super cheap. Overall dissapointed.
1 review
1 helpful vote
June 27th, 2019
I ordered kids prince costume, they confirmed and updated the order and then
Silence, charged my credit card and in 3 weeks return my money, no excuses, no
Regrets, nothing, just like that. Forget about them
1 review
1 helpful vote
July 7th, 2017
Order placed 6/5/17. It is 7/7/17 and no items received. First time I called on 6/15/17 and I was told it would be another 10 days. Now we are over 30 days post order AND CHARGED me on 6/5/17. Now no answer on the phone. I reported it to PayPal. How is this company still in business? How do you explain to your very disappointed, autistic child that someone lied and stole from us after he has run to the mailbox for the past 32 days? Sickening.
1 review
0 helpful votes
March 21st, 2018
Bought a costume for my grandkid. Charged within seconds. No package as yet. They do not respond to emails or telephone messages. Google should not list them on searches as this company needs to be shut down
1 review
3 helpful votes
October 25th, 2018
I have a similar story as everyone else. Ordered my daughter's Halloween costume on 10/15. Called them on 10/22 because it still hadn't shipped. Guy told me it would be shipping that day or the next and be here by Friday. I specifically asked him if they had the size I ordered. He assured me they did. 3 days later I received a refund because the order was out of stock.
1 review
1 helpful vote
December 28th, 2018
Folks do yourself a favor and dont do business with this useless $#*!. It took them 7 days just to ship the item out and 8 days later i am still waiting for it. If you email all they tell you is they reserve the right to take up to 7 days to ship your item. Then its 7 to 10 days to recieve it, not for nothing we all have sent packages out and they do 1600 miles in 3 to 4 days even when the carriers are busy. This woman is a fat lazy hog no doubt. Wanna know why mom and pop shops are dying... its because of trash like this woman who could care less. I will order through amazon next time as i am done with the useless business owners in this country who just dont care.
1 review
1 helpful vote
July 16th, 2019
I ordered bellhop hats from this company, and was assured I would receive them by a certain date. After placing the order, I was not given a receipt or tracking number or receipt. Before I placed the order, I was assured they would arrive by July 2nd. On July 5th, after multiple calls, I finally got ahold of someone who said they would not arrive until Monday, July 8th. I NEEDED THEM ON THE 6TH! Long story short, they didn't get in until the 10th. Save your money and your time, horrible customer service.
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 13th, 2019

Q&A (5)


This company is not reliable. I placed an order 40 days ago for a Halloween costume. I have sent many emails requesting my item and shipping info. They will not provide either. Such a scam.

By Kristy F.

I placed my order 40 days ago, still no costume. Also, the company is no longer responding to my emails.

By Kristy F.

It still exists as LEDchristmaslighting.com and nothing has changed in over a year. Ordered a costume that never came. They charged me and never responded.

By Stephanie s.

I placed my order 40 days ago and have not received my item, I have no faith in this company. I have sent many emails to them on this matter. I received one response saying the item was shipped, that was a month ago!

By Kristy F.
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